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REVIEWS OF Carty Eye Associates IN Delaware

Brody Michaels

Carty Eye Associates is my Family's one stop shop for all of our eye care needs. Their friendly staff always put my kids and myself at ease. They really value my time and honor our appointment times and keep the visit moving - from the our initial tests thru to seeing Dr. Carty. I recommend them to all of my friends!!

Krista Capelli

Staff are very friendly. Boyfriend had an eye infection over the weekend, and thankfully they were able to see him before the start of the work week on his busier days. It's a long drive coming from Wilmington, but their hours are pretty flexible. I was just happy they accepted appointments over the weekend before his infection got any worse!

Marley Duchovnay

My experiences at Carty Eye Associates have all been extremely positive. The entire staff is very kind and helpful. I highly recommend this office.

Peter Colbert

Concerned, competent, and amazingly accessible hours.

Jessica Amarant

Carty Eye Associates is an extremely welcoming, professional office. All of my experiences have been very positive! The doctors, techs, and administrators are incredibly knowledgable, and the optical shop is great! I'd recommend Carty Eye to everyone.

Office Manager

In response to ann amyous review - I believe this was written by a disgruntled former employee and has been reported to the authorities as slanderous. It is a shame that these things can be posted by anyone whether true or not, but we know as a practice that there is no truth in the fictitious review and our real patients know us and love us.

Max Bialystock

Had a seventeen year old do exam. Credit card charged twice. It's like a mill at Carty's office. Buyer beware. Brings buses of elderly in and under PRESCRIBES.

Mike D

Staff is great! Quality care! Very detailed

michael campbell

I have been using Carty Eye for two years now. Never a problem,no long waiting,friendly and efficient staff. Very professionally run organization. Dr. Sepahi is a first class practitioner.

Adam Fritz

Rude, could care less attitude. Emergency room sent me to their office. Insurance policy started yesterday. They could not be bothered to verify my insurance. Don't put negative people or places in your life. Avoid this office. I am sure a more friendly optometrists office can be found.

Steven A

I have been a long time patient of Carty Eye. Every doctor and staff member I have encountered has been wonderful. I don't know how anyone could possibly say anything negative and my only guess is that they have never really been to this office. I would recommend this practice that is open 7 days a week(who else can say that?) to anyone who wants to be treated professionally and with the utmost respect. I actually look forward to going for my eye exams!

Frank Hand

Doctor s and staff great.Opyical store might as well go to Dollar store.

Dayna Tadich

Had an amazing experience with Dr. Trybulski, she was able to correctly diagnose my daughter, who was under the care of another OD. My daughter was given glasses through another practice, but was still experiencing double vision. Dr. Trybulski recommended vision therapy and since starting in Pittsburgh, we have seen a real difference for our 7 year old. Very grateful!

Evolution Payroll Services

ann amyous

***UPDATE- OFFICE MANAGER. I would be more then happy to supply Dr. Carty with the names of my parents and also with the time and date that we were in your office. I believe that each of them have an email they received the day of the visit about the visit. Why is it that you get a negative review and believe that this is an employee? How pompous of your office to REPORT A NEGATIVE REVIEW ON YOUR OFFICE TO THE POLICE, there is much more important things they have to tend to. Why did you not report the review of the woman whos husband was THREATENED WITH SECURITY by your FRONT DESK STAFF? Are they an old upset employee as well? You seem to think that its not possible for your staff to act this way and they are loved by patients, yet your have employees that your afraid will leave bad reviews. Hopefully the reply that you gave to me in reference to my negative review on the STAFF and NOT DR. CARTY will keep people from bringing their hard earned money to your office.*** The Doctor here is awesome, however the front desk staff was so loud and offensive. They were talking about sex with midgets and how they would do it. The manager of the front desk staff was there laughing and talking about it as well. There were elderly people and children in the waiting room and we could all hear this offensive talk. Oh, and they sang, loudly, as well. One names Kate was extremely rude to my parents and then gloated on how rude she was to her co workers saying " I'm gonna give attitude right back" again while the front desk manager stood there laughing. There was also a nurse with a black wig and thick bangs standing to the side of the desk talking to the front desk cursing loudly and saying rude things. I have never been to a office with such a rude, loud and unprofessional front desk, they are so deep in their conversations that they did not even stop talking to one another to check people in and out. They made people feel like they were being a bother by interrupting them. These women were answering the phone and then complaining, loudly about the person they were talking to. I know this is a long message, I am a office manager of a physicians office and I could not believe how unprofessional Carty's staff has become. The nurses (besides the one cursing at the front desk) are AWESOME. BUT THAT ASSISTANT MANAGER NEEDS TO GO. She laughs as her staff has loud sexual conversations , sings, talks badly on other patients and curse. On a positive note Leslie in the optical store was a breath of fresh air at the end of a 2 hour visit. She was kind, PROFESSIONAL, and helpful. Dr. Carty needs to get more people like her and less like Kate and the rest of the girls at the front desk.

