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REVIEWS OF Magic City IN Georgia


Every girl is meat no jiggle.sorry just not for many people

the U

This place deserves 5 stars! I'm from out of state and by far the best club ive been too. The staff was friendly, bathrooms were clean, great food, awesome music, and some great girls! I recommend to anybody to check this place out, especially during peak hours

Sharika Ellis

Avoid this place! Completely overpriced for what you pay. Especially on a Saturday night. I believe that they intentionally overpack the place and make you stand in certain areas with hundreds of others so that you can feel uncomfortable and leave so others can get in and stand uncomfortable until they are ready to leave as well. I’m not used to being flashed at by flashlights often but if you feel like having a seizure please come here. Be aware that parking is 30$ and limited, and you will be treated like a peasant. First and last time!

Mr. Gono

One of the fat-nosed security guards did not like me. They did a lot of barking with no biting. Once I lost my cool and told him to act goon, he tried to act like it was all good.

Frederick Smith

....This place is a joke


Best club in the ATL hands down!!

Antwan Rogers

If you're visiting ATL you should ask your hotel bell hop, local fam or friend about what strip clubs are poppin on what days and at what times. Magic falls under the list of night shift spots. Rule of thumb, most ATL clubs have three shifts. Day shift 12noon - 8pm. Mid shift 4pm - 12mid and night shift 8pm - 4am. The Allstars arrive for night shift, so I'll let you figure out the rest. But by all means ask a few locals before you hit any club. Don't be shy or embarrassed because you're asking a stranger about a strip club. It's ATL and it's a way of life here. Most importantly, if you're broke or cheap, you will never, ever, ever, experience the strip club experience in the A.

Tracy Ben

Back on the Bus Girls the greyhound that is. to many girls pack all over each other anybody could of got undressed and walked around not what we expected

Jabril Rahman2

Haven't been yet jus came to check out the reviews. Me and my wife will be in town for the first time .. wanna get the full ATL EXPERIENCE... I always heard about this spot. We from baltimore .. currently live in Va ..I plan on coming there on sunday for my birthday.. show us some love !!!! The southern hospitality!!! J.R.

Stephanie Roxanne Jeronymo

Wonder if they hire white girls

LaShanda Harris

Never Been to Atlanta.. On My Way There Now From Gboro... Def Planning on Going to Magic City Tonight!! #SomethingNew... Hope to Enjoy My Trip n Night!!!

Tristan Dewalt

Overpriced, and no room. Club is just about name, seen no strippers actually doing anything unless it was a private dance.

India Chambers

They have these old ass women that been in there from 1842. It's unorganized. They need to get new girls in new Fresh Faces. It's like I'm looking at my great-grandmother dance. It's pathetic

Lenny Joseph

Naked I love it

Gordon Lewis

Some bad B*****s in this piece. Aye, can I dispute a credit card payment since one of your girls took my rent money?

Jordan Haze


Lejit The Wasteland Prince

I had a blast here this weekend. I felt secure without feeling too antagonized by security. The staff and hardworking ladies were very friendly to both the males and females in our group. We did hookah got a few wings, a bottle and a couple dances! One o the marketing consultants, Ben, went out of his way to make sure we had a great time! Great place to bring the boys, wifey or mixed company and the talent of the dancers is acrobatic, sexy, and intriguing!

Tee Jay

Horrible horrible experience. My boyfriend and I came from Virginia expecting a music video experience, maybe like The players club, crowded, naked women everywhere, the dancers entertaining everyone. Instead of the players club, we just got played

Bret Stroman

For such and well visited spot folks are smoking weed. That's crazy and some of the ladies serving drinks look better than the ladies dancing. Wow just wow

John TG

As Jeezy said. Just left magic city throwing grands n that hoe and Future Voila Magic, Voila Magic. This is the most impressive performance dancers i have seen. These women are artists and beautiful. It was an honor. Mind you this was my first time in ATL. One of the highlights of my trip. Only thing i felt like the waiter hustled me for tips. I gave her 10 bucks fr a 7 dollars drink and she didn't wanna return my change. I mean i would have tipped her anyways but that wasn't the best customer service. Other than that i loved. I also went to Onyx which i didn't really like. Magic City was amazing.

