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4020 E 53rd St, Davenport, IA 52807, United States Located in: North Ridge Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Chili's Grill & Bar IN Iowa

J Harper

Food was good. Customer service was great. Restaurant was clean. The only thing was that they seemed to be out of certain things (for 2 days) like lemonade, strawberry lemonade and plasticware, however, I truly LOVED the location...right beside my hotel. Very convenient. Overall...a great place to go.

Matthew MacDonald

The service was terrible. Waited more than 20 minutes for our drinks food was even longer. Chicken tenders were burnt. And the manager was not friendly. Quesadilla in a salad were small. The margaritas and chips and salsa were delicious. Of all the chilis that we go to this was the worst experience. Will not be visiting this location again.

Carl Harrington

Ate here for the first time today. Great food!! Good service and clean.

Ron Sauer

Service was friendly. Food was excellent! My belly is full.

Lisa Johnson

The Mexican egg roll thing is great but nothing special otherwise

Gerald Frizzell

Service is great and prices are not bad. There were 3 of us and we all ordered something different and more complaints at all.

Sean Salisbury

I always have a good time here. The food is fairly priced for the quality, and service is attentive and friendly. Parking is a breeze, which it doesn't look like it would be, since it is right next to a low end hotel.

Mark Holmes

First time there , if you dont like warm/hot spicey food , let your server know. Ribs and cheesy bacon chicken were great but not the krispey chicken.

jason canfield

Very good food but they forgot my daughters food. We were done eating before her food was ready. That happens so it is still a great place to go.

Rick Linboom

Wasn't bad...

Myrt Mcdonald

The food was great. I wish we had a Chilis in Dubuque

Jayson Thurston

It has a great menu with lots of good ideas to satisfy the pickiest of eaters with just an open mind challenges a fair priced meal with portion sizes that are above fair and worth asking for that box cuz u will be looking for it later when u wake up feeling peckish u will be sleep smiling until you wake back up cuz you are going back to sleep satisfied once again this time with great leftovers.long story short great food great price

Lillian V Haskell

We visited Chili’s around 2 on a Tuesday. Unfortunately it seemed that they were understaffed at the time. The food was fine but we gave up on asking for straws or extra plates because the waitress was so busy. When someone delivered our food and spilled hot chicken taco juice on my lap I had enough and just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. I hate posting negative feedback but hopefully this will help this Chili’s get appropiately staffed for the future.

Search Find

Good is ok and service is ok

Mima Luv

Just love the atmosphere and their burgers. I absolutely recommend it but sometimes slow service but still they will provide you anything u need

Robert Chitwood

Has lost itself... not the same as it used to be


Food and service always great !!! Their handmade guac and chips are so delicious....a must order whenever we go.

Jewel Whittington

Service was slow, staff was moving and cleaning making too much noise, couldn't hardly talk, food

Doug Smith

Meh. Servers was very accommodating. Food was lukewarm when we received it after an extended wait. I have a feeling frozen food is the main source for chicken options. Chicken strips were tiny, boneless wings were similar to McDonalds nuggets with sauce on them. Sliders were decent. My wife did enjoy her tacos. Giving credit where credit is due. I will not return herewith my family. The quality of the food overall left something to be desired. I really expected more "fresh" food. $88 bill and really disappointed in the quality.

Hillary Mordecai

Love the food here, service is hit or miss when it comes to politeness, but they are always pretty fast for a quick lunch place!!

Diana Gladu

It was actually great. The server was very good and hard working

JoLynn Drummond

Goid food an service

Catherine White

Quick to go service, friendly staff.

Lisa Pinciaro

Service was great. Was in the area for a week for work. It was a great lunch spot

Perry Bruce

Delicious Fajitas and chips and salsa

Adam Reece

Ignored by multiple servers, left after 15 minutes with out even a hello or a drink order. Ridiculous

Richard Brown

Seems to have had a spruce up recently. Friendly staff and decent service. Great lunch deals.

donald keopple II

great place and inexpensive

Cory Milnes

Service was good but cleanliness could be improved.

Billy Waters

Food came out fast. Waitress was professional and courteous. Beer was so cold the glass was frozen and beer crystals formed on top.

John D

For starters all 6 sets of the silverware were filthy... Not just water spots, but layered films. A dampened napkin could schmear off the knives with a couple passes. I sent it all back to the kitchen. My salad was pretty bland, but others' dishes looked better. Our birthday girl's asparagras were as firm as the day they were pulled out of the garden... Virtually uncooked. My iced tea was good, something that is becoming more and more difficult to find these days. So, kudos there. Our waitress was pleasant and did an adequate job... Though she needs to learn to serve from the side of a customer. On no less than two occasions she passed items directly in front of the customer. In my case it was no more than an inch in front of my nose effectively blocking me from my meal. Whoever was responsible for selecting the background music should be bounced out of the restaurant. The contemporary-hiphop-bop fusion was a tad juvenile and relentless. At least turn it down. Also, there was a recurring wafting of a mildewy odor throughout the meal. Everything considered I don't think it was worth the $82 for 2 entrees, 2 salads and a kids meal, with drinks sans tip. I don't see myself frequenting this Chili's any time soon.


$10 meal deals suchva good value for money

Kathy Winters

Great food

Josh Ahlquist

I had not been to Chili's in a while due to a food issue, but I brought my family out the other week to give it another try. They have really made some big improvements. The food still takes a long time to come out but the ribs are amazing. Especially the Craft Beer glazed baby backs! The cheese and chili powder corn on the cob was very good too.

