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REVIEWS OF Delta Sky Club IN Georgia


The staff are supper friendly here. Way to spread the Aloha Spirit! The place is a a bit smaller than I thought. The choices were a bit limited, but they weren't bad either. It's a good place to relax and unwind right before the flight. I can't share enough how friendly the staff were. From the moment we stepped in to the moment we stepped out, it was a pleasant experience.

Scott Garman

The food had really not been good for the past few months. All of the staples that I looked forward to on my travel days have been replaced by odd and bad tasting items. There's not even regular salad items, they have been replaced with …

Eric Peterson

Very nice accommodations which are well worth the price of admission. While the food selection wasn't huge, what was there was extremely good. The bar selection was good too. Plenty of areas to sit, and I was able to find a small desk area …

Pat Burke

The A concourse lounge is a nice place to escape the hustle and bustle of ATL. It's a nice size and, for me, easier to relax in than the big Delta Lounge in Concourse B. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The food and drinks are fresh and flavorful. I hope you enjoy your visit at least as much as I do.

Karen Connolly

Love this club! Staff are do friendly and helpful. The food and beverage choices are wonderful. Thank you

Lornel Tompkins

The food is very tasty. They replenish frequently. They clear your table often. Everyone is friendly. The bath6id clean and has wonderful hand soap Crowded but manageable.


Very Nice. Friendly Service.

Dennis Levesque

Staff was very friendly. Nothing super special as lounges go, but comfortable.

Laureen Biczak

Arrived at 6:30 am and club was 70% full, but didn't feel too crowded. I only started in the lower section so I only had a few minutes. The check-in folks were friendly and easily helped me with a flight issue. Good selection on the lower …

Samantha Henderson

Food selection isn't super extensive, but there's lot of seating, the WiFi is fast, and the staff is great, very friendly and accommodating.

Walter Pickel

Always a great place to wait for the next flight. Super helpful!

Jeremy Small

The last thing good about flying and airports. Worth any price to enjoy traval again the way only the best service and pleasant surroundings allow you to do.

Paul Tamashiro

Very good lounge, friendly people. Great service, lots of food and drinks. The staff will let you know when it's time to go to your gate. You even get a chocolate macadamia nut candy when you visit.

Greg Knoke

The B concourse lounge in Atlanta is one of the best Delta operates. Great staff, bartenders were excellent and hilarious, food selection was good, and the facility was fresh and new.

Tracy Booker

I work there and I luv it. It's a great place for members to come and eat and mingle while they wait for their flights

Juan Vicente Villegas

Very clean áreas, nice people, helpful a d kind. Great healthy food options.

Karen Veasey

Great way to unwind before & after flights.

John Hamm

Nice place if you can get in. I'm torn about the benefits of the sky clubs. I get access for free with me card (450 bucks a year for the card). I pay 29 bucks for my wife and then feel like we have to drink and eat a ton before our flight to make it worth it.

Mike Smith

Clean, good food choices, lots of available seats.

Michael Conde

Plenty of power outlets. Comfy seats. Healthy snack options and stocked bar!

Vonne Arnel Gonce

We walked in at 10:29, after being told breakfast would change out “in 15-20 min.” I went straight to the coffee machine and even before I could put my cup down, workers were practically taking food from guests who were trying to serve …

Jim Warren

Always relaxing and comfortable. Always friendly. Sanctuary.

Yachtprojects Office

Very nice, not as nice as some of the others....but a lovely place to rest in-between connecting flights

Marta Garcia-Huidobro

Excellent place to wait for the next flight!

Phyllis Harvey

Food choices woefully lacking. Come on Delta you can do better. Do it to show some appreciation to your millions of customers who has been loyal.

James Braddock

Underwhelming. Two lady’s working the front desk on Thursday October 26th at 6PM were very rude. Would not return. Find an alternative

Brock Waggoner

I enjoy this sky club as usually a little less crowded and always top notch cleanliness.

Julie Thayer

We were there many hours. Everyone was very kind and helpful.

Wendy Gorton

Great clean SC with awesome food options and a nice bartender.

