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REVIEWS OF Visioncare Arkansas IN Arkansas

Kirsten Wilson

Super responsive, friendly, and patient. Phenomenal staff and doctors.

James Fletcher

Arrived 10 minutes early for my annual exam appt. Minimal wait before being called back. Overall time there was 1 hr 25 minutes. Had to wait too long for the doctor exam. Good, friendly service but just took too long. The staff members who do all the initial screening and testing need to tell you their title/credentials because, let's face it, they do the majority of the annual exam (yes, I know the doctor interprets all the results). My doctor said very little about the results of all these initial tests except for the retina pics; I had to ask about the results of the eye pressure, etc.. No one provided any information about the patient portal system; had no idea they had one nor how to access. Had to ask twice for a copy of my prescriptions; they never proactively offer to give a copy - - subtle pressure to purchase from them rather than inform you of your right to purchases glasses & contacts from a vendor of your choosing. I called later to ask about the patient portal. $5.00 charge for a copy of test/exam results - - what a SCAM! The patient portal is of no use and does not have test results nor a copy of prescription. They are very likely out of compliance with EMR requirements in term of patient access to medical records; if they are not out of compliance, they are certainly not supportive and patient friendly and have a lot of catching up to do compared to other medical providers (EMR/patient portal). Overall, the care may be quality/competent but the overall patient satisfaction is not.

Amie Watkins

I have worn prescription glasses my entire life, and my experience at Visioncare Arkansas was the worst service I have ever had. They were cold, rude, condescending and very rushed. My prescription on my new frames came back wrong. I knew something was off/wrong immediately and when I told the man helping me, he brushed it off and didn’t take me seriously and I was told that my eyes just needed to adjust to the updated prescription. I came back a week later, and had to really press the fact that something was wrong with my prescription. Once again I was told my eyes needed to adjust, or perhaps it was the new frame shape. I kept insisting that wasn’t it and finally an hour later, they did a new eye exam. My prescription was in fact wrong in the left lense. Apparently, it was a typo the optometrist accidentally made. I can understand a simple mistake, although it was frustrating, but the exceptionally rude, condescending customer service is the reason I won’t be back again. The optometrist took full ownership of the mistake but I never received an apology or any ownership or acknowledgement of the poor customer service from the lab. I wouldn’t recommend this clinic to my worst enemy.


Visioncare Arkansas has such a welcoming atmosphere! I could tell the tech & Doctor I saw genuinely wanted to help me with all of my eyecare needs and questions! I will definitely be referring my friends & family to their facility!

Stephen Spainhour

Timothy Deatherage


Associates were helpful and knowledgeable.

tonya earles

Vivian Underwood

Great staff and services...friendly, courteous and well informed....never a long wait before appointments and quick delivery of prescription . I have been a patient for 9 years and the whole family comes here for optical needs.

Annette Lasker

I have been using vision care for may years. They are always very pleasant and happy to assist with any questions. The office is very efficient with appointments and getting you in to see the Dr. Good quality service. Highly recommend

Jonathan Macias

Very bad experience, they just charge me and they never file the claim on my insurance that means lazy people after all bad customer service and no going back. I wouldn't recomend it.

Steve Pounder

Excellent service, super friendly staff. My eye exam was first class. I’d be more than happy to recommend them to anyone.

Lindsey Doty

Tommy Cothren

Dr. Barns and all of the associates that waited on me were very well trained, polite, and genuinely caring about my vision needs and making sure I received the best glasses for doing the Technicians work I am required to do at work! Thanks to everyone at Visioncare Arkansas!!

tina tooblessedtobestressed

Never EVER get return phone calls and IF you are LUCKY to get a hold of someone, you get hung up on every single time! My prescription for both contacts and glasses were off not once, but twice! To make matters worse, the doctor prescribed a horrible brand of disposable contacts that are supposed to last two weeks, but barely last that and I ended up spending over $400 on them! Save your $, go elsewhere. I've had much better luck at the walk in Wal-Mart. T. Mallory.

Ricky Woole

Pleasant and thorough. The tech was knowledgeable and explained every question I had. I will be a customer for a long time with service like this. Pleasant good service is something that is lost in today's society.

