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REVIEWS OF Pinnacle Eye Care IN Delaware

Howaida Abdelaziz

Getting glasses here has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I advise that you do not go here, and find yourself somewhere else that will take care of you better. I had glasses made here, I could not see well with them, and upon returning to notify them of the issues, the receptionist told me they are small business and they don’t have their own lab and they don’t have the 90 days return policy like vision works or target optical and there was nothing they could do, even though my insurance said I’m entitled to a new pair, and that still wasn’t enough for her. They have an attitude and they are unprofessional. Do not go here!

Paul O'Sullivan

Great service, amazing with kids as well. I went with my 2 kids and we all got our eyes tested. Prompt service, we were there on time and did not have to wait. The kids thought it was fun, they got to see how everything works and the doctor answered all their questions. It is not everyday the kids get to see a picture of the inside of their eyeball. They have a very nice selection of frames and sunglasses that were very reasonably priced, important since I am paying out of pocket. I got a nice pair of frames and lenses and I am using my insurance to get new contacts as well. They were very patient with me picking contact lenses. They wanted to make sure I found the brand/type that fit the best. Best optometrists on the main line!

Craig Mosmen

This is a great eye doctor in the Malvern/Frazer area. The owners Jason and Mimi are the nicest people, and seem to really know what they're doing. I am a fairly new patient but have already been referring this company to family. They listen to concerns, thoroughly explain things throughout the appointment, and are very fairly priced. Highly recommended!

Tom Napp

Highly recommend going here for eye check-ups

Tracy Spinelli

Aleksandr Yelesin

कुलदीप सिंह ढिल्लों

I had a family appointment for the routine check. Overall the experience was great. Doctor seemed to know what he is talking about and he was not pushy at all. Thanks a lot

Kimberly Kopecki

Lyndsay Hashem

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Savochka. My sons had never been to an Optometrist and I hadn't been in years. Dr. Savochka made sure we were all comfortable and explained every step as he went. He also took the time to thoroughly answer all of my "mom" questions. My 6 year old enjoyed the experience so much that he now wants to be an "Eye Doctor"! I highly recommend Dr Savochka.

Leigh Stevens

Was able to make a same day eye appointment. I arrived early and they were able to get me in for my exam before my scheduled appointment!!! Professional and friendly staff. The only improvement suggestion is to offer a wider selection of designer frames !!

Seth Simpson

This was my first time getting an eye checkup in about 10 years, also my first time going to Pinnacle. I found the place by reading the google reviews; it's hard to argue with the people. I had an appointment with Dr. Savochka, the entire experience was great. Everybody was very friendly and professional. I generally despise anything healthcare related because the process can be very frustrating. Pinnacle made it as easy as possible, no snags or anything. I would highly recommend this office.

Susan Anderson

Dr. Savochka is wonderful! I always feel comfortable and welcomed when I come to the office for my yearly exam. The exam is quick, I have time to talk about any needs/worries, and ordering glasses and contacts is always a breeze. Excellent office!

Andrew Wynne

First let me say I don’t write reviews, this is a special case. I have a old pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer II that were my father’s from the 70-80’s. For sentimental reasons and mostly because they’re really cool I wanted to get my prescription put in these frames. I went to all the big boxes stores and even CostCo to see if they could put lenses in, because they were so “old, warped and brittle” (Exact words, the guy at Cost Co said) no one would even attempt to take on this task even after I told them I would understand if they broke. I just wanted someone to try. Finally on a long shot I decided to go to a smaller family owned Pinnacle Eye Care. I told them my story and what I needed done and they said they could make the custom cut lenses that would fit. I really did not expect much because the frames were 40 years old and warped, but wow was I surprised and impressed at the quality and workman ship they put into these glasses to get them looking like NEW. I can’t thank them enough for taking on this job. They were extremely reasonably priced and the service was outstanding. I can’t say enough, except all of my families future eye care needs will now be met by Dr. Nguyen and Pinnacle EyeCare. thanks, Andy

Ryan Schmid

Gilbret Lappano

I have visited quite few eye care specialists, because I have moved quite a bit during my 40 year career. Pinnacle Eye Care and Jason Savochka is one of the best I have ever encountered. He instills confidence; and he provides highly professional and extremely thorough eye care. He is the only eye care specialist I ever knew that allowed me to test a pair of contact lenses for a week, before making a commitment to buy them. I highly recommend Jason and Pinnacle Eye Care.