Buck G

I've been here twice now. Asked for no cheese on my burger each time. Both times I got cheese. I know the saying is 3 strikes and you're out.....but I'm not getting cheesed a third time.

Theresa Kozloff

Sucked service was not great food too much seasons and spices not cooked all way not great

Sharon Palmer

Good food server variety..great soup,however how do u serve soup an be out of crackers?

deborah eaton

Great drinks, fun place to catch up with friends.

Tony Dominguez

Never been there till recently and omg it was good. Definitely going to go back!

shavell york

Yummy drinks, great food and wonderful people!

Arnie Maestas

Sat at the bar to avoid 20 minute wait for a table. Our bartender/waitress was great, but food took 45 minutes. This was even a late lunch (1:25).

Karl Morlock

Worst location and poorly run. Use to be a great place and we dined here every week for many years. over the past few years it has horribly gone downhill with terrible customer service. Here is a summary of our last 4 visits 1. Was made to wait 30 minutes before seating us even though half the building was empty. Manager told us he was not seating anyone else until the existing customers were served due to staffing issues. Once seated it took an hour to be served and there was NO HEAT so they had space heaters in the isles. Food was cold immediately and entire experience sucked. 2. Took 25 minutes to receive a mixed drink from the bar. Our waitress said she and the bar tender did not get along and her drinks were coming out late all night. I eventually had to cancel the drink because our appetizers was almost completed 3. Nachos were stale, again had to fight to get 2 mixed drinks over 45 minutes because the bar tender was lazy. Appetizer never came but still had to ask for it to be removed from our bill. NO HEAT AGAIN so had to wear winter coats during our meal and was told "they could not find anyone to fix the heat" and it had barely been working for the past 48 hours! 4. Last night, was the final straw. We had not been in several months and hoped for a change in staff and service. Were not picky but expect basic services to be completed. Arrived to a greasy dirty table which we had to ask to be cleaned again, food all over the seats, ordered chips and salsa and drinks, place was not busy at all but the drinks came out slow and at different times. Everyone sitting around looking at each other, some with drinks and some without, after 10 minutes asked AGAIN if we could have chips and salsa. Girl sounded like she had forgot and said OK after I get the rest of your drinks Ill bring them over. Watched her seat another couple and begin taking their order so we all decided to pay our bill and go somewhere else. 8 of us around the table all agreed that none of us will ever return. If you cant handle chips, salsa and mixed drinks how to you expect to stay in business?

Barry Noyes

Had a blast with the waiter John

Ashleigh Zickert

Great service, great food.

Justin Feldpausch

Well since i have time now as i am on the toilet.... the food was OK but boy did it run right through me... wouldn't reccomend if you plan on doing anything after i had enough time to hit the liquor store on the quick drive home and clench my butt cheeks as i ran inside to the toilet!! I had the bacon burger im assuming it was the grease that was dripping off of it that did me in...

Collette Douglas

Great service, lovely and comfortable, and great food.

Kyle Cobb

Your tables are disgusting. Y can scrape the crud in between the tiles on the tables. It's gross and all the tables look like this. Never have I seen this place so sticky. Clean up your tables or I'm calling the health department

Wig Snatcher

Gluten free food who? Uh we don't know her. But, hi welcome to chilis

monica calderon

Good service good food

Ve Hodge

We had dinner party of nine, and the service were impressive. We were greeted promptly and seated promptly. The food was good and the server was excellent.

Randy Stratton

Food and service are good


Our server was very nice and attentive, but the food didn't impress me.

sherene alexander

This was the best experience ever! We had very friendly service excellent food, APlus, I would give it 10 stars if I could! To top it all, my daughter left her (new) retainers behind on the table and after a few minutes we called and we got a very polite “ oh we have it pls come and pick it up”. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you guys! Jess was our server, who was knowledgeable and friendly. 5 stars overall for excellence overall in customer service!!

andrea rinaldi

Our waitress was very slow. There weren't many people in the restaurant yet she was often nowhere to be found. The bathroom was absolutely DISGUSTING. While waiting for our waitress to return to our table I was watching another one filling salt and pepper shakers. At one point she started sneezing INTO THE SHAKER! She made no attempt to cover her face or turn away. I will NEVER return to the restaurant.

carol nicholson

Had a very nice time. Went alone so just sat at bar. Bartender was very helpful and friendly and food was great.

Sally Simmering

Went for lunch. Waited ten minutes just to be seated. No one else was waiting and it was not busy. Then I waited other ten minutes for someone to take my order. I received extremely poor service from a young men named Andrew.This waiter kept disappearing for long periods of time. People who came in after me, and had other waitstaff received there food, ate paid and left long before I received my food. Other people who had this same waiter had the same problem. 40 minute wait for my food! I had to get my own box for my leftovers and ask another waitress to show me how to check my self out so I could leave. The waiter Andrew was nowhere to be found. I will go back to Chilli's because the food is good, but they need to FIRE this lousy waiter named ANDREW and hire a hostess for the front desk.

Arvla Bellamy

Love the food

Marcy Hinz

Our was great for my birthday!!! Waitter Matt Was Great and made it even better... We had there was 6 Adults and 2 kids.. 4 of us did the 2 for $25

Lisa Boever

Very good food. But a little slow. Are waitress was very good. And friendly.

