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REVIEWS OF Century Eye Care IN California

Robert Stahl

booker washington

Doctor was good his staff a different story appointment was for 9:40 it was after 1 and I still hadn't seen the doctor. The staff continued to put people before me as if I wasn't there.Dont know about the rest of the locations are but the Gardena office I would not recommend it .

Larry Washington

I had a extremely nice experience doing my visit. The staff from the receptionist to the actual Doctor were really helpful and caring. Can't wait until my next visit

Michael Walters

I been waiting 4 and a half hours still haven’t seen doctor, no bueno.

Jhavia Nicole Benjamin

Great experience. Staff and doctor were all friendly and efficient.

Veronica Lopez

Worst service 4 hr waiting they really need to schedule there patients better it's such inconvience waiting and at least if your going to have us wait yhat long you can get better chairs

Erica Perez-Avina

My dad has been here 5hrs waiting to be seen and treated this is ridiculous switching from doctors my god

Oretha Kpodi

charles Snyder

Friendly office staff unbelievable doctors definitely place to go if you're having any kind of eye issue they will help no problem

Melissa Barlow

Andy 2017

My mother refused to get cataract surgery. She had seen so many eye doctors and she hated all of them. My mother is so difficult to please and I am being kind. My sister in law's father had his cataract surgery done by Dr. Patel. So we were able to convince her to see Dr. Patel. I can tell you he and the staff were fantastic. All the doctors she saw were so kind and patient. She also saw doctor Greene. He is a amazing. I am so grateful that her surgery was a success. I would recommend Century Eye to anyone in need of a new eye doctor.


melanie guinn

Danielle Mondelli

MJ Dougherty

I had a very lovely experience with Dr. Mannarino and his staff at Century Eye Care. My great aunt came in for a second opinion for cataract surgery and knew immediately that she felt very comfortable with Dr. Mannarino. I would recommend this practice to anyone who is considering cataract surgery. Even the staff of nurses at St. Mary's were very hospitable. Couldn't ask for a better experience.

Amber Ray

Lauren Adams

UPDATED REVIEW: Barb from Century Eye Care recently called me to remedy the previous negative experience I had at their office earlier this summer. She took my concerns to heart and explained to me the different ways they are working to better their office communication and management. I really appreciate her reaching out to me and working to smooth things over. Barb sets a great example of what a business should do when they get a bad review - reach out and get info on what went wrong and how they can fix it. Thanks again Barb for getting in touch with me. I'd like to note that Barb DID NOT ask me to edit or change my previous bad review but I feel Century Eye Care deserves more stars for the work they did to remedy the situation. OLD REVIEW: I really wanted to like Century Eye Care because it was walking distance to my home and I actually LOVED my doctor when I went in for my eye exam/contact lense fitting. Unfortunately, every single time I speak with the front desk/receptionist it is an unpleasant experience. They rush you off the phone, they don't ever call you back (you have to keep calling them to get answers), and they are just generally unfriendly and kind of rude. I still haven't been able to order my contact lenses through them and they just push you off to the next person in a different department when you have questions. No one likes going to the doctor or having to order things but the least the front desk/people answering the phone could do is try to be helpful/pleasant. I don't know if I'll be returning. We'll see if I'm ever able to order my contact lenses (which I am only able to get insurance to cover if my doctor orders them for me).


I have been coming here for more then 10 years. The doctors are fantastic and the staff is equally nice. I never judge a doctors office by length of time because they always take their time with me. They are doctors and see emergencies the same day so i'm sure it is hard to stay on time every day. My entire family comes here. Great practice!

