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2720 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226, United States

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REVIEWS OF Dada Dallas IN Texas

Teri Grubb

Nice place but lots of body heat. Good drinks and location is great

Luis C

Good drinks but this place is one of the best to see a band before they make it big. If an artist you’re interested in has a show here make sure to go! You’ll regret not going!

Landry Chamberlain

I love small venues in general and it was my first time going to this one a couple weeks ago when I saw foxing at south by so what, and the acoustics and very personal in your face atmosphere were right up my alley. However it gets five stars MAINLY BECAUSE THEY HAD A SELF SERVE WATER JUG WITH DISPOSABLE CUPS RIGHT BY THE BAR and too many venues fail to make cold free water easily accessible enough to ensure the audience stays hydrated and healthy and I was so happy to see this venue was on top of that issue. ❤

Jaime DeLeon

I love y'all so much!! Even if the bands are not my flavour

Jorge Vargas

Small drinks, packed bar, not enough bar tenders to meet demand.

Winston Franscini

Great bar staff (friendly and attentive), nice outdoor patio, and cool, small venue.

Detravion White

Had a good time good drinks!

Jake Reagan

I LOVE this place. The sound tech is always on point, and the music is always poppin. They have an indoor AND outdoor stage. I've seen B∅RNS, Quiet Company, and many others here, and it's always been great.

Dennis Doane

Bea Miller was killing it tonight. I remember when she was a starry eyed 13 year old on Xfactor. Now she is a polished professional. Amazing show !!!

Shelley Travell

Great venue

Lee Stofleth

Good venue

Doug Lees

Had a great time here seeing and getting to meet one of my favorite bands (Dead Sara). Other reviews are correct regarding the lack of A/C, the two individual bathrooms, and expensive but small drinks (cocktails). I would still return to see a favorite band. Bring Cash -Parking is typical Deep Ellum.

Todd Austin

The concert (Middle Kids) was awesome - 5-stars - however Club Dada shut their AC off when the concert began (it was still 90* + outside), and it soon became a sweltering oven inside; making it extremely uncomfortable and difficult to enjoy the show. BAD business (and hospitality) decision!!!

Brian Himes

Nice intimate place to see a concert.

Chelle Ram

Nice venue! Love the scene!


Good music

John Han

It's lit.

Jessica Elizabeth French

Fantastically small venue for good music.

Christine Pugh

Low Cut Connie was amazing! Very high energy!

Sam Krider

Great atmosphere and patio

Craig Miller

Intimate venue with nice patio area outside.


Love this venue, great patio and beer selection

Noemi Rios

Went there July 7th for the Mystery Skulls concert, and I was very pleased with the state of the building, clean, ventilated during the preshow and after show. The back patio area is beautiful and worth a sit down.

Chad Ketcham

I have seen several shows here and its always been a great venue. It's intimate and the stage is in a pretty good place. They have a patio out back that's cool and the bar is pretty easy to get to. The drink pricing and specials are good. It's nice to see whiskey on sale. I can't imagine seeing a bad show here.

Kourtney Jackson

The music does vary from time to time because the DJ's does pay attention to the crowds. So if you find a song that is lit make sure you show your stuff and he will play similar tunes. Me and my fam or here all the time✌ but as long as you dance there is no turn down. So check it out.

Caryn Mac Donald

Had the time of my life!! Great Music, Good Drinks and Amazing People!!♥️

Shawn Lyons

I saw my favorite band (Cloud Cult) here and they were amazing. This isn't the best venue I've been to - the people seemed clueless about what was going on or how things worked there (tickets, pricing, etc.). When I emailed to ask questions no one ever replied. I ultimately had to go into the bar NEXT DOOR for more information. I definitely wouldn't go there if I was just looking for a casual good time.

cody roberts

Really like this venue. Keep in mind standing room only inside however there are picnic tables and an outdoor stage you can sit on. Its not overcrowded inside the only wait was for the restrooms. One last tidbit, the drinks are a little on the pricey side.

Dee Roberson

It was ok

Brigitte Holick

Went for a book reading and concert venue. Was a small but great place. Standing room only, large bar, restrooms (small). Had a wonderful time.

Sarah Tilton

Great acoustics for shows! The only drawback was there was so sitting room, so we had to stand for four hours

Jose Ponce

Friendly bartender. Intimate concert setting. Decent sound.

