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984 Broad St, Augusta, GA 30901, United States

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REVIEWS OF Soul Bar IN Georgia


Absolutely love this place but they don't sale food. The drinks are great.

Nicole Jenkins

Fun times dark bar with him atmosphere

Sylvio Personna

Treated me like a wild animal! Asked to use the restroom even though I was a paying customer! The tattoos, pierced, black female told me I couldn’t and hat I could try and go around the back in the bushes because they had turned the lights on. They turned it one about 20-25 minutes before their 0200 closing time. Never will come here AGAIN!!! STRAIGHT RACHET!!!

Rafael Jardines

Awesome atmosphere and great service

Ansley Joye


Sara Fisher

Staff was rude and seemed like they would have rather been anywhere but working. Bar tender was more interested in watching the TV than taking drink order and then charged us for drinks that we didn't order.



A. Fahervi

Good music

Juan Avila El Johnny


Steven Tidwell

Coldest PBR on Earth!


Make sure you don't try to request a song from the psycho dj. He may just cuss you out and put his hands on you, then throw you out of the bar.

Fred Burney


Marcus Garner

If you like to dance or just hang back and people watch this is a good spot.

Kirsten Sanders

The bartender with the blonde blunt cut hair threw mine and my friends receipts at us because we didn’t tip on the reciept for $4.00 and then $8.00...but she didn’t know or realize we had cash in our hands to put in the tip jar. I never tip on my receipts I always use cash. When addressed she simply said she was offended because we didn’t tip and she doesn’t need the receipt if we don’t tip. When we told her we had cash and were going to do so, and that there was no need for that unprofessional display, it was truly rude. She proceeded to shrugg and said she appreciates it. The worst experience I’ve encountered with a bartender and unfortunately I will not be attending this establishment anymore because no tip didn’t seem to be a problem with other patrons who were served around us. Everyone else has always been respectful and even accommodating when they didn’t have to be.

Shaun McLain

dark and scary

Julia Campbell

Typical downtown bar! Drinks are not priced too bad. Bathrooms are terrible, like just two toilets separated by a shower curtain...but after a few drinks who cares?! Overall a fun and safe atmosphere with lots of dancing (if you don't mind a crowd!)

Doug Hall

It's a bar. It's dark and smokey.

Denise Reaves

The drinks are on point but the place is way too small to enjoy and dance. I won't go back.

allie clemmons

An Augusta tradiiton! Small space but big fun!! Sometimes it takes a while to get a drink, the music usually makes up for that though!

Troup Bower

Best bar in Augusta.

DeAnn Filpula

Great place!

Chris Harris

Nice bar good fun

Steve Jordan

Great vibe, wonderful atmosphere. One of my favorite places downtown!

Jennifer Jayy

Service is HORRIBLE! It was a group of me and my friends (about 10 of us) that came to this bar. We were at the far end where we found an open space. We wanted tequila shots but they were out, we then asked if they had fireball shots and they were out. As we decided on what else we wanted to drink the male bartender who was waiting on us left and started waiting on someone else. There were several bartenders behind the bar but they were working the other end of the bar closest to the front door, leaving us standing there for over 20 mins. I attempted to get someone's attention by turning on a light on my phone, it worked but the female bartender with black/dark brown hair came over not to take our order but came to give attitude! She didn't apologize for our wait, she aggressively said "don't shine that light"... What? I explained why but she was still nasty so I gave back what she delivered and told her I would if I wanted to, it's my phone. Her reply was I will have you kicked out. If this is the kind of staff that they have then this is NOT an honorable place to spend your time or money. Besides they should probably be kind and considerate to everyone who walks through their doors or at least be able to recognize famous faces because my entire crew works in media/entertainment industry locally in Auguata. It probably wasn't the smartest thing for them to kick us out! Lol ... I can laugh about it now. But I truly do not recommend anyone go to this establishment.

Drone Tech

I love this place. Live bands and affordable beverages.

