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REVIEWS OF Parcel Center, Inc. IN Rhode Island

Big Momma and Friends

NOT a pleasant person! will never do business with again, trying to tell me the container that was shipped to veterinary office as is(medical) can not be shipped back as is, what a wad! Took package to staples, they had no problem and its within regulation, so beware! just check his stars, all 1s if any???


I would give zero stars if I could! This is the same as my Yelp review which I've copied here as to let people know my awful experience. I am a Yelp elite and all of my reviews are honest and true. On to my review... I have never been treated so rude by a business in my life. Ever. I went in to see if they took prepaid authorized return packages because I needed to drop off my return at an authorized UPS center. I vaguely remember visiting a very long time ago and them not accepting some type of packages so I wanted to make sure before I stood in a line of ten people. It is the holidays and it was busy in there but that is NO excuse for the way I was treated. I walked in and walked to side of the line because it was all the way back to the door. I stood to the side and waited for someone to acknowledge me to no avail. Both workers were dealing with other people but they should still acknowledged other customers standing in the store. Finally, I said to the man behind the counter "excuse me, do you accept UPS authorized return packages?" He just rolled his eyes hard and ignored me. I said again "do you?" He then look at me and said "wait your turn!". I then said "wait my turn in a line of ten people to find out you don't actually accept them? It's a simple question and if you don't I'll just go somewhere else." He then took a piece of paper out and slammed it down on the counter "fill out the form!" I did walk up to the counter muttering something I'm sure wasn't exactly pleasant grabbed the form and then started to walk back to the line. I realized half way back that I did not want to give this man any type of business at all or even waste my time with someone so rude. I threw the paper on the floor and said loudly "forget this I'll got to staples" and on my way I went. This man was completely obnoxious and I can not believe he actually runs a business like this if he is the owner. If he isn't the owner then the owner needs to do some serious quality control with his workers because treating a potential customer like that is just unacceptable. I know that I will never ever visit that this place again even if it's the last place on earth to drop off a package or order invitations. I will be sure to tell everyone my experience and I urge anyone to please take your business elsewhere the customer service is vile. Stay away, far away from this place.

G. S.

Did alot of business here when I worked in Westerly, always got great service, made us some great decals for the side of our truck!

Brendan Cawley

Terrible business, terrible customer service, just terrible all around.

Denise Hall

The guy always got the job done for me, recommend the place

Greg Bernier

Quick, courteous, and got my copies and document notarized in 5 mins. Good prices too.

David Zart

Very rude with poor customer service. Dirty and dismal inside. Poor and misleading website. Don't waste your time, drive up the road to the USPS, where they are helpful and friendly.

Deb Tucker

Rudest business owner I have ever met!!!! Will never ever go there again. He may have some old loyal customers but he will never get new ones.


I’m really not sure what all the negative reviews are about. I went in there to return a graphics card for my computer to be shipped back to the company to be repaired and the guy running the store was more than nice and polite. If you treat someone with respect they will do the same.

Zuzi T

Wow! Worst experience ever with UPS package. I'll just stick with THE original UPS store.

Tim Fanning

I understand that your company doesn't take drop off for UPS or FEDEX. I understand business need to make MONEY. What I don't understand is why you have to be so nasty to your customers about this. Many customers don't know the difference between a drop off and you shipping a parcel for them. I mean even in your responses to people on your reviews you're quite unprofessional. Here is an example of one of your responses. "Here we go again, another Amazon drop-off that has nothing to do with my company. She had a Amazon QR code that can only be done directly with UPS. She did not want to hear it. You try to lead them in the direction to get her item returned, she did not want to hear it. Oh, they(I am assuming Amazon) told her to go to UPS. Well, my company is not UPS, as I tried to explain." Also just so you are more informed and don't keep telling your customers the wrong information, Amazon QR codes are not done directly with UPS. They are done at any The UPS Store location which are individually owned and operated just like your business. A little kindness and courtesy goes along way.

Mark Smithey

Don’t walk in this place. The guy who runs it is the rudest guy on the planet.

Fausto Lebron

Says open until 5 but closes at 4:50. Not good business practice as people may have an emergency last minute shipment such as myself. Won’t be back.

Jeffrey Spear

Terrible service, women was rude because I had a pre paid label and wouldn't take my package ...

Eric Kenyon

I have been going to The Parcel Center for a few years now. I NEVER had a problem there, what so ever. Arthur, to me is a very nice human being. He was NEVER rude to me. I will never stop using their services. He takes and the company have taken very good care of the packages that I have sent out. Some of them were big boxes going out to onother state. Not once did he say no, I can’t do it or say it’s to big. I will keep useing their service no matter what people say. Keep up the good work Arthur.

edythe rose

OMG. All of my experiences at the Parcel Center have been positive. I've had to fax documents at the last minute, return items, and even get help to ensure that my grandson got a package in time for his birthday even though the package had been returned to me from another postal service. At no time was I ever treated rudely or with anything other than the utmost kindness and patience. There's nothing wrong with Arthur, but definitely something amiss with those who have left negative comments.

William Sangster

Rude never will use this store.

nate hamlett

Very rude, no customer service skills. Just take the 15 min ride to the UPS store in narragansett

nalla thambi

Philo Willetts

I have used Arthur's Parcel Center many times: for stationery, cartridge refills, business cards, sending packages, laminating, bulk confidential copying, etc. Arthur is careful, conscientious, diligent, and highly service-oriented. I and my office staff highly recommend The Parcel Center as a valuable ally in getting extra office and personal stuff done well.

