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REVIEWS OF Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge IN Georgia

Arielle Dowd

The layout is nice...the lights, the art, the design on the walls are so pretty. Artsy people would love that but it's too small when it gets crowded, there's nowhere to sit if you don't get VIP or get there early. All they played for Halloween was trap music and mostly like local indie trap. Couldn't really dance to it. Parking was $10 and parking is hard to find. I prefer to go back early in the night to actually enjoy it. But it's a hood spot.

Ashley Hendrickson

I had fun. It wasn’t soo packed that I couldn’t move. My section was affordable and came with a drink tab and a hookah included. All of the staff were nice to me which is always refreshing

Elise Grace

I have a party bus transportation company Playground Atlanta and I send lots of VIP clients to Harlem Nights. I think people rate this club low because they don't know how Atlanta clubs work and they are not visiting the club as a VIP. I would not do any club in Atlanta and not be VIP, else you will have to stand all night and contend with hundreds of people for a handful of bartenders' attention. I also wouldn't go VIP clubbing unless I had a promoter/club owner who has confirmed and validated my bottles/section. Pay for your section BEFORE you go - this is easy to arrange. I promise if you pay for your section and get your list in on time, you will move flawlessly through the VIP line and into your spot in the club. If your ENTIRE party leaves your section, people will invade your section until you come back to reclaim it because there is no VIP security to monitor the VIP areas - this happens at many, many clubs. Even if there were VIP monitors, people are drunk and migrate unknowingly into other sections. We provide a hostess to help keep things organized and running smoothly with our party bus groups, so you should make sure someone in your group is responsible for who is ordering what on your tab and what is included with your package to be sure you get everything to which you are entitled, and don't forget the bottle tip to your waitress for every bottle you get. One more thing - this is not Gold Room or Rose Bar. This club is a great urban spot with nice decor, plenty of room, good food and a great DJ but it isn't a super fancy, super-strict-dress-code-spot with alligator leather lining the walls. It's Harlem Nights and we love it.

Brian Davis

worst club ever. Too much trap music and nobody dance in there. Too many ppl dress to look nice but no dancing, I rather go to a techno club were ppl are dancing, partying, drinking, and sweating it all out at the end of the night.

Sabrina Thomas

Horrible, horrible, experience the greenback packers fans could not eat all night. no waitresses,the entire night to hold down at lease 300+ people, parking deck was closed I wouldn't recommend this place to a dog fight.

Johnny Johnson

It was nice, T-Pain showed up Last night! The music was Lit


Great Food..

Elizabeth Colquitt

Had a great time. Love the fact that you can smoke inside.

Corene Young

Love this place! This is one of my fave night clubs

Sarah Latham

Great me and my husband had a great time only about and hour or two!! Before we had to go back where my babies were!

D. Art

Good vibes but i came for the food.... Waiting for a table is making me hungry. Ill make different one on just the food..... If i dont drinknto much and forget.

Landis Jones

I liked nothing about this place burn it down please

Shante Jefferson

Nice spot, not too crowded and the DJ was pretty good

Robert Bennett

I will tell y'all like this...This is a trap club. And quite ghetto so if that isn't your speed,stay away! People do get tore up behind water down drinks in there though.Yeah they ratchet. Sometimes there are long lines. Some people don't stay long.. currently it's closed for.. undisclosed figure it out.

A Google User

met 2 of nicest brothas there i would definitely go back great dancing

Larry Johnson

Had the time of my life here. I love this place especially fridays

dower85 .

All of these reviews are outdated. I'm from out of town and this place is solid. Hookah is on point! Drinks are good but you have to spend, so if you come make sure to be ready to spend some loochi. Besides that good music, great service, and renovations look great.

Artsy Fartsy

Dope spot! Nice size dancefloor. Good dj. Good drinks.

Paul Kelley

Definitely the place to be on a Friday nights. I will be back !!

