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121 W Congress St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States

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REVIEWS OF Club 51 Degrees IN Georgia

Emil Solano

Love the place! Great vibes and cool new people to meet just about every single weekend. I find myself just chilling at the bar most of the time. People who are complaining about the hip hop need to realize that it is NOT a hip-hop club LOL. It's a open format music vibe and it is even advertised as that..


Charging a cover for men and not women before midnight is 100 percent gender discrimination. I will never spend my hard earned money in this establishment. You should be sued. Imagine charging one group of people and not the other. Also that staff is very rude. So many better places to go.

Roberto Salinas

There's three floors to this club. First has latino music, second has urban based music, third really has dance music. Although the second floor attracts more people due to the audience, all floors play good music. Definitely fit for a good night out in Savannah. Large crowds usually come on Saturday. This place has an admission price, they accept card.


Local to Savannah, looking for a place to go out and have a good time...married couple, mid-30s...with a good vibe, good music, good drinks... This has become our consistent go-to for a Saturday night, second floor has good music, wish the Spanish floor (1st floor) played more Reggaeton...drink prices are reasonable, shooters are cheap, crowd is mixed. We've gotten there before midnight, beat the crowd, and have also gotten there late and paid extra to skip the line. We've had a great time each time we went, recommend to locals and tourists. Edit Sep2018: Not sure if they read my review, but the Spanish selection has gotten a lot better! Something to note, Friday nights seem to be dead, Saturday nights are definitely the night to check them out!

Semi auto Death rocket

I enjoyed my night out there a couple days ago

Lillian Fishback

Nice enjoyed

Nova-Rae Bahr

The manager Brad is the best! Very professional, runs a clean and fun club, and takes such care with all his guests and staff! Three floors, all offering a great time and awesome drinks!

joshua davis

Great place, diverse scene, with one of the best bartenders I've ever met Nikki. She was fun and beautiful.

Smoke City

Mixed crowd a great club one of the best in downtown Savannah the problem is the off duty police force that work there, they walk around like they own the place and will kick you out/arrest you for no reason. They mess up the whole entire vibe

Brooke Cornelius

Awful place. Awful staff. Expensive. Bouncers are very aggressive with clients, even when clients are just needing simple information, like a business card. Cover was $25 per male. Absolutely ridiculous. You also have to pay an additional $5 for hats. Not worth your time, money or health to go here. There are WAY BETTER clubs in Savannah. Go to them. Not this one.

Vanessa Steptoe

I had a fantastic time there, would definitely go back again..

Dr. Percival Brown Jr

Loved the salsa dancing on the 1st floor

Deangelo Jordan

Switch the music up a little

Tia Perrault

I liked that it had 3 floors so you had options. It was pretty dead at first but started to pick up. Loved ladies got in for free. Had a nice time hanging with my girls!!

Bernard Davis

Thursday night's is my favorite nights to go

Chydonna Thurston

Typical club environment. Lines were ok to get tickets to enter, moved quickly enough. 2nd level had a great DJ, kept the vibe going. The 1st level with Latin music was a bit lackluster, I wanted to really get down on the dance floor but music was too slow, the entire time...

Belinda McGee

Had too many parties at once. Can't enjoy dancing on the dance floor, too crowded.

Kathy Eady

3 floors to explore. Different vibes on each floor. Its something for everyone!

Desiree Rodriguez

My usual go to spot when I’m down in Savannah. Great music and awesome vibes on all three floors.

Fred Burney

Fun. 3 level's to party.

Suzannah Thompson

Great place to go get a drink, if you haven’t been I highly suggest seeing Karla! Great personality with even better drinks!! Check her out!!☺️☺️☺️

Lazaro Leiva

First time going there and It was pretty good.

Jamilah Harris

Literally different floors for everyone to have fun, decently priced drinks and bathrooms are okay for a night club!

ebonie carter

We had a blast! Very spacious and 3 different music genres to help you enjoy.

Jessica McCoy

Ayeee DJs are epic.

Jaliece King

Great drinks. Dj sometimes plays the same 4 or 5 songs in a night making you wonder if he was truly prepared or has a limited catalogue. Has three floors with the first or top floor usually being where you can go and get air as the second floor gets really packed.

