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Here you will be able to see the opinions of real people who consume the products of Miss Kitty’s Country Bar Dance Nightclub (Night Club) in Iowa area.

At this moment the business has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 and the score has been based on 75 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Miss Kitty’s Country Bar Dance Nightclub IN Iowa

Melissa Segebart

Emmet Siev

Service is very slow. Drinks take 5-15mins to get. Staff is very rude at times. However it is a great place to dance if your into country music. However the DJ will go from country songs to hip hop one right after another. This clears the dance floor every other song. This place brings a huge crowd on the weekends but this is due to the lack of other large country dance bars in the Des Moines Area.

Earl Bosteder

Great place lots of fun new owners

Royce Johns

Billy Young

Way to go

Bill Hinkel

Awesome management and staff. Great place to let loose, hone your dancing skills, and make new friends. I highly recommend you check it out.

Krista winey

Best Country Bar around ! Very fun place, friendly staff and absolutely Amazing owners ! Live Music , Dance classes, karaoke and Best Country Dance Party !

John Smith

Joey Timmerman

Heather Parrot

This is not the old Miss Kitty’s!!! Such a fun time with my girlfriends. Music was great, staff was awesome and just the over experience was great!

Nick Molln

Lots of fun, nice dance floor and great country music.

Michelle Carpenter

Last Friday evening a fun time was had by all! Awesome dance floor. Great live music. Service was excellent. Love the country music they play. Will be back soon!

Ashley Deaton

Sandy Murphy

Frank Tice

I did not rate this place yet, I am going tonight 3/20/14 to see for myself. I am a little concerned from what I had been reading, hoping not true. I love country music and an avid Line Dancer from Nashville, TN. I want to go and have a good time, please don't disappoint. I will repost later and let you know my experience. I am a picky person and a quality auditor, I will tell all.

Mike Landau

Alden Haffar

Biggest dance floor in the state of Iowa and best place to listen to country music, new and old.

Brian Weigel

Best place to go dancing. Have lessons during the week and a good mix of music on the weekends. Drinks prices are fair as well.

Nick Lingner

Rick Northcutt

Last time I was there a bouncer accused me of taking a shot out of a test tube some bartender forced in front of me. I tried to explain I picked it up and placed it back completely full, but he was less than understanding and then informed that I would be thrown out if I didn't pay for the drink that I honest to God did not drink. Being unable to leave because I was on a Party Bus that had just recently arrived there, I gave them $5.00 for a drink I never drank, and moved on. Oh, and furthermore the bar was no fun to begin with, the staff was rude the drinks were pricey and the dance floor was dead.

Sea Goddess

dallas downey

Great place to get your dance on. Nowhere else compares.

Patti Rolland

It’s a great place to have fun!


Rude people working there .

Breanna Bartlett

Ashley Routh

Brian Von Aswege

Mona Shaw

David Browns

Great place to party. The drink prices are good. The atmosphere has improved dramatically. If you like country music and a party then this is the place to be.

Todd Clewell

Great bartenders

Kayla Stace

Anis K

I would like to bring this review up to a 4 from a 1.. great DJ and people working are nice.

Jason Barnes

Was there for the Tank Anthony concert. What and awesome experience. It’s my understanding this place is under new management and they sure go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Highly recommend the live music on Friday nights. Had a great time. Matter of fact I could’ve met my future with there. Lol

Monica Jones

Love my country dance bar! Love my staff! Love my customers! Fun times, great drinks and smiling, happy service!

jeremy Browns

Under new ownership. Friendly staff, reasonable drink prices, nice dance floor, and great DJ. Will definitely be back!

Cory Brietzke

john tjelmeland


Head out to Kitty's if you love to party and dance. Especially with David on the DJ stand! Great atmosphere and great people.

Kirt Keeper

The location of the place and decor was good, but many of the people especially the staff were incredibly rude and disrespectful. I can go to many other places to have a better time and save much more money. Also, be careful of the servers. They don't like to give correct change. I probably won't be going back there and I would not recommend taking any friends or visitors from out of town to this place. There are lots of other places that are actually enjoyable to be in and can show our fun and friendly Iowa spirit.

Mike _

If I could have given this establishment lower then one star, I would have. The reason being is that the security, or the one security I had the displeasure of dealing with, was very unprofessional. He told a young lady she was cut off from drinks and then proceeded to tell her that she needs to leave. I told him he was being unreasonable, in a nice tone, and that set him off apparently. Instead of telling me that I am in turn kicked out as well, he instantly places his hands on me, shoves his fingers hard enough into my bicep and chest to leave bruising, and pushes me out. All of this for saying one sentence to this person. I did not swing at him, spit at him, or act belligerent in any way. Even simply placing a hand on my back and guiding me out would have been fine, but to apply enough force to leave bruising is completely irrational. It's sad that I cannot leave a name, but at least I can let people know that decide to visit this place to think again. An establishment that hires such unprofessional staff is not worth the money.