Arthur Hayes

Divya Mohan

Our insurance company have us Dr Densmore's name for an eye exam, so I booked an appointment for my husband a week later . 2 days later on a Monday, a receptionist called me at work to say they spoke with my insurance company who said they didn't cover it. I said there must be a mistake but to cancel the appointment in the meantime. I called my insurance who said Carty eye associates were wrong and it should all be covered, and rang to confirm this. Carty eye associates me back to reinstate the appointment. My husband turned up on Saturday. The receptionist on the day was extremely rude, and said the rectified information wasn't recorded, that we would have to pay and there was no way to sort it out even though we suggested to let the appointment go ahead and for us to verify the info on Monday when the insurance company is open. Despite us asking to speak with dr Densmore and repeatedly telling her that we'd already sorted it out on Monday, she refused to listen and threatened to call security! The doctors may be fine but we never got to see them because the receptionist had a terrible attitude and was extremely rude.

Jen Glisk

Kept my daughter waiting over an hour for an exam room ...she then had to leave because she was now late for work!! She never did get to the see the doctor. I called to discuss issue and the person answering the phone could care less. So frustrating!!!!

Stuart Burstin

I would not recommend this practice. I can base this only on my interactions; so please use this rating as an n of one. However, my observations would strongly suggest getting care elsewhere.

Emelie Wilkes

Love Carty Eye. Everyone is so nice, helpful and knowledgeable Would highly recommend.

Dakota Duffy

On a Sunday morning I woke up and could not open my eyes because they hurt so much. This was after trying for several weeks to get an appointment at my current eye doctors office, and they told me I would have to wait months for an appointment. On Sunday morning I was able to get an appointment immediately at Carty Eye Associates. The speed and service was amazing. I found out that morning that I had several cornea ulcers! The experts at Carty told me I was only days away from going blind! With their expertise and help I was able to get the many medications I needed at discounted prices because they gave me several coupons to help pay for the expensive eye drops I had to take eleven times a day. They were also very accommodating in setting up many follow-up appointments. I would like to say thank you to Carty Eye Associates, because without them I would not have my vision today. I highly recommend Carty to anyone looking for eye care!

Alice Lachewitz

Excellent, professional, and warm staff. They make you feel very comfortable and do not leave you sitting for long at all. Dr. Carty is a knowledgeable and competent eye surgeon. You leave his office, and surgical procedures, with the confidence that you have been under the care of an excellent doctor.

Alyssa Mavromanolis

Banfield KOP

lauren irwin

I had to come in for a last minute emergency when I was having a scary issue with my eyes and they saw me right away. Great and pleasant staff and practice. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family

Maria levitt

this place belongs in the city somewhere, I thought because it was In a great hospital this place should be good,, OO NOO, I over heard two of the Nurses or the Dr. Assistants talking about drugs I was in the room waiting on the Doctor with my mother and the same lady the sat me down was talking about drugs with another worker, Dr. Carty needs to drug test his entire staff, he was a nice man but he needs a better staff, I understand ppl have lives outside of work but drugs at work around the public is not cool, Ill never take my mother back there again. im not sure how this business is ran but drugs is not cool. There was a nice young lady at the front desk but when they were checking my moms insurance the young lady said she has to ask her manager something the manager comes from her desk behind the glass window out with an attitude, Im a customer how are you mad because your staff needs help??? she looked like she was on drugs herself with very thin hair, I don't know if he finds his staff from a intern staffing group but appearance is everything, and when I heard them talking about drugs I realized he has a lot of people on drugs in that office, I understand me all need a job but some of the staff I met was really uncomfortable. the red head girl knew my mom but she was the one talking about drugs

Sheila Reilley

We have been patients here for years and love this practice - doctors and staff! Always professional and courteous to us and the level of care is A+!

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