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REVIEWS OF The Wright Eye Center IN Colorado

Greg Stetson

I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of my LASIK surgery and all related steps leading up to it and afterward. The entire Wright Eye Ctr staff was consistently organized, professional, caring, thorough and informative. I only needed one eye treated, but they always examined both eyes and how my monovision would be effected.

John Burroughs

Dr. Wright has been my ophthalmologist for the last 10 years. I had PRK to help with near-sightedness that was amazing. No more glasses. Later on I developed an unrelated cataract in my right eye, and Dr. Wright removed the cataract, and I'm back to doing great again. I'm a surgeon myself, so it was critical that I chose an outstanding surgeon, which Dr. Wright is to ensure the best opportunity for the outcome I needed to allow me to continue to serve my own patients.

Jennifer Valverde

My husband had PRK a few years ago and he couldn't be happier with the results. We are very thankful for perfect vision and an overall great experience from Dr.Wright and the rest of his staff!! They are very professional and the office is always clean and welcoming.

Jessica H

Sarah Itz

I got Lasik here about three weeks ago and this place was great. Very nice and professional, and they are very clear about what to expect. I LOVE being able to see so well without contacts - it's amazing! Highly recommend the Wright Eye Center for Lasik.

Jennifer G

Linda Saville Bryant

I had eye surgery here..each eye one week apart. The surgery was quick and painless. The staff is caring and very nice. I could see for the first time in years without the aid of glasses or contacts as soon as I came out of the surgery. No matter if you need cataracts surgery or laser vision surgery I highly recommend The Wright Eye Center. They had even directed me to watch a video on their website before I had the surgeries so I knew exactly what to expect.

Finley Hartley

The wright eye center staff are very professional and personable. They took care of my every need and ensured all my questions were answered. They're pre-op and post-op care was exceptional. The staff at the front desk were great and all the Drs were outstanding. I would highly recommend The Wright Eye Center

Melissa Olsen

I had PRK eye surgery end of March and almost 6 weeks later my vision is still not reliable. I have a job that is computer based and I work with detailed numbers and I still can't reliably distinguish between a 6 and an 8, or an 8 and a 3. The disclaimer paperwork indicates that most people heal within 10 days of the surgery, however I don't appear to be one of those individuals. What I'm horrified by is the lack of integrity by doctor Steven Clancy, when I explained that sending me back to work with my eyesight this wonky it puts my job at risk his response was so unethical. He stated "I can't let the word out that healing from PRK surgery can take this long", and yet it is and now he's putting my job at risk by sending me back to work when I can't reliably do my job. This is the worst possible outcome...The Wright Eye Center has gotten it very wrong!

Sandy Browning

Comfortable,staff is very nice,on time for appointments. Drs. are very well trained. Exceptionally friendly with patients.

Ethan Sisneros

Amy Perrin

Excellent facility, professional and friendly staff, clean procedure center. Overall an excellent experience from beginning to end!

Alexis Sisneros

Wonderful employees, great doctors, and a clean and professional office. I live in Texas and still only use The Wright Eye Center.

Gretchen Whitworth

I would like to give them a zero. 10 years ago I saved up money for a few years to pay for LASIK. It was never a vanity move, it was because I was SO blind without glasses. I had the procedure with a terrible outcome. I was them told to "be patient" and that I had "dry eyes" and other lame lies. I found out several MONTHS later on THE INTERNET that the LADAR 6000 had malfunctioning problems (leading central islands) and was recalled two weeks after my surgery. The Jr. Dr. at Wright (Dr. Ross?) had NEVER mentioned this during any of my MANY follow-up visits. Dr. Wright was "shocked" I wasn't told this. Dr. Wright sent me to Houston twice to "fix" it, ending in zero difference. He then proceeded to lead me on for YEARS about how he was going to "go to a conference in _______, and figure out how to fix it". FOR YEARS. I missed the window of 2 years to sue Wright and Alcon, due to misleading statements and false promises. My vision was forever changed and could not be fixed with glasses or contacts. I had to live with it. I have since had a detached retina that ended in blindness. I have 1 terrible eye to live with. These people destroyed my life. The depression I feel loosing all my joys in life, leaves questioning life in general, every single day.

Sirena Zamora

Had lasik, absolutely love the results! The Doctors and staff were professional and friendly. I will definitely recommend The Wright Eye Center to my friends and family

robert atkins

The staff and doctors are fantastic, had surgery ,no problems,staff called to check on me.!strongley recommend

Drema Glorso

I had cataract surgery here and highly recommend The Wright Eye Center. Staff is great, Dr's are great, very professional yet personable as well. Great location, offices are so clean!

Ron Daily

Needs a larger varieties and ability of eye care.

L. Shaffer

I cannot thank Dr. Wright enough for the excellent outcome of both my surgeries. During my office visits and prior to surgery everything was clearly explained to me and all of my questions were answered. The staff took care of all the details regarding scheduling, insurance, copays, and follow up appointments. Dr. Wright, as well as the anesthesiologist and nurses, were very kind, caring and professional. I highly recommend The Wright Eye Center.