Steve Ingalsbe

The Honolulu Delta Sky Club is one of the smaller lounges that we have been in but they have food, drinks, snacks, WiFi and power plugs available. The staff are very friendly and able to help with most requests. We were flying Internationally and they verified our passports so we would not have to do that at the gate.

Susan Rezabek

For just $29 I can self serve food and beverages, sit in a comfortable seat in a relaxing and quiet atmosphere. Given airport prices this is the best bargain around!

Ken Smith

The people and the views make this club top notch. Drinks are good, the food is OK, but the views are the best. Plenty of power and caffeine.

Mark Townsend

Good venue overall. However, Delta needs to up their game on the food selections in this location. Breakfast options are a little worse than a 2 star hotel free breakfast.

Angel Maldonado

Expected more from the HI location but its ok.

Hope Leeper

Really fabulous if one can afford to fly this way.

RJ Berkey

Went specifically to complete clear registration & was told the clear 'person' didn't show up today :(

Nick Lapinsky

Good food Great staff and plenty of charging stations

Ryan Bush

Not the best one I've been to, bathrooms could use some touch up, and the food was just okay. They were not busy at this time. Overall I would still prefer this than the public area in the Airport.

Stir Stick Stick

Best place to sit if you have a long wait for a flight. They have snacks and drinks galore. Get a delta AMEX card and you can get in for a nominal fee. Or if you travel a lot buy a membership. Check with a delta agent for pricing


Very nice staff. Bare bones lounge. Limited menu decent bar. Needs a makeover.

Al Caicedo

Came in at 6 and the food was horrible. Just pieces of lettuce with dried out chicken. They said they had run out of food.

Austin Hays

Had first class tickets and a platinum card from Amex and wouldn’t let one guest in. Terrible policy

Matt McKenna

Consistent service, always a smile to welcome you.

Dennis Bergman

It was a nice relaxing wait for next flight. Steve was a receptionist that was just great. He was very professional and a very helpful with everyone of our questions.

Steve Bonnell

Very pleasant. I had no liquor. Seats not the most comfortable

Robert Bunch

I went to the one near B concourse escalator... it is the biggest, most spacious lounge I have been to. The food options changed frequently between 6-8, ranging from fried rice, to goumet Mac & cheese, to simple chicken soup. The salad Bar is large. The bar is huge with almost any kind of drink available but it is quite crowded. There is sweet tea and water available for self serve, but for any soda you have to wait in line. It's more bigger comfy chairs in quartered sections than a place to work, but there are a handful of desks. I got 25 down on the wifi (very fast for a lounge). Enjoy

Oleg Garifullin

Nice & cozy place to stop-by while you are waiting for your next flight.

Glenn O'Steen

Well worth the money. Awesome customer service and good food.

Michael Garcia

Entering the lounge I expected sort of a Hawaiian scenery either overlooking a garden or the terminal, neither of those showed up, instead more of a enclosed space surrounded by furnishings which made it feel slightly claustrophobic even though the lounge is spacious (don't expect Atlanta, Georgia spacious though). The staff were very friendly and accomodating and the selection of food was great! The seating were comfortable and had lots of space. Would definitely come here again since it definitely beats sitting around the terminal, the views could be better though.

Charles Wood

The Sky Club in concourse A (center) is nicely renovated, has good selection of food. Skylight allows daylight illumination.

Catherine Burnham

If you have the Delta Gold AMEX it is $29 per person to get in and totally worth it. Free drinks and food, a place to relax. There aren't couches, but comfy chairs and chairs with tables. Places to sit with your laptop also. Very clean, nice bathrooms - a great escape from airport chaos on a long layover.

John Alexander

Not the fanciest one I've visited, but definitely the friendliest! Plus, you get free candy upon entering. Food was great, the accommodations clean and comfortable.

Big Lew FPV

Awesome sky club great food and great staff very friendly knowledgeable

Mike Currid

Skyclub by PD Chang's. Quiet and clean. Quality and varuety of food wasn't great, but what they did have was well stocked. I have had better luck in the past with the food quality at the A18 Delta Skyclub.

Raz Berry

Super friendly Delta employees with some good local food. A good variety of food is greatly appreciated

Jeff Wright

Clean, super comfortable lounge. Food items are delicious, internet is fast, bathrooms clean, and staff friendly and helpful.

