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REVIEWS OF Sound Bar IN Illinois

Andrew Dinh

Great sound system, though a little distorted at times. The dance floor is wide but lacks depth and can feel like sardines at times. Great events here though


I went to Sound Bar in April 2018 and witnessed the staff practice unacceptable discriminatory behavior. I was in line to Sound Bar directly following a party of roughly 15-20 Indians (mixed male and female). The line had been moving relatively quickly yet halted when they arrived at the bouncer. After some time, there was another staff member who appeared and told them that they would have to go to the back of the line (they had been in line about an hour at this point). The group was visually frustrated and decided to not cause a scene and left peacefully. By the time they had dispersed, I was next in line and heard the bouncer say to another staff member “I’m not about to let a whole IT department in here” followed by some laughter. They then let my party, and many others behind us, enter almost immediately. This is not acceptable behavior towards a small group of guests whose only difference from the majority was skin color. They broke no rules and gave no reason to not be allowed entry.

Rachel Reyna

Once you get in the club is fine, it's a good time, and they do have some good DJs, which is the reason they're at 3 instead of 2 (downstairs is much nicer but the headliners are upstairs). My issue with Sound Bar is the way they handle their lines. Whether or not you bought tickets in advance or are paying at the door, it's all the same line. (Whereas at The Mid, for example, they have a line specifically for ticket holders to get them in faster.) If you don't get there early, the line is going to be a long wait to get in, epecially if you're not in a large group. They'll start pulling large groups from the line and pulling them to the front. So my recommendation to get in faster is make friends with the people in line and say you're all together. Going by myself, that's how I got inside in less than ~15 minutes. But when I've gone with my boyfriend, just the two of us, we were stuck waiting for a long time.


This should have been a nice outing but the moment my friends and I stepped off of the bus we were denied access into this Bar/Club because (As was stated by the manager and another door guy) "WE CAN'T LET YOU IN BECAUSE WE SAW YOU ALL GET OFF OF A PARTY BUS" Granted 1 of my friends was already drunk but the way we were turned away so rudely was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. If it was a "0" stars option I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN THAT!!

Alireza Tajfar

Horrible experience! $20 cover and still stay in line! Super loud music (way higher than safety level of 85dB) and just one shot costs you $18!!!

Omar Alvarado

Decent set up and good crowd. They have an upstairs and a down stairs that play different styles of music. Worth checking out.

Janer Akkas

Amazing experience. Great service. Multiple rooms for multiple shows.

Naye Torres

I will give zero if I could . Horrible customer service.


Costumer service sucks! If you want to have a nice night in a VIP setting, I do not recommended this bar! The service is awful ‘from the door to the vip’! Here is what My experience looked like: You pay a lot for the VIP (which is fine, is you actually get what you are paying for) and first of all, eight at the door they say that you are not on the list (even though you called earlier making the reservation). And then, after you get to the actual VIP, they take literally 40+ minutes to bring the bottles. Since it was taking way too long I just asked them to cancel all 4 bottles and I was ready to leave to another place. But they did not cancel, instead, they just brought the bottles (super fast) and openned them so that I could not cancel it anymore. Just don’t waste your money if you want to get a good service for it!

Meher Manoj

Bar hopping today, have been to y bar(right next to this place which sucks). Music is a delight added with amazing lights!!

Andrew Kauffman

I'll start with this, the lines to get into Sound Bar are completely ridiculous, after 10pm, the cover charge is also ridiculous. Especially since it applies to women also. But, they charge, because they can. Sound Bar is always full, always a good time, and always filled with gorgeous girls. Iron bar has a ton of competition, notably Spy Bar across the street (that is way more European Techno Niche), but they manage to stand out amongst the crowd. There is one major dance floors and sometimes as many as three DJs lined up to perform (that is the most I have ever seen). The music is the best (assuming your into great top 40 remixes), the club is well kept and really cool. Also, the drinks are reasonably priced for. the area (River North). All in all, Sound Bar is a great time waiting to happen and I would recommend it to my friends, family, and coworkers.

