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REVIEWS OF UAB Callahan Eye Hospital IN Alabama

Nate Dunham

Rude customer service!

Steve Hines

Went to Ashley Dahl for eye exam. Receptionist wouldn't speak until I got her attention. Waited forever and asked when I would go back and she said "I only put the charts back there". Bad experience for sure and I ended up leaving before even getting seen.

JerryJeff Lollar

Rash iNq

My daughter went to the ER there. He eye was red and she couldn't see threw it. The docs there said there was a white spot on her cornea but they didn't know what it was. Instead off calling in an attending doctor they sent her home work gel drops and told her to make appt with cornea doc the next week. She went in on weekend. Turns out she had a bad corneal infection. For this I have to pay $100 copay didn't even treat her at all

Dawn Teeters

The waiting room here is really nice. Phone charging stations, comfortable seating, large TV's, and a Starbucks coffee machine that unfortunately is not free. $2 for a small coffee

Will Slappey

The other day my 16 month old son needed to be seen here. The nurses gave him a stuffed monkey and were so sweet. The doctor that saw William was thorough and communicated well. This was our third experience here in the last three years, and all of our visits have gone well.

blancs 3030

Amy Millette

1 doctor and 1 nurse in emergency department, trauma emergency came in right before we were to be discharged, we could not be discharged until they were done with the trauma. Completely ridiculous.

John McDole

Whether visiting the Emergency Room or scheduled surgery this is the place to be for anything eye related. Over the years we have never had a problem or bad experience or even an unpleasant encounter. Everyone is very professional. The doctors offices being within the complex make it convenient and the parking deck connects to the complex.

Elysia Bailey

I have had to bring my mother-in-law to the eye center a fee times. They always make me feel welcome as well. The rooms are very comfortable. Their food is great. I am surprised by the food every time.

Deilia Hodgman

they were very sensitive to my mothers feelings and concerns

Cathy Saxon

jesse anderson

Didn't have today wait long for appointment and was very impressed by the way I was treated and care for while I was there. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Dani Perry

Very rude and uninformed staff!!! When I made a appointment, the rep said my insurance was accepted. However, when I got there they said they only accepted VSP. I have the Federal Employees Program Vision insurance. When I showed them the Federal Vision Website listed them as providers, they told me it was wrong and the only insurance they took was VSP. So I went all the way down there and took off work for nothing! How does the biggest eye hospital in Birmingham, not accept federal insurance? Sounds fishy to me! Then they wanted me to pay $15 to park! Absolutely not!

Jeannie wright

A wonderful place to work. One of very few Eye only hospitals in the US. One of two Eye only ERs in the US. Gold standard for Eye care.

Quil Snow

Brenda Woods


My mom and I were rear ended severely a while back by a young boy more interested in his cell phone than his driving. At first, I didn't notice anything wrong. Later that night, my right eye had a shadow-like film over it. I didn't think anything about it at first. Later that week, I notice my vision was decreasing. I was half blind in my right eye. I went to my eye doctor. After a check-up, he said my retina was partially detached. And, had I waited a week or so longer, I would've have gone permanently blind in that eye. I got an appointment at the Callahan Eye Foundation. The doctors, nurses and receptionist were very nice. The surgeon did a fantastic job reattaching my retina. The only thing that was a bit frustrating was that gas bubble. But, it kept pressure on my retina. Now, my vision in the right eye was like it was before the accident. If you have a problem with your eyes that a regular eye doctor can't treat, then I highly recommend the Callahan Eye Foundation.

Andrew Buster

Teresa Berry

I hope you have better luck than I did. I prefer the clinic on the first floor the Lyons Clinic with Doctor Reid.

Scotty Blevins

Professional courteous knowledgeable

Shelby Young

Terrible. Do not see Dr. Saini. Called my husband "a wuss" for not being able to sit still while in incredible pain, cursed multiple times and kicked a chair across the room out of frustration. When I tried to report his behavior, was told by the CFO, Mr. Sadler, that the doctor said none of that happened. Taking an arrogant doctors word over the patient. Terrible facility with lazy, temperamental doctors and administration that only cares about a buck. The nurses were incredible and if not for them, who apologized for Sainis behavior multiple times, we would have left. Schaefer Eye Center is much more helpful, kind and willing to work with patients in pain and discomfort. Dr. Saini treats patients poorly and lies about his embarrassing behavior. Mr. Sadler only cares about money and will call a patient a liar to their face.

Chantil Nasef

Very nice nurses and doctors, however the hospital board and administrator Brian Sprayberry(sp) are very irresponsible and inconsiderate just to save money. Closed down 7 out of 9 operating rooms. Arrived 15mins early for my appointment. Ended up leaving after 6 hours of waiting with other patients still ahead of me waiting for surgery!

