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6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320, United States Located in: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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Where is Delta Sky Club Concourse B?

REVIEWS OF Delta Sky Club Concourse B IN Georgia

Joe Todd

Was a great place This was an outstanding little place to go and get away from the crowds of the airport, grab a bite of some yummy food. But someone decided they needed to be healthy. Now the place smells like a Russian Gulag. The smell of steamed broccoli and cauliflower is all over the place. While these may be healthy they are not yummy and they reek. If you have the time go to Concourse F in the international section, much better food.

Brian Rogers

This lounge has a lot to offer, out side of the food. I visited in the early morning. The small buffet had some fruit, oatmeal, plain bagels and some other items I don't remember. I didn't care for much of it, but other people seemed to like the selection. There was plenty of coffee and they have a fully automatic espresso machine. The staff was friendly and courteous, they did a good job of keeping the place clean and picking up dishes. The atmophere and seating is really great. There is a variety of seating options and lots of seats to be had. So if your looking to work or lounge, you should be able to find a seat to suit your needs. I really enjoyed the view of the airport. There is a large window which you can watch planes taxi, landing, and taking off, as well as the support crew taking care of business. It's nice and quiet in the lounge, so it's very relaxing to watch the operation.

David Culpepper

Perfect place to unwind between flights and grab a little snack. My only complaint is that it has the same selections each time. More variety would be nice.

Linda Gocken

This Delta lounge is spacious and tastefully decorated. Service is gracious and seating was comfortable. It is one of the better international airport lounges.


They denied me entrance as an active duty member. Said there was an internal memo but nothing publically published by Delta on the change. They were so set to not let me in even though they said it's a courtesy they made sure to refer me to the USO which is outside of security and impossible to make during a short layover. I have been admitted with my Active duty in the past and can find nothing stating orders must be presented.

William Hawkes

Good experience, got in around 630. Ample seating. But there were several open seats with used dishes that were out. But I attributed that to the amount of people present. Food was decent, continental breakfast type. Staff was friendly.

Clifton Harper

Beautiful decor. Clean. Staff was great! Great investment in membership, for rest from a delays, or an early arrival

Andrew Garvin

The B concourse club is almost always busy, but it's also large and tends to have a bigger food selection than the smaller clubs in other concourses. (I haven't been to the one in concourse F, but I'm told it's the nicest at ATL.

Ivan Jackson Godette

Best one at atl hands down...take the Walk to go to this one.

Daniel Jacobs

One of my regular Atlanta layover hang outs. The nicest sky club in Atlanta. Outside international concourses this is definitively the place to be. Whether stopping in for breakfast and coffee or a drink on the way home for the weekend. Certainly a great club that Delta has here.

Jon Stackpole

Crowded and dirty. The men's room had lakes of pee. You couldn't get close to the urinals without stepping in it. The stalls had a door/wall ripped off putting two out of commission and one of the sinks was leaking. Reminded me of a gas station bathroom more than a lounge. The food was good, but poorly laid out and the staff were always blocking access trying to wipe things down and refill containers. The beverage area is a bottleneck that also inhibits good flow. Overall very crowded for the seven hours I spent here, but the internet speeds were great. 98mb/s upload which I definitely noticed while working on a project. That's worth the admission alone. So fix the food layout, move the beverage service, and clean the bathroom please.

Danny B

One of the most open and airy Skyclubs I've seen. Very friendly staff. Also, a great opportunity to climb some steps if you dont want to wait for the elevator.

Larry Forest

Facility, staff and food were immaculate. Conducive for work, reading, relaxing and/or conversing. Staff was professional and warm; entertaining at times but in bbn order. I enjoyed my visit immensely.

Trish Dunn

Great light food choices and beverage choices. Sleek modern environment. Clean and comfortable

Gabriel Solorzano

Very convenient club in the center of the concourse, just 3-5 minutes away from all gates. At times crowded, plenty of salad, full service bar, soup and hot food area. Many chairs and electric plugs next to each one. They need a few extra tables to eat close to lounge chairs.

Pritesh Patel

The lounge was clean and well stocked with food and drinks. I always enjoy and relaxing in the lounge. Carefree don't have to worry about luggage if you want to take a nap.

david dagley

An oasis in ATL. Food drinks comfortable seating and really good service.

