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The weekend front desk staff could use some additional customer service experience.

Silvia Cruzatt

Dr. Blackburn has brought hope to me. I finally found an expert that was able to address my issue and took his time to help me.

Tracy Madison

DVA has been a tremendous help and support to our family. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The activities for vision therapy are applicable and easy for carryover. We are so grateful for all their help .

Steve Frankovich

they were good people there and didn’t leave me until they figured out an eye issue i was having that is concussion related. i believe i was there for 2 in a half hours but they figured some issues i was having out and i will be starting therapy soon. hopefully i will get better

Robyn Mowery

Danielle Harris

I was referred to DE Vision after suffering two back to back concussions. Their team are not only amazing at what they do but also very compassionate. I could go on and on about how absolutely fabulous I feel after being in their care!

mark zeszut

DVA gives the most comprehensive exam I have ever had. They are professional in every aspect.

Elizabeth King

Teri Crothers

Patricia Caulder

Dr. Don, Flo, Vince, and the rest of the staff are the best. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, I did not believe that my quality of life would ever return. Thanks to this staff, I am doing very well and am extremely appreciative. I was lucky that my concussion doctor sent me here, and I definitely will not be going anywhere else for my eye care.

Marie Fontano

Great experience every time I come in for appointment!

Jim Park

Robyn LoVerde

Dr. Blackburn is amazing with our kids. He takes his time, explains what he's doing, and is very patient with them. The staff is wonderful, every last one of them. My 3 kids have been helped tremendously by Delaware Vision Academy's eye therapy program.

Jennifer Lynch

Delaware Vision Academy is the absolute best. Very thorough, works well with children.

pam kady

My husband and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Every person who works there are personable, helpful and knowlegable. Any question or problem we have is promptly taken care of. I would recommend Delaware Vision Academy to anyone who may need eye care.

Kurt Piser

As always, among the best 'eye care' experiences. Compassion and professionalism that I've come to expect and have never been disappointed.

cassandra harmon

Today was my 1st time at DVA and I am sooo happy that I made it! After a 3 year search, I was desperate (and recently tearing one of the last contact lenses in the set that I owned made it worse)

Jason hurley

Anne Chappelle

Ashutosh Kumar Gupta

We always had a wonderful experience here. My Wife had therapy sessions after her AVM brain surgery and specially the therapist and Dr. Blackburn make us so comfortable and made every effort to cure the problem(/they know that somebody came with some hope and they value it) - dated 2012. Now my whole family visit for normal/ routine eye checkup/ follow up as well. Kudos to Dr. Blackburn and all his staff. Keep doing the right thing.

Matt Long

Hi.Im writing this under my sons name.I have only had the best experience working with the drs and staff here.Had a few issues with my eyes in past two years and they always call and follow up.It is a family atmosphere and wonderful care given by the Physicians.I would recommend this to anyone in the area as the best service. DAWN M LONG

Vicki Tillman

I trust the doctors and staff at Delaware Vision Academy. They have been looking out for my sight for years now. They are take time to listen and are friendly yet professional.

Julette Grusell

Delaware Vision Academy is an AMAZING full eye service care center. My son's vision problem was addressed because of Dr. Blackburn. As a result, Gabriel was given excellent, specialized eye therapy services and glasses with prism that helps him to see better. All the staff are very polite, and courteous. They work with you and do their best to accommodate your scheduling requests. If anyone in your family is having eye problems call Delaware Vision Academy. I know they will be able to help you.

Theodore Brown

I have returned to Delaware Vision Academy after my first therapy twelve years ago. The people and facilities are top notch. The focus on the patient is great. And my vision is improving!!

Liberty Court

Dr. Blackburn was key to helping me with my convergence insufficiency. He also would advocate for me, by writing letters so I could receive the supports I needed in school. I truly am grateful for his expertise, and kind manner in which he conducted himself.

Timothy Moore

Everyone was a professional without acting like a robot, which is hard to do. They're not afraid to laugh or make you laugh. Real people who are real good at their jobs.

