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402 2nd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401, United States

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REVIEWS OF Hazzard County American Saloon IN Iowa

Nick Trier

Great bar great staff

Mel Howe

Have been to this establishment and spent a lot of money have ignored a lot of drunk people but recently was physically assaulted and then made to leave I wasn't intoxicated they obviously were I was made to leave and they were allowed to stay even after physically assaulting me .

Katie Mac

Huge dance floor, pool, giant Jenga, bags, beer pong... Fun to go with a group!

Robert Odekirk

Don Jeffrey

This is a nice bar in the middle of downtown. Good place for large crowds. They have ice cold beer and great mixed drinks and lots of gorgeous women.

Anna Schulte

Awesome place and atmosphere!

Luke Carson

Great party place before and after the night life starts wished they had food rather than a food truck.

Kendra Nerad

tim brown

jon langdon

Austin Pasker

Katlyn Stahlhut

Mikayla Chapman

Fantastic bar! Definitely the most popular of the Cedar Rapids area. The staff are friendly and the security is always on the look out to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time! The bartenders make really good drinks that are fairly priced for what you get, and there are various DJs that come and really spice up the country atmosphere! 10/10.

Bryan Tomano

wayne Devore

Decent food

Joe Raeside

Pretty fun spot to party.

Mati Gnama

I love this place because I am country boy

Joe Hunter

Robin Neibert

Concert was canceled but the bar handled it great

Gabe Harris

Was here on St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve never been in a more crowded place. It took, no joke, about 10 minutes to get from the door to the back corner of the bar. To get a beer? Even longer. It was a mostly white dude crowd and it seemed half of them were peacocking around looking for a fight. I don’t frequent Cedar Rapids bars, but there has to be a better place to go.. unless you like squeezing through crowds bumping into douchebags looking for a fight and waiting 15 minutes for slightly above room temperature beer.

Lloyd Mackayi

So Country

Michelle Snyder

is this heaven?

If you have a license that is issued by any state other than Iowa, be sure to MEMORIZE every date on it before you go to this bar. Or better yet, no matter where you're from, go to any bar in Cedar Rapids other than this one. My daughter and 11 of her college friends have gathered at our house this weekend for a little reunion before they all head off to grad school. They asked my husband and I to give them rides downtown so they could go check out Hazzards and a couple other bars. The bouncer at Hazzard County ID'd them and let them all in, no questions asked, except the one girl who had an out of state license (MN)....and the reason is because he asked her WHAT DATE HER LICENSE WAS ISSUED and she was off by 1 year!! I completely understand scrutinizing an ID, but how many people know the exact date their license was issued?? The funny part is...if the license really was a fake, she would have certainly had every date on it memorized! My husband even talked to the bouncer a few minutes after the fact to vouch for her and assure him that the license is not a fake and the bouncer was having none of it. He didn't care if she was of age or not - he didn't want her business. The entire group promptly left and took their money elsewhere. Hopefully, anyone reading this review does the same. ***Judging by the owner's/manager's snide responses to any poor reviews left here on Google, he/she could use some serious customer service training. If I had read any of these remarks before taking this group downtown, they would not have stepped foot in this bar in the first place.

Brett Miller

Went on a Friday, staff was very rude, bouncers very unprofessional. Bathrooms very dirty. There was feces all over the handicap stall. Puke all over as well. I will not be going back! Owner made a very petty response and checked on the bathroom a month after my review....yikes.

469-476-0385 469-476-0385

This place is an absolute joke! first off the bartender that works in the back is the most unprofessional arrogant bartender you will ever meet. If you want to pay $5 a shot for some pineapple juice with no alcohol this is your spot. all of their drinks are watered down in tiny crappy cups with no ice. They're jello shots taste like straight up your Jello with no alcohol and they charge you triple the price on everything. The owner needs to hire all new staff because the staff that works there bring their girlfriends and gives away free drinks to them and treat paying customers like crap. The music that they play at this bar is like 8 of the same mainstream top 10 hits from 1999 over and over and over again the DJ needs fired too. Underage drinkers are here as well which creates a terrible atmosphere. It would be nice if this place got shut down and we open an actual real bar!! This is Cedar Rapids Iowa not Timbuktu Tennessee . I absolutely hate this bar trust me once you spend at least an hour here you'll feel the same. I've been to this bar twice and every time there is a major fights and bull because the bartenders give free drinks out to their girlfriends and overcharged paying customers. Don't waste your time at the hole in the ground.

Brooke Eliason

Zac Lowder

Very open and denim friendly

Sandy Xayasouk

Aric Riley

One of the best bars in town

Eric johannson

Looks country, feels country, smells country, but I heard a lot of rap music?! I'm confused. luckily i was pretty buzzed and had a great time anyway!

