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6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30337, United States Located in: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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Where is Delta Sky Club - Concourse E?

REVIEWS OF Delta Sky Club - Concourse E IN Georgia

Philip Kingsbury

Seemed nice enough but incredibly busy, standing room only. Was the been 4-5pm on a Monday and packed house. Bar Tender was nice and expedient considering house busy they were. Food selection was somewhat limited for my tastes but was comparable to other lounges I've seen.

Phil L

I love this place. As a frequent flier on American Airlines I go to Admirals Clubs most of the time. I wish I could fly Delta more often, after experiencing the Delta lounge. The drink selection is much better and there are more hot food options. Delta fliers are lucky!

Janice Jackson

Always a pleasure when I have to go into Delta's Sky Clubs. You are greeted with warmth & kindness. Beautiful Souls With Beautiful Smiles.

Christeen Johnson

I had a 3 hour layover-it cost me $29 for a day pass as an AMEX/DELTA cardholder. What's not to like at that price? Cheaper than eating inside airport and you can find your own quiet spot, enjoy free food, cookies, soda and even wine

Hubie Handing

Great club. At times a little busy with all the international travelers, but still worth going to. The food selection is way better than most other clubs at ATL.

Brian Strange

I'm pretty sure all of the sky clubs in Atlanta are just as good as the next but the E gate has the most space and the better bar.

Marc Monteil

Very limited lounge regarding choice of meals and food, no self service for drinks except water, tea and coffee otherwise need to wait in the bar, limited choice of magazines, globally old compared to Dubai, Istanbul, or Air France in Paris. Partner with skyteam but no access to AF flights to make changes. Crew friendly and helpful.

Thomas Crable

The concourse E Sky Club at ATL is pretty good. While it was very crowded, there was enough seating to accommodate everyone. Food selection wasn't that impressive but what they did have was tasty. There is a nice bar area with premium liquor and wine.

Lester Lee

You can't beat it! Free food, open bar, and comfortable chairs! The service is amazing too. I highly recommend!

Shuntay Chester

Delta Sky Club was Absolutely Fabulous!!!! Great Customer Service.

Bill M

Well maintained, clean, ample food and drinks

Leonid Chukhovsky

One of the better Delta clubs in Atlanta - more space to relax, comfortable chairs, plenty of desks to do some work, great bar and while food options are limited - it's decent food. Starbucks coffee machine with excellent latte, fast WiFi connection and friendly staff, clean facilities.


Large variety of food. All were very good. Busy lounge.

Behnam Shahossini

Not too crowded. It was clean but not relaxing.

Lisa Jackson

Great customer service by a little older lady who gave my family lemon cookies she was cleaning the tables.

vernon wellington

Great lounge - spacious with plenty of seating area and a solid bar and food station section. Glad that I'll be switching my main airline over to Delta!

Adam Joy

Have visited this lounge several times in the last year and while it is very busy it had never felt overcrowded. It gets 4 stars for me as it lacks the self service drink options of other lounges (SFO) and the menu is exactly the same as every other lounge in the country. As the marquee airport for Delta I expect them to be trying new things and switching them up. Otherwise it's all good and it's always a pleasant stay.

Imperium Education

Perfect! Great food and staff@

Dominick Ricca

Decent food , great service by delta

Philip Japikse

Very friendly, helpful staff. Had someone at the door scanning with a mobile device so there wasn't any wait to get in. Bartender fast and friendly, food good. Many more choices now, especially if you want low carb.

Sandra Chwierut

Nice location but very dated. Lack of USB ports and outlets. Food was only average.

Sara Voorhees

Full house on a Saturday afternoon made this stay less than stellar. A lot of the chairs dont have full back so not comfortable for a 4 hour layover

Chris P

Reasonable Delta lounge. A bit underwhelming if you've visited international lounges, but not terrible!

Richard Torbett

This used to be a great space but Delta has oversold it. It's hard to find a seat now.

