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Melissa Montoya

Would have been zero if I could. Very rude establishment. My friend has a new drivers license was given a hard time at the door. And the Bouncers told their management lies and I was not allowed in because of it. My friend was making sure that I would make it to the hotel and was then also denied access to the club.

paola chavez

Nice place, however the attention and service is not so good.


I don’t remember. Hahahahaha.

Carson Ford

UNBELIEVABLE, I drove long distance last night to see my friend 3LAU perform with a few of my friends on guest list, the bouncer “Mike” had the audacity to tell me my ID was fake (brand new FLORIDA DRIVERS LICENSE), asking for more forms of ID, credit cards, and asked for my FACEBOOK? This is beyond the biggest joke I’ve ever experienced, denied entry, nothing 3LAU or management could handle. This was solely with Story, and after experiencing this I will be going out of my way to take care of the lovely bouncer, and Story. I can buy & sell this club, watch your back.

Peter Pecnik

I was worried based on the reviews. I prepaid for bottle service for diplo march 2 because of what i read. I dont know what people expect but the service i recieved was on par to las vegas, as well as toronto where im from. The night was made because of ashley. What ever i need was a quick text away. If your going to story just make sure you book through ashley parveen. Made my night and weekend.

Nese Didem Temeltas

Cant dance unless you have a table, bouncers constantly push you away from the lounges in a super annoying way. Literally no dance floor. Worst club I’ve ever been dont waste your time and money on this place

Reggie MCH

One of the Best Night Clubs in Miami Beach. But it's Expensive

Kayleigh Biewenga

Small dance floors, no possibilities to sit, entrance fee was high (60$) (the coke tasted like water). The Club had good music, was really big and had clean toiletts.

Marina Fanelli

Terrible! I am from Chicago and I have never been told to move 25 times within five minutes. $60 entrance! Ridiculous! Do not come here!

Edna Nthenya

Friday 5/23/19 night was fruad and nothing but Fraud. First Davido was to perform, 2nd the regular ticket prices went up almost double and everything was over priced. I call this greed and since you all inconvenienced and lied to us I demand for a full refund.

Eric Riddle

Very high end night club, be dressed to impress or you are not getting in. We purchased tickets in advance the night before, which I recomend you do. Believe the other reviews that the artists are NO SHOWS or just a lie to sell tickets. However, cover is cheap enough to just go here for the club itself. It is multiple levels, high energy, lots of lights and lasers, extremely extremely busy. You will be shoulder to shoulder with people and have to stand your ground being pushed from all sides. That makes its fun its it on way though. Like being in the front row in GA at a concert. Worth the visit, but drink before unless you are willing to ball out of control here... A vodka and cranberry was $40. I am not exaggerating. I couldn't believe a tab for ordering 2 drinks was $80... insane. Lots of beautiful people, lots of staff and bouncers, high end club. Worth the visit if your into this type of place, but be prepared to spend.

Allapalli Bhageerath

Well, stories can be made here and some great ones. Great club, good and attentive bartenders, amazing people. Just come and dance and relive again.

Christina Flores

Don't go here...these clubs are run by international crime bosses and are involved in human trafficking.

Jason Kashyap

They promote fake shows on their website

Lindsey Thorner

This was not a fun place to go out with only 2 nights in Miami!! Ceiling was leaking right on the dance floor, they had garbage cans out to catch it. My friends slipped and fell on the water and they coerced them into signing a sheet saying they were free from all liability then said they weren’t welcome back or to Liv. That was “Al”.

Robert Hernandez

I went there one night over the summer and passed out after one drink. I was rushed to the hospital and doctors find large amount of ecstasy. I was surprised cuz I didn't take any ecstasy. So it must be in the drink. I contacted the club to investigate and they blamed someone else put ecstasy in my drink, not their responsibility. Who would drug a dude? This club drugs their customers to cheer up the atmosphere, probably accidentally put too much in my drink. Sketchy place. I would not recommend this place.

Faith White

high end feel type of night club. they treat you like a true guest !!

sheleico carter

REALLY high end club..I HAD FUN BUT If you don’t have the funds to spend, DONT ATTEMPT TO EVEN GO

V Sizzle

This night was definitely a VIBE! I reserved a mid tier section with 12 of my friends. Ordered about 6 bottles and invited ladies to join throughout the night. They tried to give me a nose bleed section when I arrived until I told them that I made a reservation Ed previously for mid tier.. Usually night clubs try to do that to make more money off other people who want that section.. Do not fall for the bait!!! Lil Wayne made an appearance along with various NFL players and Adrian Broner. They played hip hop all night which was cool and there were no fights and issues during the night. But good luck getting into the club if you’re a guy and if you don’t have a section.

Nefertari Carranza


Dan Rensel

So unfortunate that in South Beach this behavior still exists. We were stainding in the same spot for almost an hour when the manager, Al, walked up and told us we were in the way and needed to move. We moved out of what he called the walk way and he persisted in telling us we were still in the way. I pushed back and said we were in the middle of a group of people and his response was he felt threatened and called for back up. We were then told by multiple security guards we either come to their office or leave. There was nothing other than the fact that we were two men that triggered this situation. Makes me sad this can still happen. Homophobic Story!

