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REVIEWS OF Hurst Eye Care Center IN Arkansas

Senga Jamieson

Thank you Dr. Hurst, for the first time in years I can see wherever I look, near or far. Glasses look great and fit perfectly.

Estrella Porras

The young man in the front was very polite and was able to put my lense back in the frame for me (they had been stepped on the night before.) I am very satisfied with my glasses. He really knew what he was doing. I love that the Dr. makes sure his staff are well educated about all the frames they have or any question or concern the public may have. I will definitely stop by again.

Victor Rivera

So many bad reviews. Wow!


I have not had the negative experiences that others have. Last I checked with them they were undergoing several internal and cosmetic changes. When this happens to any company there are bound to be a few bumps in the road. Dr. Hurst and his staff worked diligently to not only correct my stigmatism but to give me the best glasses I've ever owned. Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch, Nice Looking and I couldn't be happier. I don't prefer small talk but I was given an education and although the lab messed my glasses up time and time again Dr. Hurst took care of it completely. I highly recommend getting your eyes checked as I did because it can really change your OUTLOOK. I would like to thank Dr. Hurst, Brandon and Shannon for their help.

Meghan Law

Every time I've been there they have always been super kind and helpful as well as fast! Never have had an appointment that lasted more than 15 minutes and they always help me with what I'm needing

Galen Martin

Staff very friendly and helpful

Xavier King Smith

I went to the office and the staff guy acted racist because I was a minority. They over charged me over 100 dollars for my glasses. I found out because they didn't even have price tags on their glasses! I looked up online for the same exact eye glass frame and it was like 150 dollars cheaper than what they sold it for! I confronted them and then they tried to make up an excuse and said the guy probably over charged me. I asked for some compensation for the terrible experience and they wouldn't spare a penny and wouldn't even say sorry! I am reporting them. Worst experience ever at a vision office.

Annie Fuentes

My family has gone to Hurst for years! They always provide fantastic service and I trust them with my family's eye care needs. Dr. Hurst is very caring and personable and the staff is very helpful and polite.

Brenda Gallardo

I went for my first routine eye exam and expected to go in, pay my copay, and leave since I haven't had any eye or vision problems. Since it was my first eye exam so all the eye machines were new to me and I didn't know what to expect from them. The lady that took me back, did not explain to me what each machine was for or what I was to expect. I did mention to the lady ahead of time that it was my first routine eye exam. I mentioned to them that I do not use glasses - several times. I did not pass the letters test but the whole time I was there, no one said to me that I needed glasses. The doctor just assumed I knew that I needed them. I felt lost the whole time I was there. I am rating them a one star for the lack of communication. I did not appreciate it. Even when I was picking out my glasses, I wasn't sure what to expect, what to do next, or which questions to ask. They didn't explain to me why I needed glasses or didn't tell me what my prescription was. The staff was still all very nice and I did go back to have the frames tightened/adjusted. The guy that helped me then was great at explaining more into details mainly because I still had a lot of questions. But nonetheless I will not be returning.

Nathaniel Matteson

I had brought my kids there for many years . When my insurance changed they were going to look up my benefits and call back they didn't . I called again same lady answered claiming short staffed . Said she would look it up and call . She never did ... I needed to make 4 appointments . People aren't important to them clearly

Jung D Kim

They charged me a $45 extra fee only for the prescription for contact lenses on top of my insurance copay. I've had annual eye exam with other optometrists but never paid any extras only for the prescription with my insurance coverage. They said it's a fee for fitting/evaluation, but what kind of fitting without purchase? The exam took less than 5 mins and he didn't mention anything about the fitting. Also, I didn't even have any plan to buy contacts at the visit. I was hesitant to go here after reading all the negative online reviews but had no choice since other optometrists in Bentonville were fully booked until next month. Now, I came to know why, and I should have trusted the negative reviews!

Bailey Schmitt

Natasha Crow

Horrible experience. I've been waiting on my glasses for awhile and they always tell me I need to speak to a Rita, yet she's never there when I call. I keep getting a guy who tries to sound sincere but you can def. hear the sarcasm in is voice. Wouldn't recommend them or go back!!

