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Thanks made me feels so welcomed!! Eggplant Parmesan Pizza was delicious!!! I was looking for just HOOKAH and got so much more. Atmosphere was chill.

Soukaina B

Last night after attending a poetry events, a group of us decided to go to greenhouse. We were welcomed at the door by the bouncer rudely and in a racist manner. I am middle Easter and my boyfriend is African American, he was dressed slightly off the establishment standards. During the time that we were trying to discuss the discrimination with the bouncer, he has let similar dressing customers with different origins in and refuse to let us in. This was our first and last time at this place. I don’t recommend it to anyone

Shyamili R. Sharma

Nice place. Decent food. Excellent drinks! Now they have more light in the lounge so definitely better.

Patsy Daniels

Had poke bowl, and a lycheetini. I was dining alone, so I sat at the bar. Service was good, and it was a neat space. Does have a club feel, with the decor and bathroom layout. So no complaints, but just not exactly what I expected.

Aivy league

Awesome place for apps/ drinks. The owner is absolutely amazing and the staff are great! We come here on Tuesdays for tacos WHICH are only different on Tuesday for a car meet/event that happens. Super great vibes and a lot of fun. They offer hookah as well and a nice outdoor seating if you wanted to sit out there. The place is also GORGEOUS, great for cute photos with friends. Stop by, have a drink and spend some time with friends !

Lady Castro

I had a great experience, amazing food and drinks, I went out to celebrate my work promotion. And my sister recommended Greenhouse. I had fun all night. Love love the music,I couldnt stop dancing. Thanks peruvian DJ. We are defintely coming back soon.

Oksana Podorovskaya

I am not happy with my first and pretty much the last visit here. The price on food is not high but food is not excellent. I ordered seafood risotto that was pretty much tasteless. My husband ordered tuna stake and here no complains, cooked perfectly. Churasco u can see on pic. Look so so. But the worst was service. First. They sit us at the table where we’re staying dirty glass and a server didn’t pick it up until I didn’t asked her to do it. Than a guy, I assumed, from host offer us to put our umbrella on host station and we agreed, but apparently they just needed our umbrella to meet other guests and was using our umbrella without even asking us. Even more. We went outside after we made food and another round of drinks. On the way back another “gentleman” who works there asked for my id. On reasonable notice that we are already here spending money the last almost hour he didn’t react and in mean way told me to go to my table than to return back and show him my id. Why should I return back if I am a client why he is staying over there and chatting with girls? It is too much, never again! Plus be careful! They include 20% tips on big groups.

Emmy Deleon27

Came to this place on a Friday night expecting to have a good time, ended up just staying 1 hour, extremely poor costumer service, bad overpriced drinks, $18 for a small margarita that tasted like water, a 10 x 10 foot dance floor, they have a nice patio with some tables marked reserved and others with no sign, we sat there just to rest a minute and they came to tell us it was reserved and we needed to spend $400 in order to sit there lol ok so the place was not busy at all and you prefer to have a empty couch than to sit paying clients , so I will not be returning, terrible service, terrible prices and terrible drinks!

Paris Panah

Meh. For the price, not worth going. Just go to DC lol

Christien Oriol

Food coffee dancing perfect

Paul Smith

The food was very good, but the place was loud, the lounge room was weird, and the dance floor was so cramped that it spilled out everywhere in a chaotic fashion. Maybe it would be a great lunch spot, but having dinner with friends on a Saturday night should be avoided. I've been to a lot of restaurants and a lot of nightclubs. I would much, much rather go to a good restaurant and then a good nightclub rather than try to combine them the way they did here.

Zainab Senhaji Rhazi

Great food options, music, and diverse crowds. Careful you could get overcharged if in a big group though. It happened to us

Will Armstrong

I didn't eat the food but drinks, bar service and multiple dance venues were phenomenal. Average age of dancers was like 32 - 55, so much better for the sophisticated, mature crowd than DC clubs. Sat night I was there was Latin Mix in one room and House Pop in the other. Place is huge. Even when packed you can still dance and no spilling of drinks and sticky floors. Very International on Saturdays. Top notch night club!

