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REVIEWS OF Mango's Tropical Cafe IN Florida

sandra rod

Giving it 4 start as I didn’t get to taste the food. But if you looking for good music and ambience this is the place to go. Has two floors with different music and a outside sitting chill area on the second floor . Location is bigger than Miami and much more fun!

Yes R

It was a nice place to celebrate an occasion. The performances where fun and great. Only thing that wish was better was the attentiveness of the waitress. Our drinks where empty and it was not until the end that I requested for a refill. Food was delicious

Stanley Johnson

My wife and I went there on our vacation. The show was by great. The performances were spectacular. All of the acts were quite colorful. The Michael Jackson show was the best. The impersonator was sit on. The food we had was delicious. Everyone had a great time. Try to catch the show down there if you can.


Great experience!! A wonderful and different dinner show! Food, service, and entertainment were all great! If you’re looking to do a dinner show and are sick of Medieval Times, go here!!!

Kristen Pughe

This is non-stop entertainment ... wow! The food was surprisingly good with large portions, however the prices were a bit steep and we didn't like that we had to get at least a $40 meal package to avoid a $20 fine for one person who just wanted a drink and appetizer. The variety show was a little disjointed with so much going on, but perhaps sticking to an overall theme or a few themes would improve it!

Kim Waters

My son & daughter surprised us with dinner & Show here. It was 5 adults and my 3 granddaughters. We love, love this place. Food/drinks were GREAT and the show was Excellent, the performers Were very good. I have been to Vegas Shows...they have nothing on Mango’s. My granddaughters; ages 4,5 and 6 had a ball, they got to dance on stage with the performer. This is a great family place, I would not take kids under 3 years because the show music may be too much for their ears. If you want a wonderful experience then Mango’s is the place.

Cynthia Jenkins

Great place for a celebration. The food's just fair for the price

Judanuwa Brown

As a regular at Mangos, the Voodoo Room used to be the place to be on a Saturday night with DJ Squeak but lately they’ve changed DJ’s and the new guy SUCKS. Instead of dancing the night away there’s a lot of standing around in between songs from a playlist that’s NOT UPDATED AT ALL & having to listen to records in their entirety...really lame. Now, I prefer going downtown, paying for parking or taking the chance on getting my car towed from illegal parking, walking a half mile to get to the club of my choice, buying overpriced bottles, getting liquor spilled on me in a overcrowded space, watching overly drunk 21 yr olds vomit on the sidewalk & hoping I don’t get robbed on the way back to my car. The DJ sets the mood of the club and this new guy is HORRIBLE...and that’s saying it nice. I know that me and my crew will not return until Squeak returns or I find out where he’s DJ’n currently. The vibe he brought to Mango’s is gone...and so are we. FAREWELL MANGO’S

Lori Carmona

Lively upscale classy cultural immersion. Top notch service. Even in the restroom an attendant waits on you like royalty! Music compels you to dance and the atmosphere is festive. Highly recommend. Adult scene as there are three bar areas. Art is everywhere and sea life swims by the portholes over one of the bar areas. Full band area like something straight out of Havana. Definitely go; not to be missed.

The Zig

The entertainment was great. The food was horrible. I had the ravioli and the sauce was so bad, I couldn't eat it. The sauce tasted like they used a red wine that had a really bad taste to it. Sometimes with Italian dishes, simple is better.

Easily Amused

Amazing Entertainment. Will go back!

Christa Nelson

The atmosphere was electric. The food was wonderful and the portion sizes were very generous. The service was exceptional. The show was fun, entertaining and engaging. Well worth the money. I enjoyed everything about it right down to the attendants in the bathroom.

Kiyah Xtra

The ambience and decor was very festive and inviting...The music, show, food and drink were excellent..Friendly, live, energetic fun staff was great..Cool atmosphere..

Vini Singh

Another tourist bait in the area. Music is alright and VERY loud, which is okay if that is what you want. But the service here is poor, unless you want to get the highest priced drinks or shots that are being passed around.

