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REVIEWS OF Cielo Latin Bar & Grill IN Texas

navy mom

The DJ was really into remix, like constantly. The dance area is so small there is no room to really dance because it's so crowded. The bartenders were awesome though. Very fast and nice. The crowd leans more to the newly 21 crowd.

Mr.Dana Davis

The prices here are unbelievable... 8 $8 for a beer! They include tax and 20%tip for every beer are drink.... Money hungry people here! No freedom to tip as you like But bartender was very polite. And this is a Thursday night!

Allen Swindell

Drinks were pricey but club was hopping and music was very good. The margaritas was perfectly made. Would definitely recommend checking out this club!!!

Alex Viper

First time at cielo , checked out the patio and had the best service in Awhile . The bartender Anna was amazing and you have to see her . Best smile and humble attitude plus she’s a blonde bombshell.

Jose Ramirez

Bought a section..had a great time celebrating my bday/Anniversary..and we were catered to non stop with out any problems...only when we lost my wifes phone but I was able to show up the following afternoon and found it...i highly recommend this place to anyone and we will get a section again and many times to follow

Vicente Angelino

We enjoy our time dancing and have a couple drinks

Sander Trulle

Awsome atmosphere and alot of new friends. Thanks! :D

Felipe Vazquez

Great place to hangout, dance and or watch a game. Diego has a great place!!! Keep it up!!!

Carlos Rapalo

This the only place to enjoy a variety of music with alternative food service,,it's the best Latin night club in the Woodland area


I went with my cousins that were visiting out of the country. The place was great,and the music was great. The cover price was a bit high for the area.

Liliana Walle

Great place

Zoraida Herrera

Great customer service

Anthony Wright

Fun place and good service!

Pravin Desilva

Dope Spot.

brad nimel

Really an outstanding bar with fantastic cocktails, beers and a staff that is very accommodating.

Mary Smith

First time drinking in my onsie, had so much fun! What a way to spend the day with my awesome friends.

Nora Sanchez

Horrible place! Don't waste your money or time here. Staff is rude. I went on a Saturday. They charge $10 cover, which could be because of the live band. Music was not that great. Mostly an older crowd. Small dance floor. I went to the bar and it took like 30 mins to get a drink. Once they asked me what I wanted I told them jack and coke. They told me they didn't have anymore jack Daniels. So then I told him I would take a shiner bock. He went around the bar and never came back. Later I was told they were out of shiner too. I just waited there then another bartender came up and asked me what I wanted I just told her give me something sweet and strong. She gave me a small drink and charge me $9. Really, I was just at bar Louie and I paid the same price for a drink double the size. They charge $7 a beer which is crazy! I have never paid that much for a beer. I finished my drink and left.

Faton Fortnite

Always having a great time here with awesome music and many new friends.

Alondra Rojas

It would be appreciated if the someone would fix the hours. I showed up tonight hoping for an experience like before. Closed. Thanks for wasting my time, will not be returning.

Krystal Trevino

My cousin and I arrived at the club before 11, about 10:45.Ladies supposedly are free before 11. The lady at the door charged us $10 pp, but let the couple (male and female) behind us in for free. The music was good, club wasn't too full, drinks are ok, ( they didn't have bottled Stella). This is my second time at this place since it changed from Copas to Cielo. Copas was definitely better. Because of what happened at the door, we won't be coming back.

julissa rosario

The best place to have funny

Olivia dolly

Nice bar, good drinks, good prices, and great music. P.S: writing this review in the bar!

Edwin Feliciano

Great Puertorican Food

Ever Mendoza

Drinks are over priced kept playing same type of music ten time in the row if they don't know u they don't treat u well we had to move twice cuz tables kept getting sold no where to sit rest rooms are disgusting need a real DJ to keep the people dancing not worth ten bucks and nine bucks for a beer don't recommend this place for anyone who really wants to get down

Katia H

They doubled charged me for a pricey drink that was tasteless. They charged me at the beginning and when I asked for the check the waitress she asked me for my card again which was weird. I noticed that I was double charged . I talked to a manager but haven't heard from him . It's been a week , it's not about the money , but I shouldn't have been charged double . The money was reimbursed.

Luis Aparicio

Nice vibe, nice people, but please get a better DJ


place is great the only deal is tables are expensive $150 if wish to get a table I think that's to much

Aldo Benites

Good music, nice place.

