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REVIEWS OF Club Karma IN South Carolina

Matthew Dutkie

Very lame experience yes I can’t dance but either way my friends can.It seemed like it would be a fun time but in reality it’s a very lame setup.The drinks are over priced the dj needs to get better dancing songs and more 2019 songs that real teens would actually like.

Hunter Warren

ZAM FAM Member For Rebecca Zamolo

Michael McCowan

It was so bad all it was a bunch of girls standing around in a group and the loser guys in their groups to all they wanted to do was walked around everyone one of them were to scared to talk to them I regret spending 15 dollars for the worst club on this earth

Spify Durrell

Michael Hucks

This is a great place to go if you want to get abducted by child-traffickers.

Cole Komarnisky

Don't come early we are the only ones here. The lady working the front desk wasn't friendly.

Latisha Singleton

Matthew Callan

met my wife here. she was tired looking and sold me a Gatorade for $24 and she asked if i had a cigarette. we have 5 kids now


omg me nd my bestfriend had so much fun the music was good the crowd was live i met some fun people that really welcomed us.

kayla stanfield

You guys really need to update your site we came all the way down to South Carolina and we couldn't even in on weekdays y'all need to really put something out there for people so they know this really pissed off me and my friends and you guys just ruined my trip it's making me not want to even come back to South Carolina this is really unprofessional of y'all LEARN HOW TO KEEP YOUR STUFF UPDATED!!!!

avery Short

Philip Rogers

It was amazing

Katerina Ocean

It is what it is. It's a safe nightclub with high security where teens can have a good time. For people that complain about feeling uncomfortable being patted down: they don't want people with guns getting in. I'm personally glad that they're that thorough. And the music is good dance music, not my taste in music but it's club music. This place is what it advertises. If you want a school regulated dance for your kid then send them to a school dance. I don't know what to tell you.

Hailley Burke

Diamomd Owens

It was AWESOME don't listen to those ppl if u know u not suppose to have yo phone out then don't bring it out n y'all must have went at the wrong time cause every time I went it was lit and the DJ was lit too and I met my bf there

Jonathon Ball

Needs to get around more so more people go, but as long as you go with friends it’s fun


I met a lot of good people there it’s a fun time to have with friends

Bailey Rogers

Noah Berry

Only go here if you're ready to get lit LIT

Genesis Williams

Brandon M

lots of booty!

No Name

We (me and three others) drove 3 hours from NC to come here and celebrate two of our birthdays and upon arrival we are told they are closed when the website says open 7 days a week along with Google and they're facebook said nothing about being closed till we got there.

Jasmine Mills

every time I go to the beach I'm there every night

Michaela murasky

Laat year i didnt get to go lets hope this is my year!!!!


They advertised that they were open everyday but actually were not. Complete waste of time. Came all the way from New Hampshire to try this play out and I’m so disappointed at the horrible service.

Toni Kit

Omg it was so fun I would definitely go back again they just need to change there music a little bit. The boys were really cute .some girls were kinda cringe .and it was kinda over priced .

nicholas williams

Wesley Watkins

Great place just don't go in and not party

Hailey Daniell

It was horrible there were roaches everywhere even when you flushed the toilet roaches came out. Not worth the money at all and the drinks were watered down it also had a roach in it

Mackenzie Smith

Please do not waste your money here. Their DJ is wack. I went on a Saturday and there was 20 people there. I bet you not to waste your 10 there ...


Emily Broome

It is a great place to go , great people and great music !!

Hali Chapman

Eric was the man, special shout out to him! Great place definitely going to go back sometime!

Edmond Cami

Emily Good

Brenley Seider


Analee Jaekel



Ty-kerriea Wallace

xօ. ʟօ

DJ Was Lame, Doesn’t Really Play Request. Had To Go Get People Because There Wasn’t Really Anyone There. I Wasted My Money Because Not Only Did I Not Get My Song Played But Nobody Was There Or Could Get Lit Due To That. It’s Nice Inside Though.