Mike K

Saw Lucero. Wow....what a fun night. Hard working bartenders. Fun had by all...

Kat Grogan

Saw Sateen and Mr Twin Sister here. Had great drinks and a great time! LOVE the outdoor patio

Trayvien Ansley

Love having my bday here

Erika Hernandez

I went to see Kota The Friend at Club Dada the other night. Nice size dance floor, good drink prices, friendly bar staff, and a very spacious back patio with lots of seating. My one and only complaint was the bathroom was disgusting! Urinal was leaking water in the floor. Let's just say I waited until after the entire show to use the restroom. Fix that problem and it's almost perfect!


Went here for a concert. Other than the bartenders being really great, this place sucks. It was hot as hell and the bathroom was disgusting. One bathroom? Really? Whose idea was that?

Melissa Wilkerson

Great little punk bar in the heart of Deep Elleum. Got to see the Coathangers here while I was in town. The crowd can get pretty lively, I was sprayed with beer a few times. So be sure to dress appropriately for an old school punk show if you go. Don't wear anything super nice. Staff was very friendly and made me some simple non-alcoholic drinks. I had a great time. Parking is non-existent, so walk, bike, or Uber/Lyft.

Alexis Horrocks

Very small venue, about 100 people inside. We saw Sir Sly and it was perfect. The bartenders are quick to service and the door staff were fast and friendly. It was an all ages event and was handled well -- we will be returning for future shows.

Fernando Mendoza

Great shows held here ALL the time!!!

Eric Szuminski

First time to Club Dada and might not be back. Trouble with audio system delayed bands' playing. Mix was terrible.

Anastasia Wilford

Killer concert. Great sounds, and fantastic staff!

sundialarmy911 PorVida Wey

The Bartenders are helpful, friendly &effecient;great all ages venue 4sure

Brittany Shearer

Really cool venue felt like a 1 on 1 experience with the performer

Payal Sampat

a great place to see artists in an intimate venue

tina villasenor

I went to see Dennis Lloyd here

Perfect world

Great venue! Sold out show but still plenty of room to walk around, one of the best shows we have ever went to! I will definitely be back!

Bobby Wilbert

Great club to see live music

It'z _ ladybubs

Awesomely fun

Martin Parker

Deep Ellum is a great area for drinks and a fun time while listening to all kinds of different music. His bar has a great atmosphere, but the bathrooms could've been cleaner. Deep Ellum is a great area for drinks and a fun time while listening to all kinds of different music. His bar has a great atmosphere, but the bathrooms could've been cleaner.

charlie L.W.

Great live music

Marcus Tennison

Like To Drink? And Like To Dance ??Say No More You've Arrived At Your Destination.

Little Ralph

Good people and music. Oh, and usually no cover!

Jeffrey Young

Great place for live music!

Miranda Vining

Cool venue, smaller so it has an intimate feel

Cherrel C

Enjoyed the place. Some dj's are better than most. Great r&b and hip-hop vibes. I lost my watch and I tried to contact them. No phone and no response to emails. They need to improve that.

jr almendarez

Saw Mystery Skulls and the music was bumpen. Gotta say though, the heat was too much. We were DRENCHED by the time the concert was over.


Fun place to be for small concerts. But, they need to invest in better air conditioning. The place was sweltering. They had to put giant fans just to have a whisper of air. Opening the back door did not help as the summer hot air overwhelmed the space.

David Mclendon

HANDS DOWN the dopest dope you ever smoked!

Dollilama B

Nice place, easy to get a drink. Sound was pretty good too.

Dennis Earley

Great place to see a show. Staff is cool.

Jared Ahmed

Great spot for a show. Have booked many shows and attended many shows here. Easy to get to and great environment.

Les R

They have a nice back porch area away from the music so you can chill and talk. Thought the staff was nice and drinks were very good. The stage could be bit higher, but the sound was great. A good venue for local and some touring bands.

John Coyle

Saw Shilpa Ray with Texas own Christian Lee. Great show!

Enrique Mosqueda

This venue was great. It has a small stage, the engineer knows what he's doing, and the drink prices are reasonable. I was there when it was cold but the outside area seemed like a great spot during good weather. Last, but not least, the bathrooms are the cleanest bathrooms I've seen in a music venue. For it being such a small stage they get some good artists come through. Definitely a must see.

