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REVIEWS OF Backstage Atlanta IN Georgia

Makeesha sassy unique chic Anglin

I love it,great place to hang out,Thursdays are off the chain....

PeeJay Brown Jr

Good food and great live music

Linda Harris

Felt like getting out Fri (1/18)so decided to make that hour drive up to Backstage. Got there a lil after 9 & place was already packed. Turns out there were several parties going on. The bar was full so I asked where else could I sit as it was just me. The females at the door looked at me like I was crazy & they really didn't give a damn where I went. Really? Lots of parties I get it, but when a person drives from Lanett, AL (or anywhere) just to party @ your establishment, customer service should be more welcoming than what I received. Used to be a chill spot, but I'll NEVER give nor send another dime of business your way. Thanks for wasting my time/gas & ruining my Friday night. Perhaps you should close for a week to re-train on hospitality.

Shayla Jones

Back Stage is the place for the true grown ups at heart. Back Stage have great food nice servers and drinks that have you on the dance floor all night. Plus on Thursday and Sunday they have crab leg night for $5.99 a plate can't beat that. Come join in on the see you soon.

Karel Butler

Good time with grown adults!!!!

Breezy Love

Beware of the hosts and club manager. They were asking my guest and I for money to play song requests and our company shout outs. We payed to rent the V.I.P area with food trays and was told our company name will be mentioned all night. The club manager walked up on me and said "you need to take care of me, you need to grease my palms" in front of my guest. At the time I didn't have a clue what he was talking about at the time. We reported this incident to the owner and nothing has been done to resolve the issue. It was very embarrassing and I will never return.


This is one of the best bars / restaurants / clubs I've ever been to. The atmosphere is fantastic! The food is great and priced very fair. Things really get going after 9pm. It's definitely worth your time to check this place out of you find yourself in Atlanta.

Tamiko Witcher

I like the music and the vibe at BackStage. When I'm in ATL I'll be going back to chill

Natasha Best

Enjoyed myself. Great music. Grown n sexy

sandra mcdougal

Nice atmosphere need to work with the server to know there menu. And to pay attention to your high dollar clientele.

Kay Cee

Subpar entertainment with a horrible sound system. Bad food. Kind of dingy with cramped seating. Nice crowd, but horrendous customer service.

jeannetta Evitt

I party hard and at good and drink until I stop and it was my birthday.

Tia Ascar

Grown & Sexy!!! The food, staff & music are always good. Love this place

Christa Ellis

Had a great time. It was fun, going to have my birthday party there.

Chr H

Went there 2/3/17: Had a blast! A real Ol' School, Grown & Sexy nightclub. They have friendly wait staff and bartenders. The food was pretty great and I saw alot of ppl ordering varieties of food, from crablegs to wings. I loved the lemon pepper wings, although they were small. The music was ol school, lots of R&B for the steppers, hip hop and top hot tracks too. I'd definitely return here. It's off the beaten path which I love!

Terrence Colton

A Grown n sexy place to vibe...

Alicia Jarvis

Love it


I love this place, but you can't lay your phone down because it will come up missing when you least expect it, they will take the dishes off your table and the phone too. Also we had an incident about them beads, one of our other friend was messing with the beads and they ask him to not play with them and he stopped, but few minutes later my other friend who is a woman was playing with the beads and they didn't bother her about the beads, it was a mess. We come up in this place and spend plenty of money and your security act like that, they need to take Diversity Classes. It will be awhile before we roll back up on there and we are normally roll at least 10 deep.

Singer Monica

The DJ played consistent old school greats. The drinks were good. This is a grown and sexy crowd. There are even senior citizens and one man was in a wheel chair. Talk about shaking a tail feather. There is plenty of security who are very attentive and involved. The major downfall is it's over crowded and standing room only. This is probably because there was no cover charge.

Carey Grant

BackStage is a fantastic community hub that offers a relaxing atmosphere for the adult crowd no matter your age. The sound system is amazing and the prices are right for drinks and food. Finally the wait staff on the floor and at the bar are attentive and I give a special shout out to my favorite hostess there named Angie. I recommend you check this place out!

Evelyn Thomas

I am from Mississipp here visiting...I hadn't been to a nice club in very long time..The service was great, music was great as well..drinks met my taste, wasn't expensive. The host that was there for Thanksgiving..He did a awesome job getting the crowd pumped up..I hope to coming again really soon

Allison Thompson

Food was decent, music was cool.

