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REVIEWS OF Arbor Pack ‘N’ Mail IN Michigan

Jimena Loveluck

I have been frequenting this business for my shipping needs for years and their service is always fast, helpful and courteous. They keep frequently used addresses on file which make the process so easy. Sam and his staff are wonderful.

Manar Tawakkol

I highly recommend this place for all mailing, packing , passport , printing and shipping. The staff in general and Sam specifically are very helpful, pleasant and provide excellent advise on what to use between the various service providers. Sam went out of his way recently in repacking stuff that we packed at no cost.

Linda Chapman

The service at Arbor Pak n Mail always goes "above and beyond" what is expected. Helpful consultation results in the most inexpensive approach possible with excellent care in packing and attention to needs on the destination end. Thanks!

Irena Kiki Markovits

Such a wonderful place, so friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful-great service

Evan Collins

Great customer service!

nancy f

This is my favorite and honestly, the best place for mailing my packages. Sam is the great. I drove all way from Novi, because his customer service is 5 Stars - thanks Sam!!!

Elizabeth Jackson

Great customer service, with full service including packing supplies and passport photos.

Minecraft 2018-2019

I was introduced to Arbor Pak 'N' Mail twelve years ago. Since then, I have been more than happy with their services. The customer service is great and staff is very friendly. I strongly recommend this merchant.

Anahita Khodadadi

anna maccourt

This place is great, especially for international shipping! They are very knowledgable and will advise the customer about the most cost effective and fastest shipping methods. Being able to chose between a variety of shipping services - USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. at one place is very convenient.

Carol Brody

Although he says he's just doing his job, my experience has been that Sam goes out of his way to be helpful. I've had some complicated mailing issues, and Sam has done the research and made the calls to make sure everything went smoothly. I will never go anywhere else.

Ira Horowitz

Sam is great!

Alexi Ehrlich

Wonderful customer service experience!

samantha zhang

I have been there many times. The boss is very nice, product price is reasonable, very convenient for neighborhood!

Kelly Zechmeister

Sam and his staff are consistently delivering kind, quick service! Just last weekend (the day before Christmas Eve) I went in to mail a last minute package. I wasn't surprised to see a short line of 2 other people doing the same. As the staff person was working through each person's order with grace and ease (though some seemed complicated--international order, something maybe certified mail?), I noticed a sign that the hours for that day should have been 10am - 2pm. It was well past 3pm at the time! When I approached the counter, I apologized to the staff member and said he should lock the door so he could go home! He only smiled and reassured me that it was okay. The convenience of the location, the wide range of services and the extremely kind people working will keep me coming back to Arbor Pak N' Mail for sure!

Daniel Koenig

Great service. Use them every time

Ross Smith

I love this place. Sam is always cheerful and courteous. He knows just about everything about shipping that there is to know. It's vey convenient./

Leslie Shannon

I have been using Arbor Pack & Mail for years and will happily continue! I can always count on Sam and his staff to get what I need done efficiently and cost-effectively and ALWAYS with a smile. Thank you Sam!!!

Yasminah Ketchman

I've been shipping from Arbor Pak'N'Mail for a couple of years now. They are very helpful and friendly, and offer a lot of services. While it does cost more than the post office to ship from private businesses like this one, you can't beat the convenience and speed of service. I always ask for the cost of materials and services up front when I'm sending packages, so I have never had issues with pricing and nothing comes as a surprise. Sam is great, and I love going in there when he is there. He takes really good care of customers.

Barbaranne Branca

This is a friendly place, focused on customer service. Sam (I believe he is the owner) is always pleasant. He remembered my name from the start and knows the addresses of those to whom I mail. He helps me figure out the best and most economical way to send packages. He is careful with package contents and offers suggestions about packaging. They also do passports.

Cheryl Catton

This is my "go-to" mail service provider for all of my packages and international mailings. Prices are reasonable and their customer service is outstanding. Once you are in their system, sending a package takes no time at all and getting email updates tracking the shipment is another added convenience. Highly recommend.

Bobby Whitus

Perfect. Great customer service. Good prices. Highly recommend!!

Richard Chang

kwame porter robinson

Excellent customer service! Would go there again.

Matthew Twetten

Linda Elert

Sam has become like a friend, often helping me package as well as send. He and his staff are great with all of the customers and the store feels like a neighborhood shop.

Patricia Pasick

As someone who mails a lot of packages for my business and family, I have been a loyal customer of Arbor for at least 10 years, and never had a bad experience. My packages--often to Asia and Africa--are handled efficiently and expertly, and Sam and his staff are very happy to track them. Being in their system as a customer means I can often slip in and out in less than two minutes, and be in touch by email. This, and the courtesies they grant me as a long-time customer, is worth every penny of their service charges, and a store experience that is five-star.

Suzanne Davis

Great, fast, professional service. I ship packages to my family multiple times a year, and this place has all my usual addresses on file, which makes it even easier and faster.

