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599 Whitehall St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303, United States

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REVIEWS OF Blue Ivory NightClub IN Georgia

Tanya Delices

Great music selections; great/beautiful dancers!

Point Blank

All n one danceclub, lounge, strip club, and restaurant. The food here is amazing. The staff is friendly and helpful. Security is off duty police creating safe environment. Highly recommended. I personally attend monthly!

Tyleshia Pope

This place is what it is. An after hours spot. Food is ok, but after drinking all night, most food is ok and this is just ok. Be careful going downstairs, there are no rails and I’ve witnessed at least 3 people fall. It’s dark in that hallway and that’s a serious safety hazard. It looks like they are doing an update which is much needed. But at 4 am, its a cool spot to see strippers, smoke hookah, drink and have a good time. Just beware of those stairs!!

Brittany 13

Great food, great music!

cynthia caja

Nice place to chill

Ms. Social Media Mogul-MUA

Their food is too dang good EVERYTHING the seafood to the sauteed spinach YES!!

shareet moore

Nice little after hour spot. Warning dancers don’t get naked like regular strip clubs. If you want a cheaper priced bottle to turn up on a late night this is your spot. Would return for sure

Princess Moore

Very chilled vibe. Food is A+++ quality. Appearance of food looked like something from a food magazine. Bar tender was grade A quality. I loved everything about this place. We even had the pleasure of meeting celebrities. The Djs were even great. I love it.

feliciano p

Livest night life after 2 a.m.

Wayland Rawls

Just left.. The comedy show was funny.. Me and my wife had a few drinks and laughed like hell... Blue Ivory always been cool I just prefer to go earlier for drinks and be out before the crowd gets there...

Jasmine Wilson

Went for brunch, pretty good, menu wasn't that big, but had a good selection. Mimosas tasted like juice only and we had the bottomless, I would have order drinks instead had I known the mimosas were weak. Music/band was too loud, could not enjoy conversation with friends.

demetrius Barnes

Ratchet and classy


Bartender was cool! Security terrible very rude and loud. It was so hot just sitting at the bar having drinks. My 1st and last time going.

Ramona Hale

Great brunch spot, and great after hours spot. The ivory never disappoints!

Anitra Taylor

We had big fun...on several occasions!


Closed down with zero notification

Ashley Wright

I had so much fun here and they are open super duper late awesome for a night out on the town!

Tatyana Swanks

They've completed turned things around with the remodel. The front of the establishment has family friendly seating and offers a kids menu. I visited on Thursday, to unwind after a business meeting and the atmosphere was great. My associate, and I, dined in the lounge area. The servers were very informative and the service was good. My only suggestion is that they improve on hookah. After having the hookah girl try to fix it twice, it still had a harsh pull so I just gave up. I'll definitely visit again with more people!

Anthony Wideman

Exactly atmosphere. Great food & lovely ladies. I will be back!

L King

I was shocked on how nice it was on the inside after the renovations. It’s very face space and I think it’s open 24hours. I gave it 4 stars because when it’s a busy night parking it’s horrendous. I think they could do a better job in that area.

Darien Culp

The food was phenomenal! I will definitely be back!

Jamal Parris

Cool vibe. Females on point. Some ugly as hell and expect you to throw money. Sorry ma'am but your face.... either way I enjoyed

C.M. Rios

First time going and it was AWFUL!!!! Paid to get in, ignored at an empty bar and then my friends card got stuck in the machine. We tried to talk to the manager but he really could care less. I'm assuming we were not wanted there to begin with based on how we were treated from the time we walked in. We just wanted to find an after hours place to hang out. Basically I spent $70 on a Corona. Yes, just a Corona.


Was closed last Saturday and I was a out of towner visiting. I was definitely mad about that.

Rodneyshia Baltazar

I went here today to celebrate my mom's birthday. The service was horrible. I will never go there again. It Took 2 hours for our food to start to trickle out of the kitchen. Who places 1 server to a party of over 20 people?!? I ordered chicken and waffles. The waffle was super thick and dry, like tough. Not worth the $50 I spent at all. DO NOT GO THERE, UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE HANGRY AND UNSATISFIED. The only reason I can say that they earned the 1 star is because the valet people were nice.

Rhonda Hairston


Nino Calione

The Hottest spot in the city Dolla4Dollar record's bossmoney ent.

Jade Baker

It was really hot. The parking was horrible. The parking staff was rude and was charging $60.00. I can't tell you how the staff was because I never got anything service. I was there 2 hours. Rating 00. Had to put a rating to post.

