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REVIEWS OF Nacional 27 IN Illinois

Karina Parada

This place kept being recommended to me and I finally decided to go for my birthday a few weeks ago! Man did I have a GREAT time. I notice a few reviews mention the small dance floor which I agree with but it definitely isn’t a deterrent for me. I went back last night and had a good time once again.

Leonardo Amaral

Regular food... Good service

Alyssa Widolff

Worry club I’ve ever been to. Waited over 10 minutes to get a drink and then was DELIBERATELY ignored by the bartender. Then went to wait for my friend on the dance floor and was rudely asked by the bouncer if I was going in or not. Worst experience I’ve ever had a club, period.

Jeff Baker

Really good food, excellent service, chef was great!

Askari Sabbaghi

The stake and tapas are amazing here. Great ambient, friendly service, just a bit slow.

Lexi Gross

Great place for drinks and dancing. Has a great energy and of course valet parking is so important

Anthony Rodriguez

If you like Hispanic music and love to dance this is the place. Drinks are pricey like anywhere in Chicago.

Chesare D

For dancing the DJs got stuck in Latin 80s music!!! ComOn !! Seems no imagination... Good think he was from Florida hope he is back to his place... Will be back the mezcal was absolutely awesome!!!

Adam Kallanous

Great food with good music (live salsa)

Julissa Perez

Omg this place was soooo amazing. Had an amazing night, staff were friendly, food was bomb and the atmosphere was spot on. Most deff will be going again soon.

Osman Kausar

Awesome place to throw a close knit party. Ambiance is super....Can book 10 to 20 ppl sections....Food is good too

Zulley Perales

Dance floor was fun and we had so much fun but bartenders HORRIBLE. Hope they can improve on their service.

Bryant Quezada

DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE! This place is so unorganized, made a bottle service reservation a week prior to celebrating my birthday. When I arrived we were to wait. While waiting we kept getting told by different bouncers to move and get out of the way. We waited for over 10 minutes. The bouncers were just letting other people in and completely forgot we were there. I decided to just leave since I was not about to spend money on a place that doesn’t prioritize their reservations. I will not be coming back to this place. Don’t expect to be seated upon arrival even if you have a reservation. Follow up: Although my night didn’t go as planned, and I’m still unhappy that my birthday didn’t go as planned. Their management team contacted me in less than 24 hours and resolved the issue. They promised me a gift certificate but it’s been 3 months and haven’t gotten anything. Not worth the hassle. Just know in advance that your plans might not go as planned while booking with them.

Abra ArreGav

Great for dancing and good drinks. Bit crowded..

Eduardo Sanz

Food not bad, but too expensive. Me and my wife went there for dancing after finding the place in Google. It says dancing start at 9 pm so I reserve a table for 2 online at that time. That's when we order food. We toll the waiters that we were there to dance latin music. They just explained that we have to order before 10:15 because after that they prepare the place for dancing. After we order some meals and before finishing they explained that we can't remain in the boot because it was for groups orderin at least $200 in liquor. We don't drink much, I replied and one of the guys toll us that we have to leave and wait in the bar. That was rude and unfair after payng almost $80 in meals. Yes, you can dance but after buying drinks in the bar but you can't use the tables around the dancing area. After 11 pm the place was overcrowded, it was almost impossible to dance, there is no control over how many people can acces the place. Sad, looks like a good latin place in downtown Chicago, but it's too small for such a big demand.

Susan Webb

Connor Maguire, thank you very much for your great hospitality, for taking care of us, a group of O'hare airport customer service. Food, music, drinks, valet parking, the security guy, all were very attentive. It was a positive experience we will be back definitely .

Terry Franklin

Delicious food. Lovely space that felt like Miami or Havana. Service was a little slow but we were a big group.


A great place highly recommended this place it has a great atmosphere and everything there is good. Amazing service and amazing desserts


The amount of money these guys are leaving on the table due to an understaffed bar has to be high. I waited for almost 15min before giving up on ordering drinks. Otherwise a great place for Latin music.

Olivia Hatch

The food was GREAT! &it was interesting & exciting to physically see them turn their restaurant into a night club before my eyes! I didn't get to stay to party it up but I'll definitely visit again soon.

Jessica Lombera

Best Latin music and community in Chicago! I love it here!

Jose Mendoza

The bartender with pink hair was terrible. I was patiently waiting to place an order and she kept ignoring me. She had favorites that she would skip you for them. I waited 20 mins and I got frustrated and went to opposite side of the bar and got a drink in 2-3 minutes. I would go again for music but stay away from this bartender.

Aaron Schultz

Our waiter was very goiod as she knew everything that was on the m,enu. Their servicwas fantastic. Will try out the menu again.