John Fernandes

It has the best menu in the area (great selection of appetizers) and the atmospher is open and airy; very metro-like but yet warm and welcoming. A good array of TVs with both indoor and outdoor seating that's very accommodating. It also has a spacious bar area. And the food is outstanding. Glad I searched and found the Greenhouse

Barry McCabe

Fun place, no cover, reasonably priced drinks.

Freddy Castro

Great music

ingrid cudder

MIKE the security guard threw my full drink away on purpose! I told him that i was getting my coat and i would be right back to finish my drink since i couldn't go out w my drink to retrieve my coat. Horrible!!! Other than that the music was awesome. Please check your door man/security

Nissim Moshe

Noisy place not fun then depends what you are looking for

James D

Drinks are way too expensive for that area!

Nadine Aboushakra

Food is below average, ambiance is older people looking for a date, desperately! Super uncomfortable and super trashy.

Bebe Franklin

Our first visit... HORRIBLE!! My wine was fantastic. However i will NEVER spend a dime here ever again. My husbands ribeye was mostly FAT, our cheesecakes were ROOM TEMPERATURE & extremely sweet !! My husband had to HUNT down our waiter to get more coke, then again to ask for our dessert because we were waiting over 15 mins AND a third time to ask for our bill..... our bill was over $100 for two people which was completely LAUGHABLE considering that they also have HORRIBLE customer service & this was the ONLY place we've been where NEITHER of us were at the minimum satisfied . We’ve blacklisted this place from now on

Naty Recalde

I love the food music and DJ are the best.

Matt George

Excellent ambiance. There is latin music and live DJ's.

Anointed LadyVoice

Greenhouse is a nice, cozy place to enjoy a nice lunch. Their grilled chicken sandwich with tomato soup is absolutely Divine!

Andrew Workman

The best bartender in all the land, has since left

Suzy lombardi

We came her after visiting a club near by, much better atmosphere. The place actually was full and felt like a party


The weather was great so we sat outside for lunch, it was perfect. The service was outstanding and the Blackbeard burger was tasty!

Thai Land

These are not jumbo marinated shrimp... Ask to see jumbo shrimp first

Julian Larra

Beautiful place... Recomended for great times....

Paul Meeks

This place was Awesome! Packed, but everyone had a great time dancing, listening to live Latin music.... Great selections of food and drinks!

Ayushi Gupta

i had a really good experience here! the vegan options like the vegan lentil soup, vegan pizza, and fries are a must! plus the ambiance and lighting is amazing. if you want the best experience try to come for lunch on a weekday

shiva fa

I spent New year 2019 here it was very fun. It could be more organized, and more Persian music was needed. Overall it was a great experience

Tom McManus

This place made some big recent changes and not for the better. We went Saturday night at 945ish and there was no where to sit. Wasn't crowded yet, they just claimed that every seat was reserved. After we pushed a bit, we were told we could have a certain table. The person at escorted us to the table quickly began his sales pitch and tried to talk us into a $400 minimum just to sit down. We help our customers that have been there several times but we're very disappointed. Not only that the DJ seemed like he had no clue what was going on and was speeding up songs that were good dance songs and making them so that you couldn't dance to them and was playing 2 songs on top of each other and attempting to mix the music which also made it and danceable For a club that usually has excellent music and a floor full of people dancing a lot of people were just standing around because the music sounded so bad as well you could barely distinguish what song was being played or what songs meaning to on top of each other were being played And as usual it was extremely hot and there there was no way to even get near the bar to order drinks and even when you did get up there you would stand there sometimes more than 10 minutes without even getting a look from a bartender. That's probably our last time there. Another thing that I really dislike is the men's Room, When you open the door to the men's Room you are directly in line with a close up side shot of everybody standing at the urinal and there is absolutely zero privacy.

Jeff Kale

Place gets jumping on Friday and Saturday night! Happy Hour menu is extremely affordable. Their newly added Sweet and Spicy Sriracha Wings are delicious but do pack a little heat!