Rony Ahmed

Very nice place. Saturday night entertainment is awesome

Suheil Andujar

It was really loud in here. Couldn't have a conversation without even saying huh a few times. The food is good but not great considering how expensive it is. Our server was great and very friendly but the service was slow. It had to at least been 10 minutes maybe more before she even came over to introduce herself. She never took a drink order and I had to ask for water while we looked over the menu. I had to ask for our desserts. It seems she forgot. The drinks we ordered were pretty good and looked great. The show was awesome from the parts we saw. We couldn't see it too well from the 2nd floor seeing we were seated right behind a post. But at least they had TVs to watch it from.


I witnessed one of the bartenders use the restroom and NOT wash his hands. Pretty disgusting. However, show was amazing. Servers are not attentive. My table was left without drinks for long periods of time. Not comfortable when you have rice stuck in your throat. My dish had no flavor. I ordered the chicken "caribbean creole" and it tasted like they threw chicken strips inside of tomato sauce.

Jose G Barazarte

Me and mi wife had a bad experienced...nobody served a beer in a bottle to a woman.. especially if you asked first time and the second time waitress do the same..

Rob Anonymous

Rude staff, overpriced. If I could give less stars I would. This is a terrible place, don't waste your money.

Jose Rodriguez

It's a great "Dinner and Show"! The food was very delicious, the drinks were exquisite; the show was absolutely entertaining (the Michael Jackson tribute was one of the highlights). I would love to come back again soon!

Aveson Andrews Dolphy

If you’re going to eat, not a great option! Over priced and stale food will be served to you. However the entertainment was good but the staff didn’t inform us that they’re closing at 10pm. I was rushed to finish my food so that they could close the area. Please fix this. I won’t be bringing my tour here anymore.

Arjun Kansara

I had my birthday here and honestly it was one of the best birthdays ever. There was excellent service, my bartender Shaka took really good care of me, and whenever i go back, i will definitely be at his bar. He made my birthday feel special and was really friendly with myself and my group. My wife especially loved his drinks as they werent overly sickly sweet like we have experienced in most places. The show was great and i loved the fact that my bartender was dancing behind the bar too, it really was a great atmosphere and its nice to be in a place where everyone is having so much fun!

Adel Badiee

Such a horrible experience! They charged us 39 freaking dollars per person and brought us wrong food! Service is also horrible and food quality was bad! Do not recommend AT ALL!

Gregory Harris

Food was not great the show was horrible amateur people that I guess thought they could sing because music was so loud you couldn't here them almost two hundred spent for two people 2 fifty dollar meals one 40 dollar drink 25 dollar service charge and than a tip expensive considering food was bad

Jon Messenger

Great place to have fun but it comes at a price. Not only is mangos expensive it's service was terrible. The bar staff is friendly enough but not very attentive or quick not to mention the bar is huge so they can't hear over the music and have to say your order over and over till they finally understand what you want. It also took us 20+ minutes to close a tab had to ask 3 bartenders until one got us settled. The voodoo room is great and plays different more club style music as opposed to the main stage. I'd go back but probably not get bar drinks.

SD White

What a great place for an evening outing!!! The food was good with nice portion sizes and the drinks were awesome. Most of the performers expressed such great level of stage presence and talent. What stood out the most was the customer service. I was celebrating my birthday, and the staff went above and beyond to make me feel special. The atmosphere was fabulous! If I can make one recommendation, I would suggest to a few dancers to focus a bit more on stage presence and emphasizing moves.

Sora Strickert

The performances are very entertaining but overall, didn't find the dinner show to be worth it. The food served isn't very good. Paying $12 for parking plus $39-59 for mediocre food Definitely NOT worth the hype.

Vida Hosseinpour

My buddy and I had a wonderful New Year’s Eve in Mango’s tropical cafe! They made a memorable night for us with their graceful and professional dancers! I highly recommend this place to those who are interested in dancing!