Edward Silverman

The eye doctor was good but his office staff was not so great. When I went in the office I specially stated I needed safety rated eye glasses and lenses and was told polycarbonate was a safety lens but they didn't carry safety frames,after a month of complaints to them they refused to repair them when my fiancee brought them in for me . the right lens kept falling out,they told her I had to be there to fit them again...I spoke to Rita who said I could get a refund of the $80. I paid out of pocket after insurance and they refunded me $47. Of that amount because of a 30day rule after 30 days no refund well they lost my business 100%also the younger blonde woman had totally changed around everything I had said to her as well basically calling me a liar. I had been told by several people NOT to go there as well so I went to Walmart in Rogers and for $80. Got exactly what I wanted and needed. No hassle or excuses from them. Hurst obviously cares about nothing other than getting your insurance money.

Neil Tilton

My eye clinic is in Fayetteville but I work in Bentonville. When my contact started irritating me at work and I couldn't go home to get a new one Hurst Eye Clinic gave me a trial one at no charge! What a friendly group of people! Would highly recommend.

Mary Xiong

My first and last time. Please read what I have to say before making a decision. I have been wearing glasses/contacts for about 20 years now and this was just the oddest and most unprofessional service I've ever had. I needed new glasses and they were one of the few places that took my new vision insurance, so I decided to give them a shot. Walked in, it was nice and high-end looking. The older woman there asked me typical new patient questions and even asked if I remembered my previous eye prescription. Makes sense right? During the initial check up with Dr. Hurst, he used the prescription I gave and decided it was pretty correct. It was a very short and sweet check up. There was no "better 1 or better 2....better A or better B" at all (RED FLAG)....which I thought was rather lacking since I was a new patient. So I went with it anyway. Don't get me wrong, Dr. Hurst was a very nice doctor but not as thorough as he should have been. Mind you, I am ordering new frames and new contact lenses. I picked out my frames and got them fitted. While waiting to pay, I over-heard a technician say to another patient/customer that he had "over shaved/carved/chiseled" (I'm paraphrasing) her lenses and will need to order new ones. RED FLAG! The staff their were friendly to their patients but not so to each other. The lady helping me was also rude to the other staff girl there. RED FLAG! They gave me a set of trial lenses to wear but after a few days, I noticed the prescription was not quite right. I called back for another appointment for a prescription adjustment. During the second appointment, Dr. Hurst found that I had a slight astigmatism. Why didn't he check for that before? RED FLAG. They were going to cancel my order and adjust my prescription but they had not yet ordered my contacts! RED FLAG! - it had been 4 business days already. A few days later, I picked up my new glasses - no problem. BUT no contact lenses yet. I called back two weeks later to see if they were in, but nope, not yet either. RED FLAG! Almost 2 months later (exactly 53) days later, I had almost forgotten my contacts and decided to just call. Of course, they had not yet received my contacts but guarantee that they will be in on the following Thursday. Yeah right! (BIG RED FLAG). I asked how often they get their shipments and they tell me "every week but they've been on back order for about a month now." So, I highly doubt they would be in this Thursday. Frankly, I want my money back. As luck would have it, my contacts came in that following Thursday...almost 2 months later. The least they could have done was give me a courtesy call to tell me that they are monitoring shipments and have not forgotten about me. This was a real disappointment.

Andrea Argall

I have gone here for my last 2 exams and got glasses my first time here. My insurance only pays for frames every other year, but new lenses and exam EVERY year. So we pick out a cute pair and I am told I have to wait until January to get them, or pay like $180. I then found out this week I have $500 in benefits not used from Medicaid, (I was given temporary Medicaid until my BCBS kicks back in September 1) I'm like, why not go get a free extra pair of glasses while I'm waiting to get the super cute ones from my Regular Vision insurance...I went in to discuss this with them, and I have NEVER been talked to like this woman spoke to me! Rhonda, and let me say that I had to get up and leave and then come back to get my records so I could go elsewhere. This is what's really funny...I went to Tri State Optical where I was treated with respect and dignity, and they were super busy. Best part....the pair I was gonna have to wait until January for at Hurst, Were FREE with the Medicaid benefits at Tri- State in Rogers!! HIGHLY recommend them and stay away from HURST!!! BYW girls at front desk, both yellow blondes, customer service isn't your area of specialty. Nor is Insurance, because VSP is with Guardian and United Health!