Meg Morgan Adams

Always a fun, but smelly time!

Natasha scott

I love it

Lindsay Barnett

Boone is the best!

Harald Breinesberger

Good for a quick cold beer


Great atmosphere and a variety of music. Awesome bartenders and good priced drinks.

Eliabeth Jimenez

Christopher Davis

Low key upbeat atmosphere great looking bartenders and mixed drinks that are not watered down. Highly recommend for a chill fun dive bar ish experience

Michele Hayes

Great atmosphere, great bands, has lots of historic Augusta inside. Jason the owner is a super chill guy

Mimi Shafer

It was nice very friendly staff...Shout out to Shane!!!!!

Kyle Fulbright

In town for a night and thought a James Brown themed bar would be fun. On a Thursday night, there was a live band and an easy amount of people. Good drinks too. Even with it being a little slender, definitely a good stopping place!

Will Bunch

One of the showcases of "The Downtown Augusta Experience." The bartender (Alex) was amazing, the drinks were ice cold, and the bar stayed moving for the hour I stayed. The music was good, loud enough to hear from outside but low enough to not drown out the customers from talking to each other. The decor personifies the city perfectly: it's not the newest, nor the shiniest, but it has character in itself, and it accentuates the Downtown Augusta Experience, rather than cheapen it with novelty and nostalgia. Highly recommend.

TJ Usry

Cool place to chill

Lee Perry

Alex is an awesome bartender!!! Always on top of it!

Marcus Webb

Cool place. Prefer to go during the week or early Friday or Saturday when it's more laid back.

Carol Cross

Fantastic vibes, good folk,great venue. Easy spot to spend a time or two

Mr V

Soul bar has its moments of magic. The staff is genuine. Coco is awesome. The bar is smoky and dark. Seats are old. Soul bar is a place you can hang out in your pajamas.


Girls aight Food aight Music aight Drinks aight Need to allow dogs so when I get drunk I have dogs to pet.

Ernest Savage

Hole in the wall club. You can smoke inside and the floor is like a fly trap.

Kimberly Hall

Very exciting comfortable Lively environment. Good service. Great entertainment


Gabriel Walton

Get your drink on I guess.

Richard Welsh

stranger danger

Sucks, fat girls everywhere drinks are strong but made from bottom self

Jason Grenard

Had a great time with friends, ok I got seriously poop

Chaundria Campos

Hit or miss, but always plays good music. Seems like they cycle the music based on how the crowd reacts. Good reasonably priced drinks and very sweet staff. The back area is great for being low key.

Erin Dawson

Great music, nice people, good drink prices

Ariel Moreno

Dance floor , drink, modern hip-hop mostly ...not my scene on a Friday night but overall good place

Mitch Newman

Great little bar with a pool table. The beer is cheap and SOMETIMES the music is good. The live music performance I saw here was great! I would definitely recommend this place to someone in the Augusta area that was looking for a quiet (on a night without live music) place to drink and socialize.

Timothy Lewis

Great service, better prices and a good atmosphere ... one of the better bars on Broad St AzIz

Diana Lopez

Went there on a Saturday. Next time I'll be back with my coworkers. Food is like a restaurant in Jacksonville I loved.

Clement Tucker

Music drink ance

IceCream Sandwich

In my current mood i would give this zero stars if i could. Horrible experience. My gf and i walked in and wanted something from the bar. The blonde girl behind the bar looked at us to indicate she was ready for us to order. In the split second it took me to confirm my gfs drink she just walked away to other customers. We waited standing there for 20 minutes before finally getting the attention of the bearded gentleman behind the bar. We asked him for our drink and he started making it. Then the blonde girl came back to us and i told her don't worry... He took care of us. I assume she took it the wrong way because she smacked the bar counter several times, told him to throw our drink away, cut us off, and had security escort us out of the building... All for asking for a drink. She didnt even say a word to us. Just threw an attitude over nothing. I'll never come back. After explaining my story they refused to return our cover charge. They just took our money, refused to serve us, and kicked us out without an explanation. I've never been treated so ill mannered in all my life. As a fellow manager in Augustas restaurant industry... I'll certainly tell people to stay away from Soul Bar on Broad St.