Travis Klemme

great drinks and food either a quick bite or a night out

Emma Stocking

Very friendly server, music was a little too loud to hear much in the middle of the day

Neena Chaudhry-Willis

Love curbside pick up. Order ready quickly after ordering online.

Jason Murley

I'm going to say that today's lunch was one of the best restaurant meals that I've had in a very long time. The enchilada soup was fantastic. The chips and salsa were fresh and yummy and the honey BBQ chrispers were wonderful! I forgot how good Chili's food really is!

america cortes

We had to wait 40 minutes to be seated for a group of 5. However, our waitress was very friendly and was able to serve our plates in a timely manner. Wait time aside, it was a great experience!

Lateesia Randolph

Loved everything. Tea/lemonade could use sugar!

Katelyn Khaos

Fajitas were good. Had a great little date.

Adam Jezek

Very bad experience. Dirty floors. Very slow service. Small portions. Had us sitting under a TV which shadowed the table so dark we couldn't even read the menu. We must have been close to the kitchen, there was a lot of yelling and noise.

manava 14

Good food a d friendly staff.

George Barber

Southwest egg rolls are wonderful. The rest is hit or miss

S Pier

Great service, food arrived quickly and was very tasty.

Christoph Kremer

Greasy and tasteless low quality food. Stay away.

josh hathaway

Food was excellent! Our server, Roxanne, was great. Made us feel right at home and kept us smiling the whole time!

Grandma Suzy

Menu selections are limit ` service was average ~ restaurant appeared clean. Good atmosphere. The food we ordered was very good

Synthia Wendel

Really good lunch specials. Great children's menu.

Diane Plummer

This place is going downhill rapidly! Went in for dinner on Wednesday to have a nice evening out after work. Apparently, you now have to sit at the actual bar top in order to get free chips and salsa, not just in the bar area....a charge of $3.00 for chips and salsa. We were at a table in the bar area 4 ft from it...the only specials are a 2 for $22 dinner for 2 people, a deluxe 2 for dinner that includes a margarita or scaled down bar food....they should take notice that other area restaurants nearby have specials during the week and are a lot busier in the late afternoon.

Elusia Smith

Awesome chilis! These aren't all the same. This one is a great one!

Bill Strauser

Been around forever. Good food. New menu as of this post.

Don Sipler

We like Chilli's where ever we go and this one was great.

Victor Obey

Food is tasty.

Dianne Hood

Waitress was great. Food was cooked perfect. Couldnt have asked for a better lunch out

Courtney Kirlin

Love it. The best meal I had there was today. Awesome friend and a wee awesome food equals a great time.

David Hudson

This is a wonderful Chili’s! We were seated promptly and our server, Peter, did a wonderful job. Also, the New England clam chowder is absolutely wonderful! If you haven’t tried it you should!

Christopher Gimm

Great food and service

Katherine A. Harmon

I ordered the 2 for $25 and we both had the same thing but I had the loaded mashed potatoes. They were excellent! The salsa and chips could have been better. The salsa was kind of watery but the salsa refill was better. All in all our meal was great.

Jeffrey Serrano

Always a great place to go good food and great service

Lynda Yoder

Good food...great service

Marilyn Rickard

All the food, service and price were excellent

Morgan McDonald

Good food, friendly service! The Boss burger is huge and delicious.

Gary Vandekamp

Prompt & courteous service. The prime rib tacos were exceptional.


Very tasty food. Great margaritas! Amazing service!

Shirley Ramee

Service was great food cane out very quickly.

Sheryl Southern

Not as good as they usually are. Chicken wasn't as crispy as I like it. I would have asked for it to be cooked more, but there were time constraints today. I should say that it would probably be fine for anyone else, but I like it to be very very crispy!

Jody Schroeder

Great food! Took a bit to get a drink from bar.

Cindy Witol

Arrived at 1:15pm, no hostess so bartender stopped to clear tables & seat guests! She was amazing, very efficient, & friendly. On a time crunch able to order, eat & pay very quickly!

Debbie Bradley

I love chili's. the food and drinks were great. server did an awesome job

Aja Dyer

Normally this is my go to for year. My last experience was not good. I did talk to customer service which did take my experience to heart and try to rectify the situation.

Christopher geest

Salsa was watery for my taste, the meal itself was good.


Great food and drink ( very strong ) but expensive. Hit and miss with friendly waitresses. Sometimes you'll get someone nice and other times you get someone that you can tell despises working there, doesn't care , and wants to leave asap.

Chelsea Vangorden

Absolutely horrible experience here! If I could give it 0 stars I would! Waitress was EXTREMELY slow. We waited for ever, for her to take our order, to get us our food — which was BURNT! by the way, and then she walked past us several times without acknowledgment and then WE HAD TO ASK for the check and our box! Will never go back here!

David Seward

It wasn't great. The steak was tough and chewey and had to wait for quite a while to get the food. Finally one of the guys went back and found my order and brought it out so they get 3 stars instead of 2.

Sameer Kulkarni

Extremely poor service. Waited for dinner with family on a weekend for over an hour and nothing came other than coke and chips. When questioned they were unapologetic and cared less that we had decided to cancel our order and left without eating. The manager never bothered showing up to the table. I strongly recommend to not visit unless the management changes.