Z Rafique

Rip off joint. $20 ATM fee. Overpriced drinks, minimum 2 tiny drinks in the small print just to sit at the bar. Got to buy a bottle to sit on the table otherwise asked to leave if another customer buys a bottle. Ugly fat women (not girls). First and last time here.

Lena Mae

The atmosphere was great but it was smaller than I expected. It wasn't hot or anything but as soon as you step in strippers will be there in your face lol the DJ was great and the security guards were well protective of everyone especially the girls which is what I loved. I was a little nervous to dance to the music because the girls were doing their job right there lol but overall great experience and would recommend :)

tyrell brown

The entertainment wasn't all its cracked up to be. Boredom galore. The bartenders were excellent, though.

Mark Scott

Not a good place if you are white. We went with a co-worker that is black and the 2 of us that were white... Yikes it's like they wanted us out. Never felt like that before. We were treated like lepers and we were all charged different prices for beer. We will never will go back. Parking is sketchy bring your beater work truck. Had all kinds of local hoodlums asking for money to watch our car.

Denisua Kirkland

We enjoyed or self the only problems was the rest room and the ATM fee 20.00 not 7.00 so you do the math.

Bey Agency

This place is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo overrated I cracked up when I pulled up. its truly the size of a garage. no sitting space, you're shoulder to shoulder with people. overpriced drinks, and people standing around like thirsty dogs lol. I stayed 15 mins max. Enjoy that 20!!!


Bar service was at par! I miss you GG! Magic City is not the same! I was expecting more girl's to be on the floor while I was there! Expect to serve the bet! See you on a different channel!

Kilder Toussaint

Came here cuz i had some friends from Miami in town and this was my first-time coming here but I would have to say this was horrible place. Came with $2,000 thinking I was going to spend most of it and have a good time but I NEVER had a waitress come and ask me about drinks and only had one dancer ask for a dance.. I was so embarrassed that I took my friends to this place. Never again!!!!!... but I left with 95% of my money so that was a good thing!

Chanell Rice

I'm from Cleveland and my birthday is coming up, I am thinking of stopping through but the reviews are so mixed like dam.

Jen Baby

Super awesome place to come get good food and drinks. The staff is super great and laid back. Will get you everything you want and need. Make sure to come and visit this place when you come to the Atlanta. The ladies are really all that and then some.

Lenny Grant

This spot is Lit!! Everyone enjoyed themselves all night long.

Derek Roark

I've never been to a strip club in my life and I figured since I'm down in Atlanta I'd make Magic City my first. The girls were good-looking and most everybody was friendly. Despite what another reviewer had said I didn't feel unwelcome or hated on for being white. Music was good and you cab snow inside which was cool

matt regnier

So first off, I understand a cover charge most places have one. But to pay for a cover charge and parking just to walk in seems kind of ridiculous. Next, finally get it and it's $14 for two screwdrivers and probably about the worst/ weakest I have ever had. Get a spot, look up at the main stage and all I see is 4 girls sitting on the side of main stage on their phones facebooking. After an hour, main stage still hasn't been manned and it seems like no girl is even trying. Just sitting on Facebook. Busy on a Friday night, but no one seems to be working. Not to mention the girl in plan view in VIP snorting cocaine off some guys hand and wouldn't even let me speak to a general manager. Would not revisit this place if it was the last strip club on earth.

Mikkel Saunders

I really had a ball can't wait to go back....

Coach B

It is a cool spot if the crowd isnt big. Very small. But they do a great job keeping up with this place. Kinda a Atlanta Icon. You should go even if these places aren't you're thing. Everyone was super friendly to me the 2 times I been.

tasha matthew

We enjoyed ourselves. The dancers are very pretty and shapely. They are friendly, the drinks are good and you can hookah in the club. There was a bit of a scuffle that threw off the vibe for a minute, but all in all it was nice.

Jessica Brown

Went for my bday last year and had a great time. We did go on a monday but came right when they opened. Wasnt much going on since we were mad early but it was still a good time. If you visit this club hopefully you get lucky to be there on the nights a dancer by the name of white Russian is there. She is an amazing dancer

Kevin Starr

Security is very disrespectful and immature to stand up people. This place is a joke.

