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strict but it's a good club, best music is on friday nights

Adam Bridges

The staff that work here are honestly not friendly, you get patted down each time you exit and re-enter but in an extremely violating way, I carry a fanny pack and they literally ripped through it. My drink was pretty strong and the drag queens are cool, but it’s 18+ so except a very young immature attitude from the crowd. The door people are honestly the worst experience and that even before you get into the club, this club should invest in metal detecting wands so I and many others don’t have to get there private areas touched.

Ky Johnson

Couldn’t get any girl to take me home


Louise Evans

Kim Mcghee

David Bryan

A place to be your persona.

Ruth Sanchez

Tina Titus

Fun environment, friendly staff, large drink selection, clean bathrooms.

Thảo Thanh

73 Richmond St

David Horton

Graham Stokes

Joshua Rivera

Sandra Hall

Minnie Matteson

sammi abeid

jill h

Very violent bouncers looking for fights. Disgusted.

ben lamm

Michael Cordeiro

Lucifer Voiid

Zarimir Read

Cole Mehring

Carmely Caraballo

I READ THE COMMENT BELOW ME AND I AM SO GLAD I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS NOTICED THE NEGATIVE CHANGES IN THIS PLACE Before I describe the horrific experience here I would like to say I have been going to EGO since I was 19 years old. I am now 24 years old and never did I think I would be in such situation in which I would be writing a bad review towards this place. The changes that are being made to this bar is crippling its business. Lets begin with the staff aka THE BOUNCERS THAT CHECK YOUR ID AT THE DOOR. My best friend and I are in line waiting for our ID's to be checked. We find out that I can not get in because my ID is expired (I HAVE PREVIOUSLY USED MY EXPIRED ID THERE BEFORE MORE TIMES THAN I CAN REMEMBER AND IT HAS NEVER BEEN A PROBLEM) so then the guy that checked my ID tells me I can't get in. We explained to him that this has never been an issue, but he refuses to let us in, no big deal. I told my friend I have another form of ID that is not expired in my car and we'll go grab it and come back and so we did. When we came back to the line, I showed the same guy my ID and pointed to where it the date of expiration was. Once he saw it, he handed me the ID and said in a very snappy tone "it wasn't unreasonable for him to ask for ID". This is where I get upset because he could have been a PROFESSIONAL and just stayed quiet and kept it moving with his job. I shrugged my shoulders and said whatever it kinda was. So I walk away from the guy and head towards the ticket booth he starts yelling and chasing after me as if he was going to do something. Then he gets in my face and starts screaming at me telling me how he doesn't have to let us in. I ignored him. We usually get in for free because the person who we thought was the owner always let us in (SINCE I WAS 19). So now this other security guard (witnessed the conversation between me and the other guy at the door) who claims to be "the owner" lmao notices we were on the guest list and so now he bangs on the window of the ticket booth (ALMOST HITTING MY FACE) pretty much telling us that we are no longer allowed on the guest list and that we have to pay. Money was never the issue so we paid hoping that we would enjoy our night but I honestly didn't even feel safe in there. BOTH security guards were in my personal space yelling at me over an expired ID. Even though I came back with a proper form of ID. What kind of customer service is that? Your revenue is earned from the people that go there and that's how you say thanks huh? By the time we were inside the club we decided to leave, I didn't feel safe in there because of those two guys. MY FRIENDS AND I WILL NEVER GO TO EGO AGAIN. VERY VIOLENT AND UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF AND THERE IS A HUGE LACK IN CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Kalynn Brousseau

Shamon Cockrane

gadge travassos

Jose Dos Santos

Dante Mazzola

Terrible. Bartender was rude and had no personality. Drinks were about 5% alcohol and the rest mixer. Don’t come here if you want to drink.

Nicole Rexach

I had a blast with my friends i loved the bartender he was awsome..

Jeff LeClair

Precious Ingemi

Will a copy of my ID work?

D'Nela Mendez

Great club I love it everything handsome

Richie DeFilippo

Markus Serrano

my favorite place ever i travel from Lowell Massachusetts just to come here just wish it was bigger or had a second floor love the staff and and environment

zack c

I'm here every weekend and have never had a bad experience....very clean, great music and lights, and excellent staff

Joseph Perry

Not for nothing but I was put off by this place because of the dancers. Today I got solicited by another one advertising themselves as a dancer at Ego. Third time its happened. Its trashy that their staff associate themselves with the club and in the meantime try to get guys to pay for sex. Not a good advertising campaign. After that today, I wouldn't go near the place as that's what I now associate it with. Control your staff!

Zack Lampley

Incompetent chimps decided to keep my card due to it being 10 minutes past closing, and then "lost" it 2 days later. I had an attempted withdrawal that got declined. Watch your possessions around the staff. Drinks are passable, but expensive.

Birghandi Weeden

Good spot. Friday nights gets crowded early. Open until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Luis Olivo

Lit place ❤

Dominick Mogstad

Really cute guys, good music, friendly staff, decent priced drinks and clean bathrooms.

Irving joel Mercado

Colter Oliveira-McDaniel

Matthew Kaelblein

Katalina Bravo

Rafael Sanchez

Love it!

Alonzo Ortega

The worst place anybody could ever go to...sad for a gay club...