Jennifer Pereira

Overall a decent place to go. But I liked it better when they didn't have the late show so you'll have a party after 11pm. Now the show ended at 12am and the people on the tables weren't leaving so you can have a dance floor. While they left it was like 1am already and you didn't have any chance to dance to the DJ because they close at 2am. So, you practically loose your cover fee and the drinks are very expensive, plus now they charge for parking too. Not worth it.

Rebecca Martin

Place looks even better from inside. The vibe is great and lot of friendly faces. Had a blast and definitely will be coming back next time I’m in town.

Andrew Morales

Awesome food, dance, music and fun! A little pricey but worth it. Check it out.


Fun concept, but needs improvement. The area is nice, show and music fun. Took over 30 min for us to even see our waiter on our reserved table, the poor guy was running like crazy and even had to dance on stage at some point, they just need to hire more people took close to an hour to get a drink, was about to walk to the bar haha. The food was good, but the drinks were not good at all, over priced and I honestly don’t think they were putting any alcohol in it. I am a SUPER light weight, had 4 or 5 different ones, was super full and felt zero alcohol effect. Didn’t love the taste either, margaritas were not good....please make some adjustments on the drinks. Other than that it was alright...not sure I would go back.

Delia Tirado

Really nice, great service and the show is really fun to watch. but the food is over rated, the food menu you have to order from while watching the show is not worth it unfortunately, and I could honestly say I been to a lot places to eat and pay way more than what I did at Mango’s but they need to come up with a better menu. Other than the staff is very friendly and place is very clean

Karol L Davis King

Fun place to go!!! Just recently relocated to Orlando was walking by. The security invited us to come in and was able to celebrate my Birthday with others!!! Dancing on the stage was soooo much fun!!! Can't wait to go back!!

Trevor Roberts Jr

Entertaining show. Some features on the show are not as family-friendly, but that is not Mango's fault; my timeshare person told me it was. Dinner food needs improvement. Chicken tacos were dry, bland and, stuffed with more lettuce than anything else. The ravioli barely had any flavor. If I go there again, it will be for dessert (the flan was excellent), drinks, and the show, only. I would not eat dinner again there.

Leann Emery

Place is a party type atmosphere but not for a party of one. It took 30 minutes before anyone took my order for even a drink then over an hour to be served food. Food was good but expensive. The waitress was very nice and kept apologizing. I went to restroom and my table was completely cleared before I was even back. I was in an odd spot so people from the bar section kept coming very close to my table to take pictures of the show to the point of leaning over my table. My space was definitely invaded. This is not a family show unless you have older teenagers. This is a Los Vegas type show with skimpily dressed men and ladies. It was an experience but I will pass next time I have the opportunity even if I am with a group.


Nice place beautiful! Only bad thing no where to sit, especially was my 1st time by the end of night feet were soo tired , but other than that nice place

Gloria Salazar

There should be a disclaimer that if you make your reservation late you will pay for dinner but will be seated where you cannot see the show. If you advertise dinner and show all seats should be visible to the show. False advertisement. We will stick to our Mangos in Miami. Just got here and ready to leave.

Judy Rae Fortier- Sanchez

Oh so fun. The stage show was off the hook and they pour great drinks. This place has a large dance floor and the DJ was impressive. You will want to spend the whole weekend at Mango’s Lots of room, with an upper floor that has as much space as the lower level.

Eric Sola

This dinner and a show venue was quite nice. The food was delicious and the entertainment was great. It started off a little slow but it really ramps up. It does feel a bit hurried toward the end as they have to setup for the new session but overall it was good. The passion fruit monitor was really good, wedge salad was large and tasty though a bit heavy on the dressing. The sorry ribs where delicious after the addition of some salt and pepper. This place is definitely worth a try!