Monica Maldonado

Went for a girls night out...we appreciated no cover for ladies night HOWEVER we were vey disappointed with how long it took to get a drink from the bar. 10-15 minute wait for drinks at the bar, service is poor. Bartenders are tooter worked to be friendly. The dance floor was the highlight of night.

Paola Erazo

I use to go to National 27 all the time I could not believe how busy it was. I was annoyed by the amount of glasses that were broken on the floor. I don't understand why people can just put it back at the bar when they are finished. One last thing that almost made my night the DJ started to play Rock in Spanish and he cut the music off at the best part. SMH GRRRR

Dzessika Sepp

Staff and music are great! Great place to dance bachata, salsa and etc.

Kit T

I was here for an event. Good facilities overall. Parking was close but not free. Didn't try their food, just a few drinks which were priced reasonably. Good service and ambiance.

Toni Angelo

Service was very slow. We had the all you can eat meat skewer special and they served one starter per table instead of per person as we paid per person. The menu stated scallops and shrimp for the seafood portion but they had salmon and shrimp, so that end was misleading as they didn't mention that prior to ordering but after service. I had stated it was a birthday celebration and was not acknowledged by any of the staff.

Steve Lock

I've been here before, but never on a salsa might and never again. Our party of two couples was seated right at the edge of the dance floor which was fine until the salsa lessons, which we weren't taking part in, started and then it was a nightmare, with the noise and jostling spoiling our evening.

John Valencia

Family and I received New Years at Nacional27! The atmosphere was great! Having experience at multiple night clubs/bars across the US, I have to acknowledge the great security/bouncers at this place. They act fast and efficiently, making the atmosphere that much better for those trying to have a great night out. Coat check is a +. If you are visiting Chicago like myself, I highly recommend this place. Will be back!

gonzalo moreno

If you're going to charge people to get into the night club, make sure you are able to accommodate your guests. Don't let more people in if you are at capacity. That is both, a safety hazard and an inconvenience for those that are trying to enjoy themselves. This place is not worth the $20 you pay to get in on Saturdays. You have to wait atleast 20 min to get your drinks and you have about 2 square feet of space to move around since everybody is crammed in the club like sardines. The drinks are expensive but they actually do pour you a descent amount of alcohol. That's the only positive things I can say about this place. Save your money and go somewhere else.

Haley Beyer

Fun place to go if you're looking to dance! Valet parking, coat check, speedy service! Loved the space loved the music!

Cameron Toth

Good. Not great. I was disappointed by bar menu not being easily available at table and after the ask and permission to have a taco at the table it was lackluster. A street vendor would have made a better taco. My meal was good. Guacamole and chips were excellent.

jackie rebolledo

I’m sorry but las time I go there was a mess and bottles broken at the floor and they not have dress code and there was only 2 bartenders for too many people

Carolina Herrera

Very good Latin music. Cocktails 12USD and beers 6 USD

Chasity Jimenez

Walked in and walked out. Totally dead. Would not recommend. I’d take 5 stars away if it were an option

lavender pal

Wowwww good food

Ducky TV

Great food great service great atmosphere. I will definitely be back

Lizy love

Great Place, love the music, excelente DJ

Christy G

The 3-4 bartenders working Friday night - ladies night - were SUPER slow! Waited about 15-20 for drinks. Was unable to really enjoy our night due to poor bartender service. Dance floor was fun and we were able to have a great time dancing however the bartenders made buying a drink HORRIBLE. Hope they can address this internally because I'd like to visit again to dance but not if they can't improve on their service.

MO Green

Amazing food

Carmelita Foster

The ambience was very nice. The food was pretty good, especially the guacamole and the chicken skewers. However the drinks like the pina coladas and margaritas were served on crushed ice. I prefer those drinks be frozen. Crushed ice doesn't do drinks like that any service.

Sammy Feliciano

So I have been here quite a few times just because there is only a few spanish places to actually go. The food taste good and the prices are good for downtown. But the dance floor is to small and it gets pretty crowded. The Drinks are a …

Bella Flow

I love the food & enjoyed their outdoor sitting area. It is well covered with beautiful Ferns which too me is very important when you're ddining outside. Other restaurants needs incorporate this look when setting up for summer outdoor dining.

Maria F. Preiti

Myself and another 5 women got their phone stolen on June 1, 2019. This is not a safe place. Please be careful. Follow up: The owner of the establishment contacted me after my original review and invited me to go back for a better experience. I am very appreciative, thank you.

Joan Cruz

Great atmosphere and service. We went for dinner and stayed for a night. It was a wonderful expperience.