Fran Flaherty

Been to this lounge several times. The spread is usually good but high occupancy times slows service down. Their bartenders are always good.

Melissa Davis

Awesome spa area and very spacious. Great shower too!

Tom Friedrichs

The best thing is the view. About the rest unfortunately it can't compare with European lounges at the hub airports. But for the normal standards of airlines in the USA I think it's quite ok...

Klaus Bellinghausen

decent, service personnel top fun, natural and exactly what you need being a stranger to them. good time good soup, food was fine, wine soso, palatable and yes loved the shower and happy people around it. regret to forgot getting a massage vs having a glass of wine and turning s stranger into s friend. The latter was better .. do I

Shehab El Din Abd El Gawad

I arrivied at 16:00 it's nice but it was a bit too full. The food is ok. And the lounge is spacious. One could get some good work done there. the desks are good

Zane Keniston

This Skyclub is one of the older styles; refreshed a fee years ago. Convenient in E terminal. Showers are clean and well maintained.


Delta has the best airline lines and this one is no exception. Friendly and helpful staff, great food, clean areas to hang out in

Peter Stanton

Great place to spend a few hours before a flight. Large, multiroom, up to date lounge with TVs, many outlets, and lots of food and drinks. The showers are great for people feeling haggard after another flight. Password protected high speed WiFi is available and capable of handling streaming even on busy evenings with lots of travelers.

Jennifer Wright

The only problem I had there wasn’t a real problem. There were just too many people and I had to get a little aggressive to get to the food. But there is an ebb and flow to the crowd and I happened to be there at a busy time. Other than that I had a great time. I was there for 3 hours a few days ago and I ate the whole time! The food was very good! And they had these picked vegetables that I could not get enough of!!!

michelleanne bradley

The chairs with the power sources under the seat do not actually have power. I asked, and was told that they have never worked. This would have been fantastic information to have before I had my computer set up to work during the four hour layover.

Gary Kaman

Very comfortable place to hang out. It has one of the better food bars. I haven't gotten around to trying the club spa yet.

Micah Troyer

Food is A 1 on point and exceptional service to boot. Clean modern facilities

Keith Markham

Nice clean organized club. Can handle high volumn.

Steven Rolef

The food selection was somewhat limited. In the past they served an excellent mac and cheese dish which they advised was no longer available.

Romerlito Macalinao

Great stop after crossing the big pond.

Timothy Thomas

Great food. Nice resting area.

Alex McCorkindale

Great space, excellent bar, and good food. Can get crowded at busy travel times.

Sam Steinberg

Careful, not a first class lounge. You and everyone in your party must be a member or amex platinum card holder.

Miles Curtin

Actually very nice Sky Club and very friendly helpful people but literally was out of food most of the time I was there. But drinks were plentiful!

Todd Appelbaum

Clean, well lite, many restaurants, bathrooms, retail stores and good signage

Chintan Shah

Crowded but it was s a good experience. Food options are meh! But the bartender was good

Kathy Hughes

Different food than.most. It was crowded but it is before the holiday weekend. Usually not so crowded.

Nathan G

The service at this location is beyond horrible. They seem to just ignore you. Par for the course in Atlanta. But still, Delta you should be ashamed to allow “your” airport to be so horrid.

Ross Gruetzemacher

This Sky Club has a shower and the Sky Club in concourse F at the international terminal does not. The shower is adjacent to the spa and it's very nice.

Charles Moye

Nice getaway but same as all the other SkyClubs. I wish the food was better.


Food selection is okay. What’s excellent is the staff - especially the housekeeper at the shower area - she made me feel very welcome.

Dirk K

As always, very busy, but they take care of everybody.

Simone Silva

The place is very clean and the food is fine. They offer shower with towels and teeth brush. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because they would provide a better accommodation for travelers that have to wait long hours for connection; they would provide some small pillows and blanket at no cost.