Steven Joyce

Amazing atmosphere, music, and staff. I’ll be back many more times.

Dustin Hunter

Traci Rodemeyer

Great DJs. Fun place to dance. Fun atmosphere.

Jake Beaty

I never had an interest in going to Miss Kitty's. But i got to know the new owners as a side effect of a job I have, and they invited me out one night shortly after they took new ownership. They showed me some before and after photos of changes they made with interior cosmetics and I can say it definitely looks better now. They have an active facebook page where they are always sharing events and upcoming live bands and themed music nights. The drink prices are extremely affordable and you're not paying the "big city" prices. I would definitely recommend Miss Kitty's for anyone whether you're out drinking alone, meeting up with friends and coworkers after a long day at work, or going out to party- the environment has a "one type fits all" attitude and can be fun for anyone who walks in the door.

Blayne Kendall

Drink prices were very reasonable for Des Moines. The dance floor was crazy, Every one was friendly, and the staff were very helpful and very curtious. Will definitely be back!

j vp

Dancing is fine. Drinks are some of the most under poured in all of des Moines for new customers.

Megan A

As a dance club that serves alcohol I find it appalling that they don’t serve water unless you pay for overpriced bottles. I witnessed a girl who could barely stand ask for a glass of water and when they said no she just ordered another alcoholic drink instead. I’m surprised more people don’t leave there in an ambulance. I was hosting a bus party that was there so remained sober and when I refused to leave the bar until they gave me a glass of water, the bartender through an empty glass at my head and said “fill it up in the bathroom then”. The owner should be ashamed.

Elizabeth Soboleski

Good dancing place

Lisa Ford

Love the music!

Phil Smith

If you're looking for a great home town bar with all the fixins' come to this bar! Great DJ, Great Staff and a Great atmosphere! Love having drinks there and playing a little bit of pool and even dancing a bit. Bring your friends! Dont miss out!

Christine Cassill

A lot better environment than it used to be; love the new owners & love the dance floor as always and the rule with no drinks on the dance floor finally too

Julie Lambirth

Jame Colclasure

Great place to go and dance at! They have a huge floor to dance on! The staff was great and was awesome to hang with! The venue looks big enough to host any sort of party or event! I’ll definitely be going here more often!

Isabel Engelhardt

New owners have brought back the life into one of Des Moines former hot spots. Definitely a good place to hangout or dance, especially if you're a big country music fan.

Kim Anderson

Miss Kitty’s has improved dramatically since the new owners have taken over! The dance floor is the biggest and cleanest in town! The staff is amazing and so is the management. It’s great that they have dance classes! Also great they still keep the rock n roll around on Thursday nights! Thanks EJ and Monica for making Miss Kitty’s great again!

Emily Vaughn

I give the place a 4 because I go there between 8 and 11. Between 10:30-close it drops to about 2.5 stars. I go there in the beginning of the night which is why I rate it 4. Miss Kitty's has a huge dance floor. Open spaces to move. Has 2 bars, and sometimes a seperate beer cooler, but only one bar is open all the time. It does have a stationary pole for people (especially birthday people and bachelorettes to test their pole dancing skills). They do free shots poured right into your mouth by a staff member, but I haven't figured out how many times during the night and what time that happens. They play a variety of songs, Country, Rap, Hip-hop, some Rock. I'm not a regular, but they do play the same throwback tunes EVER SINGLE NIGHT. They kinda gets annoying and I'm not even there every night. They do offer line-dance and couples-dancing lessons, but I am unsure of the times and days. You can find that on their webpage. My boyfriend and I like to country dance and we prefer country music, so we go in the very beginning of the night to dance as much as we can. We are great swing dancers, but haven't yet mastered what we call "racetrack" dancing. So we learn from the other couples that come in to country dance to. If you're serious about country dancing or wanting to learn, this is GREAT time to see some wonderful dancers. They also throw in line dances too. As the night picks up, the dance floor gets more crowded and the music changes, which is when my boyfriend and I lose interest and call it a night. Drinks are harder to get, and dancing space is limited after 11 most weekends.

Austin Breitenkamp

Great Country music and dancing!

