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REVIEWS OF the Sound Table IN Georgia

Ellen Byrd

A group of us went around 7pm for a drink before dinner. The drinks were interesting, but not our favorite. The vibe was more suited for a late-night dance club, so I believe we went with intentions different than what they are. Great part of Atlanta to explore.

Nekki Boult

Always a chill vibe when I go. I prefer to only visit for small events. The place is just way too small for the big crowds that turn out for the day parties

Odetta Reed

I went to Rum Punch Brunch day party on a Sunday and had a good time. If you love Reggae/ Caribbean music try this spot. Rum punch is excellent too!!

tarez smith

I went for Sunday rum brunch. The staff was great. Its a very small menu but tasty. The rum punch is very good. Its cool place for music and drinks..i just didnt care for the location. Its no clear sign for entry and there is no security which I feel they need especially in that area.

Raven Jamison

Great music & vibes! Most mature spot on Edgewood.

Chauncell Wynn

Great music. Great atmosphere. Great food. I want a lamb burger right now!

Challah Muhqueed

nice festival. Plenty drinks, great music

Lisa Elibox

Good music, good food, good vibes

Stephen J

Great vibes every time I come here.


You will have a lot of fun. The atmosphere is great and the music.

Patricia Watkins

Every Sunday Rumpunch brunch is always a vybe!

Kevin Wright

O ly been on the weekend for rum punch brunch but I love the interior set up it's just right for events.

Tivian Annette

Rum Punch Brunch is a MUST on Sundays!!

Young Black & Strong

Never been to a Reggae/Retro club or lounge so it was pretty chill!!

chris brown

The Sunday rum punch is straight vibes and energy. Great place to eat, hangout and listen to great music.

Hung Nguyen

first time going to this place. it's pretty chill. only downside is the parking is very limited. still not so bad.

David Oleszek

We came here after looking up house music in ATL. Had a great time. Good atmosphere, friendly people and the staff treated us extremely well. The drinks were great. The service was quick and attentive. The DJ'S were very good. Would definitely recommend The Sound Table to anyone coming through Atlanta

devin blanchard

i don’t know who they had on this night of 4/6- but this DJ was amazing. Best i’ve ever heard in atlanta.

Shanta Hayes

I always have a great time here. The DJ's are on point and I usually dance all night... You know, if you favorite DJ is there.

Margaret Blanton

It's a smaller lounge in an area with several other restaurants and bars. The music is great...awesome vibe. The music varies depending on the night, so check their fb to find out what is going on. It's usually house. I think it's always worth checking out. The food and cocktails are good also.

Chelsea J

Great music and solid drinks. Small spot with in and outdoor seating


Very good environment. Excellent Rum Punch

P Mukora

Delightful surprise .... music, dancing, food, drinks, service .... All awesome!!!

Telka Johnson

Nice environment for food and lounging to raw 90s Hip hop music.

Vic Washington

Great atmosphere. Rum punch is awesome

Matt Clarke

I really loved this bar! Came in at night for some dancing and great drinks. The staff were super friendly, would recommend coming here!

George Range IV

Great drinks and music.

John Patrick King

Music choice was not amazing and the interior was way too dark, way too early. But the place started to fill up around midnight and actually seem like a cool place to chill (and yell for convo). Food's good but eclectic, shots are heavy, and the space is well defined.

juleine smith

Love the vibe and music

Nassareen Rahman

I love this place. Always an extraordinary good time. Excellent DJ.. Great music. Great Sound system. Con: Small space

Albert Fischer

Good place for drinking, listening good music and having funny evening! Thanks!)

Dominic Carlina

Great place for a fun Sunday. They do Rumpunch Brunch, playing dancehall, soca and a few hip hop chunes all day. The jerk wings are a clear favorite along with the macaroni and cheese. They have a full stocked bar. This is a great location on Edgewood avenue for people looking to party, dance and have fun. They have a small outdoor patio space and two different indoor spaces. Great Sunday brunch for my Caribbean people in Atlanta.

carlos sutton

#rumpunchbrunch on Sunday is a must! Great music. Good food. Rum punch is dangerously good!