Gerald Bauer

A bit too big. You feel Like in a big train station, but small dishes served are delicious.

Daniel Schaff

Friendly staff, tasty food and free drinks. Ok, so yes you can pay for top shelf if you really want to but, seriously, who does that. Showers are clean and fresh and there was even a lady walking around with mini cupcakes. Where else would you find mini cupcakes just brought to you.

Cherilyn Mahase

Spacious and quiet for working between flights

michele gall

Clean friendly staff, great selections of food and drinks, showers, massages...drinks & food! Yay

Kenneth Price

This is the best Delta SkyClub that I know.

Doug Hammond

As Delta clubs go, this one is a solid 4 stars. Big space, a lot of seating. Big bar, always well staffed. Worth a stop in.

Blake Smith

One of my favorite sky clubs Very friendly and helpful

Jacob Proffer

Busy/crowded during evenings, but this is the best location in ATL

Chris Balsters

Huge lounge. There’re hundreds of seats with electrical outlets nearby. Food stays well stocked and the bar is well staffed. Clean up crew makes the rounds constantly so it doesn’t get too nasty. There’s a restroom within the lounge. Not the most glamorous Sky Lounge at ATL, but very convenient when you’re in E concourse.

Howard Vernon

Great place to find a comfy chair and end table to plug in your phone and and PC to get some work done while enjoying their buffet and a few drinks. Terrific customer service. Probably best Sky Club at ATL.

Alfred Willis

Great Sky Club. One of the busy clubs but tons of staff members. Truly worth it. I love Delta.

Jaco Van Niekerk

Terrible shocking wow. No food dirty. Restrooms haven't been cleaned for a long time. As a Diamond Medallion member I can't believe it and when you talk to staff they say they can't deal with the drama and walk away.

Yonatan Enriquez

Love it!! Also you can enjoy of a good massage a ftet a long flight

Landon Thorne

Great place to spend a lay over. The food is quite good and the bar is decent. It can get crowded, but all in all a good spot.

Charlie Dietz

Usually crowded and sometimes have to wait to get a seat at the bar. To spite the crowds, the staff does a great job with keeping the food stocked and the club very clean. Great, friendly service from the club ambassadors.

Benjamin Sung

Sometimes it's more crowded in here than in the terminal. But worth it for the food (some surprisingly fresh and creative salads), drinks, and *showers.*

Tim Keane

Clean, relatively quiet, food is nice, free booze. Sure they don't quite compare to international lounges and can get a bit busy, but how can you really expect more in the US? Delta does a great job, and far exceeds the alternatives. But shhhh, don't tell anyone...

George Palmer

Plenty of food and drinks. Today, they had chicken breasts, vegetables, pasta, plus salad, cookies, and cupcakes. Plenty of room and clean restrooms. Enjoyed it. With my Platinum card, entry was free, but I had to pay $29 for my wife.

su kwa

A serene place to be before a long flight.

Jari Hiltunen

Not too crowded lounge compared to F terminal

Luke H

I had a good experience at the E terminal Delta lounge. I was aloud free access with my amex platinum card. They had breakfast out when I went. Food was decent. Drinks were free (not sure if all drinks are included, I didn't have time to find out).

Nora Jean Boulware

We enjoyed a hearty delicious breakfast this morning. The lady who checked us in is always very pleasant. She has dark hair & wears glasses. She was there last week to check us in. Everyone in this lounge has always been very friendly & helpful to us. Thanks so much Delta Lounge Tampa.

Chris Hanks

The lounge is well appointed. It is large enough to handle a crowd without feeling crowded. The food is good. I had Thai chicken soup, pulled chicken and maple sweet potatoes. It was very nice. Service was good. The food was kept restocked and dirty dishes cleared quickly. The desk staff was very helpful with my tickets.