Tinkeringeek Kissimmee FL

Great refuge for travelers. Good drinks, plenty of snacks, relaxed seating, and free fast internet.

Lisa Cyr

Clean & quiet. Staff very friendly and hardworking.

Doug Olive

They have cold ac here and decent drinks. Wish they had some windows to the outside though. The room could use some natural light.

Rocci Doria

I like this one. Quiet, comfortable, much-better-than-average food options and a self-serve soda fountain. It's not as large as most that are this nice (150 occupancy sign behind the welcome desk) but I spent several hours here very comfortably.

Yevgeniy Melnik

Very nice place, fast and reliable internet so you can do some work while you are waiting for your flight. Absolutely wonderful Herman Miller office chairs. The food choice a bit on a smaller side but still pretty good selection of salads and hot appetizers. Tons of place to sit in a bit private. Highly recommended.

Corey R

Such a sweet and attentive staff! The actual location of the sky club is near the Delta gates (not near the other airline lounges) so you shouldn’t follow the signs for other lounges. It’s across from gate 13. Open the doors and you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Joy Lucas

The Delta lounge in Terminal 6 at ATL is one of the best anywhere. It's quiet at night but staff is attentive and helpful.

Lene Hartoft

It is a very cold lounge. Could not find a place where the air condition did not blow cold air down. Had to wear both a jacket and a scarf. It was good food and the service was good too.

Brian Loucy

better of lounges I visit operated by delta

Kenneth Toews

This place is awesome, any place that supports day drinking is definitely a plus. But this place is clean, quite, charging stations everywhere and the food is good too! +1 for the bartender for refilling my drinks without asking!

Michael Lowry

The clubs are bright and light-filled. There are plenty of good options for snacking, and a good selection of beverages. It is a great plan to relax and get out of the activity of the concourse.

David Gonzales

Nice place lots of room Starbucks coffee

Joe Siewell

Food was good but if you decide to step out for a burger king apple pie the self important guards at the door will demand you take it outside if you dare bring it in. Bizarre behavior but i guess take advantage of your position when you can.

José Ortiz

Delta Sky Club one of the best lounges there is.

B Zimmerman

Breakfast snacks leave much to be desired, but lunch and dinner options for food are great. Staff always friendly and a nice break from the hustle and bustle.

Alice Shull

A good place to hangout between flights

courtney weatherman

Not a great selection of food items but the staff are always very friendly. Hard to find during the current construction (December 2018).

Ron Kurihara

Been there several times over the years and Personnel working there is awesome. Extremely nice and courteous. Never had a problem.

Priscilla Thompson

Appears to be pine if the better Skymiles Clubs Staff very pleasant and attentive. Food fresh and tasty!

Courtenay O'Connell

To get to the lounge at A terminal, go up the escalator to PF Chang’s. Check in around the corner, and take the elevator or stairs up one more level. Good food choices for lunch today. Even though less than st the B lounge: soups, salad fixings, pasta, fresh fruit, breads, ham, and more. Most of the drinks are complimentary at the bar, but when in doubt, ask. Sweet and I sweet tea, as well as Dasani, are self serve. Again, fewer choices than B, but adequate. The place is bigger than it looks, with comfy chairs and power outlets (including USB) at most stations. When you first come up the stairs, the seating area is brightly lit by skylights. I love the light from these skylights. Staff is pleasant and efficient. They were constantly replenishing and cleaning, always with a smile, during my visit. This lounge is much quieter than most. A true oasis.

Dave Kramer

You've come a long way, Delta. The Crown Room of the 70s was the equivalent of a folding chair and tray table compared to the deluxe surroundings and amenities of today's Sky Club at A17 - and elsewhere at ATL.

James Delli Gatti

Busy, crowded, better than waiting at the gate.

Kayli Robles

It's good in seatac, but the airport in honolulu has a wifi network that doesn't connect. It took me an hour to connect to the wifi.

Darrell Bolton

Nice lounge area. Several cell phone charging areas. Good snacks and very good coffee and beverage selection.

David Boley

Food was good and fresh. Clean and much quieter than normal. Beverage service was quick and well done.