Sarah Brunsmeier

This place is awesome! We went when they had some house DJs playing. I swear I danced until 3am. The drinks are moderately to high priced. Totally worth it. It's probably my favorite small bar/dance floor in Atlanta. The food is pretty good, but you don't go to Sound Table for the kitchen. 5/5 all the way.

Franchetta Carr

Great drinks.

T Chatmon

Great music with two different sides

The Yoga Chick

We came here with another couple for the Rum Punch Brunch. I have to admit, the good was MUCH better than I expected. We paid for the unlimited rum punch and it was well worth the money. The food was reasonably priced and the waitress was nice. I actually have no real complaints. We paid like $30 per person to get up to 7 rum punch drink tickets. We didn’t even use all 7. We would definitely go back again.

James McDowell

Nice intimate venue for shows, good soundproofing between stages. Only issue is the drinks at the bar are a bit more expensive than other nearby bars.


Fun Fun Fun... best Place on Sunday hands down!!!

Carmela Pattillo Anuli Mokoroto

I love to go dancing here! I go listen to DJ Kemit when I have time to get out of the house to listen to good music and have quality food and drink. I like to go early so I can have a quiet dinner and drinks and hang out late for the dancing and party atmosphere late into the night. If you have swag and you like to dance, go to the Sound Table. It is a great experience.

Tracy Ventura

Many, many fond memories have been experienced in this joint ! Mostly after hours for music events. Haven't had the pleasure of dining here though. HOUSE HEADS UNITE!!

Yasmeen Qadimasil

Good music! We could not come in with children. Exciting atmosphere. Drinks priced high to offset the free entry.


Very tasteful upscale drinks to effectively made

Eboni Joy

Great late night fun, have been to awesome hip hop sets here, also a great live music (instrumentation) venue as well. Enough space to have a few clothing, music, and accessory vendors. Great bar, tenders are thorough and prompt. Food available too. Wish there was a bit of seating on the music/stage side.

John Bennett

Love this spot! Cool lighting in a narrow dance floor playing some great soul house.

Nicole Harris

Friendly staff and great music.

Sabrina White

Waitresses were not that good. Ex..bringing food no forks, no water

Latisha Bryan

Rum Punch Brunch is a must!!

LaShaya LaBoy

The only thing I liked about this place was the gorgeous waitress and the DJ. The front door even looks like a boarded door. The menu is little to nothing on it,they offer oxtails and grits but its shredded beef. We got small disposable plastic cups and forks. They didn't even have napkins,we got bifold paper towels from out of the restroom. No pictures on the wall and the restrooms smelled like pee. It seems as if they overcharge just to make money to keep the place open. Whoever runs this place doesn't take pride in their restaurant. It could easily be spruced up by hanging plants from the brick walls and canvased art to give the Urban modern look I think they are trying to give. It has potential but it needs to be cared for and that begins with the owners!

Brian May

Went for an event and really enjoyed this place. Drinks were good, food was good and came out fast, and the DJ was on point. Crowd was real chill and the place filled up in a hurry. A real nice change of pace

Natasha Moore

Kermit is an amazing dj

Donya Smith

Rum Brunch was awesome 1

K.R. Johnson

Music was Caribbean style. We went Sunday afternoon it was Great. I didn't stop dancing. I didn't order any drinks but i did see people buy drink tickets from a different area and then gave the bartender the ticket to make their drinks. That was interesting! Limited seating was noticed and the place had a slightly mold smell. That was concerning for me.

Royal House

Best reggea in ATL!!! Sunday Day Parties is better than going to any reggea club at night!.... Lit!....

Watisha Farrington

Rum punch Sundays!! Music is excellent! Food good.

Kenzie McCarthy

The DJ was hittin it while we were there. The vibe was great!! Eveyone was having fun and the dance floor was packed! Cover was cheap and the drinks were strong. Front security was friendly and the bartenders were quick with service. Would definitely recommend to a couple looking for a fun night out or a group of friends looking to catch up.