Brittney Bluberry

The best experience I ever had was today as a new patient. Doctors are a scary place . This is not the case at Centurion Eye Care. I was greeted by a kind woman at the desk who was very kind and took her time to help me despite confusion. The lady who helped me to the doctor and gave me the drops that made my vision bad was from Ireland and spoke with such a cute accent. She was very kind and polite. Dr. Prince was a nice lady. She was not a mean person like most female doctors. Many female doctors think they are special because they are doctors and treat other women as less. She was very fairness and helped me with my urgent issue. Finally the man who checked me out was a kind and nice person.. I think he was happy to see me. He made my next appointment and spoke to me for a few minutes. I never felt rushed by anyone at any time. I am so plesased and even booked appointment for my husband to come in for his exam. I would recommend centurion Eye care for every one.

Annette Jones

This morning I woke up with 2 completely swollen eyes & severe ocular pain. I called Century Eye & the Receptionist had decided based on the description of my symptoms I was an emergency visit. Within minutes, I had an appointment in 2 hours. I completed my Patient Registration forms prior to arrival which is recommended but not mandatory. Upon check - in , in a very full waiting room, I was still greeted nicely, my insurance info was processed, & within 10 minutes I was examined by the technician who was SUPER patient with me. (I'm fearful of eye doctors). I then saw Dr. Patel who I found to be courteous, intelligent, & thorough. My diagnosis was conjunctivitis fortunately as I feared uevitis. I have a rare autoimmune disease, Behcet's Syndrome. If I develop eye symptoms & am not seen within a certain window of time I will go blind. Dr. Patel is one of the few Specialists I've come across who is well studied in eye diseases also. After today, I think it's safe to say, I've found an Opthamologist I'm comfortable with & a practice I will stay with !

Zina Shore

gloria tipton

Gloria Njoku I love this office. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always helpful. Dr Aghi is awesome, highly skilled and caring. I was legally blind in my left eye due to a previous retina problem. Now my vision in my left eye is better than my right. He saw that my insurance picked up the entire tab. Very happy.

Tovarizer .

Quite expensive... and the lack of care that goes into taking care of the clients is not adequate to say the least., Most of the staff members here are not equipped to handle any type of if there's more than four people in the lounge...good luck you'll be waiting for a long time. And as fas as the Optometrist here goes, well you won't find a regular one? they vary from time to time. And I don't think they take adequate and sufficient amount of insurance for your sunglasses. So please expect to pay out of pocket. For the most part this store is kept very nicely and there's a lot of selections available, the parking lot it's easy to go in and out of. There's also restrooms available to the public.

Junique Culpepper

Jabeen Hussain

Worst experience ever!!! My appointment was at 2:30 and I’m still here it’s 7:00 pm now and haven’t been called yet

Christina Torres

Henry Bacani

This is my first time to come here. It’s a busy place, lots ot patients in the waiting room, but is very fast service. Waiting time is just right. My only concerned is, their parking space it not enough for patients who had appointment on that day. I tried at hospital parking, it is full, i went to 7 Eleven, but space got marked for their customer only. I ended up parking at the Auto Zone across the street. Maybe on my next appointment, i will just try Uber, so no worry about my parking.

Aimee Lopez

This place is so ridiculous. I come here often to bring my grandma and every single time it takes 4 plus hours. Here now and they said there’s one person before my grandma. An hour passes as they call other people. Why schedule somebody at 10am if your not going to see them til 3 or after ? Schedule accordingly. People have things to do, damn.

Sharalyn Simpers

When your mother calls you and tells you that she's still hasn't been seen. Her appt was at 2pm and it's now after 5pm. She's being told that one of the machines don't work. I guess they never actually fixed the broken machine that broke down months ago (mentioned in previous reviews). Sad how Drs. treat their patients.

margarita Torres

Rob B

Horrible waiting time even with appointment! 6 hour wait

Syed Haq

Tricia Tyciak

Angel Philadelphia

I’ve been a patient of the practice for almost 20 years. I have referred all my family and friends to the practice. They are the best! Not only are they above the bar on medical knowledge , they are compassionate and caring!



Cynthia Powell

Niquisha Keith

The customer service at Century Eye Care is exceptional. All of the staff are professional and courteous. Dr. Keenan and Dr. Lee are legends in their own right. My mom sees them for glaucoma and her eye pressures are getting better and better thanks to them both. I would recommend Century Eye Care for all of your vision needs.


the most attractive staff of any medical office i have ever been to. you can tell a man hires here. inpecacble taste.