Pavli Nashed


Lies. They don’t do FedEx. (Inappropriate is not a hyphenated word, fyi)

Michael Grady

I'm tired of people bashing this store, most of the negative comments are totally unwarranted. I've used this shipping location probably half a dozen times in the last year. Every single time I do, I'm in and out in less than 5 mins, my items are shipped as cost efficiently as possible, with no issues. The staff behind the counter doesn't come out and hug me or give me a high five. If that's what you want, go to a coffee shop and make friends with a barista. That's not what I care about. I'm here to have thing shipped. The staff knows what they're doing, it's fast, professional and the cheapest option in the area. I'm not sure why so many people are intent on having some kind of next level customer service experience from a shipping store in a strip mall, this shop is what it is and it does what it's supposed to do very well.

Deanna Voisine

Worst customer service EVER! That guy should not work with other human beings.

K Hosbond

The person in this place has a very poor attitude. I will never walk in here again. I searched for a UPS drop off location and this place came up; I usually try never to use UPS due to their lack of standards, but this was a return item and the company provides the service. The person rudely told me he does not accept these (meaning a pre-paid package) and directed me to a drop box in a parking lot down the street. I am surprised this place stays in business with such terrible service.

Ryan Lemay

The guys kind of a dick.

Bdbhs D Vsbs

I actually like this place. They have always been so kind to me and have helped out tremendously. Have never had a problem with them.

Studio Barash

Super rude and arrogant. Go elsewhere

Only 1 JRod

I can't believe I was treated so rudely. I was made to feel like I was an idiot because I did not know some UPS shipping policy. I was treated like I was disturbing the owner by being there. I will NEVER go back. I had herd stories before from a neighbor but hey, Perhaps it was a bad day. Nope, that's just how it is in this pathetic excuse for a business. The sign is falling apart, its filthy inside and it has rude service. How is this place still in business?

William Mckenzie

Beyond packing and shipping Arthur and his wife are the most helpful, polite and professional company . I will willing recommend them to my friends and acquaintances .

Candace Hicks

Wooooow, such rude customer service! Called in with a simple question and couldn't even get it out without being interrupted several times and his attitude was atrocious!! I would drive to ANY location other than this one.

Tim Goslin

Wouldnt ship a prepaid ups package useless

Dree D

First of all, this place isn't dirty. The strip mall is kind of shabby and the shop isn't fussy, but who cares? It's a parcel store, not a spa. And yeah, the guy behind the counter is a little odd, but again - who cares? I'm not going to pay corporate chain prices just to have a weary teenager in a polo shirt smile at me with dead, underpaid eyes. This place gets the job done; they do it cheaply and well. I've used them almost exclusively for shipping since I moved to the area, and it's been great. If you want actual weird and rude, hit up the central post office in town. If you're too fragile to handle customer service that isn't boot-licking obsequious, then yes, please, go to Staples. And don't yell at overwhelmed service people in a busy store! Anywhere! It's rude. Anyway, I live far away from 90% of my friends and family, so I send a fair number of packages. This place saves me time, money, and a huge number of headaches when I need something shipped safely. It isn't fancy, but it's clean and orderly and reliable. The best part is, you don't have to go to a big box office supply store. Yay.

Trisha Lake

I read the previous reviews, but thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Bad idea, I walked in and he immediately told me he knew he wasn't going to accept my package, blah blah blah, and that it probably wasn't labeled correctly. It was an amazon return, labeled correctly. I didn't even get all the way in the door and he was"no no no". Whatever. I walked out.

A Smith

Owner has an attitude. Go to staples if you need to drop anything off for UPS it’s also right down the street.

Janice Ricker

Wow is'nt amazing that there are more negative comments on this man then there are positive. If I was his employer he would have been out of the door years ago. On the odd few occasions that I go there I have found him to be cold, rude, arrogant and downright nasty. I don't think he could crack a smile if he tried. He acts like he does not want to be there and makes you feel the same way. I was in today to drop off a ups package which had the label on from ups, he abruptly and nastily told me he could not accept the package because it was 48" x 48". It was very light not heavy. I said I thought this was a drop off and he said I needed to check the ups label it should have measurements and weight on it like I am supposed to know this. I said I cannot believe you can't take this, he said no have a happy thanksgiving and the way he said it so,rudely implied get out. I said could you at least open the door for me and he did but had watched me struggle in with the package and nobody was there that he was attending to at the time. I went to Staples where they CHEERFULLY took my package no problem and I told them about my experience and they could not understand why they would not take it. I will never go into that place again and deal with that depressed man. Staples has a new customer.

Bill Felkner

HE WILL NOT TAKE DROP OFF PACKAGES - he will only take customers that pay him directly . If you printed your label with anyone else he wont take it. Tells you to call Fed Ex . He's quite the jerk about it.

Dixon Wolcott

Trash delivery service terrible mean people

Nicholas Mandes

I was rejected service for a ups return package because he was "too busy" and didn't make any money off of returns. he was rude as could be a was calling me dude. Never will I do business with them again. not the first attitude I've gotten form him

Tiffytatortots 1

Do not waste your time or money here. HORRIBLE customer service! I will drive to Groton than ever deal with this place again.

Susan Larouche

It saddens me to see the negative reviews about the Parcel Center. My place of employment has been doing business with Arthur for years and we are treated with respect, good service, and quality care. He is very nice man who is always ensuring our deliveries are sent correctly and efficiently. Thank you, Arthur for your great service!

Connor McGill

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