Chris Booher

The lounge is clean and nice. The food was good and fresh hot food is being constantly brought out. The staff here was very friendly and happy to help if you needed anything. I would highly recommend going if you are in terminal B.


Place I tried for $29 on my Delta American Express Gold card. I had a 3 hour lay over so wanted a place to relax and have some food. They had and okay selection of cold food and salads. I didn't have any drinks. Not sure if worth it again but wanted to try once.

Diana Hatsis-Neuhoff

Great Skyclub. Lots of room and outlets. Friendly staff. They keep improving the food options too. Breakfast, Lunch and lite dinner can be had, better than the fast food options in the terminal. A comfortable place to spend your layover.

Nicholas Wheeler

Tasty drinks and snacks. Plenty of room. Stellar customer service.

Daniel Koch

If you're going to hit the Delta Sky Club at this airport, go here. This one is much larger and has a better selection of food. Everything is clean and well maintained with great service.

Catherine Burnham

This is the best Sky Club I've been to so far - recently remodeled. Lots of comfy places to sit. Free drinks and food. Really clean bathrooms and even though the bathrooms have several toilets, they feel private as each cubical has full walls. You won't find couches in these clubs, but all the chairs are comfortable and it's always quiet with big windows facing the planes so you can watch the activity. I love the Delta Sky Clubs! With the Delta AMEX Gold card, it is $29 PP to get in and totally worth it!

Jonathan Ryan

They've recently remodeled, and they got rid of one of my favorite features, the wood work table near the buffet. I loved that thing. Many of the replacement features do not yet have charging stations. But it's still a Sky Club, and infinitely preferable to the concourse. It would be nice if they expanded the bathrooms. They are undersized for peak traffic.

Randy Muller

Very convenient and huge location. Amenitirs and food selection very good. Very clean and well maintained.

Angela F

I highly recommend this Sky Club. Good food, good drinks, exceptionally clean, and the service is unbelievable! I enjoy going there every time I am in ATL. Make sure to see Stanley. He is very informative and friendly.

yve a-b

We had an extended layover. Thank goodness for the sky lounge I always meet the nicest people here in the concourse B lounge. The short quick female bartender is the absolute best!!! She is quick friendly personable and even comes from behind the bar to ensure that all guests are taken care of. New York should take notes!! I love it

Luke H

Great lounge. Wonderful selection of food and drinks. They also had take away coffee cups. Plenty of charging ports and comfortable sitting. The restrooms were very well kept up. The staff was pleasant. They let me in with my amex platinum free but my guest was $29 extra. It is well worth it if you are stuck in there airport for a layover. Located in the center of the terminal so good access to all gates. Oh and if you get a seat close to the windows there are some good views.

Gary Richey

May be my most favorite Sky Club in Atlanta's airport. What happened to the grits at breakfast though?

Natalie Graham

I love the look and feel of this Sky Club. I also love the variety of items and the fact that you don't have to wait until 8 to get an adult beverage. Bloody Mary's were great.

Paul Carney

I have visited many Delta Sky Clubs in my travels over the past 20 years and the one on Concourse B by gate B18 is by far my favorite! It has plenty of room, different types of seating to fit my mood, great food, lots to drink, and a great staff. No matter which terminal I am flying out of, I make the time to stop at the B Concourse Sky Club!

Jo Ann Ingle

I flew in from London, the food is good and the restroom was clean, it's nice to have a clean place to sit in after a long trip

Grant Saul

Food is always stocked and fresh. It’s always a joy to get up there and away from the typical ATL chaos

Chris Andersen

Great service, extremely friendly staff, great overall experience! Good food (even healthy) and good wine.

Vinita Ramsay

Large, beautiful space , filled with light and art. Quick moving check in even with a line. Good variety of food offerings and drinks.

Roque Espinal-valdez

The sky club is one of ATL airport best kept secret! The staff if great, the food is delicious and you can certainly mix business with pleasure there :

Graham Kist

Simply put, Sky Clubs make travel so much less painful. You dont have to worry about wifi, food, drink,, charging stations, or even a quiet space. I fly Delta all the time but will specifically pick airports that have a club. The staff is always super friendly and can also help with bookings and itineraries. The price of membership keeps going up, but you can get in with the prestige credit cards or use Skymiles status. Complimentary entry for Gold and up if you are flying internationally. Overall, worth every penny.