Kipp burgoyne

Excellent party facilities, adequate parking, supports charitible events.

Mustafa Rasuli

As other reviewers have said this place tries to be everything for everyone. But first and foremost as a restaurant you should at least have the food part covered. Service was unbelievably slow. The waiter took our order and only came back once after I signaled and asked for more water. Ordered appetizers which were served with our meal. Even I know you don’t do that, should I eat my appetizer or my prime rib steak? The prime rib steak was semi-cold and edible if I’m being nice. The pasta my wife ordered looked and tasted like the pasta I make at home. Loud live music started at 8:30, could barely talk. Which would have been bearable if the food had been decent. We tried to eat our food and bounce as quickly as possible.

John Perez

Fun spot over the weekend. But ridiculously expensive drinks. Not a place id come to again better options.


Nice place to hang out with friends. Love it

Keon Manesh

Came here for hookah and drinks! Beautiful place and Hamid, Reza, and Marina were extremely helpful! Beautifully atmosphere and great drinks! Great music on Friday nights! Definitely check it out if you are in the area!

eurys marte

Good place only friday

Simo A

The worst place ever, you get asked a lot of questions at the door (are you gonna eat, are you gonna smoke hookah? Are you gonna drink?...etc), plus each table has its own rules. We were sitted at a table by one of the hosts then a girl came to us and was like are you gonna spend more $500? This table is for $500 and up. We were planning to spend more than that but they shouldn’t be asking that kinda question. We felt so uncomfortable and after our dinner we just decided to go somewhere else instead of sitting there answering stupid questions.

Zunair Khokhar

Great venue! Very nice interior and patio. Decor is on point and staff is very friendly.

Alvin Alexander

Highly over priced! $25 for two drinks. $200 for a small table for two. Totally outrageous. I can buy my own booze and host a better party fort less!

Mauricio Sandoval

I honestly dont believe some of these negative reviews, food and atmosphere is awesome. Valet is comp which we tipped and they have VIP also. Host was super nice when we arrived and valet was speedy and professional. Overall our groups experience was wonderful all evening until we departed. Definitely coming back!

Kathy Ortiz

I have always liked Greenhouse until last Saturday, 9/21/2019. People were vomiting everywhere, nobody was cleaning the floor was dirty.....I go there twice a month and last Saturday was awful!! I asked for my favorite drink mojito, they did not have it, then at the door nobody was checking IDs neither clothing, it was terrible!! I hope the management of Greenhouse see my comment because I will not be returning with my 15 group of friends that normally spend per night $350 in drinks!!

Elma Molina

Very good place to dance on a Friday night

Gerald Renner

Friendly staff, great music

Douglas Graham

Nice place I went each time there was world cup game on that I wanted to see... Until all my teams were knocked out. Nice place though, limited menu but it's good food.

Jason Beharry

It is great for big parties. Very nice.

Gigi Nguyen

The Eggplant parmeshan was sooooo good

Mery Bradley

Fantastic ambience and food. Prices are reasonable for food and service. I have never gotten bad service here. They train their servers well and good service is reliable. . This location is excellent. The food is delicious.. Highly recommends. . Desserts and drinks are fantastic too. They have a great happy hour.. Absolutely love this place!

Kristin Lowrey

Awful brunch experience. Made a reservation ahead of time and the hostess couldn’t find the reservation when we got there. She asked me multiple times how many people were in our party and still did not have the correct number of places for us. She sat us and two other couples in our party at different tables. I had to get up and bring them over to our table. The bathrooms were difficult to find and not very clean. There were no changing tables in the women’s bathrooms so I had to leave and go to my car to change my son’s diaper. My husband’s steak in the steak and eggs was an extremely small portion (4 oz or less). The toast, English muffin, and hash browns were all burnt. One of our servers was not pleasant or friendly at all. The same server hit my child’s car seat with a high chair while my husband was carrying him on the way out. Luckily my son wasn’t injured.

