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5922 S Staples St, Corpus Christi, TX 78413, United States

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REVIEWS OF Club Rio And Pure IN Texas

Crybaby MiMi

I’ve been trying to get my drivers license back for months and was told I can only go during business hours to get it. So the next time I go the club owner just walked away from me. I want my debit card and my ID back during this lifetime.

brendalee0601 .

Apprently you can’t wear red polo shirts. As soon as I pointed out to the bounce all this guy that were wearing red shirts & red polo shirts so why is it okay for them to be here the bouncer said “your sister looks ghetto that’s why” we then told him so your profiling then? Same bouncer responded with “no we don’t do that here”& got kicked out. Ironically he kicked us out to club Rio which is own by the same person. I understand dress code & rules but be even all the way around.

Renee Lozano

Love it! Always drink specials and the staff is nice.

alejandro vega

Pure its a joke, they have high standards for being in a small city. Never had a problem there, its just not the best thing.

Jerry Pinneaple

DAndrew Campos

DJ Saturday night.

Tina Lee

karrisa denning

This place is wonderful the owner and all the imployees are great

Aurelio Andrade

Cindy Perez


Nice ladies

Angelica Chapa

Great place!

Agalloway Galloway

Disgusting place don't waste your time.

Antonio Mendoza

Great place to PARTY!! Bring your over 18 kids with you 2 clubs under one roof!!

Johnny Gutierrez, Jr

Noe Alaniz

Sea Queen

alicia gonzalez

(Translated by Google) This SUPER

Ivonne Blanco

Thought it will be a nice place to go , but really did not like it much. But hey atleast they try! I got bothered when they questioned my husband about his nike shoes, i mean they could atleast warn us at the front door, not inside. Seems that they are interested more on the money than giving great customer service when it comes to people asking them questions and concerns. Sorry but would rather travel to houston and the valley then go to this club.

Yedid Ortuno

Megan Goldsmith

After spending a total of 140 for all of us to get in (after being told that our cover to get in would be coved and so would our VIP), we go up to the VIP area that we had received. We were sitting there for maybe half a song and a bouncer started fighting with the girl that booked the VIP area saying that we weren't buying bottles we needed to leave. He told her that she was free to get in he doesn't need her business get out, then grabbed her buy her arm and started to pull her to the door. We all walked outside to talk to find out exactly what was going on. During this time we went up to talk to the owner and he said I'll talk to one of you the rest need to walk away, so we did and one person stayed to talk to him. While he was talking him, the owner started to get heated and told him he needed to leave and pushed him, the moment he pushed him cops started surrounding him not the owner, we looked back and two more cop cars pulled up with two undercovers. All he asked was hey we payed for a service that we didn't receive can we get our money back and that caused the owner to push him.

Miranda Sauceda

Vidal Anzaldua

We enjoyed ourselves. The place has really friendly crowd.


I have not been to this club and was thinking about going here tonight but after reading all these bad reviews about the employees terrible customer service and discrimination against certain people I've decided not to go. I won't waste my time getting dressed up just to get turned away at the door. Adios.

Gustavo Gonzalez

This place is awful for a club. the bartender was really rude.

Denisse Martinez

Felix Aguirre

Great Tejano music and dancing.

Michael Cramer

Jana Guerra

Maria Cristina Vasquez

This club is a joke. Looks like the owner(s) are only wanting high maintenance, up scale clientel. I saw people be kicked out for not wearing"proper attire"? What's wrong with being well dressed and wearing brand sneakers or dressy sandles? As long as people are comfortable when dancing, and not worried about being kicked out, hey they will spend more and recommend the club. But noooooo dam security and owners would rather loose clients and $ then accommodate clients. Houston has better clubs that pack on weekends, even the rincky dink clubs are packed. Owners know how to treat customers.!!!

Alejandro Santacruz

Gave it a second chance and I honestly hated it , no room to dance , girls don't even dance ... black people / few Indians started doing dance offs/chinese but imma let it slide because thwy,can't see what,they are doing. .. puro michoacan

rocio tadillo

Tribe Judah

How can the owner of the club knowingly invite underaged patrons into the club,allow them to pay $20 a pop for being underaged and then throw them out for dress code violation?? Did you not see what they were wearing before you stole their money? Not only that but then refuse to refund their money and call them the Nword. You all come from a country without running water and have the audacity to call us the Nword?? They even refuse to give them their debit card. This isn't how we do business in America. Those kids are far more educated than you will ever be. Learn some respect.