Mr Z

Terrible place, stuff is disrespectful , even bartenders has no personality. Don’t waist your time and money!

Jaime García Pulido

Cool spot, full of magic vibes and thrilled people dancing with all their blue demons inside!

Jenny Tanner

Such an amazing time at this beautiful night club last night it was a great way to end an already great day. The prices are a little high but it is South Beach and I do understand it’s got to be rent to be paid. A great night club all in all with great music

Khaliem Stbrice

It’s very very boring just a whole bunch of dead vibed females for it being so boring you would usually drink to make up for it but you can’t even do that because the drinks are extremely overpriced I got two drinks and it was 36 dollars watered down in a plastic cup never coming back her again .not to mention the host who was supposed to be there as advertised wasn’t even there

Maria Z. Zieleznik

High end club with surprisingly good service. I recon that all people complaining here on bouncers asking them to move just don’t understand that it’s for the guests safety. Even though it’s busy and hectic security works swiftly and they’re as friendly as they can be. Same for phone theft... It seems only logical that you’re responsible for your belongings. Great layout and bar staff availability. I’ve really enjoyed my night.

Brittany Dirienzo

Brian is the best bouncer here. He made our time enjoyable! You need him In your life !!!

Craig Boss

The rudest women scanty clad working behind the bar who feel entitled. Never going back.

Rohan Gaglani

Ask them if you can use the dancefloor, if the answer is no, don't go here!

Jorge Guiragossian

BEWARE! READ BEFORE GOING. To Customers: There is a group of phone thieves operating in this night club. Their M.O. involves reaching into women's purses and snatching their cell-phones. The club gets very crowded, which makes it easy for someone to quickly reach in and snatch your belongings without you noticing. Don't mean to talk bad about Story's security, but they seem to be inept at spotting these criminals operating right in front of them. Women (and men), if you plan on coming here, please don't fall victim to these crooks. Ladies, be extremely wary of your belongings, even if you have a zipper purse. Only bring the bare essentials and keep extra attention on your phone, wallet, and keys. When my wife and I went in to their security office to report our missing phone, there were about 6 other girls in there, all claiming that their phones were also missing. The security guards were confused about how to handle the situation. They had us fill out some form and that was that. Their Security Manager, Al Dorsett, gave us his card but made it clear not to text or call the number on his card to check on the status of our phones. I felt bad for the security team because they were completely powerless to do anything about the situation. My recommendation is for Story managers to take note of the problem and take measures to prevent and recover lost phones. May I suggest planting a 'bait' phone on a worker pretending to be a club-goer, letting the phone get stolen, and then working with local law enforcement to track the down afterwards. Story touts itself as being one of Miami's premier night clubs, but at the end of the day, you still have to dance hugging your purse to keep the rats out.

Zachary Heinrich Ter

They overcharged a friend by 2'000 USD and tried to threaten us with violence in case we refuse to pay. Never again.

Mehari G

If you like Hip hop Story is the place. Respected stuff!!

Luis de la Fuente

Worst club I’ve ever been to


Great music, Alesso was live when I went. Bad thing is the staff. Bouncers are constantly pushing you around telling you where to stand and what to do. How are you supposed to enjoy a club when you cant even choose where to stand. Bouncers were also pushy anytime you were even close to a table. Drink prices were stiff. 18$ for one drink.

Abe Figueroa

DO NOT GO HERE! Phone got stolen within 1 hour of arrival. Security won't and can't do anything to help. The club has a terrible layout. The amount of negative reviews speak for themselves. Go some place safer and more secure.

Orlando Gonzalez Barrantes

Good music (Mostly Hip-Hop). The general admission las time I went was at around $30 so is not as expensive as other clubs. Dress code is supposed to be formal but I saw a lot of people wearing casual clothing.

Amanda Sostre

This club sucks! If you don't pay $1500 for a bottle you are stuck standing by the bar. The security guards will not let you walk or stand anywhere but by the bar. They are not even worth one star! So crowded and you have to stand where they say can't even dance. I flew all the way from NY to come to this club and even paid for expensive tickets in advanced to be treated like a child and get told what to do. If you want freedom and want to dance do not come to this club!

Eartha Marquis

Horrible place..nowhere to dance or stand...bouncers keep walkong over with flash light in faces. For the price paid for entrance they hype here is not worth it...find a local club and dance your life away.

Manny Steiner

Thieves and sexual predators. All I have to say. Never coming back. These things don't "just happen" you have a permissive cultural issue within your business that makes such things acceptable.

Ashley Moussa


Ki Ki

Overly hype. Not a club. More like a lounge. With a club atmosphere. No dance floor. Literally just sections with a bunch of bouncers. DJs suck. No knowledge of great music. Of bunch of scammers trying to steal money to get inside. Staff is corny with a bunch of corny bottle Instagram girls.they can’t dance either.