Mel 51 Heidt

Its always good food and service

Dedrick Bonilla

service was great. food was alright... not bad but not the best

Brittany Bolton

Waitress was nice but food was terrible and the place is dirty. Ordered well done steak and it wasnt even medium it was pretty much rare. Salad was terrible and sloppy both my bf and I are sick not sure if it was the salsa or what also got a cookie there and it was also not done. Was straight dough in the middle. Wont return.

Tiffany Holland

Love the southern egg rolls and fried pickles and the atmosphere

Steven Sullivan

Used to be a great location. Today the place was absolutely filthy. Wait staff is great, but being so dirty now we're not sure we will be back.

Brian Rathke

Ribs were tasty but got a 3 rib half rack,

Sylvain Laliberté

Awesome food but they are easily overhelmed... Not half the place filled, 15 minutes wait before being seated, takes a while to be served but great staff and great food !

john weerden

Great food and service.

Mertag 770

Staff was wonderful however the food left much to be desired.

Troy Wormwood

Fantastic service... Delicious food... Great drinks

Sandy Prescott

We were seated where the heat came on briefly then cold air blasted us most of the meal, on/off all through dinner. Made our food cold fast. Good was not worth a return visit. The sauce on the side was all over the bowl and sticky. Just not an appealing or appetizing meal.

Mike Coombs

Food was very good. Great wait staff

Catalina Critten

I get the same thing every single time and I'm never disappointed!! Honey Chipotle Chicken and Southwestern egg rolls. Seriously delicious.

Paolo Yates

Great tasting food with friendly staff.

Rhonda Vesey

Had our Son's 18th B-Day dinner there... Nice server, food was hot and good a table of 15 and everyone was satisfied with the service.

Ransdall Luce

The restaurant was half-full and it was still going to be a 20-minute wait to get a table even in the bar area

Wendy Teague

Delicious food, great service!

Corina Caven

Jo Ellen the server makes this entire experience well worth the visit. The food is ok the price is ok.JoEllen makes you feel like family. She is very attentive and wuick to correct sny errors. She should be the example all servers follow.

Mz.Sita Nimmers

Good food as always

ethan bixler

Just like every other chili's I suppose. Young, rude staff that could care less about your experience. Rediculous wait for the type of food they offer and those stupid tablets at the table that pull your children into game land at one of the few places you expect to be able to interact with them. Have been a few times because the wife loves the chips and salsa, hoping she forgets it exists.

Joni B

They brought back the shrimp tacos

Ben Bingham

Really good food and service.

Kaitey L

We basically live here. Very kid friendly. No complaints! Always getting free stuff using their app.


They are really going downhill! My family went in the other night and there was a line of people at the door and no employees- anywhere! I asked one person how long they had been waiting and they said 20 min- I asked if anyone had come over yet and she said NO! So I called them, the manager picked up the phone, I asked her if there was anyone who could help the customers waiting in line and she said that to many people had called out and that she was doing the best that she could... ok, good answer, but not to the question I asked! We ended up walking out.

CIndy Billings

Outstanding service great food fun place

Sable Oak Equestrian Center

Easy access and yummy food!

shawn beesley

Great food they have a good deal 3-$10 soda appetizers and entree.

RavenSpazz Rockstar

Very good mushroom and swiss burger.

Tom Barrister

Good food, although high in fat and sodium. Excellent service. Good atmosphere. The restaurant is located in the strip mall area just north of Rave Cinemas just west of 53rd Street and Utica Ridge Road. Note this is a very busy restaurant, so if you come during peak time, expect a bit of a wait.

Will Adams

Pretty good food (what you'd expect) - but very good service.

Greg Doucette

The restaurant was half full and there was a 15 minute wait to be seated. Our waitress 2as nice and food was pretty good but it took 1 hour for food to arrive at our table. The waitress said it was because they got slammed with online orders. Seems like a poorly managed restaurant to me.

Laurie Day

Dinner service was slow for not being very busy. My mom ordered her steak med rate and it came med well. Disappointed.

Maxime Beaudoin

Great service, the waitress were really nice and a really quick service. The food was warm and really good. I would really recommend it.

Leesa Schroeder

My favorite franchise! Best chips and salsa.

Jim Hickenbottom

Price and food was good

Nick Sanders

There food is ok. Not a great place if your trying to watch carbs and calories. Service is pretty good though. I'd recently recommend them.

Kirk Desjardins

Good food. Oddly enough.... Great Mexican choices on the menu.

KC Cyr

I really like Mexican food and Chili's has some good food for a restaurant chain. The prices are good especially during lunchtime.

Tracy Cox

Parking lot is full of pot holes they never fix!!! Service is a little slow

Joshua Turks

Great food and service at an affordable price

Alex Thurman

I love their lunch combos for takeout. Otherwise it’s chili’s, so not anything great but not bad either.

Jackie Hall

Was near closing time. I had a order to go.staff was good and fast.


Wife and I frequent this establishment and always enjoy the experience. Great food and even better staff make this restaurant a perfect stop for any occasion.

christopher mccarthy

My beef brisket was cold. Other than that everything was great

Susan Teel

Good food

deborah mital

Our food was delicious, and we were in and out in under 45 minutes, so it was perfect for a weekday lunchbreak.

Natalie Corriveau

Service is a little slow during lunch which is too bad. But I have an obsession with the Caribbean salad. I don't get meat usually but I do add avocado. The combo of the fruit, veggies and dressing is so good! I hope they never remove it from the menu! I don't eat at Chili's as often as I did years ago but I'm glad they are still in business. May sound silly but their simple chips and salsa is pretty darn good too!

