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This Ophthalmologist corresponds to the category of Lasik surgeon.

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REVIEWS OF ICON Eyecare – Grand Junction IN Colorado

Judith Degolyer

Kim Brown

Dr. Fox and the team at Icon are amazing. Highly recommend Dr. Fox if you are in need of eye surgery. I am 5 days out of surgery myself and I feel great and my vision is great! I cant believe how well my recovery has gone! Dr. Fox and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and explained everything in detail to me. I felt very prepared for the surgery even with my nerves. Everything went exactly as they said. The clinic itself is very clean and runs efficiently. Staff are friendly and responsive. My follow up appointments are extremely timely with virtually no wait time! Thank you to Dr. Fox and his team at Icon Eyecare!

Bill Ronai

Very efficient.

Marc Terrien

Lee Mathis

Darrell Mount

Professional, honest

Robin Robinson

David Scott

I saw Dr. Michael Waggoner here for a recurrent corneal erosion. He and his staff were fantastic. They were professional, caring and he provided several treatment options. Definitely a positive experience. Thanks!

Parker Maddux

Fred Achierno

Alfred Parker

My wife had her eyes done years ago and I just did. Can not recommend them highly enough

Penny Rummel

I couldn't be happier with the results from Dr. Waggoner and staff. It is a busy yet professional setting. Diane Monger in scheduling is an asset and the technicians were well trained and efficient. It was a good experience with resulting excellent vision after surgery.

Chad Meisner

Icon Eyecare did my surgery, which was Cornea Cross Linking and the care was top notch. Great expectations and follow up.

Marvin Brown

I had cataracts removed Dr Waggner and Dr Collins and all the staff were fantastic.

Lisa Bikki

I had lasik surgery done, monovision. They did a wonderful job however I didn't like the monovision so they went back and made my one eye long distance like the other. Love it! Everyone there is so helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly! I would definately recommend them to everyone needing lasik!

Ruth Brown

Lauren Pitt

Couldn't be more pleased with my results. Doctors and staff are caring and professional.

Johnnie Farmer

james ferguson

Brian Holway

The staff at ICON eye care was top notch, very professional, friendly, and caring, I would do business there again for sure!!

Ted Martin

Ms. Renee Valenzuela, OP

Couldn't be happier with the staff and the LASIK surgery. Best money I've ever spent on myself. Go get it done, these guys are great! You will not be disappointed.

Daniel Macdonell

Dr. Fox did great. Billing has been a big problem. What ever ICON says it will cost plan on paying half again more. Example: we got a bill from Montrose for anastesiology. We didn't plan that one. We have called ICON numerous times. Dr was great, ICON stinks.

Dolly Hawks

Wonderful people. Everyone was kind, thoughtful and friendly. Very thorough exam.

Dee Albers

Michelle Hampton

I had Lasik eye surgery 2 months ago and though I'm still in the healing phase I do not regret having it at all. I had what they call mono vision and with that procedure one eye is corrected for near vision and the other eye for far vision again I am happy with the services I have received at Icon Lasik.

Carolyn Woods

Godsboy5 .

Sarah Nunemann

Sandra Russell

The staff was very friendly and professional. The surgeons were amazing i would highly recommend icon eye care.

melvin welch

David Murphy

Very fast paced with excellent friendly and knowledgeable people especially the doctors

Patrick Stevens

Lil Fredericksen

Competent staff, efficiently run and outcome met expectations.

Shane zibinski

Was torn between LASIK or PRK and after talking with the ICON team decided to go with PRK. Should have had this done 10 years ago! Dr. Waggoner did a fantastic job and after just one week I’m seeing things clearly I couldn’t see five feet away before without my contacts.

Huong Bui

Scott Detlefsen

I walked off the street in to make an appointment with insurance cards in hand and was told by the receptionist/secretary that “we only take referrals from doctors “. Ok. I was having a bit of a problem and also wanted to be evaluated for lasik due to astigmatism. I guess staring at the wall was really important to her that day. I drove 3.5 hours to UC Anschutz where a legit problem was found and remedied in office. And I was referred by a PhD to a different clinic for LASIK. I was not in a hurry for an appointment and willing to pay cash. Guess these guys don’t want my business.


