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REVIEWS OF Target Optical IN Delaware

Brigette DePalma

This was the best eyeglasses experience ever! The staff was so nice and it is located inside of my favorite TARGET! I loved the fact they accepted my insurance and had a doctor on site. I loved their selection of glasses and the prices were very reasonable. I have already recommended this store to all my friends and family.

Jalen Wall

Terry was the nicest, most caring, helpful, and the best human I have met in a long time! The optometrist was also brilliant. I am seriously now loyal to Target Optical after having such a good experience.

Olivia Garnee

Amanda Miller

I was completely impressed with Target Optical. I went in to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses, but when I got there, I was told, they were having a sale where I could get 40% off a pair of regular glasses if I bought the sunglasses. The technician was so helpful and patient with my many questions, and there were actually more choices for both regular eyeglasses and sunglasses than there were at my optician's glasses center. Highly recommend!


The optometrist is awesome! However Nadia W. and her rude behavior when you call near closing time is the reason I'll never use them again.

Chris Anderson

Dr. Vivian is the best, and everyone was very helpful. Sure there's a wait, but it's in Target and they're quick once you get in. I'd recommend them to anyone

Mallory Wright

AVOID! I used my yearly eye check through insurance here, and it was such a poor exam that I paid over $250 out of pocket to see another doctor. The only test Dr. Vivian Fountain conducted was a visual acuity test and an autorefractor test. Dr. Fountain did not check the health or structure of my eye, depth perception, peripherals, or eye movement ability; these are all very common during an eye exam. I need eye glasses for reading for school and she wanted to give me a prescription that would be so weak I could keep them on even when looking ahead of me. This was exactly the opposite of what I needed. I was literally in her office for 5 minutes MAX and there was no one who did any testing before I saw the doctor, so this was literally the entire duration of my appointment. Dr. Allallone in Ruston took an hour and he thoroughly examined my eyes to ensure I was given the proper prescription. While the Optomitrist was very friendly, that was not what I was there for, and I left feeling cheated and as though she did not have a genuine care for her patients. I will never use Target's Optical services again.

Gina Scarcello

The sales lady flat out lied to myself and husband. My husband picked out two pair of Rayban frames, the sales lady said and reiterated several times to us both that Rayban requires their lenses when purchasing Rayban frames- which was about $200 more expensive for both pair of glasses. We didn’t question it, why would we ever in a million years think she would flat out lie to us? Well, little did this particular sales lady know, our teenage daughter had an appt 2 days later, and also picked out Rayban frames and the sales lady helping her did not make her purchase the “required” Rayban lenses. I noticed when I was reconciling receipts a few days later. So when they called my husband to come pick up his glasses the same day, we asked the manager about this so called requirement, she confirmed non Rayban lenses can be put in Rayban frames. We then proceeded to tell her that the sales associate flat out lied to us saying it was a requirement (the sales lady was working and when she overheard our convo found some busy work in the back room- shame on her) and told her how unhappy we were that we were taken advantage of and requested the lenses be replaced with non Rayban lenses and a refund for the difference. We got our money back, but disappointedly, the manager was not apologetic in any shape or form. Awful right, to be swindled by greedy sales people at a store you’ve been loyal to for years. Not to mention this has to be insurance fraud. Well it doesn’t end here. Two days later, my daughter goes to pick up her glasses,(we didn’t tell her about the issue we had) and when she tries them on, everything is blurry and she tells the lady helping her (we are 99.9% sure it’s the same sales lady that lied about the Rayban lenses) and her response is they might seem a little blurry at first, she’ll need to give her eyes time to adjust. My daughter reiterated that she can’t see well enough to drive in them, very blurry. The lady kept rudely dismissing her, insisting everything was right, basically saying the glasses were fine and she just needed to give them time. My daughter was very upset at the way she was treated, and left without the glasses after she had to keep insisting something was wrong, asking for the doctor to recheck her prescription. She called me after she left, asking if she could go somewhere else where they will listen to her and not make her feel like she’s crazy/ stupid. We are done with Target optical, I’m very disheartened and disappointed at the service we’ve received here. I love Target, we are in there at least twice a week, but this type of customer service I can’t tolerate, I don’t like feeling like I’ve been taken advantage of, lied to, and made to feel like we don’t know what we are talking about. We will gladly take our hard earned money elsewhere. Update: The optometrist’s handwriting was illegible, instead of what was supposed to be a 1, it looked like a decimal, which is why the prescription lenses in my daughters glasses were so wrong. I really felt like both times we visited the optometrist was a little checked out, and possibly under the influence of some type of substance. She told myself and daughter at the follow up appt that she’d had dental work done that morning( guess that explains her dragging in 20 minutes after our appt time? Not only was she late, upon her casual late arrival, she then disappeared into her work area for abt 10 minutes, and then proceeded to spend 10-15 minutes casually discussing lunch plans with her staff... while patients were waiting to be seen by her- I was on my lunch break, we were back a 2nd time because of her mistake. This level of unprofessionalism is inexcusable. .