Roy Wert

excellent customer services

Deanna Mccoy

Everyone was super nice. The girls remembered me from last year when I went in right after a bad car wreck to replace lost glasses. They all asked me how I was doing and showed genuine concern. They have a great slection and were very honest when I was trying on frames. Will be going back.

Jessica Cusack

Misti Heffington

My husband and I used Vision Care for a few years before we moved to Jonesboro. I highly recommend them! We each saw a few different doctors but all were exceptional! We used them for annual eye exams, contacts, glasses, and a few corneal eye infections for me.

Jerry Mauldin

Sharon Phillips

Everyone is very friendly. Rarely is there much of a wait.

Bradley Gillette

This was the worse in customer service I've experienced in years. When I called and made my appointment a month ago, I explained I was a new employee. They stated everything would be fine and they would follow up prior to appointment. They left me a message at 4:54 the day before my appointment saying my insurance wasn't active and their policy would be to reschedule. When I complained, they offered a two hour window to get resolved or cash and warned my insurance wouldn't reimburse. After a month of waiting, I find this absolutely ridiculous and wouldn't recommend this business to anyone.

Julie Buss

I've had Dr. Barnes as my optometrist since 1992. There is a warm, welcome family feel to his office. The staff at Visioncare greet you with a smile and visit with you during the appointment. They are patient and kind to personal needs. Always over exceeds my expectations. Thank you Visioncare and Dr. Richard Barnes for your service.

Legend Saxton

Sophia Jackson

Melissa Reynolds

Very nice place. Staff is very nice and will help you with whatever questions you may have.

J Mccoy

Top notch service and care. Great product selection as well.


Paid over 400 dollars for one pair of glasses. Left lense had a flaw in it that I could see. They checked it out and said they would replace lense. Got glasses back and flaw is still there.

Joe Joe

What a rip off! They charge you extra fees without tell you. AlI I wanted was some more contact lenses. They don’t let you walk out Unless you pay them the fitting fees. Which is maybe 1minute (Which is them making sure you were capable of putting contacts in $90). Total amount was $350. Go to the express Eyecare place in Conway. You will be in and out within 30-45 minutes and will pay $150 for contacts and visiting fee.

Elsa Franz-Howard

Valarie Valdez

I have been with vision-care since they opened and I have always felt like they want to sell me and add excess charges without asking. I have wore contacts since i was 12, why would i need to pay $80 (out of pocket) for a fitting to show me how to wear them?! I call at 6 months post eye exam to order more contacts and they tell me I have to have a whole NEW exam. I have never ever heard this! Once a year exams with them is what i have been doing. Now I have to shell out $100+ for a new exam at 6 months? No. I will take my business elsewhere and so should all of you reading this. As you can see the response below, they believe you should pay un-necessary money when an exam is needed once a year and Ive worn contacts since i was 12! Its clear young, immature people with no customer service skills are responding to loyal customers at this location... terrible... In october I got the eye glasses exam and contacts exam. Purchased glasses that were not cheap and hoped to get contacts out of pocket. When i called to order this is the attitude i was met with. No other options, no understanding that this has never happened to me with them before, just hateful rude behavior! I will take my business elsewhere and the doctors office i now see will be getting my prescription and taking care of me from now on... thank you for showing me I need to spend my money elsewhere!

Kourtney Irvin

They take care of both of my kids, friendly and would recommend

alexander croutch

My search for an eye doctor led me to Visioncare. The lady that answered; I think her name was kara, told me that they have an appointment open at 2:30 the time it was about 12:40 pm. At the time of our conversation, I was getting an oil change for my company vehicle and told her (after being hesitant) that I'd take the appointment, (thinking that I wouldn't get called back to work). I ended up getting called back into work, so I called Visioncare back and left a message. They called me back and told me that I can reschedule but I will have to pay $10 because I canceled. She stated that their policy is that if a cancellation happens within 2 hours of the appointment, then a $10 fee will be charged. But how could I avoid the fee when the appointment was made already within the 2 hour window? And I asked the lady, why didn't she tell me about that before I made the appointment, knowing how hesitant I was? She stated that "you don't tell people that they will be charged for cancelling before they make appointment." So I told her that I will just take my business elsewhere.