Carmen Jones

I will try to make this review as short as possible, but that might be a bit difficult given all that took place here. I was originally excited to come here for my friend's going away brunch. I'd never been here, and it seemed like a pretty cool place. Upon arrival, I had some rum punch, which was pretty good, and the bartenders downstairs were very good. I paid for 7 rum punch tickets ($35) which I was told I could use upstairs as well. HOWEVER, when we went upstairs for food, everything went downhill QUICKLY. The food on the menu was pretty limited, and that was bit disappointing, but that is nowhere near the worst thing that happened that day. The service was INCREDIBLY slow. How slow? One of the people in our party is a vegan, she ordered eggs only, and that took an hour. Orders came out scattered, some people didn't get their entire order the first time, it was a mess. Regardless of all that, I was still in pretty good mood. I had just gotten engaged, and was still on Cloud 9, and I was surrounded by good people. We decided to go back downstairs to dance, so I asked for the check. She brought it, it was wrong. She had charged me for two rum punches after taking the tickets for the rum punch I'd purchased downstairs. I asked her to remove those items and gave her my card to pay for the rest. 15 min later, I still didn't have my card. I went up the area where the staff was standing, including who I believe to be the owner. She is a short, older woman. She appears to be Ethiopian, but I could be wrong. I told her I was waiting for my card. She asked me what the problem was, I told her, she goes on to tell me that they "don't accept tickets" for the rum. I explained to her that I'd paid downstairs and was told I could use them upstairs. I also asked her why they took my ticket if they weren't "accepting" them. She stormed off downstairs I guess to reprimand the bartenders for telling me I could use the tickets. She then informed me the waitress was doing us a "favor" by splitting checks, as if that's why I was standing in front of her. Where was my card? I was ready to go. That's when I found out they had LOST my card. I asked the waitress to look for it, and that's when I heard the owner whisper disparaging things about me, also saying I needed to "check my wallet for my damn card." I heard her, and responded by telling her I gave my card to her staff, showing her the empty slot in my wallet for that card. After 30 min, and still nothing, I went outside to cancel my card. The owner saw me outside, and came out holding the bill in question. She told me perhaps I left my card at home. It was laughable, because I'd just paid $35 for rum punch an hour ago. At that point, I told her not to go there with me because I was now livid. She said that she'd take care of the bill, presumably so I would leave her alone. Days later, you guessed it, I was charged an additional $20 for the bill she said she'd take care of. I can not explain how unprofessional this owner was. She was mean, angry, unaccommodating, unapologetic, entitled, and vulgar. She should be ashamed of her behavior. To be frank, the food and atmosphere is simply not good enough to endure the poor service (there was also an extremely RUDE bartender-an Asian girl with glasses) and level of disrespect you will surely encounter at some point.

George Posey

Mac and cheese was soupy. Menu is limited in choices. Unmarked entrance to get in from the start. The positives were the fried chicken was good and the water was wet.

Andy Conaway

The party left a bunch of trash at the intersection of boulevard and Edgewood. Event coordinators need to do a better job of cleaning up afterwards.

Big Joker

Must go to place also vip parking great

Tracy Levine

Always top notch dj talent. Excellent sound system.

Strong Clarke

So, I love The Sound Table! This was my second visit to The Sound Table and it was even better than the first time.

Merekat Grounds

They've changed the name and the place since rhe last time I've been there, but overall a nice small place to start for pregame on a first date

Matthew Rogers

The A.C. was broke and it was hot as hell in there.