Valarie Winkleman

Way too long of a line just for them to say they were tryna charge me and other girls $20 cover each for what hour was left of the night... one of the doormen was super nice

Tom Zarnowski

Steal your medical cannabis upon entering .

E Brig

I was told they play hip hop music and the only hip hop I heard (on a Sat night) was Drake and Rhianna....I feel bamboozled. The atmosphere was nice, mixed crowd, and great drinks. We chose this place because we were staying downtown. I also didn't like that we couldn't request any music

Jacob Ong

Friend’s friend was denied access so we ended up leaving together. The bouncer team got to get their act together because if they deny everyone arbitrarily they might as well close shop. But the drink prices are decent and worth the visit.

amani sharma

The diversity of the crowd is amazing. Good DJ.. a pretty cool place. The lower level can get a little crowded. The sound is perfect.. lights on point. Dress code isnt that strict. After 10 30 you have to pay cover. Drinks are a little watered down but nonetheless was a good time.

Eddie Cheaz

As of this post, there are only two clubs in the world with a Dolby Atmos 3D sound system: Ministry of Sound in London and Sound-Bar in Chicago. Truly amazing sound system, great music club venue, super chill staff and a very professional security detail

Ace Jones

Even while dressed appropriately (button-up shirts, formal shoes, etc.) we were denied access into the club. We were told there was a private party even though my friends and I (4 of us in total) RSVP'd beforehand for the event. I just wanted to dance, instead we were racially profiled... Hence the 1 star.. Won't be returning!

Divya Jain

Wish I could give 0 stars. This is the worst club in Chicago. Braved going back there 10 years after being sexually assaulted. Only to have the staff charge me $20 per person to enter at 10pm, right when they open. And then being refused a refund for trying to leave an empty club 20 minutes later. Their desperation for keeping my $40 (me and my husband ) goes to show how desperate their business is. I made a serious mistake giving this cub another chance. Never going back. Ever. Be aware, this place is full of creepers who will try to rape you.

Adam Sumsum

To be honest with you I had a great time. Saw David gravell here with my 2 friends from europe. If your not broke then the drinks aren't that expensive. It was like 20 bucks to come inside not bad. Wear nice clothes cause it is a club.

Jasmine Babineaux

Very upscale! Dress to impress ladies. Fellas, no tennis shoes or Jordan’s. Good music!

Nikhil Kulkarni

This place had two different floors playing different music. There is bar on almost every corner of the whole pub, so you wouldn't have to wait long to get your drink. The lighting and sound are the best part. Cant say much about music as my taste differs. Overall, its a good place to loose your body and get high on booze.


It was fun! 2 floors different genres. Nothing too fancy but it you’re with the right people it’s a fun night!

Joe Sawicki

My friends and I recently bought a table here. Our servers came by TWICE the entire night, didn't pour our drinks, and tacked a 24% gratuity to our bill. Music was good, but we won't be back any time soon.

Ayanna Guzman

I went to Sound Bar after having bought two tickets to wait in line and be told that we were not allowed in on account of my partner being too drunk. Waiting for a refund because I do not want to pay $40 for a bar my partner and I didn't even get to enjoy.

Mike Vella

Awesome venue nightclub. Sound is amazing. 2 floors and very spacious and I've never waiting more than 3 minutes to get a drink. Lots of special effect and tons of big name artist come thru. Definitely worth checking out. Be prepared to wait in line outside if you come after 11. I suggest buying a ticket to whoever is playing to help with door costs.

Ashok Uppala

I don’t usually give reviews but this is a Racist club. We (brown colored people),were all dressed nicely but the security guard didn’t want to let us in not even bothered to check our ID and his boss/head security guard ran from a distance far away to us and say we are not to their dressing standards. The head guard himself allowed people who were in TShirts and shorts. I would have given a 0 if I could.