Ok this is the second time I've been treated poorly by this business. My husband bought glasses from them before he left for his year deployment last year & within two months the lenses had an issue ones fault...and we were under warranty with the lenses so we took them back while he was on his first leave. He didn't plan on bringing them with him to the Middle East where he was being stationed so we intended on leaving them with PEC. Right off the bat they were combative said they weren't going to be covered & several times I tried to explain to please look up his information & they would see it was covered. They knew our story from the beginning about my husbands deployment & must of understood this was a stressful time for our family and finally after being told it wasn't covered before looking up our info after the third time me and my husband got upset and said directly that we did not have time for this and we just wanted to drop the glasses off. Well the owner came over and threatened us. Told us to leave the store or they would call the police. We were completely in shock. We did nothing to deserve his rude treatment. So I made sure they fixed his glasses under warranty & I picked them up later while my husband was serving his country. He did not wear them because he wasn't here to wear them. So he came home 8 months later and started using his glasses. Lenses were fine but we started having problems with the frames around a month or so later...screws kept loosening and falling out and so we took them back. They were polite when I took them back the frames were still under warranty and the new girl there was very helpful. We paid $35 to replace the new frames. Got them back about 3 weeks later then again another month or so later same thing started to happen. Called the store and were told we are not under warranty anymore ....ok fine can I have the companies name and all info I would need to see what I can do about contacting them and helping us figure out what we can do at this point. The same girl all of the sudden was cold and rude. I was very polite to her didn't get upset made it clear I was disappointed and unhappy with the brand. So I asked her why she was being rude to me and she then hung up on me after she wouldn't answer me and I finally got upset with her. So I called back spoke with the owner and he started to get angry with me said I trashed him all over the Internet which I believe is untrue. I left 2 or 3 negative comments about my experience with them which in all fairness I have every right to do when we were in fact treated rudely and unfairly. And to top it off threaten & treat someone serving your country that way is even worse. So I didn't trash you ALL Over the Internet so stop exaggerating. And that is what reviews are for. If you wanted to get a good review then you shouldnt have been so rude to us from the very beginning when we had warranty coverage and gave us a hard time about looking up our info and fighting us on that topic. All you had to do was listen to what we were trying to tell you and offer us the service we paid for and deserved and admit you were rude and wrong from the get go. This is what happens when you have a business and you list online. People will leave good & bad reviews if your service isn't perfect. So deal with it. I have every right to state my opinion, we didn't get the quality of service we use to get form the old owner. We got hostility from the very first issue we had with my husbands glasses. So with that being said we will see what we can do with the brand directly and go to sterling optical in Wayne. Vance over there & his staff are amazing. I cannot tell you how patient & kind they are. So to pinnacle eye care. I'm sure your business will be just fine you have a high rating and seem to be doing quite well. So I don't think my 1 or 2 reviews posted a couple different places online has hurt you. If anyone got jilted here it's us. Good luck I hope u treat others better than you treated us...especially your active service men and women.


Christopher Kim

Whoever Lisa Berry is, please ignore her. She is probably a stuck-up customer who has unreasonable expectations for a local business. Dr. Nguyen was everything one would expect from an Eye Care provider, and more. She was polite, courteous, and professional. She walked me through every test that she did, explained what it measured, and explained me the results in as simple a manner as possible. Most optometrists don't even say a single word during the entire examinations besides, "please read the chart".

Rosemary Crane

I was in at Pinnacle Eye Care last week and all I can say is it was the best experience I've had getting an exam and glasses made. Dr. Nguyen was wonderful and even helped with picking out my glasses. Very personable staff I must say. I strongly recommend this place and after reading the previous review all I can think of is maybe when they first opened, they were still getting their feet underneath them and may not have been perfect, but I can only speak for my own experience and it was nothing but excellence. Thank Pinnacle Eye Care and Dr. Nguyen!!