Dominique Kelleybrew

Great service, cool space, plenty of options, and always patient!

Jade Crumley

The facility is beautiful, the staff is very friendly and helpful, the eyewear selection is incredible, and the care is second to none. I've never even had the chance to take a seat in the waiting area the last two visits because they call my name before I even get the chance! I would recommend Visioncare Arkansas to anyone and everyone!

Mike Bertalot

Professional staff who are both efficient and courteous. Appointments are adhered to and they use the latest technology. I'm a diabetic and they'r in the list of providers for my insurer, Humana. My wife and I both use their services. Highly recommend them for your vision needs.

darrell watts

Samantha Prince

Josh Lockard

Great service and fast turn around. Emily was a great help in deciding new glasses!!!

Teri Reynolds

Jason Thomas

Visioncare Arkansas has a very friendly and helpful staff! They have a really good selection of frames and sunglasses. Quick turn around times on glasses are great!

Melissa Rackers

I have been a customer for at least 20 years, long before they were Vision Care Arkansas. I have driven back from NLR since 2013 when I moved. I called today to schedule an appointment for myself and my daughter. As a cash paying customer they had no problem setting a first available appointment for me, however since my daughter has AR Kids, they won’t see her until December. This has never been an issue in the past. When i explained I needed them on the same day and December was too far out, they were none too accommodating. I told the receptionist that I would have to take our business elsewhere if that were the case, her exact response was “ok, bye”. DeBlack Eye Care, had no qualms making a first available appointment for us both. I should have followed her when she left this facility in the first place.

Kim Olson

I had a great experience at Visioncare Arkansas in Conway. I was warmly greeted when I came in and was called back almost immediately. The lady who helped me during the initial phase before my exam was very thorough and friendly. I saw Dr. Seelinger. He was thorough and explained each exam as he was performing them. They have an excellent selection of glasses and had my glasses ready in a few business days. I would definitely recommend this eye clinic.

Ms. Sherry Downen

My glasses were destroyed by my dog and I had to renew my drivers license. The staff at Visioncare understood that i needed an appointment as quickly as possible and as a result I saw Dr Davis within 24 hours of making a request. Once there Dr Davis and his staff put a rush on my new glasses and they were made in less than 2 hrs. I will return to Visioncare for all of my optometry needs because of their promptness and professionalism. Visioncare has won mine and my families business. I cannot recommend them enough.

Emily C

The staff at Visoncare are so friendly and helpful! They work well with both myself and my 5-year-old daughter. They have always gotten us in within 5-10 minutes of arriving and we never wait for more than a few minutes once back in a room. They have a great selection of glasses and they always seem to come in really fast once ordered. One pair was even ready the same day! I highly recommend them!


Sharp and professional experience with everyone. A family of folks who genuinely care about their patrons.

John nunya

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The doctor listened to all my concerns and gave thoughtful feedback. Communication has always been great with them. Pricing is competitive considering the quality of the material and staff. You can get cheaper glasses elsewhere, but not quality glasses.

Deena Ladd

Great experience. Helpful, knowledgeable staff. Love my new glasses!

Celia Wortham

Scam! All I needed was a prescription so that I could order the glasses that I wanted online. They had no problem taking $50 from me and billing my insurance company another $50 for a exam to get my prescription, but they wanted to charge me an extra $35 to measure the distance between my two pupils, which is a measurement you need to order glasses. All because I refused to order their $500 glasses.

Chelsea Robertson

Kelleigh Sprott

Love going to Visioncare! The atmosphere is so friendly and I love the new building! The doctors are great and didn't rush the appointment, and answered all my questions!! I'm a long time glasses wearer and very picky when it comes to frames.. The staff and even the manager came out to assist me in choosing a new frame, not rushing me at all! Great customer service!! Also had a great experience again when I went back to get prescription sunglasses. Recommend to any in the area looking for exceptional care and quality service!! Will continue to use them!

silvia devazier

Marianne Winberg

Robert Houston

Ruby Testerman

Sharon Norman

I am going to tell you tight now i have had the most thorough eye exam i have ever had in my life and i have been wearing glasses many years. This was my first visit to this facility and oh im going back this is my FOREVER eye Dr right here.... oh i got glasses and sunglasses they aint cheap but they are GOOD.. I just don't have enough words to say that this place will go above and beyond to help you with all your glasses or contact needs

Jason Adams

Fran Adams

I've seen Dr. Barnes for many, many years now. He's very professional and good at what he does. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Jessica Leach

I appreciate the promptness and efficiency at Visioncare. Even with extra tests recommended by my optometrist for LASIK patients, I am in and out in 45 minutes and feel like he spent quality time with me and made sure I understood everything. As someone who values both efficiency and quality in health care, I could not recommend a better vision clinic than Visioncare.