Lisa Franklin

jack harrison

Lauren T

Laura Whiting

Very caring, qualified staff.

Terry Davis

Chris Mahan

It is very concentrated on helping people live better, and the medical staff is excellent.

Tamara Hicks

Extremely long wait for an "ER". staff is incredibly RUDE. ZERO sense of urgency to treat patients!

Kevin McClendon

Couldn't ask for better care or attention to my needs. The Dr

Jay J

I wish I could give a minus star. I stopped by here with a rash on my skin near my eye after hours. I was afraid that it might swell up and cause me further issue. They sent me to the ER. I asked could I see someone not in the ER so I would not have to pay so much, but they said no. So I saw a doc in the ER. He looked at my eye and said it was a common rash and said he would give me some antibiotics. He stepped out with the door open and talked to the nurse. I caught them laughing and looking back at me because I came in for a skin rash near my eye. I believe I was in there for almost 2 hours and I did not see another patient. The lady at the front desk was rude, the staff was rude and even with insurance I still had to pay over $300 .

Jackie Harriel

Mary Angrisano Ladner

M Kennedy

They were very nice and took the time to make sure my family got my phone and valuables before surgery. Very caring people.

Josie Williams

Very knowledgeable about everything i ask never left me wondering i never had any doubt about what was going to happen. Very professional teams

Cherryl Streeter

GF Bloom

Wonderful facility with wonderful and very intellegent Drs.

Asia Heard

Amanda Conn

Evan Yang

Kevin G

Had a major eye injury last week. The nurses and dr quickly relieved my pain and identified the problem quickly. Today I have most of my vision back due to them.

Regina Lavender

Best Doctors! Waiting time is cut in half! Diagnosis and exams are private issues. Insurance coverage is acceptable. Lots of parking space. Friendly employees and emergency care is available.

Bert Bloomston

I was extremely pleased with the personal care and attention provided me when I arrived at CEH. I arrived a few minutes prior to the appointed time and waited just a short time prior to be taken to a bed where I was prepped for my cataract surgery. I honestly did not have the feeling that I was in a medical facility, but a facility designed for the extreme care and concern for a person. All of us, I believe, have anxiety prior to a surgical procedure, however the staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I took special note that Mr. Sprayberry was on the floor chatting with the patients and the staff. That is certainly a rarity in today's world of medicine and certainly could not be found in many or any facility today. Also, I learned that there was patient advocate on the floor. Congratulations to all and to Dr. Sara Mullins for the outstanding treatment and personal attention. Your hospital is way above just first class. Thank you again and I told many of my friends about your outstanding service and personal care.

Barry Pierce

Beth Spitzley

Had an amazing experience from the second we walked into the door to the very end as they helped her into the car. The staff was amazingly sweet and very helpful. Definitely the most positive and amazing doctor appointment I have ever experienced since moving back to Alabama.

Robin Acre

I went to the free Lion's clinic and I got a bill for $30.00 from them. They didn't even give me a prescription for glasses, but they said the fee was for the REFRACTION!!!

Christian Harris Flynn

I love Dr V!

James W Killingsworth

Christine Gibson

Professional, Great Service & Clean

Ethan Vaughn

I took the day off from work to drive 2.5 hours to take my son here. Apparently the optometrist had to take the day off the day before so she was seeing yesterday's patients as well as todays. Which is fine. What is not fine is the complete lack of foresight or common courtesy to call today's patients to inform them they may have to wait longer we have been waiting for 2 hours and are looking at atleast another hour wait before our son is seen. This office is a perfect storm of incompetence and disregard for their patients.

Shawna Gomez

Only because I can not put zero as an option! I spoke with a man ,who barely allowed me to even talk, and he kept telling me there's no way my daughter's appointment is there, I still have the letter as proof. My daughter is not even 2 and needs eye surgery badly. Her appointment is scheduled for 4/2/18 but as I said he told me there is no way she has one there. I have 2 kids they are my world. This issue needs to be resolved. If my daughter doesn't get her surgery because the man I spoke to is incompetent, I'm not going to be a very happy mom and if any of you are parents you'd understand.

Kimberly Frost Barry

This is for the parking at the hospital. Don't bother bringing a stroller for your children. Not every floor has a ramp to get in the building. It was very difficult lifting our double stroller up four stairs on Friday.

Alexia Martin

They're wonderful

April Mejia

Staff was extremely nice and professional. Amazing doctors and nurses.

danny davis

Yolanda Scott

My son had to have emergency eye surgery. Everyone was patience. By he grace of GOD, they decided to do a catscan and found tumors Iwould not have known about. Caring staff! My son has another surgery in the morning. I know he is in good hands.

