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825 S 20th Ave, Safford, AZ 85546, United States

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REVIEWS OF Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center IN Arizona


Denise Pellegrini

Aաesome staff

Karen Hamilton

Always easy to get appointment and visits are quick and thorough.

Rafael urenda

Turn around nothing but excuses for poor customer service.

Sharon Dupont

First we were told two weeks to get the glasses. After that time elapsed we were told they made a cutting error in the lab so it will be another week, now we are told the box arrived empty and the lab will start the order over today and we should have the glasses in another week. Still no glasses. Pathetic inefficient business.

Scott W

Excellent for all your eye care needs. Doctors are very thorough, and take the time necessary to make sure your eyes are healthy. Office staff is very nice and helpful. Very nice waiting area. This location also has HOOTS Optical where you can choose from a large variety of glasses and the like. Highly recommended for all your eye care needs.

Westley Colvin

Worst place. Worst experience. Sat in waiting for over 2 hours.

Kristen Haviland

Courtney Mortenson

I love this eye doctor! I've been going to them for like 5 years now and they're always great! Good selection of frames too. Everyone is always very nice too!

Wendy Betzer

Customer service was great, but still waiting on my daughter's glasses. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks. Very excessive wait time, and she needs them for school.

Stephen De Marie

If there was a negative star rating they would be a negative 10. Worst experience in 39 years of buying glasses. These people don't know eyes from a box of rocks. First pair took weeks and were damaged when I picked them up. Took about 2 months to get them replaced. At their cost. I bought the warranty to replace them within a year. By 6 months the 650 dollar glasses were trashed so bad I needed a replacement. Took them almost 2 months of me calling to find out where they were, they basically forgot about me. When they arrived, they put in cheap low budget lenses when I paid extra for the Z-87 saftey ones. I gave up. These people are rude, unprofessional, ignorant and can't adjust a pair of glasses to fit your face to save their lives. Do yourself a favour, go to Walmart or drive to Tucson. Stay far away from them. They have no clue what they are doing, are rude and condicending. The most unprofessional experience I ever had. Small town, small minds. They couldn't care less about you as a customer.

Wynona Mayer

Charged my sister $5,000 for one eye. She got the other one done by another doctor and was charged $2,500. The reason I put one star is because I couldn’t put negative stars. Beware!!! Just saying.

Drew Anderson

They sell me a defective frame, and tell me to order the same frame. It's their defective frame yet they want me to pay for same design frame, I'm sure that'll be defective also. I will not do business with them ever again and suggest others do the same or do business with them at your own risk.

Stephanie Woodard

I have always had a great experience here. They are helpful and kind. I have always used Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center for my vision needs.

Jeanie Bread

My review for Barnet Delaney Perkins Eye Center in Safford AZ When my eyes got blurry at work and I couldn’t see road signs, I made an appointment with Dr. Von Houten at Barnet Delaney Perkins in Safford AZ. After getting eye drops and not being able to see the letters on the eye chart, Dr. Von Houten told me I had cataracts. I was in disbelief because I had never heard of cataracts. He explained it all to me, including how they remove them in surgery and give me a new lens that would allow me to see better. Before I went into surgery with Dr. Snow, I had done extensive and scarey research online. Lina, customer was very supportive and helped me through my fears. In a few hours after the surgery, my husband helped me take the bandage off my right eye. The moment he lifted it, all I could say is, “I can see you.” Up to hen, I could only see him clearly with my glasses as I was 20/450. Now I can see close up 20/25. It felt like a miracle. Three weeks later Dr. Snow promised me, in my second surgery that he would give me the best vision he could. He gave me better sight than I had had with glasses for 43 years. A whole new world has opened for me knowing that I am not going blind and can see things I never saw before. Everyone at BDP was extremely kind and helpful though this experience. I can never thank them all enough. Special thanks to Lina, Casie, Spencer, and Aubrey.

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