Samantha Chambers

Needs better dj or music...mostly House/’s good if you like that type of music though

Sean Pileski

I met my girlfriend here, so Sound-Bar will always have a special place in my heart. If you know a promoter, not only can you get in free before 12, but they give you 4 free drinks (must order them before 12) and no, I'm not a promoter. Otherwise the drinks are kinda expensive for what they are: not that big and not that good. You can RSVP for free entry before 12 on their website ($10 after). If you don't RSVP, it's $20 cover. I asked them once at what time they stop charging cover... never. It's a big place with tons of people and 3 DJ's going at once during most of the night. The volume upstairs in the main room is usually Dangerously loud, and I like the music downstairs or in the red room better and you can actually talk to someone if you yell. Downstairs tends to be more hip-hop and pop stuff, upstairs vocal house. The main alternative would be The Mid which is also $20 and comparably priced drinks that are a lot better. The downside of the Mid is that it's too crowded. If you want to leave Sound-bar you might also consider Crescendo around the corner for Vocal House or Spy Bar across the street for House. Crescendo won't get going until at least 1:30 though.

Shiho Suzuki

I actually like this place better than some other places in Chicago. There are three dance floors. I didn't go to the lower level because they had hip hop music and I don't like it much. I went to this place to see Third Party. The main floor had progressive house/trance, and the bar floor had really nice and chill deep house music. I like them both! There were two lines at the door, a very long line and a line of two people. I got to be in the shorter line, probably because I was by myself at that time. BUT...the music is so LOUD and it literally hurt my ears!!! They need to work on this because other people say the same thing.

Anya Merrill

Great place, excellent music and the DJs are really nice

Nora Kawod

Went to Sound Bar last weekend with some friends. While walking in, I found it very odd that bouncers/security were more focused on checking ID's than doing security check. No ones bag was checked, no one was patted down. This is the only night club I've been to where no one was checked. Other than that, all went well but I really think this is something that should change.

Ro csi

If you want to pay $20 cover charge (each person and cash only) and still wait in line, in the freezing cold, for min of 30mins-1hr then this place rocks for you. Go for it.

Robby L

Great times used to go there a lot a lot a few years ago

M Thai

To be fair, music in the downstairs area on the night I went was ok. This place is mediocre at best. Definitely higher class places to spend the same amount of money.

Roxy Pelagio

The bouncer is racist. He allowed me and my bf in (lightskinned.) And he told our two best friends they couldn't come in because they had jeans and hoodies on(which both me and my bf were also wearing the same thing) We ended up going to bottled blonde instead.

Sandy Xayasouk

I never worry about this place closing like all the other clubs in town. I can always count on Sound-bar being open, busy, and fun. It just gets so hot down in the hip hop floor. They need better ventilation there. The bartenders are always on it too.

vamshi krishna

The hispanic security staff are horrible! Rude.

Kshitij Pandya

Everything was going well until A friend of mine wanted to take a seat near one of the bars and the bouncer there asked him to move. My friend just asked him what the issue was the as the seats were empty. We would have understood if it was reserved seating. The bouncer could’ve told us so. Instead, he got agitated and started coming on to our group telling us he could kick us out if he wanted to. When we tried to reason with him on such a simple issue, he started yelling more. That probably ruined the whole experience for us. Would absolutely not recommend this place!!

Tammy Vidrio

I always have the best time here!! The music is different and upbeat, the people are carefree and are not pretentious like in other Atlanta clubs. I am a frequent goer on Wednesday's (no cover and not as crowed). See you Hump Day.

Joshua Tedesco

I'll start with this, the lines to get into Sound Bar are completely ridiculous, after 10pm, the cover charge is also ridiculous. Especially since it applies to women also. But, they charge, because they can. Sound Bar is always full, always a good time, and always filled with gorgeous girls. Iron bar has a ton of competition, notably Spy Bar across the street (that is way more European Techno Niche), but they manage to stand out amongst the crowd. There is one major dance floors and sometimes as many as three DJs lined up to perform (that is the most I have ever seen). The music is the best (assuming your into great top 40 remixes), the club is well kept and really cool. Also, the drinks are reasonably priced for. the area (River North). All in all, Sound Bar is a great time waiting to happen and I would recommend it to my friends, family, and coworkers.

