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95 Long Wharf, Newport, RI 02840, United States

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REVIEWS OF Celtica IN Rhode Island

Bob Ellison

This was a great lil Pub. Although it was too early in the season for my lobster roll, the fish sandwich was a close second. The waitress/bartender seated us and was very friendly and helpful. My wife loved her Fish and Chips as well. This is a must stop by kind of place.

Patricia Conti

I love this place, wonderful people, artwork on the building is so great!

Jane Slowik

Loved it all

Yongman Kim

Cozy and friendly staffs. It seems mostly the local customers were hanging out when I was here.

Troy Wilkinson

Ezra Thompson

My favorite place to get a way from the real world.

James brown

Nice pub. Pub food and keno

Luz Varela

Colin Liik

Very low key, off the beaten path place that doesn't scream good food or fun but that's exactly what Celtica offers. Good beers, great food (pizza was amazing) and very comfortable seating options. If you want a quick bite or somewhere to watch the game, definitely stop by here. Staff was also really nice and they take pride in their foods and people there.

Derek Christian

Plastic straws within spitting distance of the water. Time to wise up and do what’s right for the environment

david A velez

Awesome experience! Love the atmosphere and ambience. Super chill. Was here with my wife. Great food and staff. Wish we were staying in town longer so we could come here more. It's also really comfortable. Come here, you won't regret it!

Tina Dimick

Fabulous atmosphere and good with Eric and Kim!

Ken Keniff

Julie Finn

Service sucks

Paul Ford

Great little pub off the beaten path of most pubs in scenic Newport. Located on Long wharf next to the Marriot Hotel this place has delicious food @ a great price. Staff was very on point & took care of you. Definitely worth trying out while in Newport.

Tom Duffy

Small menu but they do everything on it well. Good beer selection. Great staff! Highly recommended

Sheila Riley

Great place for beer options and fair pricing.

Rose Weed

I dislike giving bad reviews, so I'll just say I can't give an accurate review to this pub simply because after seating ourselves & looking over the menus on the table, waiting for a waitress (apparently they don't have table service, but how is one to know that... We saw no signs stating that), then I got up and stood at the bar to hopefully place our order... Still, no attempt by any of the bar staff to acknowledge my presence... They weren't even all that busy? At any rate, we simply got up & left. We ended up at another restaurant willing to take our money.

Tom Gerbe

Goat Serious

Good Guinness use the new glasses though no one in the US is perfect. Great food!

Erin Walsh

Limited choices, and some menu items were not available. Just a local hole in the wall, not suitable for tourists.

Alex Segev

Best bet food ever. Great stake sandwiches. Pisa to die for. Fresh seafood.


Brenda Sousa

Great views of the harbor , pool table & friendly staff

UZN New England

We Love the Atmosphere Here , Amazing Food , Drinks and Very Friendly Staff . We would Return and Highly recommend it to our Friends .

Vanessa Anderson

Love it!

Peter Mcauliffe

Nice atmosphere. Good food

James Andrew Peters

Nice seating, probably the most comfortable bar in Newport

Jason Turner

Kevin Dias

Raw bar and pizza!!!

Matthew Cox

desiree matulewicz

Have been visiting this bar for over a decade and every year it just keeps getting better. Great drinks, great service , great over all atmosphere!

Allen Breyette

Celtica is a great place to sit and have a pint right on the water in Newport. The prices are reasonable, the staff is always friendly, and the view is nice. Definitely worth a stop if you're going to be in the area.

Mark Dalton

Cool local joint for a drink

Michael Reynolds

Comfy space with classy seating, inexpensive food that tastes great, and great selection of good beer. Go to spot for a stuffie and/or lobsta roll and drink.

Stephen Hurd

Relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff

Simon Danner

Matt Wittkopp

Trivia at the bar is good and the only reason I kept coming back. For some reason the owners believe that one bartender is enough on a weeknight during the summer during trivia. I started ordering two drinks at a time due to the fact that I would wait about ten minutes before being served every time I wanted to get a drink. Other pro tips are to order a pitcher and then close out rather then have to wait later to close out. The bartender is very friendly but could use some help to avoid long lines.

Marsha Allen

Guinness was delish. Food ok but if really packed takes a while. We were on a bus tour so only had a short time. Onion rings great.

George-Kathy Adamczyk

Great atmosphere, fun place and reasonable prices for beer & wine. We stopped by recently while in port from a cruise and found this little gem. We did not stop to eat, but price were great. I would highly recommend stopping here over other pricey bars in the area.