Pedro Hernandez

The band is amazing

Brenda Pena

Great place to dance to Latin music. They have 3 djs Saturday nights in 3 different areas which makes it even better.

Enrique Ponce

Good place for dancing

Liz R

Great music, environment, and service. Not only that they were honest and returned my phone back without hesitation. I loved it!

Natalie Wilson

Had a promotion here and the atmosphere was energetic, and chill at the same time. I had fun, and it seems like the customer service was top notch, it’s a friendly place with a hidden patio. I recommend it to those who love to get their dance on and have a fun time.

Justin Guillet

Look, the first thing I have to say is that the drinks were very affordable. They had good service there. They had good music there. There were a lot of good looking women there. The place was full but not too full. The bathroom attendant was decent. The restrooms were clean. They have a patio there. There is an upstairs. The service was quick. They have hookahs there. The bartenders were the parking wasn't bad. There was no charge for parking. They had enough room and they had a lot of fun there.

Juan Perez

So, this review is about them as a restaurant, because as a nightclub, they are awesome. As a restaurant, they are not yet set up for a real lunchtime crowd. They simply don't have the staffing - at this time - to handle the lunch hour. The management needs to consider this gap in their service. As far as the food, it is phenomenal; great Latin food menu variety and great cooks. But, heaven forbid they get a crowd of customers and they will not be able to serve them all in a timely fashion. The bottleneck is not with the waitressing staff, it is with the ability ("speed") of the cooks to cook during a surge of clients. I'd say that, right now, they can handle 10 guests. With the great food and awesome atmosphere, this place could be tremendously popular in the lunch hour. However, management needs to understand that they MUST invest in marketing AND in their staff so that they can provide service in under 15 to 20 minutes, at the most, and do it consistently regardless of a surge. Otherwise, quit trying to compete with the likes of "Cilantro" restaurant, which is right next door.

Deybeth Holness

Very well divorced. I liked the music and the ambience. The drinks are a bit pricey and limited but good. I had a lot of fun and met new people for the next time

Avior Performance

Added charges to my tab in the form of 3 beers. Wouldn't be big deal but they're $8 a piece! I keep track when I go out, write each thing down thru out the night. Trying to argue with bartender is pointless. No way to prove you had less. I had ordered food on separate ticket. Went to window to order tacos, guy said it's $10 but $12 after tip. He didn't ask if I wanted to tip he TOLD ME so. Ok fine but when I got the finalized statement I was charged $17!

Brandie Meyers

Lovely night with an excellent band.

Maria Hernandez

Great music with grupo LATITUDE, the service was great, the bartender was really friendly, drinks came quickly. If you are in the Woodlands area definitely check this place out.

Electronic Resell

Thanks Diego! Awesome Place, really good food & drinks and good atmosphere

Jennifer Patino

If you're looking for a place to dance all night and love Latin music then I definitely recommend Cielo Latin Bar! I went there for the first time this past Friday and I had an absolute blast! The music is awesome, the drinks were, great, the atmosphere is very chill, not to mention THEY SELL TACOS! Lol definitely will be back! :)

Ariel Duran

Got ripped off. We decided to celebrate my brothers birthday and were ordering black labels drinks and no one offered to get the botle instead the over charges me ober $200 when I had less than 10 drinks at $12 each and I asked the bartender how much the whole bottle would have been and she said $150. I felt as the rest of our group paid way more than we should have only if they would have suggested to get the whole bottle. We felt ripped off and deceived. If I ever go back to this place I know what to expect next time!

Cookie Don

Great place i must admit its a nice legit spot to hang and go dance. Great staff and bartenders know what their doing

Janis Murray

The music was great. The dancing was great. The price of alcohol was good too.

Faye Patterson

Great place to dance.

Patricio Altamirano

This place is awesome

Kevin Umanzor

I like to take my wife here for a good time. They play a good selection of Spanish/Latin music. Mostly salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, and cumbia. They have hookahs you can rent all night for $30. They have an outside patio section. If you're out looking to hook up with someone this place has lots of beautiful single people. They don't serve food here though. They don't get 5 stars from me because the dance floor is kind of small, and their drinks aren't the best.

Veronica Alejo

Very nice place.