Josue diaz Diaz g

Excellent is very good

Nathan Anderson

They dont tell you this, but, at least on busy nights, there are two lines, one with a normal cover price and one where you pay double and get priority entrance. Do yourself a favor and do the priority line. If you choose the normal line you will wait at least 2 hours at peak times. Absolutely terrible system.

Heath Halter

They def want you drunk

Tay Crosby

I ordered 2 shots of crow apple, and 2 shots of Sprite to chase them. There were maggots in my Sprite. They said they've never had that happen before, but that's probably bc people are too drunk to notice. However, I started my night here. The first notice was on the 3rd floor, so I went to the 1st floor and ordered something different and I still had stuff in my drink. They clearly do not clean any of their stuf .


Best club in Savannah. 3 levels: Latin music, HipHop, EDM. Drinks aren't expensive. Friendly bartenders who are heavy handed. What else do you want?!?!

Chris Guevara

I left my brand new iPhone 10 in the restroom there and tried to retrieve it back for several days. couldn't get anyone on the phone and even went back to the nightclub but nobody is ever around. if you leave something here, its pretty much gpne and management is literally non-existent.

mike .

They have air conditioning! Went to a few different spots but ultimately wound back up here. My drinks were strong and the music was loud. May just have to do it again!

Adona Spurlock

So much fun!

i don't know what to put

The best latin dance in savannah ga

Julian Steele

If you want a great taco. Try next door Órale tacos.

Shaleatha Conner

Loved all 3 levels nice club good crowd great vibes

C Conn

BEWARE using your debit/credit card here! In addition to over-priced drinks they will add additional money after your transaction. During my visit,I used my card to purchase drinks and tipped in cash. 51 Degrees added an additional $10, which posted in my account 3days later. I reached out via phone & FB only to be ignored after receiving read receipts. If perhaps you go there don’t use your card or just stay on top of your transactions. This establishment STEALS FROM THEIR CUSTOMERS!

Grace Griffith

Super lit, high energy club. Definitely one of the highlights from our visit to Savannah.

Ursuss Alvarez

Very nice place. Three floors.. Fight broke out.. Took 5 minutes for security to show up. More guys than girls. Maybe a bad night that day.

Nicolas Rojas

Great drunk specials. Huuuuge drinks for cheap. Everyone dances facing the mirror and choreographed like it's a dance studio

Adrienna McNac

3 different levels to fit your comfort. Great DJs and loads of fun

Les Boyanton

Drinks are way overpriced.

Nick Lavoie

Who ever is in charge of hiring door guys should have a little more discrepancy. Understanding it was Halloween weekend and the front door was busy, no bouncer should ever be the aggressor\agitator of a situation. Was trying to get the attention of a bouncer who is a close friend and was immediately shouted at (for stepping into the wrong side of the stanchion I later realized) and quickly shoved and very aggressively pushed straight into two officers who happened to be standing in the street. Never once did I raise my voice or get aggressive with this bouncer. Being a foot away from two officers and being friends with 75 percent of the others that worked there , I quickly stepped aside and figured I'd handle it a different way

philly allen

Club was jumpin! Prices was way to high they need to cut it!!

Carol Dzimitrowicz

Music is way to loud. Could not hear anything the person next to me was saying. Had to point to the food on the menu as the waiter couldn't hear us

Alex Schinzel

Good music and atmosphere. Hardly any seating except for the VIP lounge. Drinks were on the high side.

Cherise M

Had a blast!

Rose Rivera

First floor DJ Sucks. Only plays music that you will listen to in a Spanish baby shower. Merengue Tipico from the 80's does not make you feel sexy. Notice how the place gets more and more empty. The second floor is okay. Dated music as well but its much better than the first floor. Third floor is always empty so if you need to get a quick drink, run upstairs. The lines outside are a lie, the place is usually empty until 1am. SPECIFY YOUR DRINKS!! They assume right away its a double and charge you an arm and leg for watered down drinks. To have fun, you have to bring your own crowd.

Holly Heddle

Love it here! Going again tonight for ladies entry and $2 for ur cup with free refills ladies

Yasmin Alzayer

It was fun but not much the songs were not really put me in the mood

Ruberman Rodriguez


elizabeth christmas

The DJ sucks ass, don't know how to feel the crowd on Friday

Dustin McAllister

Not a bad place. One of the few places I've been that have a cover fee. Usually dead on the top and bottom floors though so if you want anything besides top 20 music this isn't the place to go.

