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REVIEWS OF America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses IN Alabama


Angela Kirkwood

Julien, the manager, quoted one price. However price was MUCH higher even with 10% discount. I left feeling like I was scammed. Misleading, Fast talking. Otherwise, Staff very friendly.

Tanner Nicholas

This place is a joke! Picked up my glasses(only one pair was ready but they acted like both were). I absolutely could not see. 10 times worse with glasses than without and they told me to wear them to see if I get used to them. They were obviously busy and didn’t want to deal with me. Doubt I’ll ever see the money I wasted here.

Angela Gomez

Had a appointment for my daughter but when I got to America's Best they said she didn't have a appointment. I asked the lady when her appointment was scheduled for and she kept on doing whatever she was doing on the computer so I stood for 10 min waiting for a answer which she never gave . I asked again and she ignored my question and just said she'd put me down for 3:40 which was only 10 minutes after my initial appointment so I didn't mind waiting. I was ready to leave but my daughter really needed glasses so I waited. The person who gave my daughter her exam didn't look happy at all just ready to leave. The only person I encountered there that really looked interested in helping was Darnella. She was so kind to me and my children and even talked with them a little to get to know them. I was recommended going to a different location even if it's a little further out.

Mallory Morse

Upset. The ad I saw was free eye exam and two pair of glasses for 70 bucks. I thought about it and said I might just do the $45 exam and order my glasses somewhere else. I was then told it would only be $20 more so might as well get the glasses too. Then I paid $110. I have no idea how. I have my receipt and it appears that I paid for both frames that were two different prices. I am just confused as to why I was told it would only be $20 more to get glasses with my exam. Staff was super sweet though.

Whitney Taylor

Laurie Starns

Luis Lopez

the worst place to buy lenses cheap is more expensive Never going back

v bee

This is the absolute last time I will be giving this company my business ,how is it I spend almost 100$ on a pair of colored contacts . And one of them is defective,then when I tell the manager . She calls the general manager who says ; the only thing they can do is give me a discount,or give me clear contacts . If I wanted clear contacts I would have bought clear ,I will never ever give this unethical company another dime . But you get what you pay for ,I should have went to Schaeffer.

Krystal Hughes

Very good service didn't take long at all, I got new lenses for my eye glasses and a prescription for contacts after they sized me and I completed a 2 week trail. Friendly people and very professional!

Gabriela Hernandez

This is my second time going. My first visit was so pleasant and everyone was frendly. I got a eye exam and a contact lenses exam. Great price!. I ran out of contacts I call to order or to see if they had them in stock. Well the young lady put me on hold for 25 min asked me my name a date of birth again. Less then 2 min she told me they did not have them. That I needed to order them. Well she took my order and they were going to call me back. A week past and nobody call me. I call and they have no order in the computer for me. They told that they had some In stock If I wanted to come and pick them up and purchase them. Came In the store spoke with the manager on duty he apologized for what happen. He gave me a 10 % card for next purchased. Well it happen again 12/14/17 when I call and the story has repeat. I will go to different store.

Senetta Moore

Customer service sucks. I been going to this company for 15 years. Never bern treated the way i did today. Walk in and tell them I will like to pick out some glasses. Their employee telI me that i have to have an appointment. I explain to her that I the doctor at another location didn't tell me I need to have an appointment to pick out glasses. That they should be able to pull up my prescription from that location. Employee goes in pull my info, she tells me I have onky have a prescription for contacts. I've been coming to America's Best for years so I know what my service I pay for. It 30 minutes for them get my prescription. And no one assist me with picking out a frames as I waited for them to send my prescriptions. Customer service was wondeful at Schaeffer the guy was able to help me pick out three frames before they cliose. So yeah customer service sucks. And they wasn't busy neither.