Alrazi Bashir

Really relaxed environment with HORRIBLE BARTENDERS. Jess and the other taller “masculine” sounding bartender are rude,know it alls, and unapproachable. How can you lack customer service when working in the most customer service part of any …

Jennifer Labissiere

Sunday brunch party was fun. Crowded place limited bar options and prices differ at the bars. Good music though

Nicole Maddox

Rum punch bruch Sunday is sooo much fun and great people!

butistay woke

I came here on a date last night. Boy, did we have a blast! I’m in my mid 20s and the crowd was older like in the 30& up range. Everybody was chilling, dancing on each other and catching the vibe. Had a decent Long Island while I was there as well. We were there until after 2AM. So much fun! 5/5 if you looking for late night place to shake you behind while being lit

Christopher Hector

Love this place on Sundays. #RumPunchBrunch. The Vibez. The people. Are Great

Virgin Trainer

Atmosphere was good. Celebrated my friend's birthday. Overall the food was good, but apparently the best thing going is their spiked fruit punch. I don't drink, but the ladies that were with me absolutely loved this drink. It only takes one drink to knock you down or put you on your bottom and this one was it! Would had given this a 5 star rating but my food was delivered lukewarm.

Spyda ManX

Best place to be on a sunday!!! RUM PUNCH BRUNCH!!!

Antoinette Gordon

Cinco de mayo celebration was good. I don't think food wise they were prepared for so many oeople. Great music and DJ's that day

Arbitrations Division

Surprised me. Who knew, this is a nice lil spot with young beauties all over the place.

Evoy Stewart

Good vibes,nice place to have fun and hing out,will go back again

Jevonnah Mayo

Love this place! Live DJs who play a mix of old/new school hip-hop/r&b music. Nice dance floor. Decent drinks. I just go and dance the night away.

robin Grayson

Sound Table what a wonderful experience... Food , Drinks service was awesome!!! The Oxtails and Grits are awesome! Smoke wings are to die for! Service is excellent ! Drinks are Off the chain! Great place!

Erica Allen

Parking was 20.00 next to the building for some 5 for others free according to the machine. Anyway nice tapaa type restaurant. Dined upstairs and the waitress was horrible. Not enough waitresses to serve on yesterday. We had a large party …

Bam Kashani

Great, quaint bar off Edgewood Ave. Dark ambiance makes the mood. They offer food and full bar with table service as well. Great DJs on weekends, with a mix of old and new music (mainly oldies--r&b, rap, soul). Diverse crowd. Friendly staff. Definitely worth checking out. Their cocktails were amazing. A great spot to go on a date or meet up with friends. Good vibes all around. Highly recommend!

shina rae

Went to see a band at Sound Table & enjoyed the show. Had to close out after each round b/c of their system. Wine was unavailable (bummer), but had a nice dive-y vibe. Pleasantly surprised that walking out to the patio allowed access to the venue/restaurant next door where we were able to get wine & the dj was killer.

Lendora Atkins

We were 2 of 6 people. It took 40 minutes to get our food, and it wasn't worth the wait. The waitress was nice, and space was pretty.

Iblame Summers

I've always wanted to visit Soundtable & the one time I did the Bouncer didn't even let me in because I had been drinking earlier at Sweetwater Brewery & he thought I was already too "Turnt Up" when I slightly tripped over a step to pay the cover. tbh it's just an Anchor for the ever-gentrify OFW. Nothing more.

Precious Williams

Great vibes

Dan Zitoli

A rare combination of a great spot for refined food during the early evening and a great late night spot for DJ mixed electronic music starting around 11pm. Features a smaller intimate dance floor, a modern bar serving eclectic drinks and tasty beers. Also features a secure outside patio to cool off and smoke. Fresh air reliant on strength of breeze. ; )

CGnAtl B

A fantastic multi-cultural establishment! Highly recommended this spot!


Groovy nightlife spot

edwin M

Def a place to visit if you want a good crowd and great music. If you love the Caribbean then visit sound table on Sunday's! And dont forget to get a rum punch!

Pamela Chance

Rum punch brunch is everything!

Renee Ross

Great drinks, food and dancing

kristina kellie

The music is always amazing with great DJs. No top 40, just good music. Most of the time I've been there, they've got great deep house soul and a great crowd that's there to dance. The cover is usually no more than $5-$10 max. It's a small venue, but they have a cute outdoor patio to get some air.