Kimberly Dickerson

First time there and I hosted a work luncheon in the private dining room. It was great. Food was delicious and the room was perfect. No minimum charge for private dining at lunch and the prices were very reasonable. Definitely recommend.

Guojun Zhu

good for happy hour ! nice location.

Finn Rezendes

The experience and food is wonderful. The service is quick and great. I recommend going there, I know i will be returning.

Rowena Castillo

Hookah is over price. You need to pay $200 to get a table to enjoy your hookah. Then they dont tell you that they include the tip so you tip them again. Its just a rip off!

Kiarash Toossi

A great place to hang out. Two different lounge. Very unique atmosphere. Try it!


Pizza it really good,service is a bit slow

F Lin

First time eating here. Pleasantly surprised at quality of food. Nicely prepared/presented. Very reasonable prices for fine dining.


It’s a nice place and nice music it’s going to be better if they do two different entrance


Terrible. Did not let us in due to sport shoes. Never recommend to anyone.

Behnam Majd

Everytime I come here, they charge extra. Never trust them for the table minimum and always check your bill!!!! DONT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE and I WONT COME BACK HERE.


Latin music on point! However the place gets super crowded there's no much room to dance freely and the drinks are a little pricey.


I really thought I would like this place. And wanted to. (Spoiler alert: don't let the food pics fool you.) This place has so much great potential. I find the decor to be 100%, drinks very good, food "display" great, but they fall short on the basics: Food taste and Service. 1. The food is poor tasting: You simply CANNOT fall down here. Steaks and fish had no flavor or salt, and all over done. Meat tough and fish rubbery and dry. Rice blah. Asparagus, thick and firm, but ordinary. Only good tasting thing was the mash potatoes. And standard Italian deserts also fall short. Though looked beautiful when served, I've had plenty better elsewhere. Coffee great but not hot enough. A guest had to drink fast to not let it get any colder. 2. Service is trying, but is a joke for this or any price point: Different service people kept asking us about things we already did or had. Poor internal communication. "For instance, another waiter asks if we were ready to order, after we already did. To pack food when we already did. For water when we already had that squared away. " Also, waitress spilled coffees all over saucers before getting to our table and still brought to us and served --she apologized of course, but they should have been returned and redone before getting to us. It looked a hot mess. My advice: 1. Make your chef season the food properly. I am a foodie and I can't and won't come back to eat because of what I experienced that night. FOOD MUST TASTE GOOD, man. 2. Retrain your Service staff. It's not rocket science, but it felt like your staff failed the exams. They could be so much better and I would love to see this happen. My deductions: You do drinks better than food. I love the atmosphere that evening of sitting outside. Maybe your Italian food would be better, but don't know for sure since I didn't order it. I hear your pizza was nice but I didn't try it. Maybe you are satisfied with your Sat night crowd, but this place would so much better, even on other days, if the food was better. I am rooting for you. Note: I gave a great tip, but I would have given much more if food and service were better. I feel slighted that I paid just for atmosphere that night.

Ty Elaryan

Took the charm away from DC. Happy people all around. Thanks Massoud.

Jason Rodriguez

Great experience. Food is great. Drinks are good. Good music you can dance too. Grrat atmosphere. And has hookah

Ayana M

What can I say about this place. Let's see, the fact that previous night 3 tall bouncers got extremely aggressive. I am lady, in fact I was enjoying that night with few of my friends, due to Norwuz celebration. I was not super drunk, but feeling good with one drink. Everything was calm a great night just has been begun. Until 3 bouncers were aggressively pushing my boyfriend and hitting him, because he wanted to get in grab his coat, in which we know the club was dismissed, however they were still people inside the club, getting ready to leave. I'm kindly stood against the bouncers, told him "please do not hit and aggressively attack my bf" They do not listen pushed me. I fell on the ground, I fractured and broke 3 of my fingers. I went urgent care, this case has not be resolved yet. Please be advised people, make educated decision and do not involve with bouncers. They have not ethics and principles to treat people. I understand being bouncer is not easy job who you deal with drunk people all night, HOWEVER TO PUSH A LADY AND INJURY HER AT THAT SCENE AND NOTHING HAS BE RESOLVED, NO ACTION THAT GREENSHOUSE STAFF CAN DO. MAKE A EDUCATED DECISION DO SOMETHING.