Devon P

Today was my first time here and my last after I get my contacts ordered. I've gone to many different doctors and I always pay the same but here I had to pay $131 because I was new. I've been new to many different eye clinics and never paid any wear close to that. I don't even pay close to that buying contacts. After you see the doctor you follow another person into this little room where they say they going to give you a trial pair but really it's to talk about money. They wouldn't even give me my "free" trial pair till I signed the paperwork to agree to pay the $131. The clinic looks really nice on the inside but really it's just a money pit.

David Corless

I've been going to Visioncare Arkansas for over 20 years and there is no other place that I would consider, because Visioncare does everything so well.

Zach B


They were very prompt. I had a headache in my left eye for days. They were very sympathetic and understanding. They offered to have my order filled that same day! They were exceptional! Very friendly and ready to help!

Brendon Rumbo

This place is exceptional bottom line!

James Lawrence

Love everything about it, the service and the people

Travis Bond

I have loved going to Visioncare Arkansas since moving to Conway in 2007. I started utilizing Dr. Barnes' services after a less-than-thorough experience at Wal-mart in New York, when Wal-Mart neglected to catch that I was a suspect for Glaucoma. Dr. Barnes has been in practice for 26 years, and is exceptionally thorough in his treatment of every person who walks through his door. My entire family are patients, and none of us ever feels like we've left the office slighted or unheard. Dr. Barnes encourages each of the doctors to ask if there are any unanswered questions of the patient after a complete examination, and I have been asked at every appointment if I feel as though I understand things well. My personal provider is Dr. Seelinger, and he always comes in with a smile on his face and a handshake to greet you; you'll leave the clinic feeling like you've made a friend. Their pricing on their materials is very competitive, and they offer great deals on contacts! When you're a first time contact lens patient being fit in their offices, they will even offer a free pair of glasses from a limited selection of frames in the event you can't wear your contacts and still need to be able to see! Their facilities are immaculate, they have an exceptionally large selection of frames for both men and women, and they have the friendliest, most accommodating staff I have ever encountered. While it's the patient's responsibility in any clinical setting to figure out their insurance information, Visioncare Arkansas will even go above and beyond to interpret your insurance information for you before your appointment time so that you're not surprised by any strange costs or expenses that should have been covered. Additionally, each of the technicians are well trained in interpreting the accepted insurance providers plans so as to help patients save as much money as possible when buying frames and contacts. They always strive to see you receive the best service possible while spending the least amount of money for it. In my book, there is no other vision center in the Central Arkansas region.

Hunter Ward

They will charge you extra!!! For someone who has worn contacts for 5 years! They will add an extra $90 onto your bill so you can prove to them that you are capable of putting contacts in yourself! If you refuse to do this procedure they will then not finalize your prescription. They do not inform you of this little trick that they do if you are a new patient!!! What a joke!!!!

Anthony Guerrieri

Long overdue but, Go in for my yearly check-up, Extremely healthy young 25yr old adult male. Dr. Seelinger however, found unusual swelling and hemorrhaging in my right eye. I felt nothing unusual other than slight headaches due to the weather change. He sent me to a specialist the next day, which escalated to discover a baseball size brain tumor... These guys know exactly what they are doing, and they do the job they are suppose to... No shortcuts. Even the hospital staff was baffled that it was found by a standard checkup. Would recommend to anyone needing basic to advanced care.

Linz Moore

The staff here is so caring! They really want to make sure you get the best out of your yearly appointment and they make it a great experience.

Bu Ba

When I came in for my scheduled appointment, they did not have me down, they wound up telling me to come back at 4.30 that day and didn't call me back till 5pm 4 people came after I did and I had to go back to ask why it was taking so long. They did not apologize I will be going to Success Vision next time for sure!