Richard Anderson

The B terminal club is decent, but they need to vary their menu. I don't be renewing my exec membership anymore. The rule change that you have to be on a delta flight makes it not worth the $845/ year.

Flip B

Really large Sky Club, lots of room and different style of areas to accommodate a lot of people! The food offerings were very diverse and generous and was complimented by a full bar with bar service. Would definitely recommend coming here if you have the time or are in the terminal.

Courtenay O'Connell

Spacious, well lit, and staffed with friendly, efficient people, this Delta Sky Club is exceptional. Not only is it not crowded, but power/USB ports are plentiful. Also, the art is amazing. Do yourself a favor and wander around the club, noticing what’s in the air above you, on the walls around you, and on either side of you as you enter and exit. Speaking of entering the club, if it’s busy, more than one person checks in travelers, using an electronic scanner for speed and efficiency. Food and drinks, some alcoholic and many non-alcoholic, are complimentary. If you don’t want to pay for your alcoholic beverages, ask for the list of complimentary drinks. The staff keeps everything fresh and well stocked. They are also busy bussing tables, mopping up spills, and keeping everything neat & tidy. For a view outside, take a look through the panoramic windows on either side of the club.

Mackenzie Webster

Always fairly busy, but staff is attentive and will refill things quickly. Never had trouble finding a seat, although you won’t usually have too much space to yourself. Clean bathrooms.

Steven Johnson

Generally my go to lounge at ATL. Good food and beverage selections, lots of varied seating, nice restroom facilities. Makes layovers enjoyable at this hectic airport.

Mary Minderlein

This lounge in Atlanta airport definitely does not have the exclusive feel of a first class lounge. Although it is huge, every seat was taken. They did have an appetizer buffet with a variety of soups, salads and pasta. The staff was diligent in cleaning up and keeping the buffet stocked.

Jennifer Barnaby

Wow. It is the best. I'm without words. Now I see why Delta is the most popular Airline. They really do take care of their customers.

Randall Manaka

Concourse B is always a delightful stop as it serves fine wines by the glass, has a self-help soft drink machine and courteous and attentive staff!

Stewart Ramsay

Very nice lounge. Plenty of room. Lots of staff. Nice variety of snacks.

James Conaway

Very good.. watched a wonderful sunset on the control tower windows... And got some work done...

Paul Stoker

Nice place to wait for a plane. Food is good. Service great. Plenty of electical outlets.

Vangie Jones

I love the experience, it made our 3 hour layover bearable. Quiet, relaxed atmosphere. The food was good and hot. I loved the windows where I could watch the planes land and take off. Wasn't too crowded, the staff were helpful and unobtrusive, great place wish there was one in every airport.

Adam Hoyles

Food is good. Bartenders are nice. Place is quiet like a library and an excellent break from the chaos of the concourse areas. Front desk folks are great for answering questions and handling problems with flights and information. Good WiFi. Like the art in the main hallway because there is always something interesting and unusual there. Bathrooms are usually super clean, but are definitely cleaner than the main concourse bathrooms. Wish they were open 24 hours.


Wicked chicken Thai soup is worth the visit alone

Jennifer Wilson

Food could have been fresher/warmer but otherwise excellent.

Dionte Johnson

Excellent sky club has to be the best one I've been in... Concourse B and F are the best sky clubs I've been in. Great food plenty of charging space. Plenty of seating space. Delta really needs one with beds for people who intl flight layovers.

Sydney Ryann

Sky lounge perks are the best! Unfortunately, I have received better customer service from my local laundromat. The front desk staff seemed drained and they could not meet customers expectations. On the other hand, the waitresses and bartenders were welcoming and comfortable in their roles so I recognized them for their efforts.

Lynn Lawson

Great respite from the crowds! Nice atmosphere for taking a break between flights. Plenty of seating options. Nice bar and good food!

Tracy Smith

Ms.Tracy was very helpful to me and my family I would like to seen her a kooky

Don Bailey

WAS a Great place to hang out if you arrived early, have a long layover or delayed flight. With recent Delta AMEX card changes, it is no longer worth the added cost just like the card is no longer of value. Shame on Profiteering Delta Management.