Tim Weidenhamer

Great service great food

chadwick miller

Loved this place... quality has been going down for the past 3-6 months

Janet Iwanowski

Servicer was great food not so much

Patricia Libby

Great food and help!

John Kepford

Just wasn't really impressed by nobody there

Karen Stratton

Pretty good food !


Incredible service, the inside is very clean, and our waitress did an excellent job. Food was punctual and tasted wonderful. I highly recommend this place

Brava Fitness

Unprofessional store manager. My wife and I walked in waiting to be seated. The staff asked us to wait due to some of the tables needing to be cleaned. We waited, although some tables were already cleaned and ready. As we wait, the staff asked us to wait so she could talk to her manager if it was ok to seat us where there were the empty cleaned tables. The manager comes floating around and takes a close look at us waiting near the door. He looks back at his staff with a comment which I've heard him say, " they are not a high priority right now!", and quickly leaves as he rushes to do whatever he was doing. Very unprofessional. Disgusting and will never eat from this location. I will refrain not using the discrimination/race card, even though we were the only minority in the building. Will not make a scene, due to respecting Chili's Grill & Bar company as a whole. This is more of an unprofessional manager and a good example of bad leadership at this location.

mlimauro .

Came up to Portland on a business trip. On 8/30/19, I got out of work late and needed some dinner and drinks to unwind. The bartender was very attentive and friendly. Would definitely come back because of her service. Thank you.


Classic chillis exactly what you should expect. Great waitstaff and bar staff too!!

Omar Parra

10/10 would recommend

Guy Mcalister

We waited to long for or food. Then when I got my food. It had hair cooked into the burger. Couldn't eat it. Got not discount. And she expected a tip.

J. Nappi

We sat in bar area, a bit loud. Good menu, good food/cocktail and wait staff!

Brad S

Great service....

Francis DuBreuil

Great food and service

Matthew Gammon

Perfectly seasoned and cooked ribeye. I loved every bite. The wait was annoying but the food was well worth the effort

scott payton

Excellent great food great service great drinks !

Riley Kimrey

We waited an hour and a half for our food and every table around us was served first even though our orders were taken before them. When we got our food, the steak was served cold on one order and the other orders were completely not what we asked for. Since when did waiters(tresses) stop writing down the orders? In summary don’t go here unless you have a few hours to blow and be ignored. The food was clearly not made to order and most of the cheese was rubbery. Ridiculous and I will not return.

Broc Nelson

They have food here. It is edible.

Joe Genung

Waitress was very good, but hovered over our table. Asked if everything was ok probably 7 times

Stephen Cramm

All was excellent. You must have the enchilada soup. So good I also bought some to take home.

Gio Montalvo Delcompare

With all the pain in my heart im gonna have to say i will not be a customer at Chilli's Davenport anymore, i was a loyal customer for years, as a matter of fact it was my favourite restaurant, i remember going there when it was packed and i had to wait to be seated for a good 30 mins, still once seated the staff used to be amazing, they took care of us like kings, and i tipped acordingly (not less than 15bucks) last time being there was fathers day, this place was empty, they forgot where they seated us, didnt get a waitress until i asked for one, they didnt have items i asked for (which i understand) but the only time i saw my waitress is when i hunt her to place my order and when i hunt her to get my check. (she didnt drop the food someone else did) food didnt taste as it usually does, even for other customers it smelled like burnt food. a visit that normally takes us 45 mins to an hour expanded to 2 hrs when the place is not even busy, asked for the manager and she gave us the meal for free with a bad attitude, i did not want food for free, i wanted for her to give a good service...

Ken Moulton Jr.

Dirty plates, dirty glasses with mold under it (plastic mugs), and for a Tuesday night with them having only three people in the restaurant I feel like it shouldn't have taken an hour and a half to get our food. The food was pretty good when it eventually arrived. The waitress then disappeared and neglected to tell us we could pay at the table using a tablet.

Eric Colby

Good food and great service.

Phil Townsend

Nice for a quick bite to eat

Jenny Kopenga

Food was delicious. Service was acceptable. Price was reasonable!

Tina Poitras

Great place. Bartender was awesome.

Justin Green

Today, April 14, 2019, Chili's was not on their game. When we arrived, we were seated immediately. However, it took over an hour to get our food. My wife's order of ribs, corn on the cob, chicken, and mashed potatoes was covered in pepper and too hot. I enjoy spicy food and thought it was a little over the top with seasoning. We constantly had to reorder the kids drinks, because we never received them. We actually were talking about paying for our drinks and leaving just before the food arrived. We love Chili's. However, I don't know that we will visit thos one again. It was our 2nd time eating here since leaving Texas. The Scarborough, Maine Chili's has a long way to go. We've never left a restaurant and started searching our car for a snack.

Bonita Brown

Always a great place to grab lunch and a margarita.

Dan Oliver

They have a wide ranging menu. My server was friendly and took good care of us

Alexander Baerga Casiano

Delicious food......The Margaritas are great!!!