Jaleshia Luster

Teresa Paquelet-Brown

We are Montanans, visiting our daughter at U of AL in Tuscaloosa, when my husband had a partially detached, torn retina, that required a 1 hour drive and emergency surgery at Callahan. From the staff at the front desk, to the surgery nurses, and the entire surgery staff, I couldn't be more thankful! we received top notch care and customer service! Thank you! We are so fortunate for the outstanding care we received there! Thanks to Dr's. Sapp, Tabakoli, NRSA McMullen, Nurse Alice, Terry ( family aid) and anyone else I may have missed or whose name is misspelled!

Queen railyn

When you have eye trouble best place too go

Marcia Larson

doctors were thorough, kind and personable while female members of staff at desk were very rude, condescending, overbearing - can't find enough adjectives to fully describe how they made me feel and also my family when they got there. Not nice people in fact creepy

Chris Parvin

Luai Najim

Professional service. Excellent staff.


Melanie Welch

Anniegg Howell

Everyone was so nice and kind to my sister. She was the one that had surgery. They kept me updated on her progress.

Keyandrea Varner

A lot of people don't know that they have a eye emergency.

Myah Phillips

Horrible experience. Unfriendly staff. Extremely long wait and when you finally see someone they rush you and don’t take the time to really talk to you and explain anything.

jason newton

Jonathan Oliver

Alex Farris

Great place to see the best eye doctors in the region

Sylvia Jemison

I myself will never come here again. I came to this location in 2015. Was not pleased. I am here now march 2018 and it is no better. I have been here over 3 hours. Mind you this is emergency! I was the only person here and i was told to sit and wait. After 20 minutes I asked how much longer. I was called up 10 minutes later. Put in room for 40 minutes. Doctor finally came in. I have and and am still sitting in room after doctor and this had been over 45 minutes. Why? I was only patient here. No matter. No more money from me.

Mary Ladner

I just left the emergency room and going in I was skeptical, mainly because I had read the other reviews. I am so glad I didn't feed into the negativity and decided to judge for myself. Dawn was my nurse and so pleasant and patient with me. I also was seen by Dr Juan? spelling may be incorrect but also very nice. I learned what my mother had already taught me, never assume you know based on the opinions of others, judge for yourself. Great advice momma R.I.P and thank you. I am still listening :) Also the Dr. can really rock a handlebar mustache!

Laura Jackson

Great Doctors! Horrible Optical Shop!!! Waited 2months for glasses! The family just goes next door to UAB eye care for the glasses.

jessica gilliland

The staff here is amazing! My husband has eye issues and we have been treated very well here by all of the Doctor's and staff.

Gerardo Hernandez

Some of the best ophthalmology physicians in the Southeast

Samantha Rice

Terry Priest


Greg Smith

Only 24hr eye hospital in the south

Bennie Hale

Top notch petsonnel

Barbara Wilson

Dr was great, explained everything. Staff polite. Time spent in ER, 11 hrs. Needs improving. Only 1 person in waiting room when I arrived.

Eric Craig

Erik Rocha

Nancy Hughes

This facility was upscaled&Hi_tech professional from word GO.from Kay,calling to set-up surgery.To:Marge in recovery,Cynthia&Elizabeth,Pre-op with R.O..Brittney frontline receptionist Terry,Ashley upon arriving&departing.Dr.Bains extra extrodinary you all excelled&succeed the extra mile in care top quality May you all be richly blessed always.Thank You for the care you gave&showed to me&my Mother with forever grateful heart love you all!!!

Anne Phelan-Adams

Dusty Whitt

I have keratocotus in my left eye for a couple years it's a condition we're the cornea has changed shape or has wore down the staff which cause your vision to only be corrected with a special made lense to fit your eye ,eye glasses nore regular contacts can fix this condition the Dr and staff we're very polite and we're able to determine my condition and fit for one of these lense so after 2 yes of being blind in my left eye I can finally see again with the lense although I have learned of a proceedure called cornea cross link that can permanently fix my condition I am hoping to talk too the Dr about and have it done thank you UAB Callahan Hospital

Peggy Donley

Lisa Luquire

Jacob Tubbs

B Flows

Everything was done as soon as possible when problems arose. Tried new dry eye alternative to help with eye drops and night lube. Thanking the community eye professional and staff. State of the art.

alyssa herrera

Loisann Fordham

Andy Pesterfield

Do not take your child here. You can get the exact same care at children's hospital. 1)they use the same doctors 2) children's hospital has a lot more respect your time. I've been to both....The eye clinic time was RIDICULOUS, 2) children's accepts more insurance providers like medishare. I spent a lot more money a LOT more time, and less customer service. They couldn't even call in our prescription after being there for 5 hours!!!!!! Waited one hour for the nurse to come back with our prescription. No call for that. Very disappointed.

John French

The VA side is a nasty 3rd world style clinic


No one wants or likes going to a doctor,but if you need eye Care there's no better place

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