James S

The badtenders and staff are every nice, the food offering is extremely limited and the don't let you bring anything else in. It was nice to have a comfy chair and a charge and unlimited beverages. Is it worth the entry fee? Probably of you have a long lay over and want so me quiet.

Roston Ogata

Staff very friendly and helpful. Yummy food. Clean and quiet.

Paul Turzio

Three stars for the civilized way to wait for flights. But pricey and equally uncomfortable if it gets too crowded. Breakfast time good. Other times, very limited selections. Especially if you think pretzel mix and chicken salad is worth 60 bucks.

Michael Lonati Jr

Overall it's a great place to hang out before a flight due to some complintray drinks and food. Lunch/dinner finger foods is great but breakfast could definitely be better

Jeffrey Baer

If you travel you should find a way to join, outright, reserve AMEX, or Diamond. It’s a lot better than sitting in the common areas of most airports. You can get things done, relax and have some measure of quiet. Those things are scarce in most airports.

yisroel luchins

Was interesting that u needed to pay for drinks most lounges it's included

Clay Pope

Always 5 stars even after 23 years!

Brig R

Small but clean and cozy

David Smith

Solid money saver if you're having drinks.

Amber Peck

Doesn’t allow active military members with an ID and delta flight in during weekends no matter what. Never encountered this in any other airport.

Janice McDonald

Nice to be able to escape. It needs some upgrades because it has been so well used.

Joe English

These are pretty nice Sky Clubs. Being in the busiest airport in the US and Delta's hubs though you might expect a little more. They're pretty standard in terms of amenities: WIFi, bathrooms, food and drink. They may vary in size from …

Bradley Lehman

Great staff. They great you with a smile every time.

skull trooper god

Good Mac and cheese

r vanzyl

Easy access, good snacks, friendly people

Blue Arrow

Outstanding and clean. The staff is super professional and accommodate your needs. Delta will always be my go to for flights and lounges. Never again I'm flying other airlines. Been an Amex platinum member since 2008 which helps! This place is so professional and nice I didn't want to leave.


I put the soup in a soup bowl and after 10 min of it being in there, the bottom of the bowl completely broke and hot soup got all over my thighs. Nobody working there apologized. I’m very angry at this situation, you can’t have paper bowls for HOT SOUP!

Lottie Lomax

Great service and staff. Amazing food and complimentary drinks. I definitely didn't mind getting stuck at the airport with Delta's Sky Club.

Lyn Kieltyka

clean, peaceful, quiet, and nice. food and beverage options were more limited at this one than I remember. still a nice choice for a way to spend a layover

Raven Fuentes

Always appreciate the great staff.

Mark Proffitt

Great job guys. Check the decaf, it's a little cool.

Cindy Wilson

Great drinks. Customer service, excellent. Thanks Martha and Peter D.

Shane Blevins

The Sky Club is a nice comfortable respite from the typical airport hustle and bustle.

Brian Preston

Awesome as usual, wishing the skydeck was open, but no

Al Corredor

Very hard to find but directly across from gate F1! Worth the search though !

Mike Pons

This review is for the Delta Sky Club in Concourse A in Atlanta. It’s not the worst sky club but it’s also not the best. The decor is nice and it’s well staffed. My issue is that it could have more comfortable seating, have more charging stations, and the food could be vastly improved upon (both quality and selection). Seems like the food is the same at this particular sky club all the time. If I see that wild chicken and rice soup one more time ...


It has one of the best business lounges that Delta Airlines operate. Serene environment, very nice food (good variety), nice drinks (plenty to choose from) and very fast free WiFi

Jeff Crow

These clubs have really taken a turn for the worse primarily due to overcrowding. I see now why they are trying to limit access.

Stephen Moss

Skyclub upstairs on A terminal is an older club location at ATL...but less crowded and therefore more conducive to quiet and productive work or restful respite.

Stephanie Malone

As always clean, attentive staff and a pleasant respite during layover

Jessica Clark

Terrible the ladies were so rude! Didn't let my daughter in even though we offered to pay. Then they continued to harass me and my husband with security until we left

Emily Fugate

The Delta Sky Club in Atlanta in Concourse A was TERRIBLE today. Poor food choice on the buffet that was also mislabeled (and when asked about it I was given a shrug) and the attitudes of everyone there, except the sweet lady cleaning, was …

Timothy H.