Angelina Lopez

Bit of an older crowd but felt safe. I dont know if I'll come back but I enjoyed my visit.

Nadia Parmhans

I had a great experience here and the food was pretty good. I got the poke bowl and it was full of exciting flavors. This place is a mixture of a restaurant/club/hookah lounge. Let’s just say it’s an amazing place if you’re looking to have a fun night.

Alicia Russman

Fantastic venue for events! The indoor/outdoor space was lovely, especially on a day with nice weather. The staff was very kind and attentive. Food was delish. Everything was perfect! I highly recommend Greenhouse for private events. Additionally, it's a great place to bring the family for dinner or meet up with friends for drinks. Cannot say enough good things!

Eli Valentin

Went there for lunch and dined outside. Service was prompt, and the food was delicious.

Coley Emory

Nice crowd. Plenty of women. It is split into two sides. Persian side where you can get a table with hookah and a latin side. Both sides have good music.

Isaac Villarreal

2nd I've been to this place. Food was delicious. Their ceviche was great! Along with the other appetizers and entres. The service was very good, and the food didn't take forever. Great place for dinner, drinks and if it's a weekend. Great place for good music and a night out to dance.

Joseph Espinoza

Its a good club for 25+

Joe Maiden

Fun place, its like two clubs at once. Chill and hooka on once side, dance dance party party on the other hehe

Tim Row

Not good at alll i order 5 drinks and they charged me for 7 drinks so if they have a slow nghit they charge more so the can make up for there slow nighit scam scam for 5 drink charged me $72 dollars and this is was last night 21/3/2019 so everyone watch out dont give them or use your card to buy drinks if can use cash only or dont order any drinks and it was not a mistaick i told the bar tender that you charged me alot and he know what he have don

Curtis B

Great place for a meal or just to hang out with friends at the bar. Awesome music and atmosphere! Will definitely return soon.

Itala Engelking

Is nice place

Nancy Tanchel

The food is decent, service is okay. Parking is behind the place.

Derrick Smith

Great crowd and make sure you're patient for ordering. Reassurance that all will end well at the end of the night. 5 minutes from Tyson Corner Hyatt Regency Uber cost around $6.

Nathe Elle

Food tasted decent, but atmosphere felt a little off with poor service. Beer and food was way overpriced.

Mike Swink

Love this place Friendly professional staff. Always bustling with business.

jose gomez

This restaurant is unprofessional I did a reservation last Saturday night at 930 for 12 persons birthday and we arrive at 920 and they don’t have tables reserved they told me to wait 15 minutes and I say is fine but I wait 3 hours and they didn’t have table for me and we haves to living go to other restaurant is wast late no restaurant was open I’m so disappointed

Valeria Vega

My place to go for bussines, happy hour, sports, diner or clubbling. The owner ,Maseud, has several clubs all over DMV but this is his baby. He personally hosts and djs here; always making me feel welcomed and elevating the place taking it VIP. Food is delicious and cocktails strong. Live band and usual croud over 30. 2 areas, one latín music the other is electrónic music, there you can find la creme de la creme smoking hoooka and drinking bottles with the preeties girls in town.

Pedro Degrassi

Hooooooooka haha. only few ladies too may mans

Akarsh Patar

Got double charged and never got a refund been about 6 months. Every time I call a different manager answers and says they're still working on it and will get back to you but no one has for 6 months. Bad management if you tell me!!!

Edward Patino

My only complain is that they're not trusting enough of their clientele as they don't allow you to open a tab if you come for one of their club nights. Very inconvenient to pay separately each time you have a drink. So if you have 5 drinks, that's five different transactions.