Alex McGinnis

I went to see Marco Carola on a Satuday night during Miami Music Week; purchased tickets online to go with a friend. Having read the previous reviews on the place (how the service was terrible, how the music wasn't good, how the staff sucked, etc), I was prepared for the worst. All I can say is I had an amazing time at this place. Marco can spin some AMAZING techno. I approached every bartender/bouncer with respect & politeness and they were great. Lorena (bartender upstairs) was very sweet. Chatted up with some beautiful patrons, soaked in the atmosphere, had a great time. So yeah, if you don't like techno, find some top 40s club to go elsewhere. Act like you're entitled to the staff and you'll probably be talked down to. Otherwise come and have a great time.

Deanca Wang

Save your money and go to Wynwood, I'd only come here if I'm with a group of people for protection (I was assault by one of the guards) and if one of my favorite DJS was playing!

Cleon jarrett's World

Cleon jarrett is the best host there

Oliver Taylor

Never have a bad time here! Good Music and celebrity DJs'. Pop in!

Pedro Moran

Awesome music. Awesome DJ.

Infamous Entertainment

Strict door but once your inside will have a good time

Maurice Cotter

Best not to go here unless you really enjoy being physically handled by bouncers. The weirdest thing is that there aren't any clear rules for where you're allowed to stand or dance, so these huge dudes just keep on grabbing you and moving you around for reasons that are basically inscrutable. A Kafkaesque nightmare of a place, probably the single worst venue I've ever been in. I actively wish ill on the management and owners.

Vicky West

One of my favorite dance clubs in Miami. Never a dull moment in here. Love it!!

Kseniya Zaslavskaya-Rosado

We bought tickets to go here for the Saturday during labor day weekend and even with tickets we had to wait in the upstairs bar area for an hour before being let in downstairs to dance. I was extremely disappointed in that and assume it was simply to enforce us spending more money. Super expensive: a plastic cup of vodka soda was a whopping $17! Dress code is very much enforced, and they're very strict with men.

Tamara Winter

I wouldn't even say I was partying last night, because it was so boring... no atmosphere, super annoying security, music was alright, but the crowd wasn't really doing much more than staring around or in their phones.

nigel pinkney

I had a great time once they saw money was being spent

Stephenie Porter

Got to Story at 10:50... they don't open till 11:00. My bachelorette party was the 2nd group of ppl to arrive. We asked the staff should we get in line and was ignored. When we decided to walk into line, a female worker who walked up looking like she was arriving to work got very rude and said... What are you doing?! Get out from the ropes. We don't open until 11:30. Tried to ask her if this was the line to get into and she said there is no line get out from the ropes. The tone was uncalled for. We spent 50$ on tickets in advance but was treated as if we were at the bar around the corner. I do not recommend this place because the hospitality is non existent. I don't do reviews but I paid too much money just to go somewhere to be treated in such a manner.

Xoua Xiong

First time here in Miami and was looking forward to their club. To my shooking suprise..i couldn't get in the club and they did not tell me a reason why i didnt meet their expectations. They just said i am not allowed. That was it. I felt so sad. I asked agian(which was only my 3rd time asking to confrim). The bouncer and I'm assuming manger yelled at me "leaving this Fuken place you Fuken Gook!!!" Thats when i was like. Screw it. This place isn't for me. I dont know what the deal is but its whatever. I dont want to deal with it as i dont like to spend my money there anymore. I wouldn't reccomend it.

Rajesh Subramanian

Terrible place. Snooty staff. Adrian on the door was particularly painful and greedy... shame, I guess this is the standard these days.

Xavier Gonzalez

Best e hookahs in south beach

Jessica Burbank

Well, I was very excited to go to story for the first time to see Steve aokie. I had gone to a concert before hand and arrived at story around 2:00 a.m. I walked towards what I thought was the entrance and the guy told me to go to the other side. (No problem). So we went to the other side and there were people waiting in front of us. The man that was letting people in, let the people in front of us in and then closed the rope. HE THEN COMPLETELY IGNORED US. We were waiting to get in and he didn’t even bother to look in our direction. He was wearing a light grey suit. We waited a couple minutes patiently as he STILL ignored us while talking to some tall blonde chick that may have worked there... I eventually said excuse me can we come in?? He was like oh, you want to come in?? he then let us in and started laughing with one of the bouncers. I paid for these tickets.... and I’ve never been treated like such garbage. Never going back. Guy at the front in a light grey suit letting people in at the Steve aokie concert thanks for ruining our night.

Philipp Heller

so this saturday was suposed to be a lil wayne kind of a concert? paied 40$ entrance, very overpriced drinks, so this guy came out at 4am to perform 15 minutes. what a scum. first and last visit in this club. I also confirm the strange structure of the club, everything is full of "vip" tables and you get pushed around by these bouncers to not stand around somewhere. Dancing is also difficult under these conditions....

Grace Van Eijk

BEWARE of this club. They do not monitor who they are letting in the club very well. They have a major theft problem. My phone was stolen out of my purse on the dance floor. I reported it to security and I was one of MANY waiting outside of the security office all reporting the same theft.

Raeh Lewis

Call Charles, the most professional and hospitable VIP host ever, book a table with bottle service and you will have the time of your life!!! I guarantee it great music, super ambiance and amazing fun.