Rainer Halveland

Only good part was when the hot chicks came

lulu Is gay

I was sexually harassed at this place by the "security" or whoever was standing out front. They told me to shake my ass and come inside to "get freaky" with him.

Gigi Bryant

Best night ever! The dj was lit! The music had everyone dancing. Frfr it was my 1st time going and I loved it! I heard Friday's and Saturday's are the greatest time to go and yes it was. Dope

Keegan Belstadt

Me and my girlfriend of 3 years decided to go to this club. It looked fun. Not only did they take my hat and say I wasn't alowd to wear it, they also patted me down and I felt uncomfortable. We got up to the floor where there was about 70 people, all of which were not dancing at all, just standing around. The dj looked miserable. Thenot my gf had to go the bathroom so I pulled out my phone to check a text. A man came up to me and attempted to take my phone because he thought I was going to take a picture. Then when my gf came out, I kissed her on the cheek. Another man came up to me, grabbed my arm super hard and kicked me out on the streets for "kissing". I'm 16, but what if I was 13 or 14. That would be scary. PLEASE do not waste your money here. It's totally lame, half the club was roped off and the drinks were super expensive. I'm begging anyone who reads This. ...not to go

Andrea Hoxhallari

I brought my cousins in they had a great time I'm bringing them back next month. Get there before 9 and save $5

Jacob Osborne

My boys and I went there 2 times this past week and the kid is the front was weird and the lady that takes your money after you walk up stairs won't let you walk in to see if it's worth spending money in there or not. The place was run down. Gross and dirty. The DJ the first time we went was annoying but there was a different one the second time and he was cool. Music was good and bad. Lots of chill people there that I met and talked to. Floor felt like it was gonna fall thru. Don't know if it's the move to go back again or never go back at all. 50/50 with this place tbh. Could be 100 people there and could be 12 people there. all depends

Nick Papas Vlogs

Chellbie Messer

Eric is phenomenal!

Eric Gibson

Brought my kids a few weeks ago, they loved it.

TJ Snyder

Take your teen, and drop em off, but have a large group.

Turner Roberson

A lot of booty

Alona Moore

The club was fun but the manager or whatever she is. She was highly disrespectful to my friend and I . If I could rate this a zero star I would. One of her workers was touching on me and my friends. We told another worker about it and they when to the manager. She said "if one of my guys get to friendly with y'all don't make s big deal out of it". The place was fun but the manager was rude. So you won't see me back there because of her !

Adnan Peci

i enjoyed the atmosphere and music. ill be back this summer!

Brianna Wilson

sean choi

Please for the love of god, whatever you do please do not visit this "club". My friend and I went in there with some optimism and hoped for the best. What actually happened was we took the biggest L of our lives. This place took our souls and sold them to Lucifer. We went in and we saw some kids who were obviously 10 when the "club" is supposed to be 13-18. Then my friend met some tall, lanky kid who told him he was 19 and works at a gas station. Most of the girls were standing around drinking their soft drinks which they got from the "bar". The DJ played god awful music and there was more security than there were actual kids. Please, I'm begging whoever reads this... please do not go to this god forsaken establishment that is a sad excuse for a reason to overcharge kids to take any shrewd of innocence they had within themselves. Thank you.

Chris Bachman

Absolute trash. There's no one here and the music is quite literally, only bad rap and over played trap music. The dj is trash, the rules are over the top, the food is over priced, it's dead, and the workers are rude. If you feel like paying fifty to a hundred bucks, you can sit and be miserable on couches, otherwise you're stuck with uncomfortable wooden chairs. Do. Not. Come. Here. It is not worth the ten dollar admission fee. At max, I would pay three.