Gaurav Bansode

Really love the ambiance and the DJ was good too. You have to be in a proper attire to get entry in the club, shoes and simple sneakers will work(no high top sneakers and sports shoes allowed). My friend had to get the VIP lounge by paying $250 because of his shoes which doesn't matter because we had fun.

selma Soybasi

For fun amazing, there is no dress up but please be carefull to security, never trust them, they are dangerous. Almost 2 months ago we had a table and my friend gave him $100 tip for careful our table and her bag then we left for dance when I came back I saw that security opened my bag and looking what is there!!! It was sucks and 2 weeks ago some people stole my phone from my purse when I was dancing I mean some another costumer so be careful!

Amir Tai

Horrible customer service

Patrick Sheehan

Went to see Simon Patterson/Will Atkinson. They were fantastic and the sound system at sound bar is amazing. But I agree with other reviewers - the bouncers are awful. The guy checking ID's is super rude. Drinks are very expensive. I got 2 bud lights and a well whiskey and it came out to $30.

William Jones

Wack ass club. Pull with 17 6figure cats looking for a good time and they said we can't come in. We got every race n creed with us to get turned away. They just lost out on thousands


These guys steal IDs. They stole an ID from Me and tried to charge me to get it back. My ID not a fake. They saw it was out of state and knew I needed it to get on the plane home. Luckily I had a passport. But seriously that's unprofessional, illegal, and trashy.

Cynthia Valdez

A little odd but good music (guest DJs & what not). Great spot if you're not sure what mood you're in but want to dance. Different music rooms each offering good sized dance floors and access to three bars. Drinks are a bit expensive ($8-12 depending the beer, and bottom shelf shots starting at $7).

Cait Elisabeth

A great atmosphere to hang out and enjoy music. We love the appetizers, entree and desserts!

Charlie Brown

One of the first clubs I’ve been to in Chicago. Great amount of rooms and different vibes all throughout. If you don’t like one thing just keep moving it will change. Plus you might see a athlete there or somebody’s slightly famous. The only thing I don’t like is it can get crowded. If shoulder to shoulder is your thing this is your place.

Csongor Gyuricza

The condescending and unfriendly bouncers at the door treat you like they are doing you a favor by letting you wait in line and pay $40 per person to get in (that's how much they were charging on Friday Mar 11 2018). That alone is enough for me to never go back. The music and sound system are good, but bouncers and busers are constantly walking around nudging themselves through the guests and sometimes pointing their flashlights at people who don't immediately jump out of their way for them to pass - very annoying and inconsiderate. And finally, all 3 times I went there the place was a total sausage party (not gay, just all straight men) - why can't they promote the venue better so that there's a good balance of people who are attracted to each other? I can't justify coming back to this place unless it's a very special and unique event.


This place is ridiculous. If you’re in downtown Chicago this summer don’t waste your time here. There is a $15 minimum on credit card purchases so if you wanna buy a drink mine as well make it two at a time or you’re out of luck pal... the bartender on one level didn’t even bother me with that which i thought was ironic... management is lost when your on there they don’t even pay attention. Nowhere downtown , not one club I’ve been too, has ever charged that. Not to mention the music was underwhelming and the staff was rude. Overpriced drinks follow the rest. There are much better places then this place downtown to spend your money at.


Club is great and the service is amazing! I lost/got my wallte stolen, and the staff did not only find it, but put it in my jacket, because they saw my ticket for the jacket! Never saw this before and nothing was missing!