Vladyslav Smetana

I love to visit the trance music concert this club has a top technology equipment but the space in there is not organized for dancing at the front of the scene people dancing in between of VIP zones and if you make a wrong step to the right or left security guy will tell you to get away from VIP people and they don't care that there is nowhere to step at the moment.

Chandra Wilson

WORST CLUB EVER!!! Came to see Marco and Nic Fanciulli during Miami Music Week (Music On). I’ve seen them many times in Ibiza and was looking forward to seeing them during WMC. Well, that was a big mistake. This club is the most ridiculous, pretentious, overpriced club I have ever been to. I’ve been clubbing all my life and have never experienced anything like what I experienced last night. The security staff was WAY over the top. The front of the DJ booth where I like to dance was completely restricted. A security guy constantly pointed his flashlight in your eyes telling you to back up on the dance floor. There had to be a space for people to cross in the front! So we went upstairs to the other bar. Apparently, we had to move away from the numerous VIP booths because we weren’t allowed to dance. Let me just say, this club will NOT survive. I felt like I was in a twilight zone back in the 80’s where the women wore miniskirts and the guys wore blazers and collared shirts to a club and people doing c*ke in the bathroom. If you are looking to hear good underground house/techno/dance music...go to Treehouse or SQL. Story is just some pretentious overpriced bullsh*t and any good house DJ should know better than to play a club that has mostly VIP tables than an actual dance floor!

Jeron Farrington

The club is beautiful but that's it, I went there last night to see a show which never happened the tickets said the show stated at 11pm we got there and waited until 1:30am and the Artist still was not there. But what made this horrible for me was that people were chain-smoking in there so much and there was no where to get fresh air I don't smoke so after an hour or so I was super lightheaded from all the smoke and had to leave, oh and there was no reentry so I just lost all the money I paid to stand and smell smoke, a high end club should at least have some no smoking areas.

Reza Roohanirad

Piss Poor service

Stephanie Encarnacion

BELIEVE THE REVIEWS. Artists are either LATE OR NO SHOW. It is very true when they say YOU CAN'T STAND ANYWHERE. BOUNCERS MAKE YOU KEEP MOVING! Also NO DANCING at the club. I got in with a promoter whom I didn't need because a guy handling the door invited us in as soon as we go to the front, so the promoter was useless. Not sure that would happen for everyone. I got there at 12AM. The drinks are extremely pricey. They REFUSE to serve you water in a cup. You MUST buy it and they are mini bottles at that. It was about 2AM and still no main attraction. They essentially play the same songs until the main attraction does show up. unless you have a table you cannot stand anywhere because the bouncers ask you to move every 5 minutes, which is just a ploy to get you to buy a table. The place is 85% tables, so anywhere you stand is bad. Not many people were dancing. This is just a place you go to, to say you went there, which is not my scene. I asked for Tito's vodka and they said they only had Ciroc (surprise surprise). This place is HORRIBLE. My boyfriend checked his bank account a few days later and the bartender TIPPED HERSELF 51% of the bill. The bank returned his money, but place is terrible.

Chad Ramlal

Lol they LITERALLY called a bouncer for me because I refused to pay for $12 waters as I had to drive home and instead drank from the tap in the Male bathroom. If you're shocked, imagine how I felt. Absolutely Ludicrous

Tony Truong

Bad experience paid for an artist that never showed up. There’s no dance floor and $18 for drinks and $9 for a Mini water bottle!! Don’t waste your money!

Simran Bazliel

Omg....NEVER, NEVER go there. I’ve travelled the world several times and I never came across such a horrible club ever before. It was $30 advertised online and when we got to the club, we were told it was $80 bucks each. We were told the high price was because Ludacris was hosting. We went in the place was packed, I mean butt to butt, back to back. Floors were wet and sticky. But we didn’t mind because we were going to see Ludacris. We Waited until 1:37AM and still did not Ludacris. Finally we left. The drinks were so high priced, people were freely smoking weed. Come on management, at least ban smoking inside. By the time I left, my eyes were shut close because of the smoking. Horriable experience and I will never go there and I will discourage others. There are other clubs around and they are good and inexpensive. Look at the reviews and stop overcharging and please stop the false advertisement.


Waited til 3:30 for TI to show, never saw him. Bouncers make you move every few minutes and keep bumping/pushing you around the place and shots are $18 a piece

Anthony Selvitella

Great club, 3 stars because my phone was pick pocketed.. they do warn you and really hold on to your stuff, it will be taken if in plain site

Estella Garcia

If I could leave 0 stars I would. The place is all sections NO dance floor. It was very upsetting. Such an unfortunate experience for my friends and I but we live and learn!

Roy C

We had an awesome time here. Wonderful music , drinks on point and just a blast . When in Mia it's a must goo. No doubt. Thank you Mike for the hook up. Party bus ride and straight into club. Niceeeeeeee

Mohamed Wahiba

I like this night club but the security they are treating people not good at all

Ashley Delgado

How in the F*** does a club this big only have one stall for the GIRLS. Im waiting an hour in line as Im writing this review. This is cruel and unusual punishment. Ridiculous!!!