Noel Reyes

Cielo At The Woodlands is truly an amazing club experience, a new concept that the Woodlands desperately needed. With 2 Rooms and a Patio that keep the party jumping all night long from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Their staff is fun, and extremely friendly with the best bartenders serving the best concoctions at the bar. Their sound system and lights are amazing while dancing the night away to salsa, merengue, bachata, hip-hop, EDM, old-school, and top 40's. It's without a doubt, an exciting new venue for the Woodlands, Spring, and Houston nightlife. Its a great place to hang out and be yourself and enjoy yourself with everyone who is there to have a great night and to meet great new friends. Come and experience it for yourself, bring your friends too and pop a bottle or two!

T. Friz

Stopped by at midnight Wednesday night and crickets... No cars. Disappointed. Website and google hours not updated.

Roberto Rivera Lalonde


Pablo Caicedo

Great service, great place, good music and lots of fun

luis Baires

Good music

Lionel Alarcongnb

Music live! Atmosphere great! Staff nice! For good times come to Cielo’s!!

Alexander Defreitas

Loved the music! The bartenders were really friendly and we did not have any problems getting our drinks. Definitely a place to check out if you are in the Woodlands!


Live band is a really nice concept and drinks top it all.

Damian Adorno

Fun place


Horrible Customer services. If you want a table you have to buy a bottle. I got a bottle and ask for a better table and the manager said those tables are if you buy two bottles or more. Definitivamente no recomiendo ese lugar a parte esta X. Ordinario . Drinks are over priced. Hello, this is Texas not New York.

sam sea

Atsmophere are just amazing and great service.

Jang So jang

Great bar for party relax. Awesome service nice stuff and all the people is really nice and all. Thank you guys so much for a fun time. :)

JJ King

Great place for food. Also love the atmosphere in the building. I try to got twice a week here when i have free time.

Hanna Jones

Love this spot, good food too


So I work in the same building as this place and I was parked behind the building, getting ready to go into work whilst in my 8:40 in the morning...and an employee from this place walks up to my open window and proceeds to peer into my car without saying anything. I asked if I could help him to which he replied, "can I help you?" I said no and started to roll up my window. As I started to roll up my window a female opened and started to get into my passenger door when I yelled what are you doing and slammed the door shut and locked it. The man walked around my vehicle suspiciously and then walked back toward the bar. The female then approached my car again so I cracked my window for her to drunkenly explain that she's a bartender there and if she could get me a water or anything. Mind you, it's 8:40 IN THE MORNING. Eventually, they both got into the vehicle next to me and drove away. This begs to question, what establishment allows their employees to get so beligerently drunk that they apparently spend the night at the bar and drive home, still drunk, the following morning? Whilst verbally accosting people who work in the same area that same morning? Please be more considerate of your corporate neighbors and try not to make people feel like sonething very bad could have happened.

Jessica V. Ortiz Cortes

This is a great place. The concept is amazing!!!! I would prefer to have latin music in all 3 places (main bar, patio, separate room); however, it was good enough. The drinks that we tried we all pretty bad (we tried pina colada, strawberry daiquiri something and cant remember the name of the others) but beer was cold so we just switched to drinking beer all night. I think 10 to just get in is a bit too much considering they just had DJs. The fee to reserve a table is absurb. You can honestly just go there without reservation and you will be just fine.

glorimar camacho

Good music, nice place

Valarie Elizabeth

I went here for my birthday on a Saturday a couple weeks ago. I had a blast! The music was great, drinks were great and the atmosphere was great! Deffinitly coming back I want to see how Friday nights are!

Luz Dávila

It's small, very friendly, I do like the atmosphere and will come again. I gave it a 3 star cause noone takes me out to dance

Jon Balter

Great Latin bar. If you want to salsa dance... This is a great place.

Stephanie Valdivia

I love going to Cielo I love the vibe and I have a great time. However we went yesterday to celebrate my husbands birthday and we had a bad experience. The guy checking ID’s at the door was rude and treated my friends badly. He was discriminating them only because they are Centroamerican. He would not let them in because he said they were lying about there age that they were underage. All of my friends where 21 and up.How is some one going to be lying about their age if they are showing their ID from their country. He was being rude telling them to go somewhere with that. It wasn’t until someone step in and he let them in. I had a great time, but I was just upset about my friends going through this we have all came before and we didn’t have this experience until now.

Norma Delgado

Excellent food, service was great. Company was awesome, and Papi greeted us personally. Great chef!

Alberto Calderas

need better music acoustic

María Torres

Had a grate time las night.! The people is nice, crevices is grate, the music the best! Loved it!

Somnia Martinez

Loved the music. Got hot pretty quick.. one of the speakers we sat by kept shutting off.