Lauren E. Wilson

Love this place! Great drinks, even better wings and the best adult entertainment in Atlanta. It's a must do when in ATL. If you happen to be lucky and are in town on a Monday you're in for a treat. Pop in after midnight and thank me later! Enjoy! And so everyone a favor an throw some cash!!

MarQuis Trill

Best place in the world to be on a Monday night. Other than AOD in Los Angeles


After hearing about this place for years via hip hop, I knew I had to make a stop when I was in Atlanta for a few days. Let me just say, my aquarium ticket cost more than the cover, but the entertainment and education I received from this environment was tenfold. (They don’t have real life mermaids in the aquarium) Went in for a “Magic Monday” as per the suggestion of a previous review. Was lucky enough to be in the presence of both YG and 2 Chainz, who came into the building late in the night (presumably to ensure the forecast was rainy) Responsive bar staff (uncommon in a nightclub), cheap drinks ($5 G&T), great music (obviously) Amazing entertainers. Seriously, I was blown away by the sheer athleticism (Olympic gymnast level on the pole) and beauty (of all types) of the staff. Not in a position to say the best adult entertainment club in ATL, out of lack of experience, but you’d be hard pressed to get me to blow my paycheck anywhere else. I’ll be back when I can afford VIP.

Christian Mila

fun place to go if you have nothing to do and money to spend

Camille Marion

Magic is still my favorite Altanta strip club. Onyx Friday hype is cool and all but $30 credit card minimum is not as bad as Onyx $50 minimum. And the strippers, bartenders, and wait staff there(Onyx) are not as friendly as Magic city Strippers. I love the magic girls!! the small venue seems to be ok once you post up by the bar. I can see everything. But I'm wondering what a Friday night is like.


No touching allowed. Might as well watch something on your computer. Rude security

Marcus B.

Loved everytime i performed at Magic City. Not to mention the girls are bussin in that mf its so many you basically turn into a freak. Keep up the good work.

Davante Keel

Quality has gone way down over the years. Strippers being lazy not trying to make money. Everyone standing around because tables are too expensive. Just utter chaos.. they’re clearly living off of the legacy of their title now..disappointing

Albert Faustino

Place for TI wraith video ft yo Gotti

Vision Motion

dancer won’t allow you to touch on them after paying for lap dance. Follies is way better


What's funny is, I've been hearing about this place for years and years and finally about to go. I take a few to read the reviews and to my dismay, you can tell what's real and what's not. The positive reviews, (my opinion) are made up and short, the negative reviews are long and detailed. I am a regular guy working for the state of CA. and wouldn't just give money away on BS hyped up word,(typed) of mouth but I will take the detailed advice from people I don't know because real is detailed, lies are for the most part quick. And like I read, alleged owners never once say come back let us comp you at least parking, entrance or drink, its just come back, spend your hard earned money. I do want to visit but if anyone can enlighten me on a visit to this historic place, please do. I do know just because its been open a long time doesn't mean it's a good place. We shall see and I will ask for management upon entrance, not wait to have a bad visit. I'll be the 270lbs, (by then) 5'10 brotha with dreadlocks with the smile. DUBB

William Hall

I went there last night for the 1st time from VA, great music, high energy, good service, beautiful women. ✊

Bobby Reynolds Jr

The kitchen and drinks are underated

Gregg Bucell

NOT ONE SINGLE MAGICIAN ! I went in there looking for a deck of playing cards, and I left with Jessica. Wings on point.

Camille Alexander

Pretty girls on stage and behind the bar. Best strip club I been too in a minute!!

Arianna Tate

The Atl strip club scene is way more better than I expected,sexy ladies good quality food & drinks <3 -dancer from LA

Rhonda Jackson

Sharonda was the best bartender.. come by to give her some love!!!!


I don’t know what all the hype i heard about this place was about I went there with my girlfriend and everything was good till we walked in the door we got inside nothing was going on no dancers everyone was just standing around all the tables had reserve on them we found one without a sign on it but it was dirty we sat for almost an hour no dancer on stage and no waitress came to serve us. A dancer did finally get onstage but she was a rookie and just pretty much jumped up and down to shake her butt after she did her thing nothing again we had enough and left i had cash to spend and i had it when i left which is good also used it to party elsewhere


I love Minecraft. I was mining straight down and fell in lava XdXDXDXD. I guess that tip in the main menu was not lying LOL. When I was fighting a creeper my house blew up LMAO.