Anonymous User

I would like the email of the administrator of your office share information regarding an employee privately.

Barbara Killmer

Cassie Ramble

New patient and they are absolutely phenomenal

Eugeny Vasutin

I take my mother here the first time on Tuesday and was surprise at the conduct of the staff. before came i see that the place is known good on review best of bucks county so we are sure is good. dr is very good and take time with my mother. have a good laugh with doctor too because he don’t know how to say name of us. but nice man. but in front staff is very opposite. they talkinge loud but very slow and whan i arrive to desk they ignore me. when I ask hello the woman says just check in the paper but don’t look at me or mother. i think it is not comparison from the front to doctor but it is not a good hint for when you enter to be talked to like you are not a person. I think doctor should know that but I don’t talk to him about it because he was very nice so I think okay. I see many good messages about this office in google and they are for doctor but it need to add the service to the front to be nice. it was not the busy because a lot of talk but not a lot of look to patients. just the advise. If don’t you want to work with the public and talk to people don’t do job to do that. thank you doctor but thatfirst impression is not good and cause to lose respect

Five Fifteen

Came for my annual eye exam the other day and the office continues to be wonderful as they always has been.

Ellen Rose

2 hrs plus 115 appointment early 15 minutes

Kristen Stevens

linda Stewart-DeLuca

Raquel Almonte

All the doctors are willing to go above and beyond to make sure your vision care is 100%

Donna Bartholomai

julian simon

what time do you guys open

Gerardo Gonzalez

He is a good doctor

Chi Lam

Terrible time maner!! Appoitment at 11:30 am, but he is not in the office until 2:00pm . waiting for 3 hours to get inside to see doctor, and keep waiting inside 30 minutes more. If he has schedule in other clinic or hospital, shouldn't make appointment with patients

Wendy Garcia

I wish I would of seen and had read all of the comments below! Wow!!! Someone said they “stack” appointments....they continue to do so! Schedule my appointment in February for May 4, came in early at 9am. Here I am it’s close to noon and no sign of being seen by the doctor! I will continue to wait and go from there! But, never coming back! Sad part is I almost schedule an appointment for my 6yr old she would of missed the entire day! But, damn shame to see people playing with their patients time like this!!! Yeah, bring snacks because you will definitely be waiting!

Wallii Billionaire 825

Celeste Hughes

On last 2 appointments have waited over 4 hours with an appointment. Receptionist is very condescending with the way she speaks to patients.

Liliana Figueroa

Ases un mes y medio y no me dieron los lentes y aora salen con que seles perdieron

Rodriguez Denisse

(Translated by Google) I give it 1 star x bad attention they leave me some glasses for my son in 3 months they do not call me and I leave them mj in their machine x they never answer and they never return The calls and tells me the one that delivers The glasses the answer is canceled of the insurance and they did not send their glasses, we want them to be delivered today, and they answered and they could not call me and they told me if they did not call him. (Original) Le doy 1 estrella x mala atencion me dejan unos lentes para mi hijo en 3 meses no me llaman y les dejo mj en su maquina xque nunca contestant y nunca regresan Las llamadas y me dice la que entrega Los lentes el contesto se cancelo de la aseguranza y no mandaron sus lentes quiere q lo agamos hoy ,y le contesto y no pudieron llamarme y desirme y me contesta si nose xque no le llamaron .

Jill Feldman

First of all, the office is located in a really cool area. Bristol borough has plenty of parking, both free and metered and the office is surrounded by great small businesses, shops and restaurants and it's nice to walk around there especially by the river. The staff was welcoming, efficient and explained everything to me as we went along. Dr. Lee was warm, easygoing with a wonderful bedside manner. I came here for a second opinion on glaucoma surgery and I'm so happy I did!

