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REVIEWS OF Pearle Vision IN Delaware

Kitty Chan

The staff there were really nice and helpful. They fixed my glasses for free. Their place is neat and tidy. It's easy to find something you want there. I recommend this place to anyone who needs their glasses fixed or an appointment!

Holly Barry

I recently went to Pearl Vision in Glassboro, NJ. for an eye exam. I was told I had a slight distance issue, but reading was the main reason I need glasses. That was something I already knew and honestly all I wanted. The salesman was very persistent about getting bi-focals. I did not want them, but he assured me I would love them and of course, if I didn't like them, they would switch out the lenses for me to straight readers. "I had nothing to lose". When the glasses came in, I could not see the computer at work without tilting my head way back, which was very uncomfortable. The distahince was very hard to tell a difference with. I stopped in after the week trial to have them swapped to the readers that I originally wanted. They said no problem, however, after some thought I realized the lenses they talked me into were not covered under my insurance plan. The lenses and frames I picked were supposed to be free. I have excellent coverage through Lowe's. I kept asking cost as we discussed everything, but he was very vague throughout the whole interaction. Long story short, I felt pressured to try the bifocals with "nothing to lose". However, I did lose, because it was never mentioned that there was not a cost adjustment for going back to the lenses I wanted. Had I known that, I never would have given the bifocals a try. I feel that facts were left out intentionally to upgrade me for increased sales dollars. I have been in retail management for over 30 years and have always been upfront with my customers. They are always given all the facts, options, benefits, and consequences. This was my first visit for any kind of eye exam. I had no idea what to expect. I trusted the sales person, which was my first mistake, second I should have demanded to see $$ before ordering anything, the differences between the two lenses. The only thing that would make this right for me is to be refunded the cost difference between the two lenses. At this point, I would not recommend Pearle Vision in Glassboro, NJ to anyone.

Alicia Simpkins

Had a great experience here! The doctor was very thorough and nice and the guy working there helped me pick out glasses and helped figure out how to best apply my insurance to my glasses/contacts. Will definitely come back and refer family/friends here!

Sarah Weingartner

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this establishment and the amazing staff. They went above and beyond for my 3 year old. They didnt carry frames small enough for her, but they had SO much fun shopping online for the perfect fit for her. We ordered 2 pairs from them, and we have been back for adjustments without issue. They even adjusted a pair of mine that I did not purchase from them, because I had a really bad experience at the store in originally purchased mine from. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend Pearl in Glassboro to anyone I know. They were beyond accommodating to my rambunctious 3 and 5 year old when we came in. I loved the service and the people. It felt so much like family.

Adar Williams

Ana Araujo

I hate this place, I was convinced by the seller to take the glasses a little loose, when I got home I realized they were ridiculous so I decided to go back and change, the seller said he could adjust, I let him adjust, but the glasses were all crooked and I said he would like to change but he said he could not because the glasses had been modified. I paid $ 600.00. they are incompetent

christine fobare

Great experience from start to finish. This place is top notch in their expertise with helping you get the right glasses, helping to make sure the fit is to your comfort ( I've had to go back many times and they are so nice about it) and the customer service is amazing. I won't go anywhere else now for glasses.

Arielle Rudolph

Pearle Vision in Glassboro is second to none! Not only are the doctors wonderful and efficient, but so are the new owners. I would without a doubt recommend friends and family to come in for their eye exam. They take insurance and try to get you the best deal that you can get.

Eric Shicunoff

They fixed my glasses free of charge. Where other companies would probably charge me like ten bucks for the fix.

Michele Garaguso

N Martin

Great Optometrist, but the purchasing experience has been absolutely horrible. When I made the $300 purchase, I was told it would take a week to get my order in, and about 30 minutes in the store when I pick then up to install the lenses in the frames I already own. One week goes by, and I hear nothing. Another week goes by, still no word from them. So I give them a call to find out what's going on. Well they had no update on the glasses, but the sunglasses had just come in and they were wrong so they had to send them back. They told me they should have them back in a couple of days. Another week goes by with no update. So I have to call them again. This time they inform me they were wrong about the time, it would still be a couple more days before the sunglasses arrive, and that they would need to find another supplier for my glasses lenses because they are on back order... Why wasn't that ever communicated and why did it take three weeks of me calling for them to figure that out? They finally call me about my sunglasses, those turned out ok in the end. Another couple of days go by and they call me again leaving no message. I assume it's about my glasses so I go in today (Saturday) to pick them up, and I'm informed they can't do anything with them until Monday. So here I am, a month, three phone calls, and three visits into this ordeal and I still don't have the product I paid $300 for. Whenever they finally hand over my merchandise will be the last visit my wife or I make to this location.

Christian Massi

I broke my glasses the other night. I checked on Groupon for any good deals, because I don't have insurance for vision. Groupon had a great deal, and I was able to make an appointment for an eye exam quickly. The staff here were top notch. I was helped personally by the owner and his wife. Don't think of Pearle Vision being big business. This is a family owned and operated store, and they do a great job of making you feel welcome and appreciated as a customer. When you need glasses, come to the Pearle Vision in Glassboro.

Lessons R US

My experience at this Pearl Vision Center was very good. This was my first visit and Paul made me feel very comfortable. The staff was very nice and helpful also when I went back to pick up my glasses. Thank you all so much for helping to make my eye glass purchase a positive experience. ❤️

Nicole Perry

Deanna Toton

Such friendly and helpful people. They really took their time to help me pick out the perfect frames and answered all my questions. The place is super clean which is also a huge plus. Will be returning again and will recommend to all my friends and family.


I've gone here for two years now, and I have no complaints. The staff is helpful, and the last doctor I had for my check-up was great. She answered all my questions patiently and could not have been more friendly and down to earth. This differs from the arrogance which is sometimes encountered when dealing with other doctors of various disciplines. All the patients and staff always make small talk, not extremely common in the state of NJ, where many choose to keep to themselves. I got a really great pair of designer glasses here. They will also include a case and cleaning cloth, protecting them with the case most of the time, I had no problems maintaining the structural integrity of the glasses. They will tighten them up for free if you bring them in, too! Try them out!

Scott Slotkin

Prices were double what i found at most other retailers. No 1 year warranty included with purchase of glasses like other retailers, you have to purchase it. My glasses broke within 2 mos of purchase and i would rather buy all new frames then go back to Pearle. Service was terrible. Took 1 month to receive glasses. Do yourself a favor and dont use Pearle. Eapecially on rt 47 in Glassboro

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