Adrian K

Ha. Don't even waste your time. Update March 2019: Bouncer shot and killed after a fight broke out. Terrible and sad. I’ve always thought their bouncers don’t de-escalate situations and often make it worse based on my experiences there in the past. Owner needs to REALLY look at their bouncer training and service they provide (not saying this was their fault, but actively de-escalating a situation is not something I’ve seen them be good at)

chris blaesing

Place is okay having two completely separate levels with 2 different DJs playing different types of music. Better have VIP or you will most likely be waiting in line. Upstairs gets out of hand (especially if a big name is performing that night. You will be waiting forever for a drink in that case and treated poorly if you're not with a big crowd. Worth in these cases ordering bottle service if you and crowd pocket books can afford it.) Which is why I scored a 3 star. I've promoted and in one night blew big bucks between me and girlfriend on buying not 1 but 2 bottles of Vodka. Service was great during stay. But when it came time to pay up. Between me and 4 other people that had been paying 20 and 30 dollar tips throughout our stay. The waitress that handled our table had floor manager come up to us before leaving asking if something was wrong with service. Basically our ending tips were low to the server. Between 5 of us we bought 2 bottles of Absolute Vodka at 185.00 a bottle plus if you added up all the tips we gave throughout night. That waitress made 150+ at least from table. Well above 25 to 30 % plus compared to two other groups near us we were the simplest to serve, and acted in total respect. So I myself had not so nice words to give to management. Totally disrespectful I thought being that with tips we dropped almost 500.00 up in the in one night.


Best dance club! Pricy but you will have a great time!

Hector Herrera

Got kicked after the workers stole my bag. Got my bag back after like an hour.

Bunny Bon Bon

Dress code: yes Cover charge: yes Expensive: yes Music: EDM some good some not, HipHop not the good kind Service: Awesome. The bartenders are super cool and friendly. Actually security and all the people that worked there were super nice, helpful, and welcoming Venue: Beautiful the pictures don’t do it justice The crowd: Weird and the majority of the people there were unattractive so if u trying to get boo-ed up or to dance and vibe with some hottie it’s no to both of those. Just no. Also there is a long line but it moves pretty fast to get in

Armani Lepe

They charged me $20 to get in and the wait was about 20 mins. Drink are average compared to other clubs in River North. They play electronic music on the first floor and hip hop downstairs. The music was okay, crowd was mostly guys.

Simon Fulda-Strate

Sound system and music was decent, and the layout and design of the club was nice. The bartender tried to scam me though - got 3 drink tickets for coming before 11:30, I got to the bar 5 minutes before that time to order drinks and the bartender ignored me to serve other people who got there after I did. He poured 2 of the 3 drinks I ordered and I watched him put no alcohol in, then pointed to the time on his phone and told me he couldn't give me a third drink because it was exactly 11:30. I brought 2 of the 3 drinks I ordered back to my friends and a bouncer followed me through the club and yelled at me for not paying the full $24 for 2 small glasses of cranberry juice. I put the drinks back on the counter and left shortly afterwards. Don't have perks like drink tickets if you can't honor them and intentionally disrespect your customers

vagdevi suryadevara

After hours there will be a entrance fee which is cash only.. and you wont regret of coming in.. they really have good music. Also they have 2 floors having 2 different kinds of music, just enjoy whatever you want to. Decent crowd and …

Lizbeth Rodriguez

Great music from Animale...sadly I didn't go to Sound Bar to listen to him for 4 hours. Instead I paid to see Deorro, who did not show up until 2am!! Don't anticipate visiting this place again

Walter Hieber

Strict security, high prices at the door and for drinks. Music is not very good unless you are going for a performance. But what can you expect?

Liam Wright

Haha short Korean bouncer said he'd put me in an ambulance... be nice bro! Awesome music tho

Diana B

Last night was crazy! Will definitely come back one day! Two levels of absolutley banging music All my buds had a great time ❤ My only recommendation - Hang up a drink menu with prices at the upper and lower bars

jose sanchez

Very bad securities, unprofessional and rude Disrespectful . Also a bystander got assaulted by aggressive security.


Do I have to say it? It's River North. They actively don't let people of color in because they only white people scene in their club. I recommend every person of color come just so they don't get the satisfaction of keeping you out. You don't have to pay anything either.