Maxx Stiles

Staff was professional. Drinks were poured right. The bouncer walked me to the restroom. The bathroom attendant had every product that axe makes. Super nice people. Great time RL Grime was the best!!!

Raul Arroyo

Music is always amazing people are awesome just overall amazing nightclub

Dincer Akin Ozaydin

This is the worst night club I have ever been. They charged $100. Doesn't come with any drink which is fine. They don't even allow you to dance on the dance floor. VIP. In order to dance, you have to give a bribe to bouncer. He asked an additional $100 from me to be on the dance floor. Hell no.

Rebecca Roo

No where to stand if you don’t have a table. Bouncers were very rude. And the only place to stand smelled like puke.

Ryan Crossley

My favorite night club in south beach ♡ security is amazing and super helpful. The promoters are great is so is purple. He has mad energy

Shirlette Grogan

Don’t really want to give a star. The music selection is horrible and they hound you about where you stand in the club. If you don’t have a section it’s no point in you going! Will never come back again

Toni Reckley

Had a blast! DJ Khaled was in the building...


Drove by a few times to see the Halloween crowd...unbelievably amazing costumes!

Nick K

Watch your credit card if coming to this location. They charged more than they told us and after they said they would refund it...well they didn't. So I won't be back unless its to drop an upper decker.

Thu Phan

If I could give this nightclub a 0 star rating I would. My bachelorette party of 23 paid thousands of dollars to get the VIP experience here and they took us to a small section with a pillar wall in front of us and told us to pay more money to move to a different section with more “space”. So we paid the extra money and the bartender told us we would have the whole section and 10 minutes later, a group of girls and a few guys came to sit down. We complained about it and they told us that this was the promoter section... are you serious so did we pay for the promoter to have a section? Or did they sell our section to another group. It was an awful experience. We made the best of what we had but I would not recommend this club to anyone that’s looking for a good time in Miami.

Tiara Porter

We had a great time at this club!! We got the VIP package and only thing I hated was the 2 hour open bar thing....only because they only served us the "cheap stuff", no top shelf liquor included in the package. I did like how we didn't have to wait in line at the club. I WAS PISSED that we waited til 330 am before dipset showed up (Cameron, Jim jones) overall a good experience, but could use some improvements.


READ FIRST: BEWARE!! Very disappointed , dissatified and disgusted here is my STORY.. IM on vacation in Miami and have been to several nightclubs around the area , thought I'd give story a try since its supposed to be one of the "it" places. Very wrong ... if you want to deal with rude staff and bouncers and overpriced drinks then it's your deal otherwise I advise you to turn around now and SAVE YOUR MONEY .. you'll thank me later. It's not what its hyped up to be. This club is way to small for the amount of people they try to squeeze in very uncomfortable people were barely able to dance and on top of that no chairs just standing all night. You may sit it you pay about 2-6k for a VIP TABLE (insane). The crowd is also Younger I'm only 28 but I felt like I was in a room full of 18 year olds. On top of that I feel like some of the locals or regulars are favored I saw some girls walk in NO ID check or pat down and had TENNIS SHOES ON ..whattt!! I was LIVID because on the website it enforces strict dress code . We went out our way to follow only to find that they don't even enforce it. Ladies no flats or street shoes etc. Men no shorts or beach shorts and what did I see all of the above !!! I WAS mislead. The staff there is extra rude the bodyguard shined flashlights in people's faces very unfriendly. To say the least I took my $70 loss, stayed 30 minutes just to say I was there and bounced. If I was you steer clear, save your money and your time. There is way better clubs out there just not this one

Tomeka Borges

Great place to visit, nice and clear, plenty of waiters, and great music

Rob Beier

The bouncers were super mean

julia joys

Very bad environment. Rude staff. I had a very bad experience on that place. I will never go again and I won't advise anyone to visit this plce.

Silvina Camara

I went there this last weekend for my bday . The club and the service from the people that works there was awful. The security was rude with people that paid $60 for general admission only been nice with the vip people . Horrible . Black coffee was the dj and he was a disappointment too . Playing comercial music completely different that his normal music . If you want a fake place to show off this is the place . If you want really music sound and dance Go To Space !

Daniel Cordero

Went on a Friday night and it was an incredible experience. Club is full of entertainment, movement, and energy. Manger keeps everything running very smoothly. Recommend going in a group, dress nice. Everyone coming to Miami for the weekend needs to go!

Naureen Sadaruddin

If I could rate them zero stars I would. First of all, went for the French Montana concert and was there til 3:15 and he didn't show. Not only that, but the bouncers were pushing women around to move them out of the sections. Never is it okay to put your hands on women! I can't take my time back and money that I wasted but maybe they can change their policies about man handling.

Maggie Hua

We went for DJ Khaled - overall pleasant experience given that it was crowded and a mega club. I recommend buying tix ahead of time if possible - makes entry a lot easier.

Marissa Placido

Absolutely trash venue, if I could give 1 star I would.