Eric Scott

Awesome food and experience

MsJaxs 1908

I was there last weekend. We really enjoyed it nice atmosphere. The drinks were on point!! My new hang out spot!!!

Thomas Gardiner

Dark, dive bar. Decent pool tables and cheap beer.

Brian T. Allen

Not my type of music for a particular saturday night. And what's up GA with still allowing smoking inaide? Get with the Millennium

Oliver Robson

One of the best bars in Augusta. It is not too busy earlier in the night but around 11:30 - 12 it really picks up. Probably the best bar in the area to dance at.

D. Cohen

It gets packed on the weekends but it's great for dancing. Drinks aren't too expensive. I feel like some nights they have a cover because they can't fit everyone in that wants in but w/e

Angel W

Went in for a birthday celebration with a large group. The place was so loud we couldn't hear anyone. Also the food was a big letdown for most. Their salmon was completely overcooked, the steaks that were ordered medium rare were beyond well done. People got the wrong plates and the worst was the shrimp tempura-they left the shells on and battered right over them. Very dissapointing over all. Bee's Knee's is much better!

Ebony Ellington

Andrew Beatty

Not much soul but plenty of booze

boris delgado

good place to have a drink with friends

Veronica O'Berry

Nice atmosphere, great assortment of liquid courage. They have a few benches that could possibly be converted into more comfortable seating. Otherwise a great spot, oh and they do have a pool table.

Lenny Giarratano

Groovy cool little bar. Our bartender, "Boone" told us he is also a bouncer there late night. Super nice guy, great service... Good cold beer. Stopped for a beer on way to a concert and it was a great place to do it.

Alexis Bowman

This place never disappoints

John Gibson

V bk.k.k..........ks ....k.kk...k

Jessica Utley

I love Soul Bar. It gets crowded quick!

William Thomas

Great night with the bands.

Jaime Arevalo

Bartender was super rude to me when i was waiting for a drink and a girl was waiting longer than me and i tried to get them to help her before me

Brandon Cooper

Cool place

Giesela Happe

The best dancing bar in Augusta..tho only on Friday and Saturday nights, starts late about 10 ish but when theres a crowd its really good!

Louis Williamson

Best Dive bar ever

michael watson

It was turn Up.

Caitlin Buhrmeister

This place doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. It's very dark, but has a dance floor, and there is a pool table in the back. When we visited, the bar tender seemed more interested in watching TV. The women's bathroom stalls only have curtains and someone walked in on me.

Carla Hoover-Rushing

Hmmmm! it was okay!? Not the best bar on block

Queendom Braiding& Blessings

My husband and I loved it

Amanda Bradley

Fun place to go and dance. Drinks are strong and well priced.

Aodhaigane Hagan

It's layout sucks but it has a decent feel.

Marcus Curtis

My Very 1st DJ Gig Via 1996 (CoCoRubio)

Jessica Greene

Hands down the best hole in the wall bar.

rolesiea shantai


Used to be the best bar to dance at. Soul bar is now desperately in need of renovation and security. When you start attracting Augusta’s trashiest people, it’s time for some change.

Brandy Gordon

Good mixed crowd, late night college hang out. A lot of fun :)

chad krueger

Amazing dive bar. I hadn't been back in 20 years. Still the best bar in Augusta!!


Waited at the bar for 30 minutes without being served. The bar tenders went straight to the Customers of European decent. I made an attempt to the the female bar tenders attention, she responded with anger and threatened to kick me out of the bar. After explaining the situation to the door man we were lucky able to get a refund for the terrible experience.

Seyon Punch

This place is the 2nd worse decision you'll make the night you go here. The first being to drunk yo realize you shouldn't have gone to soul bar.