Dylan Baker

I wouldn’t go unless you want to see someone in particular. The sound system is probably one of the best in the city. Multiple rooms make for a good time when they’re all open. I love the back room usually playing hip hop.

Joseph August

Great place for Drum and Bass. They have three rooms all playing different types of music. The bars aren't too crowded and the drinks are very well priced (think $6 beers, which for a club, is not bad). They have a good mix of rotating DJs, but they don't offer headphones so make sure to bring your own!

Andy Suarez

Great venue. Got to see Hodor from game of thrones DJ. The only thing I dislike is the unfriendly staff. Overall venue is great.

krupa Veesamsetty

I’ve been there 3-4 times and the music just kept us going until the end. This place has 2 floors to party. House/Electronic/Trance music lovers get to have fun one the top whilst to the pop lovers unwinding at the ground floor.

Nikki Stevenson

I was here for a show a little while back and got to say, it sounded really nice. cant wait for more shows to be here.

Leslie Miller

Dave security guy was super awesome and hot. Very professional and helpful Thank you for taking care of the ladies from out west. 4 Strings DJ was awesome really enjoyed his show the best.

David Sabatini

Refused to let my girlfriend in, despite the fact that she was 21, said that she was “a minor”, “clearly 12 years old”, and took her drivers license away without scanning it. Never expected this level of prejudice againts Asians in Chicago. Will not attend again.

Nikola Usenovic

I really love this place but... I got out for a smoke around 3:50 am. When I tried to go back in security didn't want to let me in again. He was asking for 20$. But I already had my ticket which I bought online 2 weeks ago. I really don't understand this kind of behavior. I came here because of love for music, not to make trouble. This needs to be stopped !!!

Gabby Callejas

Customer Service SUCKS! I called asking about pricing to host a party... Understandable, the date I inquired about is not available. BUT, it would be great to hear back from their staff letting us know hey sorry I cannot book your party, just out of courtesy! I mean I'm sure they would've called me back right away if it would've been a YES. sometimes Money shouldn't be the drive of the business.. GREAT CUSTOMER service should. BTW the person I spoke with was AJ.... He was a total JERK!

Lana Gia

theres a bouncer there thats a little too proud to have his job. short and has glasses, pony tail. other than that, the layout of soundar isn’t great. friends from other cities that visit soundbar say that the crowd is typically scummy and they’re not wrong. there’s better clubs that you can go to like tao and prysm.

Rudresh Ranaswi

Music was a tad disappointing. Although there are two floors for different kinds of music, I would prefer the hip hop one. Crowd was decent. The staffs were kind of nice as well. One best thing is that for your birthday party, you get free drinks till 1 amd your friends get three free drinks till 11:30 Also the entry is free as well. Overall experience was nice

Harish Vellore

It's overpriced and overhyped bar.


Best EDM shows and club in the city. Mike the VIP Manager always great, hospitality first. Also the security guards are really respectful which is rare in clubs.. One in particular (sorry I forget his name) was nice enough to let my girlfriend and I have a seat in a booth as the club was slowing down and our DJ was still playing, due to my girlfriend having back surgery. Also a great guy to talk too. Classy move and the best club in Chi town. Untz Untz Untz #chicagotrancefam

Terry Werth

Always fun!

h f

Absolutely terrible service. Super disappointing worse club I have ever been too I will never spend any money here ever again. Staff is beyond disrespectful. The acts of prejudice against me I will never forget. They will rob you at the front and take your money. They took my money and kicked me out for no reason. When I respectfully asked what was going on they simply replied we dont want you here. Didn’t give me any reason what so ever. One of the most racist encounters I have ever experienced in life I will NOT be returning and I STRONGLY encourage people not to rewared that behavior and service. AVOID this place at all costs I am completely disgusted.

John Mgtow

I been here. The security didnt harass me for being black. that alone is worth 5 stars!

Raven D

20 dollars for a lot of nothing. We were told that they play hip hop and when we went to the 2nd floor, there was nothing but pop/ house music. Of course we didn't get our money back and left 15 minutes later. For Chicago to be as diverse as it is, there party scene is wack

Jesse Saenphonphakdee

This place is horrible. If you are coming from out of town, save your money and go else where.