Ariana Penn

Karine Oliveira

Dragon Lord

Fernando Nevarez Nieves

Carlos Vasquez

Piero Pastor

Emilio Valdez

Thursday nights are amazing!

Rafael Minatelli

Nice place

Miranda Snow


Anthony Moore



Abby Underwood

Not my personal favorite place but not a bad place to go out, cover charge is $10 and it’s an over 18 place. Not super expensive drinks and they usually have a deal where some drinks are cheaper. Very crowded for the most part. They also often have scantily clad dancers for people who are into that. Their pride celebration was definitely worth it, they have a block party and outside bars for only $20.

Parker Robinson

Pretty dope club, really like drag nights. just wish the DJ would play different music other than top 40's, it is a gay club so I'd like to hear more gay music not Dula peep, other than that its a party.

Derrick Knott

I've been here once and I'm straight. I just wanted to check it out. It's pricey at the door. But upstairs in the club,'s a movie. High quality lighting, unlike any club nearby, amazing sound system, the people were really into. There standing room only on the dance floor. Great place.

Jeannie Nieves

Where do I begin. Last night I went with our friends, 3 of us got our IDs checked and we got our wristbands. My other 3 friends were told to just go in, didn’t bother checking ID. The Bouncer just assumed we were all 21 due to association. Thursday nights are pretty dead, except for the one time a group of men were literally having intercourse on the dance floor. Or the time a man pulled down his pants at the bar. So moving along, as we are in the club 2 of our friends who didn’t get their wristbands we’re going to get drinks. A bouncer didn’t see that the wristband so he said “NO DRINKS” my girl asked why and explained that she was 22 and had a valid ID, handed it to him but he refused to listen because he looked stupid assuming in the first place. Tried explaining that the doorman, didn’t give them a wristband and just let them in. They are over 21 so just by checking the ID, what I’m about to say could’ve been avoided. Same bouncer grabbed one of the girls, ripping off her top, lifted her and tried to drag her out. She is 5’1, getting dragged out by 2 other bouncers. My other girl is the same stature and was also dragged out. They were rough and rumbustious. We asked for help because all of us being petite, facing off these men was very unsettling. My other friend who tried to pry these men off the girls, was also picked up and slammed outside of the door, they punched him in the head, his scalp is full of scraps. His hand blooded. All this wouldn’t have happened if EGO simply checked the IDs of my friends. The fact that they assaulted my friends was the worst experience I’ve ever had at EGO. And trust me there’s been a lot of unfortunate events that have happened here but this exceeded prior experiences. Bouncers were clearly bored, I’ve seen them fight and drag people by the hair, countless times. Never thought it was happen to us this time. Honestly throw out the whole club. They need to revamp their staff and the owner should know what goes on in this place. We won’t stay quiet, this experience will be shared everywhere. Never go to EGO.


Never a dull moment EGO! The staff is welcoming and the music is always awesome! I've never had a bad night!

Rey Pineda

It definitely has a good atmosphere. People are very energetic, having fun, and just having a blast dancing to their own beat. Although, I do have to say that I wish there was a little bit more diversity in the music. A slight problem that I notice is that the DJ overplays so many of the same songs that it gets very predictable. There used to be Latin Sunday’s but not anymore. The fact that they only play Latin music on Fridays kind of defeats the purpose of the club trying to more “diverse” in order to bring in more clients. Try to play more Latin music on Saturdays in replacing of the one on Sunday. People will likely come more if there’s a good mix of different music genre.

Brandon Fournier

Edwin Malave

Alexis Daluz

Ryan Audino

Davide Gnoato

Miss Meka

Good time. Went there during gay Happy birthday

Matthew Gonsalves

Nate Delp

Love the atmosphere...well made drinks, good music, fun drag shows. Good place to go to for Providence Gay Pride weekend..also have a kick-ass block party after night parade and great time for NEW Years if you are sticking around.

Eric Brown

IF YOU ARE MILITARY... Got pushed out of an event on Friday with a crowd. We waited for the crowd to thin so we could go back to close are tab to retrieve are NAVY FEDERAL card. They where very rude and told us it was " locked in a safe and had to drive back to the establishment another day to get it" So as soon as we could we returned to retrieve it and called them to bring it to the door... The manager looked in quite a few places and we clearly could hear cabinets and drawers opening and closing... We where told the card could not be found ( obviously we where lied to about it being " locked in a safe" being the reason they couldn't give it to us when we where at the open door when they where bring stuff in from outside) We told the manager one more time they said they put it in a safe on Friday and that was why we couldn't get it back when they where closing up. His response was "I can't give you what I don't have" My fallow up was can you find out the person who was working the front bar on the right side guy with the blond hair long under cut with the beard and ask him what he may have done with the NAVY FEDERAL CARD. And he got short and told me no. He then decide to tell me that I probably had the card the hole time ( just to mention they closed the tab and processed it three days later from when we where there AND everyone's card in the group of 5 had processed and cleared (all Navy Federal too) on Saturday the following day but are card got processed Monday and he's trying to tell me that I am confused and took it home with us)

Jasnelyn Laboy

Fun fun

Jessica Silverman

Jeffrey Gaudor

Tara Marquis

Dylan Smith

Kristin Sirek

Sarah Medeiros

Ego Girls are so beautiful ♡

Amit Nehra

Alex Unger

Had an awesome time watching drag race here! Nice outside patio too.

Michael Garcia

Kyle Cabral

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