Nicole Woodbury

I had lasik surgery about a year ago performed by the Icon Lasik in Grand Junction, CO, and I've never invested in something better. They offer a free consultation, and payment plans that make it easily affordable. It is so nice to not have to deal with contacts and glasses anymore, and to be able to see when I first wake up in the morning, go swimming, or drive at night. The team at Icon Lasik in Grand Junction is friendly and knowledgeable, and Dr. Anderson is great. I would highly recommend to anyone in Southwestern Colorado looking into Lasik surgery to check out this location in Grand Junction- you won't regret it!

india mount

Tom Revned

Larry McWhirter

Overall this was a very pleasant & satisfactory experience. I will mention two concerns of note: Wait time was extreme in at least two visits, & in one or two instances the person examining me seemed to be in a such a big hurry, I don't feel I got the attention I deserved especially where my eyes are concerned. In all fairness, however, there were no issues as a result.

Richard Griggs

Caren von Gontard

Sero LLC

Got PRK done. Recovery was irritating, but ultimately worth it. I’m seeing 20/15 now. The procedure was straight forward and the staff were kind and professional.

Paul Hooley

The staff consistently acts in a professional and competent manner. Extra praise for Diane Monger who schedules surgeries and is the last person one meets with before leaving the facility the day of one's initial exam. The day of surgery, the pre-op nursing staff is efficient and attentive. goes smoothly and efficiently, with little or no discomfort either during or after the procedure. The post op exam, which happens the same afternoon as surgery, could be more informative as to what procedures are happening and why, especially if pressure needs to be relieved in the surgically repaired eye. Overall, an efficient and satisfactory experiences.

Patrick Lackey

Lisa Tatman

Robert White

cheryl lamar

Linda Rice

Robin Gordon

Jenni Roeber

I had clear lens extraction and replacement done with Dr. Fox at Icon about 6 mos. ago. It's basically the same as cataract surgery, and though I did have some cataracts, I had the surgery because I could no longer comfortably wear my very high powered (nearsighted) contact lenses due to allergies and dry eye. From beginning to end, the Icon team was encouraging, honest about what was possible, and what the risks might be, and Diane in scheduling was great in helping me get set up for surgical times, and with insurance filing. I felt very well taken care of from beginning to end, and can't tell you how happy I am with my outcome. Imagine 50 years of not being able to see anything without my contacts or Coke bottle glasses, and then being able to see anything the moment I open my eyes!! I'm still finding things daily that are completely different, easier, and beautiful. I do want to remind future patients that this is a large practice, with lots of professionals - and other patients - always present. Things move quickly, so if you have any type of issue with hearing, or understanding things, or distractions, please consider taking someone with you in case you can't remember instructions, etc. later. That being said, though, they are great at giving you handouts for all surgical instructions, and you will be well taken care of at all times.

Don Gerbaz

The office was not only professional and friendly, but very efficient. Dr. Swayne and all the staff left me feeling confident in their care.

Don Oberto

.Dr. Waggoner has been the greatest. Very thorough.

Frank Rich

David F. Smith

This is a very slick outfit with a courteous and efficient staff. I was very happy with my preoperative evaluation, cataract surgeries, and postoperative follow up.

jessica nyquist

Justin Ewing

Sara Finkle

Sue Oringderff

Everyone was professional and anxious to help. Dr. Fox was thorough and explained the results of the exam to me in layman's language.

K Bayley

Experience was great. Staff was nice, thorough and knowledgeable. Procedure was quick and painless. Very pleased with the results. I would use ICON again and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting Lasik.

D Wicks

Iris Foltz

Friendly. Keeps you informed on what is going on. Explains procedures and what to expect.

Scott Martin

Dr. Fox was absolutely great, had cataract surgery done and wad in and out within an hour and 15 minutes, follow up the next day and same thing in and out within 30 minutes, all great people in the office and surgical and staff members were great. Thank you

Dan Johnson

Fantastic care

bab joy

A most efficient operation, impressive equipment, outstanding results. Thank you

Jessica Schoonover

Vikki was extremely unprofessional and verbally abusive. My personal opinion is she should not be allowed to work with people.

Anne Ziegler

This is the best place to go for cataract surgery.