Morgan Jones

Love the atmosphere of this place.

Jessica Rodriguez

Cool venue. Just sort of barbaric how they treat people when they want them to go once the show is over...

Parham P.Firouzabadi

I used to go to this place a lot with my friends. Good musics and Djs. Bartenders are all rude. They force you to give them tip. Staff are all angry and tired ...

Henry Stack

I absolutely love paying concert prices for a DJ that doesn’t show up. Also appreciate that the staff had no idea when the DJ performed. Spend your money elsewhere

Amal Sheth

Cramped, awful music, weird lighting. The staff is absolutely terrible and uncessesarily rough and rude. I would much rather spend a night in Guantanamo bay.

Victor Madrid

I don't know where to start. Someone needs to talk to the owner and show him how to run the place. Wouldn't let me in because I was wearing high top shoes that are in style but they let a guy who was wearing tennis shoes in. Now I will not go in even if I get in for free. If anyone knows the owner tell him to come talk to me to show him how a club should be running.

Derrick Nguyen

If there was a "0 Star" it would receive that rating. But there isn't so "1 Star" will do. First and foremost, WORST CLUB EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD **AT THE ENTRANCE**. I have my valid Drivers License, Credit Card, Ventra, even all of my social media, I even told them to scan my ID, ask me any question on my ID and I'll know it by heart, and they wouldn't let me in. Horrible management and horrible reason for not allowing me inside the club. I am of legal age with valid IDs and their "reason" is that someone else is using my ID to get in. Had a huge argument with the manager and ended up not going. I've never been denied for something like this, and I will never come back to SoundBar ever again. I do NOT recommend this night club if you come to Chicago. There are better places to go than here with better service.

Bud Fox

I visited to see a couple of headline DJs on a Saturday around 12:00am, the queue was no more than 5 mins, the staff were polite and attentive. Drinks $10 for whiskey. I was reluctant to go after reading negative feedback on Google but I had a great time here and it made for a great memory of my trip to Chicago.

Kevin Vandelta

I liked this place at first, only to realize after going few times that the DJ is always playing the same songs....kinda sucks. Service is not that great either. For a $20 cover, you could get a better experience.

illinoismedicalmarijuana illinoismedicalmarijuana

HORRIBLE. After searching my purse they took my medical cannabis before entering. I was not using my medicine and it was locked away in my bag where they took my money then my cannabis and did not let me in. I showed my medical card and they didn't care

Stephanie Maier

I was there for Markus Shulz. Beautiful intimate club. Truly a great experience! Thank you!

Anon org

A Racist club. We (brown colored people),were all dressed nicely but 1-2 guys did not wear collared shirt. So we were asked to leave. The first security guard allowed us to enter after checking our ID but his boss/head security guard ran from a distance far away to us and kicked us out. The head guard himself allowed people before us and after us who were all in TShirts.

John Upshaw

Great people and a lot of space if you like to dance!


Played the New Sean Paul and Natalac - To Mi Thing... Same Night #Salute Windy City #Natalac #SeanPaul #PimPoftheNation

Dana Lee Tallar

I saw ben bohmer here & had a magical time :)

Tony Ketcham

tried to buy sound from the bar but they were out

yasmina sokolov

Music was a tad disappointing. Although there are two floors for different kinds of music, I would prefer the hip hop one.

Elizabeth Zaccheaus

The club is actually very racist. I’m sure they told the bouncer at the door to be specific about what race they let in. All my close friends that’s ever been there can confirm it

Akshay Arora

Amazing experience.

Haoyang Hong

I would give 0 if I could. These staffs especially security staffs are awful. As long as they think you drunk they ask you out even you are not drunk at all. People go to nightclub just for big drink. It's a simple question that how you make money but kicking off people professionally? By the way, the security staffs are all Hispanic immigrants so that I can understand why they act rude because this is what they are.

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