Sara Garcia-Jewett

The front desk ladies were so sweet! And clean waiting area! Definitely recommend

Morgan Elkins

This office is extremely professional. I Defiantly recommend Dr Wright.

B Ekstrom

Excellent experience for my YAG laser treatment, post-cataract surgery. Good, thorough exam prior to the treatment, took care of insurance approval on the spot. Very professional staff. On the down side, now I can see all my household dirt and will have to clean the house.

Katie O'Casey

I had my cataracts on both eyes done here. It was a factory conveyer belt operation. I've had nothing but trouble with my eyes since. They stretched the skin above eyes so several that I will have to have plastic surgery. But the most important pain I've suffered is the sides of both eye balls. You can't touch them and if I look sideways too far, it is painful. When we went back several visits, the doctor's first response was, "Well, weren't not doing the surgery again." He was so annoyed that I was in pain. Wow! Don't go to this place. The admins are rude and gossipy and the doctors are complacent and corrupt.

Charles Rollman

I had cataract surgery for both eyes in March. One eye was done in early March and the other in late March. It's now late June. I've waited until now to comment because I wanted to allow time for my eyes to heal and stabilize before drawing conclusions. The surgery was remarkably easy. As others mentioned, it feels a bit like an assembly line, but I accepted that as pretty typical these days. The surgery itself lasted maybe ten minutes, after which I was pretty relaxed for a while. I followed instructions and put the prescribed drops in my eyes for a couple of days before surgery, and for a week or so afterward. The atropine drops used before surgery dilated my eye and made vision awkward both before and for a good ten days afterward. The drops used afterward are an antibiotic to prevent infection and a steroid to reduce inflammation. I wore a clear plastic patch on the operated eye when sleeping for the first week after surgery. This was a bit of a nuisance, but I understand the intent and the benefit of it. I needed to wait a month after surgery for my eyes to settle down before getting new glasses. For me this was the hardest part of surgery. Because my distance vision after surgery was marginal using my old glasses, I worried about how good my vision would end up. To reassure myself, I made myself a pinhole and tested my vision through it. Distance vision doing this was pretty good, so I assumed (hoped) my vision with new glasses would be similar. I had opted for Toric lenses on the recommendation of my optometrist, and I chose to have them designed so that I will be near sighted as I've been all my life. My vision when looking at my IPhone or IPad now, either with or without my new glasses, is about as perfect as it can get; I think this is better than it has ever been. My distance vision with glasses is excellent. My distance vision without glasses is perhaps a little worse than it was when I was young, but not problematic since I need glasses for distance vision in any case. This obviously is a trade off that I made by opting for good near vision. The only persistent problem I've had since my surgery is mild/moderate dry eye. I've read that this is a common complaint. I treat it with lubricating eye drops, and am bothered less today than I was a month ago. I hope this will continue to improve. All in all, I'd call my surgery an unqualified success. Thank you, Dr Wright and company! Tip: you can get discount coupons for some of the necessary eye drops from This cut the price of one of my prescriptions about in half. Also, I found that I had more than enough Atropine drops from the first eye to also treat the second, so you may not need to fill a second prescription for Atropine. Tip: if you're a guy and you're on Flowmax/Tamsulosin, be sure to let the staff know. This drug can interfere with cataract surgery if the surgeon isn't aware of your use of it.

Aleli O

Christina Matlock

I was referred to this clinic in 2015 for cataract surgery. I was given a bright red braclet for a latex allergy and they still managed to put latex around my face with bandage, making my recovery terrible. Fast forward to 2017 and I now need a laser surgery to remove the scarring from the cataract surgery. I was again disappointed in the services I recieved for pre surgery. I booked the appointment, was told I'd receive a packet in the mail and then bring that to my appointment. A week prior to my appt that was booked a month in advance, I'm told my insurance is not compatible. I only found this out because I called to say I never recieved the packet. I'm disappointed with the lack of communication throughout this entire process. I can honestly say I wish I had done my homework and chosen a clinic that had higher reviews for their customer service.

joe g

Went in for catarac surgery. Staff was very helpful. Dr. Wright did an amazing job. From start to finish everyone was awesome. Highly recommend The Wright Eye Center.

Sean Dalton

Dan Ballantyne

I had surgery here about 10 years ago now and it was phenomenal. Not only did my vision come out perfect, but I didn't end up with any of the standard side effects (dry eyes, star bursts, etc). Was a great experience start to finish from the scheduling to the surgery to the followups.