Lashan Jenn

My fave hangout love the staff and music is on point everybody is on the floor dancing

Dabid Grays

Fun times and $5fish n grits was great!

Big GiGi's Kitchen

Nice adult crowd

LeBron's Unicorn

Paid to get in just for them to say we can't sit at any of the tables due to a party... why not tell us before we paid!?! They would not issue a refund and we left. Ridiculous.

monique sargeant

The bartender is mediocre but if you get a beer or wine you should be okay. No mixed drinks. The place is old but lively.

Tamblyn Cook

I had a good time.. I give the drink sex on the beach five stars.. that drink got me right for the night.. I was entertain with the music and dancing... the services was excellent looking forward going back...

Miracle Taylor

The music was alright...old skool for real they had a little mixture of today's music emphasis on a little... took 15 min to get one of the 2 bartenders attention to get a drink finally and the drinks are overt priced unless u want ice house or Budweiser... dad and the DJ totally ignored my bf's request for a Chris Brown song... very little dancing room and once again poor service for drinks... had to track down the shot girl for a drink... def not enough bartender... teaching the bus boy how to ring in beers atleast may help...decent patio area and bathrooms on the upside very slight chance I'll fall into this spot again when I'm in the"A"

Shemika Smith

Great atmosphere & service. Who says we can't have a marvelous peaceful time. College Park thanx!!

Ayana Graves

Older crowd and love the dance floor

mary Evans

Great atmosphere older crowd no smoking but you have to get there early to park free it fills up fast

Megan Hines

Celebrated my husband's 50TH birthday here last night. My first time being to this venue. The staff was great. My waiter (would say his name, but I will get it wrong) for the evening was absolutely amazing, even with a mishap on my end. …

Cherie M

Very hot in the club no air conditioning and the bartenders are horrible


It's been great for me for years until last weekend. A very young waitress/host said she would find us a table because it was crowded and there seemed to be no tables available. She never came back. When she finally showed back up, she said the only table available was VIP for $50. I said ok whatever. Wen't to the dance floor and she came to the dance floor to tell me that the table was reserved for someone else but she has me another table, which was not vip, but tried to tell me it was and she still had to charge me $50. Really? Yeah ok. Was my favorite place until then......

Felicia Blizzard

Good directions

The Mosely Life

Mature crowd. Good music. Food and drink specials most days.

Yolanda Smith

Everytime I come to ATL I have to party at Backstage...Great music...friendly atmosphere..Bartenders are the BEST!!! THE ONLY COMPLAINT I HAVE IS...ITS SOOOO HOT IN THERE. NEED TO BOOST THAT A/C...The kitchen have it smoltering in there...LIL HINT: DONT WEAR LONG us good too..

Rodney Hamilton

Had a blast can't wait to go back nice laid back club great music awesome food!!!

Corey Wesley

A nice place where GROWN folks can go to dance, relax and wine down. No riff raff

Miesha Williams

The club would be ok if the bourgeoisie did not have to sit in that small section next to the bar an demand to reign supreme. In fact we were standing right in front of that are when the officer on duty made us move. The real problem is there is insufficient seating. The music is definitely for the African American crowd age 45 and older, maybe 30 if you’re into that. I may not come back as the officer telling us to move and stand in another space in an already crowded club was less than welcoming; furthermore, he had no suggestions as to where we could stand because as I previously said, THE CLUB WAS CROWDED!

Felicia Johnson

Nice place to relax and dance.

Lesia Gulley

I purchased a Bob Marley and drink wasnt made right sent drink back..a guy purchased our 1st round of drinks..she came back with another drink and it was right...hour later I ordered another 1..why she charged me for 2 drinks and the 1st one was paid for? No excuse..then she had the adacity to say the 1st drink was free...uhhh NEWS FLASH....It wasnt Free if he paid for it for us.....REFUSE TO CORRECT MY BILL AND TOOK ME TO SECURITY CAUSE SHE COULDNT UNDERSTAND..I went ahead and paid it....but they was wrong for that...

Terrance Freeman

Thursday crab leg specials are the cheapest I've come across. Atmosphere is pretty hot.

Dwayne Phillips

Been there many times music is good with MMM on the wheels of steel.

Brandy Blackwell

Good music and strong drinks.

Ms.Dollie w

It's Anice Clean Club to go out to Have fun Dancing &Eat &Drink

Michelle Lee

The Halloween party was great!