Diane Rodriguez

I honestly love this place because of the music & atmosphere, BUT you have people working at the bar that don't know how to make some of your popular drinks. The most frustrating thing about a night out is asking for a drink and having a bartender not know how to make it when past bartenders have made it with no problem. Despite how many ways I tried to simplify or explain the drink, they were clueless. Can't expect people to get drunk that way

MA Karam

It's a nice cozy place for entertainment. There's a cute bar plus a romantic restaurant behind. You can enjoy the music and if you love dancing you can join their free salsa dance lesson for half an hour on Wednesdays. But they have lack of service at the restaurant. I wish they care more about their clients even the price was a little expensive.

nick neessen

They denied me entry due to the fact I was wearing Vans shoes. This place is a joke. I’ve been to dozens of places in Chicago wearing these shoes and have never been denied entry. This place will never see me again and I suggest that they be a little more relaxed on that policy.

Alberto Barrera

Fun place when bartenders not rude because they are extremely busy. Not sure why they take it out on us we pay some of your bills hello smile sometimes

SunShine Matte

Loved the Bbq Lamb Tacos

Carlos Medrano

Needs more Huapangos and Banda!

John Shostack

Good food, nice room, friendly staff.

Doris Johnson

I love this restaurant and the food was fantastic.The service was outstanding. I can't wait for my next visit.

Margaret Jones

Delicious, albeit pricy food and drink, however the dancing really shines. That dance floor was packed on a Saturday night, but my partner and I had a lot of fun.

Marius Commodore

An excellent venue and has been for over a decade. Wonderful pan Latin American menu with knowledgeable servers.

Michele Doyle

Amazing food! Family style was perfect for our group of 6. Adam, our waiter, was great.

Tati Raz

Celebrated birthday. Great atmosphere and service. We went for dinner and then stayed for salsa night. Food was average ( no flavor ). Club was fun. DJ was good. Bartenders are fast and super nice ! If you are looking for a dancing night out pick Nacional 27.

Joanna Leynes

I was recommended this location by a friend who raved about it. I figured it was more of a special occasion type of place so when it came to my birthday, I wanted to get a small group of friends and family together. We went this past Friday and planned for a 9 pm dinner so we could dance afterwards. Food was great, albeit a bit on the expensive side since portions were small in my opinion. Drinks seemed like standard Chicago pricing, which is not cheap. According to their site, it was ladies night... and for men, if you paid online you would get entry for $10 as opposed to $20 at the door. I had the guys who were going to stay for dancing buy tickets in advance to get the deal. However, they didn't even need to buy them because no one asked us for an entry fee. Turned out they were celebrating Carnivale, unbeknownst to us. It was a pleasant surprise and we had an awesome time! There was a dance performance followed by some group instruction. Our group enjoyed it and I would love to come back!

Andy Suarez

Love the combinations of flavors in their food. Their drinks were also very good. Definitely worth the trip.

Joanna Alcantar

Had an overall good time, would definitely come back

Ryan Kent

We had our work party here and it was a blast. The food was incredibly good, the music was great, and the space is really nice. The drinks were high quality, and the dance floor was a nice touch. We had karaoke and a photo booth set up and everything flowed really well. I would be very happy to come back here.

laughing Dancer

Traveled to Chicago Saturday am I wasn't dressed up but wasn't completely casual (under my coat) but got turned away because of my practical shoes. It had been snowing all evening and the ground was covered in deep slush. I would have liked to be wearing my heels in any other circumstance. This spot was recommended when I asked where to go to Latin dancing. I was not expecting a nightclub with a $20 cover and dress code! I was very disappointed to not have the opportunity to dance that night. Ended up at some other spot with lame pop music. Know there is a dress code! Wish I would have known. Bouncer wasn't very nice making us walk around to tell us we couldn't get in. 1 star is for the poor experience and I didn't make it in the door.

Rose Rios

I was recommended this location by a friend who raved about it. I figured it was more of a special occasion type of place so when it came to my birthday, I wanted to get a small group of friends and family together. We enjoyed our time there and I would also recommend them.

jessica munZing

I went just for the music and dancing. Although it got so full you couldn't really even dance... The worst part is when they start charging club fee entrance at 930 and the club starts at 11. They say ... If you leave by 11 we will return the $20 per person cover charge but if you don't you lose it. I mean dam... I am going in, buying food and drinks and you still want to charge me extra? Not cool man. Not cool. Staff is also rude. Guess they think they are better than the customers that are going in to pay for the entertainment bc the bouncers are arrogant and pushy and the bar staff blatantly ignores you. Or specifically asks for a bigger tip or tells you how much to tip. Idk. Other than the music, I guess the place is not that good.