Vikrant Basotra

Not happy

Janette Carvajal

Went in for a specific problem which I had told the front desk and the lady that took me to the back. The doctor came in to do an exam and never addressed my issue until I brought it up. He didn't even take another look, just wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way.

Ginger Paquin

Yes Dr. Hurst was not very chatty, but I think that's okay. I want to get in there have my eye exam and get out of there. I'm a new patient so when I got there I had to fill out a little bit of paper work, but even with that my whole appointment only lasted 20 minutes! I had a thorough exam and I thought everyone was pretty friendly. My only complaint was that there was a little discrepancy with the price... but overall not a big deal. I lost my glasses rx and needed them to send it over, which has proven to be a more difficult than it needed to be. It has taken them a day and over 5 phone calls to send me a fax- I don't know what they are doing over there. The whole experience hasn't been terrible but I will not be going back there.

Wendy Culwell

The guy has no concept of customer service, he forgot that the customer is #1 and that we can take our money elsewhere. I also chose to further downgrade this review to 1 star after reading all the foreign people who wend to see this eye doctor got treated poorly and the only one giving him good reviews seem to be Caucasian. While the ladies at the front desk are very nice, the optometrist himself leaves much to wish for. He was rude during my visit, how? He didn't want to explain anything, I was supposed to know how his office does things, he seemed to be very annoyed with my typical first- time visitor questions about regular glasses vs contacts.

Amanda Day

Joel E

I found my experience with Dr. Hurst the worst I have ever had at any medical professionals office. He barely talked, didn't explain anything about our results, didn't respond to any sort of conversation, just acted like he was going quickly down a checklist. I'm 43 years old and have seen a lot of doctors and have never felt the need to give such a review until now. My experience was echoed by at least 2 other people that I mentioned it to. I don't know what office mattas5 went to but it must have been in another universe. I will never go back there. I will say that the front office staff was very nice and helpful.

Anna Gray

I have never been more displeased with an eye doctor in my life. He was rude, unprofessional, and got my prescription wrong for my eye glasses and completely missed my astigmatism.I had to drive back from Little Rock to Bentonville and sit in his office until he re-did the exam. I couldn't even see across the street with the first prescription. I will never be going back.

Joji Varghese

Alejandra Serrano

I got a same day appointment for my daughter, and I have no complaints. The doctor was professional and very friendly. It was my daughter's first eye exam, and he made her feel comfortable. The ladies were also very friendly while checking me in, and very patient while my daughter picked a pair of glasses she liked. I definitely recommend this place to adults and their children.

Cody Keene

Great place and very friendly. Answered any questions I asked. Definitely going back.

Carter Lankford

Read other reviews before going, I am astonished this establishment hasn't gotten anything but glowing reviews! The staff assisted my wife and I find the best look and price to match our needs. I highly recommend this to any and all!

Conor Alexander

Wonderful service! Very helpful!

Серёжа Дураков

perfect way to waste your yearly eye exam. The "dr" didn't even do a vision exam. he asked if the glasses I had now worked OK and just used that prescription. not a good first impression and i will not be back.

Melinda Murphy

Do not go to Hurst Eye Care. Gave me a printed prescription and it had the wrong numbers on it as well as the name of the new lense was incorrect. Done!



They are super nice people, and our service was amazing..i didnt have vision insurance and they worked with me to make sure i walked out with glasses..simply awesome experience.

Brandee Segraves

I've had the pleasure of working with Hurst Eye Care Center and will definitely refer people to go there. Dr. Hurst is very knowledgeable and explains things in a way you can understand. The staff is also knowledgeable, welcoming, and friendly.

elizabeth hutson

Honestly the best care around! I highly recommend this eye care center, especially for the kiddos. They are knowledgeable and caring!

Taylor Hull

I would recommend going to Dr. Hurst! the people at the desk are super sweet and very helpful. Dr.Hurst is very personable, who's main focus as your doctor, is your own personal well being, safety, and comfort.

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