Mike Fargnoli

Pros: Is a place filled with beautiful people. Cons: Is a place with the most pretentious people and staff I've ever encountered in my life. If you didn't fit their expectation of Armani suit toting, rolex watch wearing frat boy surrounded by high class models, you were pretty much only allowed on the dance floor...which you're not actually allowed to dance on for most of the night... Worst of all, the bartenders make the weakest drinks in Miami. I'd stay away unless you fit the aforementioned profile.

The greatest Ever

They are racist and they discriminate against plus size women don't go here spend your hard earned money someplace else.

America Jones

I bought tickets to see Lil Wayne for my birthday. Supposedly get there at 11. We stayed till 2 no Lil Wayne. I will be contesting my credit card. Its funny how these big places get rich on charging the middle class for there hard worked money. PS Lil Wayne your old music is way better than anything your producing today. It was a complete waste of money. Dont waste your time or money.

Syona Abdeen

Worst club ever - the bouncers try to get people to clear lanes which means that our entire time at the club was spent moving out of the way and any time we tried to dance they moved us away. The girls working at the club were miserable and would take it out on the patrons. I'm glad I got in with a promoter and didn't have to give this club any money. Would rate this club 0 stars if I could

Sean Roche

The most over priced VIP focused club in SoutBeach Miami. There it more VIP space than General Admission and the drinks are observably over priced and good luck with ordering a glass of water because the only serve $10 / 11oz bottle of waters. Ridiculous

Belly G

I came here because one of the bartenders at Foxhole recommended this place. We came and waited in line. While in line, we chatted with other people waiting in line. Supposedly they'd bought tickets online prior to coming - $40 each. I thought, "well, I don't mind paying the $40 at the door if this place is as awesome as everyone made it to be". Me and my friend got to the front and were told to walk up to the makeshift cashier outside of the club. "Two people? $400 please". My eyeballs almost popped out of my face. I'm not paying $200 just to step into a club. And anyone who does is a dumbass. Seriously. F this place. NOPE.

David J Leon

Here's the deal with Miami night clubs... they're all hit or miss especially depending on what day of the week it is, who's playing, who you go with, etc. I'm one of the few that preferred going to Amnesia over Story. Before the story transition happened it used to be known as Amnesia. Although Story is a very clean, well decorated venue with incredible visuals, stunning lights, and an incredible sound system... the crowd/atmosphere is not the same that it used to be. I will repeat it again though... the sound system is excellent inside and the music is amazing! The few times I've been to Story the DJs always put on a great show. It's true what the other reviewers have stated already... parking is a mission, and expensive! Don't go through that trouble... just take a uber or lyft instead. Once you do arrive there will be a big mob of people outside the club and it becomes a mission to get inside. Even if you do know a promoter it could be a successful early entry or result in waiting in line.

Farzaana Khan

Dont even waste your time. The bouncers are extremely rude. They let me in but my 2 cousins and husband not, I stood there asking why and the bouncer told me he did not let me in when in fact he did. Then while people were entering he yelled at me to get out. I got frustrated and told him I can't if people are coming in, I have to wait till they're done.. then he proceeded to rudely shove me out and said "get out and stay out" as I said before DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. And you shouldn't even support people who treat others like animals anyways.

brandi gray

I definitely hated this night club. It was a terrible experience, the best part was getting in for free, because it certainly wasn't worth paying for. I don't know if it was because of the holiday or what, but it was just awful. First, we got there early thinking the club would be crowded. When we got there the security kept telling us to stand anywhere. They didn't have a specific spot for a line. So when the club opened, I understood why they didn't have a real line, they randomly let people in, no matter when you got there or where you stood. It was very unorganized. Could have got there right when it opened and just walked up, hoping you'd get in first. Second, there was extremely heavy security. Maybe it was b/c it was the holiday, however there was an extremely large amount. It honesty felt uncomfortable. They were standing over people, staring people down and just honestly over intimidating. I didn't even feel safe. Thirdly, the drinks were like 18$ for like a glass big enough to be a double shot. It was so tiny, and definitely not worth it. But definitely drink before hand if you can't stand your heels ladies. The security would not let us take our heels off, even for a second. They harassed us to put them back on, even when we were off the dance floor. We literally had to go into the bathroom to take them off. I can normally tolerate my heels. But those floors were so hard. This was the worst club I have ever been too. They pump this place up like it's going to be the place to be. But it honestly wasn't. I didn't enjoy myself at all. We left early! I'm glad it was free!

Stephanie Ferrone

STAY AWAY! I went to Story for a bachelorette party and two girls in our group got their phones stolen right from their purse. When we informed security we found out this happened to 6 other girls within the same hour. The security was extremely rude, inconsiderate, and helpless. They clearly did not care about the situation that occurred. If I had to guess, the security is in on this scheme. They did not care one bit, in fact they were quite nasty and all of these other reviews seem to align with our story. Please stay away. I would not have gone if I read these reviews first.