Charles Malortigue



The sky club was overcrowded and almost all of the hit food was empty. Much of the salad bar was empty as well. It is not an exclusive club anymore...more like a cafeteria. I had to wait in line for a drink, even to use the restroom. It sure isn't the Crown Room of old!

Chris J. Kotrodimos

Food was cold, drinks were warm. Breakfast buffet had scrambled eggs, muffins, and a little bit of fruit. Out of what little they did have. Furniture looked nice, but tables were wobbly and chairs were uncomfortable. Printer wasn't working. Waste of money!

James Roberts

Great service, clean and the staff are great.

Ana Davis

I had the most amazing shoulder massage here!

Andrew Hughes

Got stuck on a 6 hour delay... at 29.00 pp for a day pass this was a no brainer...great food and drinks...private seating...and it was QUIET!

Richard Ribicki

Healthy food options, friendly staff, renovated space and great bar are assets. Negatives are crowding during peak times and repetitive food selections.

Mary Galloway

Nice location, good variety of food, plus spa and shower area.

John Jamerson

Relaxing, good food and great drinks!

Robert Japikse

"Tails from the Airport" Too crowded with not enough seating and a zoo at the "feeding station". While food and Wi-Fi are nice, it was not relaxing at all so i went on to my gate which is nice and quiet. I wish the food would be spread out a bit more so there is not such a cluster all in one place.

Shirley Martinez

Not bad some food and free wine. Pay for most liquor. Different seating arrangement quite good.

mike g.

Nice Lounge, really good Food, Drinks und friendly Service. Very busy today . Just the paper plates und plastic forks and knives are substandard.

Pavel F

Very rude and arrogant staff at the front desk. As a Delta Diamond member, I was shocked. They definitely need a training in dealing with customers. If that was a demonstration of Delta's culture, I seriously start to consider switching to another airline. Shame on you, Delta.

TJ Ruff

Decent breakfast buffet, but nothing special. Great WiFi and good atmosphere.

Bob Martin

One of the better Sky Clubs at ATL. This is a larger club and incorporates a mini spa as well.

Janice Johnson

Great place to rest in between flights. Free food and drinks the atmosphere is quaint and quiet.

Beheruz N Sethna

I really don't know whether to blame the lounge or the gate staff, but I checked about boarding time before I left and was told that it was on time. It took more than 45 minutes after that to have boarding actually start! I know that delays are unavoidable, but if there is communication between two Delta offices in the same building, then it would save a lot of angst and be a little easier on my tired legs.

Peter Manderino

Arrived here before a late night flight. Very convenient for a shower or to work but there was close to no food available at 9pm. There was a woman carting did away saying that she was told by her manager that there was too much food out the, so the selection may be better earlier in the day, rather than when the staff is looking to make a quick exit. Ample space to work if that's what you're looking for.

Stephen Legg

Nice breakfast selection including cheese omelets, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, juice, yogurts, cottage cheese, scones and muffins. Coffee machine wasn't working for cappuccino but still good Americano.

Melissa Eisner

One of the better Delta clubs ... great showers before a long haul flight, free food and drinks, and a spa for lots of treatments.

Allen Jefferis

I'm thankful for the sky club, I just wish people would not hog two or three tables for their self and bags. Eat, drink and move out so others can have a place to sit as well.

Gary Setterberg

Food options way below the club's normal good quality, tonight. Perhaps this is normal for late evening hours, but disappointing, nonetheless.

Weird couch potato

Very little choices of food and drinks. There is only alcohol and water but it's pretty relaxing

Doug Amis

Great place to work and relax between flights. Good vegan options for food.

Jorge Ocampo

It's in a constant quality declining slope

William Hagerman

Been here often it may not be the largest Sky Club but it's pretty nice. Like all the sky clubs in Atlanta.

Chris Tiffany

Love me some E skyclub! Great people

Donna Johnson

I was able to get work done, attend a meeting and grab a bite. Perfect! Thanks Delta.

