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REVIEWS OF District Atlanta IN Georgia

Jelisha Thomas

I recently went here with a few friends on a Thursday night.This was not my first time visiting. I asked for Ice water. The bartender said they had none they could serve, as I had just watched another bartender pour himself a cup to drink. After that, I was forced to spend $4 for mini bottle of Fiji water. I returned to the bar and asked for a vodka tonic. The bartender starts to pour Svedka and I respond, can you please pour Tito's? He then proceeded to call me a pain in his ass because I requested another choice of alcohol. NEVER AGAIN.

Andrew Estes

Guys, it’s time to forget about Havana, Tongue and groove, etc. This is the the spot to be! I’ve never met such a nice and friendly staff. Everybody working the table sections were incredibly friendly, our drinks were full all night. The lighting, sound, energy is incredible! Thanks guys!!!!

Peter Chen

Night Club are all about Sound and Lighting of course DJ is the key. I will give Club District a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I Love the name is the first ⭐️⭐️ Although, I have only been there once. So... Stay in tune.


We rolled here on a Friday night. What a spot! Definitely an awesome new club that is about to go viral. Upstairs bars that look down over the dance floor with a wicked lighting system, awesome table service and great DJ! Absolutely a must see

Sailesh Nate Natesan

Alex Groleau

This club was a nice try in Atlanta. It has decent lighting, cool bulbs that move around, good sound, but the only thing I really hate about clubs of this variety: horrible flow control. It is 2018; if I can't get from the bar to the bathroom in less than 30 minutes, you have failed at design. Try again and I WILL love you ;) Great otherwise.

Sean Treiser

Just give it a shot, you'll love it. Worth making the trip out of the way.

Vick Sura

The best


The overall atmosphere was very nice! The layout is spacious and spread out, the staff is awesome. The lighting and sound system really sets it off, you can feel the bass in your chest from the dance floor and the light show is mesmerizing. Nice crowds, good times and a great experience!

Darian French

One of my absolute favorite night clubs in Atlanta! Amazing staff and great shows! Will more than likely return almost every weekend

Daniel Phan

This is how my experience was tonight on 08.09.2019. The management was unprofessional, whoever he was. If you want to have a good night better go Tongue & Groove.

Roberto Sanchez-Mejorada

Nathaniel Renz

Brittany Vandyke

This place was a joke. The security guy keep me at the door for 15 mins looking through my purse and patting me down and was RUDE about it. Said i could leave if i didn't like it. When i got inside the bouncers were following me and my friends everywhere we went. One bouncer continually smacked his bubble gum in my ear as we were following around the club. The top floor was closed the vip sections had the only place to sit and didnt havr ANY VIPs there. The bartenders were barely of age and the dancers for the dj couldnt dance and covered the view of the dj. This place is a WRECK!

Varun Reddy

Freddy Ready

Jason Brooks

The inside of this club is amazing!! The staff is great. The lighted wave ceiling is one of the most unique and cool effects I have ever seen in a night club.

George Butler


District is the spot in Atlanta to find the best House and Electronic Music Acts. They have an excellent management team and a friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Justin Seeby

Incredible sound and lights! A must see - and the staff is amazing....

Chic Footwear Maker

Great venue....great sound in a safe part of town. Very cool lighting!

KC Memories

(Translated by Google) Do not come to this place if you do not want to break the windows of the car to steal your belongings. They are not responsible and the police never arrived. Do not come to this place if you do not want anyone to break the windows of the car to steal your belongings. They are not responsible and the police never arrived. (Original) Do not come to this place if you do not want anyone to break the windows of the car to steal your belongings. They are not responsible and the police never arrived. No vengas para este lugar si no quieres que nadie rompa los ventanas del carro para robar tus pertenencias. Ellos no se hacen responsables y la policía nunca llegó.

Jared Ronis

Kelly Hoersten

Best nightclub in Atlanta!!

CC Smith

Alex Adekola

Excellent venue. Plenty of free parking. Attentive bartenders. Tight acoustics. One of the most unique lighting experiences in Atlanta to put you on the next level. The future of the Atlanta nightlife experience.

