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REVIEWS OF West Deptford Eye Care IN Delaware

Nadine Harding

My visit was great everyone there was wonderful. The exam and fitting went so easily. The doctor is so nice and the assistants know insurances and discounts. Overall use Dr Roth and West Deptford eye care I can’t say more except you will be very pleased with your visit

Kim Pandolph

Office ugly and outdated from the 1980's. Wallpaper falling off the walls! Doctor is a rip off artist, charging fees over and above what the insurance covers! Office staff rude and nasty! Would not recommend them at all!!! Just trying to make a buck off of hard working people! Makes you feel like you are at some back alley scummy business!


Michele Kalitz

We have been going here since 2002 and love it!! The Dr and staff are like family. Highly recommend him

Lisa R

My family and I went to Dr. Roth's office for the first time a few days ago and our experience was nothing like some of the other reviews. The Dr. was very nice and patient with myself and my small children. As for the staff they were extremely nice and helpful. Two young ladies helped us with picking out glasses for over an hour. They really went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with everything. I would recommend Dr. Roth to everyone.


Such a wonderful experience with the Dr and the staff, I highly recommend Dr.Roth! I am not to sure about the other reviews and experiences other people have had but mine was great and I will definitely return next year.

Michele E

Dr. Roth and his staff are one of the best doctors office I have been to. They always treat you like you are the only patients there even when they are busy. They go above and beyond. Dr. Roth gives a very thorough eye exam and explains everything to you. I would highly recommend this office to all.

Michael Genovese

Attentive staff, super nice, easy visit, and the Doctor was awesome! Will always use them for my glasses!

Josh Hill

I have been seeing Dr Roth and his staff for 13 years. He is a very good Eye Dr and his staff treats you like family. He has a fantastic demeanor and enjoys pleasant conversation during your visit, a truly lost art in the medical field. I can only imagine that a bad review must have been a result of a bad experience with a 3rd party such as a patient's health insurance or the eyeglass manufacturer, something completely out of the office's control. I am very "picky" about who I use for physicians for both myself and my family and West Deptford Eye Care is tops.

Daina Campbell

I went to this doctor because I had cloudy vision in one eye. After only one minute of looking into my eyes he just stated to me "there is nothing wrong with your eye, its just very dry. You need to purchase these special drops and it will be fine" I purchased the $20 drops, put them into my eye and went to bed. The next morning I woke up to my eye bright red in color and I couldn't see out of it at all!! Scared, i decided to get a second opinion and went to another doctor only to find out i have a very serious condition called iritis! And if I had listened to Dr. Roth and continued to use the drops, I could have went blind!! I decided to just move on and not go back to Dr. Roth and that be the end of it....Well a few days later Dr. Roth's office called me to ask me if I wanted to schedule an exam. I started to tell her that I will not be returning to that office again and wanted to say why, but as soon as I got out "I decided not to return to see Dr. Roth"....she HUNG up on me! Not a professional environment and this doctor has NO IDEA what he is doing!! DO NOT GO HERE! Read ALL reviews before seeing this doctor! If I would have seen the other negative reviews I would have defiantly not have gone here!

John Vasta

I have had a very poor expierence at West Deptford Eye Care. In my experience the optometrist does not have the customer in mind. I was not pleased when I was living in the local area, but it was close by and I only had to go in briefly once a year. In my most recent bad experience, I called to get my medical records sent to me because I had moved. I found out, after repeated calls (with no return call), that my records were destroyed and they could not help me. Who destroys medical records? It is extremely easy to scan them as .pdf, and save them to a external hardrive... it takes up zero room. That shows poor customer service and poor business practice.

Cliff Henderson

This "doctor" Steven Roth is a quack, plain and simple. Stiff, smug, and argumentative. Check that - HIGHLY argumentative. And if being a jerk and treating your patients badly was the worst of it that would be one thing, but HE IS INCOMPETENT as well. First, he sent me home with a drastically different 'scrip for my contacts and glasses. Right away I couldn't read labels or books/computer screen anymore. Totally blurry. He told me I was getting older and that it was normal, so I had to go to the drug store and get a cheap pair of readers and lug them everywhere I go. Then the glasses (finally) came in and were defective (one lens was crooked) and had to be replaced (he acted like it wasn't noticeable - maybe HE needs an eye exam). But here's the kicker: it's now been 3 years since I made the mistake of going to West Deptford Eye Care (because it was close and on my insurers list of care providers), and in both of my eye exams since then (2 different places) the Doc has lowered my prescription. LOWERED it. I can read again without readers! Let's be honest, my eyes didn't get better, this whackadoo screwed up my prescription and then repeatedly argued with me about it. Save your time. Save your eyes! Go somewhere else (I'm now dealing with Dr. Harry Landrum in Mullica Hill - he's terrific and so is his staff).

Donna Skaggs

Everyone is Very capable & friendly.

ton r

Drive a little further if you have to! Left this practice.Everything negative in these reviews is accurate. Every time the prescriptions are off. Bad equipment? Can't talk to Dr just wasting time. Wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and realized it's just the same old issues over again.

Lisa Schultz

Doctor was thorough and staff was very personable and accommodating.

Angela Wellman

Contact fitter was very ignorant with me. Whenever you hear the words "its not my job" just go elsewhere.

Timothy Hedges

I opted to go here to have an eyeglass prescription filled, as the doctor I got my prescription from is closer to my work (which means further from home) and I did not want to have to drive an hour back there on a day off, just to pick up my glasses. Firstly, I completely agree with the other reviewer, which stated that Dr. Steven Roth is probably the most stiff, argumentative, non-customer-centric eye doctors I have ever visited. I did not find the staff much better. I do recall having to cause a scene in their store a few years ago, because the girl behind the counter was refusing to give me a paper copy of the prescription for my eye exam. She claimed they "didn't give prescriptions out", which is bullshit, because you are LEGALLY REQUIRED to be given a copy of a current and valid prescription after you pay for an eye exam. Fast forward maybe 3 years later... I really didn't want to go back here but it was conveniently close. I handed them the prescription I had received from another eye care center thinking "Well, I already have a verified prescription, at least there's no way they can screw this part up, right?" After two weeks of waiting I finally got the call that my glasses had come in. That night I immediately knew something was wrong, so I went back and mentioned it to them two days later, after giving my eyes time to adjust. Dr. Roth's response was "Just wear them over the weekend to let your eyes continue adjust...". He did not take the glasses back to into the room to verify that they had the same prescription in the lenses that was dictated by my other doctor's paper script (a script which was legible, so no excuse there). A week goes by and I'm too busy working and trying to pay my bills, so I just kept wearing them until finally I started getting headaches. I took the glasses back over to my 1st doctor (the one which wrote the script) and within 5 seconds they put them into a machine and told me that Dr. Roth's office had put the wrong prescription in one of the lenses. So back I go to West Deptford Eye Care to tell them they filled my prescription wrong and upon telling them they weren't very apologetic. I even had my eye doctor call them up before I went in, so that they wouldn't try to argue with me further and tell me that there was nothing wrong with my glasses. Frankly, I don't even remember getting an apology at all... just them telling me that they would send the script out again to be re-built and I'd have to wait another 2 weeks for them to fix the mistake. I am now back to wearing a 15-year-old pair of glasses while I wait. Next time I will go elsewhere! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

Susan Rosenberger

never had any negative experiences here- Dr. Roth is very personable, nice staff

Dawn Mortimer


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