The food and drinks in this lounge are good, I just wish there was a shower

Kathy Drinkman

Love the food and drinks and friendly service

Ryan Kinowski

Great atmosphere and quality food.

Raymond Bushey

Clear and very good food selection great Delta staff very helpful

Byrne Coles

Absolutely the worse Sky Club I have been in. I'm definately going to send Delta a complaint. The food bar very poorly managed and dirty..out of food etc..Coffee bar basically the same..had to stand there with 3 other people waiting on coffee and creamer. Terrible! coffee.on.the.lanai

as usual, nice and cozy.

H Goodgame

Liked this particular sky club on concourse A much better than some of the others. My all time fsvorite... San Francisco for food selection and atmosphere. At least in the States.

Craig Udy

Honolulu - For the space the lounge has, it's nice, but no windows. The staff is super nice and helpful

Otto Hoover

Good way to spend a layover. This location needs more bathroom stalls (currently 3 in Men's) and better beer selection. Sweetwater 420 and Michelob on tap. Needs more small craft Atlanta beers on tap or cans.

Dino Roel

Agents are professional, the club Is relaxing and clean, and the food was good.

David Jones

Friendly service and a nice hot buffet and salad bar; nice for a light meal.

Curt Flaherty

A constant loop of droning, classic Hawaiian music is the main downside to this otherwise comfortable lounge with very attentive, pleasant waitstaff and a reasonably varied selection of foods and beverages. A self-serve soft drink fountain is a pleasant surprise. Now, if they could do something about the insufferable music, five stars!

Jack Kwiatkowski

The Delta Sky Club was an amazing experience. It was very comfortable, lots of space and the amenities were great. From the food to the drinks to the friendly and accommodating staff. I highly recommend the Delta Sky Club.

Alex Kramer

Always a wonderful reprieve from a busy airport. Atlanta especially! The atmosphere is calm and generally you can find a quiet place to work or just relax. Occasionally it gets a bit crowded and it can be difficult to find a quiet space. The service and the available food is always pretty good. Every airport is a little different but in general it's a great experience!

Stephen Legg

The agents at the counter checking us in were super friendly and helpful. Food was good and lots of seats. Only 1 TV but they had some baseball on (no sound but you can always use the Tunity app).

morchimp .

Probably the nicest lounge at HNL international airport. Great selection of snacks and small entrees. Excellent service.

Craig Sydney

Great!! Quiet, relaxing. Very nice.

Scott Shaw

Very clean and friendly staff

Stacia Eager

This was a welcome respite--we knew we were going to be on a long flight home. Clean bathrooms, comfy chairs and cocktails were welcome!

Jean Marquart

Good service, healthy food. Worth the price of admission.

Retail Management Solutions

Quiet, and comfortable. Good connection to the internet allowed me to get some work done.

Tisha Honora

Always clean

David willsey

I try to fly delta, they seem to take care of their repeat customers. As well as any airlines any better than others.


Good selection of food

Cody Jane

Friendly and professional staff. Great place to relax in between flights.

Anderson Le

Quiet, clean, friendly staff, food is better than most lounges, especially since they offer kalua pork sandwiches and Japanese curry and rice.

Ken McCall

Exceptionally friendly staff!

Jens Hansen

Men's rest room needs cleaning

J Allen

Always love the sky lounge. Nice to plug in and have a drink.

Jacob Baldwin

Great lounge! Missed the mac and cheese and basically all vegetarian food was a bummer, but great experience overall!

steven every

Great ! Good food good service. Buffet style breakfast lunch and dinner

Stephen Adams

Nice quiet place to relax before the long flight home.

Thomas Hagan

I can't think of a better place to spend time between flights. Very comfortable. The wifi was excellent and we had wonderful food and drink options.

Chris Wyatt

Nicely furnished, not too busy, and they had a Waikiki Brewing IPA on tap.

Sithanda Ntuka

I arrived 30 minutes before close and the staff was really nice. I got there and grabbed a glass of wine and mini red velvet cupcakes. The best part of the visit was at 10:45pm when they announced that they are closing in 15 mins. The lady …

Curtis Freeze

Very Friendly, much Aloha :)

Deb S.