Carson Copeland

Awesome staff, very friendly and helpful! From start to finish of my exam, every person who provided service had an extra dose of patience to answer my questions. They even walked me through my advanced beneficiary notice to help me understand my out of pocket expenses. Great selection of glasses as well, and they will provide honest feedback in getting the pair that was right for me. Couldn't ask for more personalized care and I highly recommend!!

William Atkins


Friendly staff and qualified doctors. The optician staff that sends you off with your glasses could be better. Dr Barnes is great. Wonderful and friendly ladies in the office.

Lacournee Saxton

Guaranteed a good eye exam

Tina Mendez

The best in vision care and great customer service!!!

Gordon Bond

Professional staff, excellent service, quality products, and great value are qualities that accurately describe and comprise Visioncare Arkansas!

Tom Best

Poor quality lenses that were impossible to use in my situation. The manager Ryan, wants me to go to the store that made my previous lenses and ask how they made them, then report back to him so that Visioncare could try to duplicate the progressive lense. Of course that's not reasonable. So I'm penalized 25% of the cost of their mistake which is $83 they refused to refund. That is horrible customer service. I'll not return to Visioncare of Arkansas for sure.

Terry Atkinson

Outstanding and friendly staff from the time you enter through the doors to the time you leave with your new glasses.

Shelley Young

THIS ONE REVIEW YOU HAVE TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not one to normally write reviews because rarely people write good ones and if they write bad ones they have hired people remove them from their site.... However I'm going to write mine. I had gone to Vision Care in Conway, for sometime, as well as my husband and my niece and some other friends, I've spent a lot of money through the course of time and so has my insurance. In February of 2017 I went in for my regular eye exam, i needed new lenses in my glasses and i wanted to keep my same frames, I gave them my glasses to replace , they sent them off or whatever they do do with them to replace lenses. (Lenses were 400.00 which i paid for out of pocket) and I also use contacts, (my insurance covered that). I Get my glasses back in about a week or so, i wear them a couple of days and siting at my desk my left lense falls out, my frame around it had snapped on the side, (coach frames i might add, that i paid for) I immediately called the office they get me in only to tell me my frames were not covered, 300.00 frames. it was quite a battle, They refuse to take any responsibility! I was going to have to pay for new frames and lenses because they told me my frames were no longer available..... We argued back and forth to no avail on my end... Needless to say I got online and found my "discontinued frames",,, Believe me it was mess.... i did not go back until this February because my lenses were under warranty and the were scratched,,, I dealt with the same fella who claimed to be the manager ,,, Ok fine i brought it to his attention that those were the discontinued frames and i hope they don"t break them. I got them back in about a week and the vision is terrible i do better with the cheap dollar store ones i bought to fill in while my glasses were out... so I've been back since the whole bad ordeal.... I call today to try to go in for something in my eye and was told by the receptionist they would no longer see me because of the way acted about them breaking my frames with brand new 400.00 dollar lenses they just replaced a week ago and would not cover them..... I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE... AS LONG AS YOU AND YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY ARE SHELLING OUT THE DOUGH THEY TREAT YOU RIGHT WHEN THEY SCREW UP AND NEED TO WHAT IS RIGHT......WELL...... GUESS AGAIN..... I am well aware not everyone has the best experience all the time and opinions vary but I feel i was completely wronged in this whole situation and they should have replaced my frames.... And YOU WOULD AS WELL IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU.... I'm sure this review won't last long on here that's why I'm making sure the BBB and whoever else needs to see this. Straight up Dr. Seelinger is an asset to this place he was the only reason i stayed as long as I did.. I hope he gets out of there and goes to another facility where he is truly deserved.

Shaleigh Sacomani

So incredibly impressed with this office. As soon as I walked thru the door I was greeted with a big smile. Everyone was so polite and so nice and made me feel really comfortable. I would definitely refer family and friends in a heartbeat. 5 star service for sure!

Zach Hollenbaugh

Came in on april, said booked till August. Can't wait that long.

Patsy Mcmanus

Visioncare has always been a great place to go to for all my eye care needs! They are very thorough and helpful. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! Love Visioncare!