Crystal Carter

If I could give 0 stars, I would. The security staff at this establishment are out of control. They manhandle women and are very disrespectful, including the security manager. For a birthday, one friend's license was slightly worn and they claimed they could not see her picture. They asked for another form of picture ID (that no one carries in a clutch). After pulling up a copy of her driver's license online, the security manager then asked her to go into the security settings on my phone for no reason (as another attempt to verify her identity... because the online photo with driver's license number and expiration date were not sufficient I guess), proceeded to ask for my ID for a 3rd time, etc. When I asked why he needed my ID again his reply was "Do you want to get in the club or not".. They were very snarky, insulting, and rude. The security inside was no different, physically handling people and moving them away from EMPTY sections, saying "You can't stand here". The club manager inside however, was very nice and helpful in resolving the sour mood, but overall I would pick ANY OTHER club to visit. Do not waste your time.

Franck Jiren

This nightclub is overrated. it is a waste of your time and money. there is basically no dance floor. the dedicated dance floor is occupied by VIP tables. the VIP tables surround the dance floor and there is another VIP table in the middle of the dance floor which give a small space to walk around the dance floor. Only people who bought the VIP table will be allowed to dance on the dance floor. the drinks at the bar were made out of cheap liquor and were too expensive. if you come the Miami to have a good time, Do not go to this night club!!!

Marcus Ledbetter

This club advertised that they were having Meek Mill at there place on Saturday night. Unfortunately that was not the case. From the promoters and even the DJ said that he was going to be there. I was there from 12:00 a.m. to almost 3 a.m. and no sign of him. So then I though well maybe he came after I left, until I read an article that said he ran into some trouble in Vegas trying to book a hotel on the same night. Had I known that, I would not even have went. Honestly, I had better time at Mango's and it was closer to my hotel. The "PARTY BUS" facilitated by promoters was a joke. Not to mentioned they over sold the "FAKE EVENT." Everyone that prepaid had a hard time getting in.

Alan Sims

Is this the only nightclub in the world that doesn't have a dancefloor? Get rid of the VIP section that no one was in (even on July 4) and let us cut some shapes. I wanted a cup of water and they tried to charge me $10

Kasper Hausted

I went there to see lil wayne and dance a couple times, the atmosphere is nice. The service people are beautiful and friendly, I liked the drinks. The dance floor is alittle bit too small. I would suggest building another floor with bulletproof glass as floor.

Kirk Aleman

Too much smoking going on everywhere, tough to enjoy what's going on when you're surrounded by cigarette smoke. Overhyped for sure.

Rob Mch

One of my favorite Night Clubs in Miami Beach but it's Expensive

DyNailsty Nail Studio

Love their urban vibe

Elena Bragg

ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER EVER EVER GO. My friend had her phone stolen, they found the guy that she literally witnessed take the phone out of her hands, and the club and police let him go... THEN they lost her camera and coat that she checked at the door. Pretty sure it’s some lowlife scam to steal from innocent girls

Nick Vice

Hands down my personal favorite club in Miami. I totally love the energy this venue brings. Club staff if very professional, sound & lights are world class, Drinks are fantastic. Much better than LIV in almost every aspect. This club treats you with respect & class unlike LIV which if you don’t plan on spending 10K+ VIP. You’re a peasant. I’ll continue visiting Story and spending some of the funnest times of my life there.

Jay Bakenhaus

The VIP host Ashley and the GM Mr Rob Garcia are top of the line at their jobs, and I know what I am talking about...have been to clubs all over the world via working in the music world myself for many years! Superb at detail and super courteous!! The VIP bottle girls Amanda and Courtnee where super friendly and attentive! Love the atmosphere and the sound is superb!! It is not a night out but a experience!

Matthew Meinecke


Nicole Freire

Drinks were less expensive than other clubs in Miami. Still expensive and over priced, just less so than other places. Almost got knocked over by two bouncers that were walking dancers to the stage. Imagine being in 4inch heels, holding your overpriced drink while 2 HUGE dudes plow into you. That was definitely a bummer but I did manage to save my drink and not fall. The staff outside checking tickets/id's were nicer than most places. I enjoyed the music. Overall one of the better clubs in Miami.

Lawn and Maintenance

Terrible place to go. Drinks are $17, entrance is $60 and they make you move every five minutes! Steer clear. Not a place to visit if you are interested in a classy joint.

Artsiom Rybak

Perfect place to have fun and dance. Before going to Miami, I recommend that you check out the future events of this nightclub, because there are a lot of famous DJs performing there.

lauara b

I came here on April 7th only to see DJ Khaled perform. I went with 9 of my friends and we decided to get a booth. We ordered a grey goose bottle and spent close to $700 usd (insane). As we were enjoying our night this man used my friends body who was sitting at our booth to viciously get to me, He pushed her head down and shoulder he literally assaulted her like it wasn't even a big deal. Scared after seeing what he just did to my friend he told me in such anger to get out I was confused and asked him why he said because these are promoters booths and you can't be here (clearly he was a promoter for Story). Unaware of what he was talking about I told him nicely we were put here and purchased the bottle on our table and that we weren't leaving. Frustrated with me he went back to his booth beside us. He came in with at least 15 girls and he was sorting them on their looks and placing the "hottest" at the top to dance. It was honestly 1 of the most hurting things I've ever seen. After a half hour our bottle was finishing and this lady who wasn't our bottle service girl told us we had to leave. I asked her why and she said because your bottles pretty much done. Long story short DJ Khaled came on stage at 2:35am (ridiculous) hardly performed, he made the crowd sing because for some reason I realized that day he only says "DJ Khaled" and we got kicked out of our booth 20 minutes before he came on and finally performed. He is legit 1 of the worst celebrities I have ever seen perform in a club. As for Story they lack customer service they placed us in a booth and kicked us out when someone came in with more money, our $700 was only good for them for 2 hrs. Be aware before spending money here.