Jacob Sendejar

Lauro Longoria

Myra Robledo

ryan andaur

Was charged double on my debit card. Brought it up to management offered me a bar credit which I accepted and never received. Pay cash if you go here.

A Algethami

Stephanie Allen-Gobert

Racist and bias..we were told no jogging pants..left went Walmart got pants went back said no Nike shirts any race besides African Americans maybe they dont care ...1st & last time be aware any race outside the "norm"

Luis Morales

plenty of people not getting fully checked

Josh Brown

Geovany Romero

Yogesh Ramesh

Rosaelia Rangel

Always a Great!!!

Angelica Davila

Good music

Aleynah Hinojosa

Estrella Flores

I always have fun here and its always nice in there

Michelle Ross

Z.A. Marshall

Was told I couldn't go in due to my shoes but they let who they want in it doesn't matter your clothing the gay owner chooses by race and what he thinks is suitable if its such a strict dress code he or she needs to post on establishment door or online so people don't waste they time I came from Houston for a small vacation and felt discriminated against here at club pure

Abram Ramirez

Really packed on the weekends

Joseph Palmatier

This club was not what I expected I was not able to go in because I was wearing nike's and apparently they were not allowing Nike's or Jordan's inside

Eric Romero

Yadira Galindo

Danny Gonzales

Alois Lup

The place is a dump. The smoking patio has no functioning chairs, and the management is a joke. I even had to vouch for my friend who had dreads. Seemed very shady to me.

Johnny Fuentes

Aprill Dawn Arnold Arnold

I complained about the extremely rude door guy and instead of doing anything about it they banned me. Bad business! Horrible door staff and they're rude and cocky and act like you're wasting their time.

Wind OfChange

Worst bouncers Guy danced for several songs, came back to general seating, my cousin was sitting there, he said, hey that's my seat. He got up but was watching other family members dance on the floor by standing next to that guy and for that , for freaking that bouncers kicked him out. Together we were 16-20 people there and we all got out. They have nice bartender and nice DJ but they should teach bouncers how to behave to clients(customers). They lack common sense and business skills.

Ofelia Resendez

diann moreno

The Sign Shop

Osvaldo Franklin


Do not go! Beware! This place was a complete joke. Spent 40 on a cab, got there and we were let in but the guy said next time don't wear tennis shoes to my guy friend. We got in, got drinks, 5 minutes later another bouncer said my friend couldn't be in there with his shoes and he had to leave. We tried telling them the door guy said he could come in, they called the cops on us. The cop that was at the door when we got in came in and told the guy the same thing we had told them! And they were like okay, but we were too pissed off so we just left. Stupid morons need to learn how to treat women and know that out of towners may not know the stupid dress code.

Dennis P

abel sanchez

Love to go here and get away with great drink specials and great music to dance to with a great show and dance every Thursday night.

Jojo Mendiola

Jose Munoz

Awesome environment

norma ann recio



Couldn't give no stars. People are very disrespectful and I'm not talking about the customers. The bouncers and bartenders are.

Astrid Lainez Max2005

(Translated by Google) The best I love (Original) Lo mejor me encanta

Angel Ortega

Good time

Brian James

Worst club in corpus the owner is a rag head on roids. Bouncers are morons

Erica J

Fun place, nice atmosphere. Great idea to have two clubs under the same roof. One caters to the younger top 40 crowd, while the other plays more so country and other related music for the older crowd. I wish that there was more diversity, and no cover charge.

Lupe Cardona

My sons were turned away because they were wearing Jordan shoes!!! What is that about??? Sounds to me like there is some kind of discrimination!

Pete Oviedo

Maria Puig

I love this place because, my husband and I have fun with our friends cookie and David from Puerto Rico, its a nice fun place!!! Thanks!

Cesarepadron Padron

Lesly Guzman

Ella Soto

Club Rio experience....let's see...they let us in after paying the cover charge and we danced a few songs and wanted to go to the other bar, which we had been doing before all the younger crowd came in..and then tried to kick my husband out for wearing polo boots!!!! I thought it was a joke, but no the bouncer made it rudely clear that indeed it was not and was insisting that we leave. We talked to another bouncer and he allowed us back I agree that the dress code is stupid, and they should not try to rip people off by letting them in when they pay a cover charge and then try to kick them out after they got their money for stupid reasons.

Baeja Miles

A joke of a club really. My friend was not allowed in because she was wearing sandals. They were classy sandals at that and there were other girls entering the club with the same style of sandals. I understand that clubs have dress codes but that petty ass excuse of not allowing her in was ridiculous. Just no.

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