Chris Bevrly

My wife and I went on a Tuesday night and oh wow we had a great time. Our dancers Jade and diamond were attentive and made sure we had a great and fun experience. Lap dancers were fair and entertaining. Drinks were strong. Place was clean and felt safe. I believe there is no cover before 8. We'll be back when in town again.

dimples p

We were 1st timers from Chicago in ATL so heard a lot about Magic City. The place is a dump! The girls look like they straight off the block...$10 for a bottle of corona? And the woman's restroom only stall had a shower curtain not even a door...dirty sticky carpet. The place needs to remodeled or demolished

Dakota Joy Scott

I had to pay $10 for parking, $10 to get in the club. The strippers were cool, but they barely even climbed the pole, it was clean, the bartender was kind. The bathroom smelt my cigarette and had cigarettes buds on the sink counter, it wasn’t that clean.

L Gardner

First there is nothing magical about those nasty dirty girl!!! Especially not to record. They treat their customers like Trash. I wasted money and time to be harassed by the security guard tormented me not once but three times for holding my phone when they were multiple people recording and snapping themselves. I WILL NEVER Go there again... And if I was you I would do the same Save your money n not worth time nor effort


Came here with a friend for his birthday. I didn't like it and I don't understand what the hype is about. You pay $20 to park plus admission. The girls were standing around talking to each other and no one was dancing. All of the tables had reserved signs and the building is so small. It's like a little hole in the wall. After 12 am the place was so crowded that you couldn't see anything. We left at 12:30. Atleast I can say I've been to Magic City I guess.

Hayley Collins

How do I apply ?

Kristian Petite

I'm from out of town and it was my 1st time coming to a strip club ever and I loved it but they do kick your ass off the table by saying someone "bought the table" lol! The thing is they were so rude doing it. Otherwise food was good (chicken)!!!

Nandan V R

I have seen many documentary on this place. And it's great.

Luke Gramith

Racist establishment. Guy next to me doesnt do anything and gets a dance for 5 mins. I hand lady $20 and she just ignores me. Worth going home at that point. So many better other options in Buckhead.

Crystal Chatman

Magic City was a great club, I plan on coming back next time I visit Atlanta. I've danced in clubs all over, but had to go& see the famous Magic City

Porscea Steele

Never again.

Michael Hinton

Some Time I had the server was more beautiful then the dancers,most sexys was the lil petite red one with the glasses I will be back just to c her. Boogie

C Hood

Came in last Night with Couple of Friends , whom had talked about this place for their Birthday outing. Drink had lipstick prints on rim of Glass. Very Disgusting, does this place understand health code violations. One of the boys was solicited for oral sex as part of his private lap. Its definitely not worth the cover. I've seen much Hotter Woman in other parts of Country. Two of our Party, whom are Former MLB Players said this used to be a great spot, but also agree not worth the Money. Being A Chef for NBA Team, I can see why One of them laughed over the Phone this Morning, when Told him we went here. He was like Many Better Strip Club then that Dive.

Trevor Green

Not a single dancer on stage the whole time. One sitting in a corner, another smoking hookah. Waste of time.

Tiffany Peck

The performers are nice, I liked SnackPack and Takers the BEST. The drinks are GREAT and the staff is friendly. I was shocked that girls get completely naked for a table dance.... GREAT bodies all around though The ONLY thing I did not like was that the floor by the bar was incredibly sticky.... I mean like your shoe WILL get stuck and you will almost fall sticky. That's it though

Quinton Turner

Very small nowhere to sit. rude security overrated Just the name Been to way better strip clubs


Wonderful visit, beautiful ladies, bootyhole NAKED, enjoy!

Ogadinma Offor

The parking was $30 cash on Magic City Mondays but it was a great night.

Gary Parris

Took my cousin from England. He was very impressed and had a great time. He loved the wings and fries. Special thanks to Omni and Persia.

Juan Vargas

Great time, friendly dancers and cool people. Will definitely come back again.