Phantom Games

Sholle Curtis

i came in for an emergency appointment thinking i was going to go completely blind forever but the doctor helped me and it was only a small problem that he fixed for me in about fourty minutes and gave me prescription eye drops which helped me and they even gave me some for free and that was so nice and not what i thought would happen thank you so much doctor for doing that i really appreciate it and you are a nice man with a very nice group of people who work with you they even did a nice thing for me and told me that i would come back in two weeks for a followup but i could not make the time they give me because i work most of the day so they set up a special appointment even though the day was booked by just doing something with the office manager i said wow that is so nice i really like that and will come here again and then be back after thank you

Beth Chambers

Saw Dr Greene (retina specialist) today. He’s great! Very knowledgeable, personable, with clear and concise explanations. He answered all my questions. I’ve been a patient of Dr Mannarino for 25 years. I’d never go anywhere else.

Dominique Jones

Mark R.

i saw a doctor here on an emergency with my mom this week. checked in at like 2 and was out by 4. doctor was good about em cant remember the name. it was an old guy but he was smart and patient. chill. place is cold as fuk though,bring a jacket.

Steven Dominguez

Herbert Bethea


Dollie Ahlum

Everyone was polite and perfect.

Juliana Lykins

On Tuesday I was digging purple potatoes out of the tires I have them growing in, and I felt a large potato elbow deep in a 3 Tire High planter. Excited, I reached down further and get the large potato out and I poked myself in the eye with the potato foliage... I was diagnosed with a corneal abrasion, and it is infected. I have no I was pretty scared about going blind or emptying my bank account to stop from going blind. However there is a happy ending to this story! My friend Deaners told me about Century Eye Care LTD Woodbourne Office and I was seen in less than an hour in a packed office! They gave me numbing drop rightaway because I was in so much pain, and even put me in a dark room to fill out paper work. The nurses, doctors, and staff worked with me EVERY step of the way to make sure I could afford the Rx ($98 a bottle!) This is the most positive experience I have ever had with any doctors office!! I am blown away by the care and understanding of the whole staff!!! 5 out of 5!! Century Eye Care Ltd Century Eye Care

Evangelina Alvarez

First off, this place sucks and that's putting it nicely!!!! I find it very unacceptable that my elderly father (84 years old) had to wait 5 hours for an appointment he had previously scheduled . He was scheduled at 9:30 am and wasn't seen by the doctor until 2:30 pm. How unprofessional of the staff to not have the decency to tell my father that the doctor had an emergency and there was no telling when the doctor would come in. This is not the first time that this medical center has neglected to communicate with my father. On another occasion, my father checked in and half an hour later the office staff informed us that they had to reschedule because the machine wasn't working. They knew the machine wasn't working prior to us arriving. I asked the young lady at the desk if the machine had just stopped working and she explained that it hadn't worked since the morning. So, why not have the common courtesy to call my father and cancel the appointment. Staff has no common sense! Very unprofessional I reluctantly gave it one star, if I had the choice I would not even give it one star.

Simma Yu

I waited about 40minutes before i saw the doctor. My apointment was at 10:20 i did see the doctor until about 11:15. Then when i saw the doctor he was short and sort of rude. I told him that the olace got bad reciews he said yeah uh huh. One of the receptionist was a know it all with a attitiude. I did not have a good experience i only came to go with my dad. I read the reviews after i made the appoinmnet and i only gave it a two cause the dcotor did try to explain his rudeness after i told him he shohld be more patie t. But i wont go here again. Sorry for my dad.

Sara A.