Great location easy to find & the service is polite fast & friendly.


Delta is working in a tough situation at LAX with all the renovations and construction. The club is clean and comfortable

Ryan K

Nice place to relax before a flight, friendly staff and clean facilities.

Laurence Omura

I haven't been to this Club since 2015 and the food selection has change for the better part of the service. They now serve hot soup, sausage, eggs, toast bread, rice, chili, vege island to name a few.

William Cromwell

Very clean and nice dacor.

Curt Flaherty

There are TWO Skyclubs on Concourse A - this one is not as heavily frequented as the one by the escalators, which makes it more comfortable. At least to me!

Elizabeth Mandeville

Great service and good spot to get some work done. Wish they had a few more food and drink options, although waitresses come through with some extra service from time to time.

Spencer Tinsley

Delta so of course it's 5 stars

Lianne Stewart

After a bit of a search, I found it by F1. It is a nice, remodeled space. Great snack select for food. Drink station. Comfortable chairs. Small and clean bathroom. Internet. Very friendly staff. Great spot to wait for a flight.

robbie selby

Always appreciated... Not the best one.

Charles Marquis

It's a nice club with decent amenities. Food is minimalistic. Good booze costs airport prices. Why can't they discount higher end booze as part of the perk? Quality of the lounges vary.

Jereemie Wickman

The service and selection was great. For the Atlanta airport you have a club almost at every gate (Delta hub).

Cynthia English

Very disappointed. I have been customer a long time. I pay for my platinum card just so I will have place to relax. You could bring a guest. Now you have to pay extra? Not good.


Worth every penny! Great staff and comfortable seating

Tim Maitland

OMG, Carlos @ Reception is a weary travelers Godsend...Thank you for being to patient, gracious and helpful when I had multiple problems with my flights today. Delta and the Airline Industry could learn valuable lessons from your approach. Cheers Mate, Tim M UK

robert spence

Great place to get work done

Dennis Mead

Very energetic and friendly hospitality

Doug Lung

There are fancier Sky Clubs but they have a tough time matching the friendly staff and personal attention at the HNL Sky Club. There is a good choice of food and drink for the size of the Club.

Alex Schroeder

Took a banging nap here. The entire place was clean and quiet. Exactly what I was needing.

Shawn Potts

Very nice skyclub, one of my favorites in the US

jeff ward

It can be hit or miss but today was 5 Stars.

Jim Hartigan

Between our flight back to san Diego. Great place to relax, have a bite to eat and forget your at the airport.

Tai Harris

Very relaxing place to either do nothing in between flights or be a bit productive on the WiFi

Jennifer Daghstani

A wonderful place to relax during a long layover.

Maurizio Tiso

Very comfortable and a good selection of food and beverages. Not too crowded.

Luis Ramirez-de-Arellano

All Delta lounges in ATL are decent, but check-in staff here are usually unfriendly. Food selection is limited compared to other councourses' lounges.

marcus crosby

I had a good amount of space from to many people. Pretty clean and good service I always love the soup.

Joshua Kohn

We love all the Delta Sky Clubs and this one is no exception. Good snacks and drinks, and everyone working there is always so helpful and pleasant.

Cathy Johnson

So nice and very convenient. Very nice and helpful staff.

Kelly Robinson

Great service and a place to relax before we catch our flight.

Glenn Rohrbach

I love Delta Sky Clubs. They are an oasis of refreshment while traveling. The staff and amenities are great!


Poorly run. I usually like the A15 Atlanta club but on both floors, no coffee, eggs, butter, water. Ghost staff except for the bartender. I looked for the staff and they we're all in the back on their phones. The stupidity of splitting the service. Scrambled eggs upstairs, more fruit downstairs is insane.

peter edelman

One of the best i have been in AND Frances is great, she is a credit to Delta...fantastic women. Helped out my family in a very difficult time

Dean Starovasnik

One of the top three at the Mothership!

Doug Amis

One of the best places to wait for your connecting flight. They have greatly improved their food offerings. LAX can get overcrowded at times...rhey are still trying to get them up to the quality of the other clubs.