William Kuhnmuench

Place is great and all. The bartenders are pretty friendly, especially on the third floor. Would be nice if the DJ on the 3rd floor could refine the beats a bit better. Don't get me wrong he seems pretty chill and does a decent job on music. And would also would be nice if i could wear my spin cap (beanie with protective fabric for headspins) in the club, but rules are rules i guess.

Sakima Jones Richardson

A place to party if you're in your 20s.

Debra Waters

3 levels and 3 different dance styles. Great employees, they handle people very well. Nice, cold air. Good drinks. If you want the nightclub experience this one will do fine without being overwhelming.

Patrick Jackson

Awful service, the bouncers were overly aggressive when trying to get information when they hit one of my buddies when he didnt di anything

Cleopatra SoontobBrickhouse

One of the best clubs in Savannah. 10$ cover after 10. Expensive drinks with very little liquor. Great music & Awesome security

doug faust

We dance salsa. The floor at 51 degrees is NOT for dancing salsa. A fast turn would ruin your shoes and/or your knees. We were on vacation in Savannah for the first time and did not know any better. After only being there 5 minutes I asked for my money back, they refused. Later we went to Sub Zero Lounge and they have a great dance floor and salsa dancing.

Rodolfo Campos

Favorite night club in Savannah. They have three floors first is Latin second is hip hop and third is techno. They have a bar on every floor as well as bathrooms. The third floor is usually not the packed so you can get drink k there very easily instead of waiting in line. An ATM is located right by the entrance and parking is sometimes very difficult to find close by but that is not the clubs fault.

Corrine Christmas

Love the bartender's specialty drink. Be sure to try one!! Nice mixed of music especially with 3 dance floors!!

Antonio Ward

It is good place to go out n have some fun

Mandy Goodwin

Fun energetic nightclub with different level however drinks are extremely overpriced

Malcolm Lee Kennedy

Another southern hood club. $5 entry fee says it all.

thechamps kids

Awesome club

Chevelle Simpsons

Loved it very nice DJ


Ladies night is good for free drinks. But not a good quality of guys.

Anthony Roman

Always a good time. Been going there for over 9 years.

Quiana Kerr

Seemed security held the regular line to get people to pay $20 for " the skip the line" which was just another line but we did get in faster. It was extremely warm on the 2nd floor and no seating only in VIP section which was booked. Seems like there should be 2 floors of Hip Hop as that floor has the most guest's.

Banessa Lopez

I think is a nice place to have fun. Just enjoy yourself once you’re inside.

charles parrish

Its good atmosphere and cheap drinks

Jeffrey Hall

Fantastic place all the way around, along with great bartenders to boot! I highly suggest seeing Karla, I've known her since her Gin days and she's always been a sweetheart and willing to get you whatever you need when asked! Highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a good time!

Keith Nicholas

I liked the music and the different levels but Having a dress code doesn't change a person on the inside!!

Drew Flow

I’m in a wheelchair so it was wheelchair accessible the security guard Was real Friendly they didn’t have an elevator and the floor I could get on ONLY played Spanish music

gbosky gb

Club. 51 is like I have never experienced. Great atmosphere.

Michael Vega

Only 4 Stars cause the DJ on that 2nd floor sometimes.. I don’t know what he is thinking. In my opinion needs to be more aware of the current songs out that people listen to. But customer service, drinks, everything else is outstanding. The DJ I had was this previous Friday.

Bakers Tree Service LLC

Great dance club love is place you can come here to dance &c D j's that are out of town and there's hardly know where to go and Savannah makes up for this place if you want to party and drink and dance this is the place to go

Alexandria Canty

My boyfriend and I go here all the time. It's a great spot if you want a variety of music all in one spot and all in one night/outing. Will definitely go again. I do want to note that the hip hop room needs a NEW DJ. The DJ that they've had the last couple of times just did not have a good flow or mix of music.


The bar area on first floors are sticky to walk on.

Devin Gant

Great club

Ligaya Marie

Love the latin floor....always a fun time with good dance partners and friends.