Michelle Adams

The service I receive here is outstanding--so much so that I stopped going to the local post office. The owners genuinely care about their customers, and they make each visit fast and efficient (and pleasant!)

Cathy Banish

great customer service!

Chelsea Raffellini

I received effective, efficient, service delivered in a personable manner, by the pleasant staff. It actually made my errand enjoyable.


I can recommend Pak N' Mail for any shipping needs. The staff are helpful and their prices are reasonable.

Kathleen Koehler

I suspect I am not the only loyal customer to feel like Sam is a personal friend. He and his staff are always helpful and incredibly efficient whether I am mailing packages, packing up delicate items, or using their passport preparation services. I cannot recommend this business more highly!

Krista Nye Nicholas

Hong G Im

Sam is extremely friendly and professional. I had to repack nice furniture pieces for overseas shipping and he took great care of packing them at better than original packing condition. He didn't mind my numerous phone calls and subtle requests, and his experience resulted in the best possible outcome. If you have something precious to ship and don't want to take a chance, I strongly recommend him.

vineet handa

Amazing customer service. Super helpful. Thanks Sam

Susan Westgate

Such a pleasure to do business here! Friendly, great service what more can you ask for.

Mary Pedley

We have been using Arbor Pak N Mail since it opened in and have appreciated the excellent service, the courteous staff, and the extra care that is taken with mail, faxes, parcels, and passport renewals, all of which are dealt with efficiently and cheerfully. Sending packages is made as effortless as possible and the email tracking is a great help. We highly recommend this business and its convenience and friendly atmosphere.

Luis Gomez

I live abroad and depend on a mailing service that can act on my behalf when I am not there, and with a staff I can trust and depend on. I have been using Arbor Pack for 9 years and it has become so much a part of my life that it never occurred to me that there was any need for a Review. But I should have written a review a long time ago to express my satisfaction with Arbor Pack and its owner, Mr. Sam Patel. All I can say is that I have never received anything but service of the highest quality, delivered cordially and courteously. I recommend Arbor Pack without reservations.

Daniel Addo

I hv had a good experience there as well. nice work!

Michael Conlin

Great service, great people. I wish I had discovered Arbor Pack 'n' Mail earlier, but now that I have, they are my main destination for all mailing and shipping. They can handle everything.

Wenndy F

The service was awful, the guy that was helping me, checked what was inside my box without even asking me if he could check inside . Then, he ask me if I had shipped internationally before, and how much i usually pay, also if i had quoted in other place, i told him that, UPS Plymouth office quoted me 250 for my package, it was a lie, they quoted me 200, but he told i will charged you the same, without even weighted the box, then i told him, well the true is that they charged me 200 not 250, and he said, ok i can do it for 195!! Again, without even weighted. So, I don't trust them, and i will rather do it directly in UPS office. He was telling me that i needed to pay extra for international shipping, something that UPS office never mentioned. This business is a joke and they will charged you whatever they want or can! Go to usps directly or UPS. Not here.

Carlye Malcolm

Arbor Pack & Mail is a great alternative to waiting in line at the post office. It's my go-to place to duck in and out with a package to mail or stamps to buy. They also do passports and can notarize documents. Things there are quick, friendly, and efficient!

Sarah VanNewkirk

Sam and his team offer great service at reasonable prices. They are professional, friendly and efficient. They will help with packing of items to have them sent, keep track of addresses I ship to frequently, email receipts and tracking information and streamline all the aspects of mailing items to make things as easy as possible.

Nan Reed Twiss

My go-to place for sending packages. Very conveniently located; always friendly, helpful, efficient.

Alex D

They were the friendliest people. I grew up in a small town and since living in Ypsi, I don't get that feeling often; the guys at Arbor Pak 'n' Mail gave me that feeling of personal service and professionalism. A+

Yao Guo

Tani B

Arbor Pack and Mail is one of Washtenaw County's best locally owned businesses. It's the only place I'll go to ship packages, and they offer a number of other services as well, including passport photos and mailbox rentals. The entire staff is friendly, honest, knowledgeable, and efficient, and I always walk out with a smile on my face. In fact, I have walked in to the shop multiple times with loose items to mail and no idea how to package them, and Sam and Vivian have always come up with the most economical way to package things up and get them safely to their destination. In the past, having a package to mail was an unwelcome and irritating chore, but now, thanks to the stellar, hassle-free service offered by Arbor Pack and Mail, it's a bright and pleasant experience.

Sichang Zhou

I mailed an international letter which only contained couple of paper one month ago. I asked for trackable priority international service by USPS. They charged me $40 and I was told this letter can be reached 6 or 10 days later. However, after one month, this mail never reached to the destination. When I used the tracking number they provided on USPS's website, they said this mail cannot be tracked at all. After that, I went to the post office in person. I was told there this was actually a flat-mail with a priority mail envelop, which cost $24 for this service. I called Arbor PAK N MAIL store many time. What I knew from them (Sam, the owner, I guess) was always this kind of statement : We do not know what is going on with this letter. Ask USPS! I do not know whether this situation only happen on me or not, I would never step into this store anymore.