Tim O.

Beautiful space with lots of room and comfy chairs. The food options are the typical basic delta lounge fare, though split between two areas for some reason. One of them had some very sad fruit mashed up behind the cheese...? Odd. The …

Jordan Perchlik

Awesome Aloha!

Daniel Raubenheimer

Been to over 180 countries and in lounges all over. This is definitely in the bottom 20 percentile. Delta really needs to up their game or competition needs to take over, this isn't even acceptable in most third world countries

Scuba Steve

Great club. Friendly service. Will return when at ATL.

Robert Johnston

Wonderful staff friendly people good food

Hans van de Ven

Fantastic! Wonderful showers and plenty of food.

Luis Dacostagomez

I loved this lounge! Its quiet and not too busy like the one in Concourse E. Concourse E is so chaotic and not organize.

rodrick meadows

Nice and quiet. Good selection for breakfast

David Mun

Not the friendliest staff. One bathroom stall in the men's restroom. Luckily it wasn't busy. Can't imagine if it was busy.

Mike Jones

Quality service as usual. Wasn't super busy. Nice and quiet. Staff was very friendly and punctual. Recommend

Mary Dring

Food was great. Avis in A Terminal SkyClub was an awesome bartender during my 2 hour delay. Sure makes any delay better when you have good customer service. Thanks Delta.

James Hunter

San Diego Sky Club is first rate. Excellent manager & Courteous staff. Food& Drink selection has improved markedly in recent past. Great place to relax before & after flights.

Matthew Thompson

What can you say, an escape from the terminal - priceless. Delta knows how it's done. Always professional, friendly, clean and welcoming. Thanks DAL. Good job

A Waits

Service was great!

Dom DeBellis

What is so VIP about this joint. Food is bad, better breakfast in the airport. Oh and one more thing, may more that 3 toilets may be a helpful since everyone is just getting on or off a plane and needs to have a sit down.

Timothy Reed

All I can say is, Honolulu (HNL) Delta Sky Club was superb. All staff were great and the food was delicious!

Robert Austin

Always friendly staff. A great place to relax between flights

Jr Plotts

Good food friendly staff, delicious mac n cheese, great bloody Mary's.

Andi Wofford

The A17 Sky Club is nicely appointment with two different sections for food and plenty of great views of the A17+ aircraft gates down below. There's typically soup and salad stuff coupled with a dessert selection by the lower bar area. In …

Julie Fisher

I loved the quiet, unhurried atmosphere. The staff provided quiet unhurried service. They respected that I was working while I waited for my next flight. I will visit on my next trip.

James Park

not the greatest place to spend time

Rachel Epperly

We can work or lounge before our flight. This helps make our business trips even more productive.

Scott Erickson

Good selection of snacks and beverages. Nice place to rest for five- hours between flights.

360 noscope

Food is getting bland. Need to update the food. For people that is not drinking like myself, it doesnt worth the price of entry

Jeff Lynch

Clean, comfortable and friendly.

Daniel Conley

The only thing this lounge is missing is a view. Great service! Thank you.

Shreda Powell

Everything was great but it was extremely cold, I could not really enjoy my experience.

Andrew Haley

Functional lounge. Misses the bells and whistles you find at other Delta hubs but has nice clean space with decent food selection

Anita Readnour

Great place to relax and get a bite to eat

Owen Charles

A great coffee and all you can eat and drink lounge

Jan Grogan

Easy location. Great snacks. Nice employees .

Gustavo Ciriaco

Great. Love Amex!

W Cannon

Both rest rooms were in dire need of a hot mop. Floors were skating rinks. Otherwise service was good.

Paul Ogawa

First time in Hnl location. Quiet, clean, decent food. Got some work done before getting on the plane without being bothered.

Yolanda Silas

I love traveling delta and stopping in the sky club. You can eat and drink until your plane leaves

Victor Fernandes

Good, but could have more choise of food..

Shelia Landefeld

Food and drinks are pretty good. Have be member

John Doherty

Just ok. Upper half way to hot temperature

Kyle Wray

Delta always does a great job with there sky clubs. Its never a bad experience.