Laura Tanner

Sweet bar

Skye Owen

The DJ sucked. Did not play any music to dance to. The only thing that could have made him worse was him talking during the songs. There was literally 2 people on the dance floor. They must have been the DJ's friend.

Kelly Sinclair

Always love the dive bar feel of this downtown gem. Boone always takes such great care of our tribe! If you're looking for a cool local spot with live music and a genuine vibe look no further!

George Taylor, Jr.

I now consider Soul Bar my home bar

m. LeonardTyson

Still on the good foot...

April Walker


David Baskins

An excellent spot to bump & grind. Also, food

Jesse Yount

Love the atmosphere and the bands are awesome

seven houston


Jeno E. Mozes

Good place for live music and drinks.

Joshua Driggers

Pretty staff, cornhole boards outside, good food, ping ping table, and reasonable pricing.

jerome oliver

No food but plenty of liquor.

david hayes

Nice weekday spot, if you don't like crowds avoid on the weekends.

Crystal Bey

Brandy Neal

Good music

Bo Fish

Great atmosphere

Trey Wilcox

Laid back atmosphere. Has a backyard hangout spot jive to it.

Caroline Rose

A great place to have a drink and dance alittle good time to go is around 10 to 11

Nathaniel Bruner

Great venue for music, and they have billiards, arcade games and old-style pinball too! As a musical artist I've performed here as well, and their sound technician is top notch, it's always a satisfying experience. A+

Shammah Fuller

Birthday Turnup was too real..deffinitly enjoyed myself

Steve W.

I know people that love this place. To me it's just small, crowded and nothing really to keep me there.

Laura Goff

My favorite downtown memories live here.

Devin Rowland

Awesome!!! If you not having fun in here on a fri or sat night you're lame lol

Little Shley

The bartender and bouncer are both awful people.


zyad kinawy

One of few good bars in Augusta

David McNally

Quite small dance floor, though it seems actual dancing isn't that popular in Augusta. Very friendly staff all around though, fair prices for drinks as well. Great place to just read a book.

Dewayne Lanham

I had fun.

lashon morris

This place was something different.. But it was a great place to be because there were several different cultures there and everyone was really nice to eachother. No arguing or fighting just everyone enjoying themselves..awesome

Joseph Ames

We didnt stay for too long but we managed to play a few arcade games in the back which is always a plus for me

Andre Layton

Place is off the hook on Friday nites

Tom Freeland

This is a fun dive bar with a cool atmosphere. The music with nice service makes this a chill bar to visit. Also, the history behind the bar makes it a tourist hotspot.

David Crow

Too much cigarette smoke, not enough dance floor, and too loud for conversation. That said, not a bad DJ.

Drew Whitaker

Cool place for mid twenties people

Smash Crashman

Jeremy Hyde

Great atmosphere, great bar tenders great place!!

Jose Rosario

Drinks are too expensive and poorly made.

jessica reaves

Good environment

Roger Ferguson

Please go anywhere else but here. Loud, crowded, nasty floors, weak drinks, just ok music.

Shane Carnahan

Only experience at soul bar I recall was first date with last ex girlfriend...she ignored me while getting drunk and talking to other guys, blatantly ignoring me right to my face. I wound up walking back to my friends apt in the rain n was a pretty sad walk of shame, totally uncalled for on her part. One star cuz I had to give at least that to post. Really not into bar scene anyway, not usually.

Nelliez Velazquez

Oh man... Awesome place. Good environment. Variety of music. Not just rap like other clubs downtown. Love this place.

Earnest Gibson

Great bar tenders.

Dimitri M.

A very versatile spot in terms of the music and the crowd. It can get packed at times, but it's overall very lively.

Abby Bigelow

Alicia Cm

Useless rude bartender kept yelling at customers and wouldn't take their orders including ours even when we all had been requested it politely.

Brian Hughes

To small

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