Scott Young

Krystal Dennis

Kevin Nelson

Best services

Daniela Soberano

Really good awesome customer service

Louis Thomas

They do not warranty there frames eyemart Express does was trying to save money but they are more expensive last there for me ever

Jeremy Harper

I called them at 9 this morning asked if I needed an appointment they said no come on inn got there at 9:45 and at 10:31 no one had asked me if I needed help assistance or anything so America's Best eyeglasses and contacts lost a 300-plus dollar sale today because they don't want to help nobody and then when I asked for assistance I was told hope you have a nice day do not go to them for you get treated like garbage I heard them tell three different people three different prices on eye exams $30 50 dollars and $89 for eye exams which one is it

L A Bhammy

Ignored. So going to pay more for better service.

Lisa Forrestor

Rebecca Graber

Julien was very helpful when my Eye Care Club membership didn't come up. He was patient and understanding and went above and beyond


Been waiting for an hour to get my prescription faxed ...still waiting

Sheena N

This was my second time coming to this location and my last. My insurance did not change. I've had the same ID number, group, etc.. for two years. Nobody told me there was an issue with my insurance nor did anybody tell me that there were any issues with my insurance on file. I did my exam and got ready to pick my glasses and was quoted a price of over a hundred dollars. I know what kind of coverage I have so I asked the person helping (LaToya or something similar) was I out of network because the last time I came in I didn't pay anything for my exam and my glasses were eight dollars with insurance. She told me I didn't have insurance, that it was a discount card that I had. I assured her I had insurance yet nothing was done to see why my insurance info wasn't showing up. I paid for the exam but did not take the glasses and called my insurance company. It took me two phone calls to you guys plus my insurance company calling personally for this issue to be handled which meant I had to drive all the back to this location just to get a refund. Nobody said they were sorry for the inconvenience and I wasn't given the option to get the glasses. The funny thing is I noticed the person helping is supposed to be a supervisor yet she did the bare minimum to solve my issue. I had to sit there and wait for her to get a refund as if my time means nothing. Thankfully my insurance company has a wide in-network of eye care centers so I can go somewhere else to get service the next time.

Janet Bell

They explain everything and prices correct. I love it. Thet explain specials and more.

S-Bob Jones

Each time I have visited this location, I have been treated very well. The staff was kind and helpful. I have visited on 5 different occasions. Keep up the good work.

Rebecca Wadsworth

My experience at America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses was fast & friendly. I chose America's Best because I do not have vision insurance & needed both an eye exam & new glasses. Check-in was fast & the new customer information sheet was easy to fill out. The gentleman who did the initial part of my exam (reading my prescription and checking for astigmatism) was quick & kind, as was my doctor. After the eye exam, I was shown to the frames in the front part of the store. They left me alone to pick out my own frames, which I did not mind in the slightest. The sales person was also very kind and sweet and explained to me the additional options I had for my new frames. I went with the very basic set up, which is what is advertised (two pairs for $69.95 + free eye exam). My new glasses are guaranteed to arrive within 2 weeks & I cannot wait to get them! Thanks, America's Best for a great experience and I will return to you for my next eye exam, even if I have insurance!

Leah Kinyua

My Phan

My Mom getting eye exam and eyeglasses here over 1 month ago, she paid They said will delivery her eyeglasses in about 2 weeks soon. My sister try to call us respon but still waiting for so long and never know when eyeglasses delivery. So disappointed and won’t be back. I would like to get refund if they can. My Mom cannot working without eyeglasses for too long like that.

Terri Goode Parker

Initial checkup, I was impressed. Super clean which I liked. The exam left a lot to the imagination and was high pressure and all sales. I got the wrong glasses after two weeks. Tracey the store manager was kind and corrected it. But two weeks later I came to pick up the correct ones after I received a call that they had arrived. I arrived at the store and Melvin said they weren't there. I had him listen to the message if received 5 days earlier. He had opportunity to say it was an error. But instead he said "that's not what that call means." The phone message said "your glasses are ready at the store." I'm not sure how to misinterpret that. He was so rude as he was on my first visit. I asked him to go look again. He said no. I asked for the manager on duty who found my glasses in about 30 seconds. So he "fit" them for me. It's a rare occasion that I've spoken with a service professional this rude. No apology for his mistake. No thank you when I left. Melvin needs instruction or another line of work.