Nijay Dosslin

After being misdiagnosed by visionworks. i had terrible vision problems. They were not willing to correct it or they dint know. I started to search for eye care centers with high rating and found Pinnacle close to my office. I fixed the appointment. Dr Nguyen went through various diagnostics and was very nice and confident. That very moment i knew i was in the right place and my eye vision problem will be corrected. I was amazed by the techniques they use at pinnacle. Doctor and the staff helped me to pickup the right glasses and i was eagerly waiting for the glasses. When i got the new glasses. i had the perfect vision. Dr Savochka helped me with the minor tweaks to the glasses. Thank you Dr Nguyen and Cynthia for the terrific experience.

rich sayette

I had to make an emergency visit and the folks at Pinnacle Eye Care could not have been more helpful and accommodating. I am new to the area and was extremely happy to have been advised to visit Dr. Savochka. The staff were friendly, helpful and understood both my time constraints and needs. I highly recommend Pinnacle Eye Care.

Jefferson Hirk

I went to Pinnacle Eye Care for a general eye exam. Appointment was easy to setup. The wait time was short and the optometrist assistant Renita was kind. Dr. Jason Savochka did a great job on my eye exam and provided great recommendations. He truly cares about his patients.

Aaron Walters

Friendly staff, convenient location, good service. Dr. Savochka is a nice guy - he was helpful and thorough during my eye exam. My only gripe is their limited frame selection, but that's not an issue to me.

John H

I had an excellent experience with my eye exam. I appreciate that the staff were very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions. I will highly recommend this family run practice to my family and friends.

Patricia B

First time at Pinnacle Eye Care and my experience was wonderful. The staff is very friendly and helpful, Jason was very thorough. Explained everything as we went along and made sure all my questions were answered. I have found my new eye exam facility. Thanks to Jason and staff.


I just had my first visit at Pinnacle Eye Care and I was extremely happy with the care that I received. My wife and kids have also been there for checkups and they had a great experience as well. Dr. Savochka is very knowledgeable and caring and the appointment never felt rushed. The staff was also extremely nice and welcoming. The office was nice and it seems like they have all of the state of the art equipment that is available. My family and I will definitely go back.

Ajai Nair

Great service! The location is easy to get to, staff is wonderful and the electronic forms make the wait time almost nonexistent. The exam was quick, and the Dr. took me outside with test lenses to see how they work in the real world. Where else do you get this? Normally, it's just a guess until you get your glasses. The added bonus of not having to have your eyes dilated is great, I was back at work and able to function. I highly recommend the team at Pinnacle Eye Care!

Andy Meads

I recently had an eye exam with Dr. Savochka that I felt was just as thorough as previous exams I've had at Chester County Eye Care. He was patient in soliciting and answering my questions, and he was honest in saying that my new prescription wasn't different enough from my current one to warrant new lenses for my glasses. The reason for my visit was a pair of prescription sunglasses, which were ready for me within the expected timeframe. I will definitely use Pinnacle again in the future.


I had an issue with my eye and it had been bothering me for five days. Finally, I decided I should see an eye doctor to get some relief and make sure it was nothing serious. I don't have eye insurance so I emailed around to a few places and asked for a price estimate. Dr. Savochka emailed me back THREE minutes later, gave me the price, and said they could see me that day. Amazing!! I had an appointment for three hours later and saw Dr. Nguyen. She saw me immediately and was so sweet. She did a very thorough exam (in addition to solving the eye issue I had been having). I highly recommend this practice for all of your eye care needs. They definitely put their patients first and do everything they can to accommodate you.

Katie Barnes

I've been going to Pinnacle for several months now and have not one complaint. I've had both Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Savochka and both are wonderful! The receptionist was happy to help figure out my insurance policy guidelines while I was in my appointment, which was much appreciated. Little courtesies go a long way, espceially when it has anything to do with healthcare. Thanks Pinnacle!