Nicole Young

Jewel Sanders

Brandon Kuni

I've been a few times. Sometimes, it's great. However, last night, I was refused ICE WATER. I ordered 5 or 6 rounds of multiple drinks, and was eventually refused ice water when asking for only ONE! I was forced to buy Fiji bottled water. Never been refused ice water at another club in Atlanta in my life. Do they think this Vegas?

Hoover Cuesta

Ramón Alejandro Urdaneta G

(Translated by Google) An extraordinary experience, the best nigth club in Atlanta (Original) Una experiencia extraordinaria, el mejor nigth club de Atlanta

Emily Mooney

I attended Green Velvet at District and loved the sound & lighting system. The lights on the ceiling MOVE - in a wave pattern - it's something I haven't ever seen before and I was completely enamored by the lighting the entire night. To top it off, I misplaced my ID while there and reached out to the District team for help - not only did they find my license - but they also overnight shipped it to my location since I was traveling for work! Great customer service, great Venue!

Alex Pfaff

Jenn Leigh

Great venue, great lights, great music! Fun crowd! 9/10 must go!

Demo Management

Richard Lam

monica marquez

No security at the entrance .. so easy to sneak a weapon inside

Vape Loft

Brought the whole crew out from Columbus GA it was a great time.

Santiago Escobar

Horrible noghtclub, staff very rude and unprofessional. overpriced and in the middle of nowhere. Better nightclubs WAY better than this one closer to ATL. Not worth coming or renting this place!!!

Michael Stevenson

Bangin ass club. Best lights and sound system. Great time.

Jacqueline Thai

I’m in love with their lights in the middle of the dance floor

Peter Pfaffenbichler

Charles Scott

DJ Jibbles

If you like EDM this is the spot in ATL it is amazing. The lights and sound are some of if not the best I have seen in Atlanta.

Karla Mejia

Not wook friendly.

Quivana Waddles

Never had a club actually care about their guests the way they do. Loved my first time. Even tho I lost my jacket.

mattean azari

Man I really want to like this place is as sleazy and slimy as iris and opera. It's very pretty on the inside but if you know anything about interior design you know this place is majorly flawed because how fragmented every single part of this club is and the staff are pretty rude I don't want to say all of them because there are some there who are genuinely very nice. Also they completely over sellto the point where if you want to get around the club you have to hug the wall and shimmy your way through.

Alexander Kulyagin

David Hoersten

Caroline Jackson

Jennifer Lee

Kelly Demestihas

Ken Anderson

I was assaulted by the club staff and physically dragged out and pushed to the ground. Talked to the police; what they believe happened is this: I purchased what I thought was the best VIP table in the house. I knew the club promoter, and so half way through the show, he took me upstairs to view the band from the balcony. I left some of my friends there in my VIP table area. When I returned there were 2 girls nobody knew who were squatting in my VIP area. I asked them to please leave. They ignored me as they had been ignoring my friends. So then I told them to leave. They did. About 5 minutes later 5 or 6 bouncers grabbed me and ejected me. No reason was given. The police believe it was because the girls were ejected from my VIP table, and were not happy, and went and told their boyfriends/the bouncers that I acted inappropriate or angry or something. So I was roughly ejected. Have bruises on my arms and legs as I was thrown to the floor at one point on the way from the VIP area to the door. Worst experience at a club of my entire life. I'm a surgeon, mid-40s, was there with my girlfriend, and I really don't know what to say. Cannot recommend. Bouncers didn't' even ask what happened; they just ejected me and my girlfriend. Really, really terrible experience.

James Farmer

Alex Shindnes

Great addition to the Atlanta club scene! Consistently fantastic shows. Staff is nice and respectful.

Nickolas Jebeles

Super nice place the wait going in took a second but there were a lot of people so that’s understandable. I went during the Dillon Francis show and had a great time.

Dana Gunter

Hands down my favorite venue for EDM music. You won't be disappointed with facilities, bar service, and the spacious dance floor on two levels.

Kaitlyn Miles

Josh Brock

Perfect sounds, perfect visuals. Does get crowded but get vip and you're golden

Carlos Azuaje

Don't come to this place, is very insecure. I was robbed and the windows of the car burst.

Robbie Wilde

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