Olivia Gaines

Thank you, robert for helping us out even with systems down :) referred us to where we needed to go

Christopher Smith

Great service, price and selection. The team is fantastic and goes out of their way to make buying glasses easy and no hassle. The new manager Marquita is excellent and super friendly.

Kinsey Walters

We've had three great experiences finding glasses for our 7-year-old son. They are very patient w/ children and took the time to fit the frames correctly. The protection plan helped us repair them for free!

Christopher Miller

Denise Zink

Great Service I didn't have my eye exam at this Target location because of some of the bad reviews I saw. Went to 2 different places for eye exam, the first one was very thorough but the 2nd one was not. I didn't get the glasses with that two optimist I had was because their charges were outrageous! I decided to give Target Shawnee Mission Parkway a try even though I didn't expect too much because of the bad review I ended up purchased my Prescription Sun Glass and Prescription with this location. Everyone was exceptionally kind, knowledgeable, patient and attentive. Robert was the first associate helped me out, he priced me all kinds of different options, looked out what the best was for me.. I got my pair of glasses 2 weeks ago, the frame with the lens now feel too heavy, they were so nice to help me to pick up something else with their 90 days guarantee. Unfortunately my prescription may be a little bit off and I cannot afford $75 to pay for another eye exam, so I just use the same prescription, hopefully next year I will have more accurate one, but i definitely will come back to this location Sorry for those who didn't have good experience, but I would recommend this Target to anyone

Shelby Young

The women that helped me was extremely wonderful and sweet. It is a little more pricey, but 100% customer satisfaction.

Allen Compton

A really great staff with a friendly attitude that will treat you with a smile (especially their little personal greeter)

Michael Russell

Top Notch service, and the best Doctor of all the Target Opticals in the area. Dr. Lee gets top recommendations from me any day of the week.

Jamie Jobst

Great experience! Entire process was simple and fun!

Lakendra Taylor

Everyone was just AMAZING! Great sense of humor. Ms. Judy will talk your ear off but I loved every bit of it. Dr.Vivian was just so adorable and knowledgeable I just loved her.

Josh Jordan

JD Hughes

Benjamin C. Smith

The people that work here are super friendly and helpful!

Ryan McDowell

This is the best eye glass location in town. Exams are a breeze and in the past year so much selection has come into the store. The staff is extremely helpful and kind and super gay and trans friendly. Acceptance can be a hard thing to come by sometimes but everyone here is amazing. Josh was very understanding and a wonderful employee and beyond that a friend. His kind demeanor makes the place feels so much homier than just a glasses outlet. He goes above and beyond the baseline. I would highly recommend this place to anyone needing glasses. You will not regret going. Its a shame I only get my eyes checked once a year!

