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1934 Hollywood Blvd #9, Hollywood, FL 33020, United States

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REVIEWS OF Spice Resto-Lounge IN Florida

Christopher Newman

Great place with fantastic music and dancing. Food is outstanding.One of the best experience that i've had,the really know how to make a great party

Berenice Flores

Good music, they have live shows, dancers and live music as well, Latin music

Alexander Figueroa

all its amazing, except for the food... super expensive and portions size really small. Shrimps Cocktail: 3 jumbo shrimps with sauce for $16 its ridiculously.... and then ask for Chichen fingers: 3 pieces of chicken with mustard sauce ffg or $8.]0.. very disappointed!

Maria Paula

It’s a great place but the hookah service needs improvement

Mueen Patankar

I always came to this place and drinks are $12 including tips. I always tip depending on service. Today the blonde waitress charged me $15 and embarrassed me asking for more tips. Spoke with the Manager and he said he will chieck on her. She overcharged me and wanted more money. I will never come back and would not recommend to any one else..the blonde waitress is rude and always a noxious she needs to gio. One year and this is the loyalty. Watch for your money and ask for receipt.

elvis james

The food was very good, I generally don't like places with automatic tips, I mean I always tip, and appropriately, but the service always seems different when tips are automatically included..... I haven't been when there is the dancing and etc... seems like it gets too packed for my liking, bit the food was great.

Fitzcarl Reid

I had a wonderful 48th May Day birthday dance here. No time to take photos. I was too busy dancing with the very very lovely ladies there.

sf e

Came here twice, they have live music on both times and a lot of dancers, performances, you don't get bored in this place, the energy is great and the staff too

mohamed Hussein

It's nice place not fancy however working all weekdays not like others clubs working in weekend only

Vitaliy K

The place charges $5.75 to change a charcoal and on receipt they put hookah refill. The hookah is cheap and horrible taste, would not recommend at all.

Luis Bedoya

Just the place were no matter who you are you will be happy to be .

Loyda Diaz

Very nice latin dance club, live latin music, good looking people, good drinks. Good for Latin and non Latin people who enjoy listening and dancing latin music!

Mariia Komarova

Good music and show. 5stars for that But! smoking inside- horrible! Hot girls barthenders, but if you are not a guy they serve you like you are not deserve their attantion ! That is sad . And the bottle of what 6$, INSAINE.

marie l

The live music is good, the waiters and waitresses are good. But if you don't go with a dance partner it is very difficult to find anyone to dance with. In addition, they forget about salsa, merengue, and bachata. The music is regetton and techno. So salsa lovers, this is not your place. But if you like gorgeous guys to dance, the distraction is good.

Marcos Irizarry

Great place to hang out and listen to live music. They do have shows and resonably priced drinks.

Olesja Shatkhin

Terrible customer service!!! We came here with my girlfriends, ordered drink and appetizers, then we decided to go to dance. We told our wietress that we were coming back and were going to order more drinks . While we were dancing, the waitress found us on the dance floor, handed us the check saying that we have to pay it now since they gave our table to someone else. Not to mention our food and drinks were not there. We were forced to pay the bill for drinks we didn't even have a chance to drink . The night was ruined, my friends left right away. When i tried to get the waitress's or the manager's name, they simply refused to give it to me, which is against the law. The service is very unwelcome, very rude and disrespectful. Never ever will I go there again and would never recommend this place to anyone!!!

joe mamma

Best watermelon martinis in south florida

Sandra Gil

A lot people smoking that’s not a positive experience for me and my group and the band is so so, they need to coordinate the sound.

destroyer Cody

Just gonna stay there all night.

Rob Snyder

Great place with fantastic music and dancing. Food is outstanding.

Luis Fernandez

We visit this place almost every weekend. The staff is very welcoming, the band is amazing. Our favorite bartenders are Erika and Mai. The only one thing I would change is the AC, most of the time is too warm. 100% recommended!

Paola Escobar

Good food, nice service and great orquesta

david olivo

Smoking inside, the bathroom have a tip charge & small space club.

Eric Ortiz

We had a wonderful time! The dancers/performers were incredible! We love this spot!

Juan Patiño

Good place


They still charge to go in? The place has good music, however, the waiters need a lot of work. I'm currently reporting an unauthorized tip... after the additional $16 added tip. Waiter didn't deserve $16, but I decided to leave it there.