Laura Gourdet

Hate to say it, but the most fun you'll have is in VIP with drinks coming all night. The DJ is great!, but the crowd this place attracts isn't very sociable. Seems like most people come to stand around and people watch. $10 for a Sex on the Beach??? I've had better :(

Yolanda Richmond

No seating available. Bonone mentioned a 250.00 cover charge. You have to buy a bottle of liquor for 250.00 in order to be seated anywhere. I am from out of town and this was a bit weird to me.

Hillary Hopkins

If you a grown azz adult and you still being subjected to door entry scrutiny then you don't need to be going to the club.

Jarvis Carter

Came for a showcase. The venue was a good size and the sound system was crazy loud but in a good way.


Went here for the food during lunch time, it was the bomb can't wait to eat there again.

Ardrina Ruffin

Horrible service. Long wait time for food with no other guest eating. First time and last time. 20 dollar cover even if you just plan on eating.

Draper Joshua

Music was horrible people are rude. WASTE OF MONEY

123 abc

First time at this spot and it we pretty cool. Good service and decent food.

Martha Hawkins

Great club, I have fun whenever I go, food is delicious, great vibes, music is good could be better but overall a great place to party

Landa M

Only thing good about this place was the chicken! We visited from out of town over the weekend and on both their website and EventBrite started that Stevie J would be there hosting a party, even when we called to pay for our VIP booth the guy that answered the phone confirmed it. We got there the smell of the sea was so overwhelming, there was no Stevie J, not even a crowd, our waitress was very slow, we had to go and find her several times and go stop her from drinking and smoking hookah to attend to us. She never cleaned off our spot, left the empty cups and plates which we cleaned ourselves. She spilled a drink on one in our group and NEVER came back to clean it up. Any establishment I've ever been to that does hookah and especially VIP continuously reups the coals when asked she said we have to pay for it

Katez Gotz Bandz

First time in Atlanta after seeing this club online we decide to go. Arrived around 10:15 the bouncer guy told us it was 20$ to get in unless we text the. VIP number which personally if it's free before 12 this is a nuisance couldn't give us the number told us to look in the same place we found the club at for the number. Come on it was 545454 seems simple smh The bar maid was rude conceided and had a vibe to her like we were bothering her. Paid 5 for a beer which is fine being from NYC I expect over priced drinks but when she said 10 for a mixed drink and peeped the size of the cups they don't fill all the way hell nah The crowd is a mix between wanna be trap stars, hoes in short skirts with the highest heels and people that come to sit and watch it all. Lmao The DJ was AMAZING thou and kept the crowd on the dance floor turnt. Waitresses were snobby and slow. Some wearing clothes way to small for there body type This is a Smokers paradise! Other than that it was ok I'll give it 3 stars the DJ saved the night

Neon Energy

Great Place to handout, Awesome service & drink prices are normal for Atlanta Night Clubs. Saturday Nights are hot...

ItsMeme Baby

I went for my friend's birthday party. First of all it was super packed and nobody was dancing. Once my girls found a spot to start dancing on the dance floor, one of the security guards came and pushed us super hard and told us to move so other people could come in. I would never go there again.

Slim Twin

The lights were pretty but the drink was weak and all they played was trap music. I don’t listen to that music so I was just happy i didn’t have to pay to get in, it was a disappointment. I wanted to go back to Edgewood. It was live there and there was parking. There were bars right next to each other and restaurants.