Eun Hong

They charged me for my glasses and never delivered. I was waiting for 4 weeks and every time i called they would say it didn't come in yet. After 4 weeks, I found out from an employee, they never ordered my glasses.

Andrea Brice

Rude customer service. Long wait time when i had an appointment scheduled. Add ons a must! Went with another business!

joe carmody

2 levels of target

Aaron Link

There are no optometrists. Good luck getting an eye exam there. Why open an optical retail location without hiring a doctor?

Chad Hughey

Worse experience ever. I'm 44 years old. unfortunately my vision is steadily getting worse to the point of me needing an actual prescription glasses instead of reading glasses. I recently got insurance through my girlfriend's job. So I go to tarTarget optical to get an eye exam for a $10 co-pay. I told the doctor I would rather have contacts not glasses. So she continues with the eye exam. First of all my eyes don't focus as fast as she is flipping through the different choices of magnification to see the eye chart so I have to keep asking her to go back to the previous choice. But she still never slowed down. Then she puts some contacts in and says"the one in the left is not right but it's all I have in stock". And that I need multi-focal for my left eye. Then she says I have to be able to take them out and put them in on my own before I can leave with them and that the other lady at the front desk would show me how to do this. So she showed me how to take them out. And told me how to put them in. So I tried a few times and couldn't so she said"just go ahead and practice at home since you took them out ok". So they charge me $65.00.$10 for exam and $55 for a "premium contact fitting" which I didn't get because I still couldn't put them in on my own. So after a couple of hours at home and very irritated eye I get them in. So that night it rained and I started to try drive but couldn't because everything was so far out of focus because of the glare from any lights. So when I get home I try to take them out no problem the next day I couldn't get them back in and finally gave up then they were closed on Monday so Tuesday when they were open I told him that I couldn't get them back in and that I probably wouldn't be able to do contacts so she cancelled my follow-up visit. so then I called her back and said I paid in extra $55 for something so I want to get my money's worth I want you all to try to show me how to put them in take them out. So I go back Saturday and this time she tries for a few minutes longer and I got frustrated and said that contacts were not going to work for me. So she just throws one of the contacts away and told me to throw the other one away and goes back to her desk. So I asked why did I have to pay $55 dollars for something I didn't get and then she said it was for the eye exam. So my insurance paid for the exam and I also paid for the exam? So I keep asking why I had to pay the extra money for something I didn't get and she keeps saying the same thing.this whole time the actual eye doctor is walking back and forth behind us and ignoring everything. I think it was rude and unprofessional for her to not even try to give me an explanation and just let her secretary/ helper try to explain something she obviously couldn't. The premium contact fitting was to make sure I could take them in and out properly.i obviously didn't get that or any explanation for why I had to pay extra.DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY HERE.!!!!! I HAVE BEEN TOTALLY RIPPED OFF. I don't even want to order glasses because I'm pretty sure the prescription is wrong and insurance only covers 1 per year. So thanks for my first eye doctor experience. It was definitely a lesson of where not to go. And you obviously don't like or have any interest in your profession so please find something else to do that you might put a little effort into. Definitely not being an eye doctor ERIN LATTER,O.D.!!!!!

Tabatha Swart

Eddy houston

Good service

Wyatt Checketts

Fatima was great, she educated throughout and was great with our kids. She answered all their questions, didn’t mind their constant chatter and didn’t make us feel rushed. She is the fourth eye dr we have been to since moving to Tyler 2 years ago and we’ve finally found one we’ll be sticking with!!

Chad Jones

Whatever you do, DO NOT schedule an appointment on the Target optical website. I scheduled an appointment, input all my personal information, insurance etc and i got a confirmation shortly afterwards. I went there on my scheduled appointment day and I was not in their system. They looked at other locations to make sure I didn't accidentally schedule it someplace else and I was not found anywhere. I wasted my last PTO time I had for the year and I couldn't even be seen!