Heaven Has Heart

I took my children to America's Best in Crestwood to have one of them be seen for an eye exam and to receive new glasses. The place was very clean and the staff were all very welcoming and friendly. The front desk person made sure to greet us with a smile when we came in and gave good eye contact. The check in process went fast. We had an appointment and didnt have to wait long at all to be seen. The associate, Melvin who performed the initial check up was very kind and patient with my children--answering our questions about my child's eyes, past eyewear and prescription, and explaining the need for using the eye charts and eye reading machines when my child was asking what it was for and why it had to be done again this year. The eye physician was very kind and friendly and made sure I understood everything that my child needed--asking if we had any questions. The associate Amanda who fitted my child for new glasses was terrific. She went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care of and that my child was happy with her eye glass selections.

Tenika Williams

They never have my prescription ready for my contacts. They continue to give me trial pair after trial pair. And then tell me that I have to pay $79 for another eye exam. I shouldn't have to pay if it hasn't been a whole year. This is the worst America's Best I have ever been to, and I guarantee they won't get another dime out of me!

Katelyn Lear

Amanda Kilgo

Latoya at America's Best was absolutely amazing! She was super helpful and so friendly! It was the best customer service that I've had in a really long time

Jackie Carter

I have come to this particular location for a few years. I have enjoyed my experience with the staff at the front desk and when leaving. However, I have been trying to get Dr. Esther Karanja to change my contacts prescription due to the redness of my eyes when wearing the Sofmed Breathable brand. She has yet to change my prescription and keeps giving me the same brand to try on which I know doesn't work for me. I am unsure as to why she won't try other brands but due to her inability to understand my needs I am forced to go to another store. No more America's Best for me!

Holden Pyrakhovsky

Revised: After a VERY rocky first visit followed by a rather scathing review on here, I was contacted by Customer Support and put in touch with the General Manager of the location, Cesar Sarmiento. Mr. Cesar was friendly and accommodating, addressing my issues with my previous visit benevolently. While the front desk may have less-than-stellar employees, the Management staff and the Customer Support are excellent. Thank you very much, and you have managed to keep a customer's trust.

Mishayla Thomas

Kimberly Naramore

Enjoyed the staff, for the exception of the front desk. Anyways, everyone else was so sweet and kind. Especially Darnella, she was an angel. I'd recommended this location, just overlook the check in receptionist(s)

Scotty Watkins

went for appointment, waited til girl behind counter was free, she took a call for five minutes , put them on hold to take another call for at least 2 more minutes before I got really upset,about being disregarded and left. so unprofessiona

Octavia Sellers

I called for a price check before going in and the customer service lady was very nice, patient, answered all my questions & didn't put me on hold not 1 time. I was a walk-in 1st time patient. My appointment was 13 minutes after I walked in. The place was very clean, & well organized. Every one I had any encounter with was very professional, helpful, patient, & nice. Loved it, great deals, was a schaeffer's patient...but will be going here from now on. 1st time patient's form was short and simple. Which I personally liked cause I don't like to write. Lol.

Alexis Trimble

Tracy Marberry

I love the people who work here. I always feel at ease while there.

Kimberly Plus2

The absolute best place I've ever been!! Completely satisfied with this place! I had my first visit today and I hope it's not the last!

Kathi Johnson

The customer service is horrible. I was in need of another set of contact lens until my next appt. for a new eye exam. My subscription expired Nov. 2017 and no one contacted me to inform me that my expiration date is approaching, so if I wanted to purchase any more corrective lenses, do so before my expiration. I have been given an emergency pair until my next appt. in the past, but when the time come again for an emergency pair, they will not issue them without a valid prescription. This is awful customer service and they have lost my business as of today, bc now I have to have blurry vision until I can get an eye appt.

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