Pam Gauthier

I had cataract surgery done on both eyes a year ago by Dr. Fox and the results were not satisfactory after spending over $8,000. I admit that one of my eyes is occasionally dry, which I don't believe was caused by the surgery. I am just prone to dryness. But, my vision is not sharp (20/20) in either eye. I also paid extra for the new bifocal lens for one eye and that didn't work. I still have to have reading glasses. In fact, I have to get glasses so my vision is better. Every followup appointment I was given one test or another for which I was charged. I finally had to say don't do any tests unless you tell me what the cost is. I paid for a couple different products that they felt would help the dryness in my one eye, spending nearly $500 extra. Ridiculous products that did nothing. My fault for falling for it. I routinely returned on scheduled follow up appointments for a year and believe I just became a pain to him. The last appointment I waited 1-1/2 hours and he still hadn't come to see me. I walked. I think he has a hard time accepting that he did an inferior job and just moves people through like sheep. The women in the office are nice and efficient, thus the 2 stars.

douglas gumfory

Staff is nice, just don’t go around lunch. Hope you don’t get Dr. I’m going to eat while you wait.

Cathy Wortman

Very professional, thorough, very impressed !!

Ryan Blake

The staff is extremely friendly and make you feel very welcomed. When I arrived, I only waited a short amount a time and was offered different types of beverages. After waiting only a little bit, I was greeted and taken back by a friendly staff member who conducted test quickly and efficiently. After that, I waited for the doctor for a short amount of time who explained every thing we did and were going to do so I could easily understand it. I was probably in the office for about 45 minutes from beginning to end when I expected to be there much longer like other doctor visits. Overall, a great experience and I would recommend using this company to anyone looking to eye corrective surgery or any other service they may offer.

Jon Wilson

My wife and I both have been examined for dry eye and cateract issues. The examinations did not indicate surgery but provided solutions for the situation in each case. My wife’s condition had been examined by several other eye professionals who failed to recognize the problem. The professional treatment by staff at every stage was excellent.

David Mitchell

Great people with a boatload of patience . Explained what as going on & what to expect during the procedure & for aftercare

Nick Navratil

Good experience with icon, surgery went good and would recommend someone to them for lasik surgery really enjoyed how friendly all the staff was to deal with thanks again.

Naomi Peters

Colleen Whiteman

Jeannie Hinyard

I have severe dry eyes and tried over the counter artificial tears, which didn't work. Dr. Fox put me on Restasis, which didn't work either and sometimes my eyes hurt so much that I just had to keep them closed. Dr. Fox recognized immediately that I was sensitive to the Restasis and he put me on serum tears, that his office makes from my blood serum. Sounds strange, but the serum tears are WONDERFUL. Icon is the only office on the western slope to offer this. All the doctors and staff are professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I am extremely happy with this office.

connie BUNCH

John LaSalle

The Doctors and their support staff at ICON were courteous, professional and extremely competent. The results are spectacular: I can see better than I have at any time in my life; colors are more vivid and best of all I no longer need any correction for working on my computer. It is like a miracle.

Phyllis Lockhart

Karen Maheux

We're lucky to have ICON to take care of our eyes. I thought I was seeing color as it is. I was unaware how my cataracts were making everything two/three shades darker. Morning had the color of late afternoon. For me I want to see the top of the ridge line - the white tail on the bird flying overhead. Your eyes - nothing to fool around with. From day one I was taken care of physically and emotionally. Assured and educated every step of the way. I was not a number - and that says a lot these day. Thanks to "everyone" at ICON. In my book you are number 1.

Richard Teague

lesley Morse

On Jan 4 2018 I had the pleasure of visiting ICON Eye Care on 1000 Wellington Ave in Grand Junction Colorado. They received 10 stars out of 5 for their customer service! I was greeted instantly upon walking through the door with a beautiful smile from Natasha and the smile never left her face while I checked in. Anthony greeted me introduced himself and gave me an overview of my visit with all my testing and up to seeing the doctor. He was friendly, effiecient, and thorough. Danielle took me to my test and gave the most extensive explanation of the test I have ever heard and I have done a lot of them. She explained the test with a beautiful smile that never left her face. Doctor Fox is direct, thorough and looked me in the eye every time I spoke to him and he answered all my questions. All of the people I mentioned appeared to me to really enjoy where they work, what they do, and people. I have been in customer service all my working career and I received outstanding service at ICON and highly recommend this group of professionals to everyone!

Bill Johnson

Christopher Millikin

Roxanne Morris

Professional, courteous care, well organized.

Mike Johnson

very professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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