Joseph Green Internet Sales

Great service and helpful staff thank for your help

Bobby Parker

They have a wide variety in choice for frames, economical prices, friendly help. I enjoyed my first trip there because was not rushed & treated fairly and friendly.

Youssef Jaber

Carey Sullivan

Ask for Tricia, the manager. She makes sure to get me the best deal on contacts and glasses using my insurance and store sales. It’s easy to schedule appointments with Dr. Fountain. She rechecked my middle schooler’s eyesight at no cost a few months after his first exam.


If you count going 4 times to get correct prescription and still isn't right. Then it is your kinda place. I give up changing eye doctor and glass places cause. Wal-Mart never gave me this much trouble and it was cheaper.

Jesse Penley

Tammy Bellar

Jo Ann Coopwood

Great experience for my 13 year old & her new contact lenses...Dr. Elkadti & het staff were so helpful in getting her started on contact lenses, very friendly & professional

Julio J

Receptionist is really nice and Dr.Fatima is very good at her job along with having very good people skills. Highly recommend.

Natalie Adams

3 of us (2 adults, and one kindergarten-aged child) have been and either received inappropriate prescriptions or a prescription that was unnecessary. Both my husband and myself received glasses that were incorrectly angled and thus made them unwearable. They were originally corrected....and still unwearable after corrections. My son has such a minor prescription that a second opinion stated that they weren't actually needed to begin with. We are fortunate to have substantial optical coverage and i do feel like we were shuffled through and encouraged to get glasses because of it. We originally came to Target for this reason- it was covered 100% under our insurance as were any frames they carried. Pros: The office staff is amazing and helpful and the service is fast and appointments are easy to get. We will, however, not be returning. We have since found new ophthalmologists.

Brittany Mayhall

The staff has always been super friendly, 3 people in my household wear glasses and I have had a pleasant experience every single time I have been in there.

Shelby Garcia

On March 31st I booked an appointment for April the 18th. The day before I received a confirmation text. The day of my appointment, I received a call that they needed to reschedule because the Dr. went home early due to illness. (I had my doubts, as it was a 5:20 appointment the Thursday before Good Friday. But...) I rescheduled for the following Wednesday (the 24th) Again, the day before I received a confirmation text and again, the day of, I received a reschedule call, due to the “Dr. being sick”. I was told that she had been there the day before. I rescheduled for Friday the 26th. On the 25th, they called to reschedule again. The next available day is now May 17th. That’s right. One day short of a month after my original appointment and it took 3 rescheduled appointments to get there. I’m not holding my breath. It also took 2 tries for my husband to get his contacts ordered through them because the first time they ordered for a completely different customer.

Maede Hoyt

All I can say is that make sure you'll make your appointment with Dr. Bowen! I have visited both the optometrists, and Dr. Bowen is exceptional! Solved my problem with contacts that I had been dealing with for a long time, while the other optometrists never cared.

Manny Singh

My appointment was at 3:40 pm , my wife's appointment at 4:00 pm and my daughter's appointment at 4:40 pm. It had been more than one hour, I was still not seen by optometrist, forget about my family. Even after one hour of wait, they could not tell me how much longer we have to wait. Finally, we had to cancel our appointments. Such a waste of time !!! We will never go to Target Optical for the rest of my life. Nonsense !! No respect for other's time. What's the point of making appointments well ahead in time, if we have to wait for hours (I did not use my real name, but target optical should know my real name)

jessica quinn

The staff was super helpful and service was fast. I would definitely recommend this store! Kelley Kelley saved my day!


The one star rater upset about technology issues that have nothing to do with this location compelled me to write my review. The doctor and customer service reps were awesome. Every part of the process was easy. My family and I will continue to go to this location.

Joker DaFungi

Completed Vision test and bought their recommended glasses. They are way off. They get 1 star since they have 90 day money back return.

dina mcgee

Horrible. Vision not fixed properly last year leading to headaches and frustration. They blamed me for not coming back for fix, but it woulda cost more! Reported to insurance!!!!!!!!!!

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