Rick Singh

Perfect place to kick back, grab some food and do some work. Very clean, and comfortable

Luis Dacostagomez

The worst lounge at the airport. No place to sit down to eat or drink.

alesia adams

Excellent refuge from the waiting areas at the gates. Water, salad bar and hot food bar complimentary. Bar for nicer cocktails for a price. Comfy seats and abundant charging stations. A great experience for us.

Daniel Sa

Love that they have a SPA at the Concourse E Delta club. Always look forward to the layovers in Atlanta so I can get in a quick massage. It's also nice that Delta offers selective reserve wines at all Sky Clubs as well.

Ali Tahiri

Nice sky club. A little boring for regulars as very little choice of food.

Tom Durham

Excellent selections for food and cocktails and drinks! I had an awesome Long island ice tea.

Linda Manus

Great service and incredibly helpful staff!

K. M. Ellis

This is the best Sky Lounge in ATL, and Carlos is a huge blessing. They are so hospitable and welcoming, and I was having a tough day but Carlos' kindness made it so much better.

Mike Moore

Bartender Patrick was great! Not too crowded on a Friday afternoon.

Mauro F Cardoso Lins

Very spacious and comfortable. Many options of snacks and food. Fresh food even at 10:00 PM.

Sameer Abhyankar

One of the better Delta lounges at the ATL. It always seems a bit less crowded compared to the lounges on the other domestic concourses.

Sridhar Mullagiri

This is old International terminal. The Delta lounge is very good.

Ian Wilson

One of the larger Delta Skyclub lounges in Atlanta. Power is available to almost every seat with lots of desktop space for laptops or for eating the free food. It also has a full bar.

James Brock

Fast service, cold beer and an excellent buffet for a snack or a small meal. There's TV's at the bar in case you want to watch a football or baseball game. Very good environment even when it's busy

shelly sanders

They need to upgrade the food to more tasty items.

Randy Gedorio

The place is big with lots of food to choose from. Nice and cool relaxing place.

Roberto Mascia

Very good lounge with health food and nice shower

Jack Devries

Fairly crowded and check in desk understaffed. Food as usual fair to good. Staff that picked up glasses etc excellent

Satish Amin

Little crowded, but this is The Delta hub. So there is nothing negative about this. It is run like a well oiled machine. Courteous staff.

B Dunk

Food is just ok and barely warm, but can't complain too much since it's free.

Shawn Easterly

Very nice! Quite a selection of food and beverage. Very clean.

Jared Guichard

Great atmosphere, helpful staff, quick service, decent selection of food (included a pic) And the best way to kill time during a layover. We were also able to catch some soccer games during the women's world cup which made the time fly by...our first time in the lounge and cant for the next visit.

Marco Fuentes

AC was poor, so it was miserable in there, the food selection belonged in a prison. This was Delta's best? What a miserable experience.

David Perry Sr

Very clean and nice. Bar persons we're great!

Pegi Anton

Great club! Updated decor and good food selection. Will wish for Concourse E in the future.

Christian Cannon

Stephanie and Len were awesome! E Concourse would be the premier lounge if it had outdoor seating! Great spa and showers.

Natasha Pirtle

First time using. Was disappointed with the food was lacking for the money you spend $29.

Marsha M

Who doesn't love skylounge? Beats lining up for Starbucks at the airport any day!

Richard Miller

Spa is no longer available. Closest spa is the Sky Club in concourse C.

Peter Lilly

Decent food, nice staff, but always crowded

Michael Cobutn

well organized and plenty of charging options

John Lovell

Good food, generous bartenders, lots of seating and charging stations. Someday, I have to try the spa!


The big issue with this skyclub is that it is REALLY busy in the afternoons. The food is hit or miss. There is no skydeck. The showers are nice.

Jen McBrine

Great service, I will definitely go there again next time I am ok Atlanta.

Maurita Chandler

Best food I have had in an airport lounge.

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