Rene Pierre-Gilles

Great music , nice staff , and affordable drinks. Best place to go on weekends if you love dancing and latin music !

Marco Koevoets

Latin bar, cover fee can be extremely high for Hollywood standards (up to 20 bucks on a saturday). If you are into latin music I can recommend this place.

Ismail Günaydin

Nice location with live music&shows

Star Dunham

Great service , and drinks are delicious I would give 5 stars but smoking is allowed

Sergio Maldonado

Forget about Mangos You must visit this club Friendly atmosphere, Friendly servers, live music, good drinks....

Annabel Cruz

Best Nightclub in Hollywood. Nice Staff, Great Music, pleasant atmosphere. Best days to visit: Fridays & Saturdays


the music and atmosphere is amazing! My problem is with management. We made a reservation for 10 people, the manager said we needed to get 2 bottles 200$ each (without even asking which bottles we wanted). We got there the day of, made a long line, spoke with the lady at the register she said we needed to pay 15$ (Instead of the 5 originally quoted) we told her we had a reservation etc, she said she could do 5. I went out side to get 2 ppl that were still outside and they made my whole party go outside to make the line again. I spoke to who appears To be the manager and explained the situation, he said if I was paying cash I could go on the other entrance.... we pay, go in, then a server tells us we lost out reservation (the First Lady at the register could have told us this), the server was sweetheart though, she really tried to accommodate us but we were too many for the small table that was available. The server went to talk to the manager to see if they could apply the 55$ I paid to the bill... manager said no. We were going to stay anyway and order 2 bottles... in fact we did stay, we are here right now and we are spending money here. I don’t think the manager has managed the situation properly. I don’t recommend to do reservations at this place. Terrible management!!!!

Larissa Del Toro

Great place to have fun, just needs more air, too hot!!!


Worst place ever, no customer service ever. Avoid by any chance, you have to pay for entrance 10$ for live music

Silvana Garcia

Been with a friend two weeks ago and had a fantastic time. Lovely crowd. Regards from Buenos Aires!!!

Derick Ferreira

I got a bj on the dance floor. Love this spot.

Norman Downs

Went there with friends and service and shows were great.....I mean girls were excellent.

anthony b

Love the live music, never a dull moment. The only problem is if you need to use th bathroom or go to the other side of the club, you have to push your way through the mob of people on the dance floor, not really a big deal but hey what do you expect it's a club. Good looking and fun hostess and bartenders.

Ani Lopez

Good music, brazilian show and the attention is excellent.

dimos geron

Good club. nice girls good music.

Nicole Cecchetto

I always go there amazing place

Dolores Brownstein

I was visiting from California and someone recommended this place and friend and I was great.. love that the servers and bartenders are also dancers .. the Latin band that was playing was great.. very friendly staff and bathrooms are clean.. definitely recommend this place.. for dancing, and live entertainment. and the band that was playing were great.

Gil Araujo

Stupidly was away more than it needs to be

Leslie Roman

I will give this place a good rating but the fact that in 2017 they allow people to smoke inside the place, I have to give it a low rating.

Lori Ingram

It is soo hot on the dance floor and everybody just Looks so Good! Eye Candy Galore!


One of the best experience that i've had,the really know how to make a great party

Mitchel Serna

Super fun place! Theres a really good variety of spanish music and alot of dancing music which is my favorite. Gets pretty packet too

Pedro Henriquez

All way is good time..Friday...and Saturday..nice show..good band...good music. is a lot THE people...that's days Peter

Luis De Leon

Nice place to dance, drink, enjoy music and by 3 am you will call off work because you are planning to stay until the sunrise!!!

Russ R.

Probably the most entertaining place in Hollywood Beach Fl. Staff is pretty friendly, which creates nice vibes. Sometimes they charge $5 cover, which i believe is pretty affordable. Hookahs could be better :)

Amore Rodriguez

Such a fun night!! Loved the live band, salsa was so fun, and the Brazilian music break was so much fun!