Mark and Lenore Jaquin

The best delta club I have been to. Yvonne is so sweet and always remembers my name. Service is second to none.

Yo Angie

The Sky Lounge is a quiet place where happy people work while waiting for their flight.

Chris Burkett

Nice place to spend a couple of hours waiting for a flight. The staff is nice. The food is good. Plus you get out of the concourse chaos.

Christel Thompson

The staff is always courteous, and the food is always very fresh and tasty.. It's a great place to relax while waiting on your flight.

Frank C.

Large and nice. Food was good and the service was friendly.

Jeannie Martin

Such attentive staff, always a good selection of food and beverages. Although always very crowded.

Cory D. D. Miller

I am a frequent Delta Flyer and I can say this club has been very nicely updated and redone. Very spacious and lots of different areas for you to socialize as well as be alone. The bar is very nice as well. One of the drawbacks is the million stairs you have to hike up if you don't want to wait on the elevator. They are only a million because am fat. Maybe this is my wakeup call. Anyway, the service is always exceptional as well. This is one of the cleaner Sky clubs. I usually dash up here as well whenever I have a delay. They have a large number of folks working the computers so the wait time is always less than a minute or two. If you have some free time, head on up and grab a drink and watch the planes take off.

Juliana MH

I wish they hadn’t switched catering companies and had more filling options, but it’s still a great skyclub with its own dishes and cutlery. It can get a bit busy so if you’re looking for just a drink and a snack I recommend going to any other club besides the one in E or F as they’re smaller and less crowded. Beautifully done, comfortable, and great atmosphere when it’s not too busy.

Thomas Graspo

Always wonderful, with a very attentive staff. The staff is always willing to help and clean up and have a nice attitude. So we are thankful for that.

Justin Sterling

The staff were friendly and it was extremely clean. Excellent experience.

Ed Perry

Great lounge. Open and spacious, so despite always busy never cramped. Lots of different seating options makes it convenient for however you are traveling (business/leisure/family). Food quality good and well attended. Bartenders actually know how to make drinks.

Kristen Eriksen

Incredibly well maintained for the amount of traffic that comes through! Staff is friendly, approachable, and proactive. Great lounge.

Mandi Garza

Food was great , it's a relaxing place. I always look forward to getting a snack, freshening up and relaxing comfortable during my lsyovers

Laura Redman

I recently signed up for the Delta Reserve card. My card has not yet arrived, but as directed online - I jotted down my card information. Upon entering ATL concourse B club, I scanned my boarding pass and was greeted with a nice welcome. When the person I was traveling with arrived, I also realized that there has been a concourse/gate change for my flight, so left the club at B, and instead tried to check in at A. The Delta app went down during this time, so I gave information and was denied entry since I did not have my card. Same for my guest that I was hoping to pay for. All in all, an inconsistent/frustrating first experience as a skyclub member.

Elizabeth Flesh

Great place to unwind with excellent food and drink, but seating can be an issue at peak times. The only solution is for Delta to encourage its travelers to only use one chair for themselves -- don't hog the chairs with luggage! Better yet, check the luggage!

cheri stephens

Every one is helpful and friendly. The rooms are clean. The food is abundant and varied. Outs just a wonderful respite from the airport hustle and bustle.

Stephanie Red

Delta has done a great job with this space! High ceilings, lots of variation in seating arrangements, and beautiful decor. The food was tasty, the employees were friendly and kind, and it was the perfect respite for a long travel day! Drinks and heavy appetizer-type food available, as well as light dessert options, coffee, and a full bar.

Richard A. Causby

Stop by if you're ever in ATL! One of my favorite Sky Clubs, which I visit several times a month. It is spacious and well kept with two food bars, a Starbucks coffee station, and a cocktail bar. Staff are friendly and always have a kind word in the morning.

Elliot Cash

Clean, attentive service. Good food and beverage selection. The only reason this isn't 5 stars is because the outlets on either side of my chair didn't work to charge my phone


Peace of mind you can get a comfortable place to wait and enjoy some simple bites to eat. Always friendly staff.

M. A. M.

Great place with only problem with the presentation and the quality of food serves.

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