Fabulous place. Met the owners. Such a handsome couple and really nice people, thoroughly professional. Nice menu with well prepared food. Hardworking food and drink servers. Long narrow space with star DJ Kemit upfront on a pedestal. Long sidecar type bar! Jazzy. Upstairs private party room. I loved it. Crowded. You are going to be VERY close so don't come if you have issue with that. Cool people, a lot of everybody. And people still just stand in place and dance. I always make my way to the front, connect with the DJ. Big fun that. So cool.

J Small

Went for a special birthday celebration the food was good the drinks were mediocre at best and very expensive for such small servings. .NOW THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS AWFUL Waited over an hour after I ordered and it wasn't crowded. But believe it or not I had a good time and probably will visit again. However I absolutely don't recommend having a party over 5. Also there is always a long wait on drinks

Alejandro Romero

Best party

Yani Lopez

First let me say.... False Advertising They were advertising FREE Brunch. I have the tickets that states " Free Order". However , when I arrived, they were not opened at the time specified "12:30pm".....smh. African american male …

Jeff Robertson

One of the top cocktail lounges in the city. Weekends are lively with guest DJs and the location is great for dancing or finding a table to relax. The lounge is connected to Space 2, next door, by a shared back patio.


The place to be every Sunday, Rumpunch Brunch is the spot!

Tracy Maddox

Had a Beautiful day, Rum Punch brunch❣

Dicola Berry

Small setting. A bit confused on the music set when I visited. Didn't understand how the staff,DJ and crowd changed completely from when we first arrived

Chloe Taylor

Amazing place with great Drinks i really liked the vibe and Food here. Beautiful space, run by wonderful, warm people.

Francine Bryan

Small yet cozy. Good music on Sundays

Jeff T

The sound table practices are terrible!!!!! Stop ripping off people and charging people for a price of admission $5 after 11 PM or 12:00 am. The atmosphere is not worth the money that you're charging. This is pathetic and simply wrong!!! GTFOH

Angie Pannell

Epic Weekend with my niece! Music was on point! Crowd was crazy full! Lots of great energy!

Aaron Fallis

Great music and awesome light and sound guys


Worst service I have ever had at a restaurant. We were the only table in the restaurant and the waitress only checked on us a total of 2 times other than bringing us our food/drinks. The appetizers came out quickly and then the entrees took over an hour to arrive. Did I mention we were the only table in the restaurant? The 2 stars given are based solely on the food, it was delicious but almost not worth the wait. Also, they didn't want to bring us very much water which is brought out in old wine bottles and served warm, gross. I had to ask for a glass of ice to pour the water in to and it was very small glass as well and the waitress made it seem like a huge task. A table of patrons did come in as we were finishing up and the lighting is almost nonexistent so they all had out their cellphone flashlights to read the menu. Also, for a table of 2 guests they add gratuity into the bill and of course it was 20%. I usually tip that for great service, this was not even close. Then when they brought the final bill to sign, it had a line to add a tip. Not sure why. If we weren't from out of town, maybe we would have known not to eat here as the locals have chosen not to. I doubt it will be open much longer as a restaurant.

imbeautifulnaturally Carter

Went to the Sunday Rum Punch Brunch memorial day wknd. The music KEPT me (& everyone else) dancing & food was amazing! Drinks were worth the price (I drink mine neat so can't review the bartender skills). Now for the not so good... They need to get it more organized. Waited FOR EVER to get a table & yes part of the reason was because of the amount of people.. But mostly because the hostess was all over the place & wasn't experienced enough to handle a crowd like that.. I would definitely go back

Melissa Featherstone

My husband and I have had one great experience and one bad. Food was good both times

Monica B

Love the atmosphere and vibe of this place! I've been here twice so far and had fun dancing all night. The DJs have been great. The place is small, but it doesn't seem to interfere with the experience at all. Fun times!

Arletta Saafir

Excellent The Rum Punch Brunch is the business!!!! Too much fun. The Rum Punch had me going and the food was excellent. The jerk wings were on point and those Escovitch Sliders... Tasty!!! For good times, good vibes and good good definitely recommended.

Dj TeeOh

Always a blast when I go here. Great music, great DJs, good vibes, no drama. Parking is a bit expensive, but that's the lot owners not this venue's fault.

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