Tyler R

Good music great atmosphere

Jennifer Fuller

Play good music. Had plenty of room to move around on the dance floor and off the dance floor. Drinks are reasonable. Had a good time.

Cael Duncalf

Chris McNeeley

Kathy Bosteder

Under new management very professional great place lots of fun

Edward Myers

Great country bar with an awesome dance floor. Excellent staff and bartenders. Highly recommended.

Matthew Ross

This business has no respect for the time or money you spend in their establishment. Poor responses on social media (below, included) and no desire to actually respond with any kind of help or consideration. We visited last night for a friends birthday party. (Feb 11, 18) they weren't very busy at all which usually for a bar means faster service. We arrived in a Limo with 9-10 people around 9:30pm and we had zero wait to get in the door. That was the only time we didn’t do a lot of waiting…. 3 Bartenders working who had zero hurry and on more than one occasion helped the person standing behind my wife and I instead of us standing at the bar. It took more than 5 minutes to order a drink let alone actually get it. Then when you get it, a shot is only half full and you’re charged $5 for it. So two shots, with the content of one, $10 and 10 minutes to get. And of course to complain, they walk away before you can say anything. Again we return to the bar before leaving to close our tab and again a guy standing behind us was helped first. I see the gal then punch our drinks out to 17.50, then 4 minutes later she sets our charge slip in front of us which shows my card charged $18. Apparently they charge a 50¢ fee for this… the only bar in town I see do this even over nearby dives with better service. They are either cash only or minimum for a card. So we finish with our friends and chalk it up to a place where we won’t likely go again and I send a message to the Facebook page to let them know our service wasn’t great, our drinks were under-filled and that I was annoyed we were not advised there was a charge for cards until after our card was charged. We did promptly receive a message back (faster, mind you, than it takes one of the Bartenders to get a mixed drink). My message said: Is it normal for you folks to charge a card processing fee on top of drink charges Disappointed in cost of drinks vs quality and service tonight... Likely won't be back. Response: Sorry for your experience. Yes we do charge .50 cents per transaction which is posted on all registers. Hope you understand the cost of doing business is not cheap? Thanks ___ So really, if it’s too expensive to do business you shouldn’t do business. My small business accepts credit cards with no fee because it’s just good business and I am sure my income is exponentially smaller than theirs charging 5 bucks for a half an ounce of liquor and 5 bucks at the door. Then they LIKE their response to me in our chat session. RUDE. I responded back about our disappointment with the drinks which went unanswered in their first message and that I would be sure to share their responses in my negative reviews. They then responded again saying: Every register has a sign on it sorry you missed it. Won't dispute what I didn't see but our bartenders have over 30 years experience and I trust them. Sorry again. Nothing like telling your customers they are wrong and have no respect for their time or money.

Caleb Klocko

Great bar

Angela Mendoza

If you love to dance come here!! They play every kind of music. A huge dance floor!! Love it!

Sheri Pruitt

What a great place! Dance floor is awesome and the fact that they play good country music all night long is just a bonus. Had a great time and will definitely be back.

Brian Papenberg

New ownership has really improved this place a lot! Focusing on country music and now offering live music on Friday's. If you haven't been for a while, you should give it a try again.

Toni Lorber

Miss Kitty’s is a great place to go to and have a fun. The music is wonderful and the people make it what it is. The new owners of Miss Kitty’s are doing a fabulous job. Definitely a place to go. TL

Kristine Newell

Under new ownership. The new owner is super fun and there's a lot more line dancing now. I heard the DJ tell some lady that he will play some rock songs but he refused to play the rap song she asked for. Drinks aren't too expensive and the staff is nice.

Zachary Duncalf

I started working here recently and it is an amazing place. The new owners are really committed to making it the premier country hotspot and dance club. They really do care about the patrons and and employees, will not tolerate an employee that isnt a team member with the same goals. Its a great place to work if you want to be part of a real team. Largest and best dance floor in des moines by far and the DJ is great. He even listens to peoples requests. ZD

Husker Talk Live

Ever since EJ Meyers took over this bar, it has really taken off as one of the best places to dance. The drink specials are always good and the largest Dance floor in Iowa makes it easy to learn the new line dances. The instructors are also very helpful when it comes to the line dancing. I love the bartenders there and I am certainly glad that this bar is under new management.

Kevin and Leslie Winey

BB buckeye

Had a wonderful time dancing the night away! Since the reopen, things have really turned around with this establishment! 100% recommended!

Tim Woolley

went there last Saturday and it was a great time the drinks were great staff was really nice music and the DJ were perfect I recommend it for everybody me and my wife had a great time

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