Fred Diamond

I've held a couple of networking events for my company at Greenhouse Bistro. I've always been pleased. The people there are very easy to work with and the service staff is very accomodating and personable. They've streamlined the menu over the years and my guests have always been pleased with the food we've chosen. I'm presuming so because they eat everything! Great happy hour prices as well, which they have some times extended a few minutes past the end of happy hour. Nice, fresh, open space with a lively vibe. I recommend it for Northern VA companies or groups looking to offer a happy hour/reception for 10-50 people.

Maro H

Music was wack on NYE. Need to hire a professional DJ (Hookah Area) for events when people are paying the admission fee. I've been there 4 times and the DJ was bad.

Lynn Belcher

Nice place just need more staff specially Sat nights.

Gg Tt

Great music late at night!

Farouk Kay

Our entire party loved everything they ordered. very nice place

Carla Ferguson

Ther place has great ambiance, excellent food, excellent entertainment and is a great late night choice.

Rosibel Villatoro

It's a nice and fancy place. Good environment. But a little expensive.

Danielle Areco

Nice mix of Latin and arabic music. 3 areas. Big negative. People do smoke.


The best place in Tysons Corner

Lisa Andrusyszyn

Wow, what happened to this place? Used to be good food at a good price, but today everything was a disaster. There was lipstick on our glass (no one was wearing lipstick!) and the steak looked old (ugh). The waiter was just “meh” about it all. Never coming back - gross.

Mary Martinez

The food here are very satisfying and the menu is extensive. I'll definitely be going back.

Bob Licitra

Only had appetizers but they were really tasty.

Ruben Montanez

Great food, great service, affordable prices. Awesome Latin music!

Hossein Noshirvani

Everything is about this place is just fine. The service was a little standoffish in my opinion but the wait staff could have just had an off day. That said the food was just fine. You won't remember this meal after you walk out the door.

shane swan

Food was delicious. Waiters were good. Definitely might be back tomorrow

Chi Luchi- Njoku

Food is not as tasty as I would like.

Lexi M

I love this place. The food is delicious. I’ve ordered almost everything on the menu and have not been disappointed. The Japanese Steak Bites are a must; the pizza is outstanding - my favorite is the Bianca with Prosciutto. The Basil Pesto risotto is also delicious and so is the ceviche. Drinks are really good. Their Greenhouse cocktail is one of my favorites. They also have live music and a DJ on the weekends; and they also have a lounge where you can get hookahs, table service, etc. Overall it is a great place with great food and awesome atmosphere. I definitely recommend!!


Great club, classy, great looking people, moderately priced drinks


Total rip off. $3.50 for a 12 oz can of soda that's not even cold? Won't be making that mistake ever again. Just ordered a small/medium Bianca with Prosciutto pizza ($11; underbaked and sadly lacking in prosciutto but heavy on the arugula) and a Diet Coke ($3.50) for lunch. $23.00 for delivery (including tip and $2.99 delivery fee). The pizza was decent but not worth it. The soda? A 12 oz can. I just paid $3.50 for a 12 ounce CAN of Diet Coke that WAS NOT EVEN COLD. 7 12-packs of soda at $5.99 apiece are actually cheaper than that one can. Never again, Greenhouse. Never again. I should have gone next door to Italian Gardens and got a 20 oz bottle of soda for $2.00 that was not only cold but $1.50 cheaper for more soda.

DeShawn Mustard

The hooka side lit af. otha side be too packed but the women looking on point there

Kathleen Woods

Very nice atmosphere and great food.

Grant Van Zevern

Really poor service. Messed up drinks, forgotten orders. I understand it was mothers day brunch, but we were the first group there and so there should have been no problem.

Brendan Neyland

Decent food and service, nice outdoor seating. This would be a good place for groups.

Anastasios Hudson

This is a great open-concept bar and restaurant.

Khalid Benmana

Natural and organic food home made and cocktails fresh brewed local beers Friday Saturday night party time + the hookah lounge so 2 dj*s after live band the best place to party eat and drink make friends and dance nothing like it*s


The food and service was amazing. The live band added extra comfort.