Tyrell Speed

I was going to attend palace, and no one was there, so I went to Wraith, I couldn't wear shorts unless I paid $300 for a sectional. So before I went back to my hotel room in despair on a Friday night, I decided to try one more place which was close in the area, and that was Backstage. The facility was clean, the staff was friendly, and I could wear my shorts inside. I loved being around the people and I went in and had a good time. If I came back to College Park, I would only visit one place, and that would be Backstage.

Ericka Harris

Very nice spot. Grown and sexy

Kanundra Britt

NEVER AGAIN! New Years Eve DISASTER. We should have definitely shelled out a little more money and went elsewhere like I have done in the past. 1. I reserved and paid for a table for 8 people and only received 6 chairs. You do the math. 2. Server who barely served the table took her own tip from one of our guest's change. 3. There was a server that already had 5 tables but she graciously served us while the tip skimming server was elsewhere. I don't think they had enough waitstaff to accommodate the crowd. 4. The roof started to leak all over the table at both ends and us. And over the table behind us. Forget eating our food. You'd think management would at least even address it. The security and waitstaff were more concerned about our safety and apologized profusely. 5. When the general manager finally arrived it was time to go home. He basically had the attitude that they had made their money so screw us. Then they sent the assistant manager over to placate us. He looked to be about in his teens a not so great diversion. He apologized for everything I posted above and offered me some chicken wings or an alcoholic beverage. Yes you heard me at 2 am and with all those issues you offer me some fried chicken. No thank you the roof may leak again in my food young man. How about to comp the appetizer and food I ordered or my 2 chairs where the guests had no seat. How about both because I lost money on both. 6. Might I add when I initially arrived I requested a glass of wine. It took 30 minutes to finally receive because no one could figure out how to open the bottle. You could clearly see that the bottle's too was defective. Instead of someone saying hey I'll bring you another bottle they I was offered a fork because hey couldn't find a knife. I kindly suggested bringing me another bottle and ding the lightbulb came on! Another server intervened and bought me a new bottle. 7. The entertainment was terrible except the gentlemen and young lady in the end that were part of KSS band. They were great but the other karaoke styled people rapping and "singing" for a clearly 40-60 year old age range crowd was not the best decision SMH! The DJ was also awesome.

Roxianne Marsh

Music is on Point Food Good and it's like Cheers


Tickets for MOBSKI Old School Hip/Hop Funk Center Stage, Atlanta

Nicole Davis

Had a blast, if you are looking for an older crowd this is your place!

LadyArie H

Went for a friend's was a good place and time but the only thing was we got there a little late so we ended up having to pay an entrance fee when the person throwing the party already paid for us.

Ida Cannon

Cool, mature crowd. Okay drinks. Good music.

Isabel Patton

This was my first time in Atlanta,Georgia and this club recommend by hotel staff. I was satisfied with the DJ and the margaritas were very strong and worth The $8. The atmosphere was a mature crowd and casual dress in not recommended. The only reason I don't give a 5 star is because the facility is so small that once packed there is no walking room and the food is recommended but there are not enough tables to actually eat your food at and the parking is terrible. I parked at a gas station and was lucky but others were towed.

Black Goddess

Great Drinks, beautiful waitress, respectable place..

Jasmine Redding

If I can give 0 stars I would the waitress are thieves and scammers. Better watch your back and the managers are right along with them threating to call the police when they got a lying waitress. They taxing hard for the ones who spending the money up in there. I'll never go there again and give another dime.

Rena Carswell

Very mature crowd, the food is great and the service was good..

Mrs Mommie

Grown & Sexy atmosphere, excellent food, great DJ & strong drinks

Tina Beats

Good music and a great atmosphere

Richable Parker

The DJ is Disrespectful I’m from Michigan & he Disrespectfully out of town guests

Sondra Johnson

First time I went had a good time but the bar back kept trying to dispose of my drinks every time I went to dance second time I went security was tripping because I took to long to count my money

Sylvia Austin

I called to make a reservation for a birthday party. On both calls, The receptionists gave me AWESOME customer service! They were so kind and friendly. In my brief interaction with Wynette, she handled all of my reservation needs quickly and even called back to confirm. Just wanted to thank you for your help with everything guys!

Lynn Adams

Enjoyed the grown up setting. I was here for a birthday party.the only issue was limited seating available after she requested.very good service and security.