Harald Weinkum

great beer, great food, great service!

Bob Whirlow

Great raw bar 4-6 $1 oysters, shrimp, littlenecks!

Anthony Caiazzo

Great Dive bar with a pool table,& unique couch seating along the walls.

Keith Reynolds

Sean Miller

Locals enjoy this place. I have enjoyed some of the best Clam Chowder right here...

Debra Holmes

Johnny J Jiovino

Great time had here !!

Benjamin Motif

Best bar in newport. Awesome pizza!


Chill Irish pub close to the water when you want to get away from the Bowens Wharf tourists.

Greg Terzis

Surprisingly quality food coupled with the very great pricing makes this place somewhere I am MOST DEFINITELY going back too. Great atmosphere and bartenders (especially Krystal, she made two great blue hawaiians for my girlfriend and I). I also am not too keen on admitting I put my fair share of quarters into the retro arcade cabinet

A Corn

Sean pineau

Great place to settle in and enjoy a cold pint!

Timothy Norton

great food. They know how to poor a Guinness. Friendly people

Sean O'Reilly

Warm atmosphere, friendly owner/service, killer onion rings, and great views of the Newport Yacht Club.

Raj Kesraj

Theresa Tertinek

Great Bar

Mu hons

In town for work, discovered by chance-just walking by and saw $1 raw bar Happy Hour and had great local beer with a couple dozens oysters, some cocktail shrimps and stuffed quahog. Friendly staff. Came back the next day and repeat. Highly recommended.

Ashley Mitchell

One of my favorite bars in Newport. Definitely more of a local bar and one of the best kept secrets (from tourists) in Newport. The food, service and atmosphere make it beyond worth the trip. Highly recommended

Rodrigo Arancibia

Is OK, nothing remarkable.

nic mizzy

EXTREMELY unprofessional! called for a pick up order and someone answered cussing! When i called back another woman answered with a terrible attitude ABSOLUTELY ZERO customer service skills, and said she didnt feel like making anything but fried food, what kind of BS is that!? I will never bring them business again

Cassandra Bryant

Karaoke dj was very rude. Closes early.

Andrew B

Therese Marcel

This bar is so much fun. The karaoke bar is alot of fun. Bar pizza isn't bad. Typical brew selection. Pitchers available. No wait staff place your order with the bartender and barstaff drops off your order. Fun place .love the disco ball

Chris Francis

Great atmosphere and service. Would highly recommend and will be visiting regularly

Gene Benarick

Great water front bar with a cordial staff and good food. Get ready for Karaoke!

Melissa Devine

Pool, anyone?

Jim Bergeron

Dive bar but great people and cheap drinks

Sean Fadely

Good local spot. Cheap. Pool, karaoke, music, great food. Walking distance to all the shops and other downtown stuff. Glad I went.

JC Baltz Wildblueyonder

Very nice service

Oliver Strube

Very nice little pub/bar. Can't go wrong trying it. It's right next to the Marriott. Friendly service.

Patrick Lambert

We had a great time! A little off the main drag, but great for a break in the action. Nice old world ambiance and very pleasant clientele.

Kristen Fleming

Gustaaf de Ridder

Fun spot on the docks in Newport


A nice local pub with character. It has a limited menu but everything is delicious. You place your order at the bar and someone brings your meal. There are plenty of TVs around the joint. It also has a pool table. I enjoyed the atmosphere and will come back again.

Maxfield Blackledge

Patty Hoban

Had a terrific time playing trivia on Wednesday night.

Ted Allen

A must visit in Newport. Amazing bar menu.

Jason McClain

Cheap food, a pool table, good music. Celteca is as laid back and comfortable as it gets and is always a good choice for a quick getaway from downtown.

Karen Pranschke

BEST clam chowder ever - and I've had a few. Eric makes a better one than I can make myself and it definitely tops the first one I ever had which was in Nantucket...and that was supreme. I'd love to give a full 5 stars but the bar is a bit of a dive (and I am sure they would admit that), the toilets are a bit scary, seats are torn etc etc but so welcoming, so friendly, fair prices and Eric is not only a good chowder maker, but he is quite the character too!

RJ Reinert

Excellent - and affordable!! - pub option close to the waterfront in Newport. A bunch of us from the nearby War College went for Happy Hour. The lobster roll and rings was excellent; exceeded expectations. There are not many "true" happy hour options on the island. Celtica is though. My only ding was I had heard they had $1 oysters and that wasn't true.