Rickyea Rickyea

Too many dancers in a small establishment and the wait staff was rude no where to sit unless you spend at least 500 for a table so you basically need more than 2 people to enjoy "strippers" and they don't do any kind of pole tricks like what are they there for and all they was doing was shaking ass hell anybody can do that for they man at the crib anyway I'll never go back we were very bored only one light skin girl was entertaining she stopped on the stage and was very well energetic

thomas johnson

This place was a true disappointment. Dancers not enthused. More interested in their cellphones than providing entertainment. Dancers smoking weed in the club. Would never recommend this spot to anyone.

Rachel Barnes



Lit, period. I'm a regular so Ima' put yall on to some tricks to avoid some problems other people on here been having. First, don't drive, catch a uber or lyft, parking sucks, the club don't own the lot so they can't give no breaks AND driving drunk in Atlanta is just stupid, 12 be on 10 out here. If you do drive park in the back lot by the carwash or on the street. Second its MAGIC CITY, you gone need to spend money to have fun, flat out, bring cash lol they change ones for free but the ATM charge a fee. Do yourself a favor and buy a table OR get in early and get a seat at the bar if you don't like standing up. Also if you going to the strip club at 4 in the afternoon don't expect it to look like a Jeezy video lol monday, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday starting around 10 is when you go for the "Magic City Experience" any other times, you going for beer and wings BUT if you don't see nobody on the floor ask a bartender or waitress to bring some girls out, that's a tip for ANY strip club day shift though.

Toni Diamond

My partner and I went into the famous Magic City to be blown away. The club was cute. The drinks were reasonably priced. The food on the menu was on point. The best part of a STRIP club should be the STRIPPERS right?? Well that wasn't the case. We walked in (had ones already) an saw two unattractive women on stage doing all sorts of lesbian-suggestive acts. A few pole tricks took place and we threw them some money for their efforts. The next set of girls were called to the stage and each had a big FAKE butt (I hate those). They weren't even entertaining. They did nothing but stand there and jiggle. For the next two hours that was all we saw. Boring girls that do little more than stand there. I was severely disappointed. THEN 2CHAINZ WALKED IN!! At that point I couldn't take it anymore. I was not about to stay and watch these chicks make the money that was about to be thrown because they really don't deserve it. Their hair was wack, most butts were fake, faces needed help.....maybe they have better girls on Friday or Saturday. None of these girls would make a dollar in New York!! The female customers look far better than the dancers!! I'll go back for the food and drinks.

Donald Milledge

Love it!!!! Wings are great!

Mike Pecor

My second home

Tyesha Mckeithan

My experience!!! Omg...went around 1..the club was overcrowded...paid $20 to walk n stand n a corner...where u was constantly getting bumped..Security telling u where to stand...the experience was not what i expected after mayb 5 mins we was out of there...but to each its own

Levi Ackerman

This was my first time at the club; I've never been to a club before now; much less a strip club. For my first visit, this was beyond what I expected. The ladies were all super nice; one even talked to me about a studio where I can learn to pole dance; which I have wanted to do for years. I recently purchased my first pole, but as a male who doesn't get out much; I had no idea where to go to learn; until now! The environment was very friendly and welcoming, the service was great. My bartender even let me have my Coca-cola (I don't drink alcohol) for free, since it was my first time out at any club. To be honest, I didn't come for the strippers or lap dances; I just wanted to go to find out more about the pole before I begin to learn. Not only did I get the answers (and encouragement!) I wanted, but the service was exceptional and ladies very friendly too. The music was wonderful, dancers were very high energy and sweet. Security was just right; enough to make me feel safe; but not uncomfortable. I will definitely be returning to this club; perhaps become a regular once I start getting bigger paychecks at work. I've signed up for the newsletter and text alerts; and I am beyond satisfied with my experience tonight. I would recommend Magic City to anyone and everyone; whether they are local to Atlanta or merely visiting. The only thing I'd like to see possibly improved in the future is more actual pole dancing. Most dances were simply with the pole, holding on to it.But I only saw one lady actually climb the pole and do some performance. But I understand pole dancing is not easy, takes years of experience; and it's not something that can really be done constantly throughout the night.

Rock Rhodes

Very disappointed.Came in from NY to hang out with some friends. Yes the girls are gorgeous and do some acrobatic tricks on the poles. But a decent lap dance is non-existent here. Seriously dropping down in someones lap for a few seconds is not a lap dance. Then the D.J is complaining people aren't spending money but who the hell would pay for that knowing how it is? Only an idiot is going to make it rain just to see a girl dance. Hell you can stay home and watch that on T.V for free. 40$ just to get in and park doesn't help at all. I've been to hole in the wall strip clubs that make this place look like amateur night. Save your dough and go to one of those.