Edmund Smith

Music was bad. The dj kept not only switching songs every 45 seconds, but switching genres as well. From 90s rock to mumble rap to early 2000s to country. They need to fire this guy. He acts like a bad road trip friend. Just pick something and stick with it!!

Donald Barber

Everyone I’ve seen give 5 stars I’m pretty sure works here. I was charged $15 for a single drink. Bartender took 10 minutes. Wasn’t even that good. Do with that information what you will. I would give 0 stars if I could. Just go to VICE

Elizabeth Cadman Kasay

Always a fun night at Club 51 Degrees! Great music and drinks!

Alex Madden

LOVE this place. Every time i come to town i make sure to stop by. The atmosphere is awesome & always a good time. If you’re in the area make sure to go & see Karla for a drink! Service is on point, thanks for a great time guys!!

Shalanta WRIGHT

Love everything but the stairs if ur tipsy be careful

Will Hunnit

Ok so your think about club 51... Well here's the truth.. The cover charge is around 5 bucks guys but.... they will kill you with the drinks $16 bucks for a crown and pineapple and the bartender is going to make sure it's pretty much half and half. You can't literally but a pint for the same price they charge for half a cup. No good! The make you check hats at the door for any extra 5 bucks so really that takes the cover up to $10. I never understood the hat thing, I mean are they preventing rival fans of teams from altercation? Lol Well they do have 3 floors so you get a variety of music. Get your stamp and drink else where its not worth it I promise!


Cool spot. Air condition is on point

gustavo g

It's a good LIFE.

James Carr

Great music! Spanish music could be more from the top 100 or more recent, and not just Salsa/Cumbia.


Pretty ghetto, strip club vibe without the strippers, bartenders look bored and like they're ready to end their lives, hot af on the second floor and my friend wasn't allowed in cause he was wearing a black T shirt... ?

Vanessa Mingura

We were looking for a place to dance and have a good time and we happened to stumble upon this place by accident. Such a great vibe and atmosphere. The three levels of dancing is awesome and the service is great. Our bartender Karla on the top floor was very attentive to our drink needs. We are somewhat new to the savannah location and we haven't met many down to earth people and we are lucky to have met Karla. She gets a 10/10 for customer service. Thanks girl! :)

Alex Krick

Karla made the experience great. Quick service, great drinks, and an incredible personality for a fun night out.

Jonathan Garvin

Great vibe must go back three different party's in one

Melody A

Same outdated music.. I've been going there on and off for almost 10 years. First floor is Latin, they play the same songs on repeat all night second floor is the same outdated 2012 songs . They need better variety as far as music.. but then again they've had the same djs there.. just throw the whole dj away

Melanie Revatta

Too many young kids. Music was alright. Not the best vibe.

Tiffany Hall

Fun environment and friendly staff, recommend stopping by first floor to see the bartender named Karla. Gives great service and makes good drinks!

Kell G

Three floors with different music and theme. Good crowd on the weekends.

Mah Nina

Great place to have fun.

Ashton Hyden

Some friends dragged me in to check the place out. Not really my scene but the dj crushed it. And the bartender Karla, had us shots and drinks all night. If I’m ever in the mood to dance, I know where I’m going.

Ashley Forrest

Nice place. Always packed

Josie Simms

Cool vibe..good price..good music

Symone Carr

Great place on a Sat night!

Dedrick Davis

Security isn’t professional. They make up their own rules and if you do not follow they will get the police to kick you out. Bartenders to busy getting drunk instead of making drinks. Horrible establishment.

Nickolas Jebeles

Don’t even walk near this bar unless you want to be assaulted. I was walking by with a group of friends and the bouncer decided to get in a fight with a patron and call him the N word. Understandably upset the dude started fighting with the bouncer who threw the guy into me a total bystander to the events. When I asked for the bars information the bouncer bowed up on me and told me leave. When I asked to see their business license to get the info they refused which is illegal. It is a law to have your business license on display for the public. He then told me they owned the public sidewalk outside the bar which if that was true that would mean they are responsible for the bouncers actions on “their” property. Needless to say I’m going to contact my attorney since we have video evidence of everything that took place.

don michaels

Worth going to, enjoy it, Karen is my fav bar tender

Samson Habte

Nice place

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