Jacque Wilson

The Atlanta Term 2 was not a good "face" - "tired - dated" would be the kindest word I could use to describe it. Serves a purpose but that is it.

Rick Clark

I miss the amazing Mac and Cheese, but the thai soup is pretty good too. Great service as always!

johnny stewart

The food was all run out and they were not putting anything back lousy service. This is at concourse A 18. I had to go to concorse B they are the best. A is not good.


Amazing place to stop in and relax before a flight.

Steven Kramer

Food selection is limited. Not great quality. I'd expect better. Drinks are okay.


Great as usual! New biometric access is awesome!

Dave Francis

Very spacious, good selection of food. Very well maintained. Wish they had reclining seats.

Holz Toks

Loved this lounge. Food, bar, tv. First class service.

kim jii

Update 3 August 2019

Tom E

Extraordinarily rude staff when asked about changes to their military use policies. Mediocre breakfast that no sane person would pay for if they weren't getting it free.

David Morris

Better food than I have had at other locations.

Allen Mowat

Everything you'd want in an airport lounge, could use some entertainment, but a nice experience anyway


Friendly staff and good food.

Stefano Urbani

In a domestic terminal a First class traveller +1Million miles and freccia alata plus has to pay 29 bucks to enter. Food is poor, no allergenic information, I had to eat olives and crackers for 29 bucks. Sorry. You can close, NOW.

David Till

Excellent breakfast spread including healthy oatmeal, and always nice to have a more private restroom than the general public facilities of Hartsfield.

benoit mouzon

Very good staff. Nice relaxing and clean.

Leila Benmerrouche

The service was dodgy, the food left much to be desired, and the atmosphere was average. I did not enjoy my stay at the terminal A delta sky club and will most likely not return. However, there was one lady working on the floor and she was excellent and made the experience slightly better. Particularly, if you are travelling with someone, avoid this lounge and head to the priority pass lounge in terminal F - it's free to have a buddy and will definitely have a better menu and drink selection.

Mike Murphy

the sky lounge team does a great job. Thank You

Elijah Hall

Nice place to get away from the madness. Friendly staff, and good food/snacks to tide you over!

David Perry Sr

Very clean. Food and drinks were great.

Keith Lackey

Just a nice quiet atmosphere to relax between my flights. Love it

Wesley Wilson

Staff is awesome and so nice. Lovely place to relax during the rush of airport travel. If you get the chance to spend some time in ATL sky club, you won't regret it.

samuel stewart

Staff was excellent, Delta just need to change the menu every now and then.

Kevin Thomson

There was no food out of substance. They only had lettuce and salad dressing.

Brenda F

Quiet, uncrowded on a Thursday evening. Food was fresh and the skyroom was very clean. Staff was friendly and helpful.

Ron Whited

Lots of space - areas to work in unabated and in quiet.

Sherry Moss

Staff always friendly, healthy food options & decent wine selection.

Raymond Perkins

Very relaxing area with food and drinks.

Mary Millette

Great - so nice when traveling

Cesar Navarrete

Great looking lounge, I was only here for 50 minutes before my flight. The drink service and cleaning service we're great. Only took a star off because their food replenishment and options were very limited. Otherwise I was able to charge my electronics and relax during some down time before my flight.

Kevin Garrett

Great place to chill between flights! Great menu. Get in with your platinum Amex if ur not a Delta frequent flyer!

Walt Lee

It is still a work in progress, service is still great

Glenn Marchant

Getting where there is always to many people. The restrooms are always dirty. The last three visits they did not have food out and it was messy.

J Jones

Excellent snacks! Try the artichokes!

Steven Gadley

Very nice!

Gene Lou

Wonderful professional delicious food with exemplary service!

Ed Maliski

Small but a great place for a break before the long journey to the mainland or to recover from the flight from the mainland. Food is wonderful and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Matthew Haywood

Convenient to all A terminal gates. Close to the tram escalators. The team is always helpful.

George Scleparis

excellent except bathroom was too small and dated.


VIP in the airport.

Manu Raccoon

Stop by to get a year membership, wanted someone to explain to me how it works and see the facilities, the receptionist was very rude and showed no interest at all at explaining the service. Feel very disappointed.

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