Elite Auto

All New Owners New Management New Food & New Chefs!! This restaurant has only been open about 2 months they remodeled the inside. It’s so beautiful! From the water fall when you enter to the beautiful circular bar and the gold chairs with the large circular booths the rest is 5 Star! Brunch on Sundays is Amazing with a live band and bottomless mimosas!! Free Comedy Shows Every Friday & Saturday and All You can Eat Crab Buckets every Wednesday with $3 Margaritas! I’m now a Regular at The all New “The Ivory”

James Colbert

Whew chile... "THE GHETTTOOOO" AWFUL experience. Slow, unprofessional and did I mention "the ghettttoooo" Food is actually good if/when you ever get it. But NEVER AGAIN. Just dumb and unprofessional for no reason.

Tiffany Tilion

My biggest issue is that we each paid $40 you coming to this establishment on New Years. It felt as if they had the heat on in there, it was so Smoky I couldn't breathe. So we tried to go into the entrance area (where there is a bar) get some air security told us there was no in and out. Concern is my well-being, there needs to be some type of ventilation in there & more doors open because clearly there wasn't and prepare for these types of crowds because it was probably about 90° in there and about 60 outside. So bad the dancers were complaining about having to dance in those conditions. The bartender took his own tip out of our money after he charged us maybe they don't take cards at the bar so make sure you bring cash. Also, you have to pay for parking. So we spent close to $200 for 30-40 minutes. We were so uncomfortable. No one was friendly there especially security & I brought an entire police officer with me, I'm like dude you're just security we have the real deal right here.

Nicola Jamz

This is my second time trying to come to this place because I heard about the food and I've been there one time before almost about two to three years ago if it's even been open that long I really can't remember but I remember me and Young Thug there he was very receptive to his fans and people who came to see him and then there's even a back part where I guess it's VIP and he invited me back there to he had a lot of money on him that night and a big bag but he still was respectful to all of his people he took time out to take a picture with me and like I said he invited me back to the VIP area where he was playing pool and having a couple of drinks he didn't say much after but I just enjoy the atmosphere

Merekat Grounds

It's closed everytime I pull up, no matter the time but something keeps me curious and compelled to the place.

Brittany Compton

This place definitely have three amenities. One was the restaurant, the second part was a strip club and the other part was a lounge area. It was $20 to get in the door for the strip club and Lounge. When we got in the strip club area the bar was kind of small. They do make mixed drinks but they don't even feel the cups up all the way. Which was a bummer cuz we had a cute bartender. Then tried to get ones for the ladies that was working and you can only get ones and $100 increment. Coming from out of town that was not normal but we did it anyway just to have fun. We went upstairs to the lounge area and it was a little bit bigger than the downstairs part. We had a hookah and drinks in bed Lounge area which were better than downstairs so definitely a place to hang out at until 6am

Xica Bee

When you want to go some where with great music food and entertainment. This is the place. It has great food , and drinks all day and night. It goes from a restaurant to a night club to a after hours.

Jeffrey Hines

Spent a lot of money had a great time!!!! Denver appreciates yall

Catch Kii

Beautiful Venue, yet extremely horrifible service. $40 cover charge. The bartender was very loud, rude and obnoxious. Banging on the bar and yelling our drink order. When there was NEVER ANY music playing. Immediately after paying for our drinks, she aggressively demands us to get up from the bar at 2:48am stating she is closed. When they are clearly open until 6am I was very appalled and confused on the way she handled her customers. Very upsetting experience. Will NOT be returning!!

Chris K

Horrible and boring. I paid $20 each for myself and my lady and regret every cent. We came here after Cheetah closed for the night, hoping to see beautiful ladies. Instead all it is is extremely loud music and people standing around looking at their phones and smoking. They had one dancer at a time only, and we watched her for over 30 minutes without her taking a single bit of clothes off. They would only cash out $100 increments for singles, so I did. I didn't spend a single one because the girls were not worth a single cent. Busted, old, scars, etc ....

LanorMaya Williams

I enjoyed n love the fact the females r dressed while dancing although its barely there

Lee Marie

Went there around 12AM on a Saturday “night” and they were closed. Nothin on the website said they were closed. Disappointed.

Foul Mouth Bandanna

Cool place with good music however the idea of charging someone 10% to spend money makes no sense this the only spot in Atlanta that does this. The Staff was nice though energy was great. Overall good if the cover charge stay $20 and they appreciate customers spending money it would be great.


If the air conditioning worked properly downstairs and the parking situation was better I would have given this place 5 stars.