Joche' Heard

Good: 1) The bathrooms are kept clean, (even though outdated) and the bathroom assistant has everything. 2) You can usually get in free before midnight ladies, sometimes free for men before 11PM gents. 3) They offer a full menu. More than wings and fries. They have soul food, lobster, collards, seafood, macaroni and cheese. (Maybe a take on the Harlem theme.) 4) The sections allow you space to eat, do hookah, and enjoy the club scene without sore feet. 5) Owner/Manager Diana was very sweet and professional. 6) It gets pretty lit on Friday nights for the younger (21-30 Crowd) The Djay had a nice selection. 7) The bartender did a great job with my drink. My line sister said the wings were tasty. 8) Our server was beautiful inside and out. She had a great attitude and kept checking on us. I hate when clubs/bars hire rude wait staff. 9) We had a VIP feel on a budget. We bought hookah, some people had food, every one ordered at least one drink, and the section was free, plus $30 gratitude for the bottle of Champagne. 10) Security will check your bag, and remove people that are fighting or causing problems :) 11) The hookah was strong, but I recommend the pineapple mango flavor. Cost this night was $30, not too bad to split with 5-8 people. But you may need two for faster rotation. 12) Lanier parking was secure in a garage, and only $6 :) Bad: 1) The process of renting the section was unorganized. My boyfriend was told that he would have a free birthday section for up to 8 People. Despite of his advanced text communication , and attempt to ask as many questions as possible, with Amber the promoter, there were some things not told to us until the last minute. For example, Amber texted him at 3PM to tell us that all guests had to be present by 11:30 PM to guarantee the section. Previously we were told, women free before midnight and men free before 11:30. This ended up working out in our favor because the club was a GHOST TOWN, at 11 PM when we arrived. Another example: The Free party package was supposed to include a seated section for up to 8 people, and a complimentary bottle of champagne. ) I told him that free does not always mean free, and turned out to be slightly right. At the club, the lovely server advised that that free bottle has a $30 gratuity. Also, my boyfriend's brother was charged $10 to get in even though he was supposed to be free, and arrived by 10:30 PM. All male guests arrived before 11:30 PM, and all female guests arrived before Midnight. I did not like that because even the general public was not paying to enter the club. 2) It is free before 11:30 PM and Midnight, but it also lame during this time. Sorry not sorry. IF you are not on a budget, frugal, or whatever you want to call it. Do not come before midnight. The party picks up around 12:30 AM on Friday nights. The music is not the best until after the crowd rolls in. If you do decide to come in, I recommend that you pregame, or go to the bar to break the ice and loosen up. All the drunk people were having fun. All 4 of them. 3) The freaks come out at night, and so do the people with no home training. You can bring the hood to VIP, but you can't expect them to leave the hood behavior at home. As the party was finally getting good, some people wanted to cause a scene and try to fight on the dance-floor. Things went downhill from here, but I will say SECURITY Did their job, and removed the problem. 4) The first hookah kept on coming apart. You had to keep putting the hose back into the base. It got a little annoying. Overall, Harlem Nights exceeded my expectations. The customer service was good. The DJay had us dancing for a good 2 hours. The bathroom attendant made me smile. The bartender hooked me up with that Jose Cuervo. I was feeling good, when my song came on (Rihanna and DJ Kaled, "Wild Thoughts"). And most importantly, my boyfriend enjoyed his birthday here, maybe too much. He said he will never forget this birthday. Mission Accomplished. It was not perfect but They get an A for effort. Thank you Diana.

Jackie Lovingmy05

Loved it went there for my birthday and thanks to my BFF Theresa due to the fact her family are the owners V.I.P everything....Great music great host wonderful experience #MilTown

Janiel Causey

Great club and bar good music


Bro. Like when I say DO NOT, I really mean DO NOT ever go that club. Even if they hosting a party. If that flyer says free don’t go they not gon let you in. We waited in line for 3 hours and then people started to leave.

Sheisthe T

I had my birthday party here this Saturday. We had a great time celebrating.I got the free birthday section. Before my night I stayed in contact with the vip rep via email. They were always polite and and stayed attentive to all my concerns and questions. I mean like I had questions every other day and was getting a reply every single time. Not right away but at least i got one within 24hrs. Which to me was a plus. When we showed up the security at the door was very cooperative to a certain situation I had. I respect the way they handled the problem. The venue was nice. The staff was attentive and the DJ kept us turnt. It was like he knew just what to play to switch it up but kept the energy flowing all night. I will be returning. Thanks for making my night bomb af Harlem Nights I had too much fun.

Ash Harp

Love this place from Vegas and I had so much fun!!