Meredith Featherstone

I came down to Orlando for my birthday weekend and chose to come here to celebrate one night with friends. The place was lively and big, and the dinner was was good. The show was fun but nothing spectacular. I liked how the place turned into a nightclub afterwards so that was cool. My biggest disappointment were the drinks. A couple of us ordered the jumbo size party drinks (96 oz), I shared with my sister and a friend and 2 of my other friends shared theirs. We didn't even feel a buzz considering how large they were and tasted like juice! Mango's definitely skimped on the alcohol. What a waste of money. I would have spent more on drinks if they weren't so weak. My advise is to pregame before you get there and only order shots or do something else all together. I will probably never go back and will not be recommending this place to anyone.

Diamond Burley

So much fun a great atmosphere.

Marcus Campbell

Only gave this place for stars because I only came her for nightlife and did not try the food. Typical long club line but moved quicker than it looks. 20 dollars to get in on Saturday night. For me living in dc all that is typical and usually means I’m going to have a good time. Drinks were surprisingly fair priced and tasted well. I was worried about drink prices when reading some reviews but if you are used to going clubbing anywhere, The prices should not be a surprise .Played Spanish music in the main floor and had a desperate one for basic club music. Mixed with all ethnicities and ages and everyone was friendly. Danced here until sunrise! Will return


Excellent place for an entertaining, good food, good service and good show! But the dress code should be more formal. We couldn't believe people with tennis shoes, shorts, sleeveless shirts and sandals, going to a fancy place. It was inappropriate! Hope this changes. Thank you. Scott&Ana

Donald Seymour

We had a blast!! The music, the show... It was an awesome experience! The young leading lady has an awesome voice and stage presence. If you don't enjoy yourself you're dead from the neck up!!

Brian Harvey

They were 30 minutes behind schedule when we showed up. This wasn't a huge deal, we had to wait in the lobby but they passed around drinks to make up for the wait. Show was good. Variety of music, everyone should find something they like. …


Great music. Loved the drinks only thing is that bartenders take forever to attend (even if they’re not doing anything) other than that you’ll have a great time

Katerina K

My husband and I came to Orlando for my birthday weekend and upon choosing a dinner restaurant (which is super hard because of all the options) Mango’s really caught our eye. We reserved a table online for dinner and a show. From the moment we got there until we left we were treated with respect and had our server plus others running around making sure our cups were filled and anything else we needed. It’s a very loud environment and we were sitting on the main floor but it’s so fun it felt like we were somewhere on an island experiencing a huge surge of culture. The show was fantastic and upbeat. The food was 10/10. The menu is super limited when you’re seeing the show but I love that because I am very indecisive so only have a couple options made it simple and to the point. The mixed drinks were insanneeeeeee and large and delicious. We will 100% be back next time we are in Orlando or if we happen to be in Miami. This is a place to have a good time, celebrate, sing, dance, and enjoy yourself with your other or a group. It’s not to have a quiet evening. It’s boosting with culture which is really awesome to see and experience. They also sang me happy birthday and gave a free dessert. I felt super special and had a great birthday dinner. Thank you mangos! I forgot our servers name but she was great along with everyone running around being so accommodating.

Collin Nienaber

I went here with my parents and siblings. The show was very unique and exciting. It was not what I was expecting but was still very fun. The food was great too! I had a steak taco. Although, there were WAY to many onion/cabbage things, it was still good. I really like the show and how fun it was. I would definitely come again.

Jason Barnes

I was pleasently surprised by Mangos. I went in expecting loud music and good dancing which was the case. However I didn't expect the food to taste as good as it did. The portions are huge and the flavors were superb. It's definitely not cheap but all and all felt like a good value still consider there was almost constant live entertainment. Save a couple bucks though and park across the street.


If you've ever seen a Vegas show, DO NOT go see this. $150 for 2 meals, 2 drinks each and left early. The show was put together horribly. They would start, then stop and change people. The M.J. act was terrible, all lip singing. The ones that actually sang were awful. Not worth it for 2 adults, maybe children would enjoy but we did NOT.