Best club in atl ✅

Shane Brown

I know we can't touch the strippers but this stripclub is cool i went with 2 of my cousins and my uncle i got to dance with 3 strippers 2 of them were latinos but i didn't know their names but mannn i got a lap dance from sapphire and she worked hard for her money my uncle didn't even get a lap dance from her and he threw like 400 at her i knew we couldn't touch them but i don't think it hurt to get a hug from her to. But magic city is fye if you're ever in Atlanta go to magic city

Manish Raje

A true Atlanta institution. A must visit if you like music. Really good chicken wings too !

Rag S

I request people to write reviews and help others like me. Here, you are NOT allowed to touch girl but you will be charged for her dancing standing infront of you away 1 or 2 feet and girl will not touch you either.. It is like just watching .a stripper movie on the screen .. Better you stay at home and watch stripper movie instead of going there spending $20 for entry fee $30 for parking fee(total $50) and 1 foot distance away strip dance... Never go there for strip dance..

Cherish Isokariari

$30 for parking $30 for entry. Kind of pricey considering I make it rain on the strippers too. I enjoyed the ATL strippers learned some new tricks lol. I would suggest a smoking area or better ventilation. Leaving the club smelling like cigarettes and weed when you don't smoke is all bad.

Narvitta Ledbetter

Sometimes women cant choose right off hand. How to explain to the bill collectors . that they dont have it. So the pole is just another wipping stick to help you pay'em off. You feel me . Signed Red Snapper / Part time.

brandie finkley

Best time of my life!!! The girls are BEAUTIFUL and they defiantly entertain me.. I can't wait to come back to Atlanta.. Magic city will be the first stop!! Whoever runs this place, does a wonderful job

Nikki Red

First I want to say my homeboy lives in ATL and he told me Onyx or Follies are better joint. We had heard Magic City fifty million times in songs so we just had to go. We should have taken my friend's advice. It's a hole-in-the wall that charges a 20.00 entry fee, depending on when you arrive it might be more. Now I will say, the girls are nice, but unfortunately we had a thirsty one, she wouldn't go away. She was sexy but boring and I told her I didn't want a dance. There was another chick that made my inner lesbian go crazy but we couldn't find her when we wanted a dance. Now back to the crap. You have to spend 30.00 told be able to use credit card, the hookah was 40.00 (WTF) and they had ran out Apple Crown (why, everybody loves it). I'm not done. There were only 3 girls, out of the 20-30 girls working, that did tricks on the pole. The rest of the girls just walked around the pole or just shook their cheeks, that's boring, I came to see sexy acrobats. But here is the killer... Now we've been sitting at a table drinking, giving the thirsty stripper money and trying to find the real sexy stripper while watching these boring chicks walk around and shake butt then the worst customer service happened. One of the servers comes over and says, "I just sold this table so you're going to have to move." There was no apology, no attempt to accommodate us, nothing. I was going to finish my beer before I got up, so she calls a bouncer over so he could make us move, he didn't say or do anything. As we were walking out the door, he said we could complain to the manager because he didn't think that was right. We walked out without even responding. What kind of establishment would allow that? Oh and I tried calling when we got back to the hotel, all I got was an automated message no matter which option I chose. I know I won't be recommending this joint to anyone and on my next trip to the "A" I'll be at Onyx! This place is for people who aren't use to exceptional service and nice establishments.

Roland Dennis

23 yr old entrepreneur had just closed a good deal that day so I was prepared to ball, Went on a Monday strippers could be supermodels if they wanted to, But they probably make more working here. Probably spent about 400 that night (I’m an amateur) no complaints at all

Wal El Patron

Magic City is truly one of the consummate best strip clubs in the United States. I wish they had strip clubs like this where the ladies completely strip in the east coast where I hail from.

k K

It’s okay if you’re going with the same Sex only. My sister and I took my brother and his friends out for his bachelor party and apparently it was an issue. The bouncers were rude, and didn’t want to let us in. I decided to take my money elsewhere to “Cheetahs “. I’m just annoyed and there shouldn’t be an issue with a male/female group

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