Kara Rowe

I have never been one for chain restaurants but due to family flying in and Chilis being close to the airport and open we (they), all wanted to meet here for dinner. Well, I have gotta be honest and admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how good their food is! I had burger sliders that were absolutely amazing! In fact, just thinking about them is making me hungry. Truly the absolute BEST sliders I have ever had. Yummy! Everything I ordered was delicious! All of my family members were very pleased as well. I certainly will return next time I am in the area.

Kevin Owens

service was good. food was quick and hit the spot. also buying dinner for 5 was also more than affordable.

Heather Paar

Took my oldest son there after his graduation ceremony from high school. Also his brother. They have very good food.

Emily Copeland

Terrible, the place was freezing, the rice was not cooked,the chips were greasy

Vicki Pratt

Wasn't excited there as I was a couple weeks ago. But the loaded potato soup is 2nd best to mine!#

cindy campbell

Pretty tasty place! Also had good service.

Jessa Mitchell

We did not have a great experience this day. No one was in the host stand and there was a couple people waiting ahead of us already. Seemed like they waited there longer than we did. There were staff around, but no one checked if we were being helped. Eventually the couple seated themselves and my husband had to find some to help us. Not happy about that. Waited maybe 5 to ten minutes. Finally seated and i see a bunch of tables not cleared away and floors were gross. Looked like it was not been swept in a while. Not pleasing sight when you want to buy and eat food here. Not sure what was going that day. But there was some lack of management in this place. I will rethink coming here again.

Greg Goodwin

This is your neighborhood Chili's. Nothing more, probably nothing less. There are some good deals to be enjoyed. Join their rewards club for either a free beverage or salsa and chips on each visit. We have not had to wait very long at this location. They have plenty of seating and variety of seating options.


Great deal. 3 for $10

Kevin Demers

Formula restaurant chain serving Mexican inspired foods. Noise levels seem higher than other establishments of the same grade. A recent visit had food and drink temperature issues but the staff was responsive and resolved reported issues.

Nicholas Tuthill

Ordered ToGo, took 20 mins for our food. Tasty and fast.

Jerry Bortner

We had good food, but the service was slow.

John Lang

Food was delicious and pleasant atmosphere.

Benjamin Link

Ooooh dem fajitas. Nuff said.

Stephen Smith

I ordered a steak and prime rib fajita. Two others in my party ordered meals with chicken. All the meat was advertised as being grilled, but none of it tasted or appeared grilled. The chicken was very soft, like it was frozen and then microwaved. The only reason I gave two stars over one was because our server, Alyssa, was excellent, and even caught an order that was missing something without us having to ask about it. TL;DR: Poor food, great service.

Loid Gaming

mid class fancy and I like the food

Roxeann Ford

I had the half rack ribs and they were very good. My husband had the garlic shrimp salad. He really enjoyed that. Our waitress was very nice and polite.

Michele Giguere

drinks r good food okay . love the bartender and servers.

drew nguyen

Lunch is better. Same foods basically but cheaper. Dinner isn't worth the price. Server wasn't attentive this visit.

Brian Beattie

Stood waiting for a table for 5 minutes no hostess and no one said anything to us. I assume they don't need our business.

Danelle Hungerford

Chilis is always our go to when we can't decide on where to eat. It's always good, always good service. I love getting the chicken crispers and the Mexican street corn is sooo good. My boyfriend always likes to get Mexican dishes, he especially loves the fajitas. Love Chilis.

Cat Prusia

OMG! The lava cake is to die for and the wait staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Chris Ford

Definitely one of the better meals I've had from a restaurant. The chili was delicious, the chips were fresh made, and the quesadilla was the definition of filling.

Michael Pyron

Great food and drink specials with great service

Keith Plummer

Good food, good service and they manage to feed my wife with celiac disease without making her sick.

Maryah Fournier

first time coming to this chilis. i’m not from Maine but i’m a die hard chili’s fan. I ordered to go. Asked for extra BBQ and i never got extra . when i got home i realized my burger was raw when i made sure online i put well done. i called told the nice young lady how i got it and if i can get a new one. she was extremely nice. even apologized for something she has no control over (thats the cooks fault) , and she gave me 2 extra BBQ sauces and even checked the burger herself to make sure. This is a great experience in the end. Food was and looked yummy as always

Deanna Thomas

Great selection of food. Reasonably priced and has daily specials and lunch specials.

eric warren

Service is good. Staff is friendly. Food is good. Loud environment though and a little messy.

nicholas knight

This place is pretty consistent. I give the manager, James, 5 stars!!

Derek Devers

Food was great, but the kitchen was slow this night. I will cut them a break they were packed with diners. Our waiter more than made up for the food delay, so it was a nice experience.

Realdealchs ____

The kitchen messed up my order but caught before serving it to me, food that I received was just ok. Service was decent. Wasnt my best experience here.

Leon Cordeau

Love Chilli's! Food is always fresh and delicious!

Thomas Eagar

A decent meal at a reasonable price. It’s Chili’s after all. I hadn’t been to Chili’s in a while and the menu has been tweaked slightly since our last visit. Some fresher additions to the menu. I had chicken enchiladas, which were pretty good. One of the boys had an appetizer for his entree which was some kind of chicken pieces with cheese covering it. He seemed to enjoy it. The other boy had the baby back ribs for which Chili’s is famous. They did not disappoint. It’s Chili’s. We’ll be back.