John Labadie

This is a fantastic venue for a intimate show! I saw Grandson play here and I hope more of my favorite bands play here in the future.

Brent Howard

Poor environmental control, bad sound system

Andrea Pickard

What can I say? One of the last real deep ellum spots that represents what this neighborhood has to offer. The shows here range from artpop, punk, rock, rap and all in between but what this place has in common is passion. This is a club that says “screw this bs, and let’s actually just play some music”. I have been going to dada half of my life and every time I enjoy being here and listening to the sounds from the stage. Just a good spot. The patio is huge and awesome. Check it out between acts

Delanea Jones

Went to see Leikeli47...had a great time, but they need some air in there. I was so hot...I was sweating and I wasn't doing anything. Lol

Kris Mccain

Very small intimate venue. Nice back patio, quick bar service.

valarie tweh

Went Friday of Halloween weekend. It was hip-hop and it was great.

Franchessca Love-Williams

I had a blast. We were lit the whole time. DJ was on point and he vibed well with the crowd

My Reviews

staff used to be nice. this time the staff was quite rude and didn't use words to explain what they needed. they didn't even use physical cues like children do. bathroom lock was sticky. no mirror. there were only one of those huge, refillable gallon soaps. no pump or dispenser. one big industrial fan that blew minimal air. everyone was actually going towards the direction of the fan rather than getting close to see the band. the new sign at the bar just doesn't look right. it looks like it's meant to be 60s but nothing else matches with it, like they don't have an official logo, or even name for that matter (club dada or dada dallas?) homeless people hanging out in the side alley. not necessarily the venues fault but security could definitely protect that area. the outside porch that connects to a restaurant is very uneven and I would imagine anyone drinking too much would definitely fall and bust a tooth easily. the water provided is sweaty tap. they came in huge unsanitary buckets. no ice because it melted from it being so hot in there. I don't know what happened, it used to be a really nice venue.

Ryan Witherspoon

Great venue, small club for those intimate settings. Free water at the end of the bar. And spirits if your feeling up for it. Did have a fight outside the bar. Buts its deep ellum, no matter how much you clean it up. They'll always be that lovely grim about the streets. That's what makes it magical.

Brandon Cote

Saw Amy Shark here. AC went out but that didn’t distract from the amazing personal experience. It’s a cool single room club with a back patio and there were probably only 60 people at the concert. It has a really chill vibe. Would recommend to anyone looking for a truly local experience.

khashayar Rajabimoghadam

For sure I will try it again

Scumbag Caviar TV

I really own the place

Heath McCasland

Club Dada is a cozy venue for your favorite up and coming band! Wheelchair accessible, friendly bartenders, and drink prices that are fantastic compared to other music venues in DFW. Be sure to buy tickets early to avoid sell-outs or at-the-door prices.

Alfred Alvarez

Awesome venue #shallou

Zoë Murray

Went for a Knox Hamilton concert and really loved the small venue, offered free water and the place was organized and clean. Cool place and overall wonderful experience.

Jeff H

Cool club. A little more seating would be good.

Chris Schuster

The concert was great, but probably will not go back to this place for another concert. With that many people in that small place, they should have had the air on. It was so very hot!

Victor Kaplan

The AC is completely insufficient, the sound is bad, the stage could be a tad taller. 1, The biggest problem is the AC - this is Texas!! It was not as hot as it can get in Summer here and we were dying. I asked one of the employees if the AC wasn't running, he said that it was but there were too many people. So basically the AC works great for a show with 20 or 30 attendees. For a sold out, skip it between June and August. 2, If you stand on a side the sound is horrible, I couldn't hear the vocals, just the booming bass. Sound improves towards the center, but how hard can it be to "shoot" the sound better in such a small place?? 3, Unless you are standing next to the stage, or you are very tall (neither applies to me), you will see a head on stage, at most.

Nicole K

Great cozy venue. Always had good experiences in an open environment here.


Great atmosphere, almost like being on a private gig

Lissa Swiney

it's so hot in here!

Austin Wheeler

It's a decent place nothing too exciting. Pretty good acts come through though

Valery Gonzalez

They have an open setting. The back patio had lots of seating. Great selection of beer to include crafts of all types. Music was good as well. Parking was difficult but its for the entire area. They do not have food.