Sal W

Dr. Blackburn and his staff are extremely amazing, very patient and warm with kids. My son does not like most doctor's offices but Dr. Blackburn works around my son and we never feel rushed. I can't say enough about this place. If you have young kids, and researching for a good doctor, give them a chance. You will love them!.

Lynne Glickman

oleg k

Dr. Blackburn is very meticulous and knowledgeable. He takes his time, he examines the problem from several angles, he tries different approaches. Also this office probably the only one in Delaware that offers Ortho Kerathology treatment with night worn lenses. If you have a hard to solve vision problem, then this is the place to address it.

FireBoi YT

traci richardson

Sym Lun fun jones

I had a positive experience here my daughter is 6 and she was completely comfortable theres a tv in the room to help distract small children. The doctor was great...very thorough and detailed visit did not feel "rushed"

Michael Murphy

If your eyes are having problems, do not go anywhere else! This was a very thorough, and organized office. I will return.

Jayaram Rao

Monica Skaggs

Not a great experience. After waiting for a couple of months for a specific exam, I got a call to say that the machine they needed to use was broken. Did I still want to come in to see the Doctor? I said no (that appointment was to review the results from the exam that my daughter still couldn't have). The scheduler asked if I was sure, because to say no would put me back in the queue again, and I'd have to wait months. Pretty frustrating. They also didn't explain much to me. We're not nearby, I had to drive some distance to get there. I don't feel it was worth the effort.

Kelly Brown, DC, LAc

Clare Makowski

There are so many GOOD things to write about DELAWARE VISION ACADEMY. First off Dr Blackburn is on the top of his field for eye vision care. Now most people think only about going to the eye Dr for a vision checkup. But that is not true. Your eyes can do all kinds of things that will blur your vision, make you loose concentration, cause headaches and loose your balance - yes balance. Most people think of a balance problem as having something wrong in the ear. Vision is not just about getting glasses it's about the brain and how it sends messages to the eyes. A lot of children are said to have ADHD or be a slow leaners when it might just be their eyes are not teaming so they cannot read correctly. Teaming means the eyes are working together not separately. Brain injuries, Concussions and all sorts of things can effect your eye site. The team that works at DVA is exemplary! They do all the testing to find out what is going wrong and then Dr Blackburn puts a plan together for the therapist team to work with the patient. only if it is needed . The plan will change as the results change. I know I was there for almost 2 years due to TBI from a car accident. My vision did not show it was truly effected for 5 years after the accident but I also was classified with Post Concussive Syndrome due to not being diagnosed for 9 months after the accident. Dr Blackburn took this into consideration when he made his plan and the therapist team took very good notes and they meet with Dr Blackburn so changes could be made as I progressed and regressed at times. I even began to video tape some sessions so I could see what was happening to me.This way when I did my homework I would be able to make sure I was doing it correctly due to a memory problem. Towards the end of my 2nd year I had a vision attack. My eye lids closed and I was in extreme muscle pain due to an issue with my brain. They tried a few things along with the other DR in the office but nothing was working. They called an ambulance and stayed by my side and comforted me until the medics got there. They documented everything that happened and reviewed it with Dr Blackburn. Come to discover I have a condition that effects my whole body. So since I have been discharged from DVA I have continued to use the materials that they have given me and practice what they taught me to do if something causes my eyes to stop teaming i.e. double vision - I can force them to uncross and re-team so I have single vision in a matter of seconds. I can read better and work throw words that my brain may understand but they are hard to say. All I can tell you is that if You, Your Child or someone you know is having a difficulty with vision - reading - driving ...... DO NOT HESITATE to make an APPOINTMENT with DELAWARE VISION ACADEMY and really get your eyes checked. They do the normal vision test but they are the only ones that i know of that GO BEYOND that test to see what else may be causing the problem. DON"T LET YOUR CHILD BE LEFT BEHIND IN SCHOOL - GO TO DELAWARE VISION ACADEMY - They are the nicest, most experienced and intelligent caring team! You won't find any better not in DELAWARE . Call & make that appointment and they do not do unnecessary treatment. They do what is needed to get you the best vision and teach you or your parents how to over come the issues with your eyes. Call it can't hurt only help....... Shout out to, Dr Blackburn, Lisa, Joe, Tracy , and the rest of the team who's names I can't remember!

