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REVIEWS OF East Valley Ophthalmology IN Arizona

cecil wayman

Dr Nerinberg was great ! He even took the time to call me at home after surg to see if I was ok I give him and his staff 5 stars !

Paula Wold

I have been seeing Dr. N. Nirenberg and staff have been great. He has always been kind and helpful.

Steve waddington

I went to East Valley Opthamology after a work related injury after getting a piece of metal in my eye from cutting an I-beam at work. I was seen by Dr. Kao for my initial exam. Dr. Kao evaluated my the eye in question and said there was in fact nothing in my eye. After 2 weeks with a swollen eye I started my own exam and located a small metal particle. The swelling subsided, but never really felt 100 percent in fact I developed 3 small firm lumps in the eyelid. A couple weeks later I was starting to see more swelling in my eye so I went back to Dr. Kao and received yet another evaluation with no real definitive answer as to what was going on with my eye. He just fobbed me off with some over the counter eye drops and a prescription for antibiotic eye drops. Dr. Kao said wasn't sure why I had the lumps on my eye and said to keep using the eye drops he had given me. The swelling went down but never got better to the point I felt comfortable, and it was very unsightly. I made another appointment with East Valley Opthamology as this is where the insurance claim was started. This time I requested to see Dr. Nirenberg as I was unsatisfied with the prognosis received by Dr. Kao. After Dr. Nirenberg's evaluation he stated to me that I was getting older now and had dry eye and it was just a fact of life! Really!?! He fobbed me off with some over the counter sample eye drops and refused to give me a prescription for the antibiotic eye drops that were the ONLY thing that gave me relief and calmed the swelling slightly to the point that I could go to work. Another month past and my eye was seriously swollen once again. My wife made yet another appointment and Dr. Kao was the only one in the office with availability so I agreed to see him again. I went to the appointment armed with all the information and questions I could give him about my eye health. Again Dr. Kao twirled his pen and looked at the ceiling deep in thought. He asked if I wanted him to lance the lumps to try to drain them and I told him "please anything that will end this eye issue". I asked for a referral to a lid specialist and he said he didn't think it necessary. Here we are a year later and I STILL have a swollen eyelid. After all the hot compresses, antibiotic drops, lubricating drops, lancing, and fish oil supplements. My wife thought she did the best she could by locating this office due to the credentials held by the doctors in this office. Especially Dr. Kao with his touted ocular disease specialty. I feel like there was no real concern as to the health of my eye or general well being. Up to the point of my eye injury I had NEVER had ANY kind of swelling to either of my eyes. I am only 40 years old and am athletic and VERY active outdoors so I feel like I was just a supplement to their paychecks. Neither of the doctors I saw had much compassion or answers for my eye condition. Anyone going to see doctors on this office should beware of my experiences here with 4 visits and NO answers. After all its not their eye RIGHT?

vanessa salas

Dr. Nirenberg and his staff were awesome! Dr. Nirenberg was friendly, kind and very knowledgeable. I will be returning and referring all my friends as well :)

Kimberly Friese

I couldn't be happier with Dr. McKee and everyone else in the office. I'd highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for an opthalmologist. I was previously with a different provider (Dr. Dao at Cornea and Cataract Consultants) and they did four surgeries in four months which severely traumatized my eye. They kept doing the same thing over and over when it wasn't working without trying to figure out *why* or try any different approaches. I never left the office with any more information than when I arrived, it was a very depressing and disheartening experience and worst of all a waste of time--time that needed to be spent finding a solution and not making matters worse. Fortunately I found Google reviews that expressed similar dissatisfactions from other patients and many of those patients switched to East Valley Opthalmology and found some relief. So I switched over (I see Dr. McKee now with Dr. Kao assisting) and despite the major damage to my eye, Dr. McKee has already accomplished wonders and I've only been in his care for a few weeks! I feel very blessed to have found him. Not only is he an incredibly talented and skilled surgeon, but he is very informative as well. He explains all possible outcomes and how he will handle it, and I feel confident that he is applying himself 100% to my case whereas I didn't feel that Dr. Dao was applying himself anywhere near that. Anyone who has cornea issues would do very well to call East Valley Opthalmology and set up an appointment with Dr. McKee, or even Dr. Kao. And their technicians and receptionists are incredibly kind, informative and efficient. Such an amazing practice!

Frank Smith

My wife just had cataract surgery performed by Dr. Yuri McKee. She is very happy with the entire process. We recommend Dr. McKee to anyone who is considering eye surgery. He us highly skilled and is very good at taking time to answer questions. We feel very fortunate to have him as our Dr. In addtion, his staff is wonderful and caring.

Mary Wilkes

Dewey Francisco

I go to Dr. Kao and he is a fantastic doctor. He is very kind, smart and always takes time to answer all my questions. My wife and mother in law see him also and I would highly recommend him to anyone else who is needing an eye doctor!

Lynda Chesrown

Sam Collins

Was able to get a same day appointment and staff was very accommodating and knowledgeable.

James Maroon

I choose East Valley Ophthalmology for my cataract eye surgery after going to 3 different doctors in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa, and after reviewing credentials, and my experience with getting questions answered satisfactorily - so glad I did... They definitely weren't trying to sell me something... everything was explained to me, very thorough. When I was considering cataract surgery, especially any of those fancy multi-focal lenses that are being offered, I wanted to go with the best I could find, did a lot of research. I went to East Valley Ophthalmology for a consultation with my questions and had them answered fully. It's been several months since my surgery and I am thrilled. This is a big decision and I wanted to feel confident in my doctor that he's doing it for the right reasons and knowing I have a great chance of success. That is what ultimately made me pick this place. Best choice of my life.

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