Ademir Batista

I always have a great time with my friend at Spice. The food is good and the bartenders are super cool. Erika makes the best drinks :)

Dmitriy Shames

Went with some friends for a night out. Can't say anything about the food as we didn't get any. You needed to purchase a bottle to have seats and the prices were way out there. They music was so loud to the point you need to yell into someone's ear to hear something. It was very lively on a weekend night but also uncomfortable since it was so packed for such a small place, couldn't move without bumping into someone.

Mike German

Nice Lounge but last thing you want to see is some dudes dancing like it's whack ass cheap ass Magic Mike come onnn bruhhhhh seriously!!!!

Valerie Moreno

Unfortunately their Valet company is the most rudest people. They called a towing company when I had parked before 5 for dinner with my family. We were getting out by 6 and it was too late. The guy was extremely rude and disrespectful

Frank Aybar

Good Service, good ambient ... very good music live and DJ exelent customers services

Frank Salazar

Atmosphere is good...its a inside outside spot with couches,tables ect and bring whatever you want while enjoying the hookah

Roseli Oliveira

I went there last night with my friends and my kids is not because I like the please is because is the only place I can bring my kids under 18 with me. my friend went to the bar try to get some drink the manager was there and she told my friend you can't stay on this side of the bar but the waitress what's took her debit card already. and my friend say I waiting for my debit card and the manager push my friend and start fights with my friend. I think this is very rude and unprofessional very low class person this person is not supposed be managing at any place ,I told my friend to take her to the cort for physical aggression . I'm very disappointed I never go back to this place again .

Sonny Rosa

Awesome place for adult night life

Rhonda Aspenson

It's definitely Disneyland for .everyone is happy and nice!!!!!

Leon D

18 AND OVER IS WONDERFUL . Great variety of music. Wonderful Dance shows.

Roberto Cabo Fernández

Awesome place lol

Eddie Forrest

Favorite place to go in Hollywood friendly staff an friendly attentendees, strongest drinks around!!! Will def come back again!! Thanks for the experience!!

Dylan Rickenbacker

They have some beautiful bartenders here, especially the one with the big curly hair ;-)

Ana Cecilia Collins

DISSAPOINTED bad customer service I went there last night with my friends and sister and order some drinks and appetizers then we decided to go and dance with the live band up front. The waitress came to ask me for my credit card and also asked if we were going back to the table my answer was yes, but when we get back we were moved to a table for 2 people and we were 5. They waitress said the manager send her to switch tables and the manager said it was a mistake. Very dissapointed the way they thread customers, no respect at all. What type of employees does the owner hired. I will never come back again.

Angela Owens

Good music, great energy. Fun!

Mishi Ahmed

Came here one time with a couple of friends and had a great time! The DJ plays great Latin music and it was hella fun! The place does get a little crowded but we didn't mind. The dance floor is more fun with a lot of people! I didn't try the food yet but maybe next time.

Nadine Dee

Love this place! Amazing live music And entertainment! Weekends its mixed between latin/salsa and commercial music. Wed,.Thurs and Sun it's for salsa and bachata lovers.

Lilliana Comery

Nice entertainment club. In the heart of Hollywood

Marc Marc

Great Place , to drink , to enjoy your time, to dance , (I can't dance )

Kenzies Progress

If you like spanish music and dancing then you will definitely love this place. Free on weekdays and priced on weekends. Its a nice place with great looking staff.

Blue Fantagiro

Always fun :-) Hello from Chicago

Beverly Garcia

Second time going and had a great time! My only issue was that the place was over-crowded.. can't really dance bachata salsa.. wish they would relocated to a bigger place so people can enjoy a good dance. But fun everyone that works there seems friendly. I would keep coming back in the future..

Erin Batye

Went here on vacation and had a ton of fun drinks were just pricy.

mlg30578 dez

Good music and intertainment ,food and drinks are great try the blue margaritas and quesadillas staff is also friendly.

Carlo Suijkerbuijk

Very good place for Salsa dancing on Sunday-night.....

joan gonzalez

Just stopped in for a quick drink with a friend. Man, this place is hot! Very welcoming with great music.

Tenacious Traveling

Nice place if your looking to see some dancing or dance yourself to Latin music. Very lively atmosphere. A true Miami Latin feel. The drinks are okay, kind of price for me.

Maylin Bermudez

If you want a good time out & party until u can’t no more... come to Spice!!! Trust me you won’t regret it!!! In my personal opinion one ☝️ of the best night clubs in town!!!