Alan Ortega

Good bar not to crowded

Rick Slan

Great music and dancing. The cuban sandwich is top notch also.

Jo Ann Partida

Good music, 3 different dance areas, the only thing it was hot

Jaime Cruz

Nice, but expensive drinks.

Lawrence Sheppard

Only bad thing i can say is the drinks are pricey

Michael Revelo

Great music and great atmosphere. The only club in Houston that reminds me of New York Clubs.

Angelica Proano

I love going to this club. It's a great atmosphere every time I go! The bartenders and service is great. Pricing is good as well. Definitely a place I recommend to go for casual drinks, party and celebrate! You can't go wrong with cielo. The owners and promoters are really attentive as well !

knarf 003

Good place for a night out.

James C. Valles

Great place to take a date! Great food, drinks and Music! Also a great place to met your next date

James Grycock

This place is a blessing to the north Houston area, even on a Thursday the one of the owner's Washington greeted us with the up most respect. Well mannered I mean. Great place to just let loose and get your dance on. Bravo to the gentleman who run this establishment. Keep up the great work and this place will be a household name.

Miguel Feliciano

Went to cielos to celebrate my 30th birthday and i must say i had a blast. Washington and Diego really looked out for me. They let us decorate the upstairs before the party and continued to check up on my party and i, the entire night. By far the best service and flexibility I’ve experienced. I highly recommend this venue to anyone and everyone looking to celebrate a party of any kind. Thank you Cielo for making such a special celebration that much more memorable. I highly recommend having you party or just hanging out at Cielos.

Wes Landrum

A lot of Mexicans

Gris Perez

Best Latin club I've been to in a while, they have live bands, 3 dj's and amazing staff. They have drinks, food, hookah and good music, what more could you ask for!! Definitely worth coming!

Paul Roberts

I would have given this place more stars. But, seriously 8 DOLLARS FOR A BEER!!! Seriously save money and drink at a stripclub fellas. I'm not cheap at all, but after paying $10 to get in and $8 for a beer and $11 for a mixed drink(before tip). You can't help but feels ripped off. A decent spot but I probably won't be returning.


Don't got if you are a white man. They will turn you away for the most ridiculous reasons. Both times the staff was rude and I can only assume its because im a male thats white. I had a button up shirt, jeans and boots. They made me pay because I was male and my wife didnt have to. I would have gladly paid a cover charge for both of us but if it was only on the basis of gender then Straight up discrimination. imagine if it was the other way around

Adrian Garza

Awesome bartenders and great DJ and sometimes they have live music!

victoria hernandez

$11 for a bad mix margarita and $8 a beer. Prices are too high for this place. Also a door cover. Not going back. The sound system needs to be updated.

Chico Rubio

Ordered a hookah at 11pm never came so I asked for another kinda funny how y’all ran out. Never coming back to this place.

Luis Bonilla

I ❤ Cielo's. I'm glad we Finally have some authentic Puerto Rican food in the Woodlands Texas. ❤❤

Silvana Rodriguez

Live music & dj are awesome, drinks are $10 and up...pretty cool place to have girls night...atmosphere is chill. We went on a Friday night and it did not get that packed...they also have a cute outdoor area designated for smoker peeps

anna campos

I’ve been going to this place for years aka since day one. It carriers a vibe that makes anyone feel welcomed, even if your from out of town. They basically treat you like family. They just released a new food and drink menu that brings a different culture that the woodlands needed. I enjoy how they have multiple rooms that play a variety of music . The staff always wears a smile and treats anyone with a positive attitude.

Eddie S

This club has potential, believe me, but it just is not cutting it for me at the moment. Located inside a shopping center in The Woodlands/Spring area, the club area is fairly small. I came on a Friday night with several friends, we were here to celebrate a birthday and everyone was in the mood to dance to some salsa. Yes, the music is pretty good for the most part. Majority Latin music which is what we came for and a bit R&B thrown at you here and there. The club was somewhat empty for a Friday night. Nothing packed. The bar was not in the cleanest shape, several empty glasses throughout the bar. Does the bartender have a barback? I can't tell. What really annoyed the hell out of me was the drink price inconsistencies. I ordered the same drink three times.. First round of whiskey, $8+tip. Second round of the same thing, $16+tip. TF?!? Third round, you can only imagine. And for the attentiveness that the bartender was giving us, including the amount of traffic, all I can say is that these girls would not survive bartending at a Gay bar. Customer service is everything and you need to be on point at all times.