Tiffany Bee

David Donahue

Jeff Yates


Would love it if they changed the songs up at least a little bit. If you go there Thursday-Saturday nights, you will hear the same songs every night. Gets kinda monotonous. I'm sure there's been more than 20 country songs ever made. Other than that, I have a good time most of the times I'm there

Ronald Tyson

I really do like this place. I'm a fan of the country atmosphere, and the bartenders take care of you if you take care of them (the same as most places). Overall a good place to bring a group of young people from the country if they are up for a good time that night.

Eric McElroy

Amelia Akers

(Translated by Google) that one (Original) Ew

Alec Salter

Hazards usually has a good crowd. They also have pool tables and dart boards if you want something to do. If you’re not into loud country music though, you might want to try a different bar.

Jerron Aragon

Drew Burken

Mike Neff

Great fun bar on the weekends.

Michelle Lala

shawn lothridge

I was very well place to drink and listen to music

Cæsar A

Too crowded!

Kyle Nystrom

I have always had a good time here. Be prepared for large crowds and a good time!

Justin Overton

Always a good time. Good drinks, fast service and a great atmosphere. Best party in town.

Matt Hanson

This place is absolutely terrible when it comes to cleanliness, hospitality and simply everything else. The staff is the most unfriendly I've ever encountered. I would highly suggest not stepping foot in this establishment unless you enjoy ruining your shoes, buying over priced drinks and being treated terribly.

Kristen Moser

Great music and drinks

Justin Pickavance

Max Smith

Good atmosphere, nice bartenders, drinks are not cheap and if it's a mix drink off the tap it taste absolutely aweful. Same experience 3 times in a row.


It's always a good time at hazards bar tenders are great! Karaoke 9-1 on thursdays

Tommy Snell

John Correia

My $5 shot of Whiskey had something floating it. The place was pretty boring.

Jeff Johnson

Loud, busy, drinks are bit more expensive but the feel of the place is truly something different.

David Frett

Great bar lots of fun

Hazzard CountyCR

Yee Hawww!

Chris Shirer

Good music, cheap booze, and tacos! I literally couldn't ask for anything more. This place is always a good time.

VJ Skittles

Jenn Thompson

Bob Reynolds

St Patrick's day was wonderful plenty of room lots of people would like to go back on another night

Dan Wohlers

Cassandra Forster


This place is a great place to meet up with friends. I love the music and the staff is awesome. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

steven butcher

Very poor service and the security was very unprofessional and very rude that was up by the stage at the Colt Ford concert and will not step another foot In there door's and I will pass this around town how the security was tonight

Ben Lafayette


Hazzard's Country American Saloon is your stereotypical small county bar - and it couldn't own that label any better. Hazzard's plays excellent country/country derived music that is perfect for dancing and drinking. Hazzard's is not good if you are looking to sit down and have a conversation. The venue is more geared to dancing and is usually very loud and crowded.

Jessica Robinson

j p

Sarah Blakeney

They have some games to play like jenga, cornhole, darts, and beer pong. The music is usually pretty loud so prepare for ringing ears. Staff has been helpful and fast each time we've gone

Travis Stevens

One of the worst bar experiences I’ve ever had. The entire place smells like a gym sock. The bartenders are abrasive and don’t know how to make anything that takes more than two ingredients. Overall - terrible establishment. 1/10

Jessica Levine

Love this bar! Great service and nice bartenders. Great music too!

Alan Melville

Emily McCarthy

We love going to hazzards when we go downtown. Great atmosphere, great music, fun games inside and great bartenders. (Alysha is amazing, go check her out and give her a great trip

Derek Thompson

Yes kind $11++ . $$cy,poyou 33oh 2rs r

C. Grimm

Nice place and friendly staff.

Aaron Evarts

If you like country and line dancing this is your spot

Austin Plotz

Only bar in town where you can set your watch by what is playing. DJ hasn't played anything new in the last year. Doesn't even switch up the order. Only reprieve is when there's a band with is 10x better.

Eric Hanson

Great service very upbeat. Good spot and gets packed around 10pm.

Alicia Misenar

Love the atmosphere and the bartenders are really amazing!

donald craig

I've went to Hazzard many times. Always have had a great time. Great staff and good music. Gets a pretty decent crowd. It's nice when the beer garden is open and can hang out outside. I take family there when they come in from out of town.

Kelsey lown

I love Hazzard County, and Odie is the best bartender in town !

Jesse Baird

It's a pretty big bar with a dance floor upstairs.

Katie Abbott

I usually go here every weekend. I love the atmosphere and the music! I love Brett, he gets my drink right away and is always friendly. Same with the security staff! The only complaint I would have would be the restrooms. But what can you expect, it's a very busy place! Keep up the good work! :)

alson pickey

Adalynn Shaw

Devin Green

Alysha Cornelius

What more could you ask for!? Hazzard has an amazing taco truck, games to play and an awesome variety of drinks! Hazzard County rocks

Joey Kucera

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