TJ Hunt

this place was too lit. the bouncer that was there when I went w my cousin was super nice nd the lady u give the cash to was the only weird adult there. once u get upstairs, there's a lot of people there nd it's scary at first buh once u start getting in w the friend and being more fearless, thas when the fun happens. not sure if it's all the time, buh there is almost TOO MUCH BOOTY TO HANDLE. if your looking to grind for the first time, this is the place to come. whether your tall, short, white, black, cute, ugly, it don't matter. u gon get to grind w somebody in there. the DJ was aight, buh he repeated one song which was kinda wack, and only played a few bangers, buh props to him for playing lots of songs u can grind to. that was tight.

Marcelo Costa

aniaya craven

Karen Ann

Trashy place for teens. Dads don't let your girls go there. This place should be raided and charged with sex crimes. Awful

Taronda Cozart

It was lit !!! Whoever lives in sc is lucky because they get to go every day ❤ lmao but they played a lot of twerking music

Julie Sean

Makiyah Gorman

Terrible. Do not waste your time or money here. Music sucks, atmosphere is trash, and no one was there. Plus the age gap is a little sketchy. Club karma 2 thumbs down. Better off going to a school dance.

troy everett

(Translated by Google) Bed (Original) Lit

Liam Dunman


Nicholas Lee

Kevona Bethune

THE worst club! Larry would not let my niece in because she didn’t have an ID BUT her let everyone else in with no ID and no problem! I am pissed! It’s our last night here and that’s all she wanted to do was go to the teen club! Larry I hope you feel like a man! Telling my niece she looks old! Sir you are rude and disrespectful! You look old my friend! And nasty!



Linda Leonard

Tammy Campbell


Sharing my experience from 6/21/18. I had heard about Karma from multiple friends and thought it would be a fun place to dance to good music and meet teens my age at Myrtle Beach. My Friend and I arrive around 8:02, two minutes before they opened so we only had to pay $10. Nobody was there, as expected, but it was around 8:45 before anyone else came. A few groups of teens came and kinda stayed to themselves before we started socializing. Good Trap music was played as well as some 2000’s throwbacks. I appreciated that the Cupid Shuffle was played but was disappointed that The Cha Cha Slide was left out, but that didn’t stop me from dancing the night away. We met tons of nice people and exchanged social media’s throughout the night. I also liked that the security staff was friendly, they didn’t seem rude or that they dreaded being there, and I did feel safe. This is a cool hangout for teens! Only Downfalls: They kept it UNGODLY HOT in the building all night, which i know is to boost concession sales but there was not a bit of air flowing in the room, so we were forced to pay $2.50 for a bottle of water. Not incredibly pricey unless you want an energy drink, but tips for the “bartender” are pushed. In my opinion, $10 should be the set price. Nothing is brand new inside, so i don’t see spending $15 to come into a hot, humid building to hear blasting music and they had a DJ across the street for some event. This is why my friend and I came early, to get our $10 worth. We did get our $10 worth after all, we had tons of fun dancing and making friends. To have some A/C and a bit less expensive would probably draw more business. Other than the small downsides, it is a fun place for teens to hang out.


Shyt was lit af

Shavonda Pulley

Ventures with Vic

Beyond pissed right now. Was looking forward to best night ever and got so disappointed. Walked there and the doors are locked. I was really excited and this completely ruined my night. So upset.

Kayla White

Bayleigh Wagner

Jakob Serwatka

Jahmaya Nero

Kristian Cerrone

My 12 year old cousin knows how to mix better then the dj, alot is defiantly pre mixed. Other then that decent fun.

Queenie Kay

Samuel Herrington

this is fun

Rachel Hreshko

Tyana and John

Cailyn Hall

Lineta Massey

Imani D

Carson Litaker

very scary experience although i did like Larry he gave me a drink to help me sleep

Michael Hawkins

Terica Crum

Under 21 dance club, loud music, overpriced food and soft drinks.

Kevin Betts

Cool place, Eric is awesome

supremextre -

Larry Frakes

Anna Z

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