Morye Felder

good music,food and drinks,smoking on patio,clean bathrooms which are hard to come by in most bars

Carnegia Thomas

Nice place , but when I go outside to get Fresh air on the Patio . There's no place for the non smoker to get fresh air The outside is set aside only for the smoker. not The Non smokerr which is Not right.this is why I gave one star .

robert mcnary

I drove 100 miles from Warner robins, ga. It was worth the drive, I had a wonderful time. The staff was nice and the waitress was on point. My glass stayed full. Will definitely be back.

Porscea Steele

Thank you Mr Security Guard for reminding me how fat I was in my ID picture.. I ganied weight due to a close death in my family and went into a deep depression. So thank you for reminding me. I will never patronize this place.

Dwight Sales

Had a party for my uncle here. Music and food was good. Some of the staff was a little unprofessional. They added a gratuity automatically for our party but a lot of us paid individually not realizing and winded up tipping twice.

Porche Mayfield

I always have a great time when I go here. It's always packed and the music is always jamming. Despite where it's located, there's never any drama when I'm here. The staff is extremely nice and helpful and really wants you to enjoy your experience.

Keith Patterson

Newd to hire better bartenders.

Calisha Sanders

Loved it old school music is on hit


Great atmosphere and very grown up

Shannon King

I like the fact they don't allow smoking

Consuelo Pitts

Great spot for a mature crowd, I had my mom birthday party there. The food, music, staff and the atmosphere was really good.... Had a great time! Thanks Monika

Derrick Harris

So far it's great. I would come back for show.

Cee Cee

I had a nice evening at Backstage this pass Friday. Til my waitress got nasty and extremely rude. Accusing my friend and I of trying to walk out on our tab. This is after I spoke with the chic to let her know I was walking outside with my friend so she could smoke. Being rude to paying customers is extremely disrespectful. It was extremely embarrassing because she told security we hadn’t paid our tab and not to let us leave. So they’re screaming it out loud. Like seriously all that over a $23 tab and because we went outside after letting her know. Like idgaf about the other people that has walked out on her and their tabs. That had nothing to do with me nor my friend. And really didn’t care about her coming from the hood. She was flat out rude.

Tan Harris

Grown & Sexy Crowd. Best DJ playing all genres of music.

Binoni Norfleet

The place is amazing..the food omg so good.. The celebrities that come in here are too cool....being an awesome photographer is the best when working the backstage.. Heyyy pokey

verna reddish

Love this Club best on the South Side

Phoebe Humphries


Veronica Terrell

My family celebrated my grandson's college graduation here. We had a great time. Things worked out from the very beginning until the last group, who didn't want to leave. The one thing that needed was some A/C. It was hot at least the weather was nice enough to go outside. We ABSOLUTELY loved our server RODNEY. He was dead on from the time we walked in the door until the very end. I would definitely recommend Backstage.

T Carter

nice older crowd with good music.

Michele Oli

From the food to the staff to the drinks to the ambience and music this place rocks!! Reminds me of the shadow nightclub in NYC. Amazing crowd bottle girls on point ☝

Princess J. Owens

A nice atmosphere. Folks my age. Nice music selection. The waitresses are wonderful. Overall a wonderful place to go enjoy a night of fun.

Dee Small

It's beena habit of Mine to check bathrooms of Every place that I visit, even got My People doing It Now. Which Is check the Bathrooms, Before deciding to Eat or Drink...& Not Only did the ladies room have No Soap or TP, but It Smelled Horrible, (@945pm) didn't "Hover" or even get drinks Just Got Out .. You can Always tell when Fresh Leadership Is Necessary, As We've Truly enjoyed this spot in the Past it's a Great location, and the Grown n Sexy was the Vibe...

Deb Wesley

Love'd the atmosphere, DJ was jamming, had a great time

Correy McClure

Music was great, vibe was great and the food was great. I actually like this spot when I visit Atlanta.

Macieo Douglas

It’s my uncle club and he always has been a successful man and I’m proud of my little cousin Isaiah who has became the operations manager proud to see my family doing great. Goals for myself!!!

Nenya Moore

The men like to hold up the speaker system and smile at you from the bar. They don't really come to party. Single ladies dancing by themselves.