Cece Thompson

Went to the Sunday brunch and let me say this I gave a 4 because overall it was nice and the staff (waitress and bartenders) was cool. They kept the mimosas coming I'll give them that but the kitchen crew needs a serious team meeting. It took over a hour for food and then when the food came only one person out of 3 of us got our food. 30mins later we had to grab the manger and I can say he took care of us.

Doc Smalls

Place is shut down

Sandy Morgan

Goos Food

Nakia Chanel

Poppin! If you're looking for a late night spot that's funny, hip and food this is the spot. Be open and cool!

Milla Atlanta

Awesome spot, upscale lounge type of atmosphere, unique looking furniture, two story lounge, top floor also cool...huge white lounge couches. Very cool concept, staff is great, kept checking up to make sure we're good. We ordered wings & fries & drinks. Food was fresh & hot! Dancers are super friendly & humble. They don't take clothes off...stay in bikini. .really entertaining. We got there around 12, in about 2 AM it was super packed. Needless to say I spent over $300 but it was so worth it!!!! This is an after hour hang out spot. DJ places good music & place is highly secured. Security guards with guns. I loved it,so did my friends. ..they didn't want to leave, I had to drag them out ☺☺☺

Q. Booker

Was here once for a bridal brunch.... The ambiance was very nice. The wait time was bearable considering the reviews I received from other people. There was a live DJ who played an aray of music for all audiences! We had a small hiccup with our order due to a change in the menu but the Manager... Drew... was very accomodating.

Jose Rojas

Came here early for the food. Some of the best fried chicken and Mac-n-cheese I’ve had in a while.

Queenie Hair

Terrible wait. Terrible owner. Just terrible waited 2 hours just to be told the food will take 2 hours to make they are backed up. We left and the girl wouldnt give us back out valet $5 and said we dont need it look at the cars we driving

Shenita Oneal

I love this spot. Great drinks from the front bar. Smoking allowed on the inside, thank you. Down stairs turnt if you like strippers.

Dario Montez

I love Dey wings

Janie Cleveland

I love it. I am a classy woman and this place was also classy. I enjoyed myself and i felt very comfortable.


Terrible experience. We arrived to enter the club and the security guard said my sister could not come in because she had on a fanny pack that was smaller than the size of my hand (I’m a very petite woman). So we leave and as we were leaving we noticed he let a woman in the club that had a purse the size of a backpack inside the club. We stood there for a min to see if he was going to continue to let the other women in with the large size bags and sure enough he did. I was confused about that. It just didn’t make sense to me.

Zee Woods

Some real hood ish. If you not bout it go somewhere else. I had a blast and will def revisit. Im not scurrred. Strippers, liquor, after hour goodness. 420 friendly

Tameka Battle

Good place to go if you want to get out the house for a while. The food was great. The waitress are nice. Just to much smoke for me.

Shakina Gadsden

We were looking for an after hour spot for our brothers bday. We looked up the hours to this establishment, and it said they closed st 6am and was closed at 3am.

Jazzmine King

Nice looking after hours spot that you can eat, drink and mingle.

Natasha Adams

Sunday Brunch Was Awesome and entertaining great food drinks and fun games

Mz. Tmp

Music & crowd was great that night. Glad no one was just sitting around or poppin bottles all night. It was good to dance. Overall nice mid-upscale club.


Maaaaannn I went here late around 10-12am on a Sunday it was practically empty me and my friend ordered salads one with grilled shrimp the other with grilled fish. It took FOREVER to come. While the bartender was nice (the very few times she did come to us) she talked way to much to other people because when she brought us our food it was COLD I could tell it was freshly grilled yet the food was cold

Abeni Daniels

Very nice brunch atmosphere & the food is delicious. It's a nice lounge upstairs & a hood hole-in-the-wall downstairs. I Really like out tho

Dicola Berry

Went for a birthday party that was hosted in the back lounge area. Very nice and private area. We had a large group but nothing out of the norm for a lounge/bar;our waitresses were all over the place and not really doing well with our food orders.

Edward Williams

It waS chill

Nicholas Crandle

First dance club I actually enjoyed and had fun at.

Desiree Walker

Bartender and waitresses were rude. Forgot our food, brought it out cold. Horrible customer service

James Winston

Loved it food was good atmosphere was good one recommend this establishment for exclusive entertainment


I would give a zero. This location advertises brunch however after waiting 45 min we decided to leave we were then told it was an hour for food. we ordered shrimp and grits chicken and waffle nothing that should take more than 20 min. clearly there is NO organization in the kitchen. I felt like they thought that level of service was ok because the had a DJ and live band. We have to do better disappointing

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