Rey Loves Metal

Extremely rude service, bought a Citizen ticket for me & my friend. We brought bags in, but it said nowhere on the building "no bags were allowed" our ride left, & this guy comes out & says we can't enter with our bags that are carrying our phone chargers & waters & other things needed for a concert. Very rude, do not recommend

Peter D

Sometimes you go right in, sometimes you wait outside on line for no reason past doors time for no reason... While it's 40 degrees outside. Usually cheap tickets though, and the bar is always friendly.

Aaron Pinson

One of the worst places to go in deep ellum. The bouncers walk around on a power trip because work is the only place they feel like they have any control.

Adrienne Butler

Great music the first few times i went the dj changes so the last time i went like 2 weeks ago it wasnt really playing music that i liked or that knew. But great place to dance and chill

Eden Choe

My friends and I stopped by this place to grab a couple drinks before going to a club down the strip. I ordered 6 Vegas bombs at $9.75 each which came out to be $63.33 after tax. I left a cash tip and wrote “cash” on the tip part of the receipt. I just looked at my bank statement today and these people charged me for $73.33! I’ve emailed them to make them change this. I’ll change my review if I ever hear back from these thieves.

Kasa Haru

Always a pleasurable venue


Went on 1/18/19, DJs that night were good, drinks and prices were great. Looked to only have 2 unisex restrooms and they had long lines. I luckily went into one that had a urinal and a dude got in behind me and went to the toilet. I would recommend adding a trough urinal in that one and making it a male restroom.

sal trac

Nice place to see a small concert. Bathrooms always have a wait but other than that I enjoyed myself. The doormen let us in and out with wrist marking or wristband. The sound was excellent.

Craig Bolt

I saw mystery skulls tonight. Staff was amazing and very kind. Gave us free water the whole show. Loved the atmosphere. Really hot but such a great location

Crimson Tider

Went for Plan B Burlesque's Oz themed show. Enjoyable but venue isn't well suited for a theatrical production. Patio area is really nice.

Jaime Ortega

Love Dada.. good intimate venue for bands.. only 1 bathroom since the last time I was there.. it can get a bit busy..

maria yolisma

Great place for shows and weekend hang out. Make sure to stop by when Faded Deejays are spinning!

Raymond Collins

Nice venue. Pretty good beer selection and fun show!

Heather Keon

Would never go unless a good musician is playing. My least favorite venue. Small, dark, stuffy and a strange set up. Bartenders where great. Drinks were overpriced but that's expected. Restrooms are never less that a 5 min wait. I do like the outside patio area.

jim lehmann

Good sound system. Professional staff.

Scotty Caster

Whoever does the booking here is awesome. Always someone interesting. Nice big backyard patio and stage too.

Mckena Peregrino

Favorite venue I’ve ever been to. Small and intimate so you get to experience your favorite artist up close and personal.

Sarah Ngegwe

Amazing concerts omg but need better air conditioning


VERY intimate!

Lisa Smith

Went to see Haley Reinhardt. What a great venue! Really enjoyed it!

Zachariah Simmons

Men I Trust was phenomenal. This venue is intimate and not too cramped. Great if you're looking for a relaxed vibe.

Justin Clement

The bartenders don't like you trying to get their attention.

Adam Franklin

Nice small venue for local bands and some big hits to roll through. Good sized dance area, wonderful bar with lots of options and friendly bartenders. Patio is spacious, comfortable and you can see the stage from most of it allowing you to enjoy the show from outdoors and away from the crowd if desired. Only negative is the bathrooms, of which there or two and both are single serving unisex so lines are inevitable. Hope more bands i like roll through this place in the future.

Bryan Meeks

Had a blast at a show here, neat bar. Dope stage set up.

James Mcclenan

Enjoyed a good show beer too pricey

Cassie Franks

Music is always good. Just whis there was somewhere to sit at the bar and it wasnt so hot.

Jennifer Nguyen

A nice venue for small artists!

Ricardo Rodrigues

Amazing place!! Great place for live music. And has a bar besides that is connected for a after show parties.

Richard Kocis

I was really surprised that this venue is able to be open...only one bathroom for all of your guests?? At the end of the night there were guys peeing on the wall...terrible!

chuck millette

The staff was great. The sound system has some bugs but the back patio was nice.


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