The Doctors that work here are nice, but (and I do mean BUT). The timelines of this clinic is HORRIBLE. I had a 12:50pm appointment and 3+ hrs pass and I am still waiting to be seen. Absolutely unacceptable how they stack appointments (heard through the grapevine) at some clinics, they schedule patients to see the doctor within the same block of time, hence the term "stacking." Literally, there could be 5-8 patients scheduled for 12pm, while another 7-10 patients are all schedule for 1pm...doesn't matter if you've schedule your appointment months ahead or if your having a procedure done or not; not even if you come in early to your appointment... point is, YOU WILL WAIT. Not to be funny but, bring breakfast, lunch or maybe will be waiting for some time, so you might as well keep not go hungry in the process and keep yourself occupied. Like I said, good doctors, but there are only 2, (maybe that's the issue, just saying in case no one has observed that). Maybe having more doctors on hand may resolve the issue and that way more patients are seen "On Time" and doctors aren't spread too thin. I wish this eye clinic would do better. I am literally writing this review in the clinic, still waiting...because the Doctor is very thorough and helps the patients, but the waiting...

Navid Solouk

I had an accident where the soccer ball hit my eye and I was very concerned about the health of my eye and retina. My own retina specialist could not give me an early appointment, Dr. Mike Aghai was gracious enough to give me an emergency appointment Monday early morning, even though his schedule was full. He was thorough, professional and knowledgeable. He spent the time to check my vision and retina and took the time to explain everything for me in detail. very happy with the service. He will be my eye doctor from now on.

Chini Kopano

sal a

The wait times are way longer than the average doctors office and the office staff is very incompetent. I had taken my appointment in advance and they called me the day before the appointment saying everything is good, then I come to the appointment and they told me they didnt have authorization from the insurance and on top of that they tell me that I should them call them to see if THEY got the authorization, dont be surprised if they turn you away because of their stupidity.

Beverly Gates

Roger Manning

Trish Opielski

The experience I had at the eye doctors today was amazing. Everyone was so polite compassionate and kind. I very much appreciate the consideration I was given. I strongly advise anyone who needs to go see an eye doctor or has a problem to come to Century Eye Care I'm sure you will not be sorry. Thank you so much and God bless


Friendly, efficient and professional staff. Dr. KEENAN is the man. Takes his time to THOROUGHLY explain and he glady welcomes all questions. I highly reccomend this practice.

Amy Lee

Janet Dulisse

Charlie Islamic

I came here with my mother last week to attend her yearly eye exam and am satisfied with the care. Doctor Mannarino has an excellent bedside manner and was efficient but took time to answer all of our questions. My mother was told she needs cataract surgery in one of her eyes and I will be scheduling her surgery with Century Eye Care, who works with St. Mary's Hospital. I am glad we found Dr. Mannarino and Century Eye Care. They are a very helpful bunch. They tend to have long wait times due to eyes needing to dilate before the doctor can visit you, so plan on waiting for an hour or so once you arrive.

Branden Karnell

Saraha Yancey

Muzz Galore

First time there and not sure what to expect, it all went smoothly. A little longer than I expected but that's due to the eye drops and waiting for them to dilate.

Marie N

i really don't like the person who checks in the patients but the rest of the staff is fabulus. doctor mannarino is the nicest doctor i go to and helpful. i dont like the color of the chairs in the waiting room.

Ruth Zarzycki

The optomitrst I was seeking for over 30 years suddenly retired and sold his practice to Century Eye. This was my first visit. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't have to wait long at all to see the doctor, who was professional and thorough.

claudia bowers

Ray White

Called to get my mothers glasses repaired. They don't repair them there at Bristol office. The woman- girl was very rude and short when I asked her a few questions. Thanks anyways !!!!

Ryni M

Doreen McVan

Anon Q

century eye care is the best. the doctor that I usually see is named paul keenan. he is kind and patient. he has spent over 20 minutes in the room with me before when I am having problems. very devoted. i see doctor maranaro sometimes too who is also very good and always knows what dr keenan did with me in the past. great way to be in sync. thanks for the care always.

Jennifer McCloskey

Lynne Wurst

Gerard Chambers

Called for emergency appointment was taken immediately.


We have come for many years to Dr. Mannarino and the others at the office and always they are treating us good and nice. I am happy to find him. He even speak Spanish really nice for my mother who don't speak.

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