Kara snellman

Great atmosphere, friendly regulars great food and bar service!

Matthew Pagos

Great dive bar with karaoke next to the Marriott.

Mikhail Litvinov

Good place

Alexander Pudikov

Nice place for a good beer and a quick bite!

David Hanos

Paul Jewell

Off the beaten path, but still a great place to relax with a pint or two and watch a ballgame.

melvin sanders


Paul Simard

Good and reasonably priced food and drink. Fun place to spend time.

Corey Marino

I liked the bar and the karaoke. A lot of very talented singers come here for their karaoke nights. However, this isn't your typical run-of-the-mill karaoke. They take it very seriously here. When I came, I came with two friends. Typically when we go to karaoke, we put a few songs in hoping that one will be picked. Often, we get to sing several throughout the night. Usually, the DJ paces them as they see fit. That was NOT the case here!! The woman running karaoke was VERY upset when I put my name in three times (two times to sing along with friends). I went up alone the first time, and the second time I went up with a friend (this was specified on the request that it would be two of us). She called them both in a row, and I will admit I did 99% of the singing for the second song. My friend and I have a humorous routine where I sing "Dance with Somebody" and she dances next to me and chimes in "Dance" towards the end of the song Don'tcha wanna dance say you wanna dance "dance" Don'tcha wanna dance Don'tcha wanna dance say you wanna dance "dance" Don'tcha wanna dance Don'tcha wanna dance say you wanna dance "dance" With somebody who loves me "Dance" It's something we always request and we get a lot of laughs when someone picks it. However, the DJ was furious and scolded us, since I went up twice. She said, "Next time you have a friend on the card, they better sing. That's NOT FAIR to everyone else." Which I understand, but I feel like that's her call then to decide whether or not to pick a card with my name on it again. Furthermore, it's karaoke. When did it become so serious? So, I had three cards, right? I put in to do a duet with another friend. I didn't think it would all get picked and especially not right in a row. I've never had a DJ put all of them on in a row and most don't put all of them on at all. However, after scolding me for singing with my friend she IMMEDIATELY calls to have me come sing with another friend and says, "you better not be singing the whole time." (Remember, this was the third time in a row I was on stage). I usually go up with her because she's scared to go alone. It isn't me trying to hog all the glory or anything. So now I'm up there feeling super uncomfortable. The DJ doesn't want me to sing the whole time, and my friend isn't used to singing alone. She says again, "Your friend better sing or people will roll their eyes at me." So what am I supposed to do in this scenario? I decided to sing every other line and hope for the best. It seemed to be fine, but I felt uncomfortable the whole time. Karaoke is supposed to be fun. I do it with friends and typically enjoy it. I've been to several karaoke bars, and none have ever had a problem with me putting multiple requests in. If they don't want me singing three times in a row and want to be fair to others, they put the others first and get to my request later if they have time. It's called a "request" for a reason. It's the DJs job to call it as she sees fit. The moral of the story is, if you go here, be careful. Don't think it's your regular relaxed fun karaoke situation where you can let loose and have fun and request a bunch of silly songs. They take it very seriously here and DO NOT appreciate when you put in more than one song request.

Mick Roman

Fantastic bartenders, good cold beer, view of Newport Harbor...why are you still reading this, get to the pub!

Kevin O'Maley

Great corned beef!!!!


Ben Steinberg

Henry Materek

Wilian Monzon

(Translated by Google) Is very good (Original) Es muy bueno

Joe Conigliaro

Mary Curtis

The food was great, service impeccable, and the prices were perfect. We enjoyed the laid back bar atmosphere. I would recommend going here for a beer, an appetizer, and a round of pool.

Christopher Gangi

Heath Loder

Small bar with a pool table. They have a couple of good choices for appetizers, and the environment was unique. I would go again next time I'm in the area.

Leif Dahllund

Gerald Ayers

Nice dog friendly pub, good bar food

bernie courtney

Raff Perri

Great lobster roll!

Dr Pamela Reilly

Awesome environment and service. The perfect laid back pub environment. If you choose to sit in the comfy chairs by the window, watch out for the step leading up to that area.

Jeff Weldon

This is an ol dive bar. Karaoke was excellent. DJ was great. Older crowd. One pool table. Old style bar. Fun place.

Richard Cahill

Great comfort food ❤️

Nico Bronkhorst

We Always have a good time in this pub. The food is tasty too, and not overpriced at all.