Josh Laughlin

Hood food, service was slow

Mark Jung

Food and atmosphere was good.

cheryl haezebroeck

We always enjoy Chili's

Mark Schebler

Very good food and affordable

Ryan Gilbertson

Love this place. Excellent food and service!

classyninja56 _

Decent atmosphere and not terrible food its basically just the target of applebees

Sarah Martin

Good food but COLD and slow staff. Lack of customer service

Jacob Howard

2 for $25 is one of the best deals I've seen in a while. Thoroughly impressed by the portions, quality, and value of this deal. Highly recommend!

Sandy Cosier

Outstanding service love the Oriental salad it is great

Stephanie Hart

The service was amazing! Kelsey did a great job!

Becky Dolloff

Yummy food. Quick service.

jimmie davis

Food was great but white wood sidding was fealhty and disgusting. I won't be returning tell someone tells me the place has been cleaned with bleach. Almost puke my food up.!!!

Tom Steinman

Took forever to get our food. Bill was wrong. Bad service.

Caleb Schnell

Fajitas were fantastic, service was friendly. Drinks are too expensive

Sam Agretfethr

I've always loved the place, and before I went to college, I could never eat here because the chili's near me closed down years ago. Second time I've gone here with my mom when she's visited me, I may make this a tradition

Jauvontei Jammison

Food is good, but I had a very unpleasant experience yesterday. I ordered lunch to from there and decided I wanted to stay and eat. They guy who I assumed was the manager based on how nice he was dressed, told me I could not eat there when I asked him if I could just stay. The bar was clear and open and so were several tables. How did he know I didn't want to order a drink or appetizer. He just looked at me and said "not right now" ... so I left... very confused.

Larry Wawrzenski

Very good lunch I had the mango Chilli Chicken great service good atmosphere very good pace

Tonya Culley

We had the best waitress and the food was great, but the appearance of restaurant overall was dirty. Bathroom was needing cleaning and an update would help. That is why only 3 stars.

Charlene Paper

We ordered off the 3 for $10 menu and had a very nice dinner pretty inexpensively. Servings are full menu size and nicely done per our requests. Excellent service!

LokRobster FortyTwo

This location doesn’t need your business, they’re already too busy. **** oh, you wanted details? **** 3 months ago I placed an order online, waited 20 minutes and then drive over to pick up my food. “We don’t show an order.” “Ok, well I want the 3 for $10 deal..” and gave my order (again) to the desk person. 30 minutes later they bring out my order. “Oh your online order showed up just now” they say. I drive off frustrated, get home and find that they didn’t give me my chips and salsa, but charged me for it. Also didn’t apply the 3 for $10 deal (paid full price for each item, even the chips I didn’t get); AND THEY STILL CHARGED ME THE FULL ONLINE ORDER. So I paid like $35 for two items. I called but got put on hold and gave up, decided I would just never go there again. Tonight I was craving chips and salsa, so decided to give them a second chance. Showed up @ 8pm, waited at the ToGo desk for 5 minutes, got ignored by the the person (hello there, green polo shirt guy!) that gave the lady before me her food. Waited 5 more minutes, 8 more busy employees walked by, with no acknowledgement that someone was waiting, and finally the To Go phone rang. The person who screwed up my order 3 months ago walks up and answers the phone (ignoring me standing there), takes the phone order (while being sure not to look in my direction) and explain to the customer that the kitchen is very backed up and it will be a long while. Useful warning. I walked out and shall not be back. No one noticed. Gave them 2 stars because Pocatello Idaho Chili’s has worse food then this place.

Brian Cox

Great service. Bbq sauce is sub par.

Javier Dejesus

best chips and salsa you'll ever have. they have great burgers and great other foods too

Naina sarkar

Amazing food, great service their margaritas are so good

Dakota Strez

My sandwich was slightly over buttered, but other than that staff was nice, and everything came swiftly!

Beth Motsinger

Service was good Our 2 for 25 meals were delicious and the cheesecake for dessert was also great


Food was perfect! Drinks were strong! Service was great!

Julie Valenca

Always a good place to come with friends or family. Fast service and the food was really good.

Dylan Sharp

Well my order was messed up, but our server Jordan and the manager Michelle went above and beyond to make it right. Ill be back sometime


Not bad

Kevin Mcintyre

The new chilli,s biger burgers modern look key pads to order

Tippi Longstocking

You can never go wrong with Chili's! Get the steak fajitas - they're live changing!

Jeffery Plies

Service is good food was fast but was not worth the price

Kim Oertel

I don't think they have very many choices on their menu.

Mazie Gardner

The staff is very nice but the service was slow but the resurant was clean.

Mike Coker

Horrible wait 20 minutes for a pop more than an hour for your food horrible will never go back there again not the last time but the time before made me sick will never go back there again

Linda Mayers

Food and service were excellant. Great waiter

Joel Hynes

Good food

Gordon Whittemore

Love the fajitas from this place you got to try them


The shrimp tacos were delicious! Our waitress was very attentive. I need to add to my review. I was back for another visit today. The woman who was working as the hostess was very difficult to understand. I believe she was missing all her teeth. On top of that she was either eating or chewing gum very vigorously for the entire hour we were there. Just didn't find this very attractive or professional! The food was delicious and our server did a great job.

Eric Simms

Great food and drinks!

Amie White

Great service. Always good food, fast.

Fritz Colschen

Tried a new dish of enchiladas, loved it. Good service!


Was treated well. Asked a question about the menu, she didn't know, and did not go and ask someone. That made my decision harder. The food was very good. Specials, were good priced. Was clean, checked our drinks often.