Sheila Mcwilliams

I am new to the ATL and went club hopping with a couple of friends one Friday night. Out of the 3 places they took me to experience, Backstage_ATL was the BEST. The ambience at Backstage speaks to the mature individual that loves old school music and NO DRAMA. Women are celebrated and treated with honor (or at least that's what I saw). The owner and staff are very very friendly - my bartender was Lei Lei. She was really attentive without being intrusive - all I can say here is "good looking out and thank you for ensuring we had a wonderful time". Drinks are reasonably priced, yet pack a punch. Definitely will return!!!!

Michelle Watkins

Great place to hang with friends while enjoying great music and food.

K Bryant

Nice place to kick back

tay lewis

Its a nice place gud music nice ppl good vibes no b.s.. Cool

Nathaniel Haskins

Great fun

S.Goudy Goudy

Took too long to be serviced

Love Ase'

My first time at Backstage Atlanta and I love this place! Great atmosphere, music, and the drinks were just right. Our waitress was very attentive, friendly, & helpful. I have found a good place to just enjoy, relax, and have fun with my friends and hubby

Chiquita Pekita

I went on a Thursday night for Karaoke and it was a nice crowd. Omg the age range is from 20-something to old folks with walkers. The vibe was awesome though. You can dress it up or dress comfortably. They don't do karaoke like the white folks. They want you to know how to sing and therefore many ppl don't participate. That's the only thing I didn't like about it.

Lashun Glaze

Thanks Backstage ATLANTA I Had A Fantastic Time

Sheena Hart

Love this club went on a Friday night the club was packed early arrival is suggested to get a seat. The DJ played very good music kept us on the Dance Floor all night if I'm ever in the Atlanta area I will visit this club again had a great time

Fashion Stylist

3rd time there. Fun place for dancing, good drinks/food. Very friendly staff and patrons. Good DJ. Free parking and valet. Only thing I didn't like is when they cook fish, you can smell it in the entire establishment. As we were dancing, lots of people were looking at each other and checking their own underarms to see if it was them that smelled. They need to find another airy way to cook fish..IT'S STRONG! When you get home your clothes smells fishy as if you've been to a fish-fry. Lol

Michelle Thomas

Great food good music and strong drinks

Perry Searcy

I enjoy the music the hot wings and dancing

Frankie Jones

Nice place, love the music, dress code is great , the crowd very nice older people, MC very nice, DJ and waitress good. Over all Good

Jenelle Fuller

I always go here for my b'day and turn all the way up!!!

Davicia Williams

More than what I expected for and older crowd based club.

Gary Andrews

Fun place to go out for drinks with friends. I've been there twice for birthday parties and enjoyed myself both times. The play danceable old school music for a mature crowd. They also have nice drink specials and tasty wings. We had the lemon pepper wings. The crowd is laid back and friendly, and there to have a good time.

Cheryl Delay

My first time at Backstage Atlanta and I love this place! Great atmosphere, music, and the food was delicious! I wiil be returning soon and plan on having my birthday party here in July.

charles jenkins

Great place to go, mature crowd and great service, anytime I want to party or have friends in town, that's where we end up,and all say they had the best time their

Jennifer Carlisle

Great service, music and food.

Gina Jackson

Grown & sexy thirty & up, i had a good time. old skool

Angela Knight

The crab legs were good and plentville for the price of 6.99. We had nice time on a Thursday night. We will do this cousins enjoyed the drinks.

Sylvia Jacobs

Excellent customer service and they cater to a older sector

Flori Waters

Interesting crowd but good music and dancing

Rohan Whilby

thursday crablegs is the best!

charles rahming

Crab legs Thursday

Valerie Rigney

Celebrated my Birthday Tonight Love it everything was Awesome!!!!

Ike Sanford

Very nice place to enjoy sit back and lay back place

Darrell Craw

Great place to wind down

Tavares Wright

It was cool with beautiful women

Felicia Harris

My favorite spot when I'm in ATL. Grown and sexy

Demetria Fears

The steppin set is great. This is the second time I ate there. The food is horrible.

Stephanie Bullock

Nice time old school mature crowd $5 crab legs on Thursday night no cover!

Tracy Patrick

My husband and I visited last night for the 1st time. It was perfect. The ambience is nice, the service was excellent, and the music was off the chain. If you like old school new school music, this is your spot. If you are a smoker, they have a patio in the front for that!. We found a new spot for Date Night!

Lita Askew

Older crowd, good music.

Stephanie Selby

I have been there on 2 occasions and each time I enjoyed myself and was welcomed by the owner. I will return.

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