Ingrid Roxana Rivas

Good music but you don't find dancers just drinkers

Ed Osorio

Good hangout spot Latin music

Leticia Ruiz

Food delicious, great club


Great music, staff, and drinks.

Alfredo R. Molina

It was a waiting time longer than I expected to order a beer at the bar, but after that..... great place to meet people and dance....


Good margaritas,good Latin music

Iris Alcantara

One my favorite locations on a Thursday night ! They have free salsa classes prior to their night life. No cover on Thursdays. They do have a live band playing on Saturdays with a $10 cover. Drinks are pretty pricy but which bar isn't .

Erica Cruz Rodriguez

Everything was good its just a bit slow on fridays night

Fabiola Gonzalez

Great ambiance! Lounge area is nice, music was GREAT!

Niko Jaymez

Always have great time there, great atmosphere and friendly staff...

Siren TheRocker

Nice staff ordered some dollar tacos. Been 30 min nothing yet. Great music. Great ppl. Not crowded but Im told it will be which is why I dont understand why I dont have 3 lil dollar tacos

Juan Guillermo Vander Velde

Nice place , nice music for latins , arriba Venezuela

Valentina Fernandez Acevedo

NO SOAP IN THE RESTROOMS! (my husband told me about the mens restroom). I asked 3 different employees if they could please put soap in the women's restroom. The employees responded very rudely with "we ran out" and at the end of the night even cussed me out telling me to leave. Employees refused to give me their names or the owners contact information. The bartenders were serving drinks all night without washing their hands. How does a business serving food and drinks accept running out of soap? Pretty disgusting!! Unacceptable sanitary conditions and unacceptable customer service, terrible to see a nice bar in a nice area managed so poorly. I expected so much more from this place.

Profit With Dre

Great music ! Awesome food ! Great environment

Brittany Romero

Came here for lunch & ordered the Ropa Vieja. It was absolutely delicious and worth the wait. Chef Papi never disappoints!!

Ethan Hill

Great food, great service and atmosphere, love it!

Melissa Martinez Casillas

Ordered a bottle and a few other drinks...when the tab came the amount didn’t add up correctly so we politely asked our waitress about it. She was really sweet and explained that the tip is included already with the bottle price. When we first ordered the bottle though that was never mentioned, so we were given a different price when we first ordered then what the receipt price had. So we paid $43 for the tip that we had no control over because it was supposedly part of the bottle service. No problem giving a tip BUT shouldn’t that be mentioned when ordering a bottle that the tip will be included?! Not cool.

Katrina Brandenburg

The staff is nice, but the place is tiny. Maybe it was just the night we were there, but the DJ was no good. The crowds were surprisingly rude to others at tables and on the dance floor. There are nicer bar & lounge experiences to be had.

Kizzie P. Olaya

Really awesome experience live bands. Great energy for dancing. Middle age to older crowd so no drama. Outback area is great for escaping the music and dance floor. Small up stairs room plays reggae or R&B depends on Dj.

alexis Carvajales

I always have a great time here. The service is outstanding, the music is always on point and the tacos are delicious.

Brenda Ramirez

Wasn't impressed. Service was super slow and the music was more dembow and reggeton that salsa, bachata and merengue

Michelle Brito

Live band is great. Good drinks and friendly staff.

Robert Campbell

Fun place for Latin music and dance

Javier Rodriguez

Very good place, but the worse DJ I ever seen !!!

Filadelfo Montecinos

Great place to have some good time

Jennifer Loera

Nice place love the decorations big enough if u want to take a big group $10 cover maybe to much pricey drinks one margarita $9 and a special beer for $5 dollars $14 righti pay with a 20 the bartended keep giving 3 dollars back for change weird she tip her self a guess Am normally a good Tipper but when someone try to get your money like that is not cool and not a very friendly lady neither. So watch your wallet when you go there over all good music great atmosphere

Tony Rodriguez

The Only club in the woodlands !! I always have a great time you have to try the mojitos

Jimmy Garcia

Great place just reminding you that every drink you buy has a tip already included.

Alex Nunez

Great tropical style latin music.

Alejandro Victorica

Diego and his staff give an experience that I thought was gone and I’m loving it very classy fun professional place with good times and no arguments

Briceida CANCINO

U gonna love this place.. its perfect

HAM Miranda

Good drinks, good music

Happy Camper

Awesome luce vand. Very classy inside. Drinks are great

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