Tammy Holmes

It was good but done things were spicy that we did not expect and it ruined the meal.

Elliott Farro

It takes too long for lunch food. Good place for dinner if you have a bunch of time on your hands though.

Mandy KidsTv

Nice place and courteous staff. Good food and I liked it.

J Foster

Last 4x messed up bill but continue to go back

Kelly Leslie

Good. Clean. Fast

Lorri Fersch

Great service and good food.

Metal Mayhem

Its chilis, good staff here though!!!

Julie Yenney

Good food, first time customers

Kacey Brown

Food was great waitress wasn't friendly but coulda just been a bad day will definitely go again

Don Bourne

Good food and service

Mark Smith

Server was very polite, nice... but food took a looooong time to come out.

D. T.

Good food, excellent service

Danelle Doyle

Loaded Texas cheese fries are a must get!!!! Service is always great here!

Shawn Shadle

When we first walked in we were greeted nicely. The host asked if a table was fine then seemed irritated that we asked for a booth instead. The waitress was freindly for the 2 times we saw her. (When she took our order and immediately after we got our food to ask how it was) My wife and i both got the boss burger, which was decent but could use more bbq sauce in my opinion. 15 minutes we waited for a refill on our drinks even though our waitress was just standing talking to another employee. Not bad food but terrible service.

lala labrecque

Good food server was horrible

Vicki Jaster

The service was poor, the food was nasty. The only thing good was the company and the drink from the bar. Will not go back, would not recommend this to my worst enemy.

Anike olukoya

Food was lit

Angela Handy

Great ribs

V. H

Excellent food. Reasonable prices. I will go back.

Bill Taylor

Nice apps

Stephanie B

Chicken wasn’t fully cooked in my Cajun pasta. The child’s sliders were super dry. This was a to go order. We are from out of town thank goodness because I wouldn't recommend this Chilis. Been to other locations that were a lot better.

Nemo Bee

Good food. Good service.

josh mcaninch

One of my favorites, good food, decent prices and always get good service, wish they had more than one location near me

Porscha Papachronopoulos

i PAYED to go here and all they SERVED me was ketchup and i DIDN'T ask FOR ketchup it smells hot too no wonder why its called chilis cause everyone will get chills for HOW BAD IT IS

Kate Savidge

It has been a while since we last ate here and we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was from the last time we were there. We got the 2 meals for $25. We had the chips and guacomole appetizer which had delicious salsa and guac. I also loved the chips which were thinner than a lot of other places. I got the chicken fajita as my main course and was surprised by how much chicken was given. The onions and peppers could have been cooked a little more...half were still raw....but the flavor was excellent. Chili's also gives 4 tortillas instead of 3 which I also like. We split the chocolate chip skillet and ice cream dessert. We were both full by the end of our meal.

Robert Heston

Went on a Wednesday for lunch. I had the smoked meat combo, brisket and jalapeno cheese sausage. They both were very good! I'm a brisket lover and this was tender and very tasty. The sausage was also good and had a nice jalapeno burn to it. Wife said the guacamole was excellent and her salad and half chicken avocado sandwich was very good. Wish I'd taken a picture. The food just looked delicious

Judith Bilyeu

Love the service, prices atmosphere.

terrence henry

They have pretty good food.

ance badose

Awesome place with great steak and ribs!!

Erin Rogers

Not really a fan of the chili's here. The chips were extremely salty to the point that how u saw it on the chips. The shrimp tacos aren't very great. They're good if you love salt and bland food. Just keep in mind that you'll be starred at too if you're not from Iowa.

J. Doe

Meal and service were above average.

Kevin Pauley

Ok food, slow service, loud environment.

Alicia Parrott

The food was average as well as the service at this location. Wasnt bad...just wasn't amazing either...

Terry Christensen

Very good early dinner. Nice service. Food was fresh and tasty.

Robert Thomas

food was great and cashier was super pleasant

sha armentino

Great food and service

Jasper Tillotson

The food was excellent & the service was great

Brian Nielsen

Chili's is always satisfactory good clean quick food

Marcel Paradis

Good food and reasonable prices

Katherine Young

I love Chili's! Love there Nachos and frozen margaritas!

Elielson Machado Silva

Great attending, there's gluten free options. Delicious food

Audrey Bernier

Excellent service. Our waitress was super fun. Good fresh food.

Mary Lou McCance

The food was good. The wait staff is very friendly

Yvan Castonguay

Good prices excellent food and drinks 30 mins to be seated while there was plenty of empty tables.

Luna Bernard

Absolutely excellent staff.

Peggy Carlock

Changed the menu.


Yummy food the boss burger was the best

Carly Hancock

My mom, my sister & I came here for lunch. We ordered drinks & our food, our waitress was great, until the woman in the booth next to me yelled, “there’s a mouse!” I looked over & saw a mouse running from under her booth to the bar. She yelled to the waitress who ran to a cook to come and kill it. The cook then came out & shook a chair to try & get the mouse out from the hole he crawled in to, then told us that he had ran up into the bar & he couldn’t find it. We left money for our drinks & left immediately. Will NEVER be returning to any chili’s ever again.

Jenny Barbour

Service was slow and daughter's order was wrong

Kelly Duarte

The food is surprisingly tasty for a chain restaurant Service just ok

Shebra Miller-johnson

Both our ribs were COLD

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