Barbara Guido

I very highly recommend Pinnacle. They are extremely competent, very customer service oriented and overall a wonderful place to do business. After many years of not finding a top notch eye care professional I finally found one here.

Aruhya K

K Martin

I visited Pinnacle Eye Care yesterday for my yearly eye exam. Even though they were quite busy (many people getting eye exams before year's end), the exam was done in a timely manner. As a layman I felt like the exam was thorough and complete. The internal photos of my eyes were discussed with me in some detail. The doctor answered all of my questions, and actually asked if I had any more. I recommend Pinnacle Eye Care.

ted leisenring

very professional and excellent servie

Samantha Stetson

Absolutely fantastic. Dr. Savochka does an awesome job with kids (and adults) - makes the exam easy and fun. Highly highly recommend. Top service from the moment you walk in the door until you are out the door.

Sarah Weddle

Pinnacle was a great experience. Dr. Nguyen was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive to my needs, answering all of my questions, and the staff was really helpful with selecting new frames for my glasses. I would recommend their services to anyone.

fgarvey79 .

Wonderful eye care specialist! Jason is great to work with, informative and helpful. The office staff are fun, who make every process simple for their clients. I definitely recommend them, and will to family and friends.

Anthony Grasso

Great service, quick eye exam. Very personable and knowledgeable staff.

Karen Sheldon

I have had glasses since 1996 and contacts since 2002, so I've seen my fair share of eye doctors. Dr. Savochka was kind and professional. The eye dilation drops were used with minimal discomfort to me and the staff were very friendly.

Donna Raleigh

Liz Buckingham

My exam was thorough and simple. The office staff was very nice. I am happy with my new glasses and contacts!

Kalia Loper

I had a very good experience at Pinnacle today. The staff was very polite. I was accompanying my husband and made the decision to get a walk in eye exam at the last minute. The optometrist on staff was very kind, patient, friendly and efficient. He explained in detail the results of my exam. He also gave me several options for further eye care. I live far away so I did not purchase glasses from this office. However based on my experience I would highly recommend them for services for someone who lives nearby.

Julia P.

I wouldn't go anywhere else to get my eyes taken care of but Pinnacle. I was so blown away by the customer service of the people that work there. Dr. Savochka did a thorough exam of my eyes--which I hadn't had in a long while. I love that they give you a variety of lines of letters to read and change it up to see what you can and can't read. And after the exam, I was able to browse through the frames for new glasses and I was even more taken back by the customer service! The kind lady walked with me, handing me frames to try on and giving me compliments and it was so great! I walked out of there smiling (though blinded by the light due to the dilation of my eyes) but overall I would definitely recommend this place to family and friends. And I will!

Lisa berry

I have been to Pinnacle eye care a few time's to get my eye exam's also purchase eye glasses and was always very pleased .When I just went there recently it has new Dr's and new staff. Very disappointed! They were very unorganized everyone seemed like they were not sure of what they were doing. Had numerous problem's with my bill they did not charge me correctly I did use insurance and they over charged me by quite a bit. The Girl that helped me with my glasses was clueless when I would ask her questions about different options for my glasses. She was not personable at all .The place is not what it use to be I will not be going back. I do not recommend.


Jason was very professional and efficient. I was a new customer that got set up, got the eye exam, ordered contacts and all my questions answered within 30 minutes during my lunch break. Thanks.

Ingrid Tripple

Tate Estes

I usually go to one of the big franchise eye places, but this time I am so glad I went with a locally owned place. The girl that worked behind the desk, Raquel, was very polite and got me in to see Dr. Nguyen quickly, which was great since I was doing this on my lunch break. Afterwards, Raquel helped me in picking out a great pair of glasses. I was seriously in and out in no time compared to the other big name eye glass places. To top it off, I told them I need these glasses asap and they had them ready for me after work the same day. I can't say enough about the service at this place. I'm new to the area and this experience is a great beginning for me. As a matter of fact, I'm taking my kids there in a week for their exams as well.

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