John Miles

Amy Gillen

Kristin Elliott

Great local place to hang.......and watch sports

Nick L

Great pizza, even better staff, Karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights!

Timothy Polley

Good spot for a beer and a bite

J Patrick's DAY

Teale Hoaglund

Just had an awful experience was verbally assaulted by a patron that the bartender kept giving drinks and shots to though he was clearly incapacitated. My aunt and I were having a nice time with great food sitting at the bar on a quiet Sunday night . The bartender apologized for this patrons abusive actions but never asked him to leave . We felt so uncomfortable and violated we paid our check and as soon as we could because of this menace. BEWARE any future patrons BEWARE!

Scott Ehrman

Patty Ross

The pepperoni and mushroom pizza was amazing! Kudos to Eric! It was so good, I ordered 1 to go. Bloody Mary's were also very good.

Lisa Kelly

Had drinks and food amazing view, typical bar food was great.

Antuan Melkoun

We orders 2 pizzas wings and onion rings everything was awesome! The drinks were great too. Will definitely return when I'm back in Newport.

kristina curry

Lots of fun events, good vibe.

Clown_Puncher !

Fun time. Laid back atmosphere, beer and pool table. Good place to end a pub crawl.

Josh Whipple

Awesome pub on the water. Chicken wings were awesome

Kimberly Aguiar


Come down for happy hour ! $1 oysters and clams! God they’re good ! And so is the Beer

Bobot V

Great beer selection! Shrimp cocktails were $1 when I visited. Excellent staff!

Paul Sullivan

Always good to stop in the Celtic. Good food and atmosphere. Plenty of tv's to watch what ever sport you want.

Heath Crothers

Karaoke night. The crowd was very freindly. The staff were cute and attentive

Thomas Higgins

Good food and drink, fair prices for a summer resort spot

Richard Blondin

Bartender wasn't that friendly. Talked to locals only.

Richard Suls

christen rodrigues

Great food and staff and view

Andress Blackwell

Excellent raw bar happy hour in a relaxed atmosphere. Oysters were briny and delicious. $1 each - can't beat it.

Jordan Schroth

Nice bar with a local feel to it.

Apocalypse Inc

Great baked quahog.

Akeem Alleyne

The staf there is very nice or shud I say crissy the bartender luv her loads the food is great also must go there for those who have not

Todd Sutton

John Caldwell

If you want a delicious Rhode Island IPA, Irish Whiskey, good food and a low-key atmosphere, then come here.


Went in for a burger and a beer for dinner and it was great! The beer was served in an ice cold glass and the burger was delicious! The service was fast and the bartender was very friendly. We sat at the bar and just enjoyed the atmosphere. The pub itself reminded me of the pubs in Ireland, small but cozy. We have a time share in the area and whenever any of us are in town, we always make sure to stop by at least once while we're there. Try it out......You won't be disappointed!

Yenifer Guillen


Cesar Garcia Serville

Pool table, juke box. Not a wide variety on menu but food is decent and good price. Mostly bar fare.

matthew landry

Gerald Crofutt

It was an OK bar, but I have to say that the food was OK, but the chowder was really Great! Doing it again, I would say to drink beer and eat chowder. If you are at the Wyndham, it's an easy place to go because it is in the same building as their offices.

Guy Balzano

I was looking for a comfortable local waterfront bar for a good local beer. Boy did I find it. Excellent service. Price is less than most waterfront establishments.

Jessica Parsons

Fun chairs

Ray Hirte

Good seafood the pizza left a little too be desired.

Mariel Lopez

Good environment, food and drinks.


Not my kinda place

william gora

Great Irish bar

oli w

Pretty ok, a bit dull

Kris O'Neil

My favorite bar!

Leroy mogardo

Very curtious... Plesent place to eat have ice cold beer... And the food is awesome....I recommend to everyone..

Kevin Mahoney

Fun, casual and reasonably priced. Good food with friendly service.

Ron Gagne

Great bar great atmosphere Nothing fancy, in fact almost the opposite of that, makes this a wonderful place to eat and get a beer. Staff is great Love this bar

William Reilly

Local pub right on Long Wharf, fun and casual. Limited menu but good food!

Santiago Echeverri

Very nice staff and good local liquor. Try the leather seats, very comfortable.

Michael Meurs

Nice bar with good bar food. Seems to be popular with the local residents as well, which says something. I like how it is also a bit off the beaten path.

Ashleigh Cooke

It's a dive bar, is what it is

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