Bernardo Garcia

Good music drinks to price

Sissi Braces

The place offers good food and good music. I always enjoy it there.

Noah Teates

Great service, great food, exotic atmosphere.

Maria Rodriguez

Good drinks & music, really nice bartenders! Music was great on Latin Saturday night. Both bars/club were alot of

Khalfan Javaid

Great food and service

Tony drosos

It's ok. Nothing special.

S Ah

The chicken and lamb was good, but the rice was awful. Also, there was a 20% mandatory gratuity while the service was awful. I will never come back there.

Krisztina kiraly

It was ok. Food great, service not so much.

Rez Ducati

I wanted to wait until my third or fourth visit to GHB before writing a review, to see if there is a consistency. I really like this concept: great food, great drinks, good music and a friendly atmosphere! Food-wise we've tried almost everything on the menu including all of the pizzas, Mediterranean dishes, the latin menu and deserts. I found all of them to be great, made with fresh ingredients. The drinks are great as well, in a fun atmosphere with live music (on weekends only I think).

NianO Enany

Food is fine. Food portions are more of samples. Price is average. Not too pricey not too cheap. The staff experiene is terrible. They do their best to help but it is obvious that they don't know how to wait at tables. They are not aware of their menu items and they take forever to get your order to your table. Overall experience is okay however Staff expertise is totally missing.

Nancy Bonilla

It's a great lounge to eat, dance and have a great time with friends! Me and my friends are very please with this place! Highly recommended!

Santiago Noboa

Nice place for drinks and dance

Robert Harris

Great crowd, good dance music . Had a great time

George Faustino

Great place, we had a surprise birthday party for a friend and they were very accommodating. Definitely recommend!

John A

The new bartender was so rude and when I raised my concern to the owner/ manager(Mr. M.) he said "what am I supposed to do about it?" Lol . This was so funny that the manager is asking a customer what to do with his staff and dealing with the situation. I have been going to this place for the past two years spending thousands of dollars and this is the service and response we get. When I told him that his question was so improper and I am not returning to the place , instead of apologizing and telling me that he will look into it , he told me that I was not welcome there any more lol. This is the kind of management that is running the place . I think the management needs to go to a training class , read , learn and get educated about customer service and how successful businesses run in U.S.A. provide good customer service .


First time I really enjoyed music food and I will give 6

Patricia Clavel

Overpriced and two bathrooms not enough for a big and crowded place

Daniela Rincon

It can be described in one word... AMAZING! The music was excellent!! Very mixed with latin rhythms and that's what makes it special, the food pricey but very good and the service was very nice! I loved the place and my mom did too (she is the most picky person on earth). Definitely will go back!

Tito Chavez

Nice location, nice people, but be careful when you pay with credit card double check your check

Lisa Warden

The food is really good. Definitely worth going for lunch or dinner. It's a madhouse nightclub later at night. Everyone can appreciate the food. The crazy crowded nightclub part depends on your age and and what you're looking for. Techno & hookah large lounge room, and the rest of the venue, even more large, has a DJ playing Latin and other ethnic music. Most people are dancing.

Aleah Larson

Nice, chic place. Probably more geared for the young singles crowd- saw they had a kids menu and took the family, a little awkwardly hitting the after work crowd of well dressed millenials. Still, staff was very nice and accomadating, letting us sit outside (more for my comfort than anyone making a deal about kids). Tried the steak salad, looked interesting on the menu but decided the sesame ginger dressing and potato wedges (missed that in the description) were probably a stretch in the palate department. Probably would be better with a lighter chipotle ranch or something.

Cory Chandler

Pablo has taken care of my group a few times. Excellent service and food. Love the atmosphere.

Armel Fabrice Koudoum

Great place and nice people. Excellent meals and drinks.

Sol Segura

Food is pretty good and nice place to go and have nice time with your hubby

Rocio Diaz

The DJ and sound was terrible

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The Park at 14th
Night Club - Virginia

Night club

Night Club - Virginia

Gay night club