Tanner Peters

The staff was great! They got me in and out quickly and very perfessional. Thank you

Jessica Trujillo

The staff at wright eye center staff are very professional and personable they answered all my questions took care of the things I needed. The lady at the front desk was very kind and Dr Wright is one of the best Dr’s I would highly recommend The Wright Eye Center

Shawna Cash

I was told nothing except "you're a good candidate for Lasik" at my consultation with Dr. Adams; although he and his assistant were very nice I wasn't provided any information about the actual procedure. Then, a friend mentioned that you aren't supposed to get Lasik if you're pregnant or a breastfeeding mom of my 6 month-old I called the office today and spoke to a woman named Chris. Chris informed me that you cannot get Lasik until 3 months AFTER breastfeeding has stopped. I was never told this. What kills me is I not only told them on the questionnaire that I just had another cesarean section in January of this year but I also had my baby with me-not once we breastfeeding and Lasik contradiction brought up. I told Chris how disappointed (and sad) I was and suggested that they ask those things and put it on the questionnaire... She was very rude and said "well it's not like we go around just asking that question to everyone". It should've been a topic 1) because I'm of childbearing age. 2) because I just reported I had a baby within the year. 3) I had my baby with me! Very disappointed with The Wright Eye Center; there was no sense of compassion or empathy with Chris. If my friend hadn't mentioned it I would have most likely ended up having to have another procedure after breastfeeding (the hormones can affect the shape of your eye/cornea). I get it, Lasik is not life saving but it sure is life altering so Dr. Adams should've been more thorough instead of rushed and Chris should find some heart and tact. I'll be going elsewhere for Lasik after I'm done breastfeeding.

Syreeta Savage

Samantha Torres

Everyone is pleasant and gives thourough explanation of whats being done.

Curt Rowley

We would like to say thanks to Dr Clancy who was on call shortly after closing time on Friday, May 4th. My wife fell and broke her lenses. After attending to her injuries I arrived at Costco optometrists at four to get new lenses, and they said we needed the expired RX renewal faxed so they could rush the new lens order. I called your office at 4:08 and got the message that the office closes an hour early on Friday at 4:00. So I called the “on call” number, and explained the situation to the answering service. The gal called Dr Clancy. He called me and I explained that my wife had been in for her annual exam recently and was told the RX didn’t need to change, but we needed a renewal in order to get the broken ones fixed. Dr Clancy said he would see what he could do. Within 20 or 30 minutes he was able to work with your office manager and your IT specialist to electronically fax the RX to Costco. We appreciate him for going above and beyond, and the staff at Wright Eye Ctr for supporting him so well. Thanks to all, you made an otherwise difficult afternoon, so much better! Curt and Janet Rowley

CH Perdue

I was revered to Wright eye center for cataract surgery by my primary provider. It took 3 weeks to get the appointment then on the day 3 hours before my appointment they called and canceled it. I would have had to wait another 4 weeks for reschedule. So I told them no tanks I call another eye center. If I would canceled the appoint like this I would have been it with a cancel tigon fee. Trust you eyes to a more reliable Doctor. C.

Don Flint

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE WRIGHT EYE CENTER! I could not tell you whether or not Dr Wright is a good Doctor or not but I can tell you his staff is the rudest and most unprofessional ill tempered bunch of folks I have ever had the dis-pleasure of meeting. It started by going in for the initial exam along with the biggest pile of paper work I have seen in a while which was mailed to me. Ok, It is a doctors office but I have never seen so many legal waivers. Seems that is all they care about. I had my wife fill them out for me. Form after form after form of legal waivers. Ok, no problem. The staff seemed impatient and hurried me at every turn. I was put in a room and left for 25 minutes before the doctor to came in to see me after several exams and watching another video explaining the procedure. It was hot and I opened the door to let some air in my room after a while and was immediately scolded like a child for doing so. I have never worn glasses or had an eye exam so I had a lot of questions pertaining to my cataract surgery to just try to understand it. A week later I came in for my follow up to see Dr. Wright who was going to do my surgery. Again I was given another packet of info to fill out. I have a tremor in my writing hand needed help writing but my wife was not with me as I thought all the paper work was done. This time I was alone and frustrated not to mention I had a bad headache and was not feeling well. I thought things were proceeding well. I met with the doctor and thought that went well. I asked questions, not knowing anything about which surgery to choose, distance or up close vision? He said I may have to wear glasses no matter what. Ok. That is fine but I did want to understand why. I made my selection and was ready to proceed. I was then escorted to an office where I was again asked to sign more legal waivers. I had to walk to the other side of the office. I and 62 years old and don’t walk fast so the nurse who was out walking me to the other side was looking back at me as if to say hurry up old man. She made it clear she was VERY impatient with me for walking slow. Here is the real catch. I got a call from an office lady the next day informing me that the doctor decided to not do my surgery because he did not think I would be happy because I may have to wear glasses. Well I fully expected I would since I choose to correct my long distance vision. Really? I have never met a more paranoid bunch of folks in my life. Well I am sure they won’t go bankrupt losing my business. After all is said and done, I consider it a blessing not to have to be treated with the level of disrespect for the remainder of my treatment. Seeing the people waiting like cattle to be run through the mill in the waiting room, some standing didn’t appeal much to me either. Most were complaining of one thing or another from the heat to the rude office staff and having to wait so long. I am going to still get my surgery done but I can assure you it WILL NOT be at this office full of rude and unprofessional people. I sure hope I don’t get billed for any of it of I will have to turn them in to the State. What a waste of all of our time. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

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