Juan David

Great place to dance

Stefania Lazzaro

Nice place sexy lady's handsome men great fun

Antony Varga

This place is awesome! Great music, okay hookah, great vibez. Plus the servers are beautiful and very attentive. My girlfriend and I had a beautiful night here!People complaining about the hookah need to calm down ... this is a club they don’t specialize in hookah... there is plenty of other moving parts that they are doing right. The staff, music , and live performers really make this place come alive.My girlfriend loved this place !

Sara Marti

This is an imitation, wanna be Mangoe's night club. I brought about 15 guests from out of town and through it would be a great idea to show them a local Latin club; nevertheless, this club has the most pathetic, unprofessional and had the most rudest waitresses. I have never seen such ill-mannered bartenders. It is understood that this is Latin club but this is also AMERICA, where English is the native language . I have been to other low end clubs where the service is exquisite!!. Not only was there a cover fee but the club seems to be filled to capacity. After waiting for about 20 minutes for service, the waitresses kept walking around my table with no response. All of my guests ordered drinks individually at the bar. One bartender who spoke no English had to have someone translate but she had the most attitude. My guests ordered about $300 worth of over-priced drinks,we left because she was so racist because we didn't speak Spanish. So just she understands, I am not the one looking a CHEAP ******. Customers like myself pays, which is why you make money. I hope the owner reads this comment along with the other 1 star comments. Please train your employees accordingly. This is an industry that brings money to your pocket but will jeopardize your business with the comments from myself along with the other comments below. Also, please be sure to cater for a DIVERSE crowd rather than just having non-English speaking bias ugly bartenders/waitresses. Not recommended as this a bias club with no understanding of customer service. There are classes that can assist with this type of issues.

Bernie Maribona

Super fun place... Great food and music... A must goto to experience. A+

Amadou Manga

Great place to visit in Downtown Hollywood, Fl


Upbeat vibe and they keep the show going, dancers are packed with energy and do a great job, overall very entertaining.

Carlos Mendoza

Great place to enjoy with Latin music, live band with vivid rithms, performing dancers, variety of drinks. Waiters are so friendly. Super music both actual and hits from the past. Nice shows. Good food. This is the way we, latin people, enjoy life: being happy and sharing our happiness to everyone around. Suggestion: arrive early so you can get a table and avoid to pay $10 at entrance after 10:00. If you go in group, you'll enjoy it even more.

kai gechter

A good place to ha e fun with friends , good music

Marti C

Great music, great environment and great service. You sure will have a unique experience and a awesome time with friends. Live music and great drinks and food all in one place.


Great Music, great mixed crowd, eat drink and dance, good live band :) :) :)

AYMARA Rodriguez

So much fun great place and people we coming back again

Perfect 3:16

This is the place to be it got it all great Music Food and of course the drinks and the best customer service

Almas Rakhimov

Very very very loud and really packed. The music is mostly latino and Brazilian. Drinks are some what overpriced and extremely strong. The entrance is 10$. There is a live band who sing and dance. You may smoke inside

Jackie Enciso

Great place to go dancing...parking is hard but other than that the shows are great

Lars Bröhne

Better than Mango :)

Marco Pereira

Always have a good time with the wife here

Badea Ana Maria

Really nice place to dance, listen to live music and have a good night out with friends. I enjoyed the entertainment and the service was good.

Freda Fosu

great music great entertainment but small space


very god we had allot of fun only 10$ to get in and very god energy

Zack Carter

Great Latin dance club and the food was delicious too.

Cheriezson McNally

Complicated place to rate because of both sex bar dancing. But live music, dancers, good scenery based on preference, good music

Marcos Barboza

Good DJ, the band should stop changing merengue to salsa.

Christopher Warren

Live Latin music with an attractive wait staff

S Glover

One of my favorite restaurants in downtown Hollywood. Good strong drinks and the salmon with salsa Delish!

Rous Betancourt

Small, little, overpriced a place where people is stepping all over you! There is no place to Stand or dance not even on the VIP it was just a nightmare! If you like the sardine effect is a perfect place to go..... But for me never again.

Haitian Sensation

lol that night we was club hopping and the staff was so kool and lay back

Andrés Patiño

If you can dance a little bit you are good, I wish I was better though

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