Ami Ball

It was awful! I needed a shipping pouch to put an invoice. I was going to buy anyway, but I couldn't find right one. So, I went to this store. He sold me an envelop from UPS and charged me $1.00! If I had time to find right store, I could buy a box of 1000 in $25.00. UPS envelop is free for him. What a rip off!!

Paul Edwards

Sam Patel and his team are terrific. They handled all our mail while we were out of the country for a year. This included not only receiving packages and mail, but also sometimes opening particular letters and scanning the contents to send to us. They're highly responsive, fast, courteous, and accurate. I always use them for mailing packages, too - faster and easier than the USPS, UPS, or Fedex offices.

Lynn Heumann

This place has the best customer service in town. They really go out of their way to be helpful, fair, honest. Cannot say enough good things!

betsy nisbet

The staff at Arbor Pak N Mail provide top notch service and go out of their way to be helpful. The owner is professional and friendly and has set up a system which saves time by pulling up addresses of repeat recipients.

Wanqi Ouyang

Sherry N.

If I can give no star, I would. In the past three visits over 4 years, I have never had good experience at this place. Here is why: - The first time (about 4 years ago) I went there to ship a box overseas, it costed me over $48. I was shocked but did not give a fuss. Later on I realized that they had grossly overcharged me for something that is first class international mail. - The second time (about 1.5 years ago). I wanted to send a first class soft parcel to Canada. It weighted about 3 oz and at that time the PO charges under $3.50. The store worker quoted me priority mail (over $8) and refused to send it first class mail. I did not end up shipping through this place, of course. - The third time (today) I went there to drop off a parcel, buy a roll of tape, and also pick up a flat rate box (which is provided by USPS for free). There were no flat rate boxes or envelopes on display so I asked about it. The store worker said that they DO have flat rate boxes behind the counter but I have to bring my items to the store and make the package in the store to ship with flat rate box. In another word, the store wouldn't give out flat rate boxes/envelopes if you don't have the item to ship right there at that moment. I didn't have the item with me (it was big and I needed a medium flat rate box) so the store worker wouldn't give me the box to take home. That is really inconvenient. He also said that they will charge a premium on top of the regular USPS rate because they are providing a "service". I didn't ask how much the premium is because at that point I don't want to spend any money in this place. To me it shows that the the mentality of the store is petty and short-sighted: instead of building a good will and getting more business from the customers in the future by giving out a box which they get for free, they prefer the certainty of making the money right here right now. I feel that they neither care about nor trusting the people they are "serving". Third try is my maximum. You bet I would never step a foot in this business again. If you want to have a good customer service experience, have a little privacy as to what you are packing in your parcel, and don't want to be ripped off, avoid this place.

Sergio villegas-umana

This is my go to spot for sending packages. Helpful, friendly staff to get things done. Also, you can get your passport photos here.

Caryn Woodward

Sam, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable about his packing craft! He was great to work with, and we are very happy with the service!

Tim Lukenda

Friendly efficient service. Thanks!

Patrick Gibson

We ship 30 boxes of candy every year before Christmas and Arbor Pak N Mail makes the process so easy and seamless. 5 minutes in and out! And even though we only go in a few times per year, they remember us and treat us like valued customers. Great business!

Adreanne Waller

Arbor Pack and Mail are always extremely helpful. They always go the extra mile and try to make the mailing experience much easier than it would be otherwise. Happy to support and continue to give business to this wonderful agency.

Vishal Baviskar

I called on the number that I found on FedEx website for this store to see if i can pick up my FedEx delivery from the store and the person on the other end rudely says 'don't just call any random number that popup in your mind!'. Really is that what you tell your customers?

Carmen Catalan

Excellent service. I recently received mail that I needed forwarded to Argentina, where I¨m currently living- the staff is very knowledgeable about international shipping. Sam is always very helpful and replies promptly to emails. 5 stars!

Angeline Smith

Price for mail box services more affordable than competition such as UPS store but same convenience of mail receiving and package handling. Excellent and consistent service. I highly recommend them for all of the services they provide.

Lillie Scribner

Wonderful customer service at Arbor Pak n Mail! They went out of the way to ensure that they got my business rather than the big guys I had been price-checking with. I was able to ship 3 large packages which all arrived in perfect condition- including 1 containing glass- and I received my passport photos all within just a few minutes.

Andrew Allen

Awful service. Slow. Unhelpful. Upcharges for everything. Just go to the post office.

John-Carlos Marino

They've consistently overcharged for deliveries. Most recently, I tried shipping a box through UPS here, and they charged me $44, after checking online it should have only been $26. I was able to get mack before it shipped and they at least gave me a refund and my package back. Another time, I had a package that needed to be taped shut. The cashier said, "No problem, i've got it" and taped the box shut for me. I saw later on the receipt that he charged me for this. 1$ is not a lot of money, but the fact that he didn't say anything about the fee is pretty representative of this place.

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