Ann Basham

We made an appointment and they cancelled our visit when we got there!!! Said we didn't answer our phone!!!! That's bull!! The message they left on our machine said it was confirmed!!

Greg Wasinger

Took my wife to get eye exam and new contact's. Exam went well except we found out that she has cateracts that has to be removed. Eye Dr. Told a tech to fit her with a temperary pair of contacts and to make her an appointment to have them removed. The tech told us because she was a new patient it would cost $142.00!!! That thru us into a shock Cuz every eye clenic we ever went to, temporary contacts were free! We live on Social Security so that price was out of reach so we left there with no help at all!!! She is still legal blind and Medicare only pays for one exam a year so this disappointing to us!! That policy is stupid and so wrong!!!!

Britney Williams

I would definitely recommend this place. I'm a college student who has never had any eye problems or been to the eye doctor. They were so helpful and kind and made it less stressful. I saw Dr. Mason Seelinger and he was so polite and nice, and answered all of my questions. I found out I needed glasses and had someone help me pick out frames (which can be intimidating, there are so many to pick from!) They didn't rush me at all and provided feedback of which ones they liked and thought looked good. They told me the glasses would be ready in 3-5 days but they were ready the day after my appointment! So pleased and I will definitely always used VisionCare!

Norma Powell

Wonderful place! Great doctors and staff who are very professional and kind!

Calvin Roach

As always, excellent service and professional staff. I've been going to Visioncare Arkansas for over 20 years and have no intention of changing eye doctors.


My wife & I have been patients of VisionCare since 1993. Always attentive, caring, meeting our needs while running a very efficient & organized operation. The few times I've had an issue were all related directly with specific difficult conditions with my eyes & they've ALWAYS worked cheerfully & diligently to find the best solution to maximize my vision correction. OUTSTANDING service & customer relations experiences keep us coming back and Highly Recommending this fully equipped, well staffed eye care center to all potential patients we meet.

mark atkins

professional and friendly!

Daniel Richmond

Great group of ppl and they are very quick. I was in and out without hurting my pockets thanks visioncare

Tim Head

Excellent service, quick and efficient staff are easy pleasurable. Dr Robinson was very personable and explained in detail my status.

James McAlister

Professional and efficient

Leah Davis

I would recommend visioncare to all family and friends, this place is wonderful from the time I walked in till I walked out they were fabulous

David Parslow

I’ve been coming here for many years and wouldn’t think about going anywhere else. I always recommend Visioncare Arkansas whenever I get the chance.

gina mccray

Always fast and friendly! Everyone is so very helpful!

Grace Rogers

This is the worst place ever. We sat there for an hour and they put other people who just walked in ahead of us. Terrible service the lady at the front desk didn’t tell us that we were gonna have to be there for an hour. We ended up leaving. All we needed was place an order for lenses for grams we already had. Had RX in hand. Terrible terrible service never going there again.

Danielle Carr

I am so happy with my care here. Dr Barnes was amazing and thorough. I am so glad I switched to vision care I won’t ever go any where else.

jo hollins

Frank Manzanares

I want to Vision Care my first time there and I had dr. Robinson he was very professional as well as the rest of the staff there and I have no complaints about the way I was treated. I will definitely go back there next time I need my eyes checked.

Jerry Segraves

Just fantastic, as usual!

Paula Rios

vision care is great. clean envirOsment friendly staff and fast service. I'll definitely be back.

Chris Flora

Frames are a little pricey, but the service here is very good.

Quincy Jackson

Amy Smallwood

Sharon Fergusson

Visioncare always has a excellent personelle and state of the art diagnostic tools.

Tonya Hall

Shababay Cajun

Everyone and I do mean the entire staff were so nice and helpful. They answered my every question. I would recommend Visioncare Arkansas to everyone and I will be back for my yearly check up. Thank you to Visioncare Arkansas...

Tena Brooks

Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Convenient location. Clean and cozy office. Minimal wait time. Dr Barnes gave me a very thorough exam and I came out seeing much better than when I went in. Go see them..they're awesome!

Pam Ferguson

I contacted the clinic about ordering my contact samples 3 times. Each time I was told they were ordered. It wasn't until the 3rd time after I asked the person to call me when they had actually been ordered that it was done.

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