kari al

went here last saturday for my mother in laws birthday. I would give this place less stars if it wasnt for my family trying to make the best out of it. I didnt appreciate the girl that coordinates events. I cant remember her name but she was so rude to start off. Has no customer service skills, I appreciate her rearranging us to another table to accommodate us, even though it was done with an attitude. She was obviously bothered by a simple request and tried making me feel bad for having her "move" people around. I told her that it was fine and if it was too much of a problem that we didnt need to move things around. She just responded rudely and never once smiled at me. Her vibe was so uncomfortable the whole time. She was upset and I could tell in her tone. I worked in the restaurant industry as a college kid and not once did I give my customers an attitude, the customer is always right. especially when they have a table of 12. I was also looking over and didnt see her physically move anyone as she made it seem, all she did was rearrange the seating on her tablet. Someone needs to fix her attitude or get rid of her, especially when your customers are spending over $1000 in food and drinks. After we ordered the "family style" dinner, was when the manager including that rude girl came to our table to check on us. I wonder if she thought at first that we were all splitting the check or getting cheaper items on the menu. I definitely wont be planning any more parties here. The host/planner ruined the whole experience as soon as I walked in. She was the girl with dark hair, a little on the chubby side.. was working the evening shift on 7/29/19. I wish i remembered her name. I also hope my tip went to the nice waiter and not her.

Fernando II Soto Avellanet

I must say was my first time at Nacional 27... Ambience - 5 Drinks - 5 Bartender Zorah was phenomenal... Cover - 3 Too expensive for a DJ... DJ - 2 The transitions between type of music was crazy...You couldn't miss the first 30 seconds of Merengue because if not he will jump to Quebraditas, reallyyyyyyyy... the language he used to address the crowd unprofessional... We all deserve the respect as customers, no matter what happened... A warning can still be professional... He needs to amp it up with the transitions and mixes... MY HUMBLE AND HONEST OPINION... But I will be back was good!!!!

Amy Baker

Love the combinations of flavors in their food. Their drinks were also very good.

Tony P

Regarding the food, the prices don't match the quality. Disappointing food. In two visits to the club, one night the DJ was excellent, the next time the DJ was horrible. The bouncers are idiotic and tacky.

Olivia Martinez

Ambient is good, drinks are overpriced, and it gets crowded. Is there a capacity # ther should be

Jess Jess

The food was great. It is a bit pricey, but definitely worth the cost.

Michael Bellipanni

Nacional 27 was the venue for our wedding, and we could not have been happier! They provided so many things that made planning the wedding easier for us, including food, drinks, seating arrangements, table numbers, DJ equipment and lighting, a fantastic dance floor, friendly wait staff, and helpful day-of wedding planners. The food was wonderful, served family style so each guest could try a variety of dishes. Natalie and Allison did a wonder job as planners, they worked with us before the wedding to get all of the details in order and made great suggestions to make the most of the space.

Ruth Martinez

Love the night club aspect. Highly recommend it if you're looking for a Latin night. However, I did have an issue with my reservation, but it got resolved smoothly and professionally. The staff were awesome as well!

Denise Carrillo

Beautiful venue, good food, but a bit pricey.


Nope. I went here with friends on a saturday night and the bouncer was very rude to us. He wouldn’t let my group of 6 come in. We even offered to purchase a bottle to let us in and he wouldn’t budge. It was really unfair because we did see how he was letting select people go in.

Jose Luis Ramirez

First time going there. Food was awesome. Didn't drink because I was sick. Environment was awesome! Crowded, good vibes. Great night!!

Ralph Eastman

Amazing bar/Latin club. Good music all night long.

Sara Silva

Ok place, didn't reallh feel the vibe and it was too small, the lights were so bright that you just dont get that goid feeling of a dance floor... Left 20 minutes after entering here...

Rosario Tapia

This place had horrible music, the ambiance was off ! Wouldn’t recommend

Robert Ramirez

We went for New Years Eve, it looked pretty good at first, but when I got the check, OMG, it was almost $300 dlls for a meal of two. Outrageous! Food taste was just OK....

Donovan Kuykendall

Younger crowd, but lively and good music.

Joel Rivera

Place was great , the music was popping and drinks were strong. Dance floor was packed and be ready to hit elbows.

Dan Gray

Fun spot. Go for the drinks and night out and eat somewhere else.

Juan Diego Ospina

Super slow bartenders, could take easily 30 min to get a drink

Gonzalo Navarrete

I'm from Jersey but this is a cool spot

Cherice Baldwin

The steak and egg and the fried avocado tacos were amazing. The prices a bit high. Keep in mind this is not authentic Mexican food. They turn the restaurant into a club. The staff get pretty aggressive during this time. We saw them pull a chair out from under someone while trying you convert it to a dancer floor. That was a big turn off

Adrian Iskandar Espinosa Caballero

I just wanted to eat and the guy at the door didn’t let me in because I’m wearing Nike shoes, I’m visiting Chicago!!! I only bring one pair of shoes! Don’t waste your time on this place

Sara Guzman

The dancing space is small. The drinks are weak.

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