Chaitanya Charabuddi

No power at 2 am.. it’s soo hot like an oven.. no need to wear clothes

Michael Handy

Geared towards the younger college crowd (18-21). It was okay

Naji Ali

1. Carne Asada Fries: The fries were hard as rocks. & it burned through the styrofoam. 2. Greek salad: I don't know what the hell they gave me. Wasn't greek at all. actually they put grapes with stems in my salad smh. 3. Crazy wedge salad: a regular salad. with cheese etc. Wont order from here EVER again! I'm tight right now. I couldn't even eat it. Tasted horrible. I threw the whole thing away, especially that dry as Carne Asada fries that had burnt styrofoam on it. wish I can give it 0 stars.


Get their food delivered through UberEats. Download the app and enter code UE-uaduw for $10 off first order. Carne Asada fries are good

Travis Williams

Nice atmosphere. Cool owner


Don't Go here they will cheat you outta your money in try to throw u out so they can get more people in it in i found hair in my food this place is nasty af in the bouncer almost got his ass beat by my squad try to make me pay to smoke. Lucky the manager. Can in fix it but still. Its ratchet. Club 1145. Better

Brad Walton

Go on a Thursday night you will see some interesting people. Valet was slow and could not find my car for 30 mins...

ThatGirl Shy

The assigned waitress was not available to us for whatever reason. I tipped her in the beginning when I bought the bottle. I didn't really see her after. Outside of the waitress. It was a nice place. I will return but I will request a diffrent waitress if need be.

ElishaTheModel milton

Very nice atmosphere just a little hot in there

John Parato

It's a horrible place, unless your looking to fight. Waiting outside was a patty wagon, while idiots still fought 10 feet from the 20 police that were there. I'm there to enjoy myself, not to have horrible service from waitress, bouncers all have an attitude, seems like everyone's there to fight. Got the hell out of there, went to cigar bar were things we calm again.

Mary Aursby

I wish I read the reviews before I went to this place. 10 of us ladies traveled from up the East Coast and West Coast for a girls weekend in Atlanta. We found this club online and seemed pretty decent. We thought they served food/ dinner so we got there around 9:15pm. They didn't open until 10pm..No problem we can come back after grabbing a drink down the street. We walk back and arrive around 10:05pm with the intention on eating there before we partied..The security guard was a complete jerk. It started to rain, mind you NO ONE was in the line except us. However he made half of us stand in the rain because we needed us to be in a single file line--NO ONE was there! All he would have to was let us scoot in under the tent.THEY were late opening! A woman came out and apologized, she was nice but acted like she did us a favor for not charging entry...Ladies were free until 11:30pm?? We upgraded to VIP for every club we went to that weekend...except Harlem Nights. The staff (security jerk) really made our visit un-pleasant...No one wants to drop for VIP after that. I've always enjoyed my visits to the ATL, but this place was the worst. I will slam this place anytime I'm asked about clubs to visit. I will say...our waitress was the BEST! Food was great too...but you need to talk to your Security...I'm still pissed thinking about it....

Charles Miller

One of the best places to party in Atlanta! Door entry can be hard sometimes but once inside, great music, drinks and food!

Queen Ebony

Watched super Bowl here... It was decent

Horace Moye Jr

I don't smoke but 4 all y'all smoker this place is truly a smokers paradise just hope I don't get held up at the airport goin back to bmore

Shareea Sanabria

My fiance had her Birthday VIP RESERVED in advance and she DID NOT get what she paid for at all. They cheated her out of her table by the DJ booth, they claim they ran out of birthday bottles. LAST BUT NOT LEAST.... Our waitress took our food and drink orders and our money for the orders and NEVER CAME BACK AT ALL TO SERVE US OR GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK. ALL TEN people in our party said they "WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN AT ALL...... HARLEM NIGHTS ULTRA LOUNGE SUCK BIG TIME". This was her first time even attempting to celebrate her birthday in 35 years and OUR experience was HORRIBLE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from HARLEM SIKES. FYI IF I COULD RATE HARLEM NIGHTS A ZERO I WOULD.......

Milky Money

Is this an 18+ club

Fashionista Novist Online

Had a wonderful experience!

Garman Reed

Had a blast every time I went. Plus I met Trina and Diamond one night at the same time

Dennis Wimbush

Never will I go again to many youngins

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