Thomas Santomartino

I've gone to Delaware Vision Academy for years and like it very much. Dr. Blackburn is an excellent doctor and the staff makes me feel like family. They have a nice selection of frames and a guarantee you can't beat. I recommend it for all your eye care needs.

Rick Gwinn

naomi ortiz

Mary Remmell

I have had difficulties with my vision from a car accident and was surprised when the vision testing showed how much my eyes weren't working together. I have been in vision therapy for ten weeks and can see that I am improving with the help of my therapist, Tracey. I didn't realize how my eyes not working properly effected my memory and my balance issues. I highly recommend Dr. Blackburn and his staff. They listen carefully and give you a clear explanation of how they can help.

Wendy Collazo

Everyone is so friendly and I am never rushed during appointments.

Jason Krapf

Horrible, unresponsive and does not return calls. Please find somewhere else other than this office.

Jane Tomczyk

Delaware Vision Academy is a wonderful and professional eye care center. I first met Dr. Blackburn through Special Olympics Delaware. Dr. Blackburn saw my son at the Healthy Athlete tent and found that the prescription my son had was not correct. He is excellent with children with special needs. As time went on I needed to be seen and Dr. D'Italia found that I was showing possible beginnings of glaucoma. They have been watching me and staying on top of my eye health. Lisa at the front desk is easy to talk to and if you have any questions she get the answers. If you need eye care, I would definitely recommend Delaware Vision Academy. Go ahead give Lisa a call.

Angela Taylor

Greg Hills

Bethelehem Tsegaye

Anthea Piscarik

Delaware Vision Academy narrowed down the vision issue related to a concussion and are working with me to resolve it!

Christy Yembrick

This is an awesome group of folks for all non-surgical eye care. I can't say enough about Dr. Don. I have been bringing my dad for therapy progress appointments for over a year. Dr. does a wonderful job of pin pointing the issues and directing care. He is patient with all questions and provides detailed answers. The entire team are friendly, happy and helpful and provide a very positive atmosphere. I have had such a good experience with my father, I have chosen Dr. Don for my own eye care needs.

Ralph Lopilato

I have been a client of DVA since they opened. I have always felt that the experience was good but in the past year I have had two appointments where I was taken 45 minutes late after my scheduled time.Today, 4/2 I had an 11 am appointment and at 11:55 I still had not been taken so I went to the front desk and cancelled my appointment, needless to say I was extremely mad. I think it is very unprofessional to make a customer wait beyond ten minutes of their scheduled appointment, all of our time is valuable. I am going to begin to search for a new eye doctor.

Dianne S

My kids have gone to Dr. Blackburn and Dr. D'Italia for many years for routine eye exams as well as vision therapy. Drs. Blackburn and D'Italia are very detailed in their exams and always very nice and professional. I would recommend.

Veronica Veronica

Allen Crooms

so unprofessional had an appointment for my kids the lady never asked when i made the appoint what type of insurance we had so we went in to the appointment they never seen us they said they did not take our insurance a waste of time when that should have been asked over the phone if they do not accept all insurance my kids missed a half a day of school it was crazy

R Ramsey

Everyone is so very kind and professional after my massive stroke I needed vision therapy and they worked it out and exams and homework are still in effect. I am not inclined to stop. My friends and family are amazed how great/wonderful my eyes look after being so off center. My man said that anyone would have to look hard to see that I have anything going on with me. I noticed that I m treated more rudely by the general public. Dr Blackburn went the extra mile and helped me return to my normal activities of daily life. The follow through with my progress is phenomenal. If you are interested please contact them and they are great. great

Joy Carr

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