Christian Vonthron

Great Club! Great atmosphere! Party was amazing! See you STORY Nightclub!

G Tagg

Beware. They quietly add charges to your bill as the night progresses, thinking you won't notice. Be vigilant on your table here.

Art Shelest

Good music, good people. But no reentry, even with tickets.

Tapan Sabnis

Worst club I’ve been to.

Anthony Paladino

STORY is a Vegas-style nightclub and undoubtedly my top pick for clubbing in Miami. The layout of this megaclub makes bottle service ideal, so I'd highly recommend making a reservation in advance to ensure your spot. Special shoutouts to our servers Sofia & Sheldon and security guard Gary who went above and beyond in accommodating our group; we will definitely be back!

Edouard Saint Pierre

It's a very good club. They are conpeting with the big clubs such as LIV, E 11,. They are doing fine. The only problem is the DJ who, sometimes, plays the same music over and over..

Chanel Gianelli

I had my bachelorette party here with 8 of my beautiful friends! The promoter I worked with was Gina and she as great! She got us in super quick and we had a table set up for us in a great location (right by Fat Joe's table) from start to finish we had a fabulous time! Our waitress was on point and the bouncers were awesome always making sure our group was doing good and quick to get rid of any unwanted clingers ;) I will defiantly be back! Oh and the music was the best early 2000 hip hop mixed with top 40!!!

Curt Jacques

Getting in around midnight took 20 minutes, not too bad. 70% of this venue is tables, so the dance floor feels cramp. Having the bouncers stare through the cracks in the bathroom stall at me, presumably to make sure i wasn't doing drugs, was sketchy. Very good sound system. Priceless people watching. Fun night but not my favorite venue.


Probably in fact most definitely the most I paid into to get in a club. $80 dollars and T.I.P was there on the night we went however, the music and the DJ became irritating. It was not worth it and if you’re thinking of going, I’d go to LIV. It looks fancy and VIP but doesn’t feel it. At least I got to hear TI sing his two well known songs otherwise The rating may be non existent. More hype than substance.

Michelle R

Went to this club for my birthday with seven of my friends. First of all it took one of my girls 30 minutes to get in because the bouncer did not want to let her in because her id had "water damage". I found that hard to believe when she flew out here with the same exact id but whatever. The bouncers are extremely rude and insulting. There is no dancing room unless you pay extra to STAND in, the middle. I could write a damn, book about how horrible this place is but to make a long story short, don't waste your time or money on this place.

Lotan Ben Porat

One of the best place that I ever been. Thanks for everyone that works there whose given me to have fun and enjoy from the best nightlife in Miami. The amazin bodyguard, the lovely bartender, the great supervisor and the most quality of music. You have been gave me an unforgettable experience

Queen Nina

Don’t waste your time! They discriminate like crazy here. Everytime we stood somewhere they forced us to move and said go on the dance then we get to the dance floor they told us we couldn’t get on the dance floor. Don’t waste your time.

Dodidos . com

After club liv, story second best club in Miami Beach amazing ambiance


Wonderful night club in Miami! #iwannabeadj recomended for you

Jonathan Moccia

I will not come here because of the reviews. Horrible.


Is it Future or maybe it's Story, but either way, they descrimate against voluptuous women with authentic, banging curves (Nao). And for that alone, I can not support this bottom excrement of a place. No wonder so many women have a complex about their bodies down here in Miami and south Florida. For shame.

Stijn Vreys

Overpriced. Overrated. Just don't go, especially when some famous rapper is supposed to come (21 savage) you will be waiting all night paying to much for drinks and no one wil show up

Brittany Bourgeois

Its definitely a high life night club, it was my first time in Miami and because I got a party package through another company and Gucci Mane was performing that night I picked this club. The bouncers are constantly moving you around, they are rude and I’m like 95 pounds it doesn’t take much to move me, they don’t even give you a second as other people are walking in front of you to let them pass and then move. I had no idea where we could really stand, nowhere to sit unless you bought a VIP table. Water is $9 damn dollars and they don’t offer tap so get your saliva ready. Gucci Mane who was supposed to be performing at 11:30 walked in at 2:30am, the DJ kept announcing he was in the building but all he was doing was standing in VIP he came on an hour later, mumbled some of the chorus to two of his songs and was out!!!! I paid $75 just to say I stood in the room with Gucci Mane basically. That was no performance at all and they just used his name to get people there. The freaking DJ just wouldn’t let a damn song play all the way like we trying to vibe and get into it and all of a sudden BOOM new song. The only compliment I can give were the girls dancing in their outfits were awesome! And the creepy blinged our alien but probably wouldn’t do it again unless I bought a table if that.

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