Michael Kinzel

Careful with the double tip here! Went on a date expecting to dance. What I liked was the food, service, and show were all good. What I did not like was the show ran on too long, they also hide the tip in the bill and do not mention this. I did not get caught but I imagine many do.

Mrs. Madd

We were very excited to go to the show for our 3 year wedding anniversary. Got there everything was really nice. We ordered the food and the appetizers came. Ordered the guacamole dip. I'm not big on guacamole but I wanted to give it a try. Took my first dip and there was a long piece of hair in it. I was totally grossed out. They took it away and wanted to give me more but I declined. The manager was very apologetic and offered me anything else. I didn't want this to ruin my night my husband and I was trying to leave from our vacation with a bang. Manager did give us two shots of 1800 on the house and the server did apologize a lot. Overall this place would have gotten 5 stars if that mishaps didn't happen.

Shanna Gefter

1 star is being nice but no stars wasn’t an option. This is like being stuck in a terrible cruise ship show that never ends. The servers rush you through your meal. My salad was taken out of my hand before I was done and when I left to go …

Katelynn Mitchell

Performances were wonderful and so much fun for the whole family. Food portions are huge and delicious!

Karin Gross

Food was ok, show was good, Dessert was Flan but was on the salty side? Had a lots of Flans in Mexico, Puerto rico and Orlando Latin restaurants where have bin much better.

amy dance fernandez

Great food and live music and dancing

Dania Mercado

Absolutely the worst dinner and show I have ever seen and I have been to several. I expected latin music and there was a lot of Americana style 1950s pop and rock and roll as well as a lady gaga act. The dancers were off and not synchronized the audio was.subpar.I felt like I was at one of my kids winter recitals, everyone knows how those can be. The service was slow. The guy that brought my drink accidentally spilled my drink said enjoy and walked.away.I had to physically get up and ask for a towel to wipe my table. The food was good. If I wasnt waiting for desert I would have already left. Also if you are going to have half naked female servers which I dont mind...please please pleassssseeee have shirtless male servers too its only fair I have nothing to look at. Thanks.

Ron Adkins

Fun, Vegas style dinner and show. Dinner offers 3 course meal and soft drinks. Liquor is additional. Excellent Michael Jackson impersonator, and Carmen Miranda. 2 hours, good food. Well recommended, but very loud. Difficult to talk.

Simon Carnal

Loved this place. But, I felt robed when they obligated a 18% tip on my tab (for a party of 2?). They held my Drivers License to verify my credit card and forgot give it bak, I recieved a ticket from the police for driving without a license the following day. Guess that was my mistake. But I felt like just a another jerk asking for a drink, not a valued patron.

Bob Roussel

My first time here. I enjoyed the show but the volume was very high. The food is ok, at least mine was. Servers are very nice and attentive. The doormen could be a little more polite. All in all a good time.

Carlito Bondero

Food was good and show was great. It's good for all ages. Price is right except for drinks which I don't drink but if you do you can run up tab fast. Usually $50 per person dinner and show. They have a huge parking garage right there and that is approx $8 to park.

Lucas Lugo

1st visit here, got together with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday and have to say we had a great time. Very spacious, plenty of seating and comfortable. 5 large bars with plenty of staff made it very easy to order drinks which to me is a huge plus.

Mireille Makelele

Disappointed with my second visit to Mango's. I was asked while making the reservation if we were celebrating an occasion (graduation). I confirmed on line and was asked AGAIN, even uploading a pic of the graduate, yet upon arrival and throught the whole night nothing was done to recognize the graduate. Even after asking the waiter several times(he practically ignored my questions).. The menu has obviously changed, and the food was mediocre(this time). Lastly, the show had a less LATIN theme for it to be Mango's. The entertainers showed less enthusiasm, and creativity in thier routines (except Celia Seemed like they were unrehearsed and just filling in time.. Doubt if I will return.

Jiavanna Santavicca

the food was okay. the show was cool though and the people there were sweet. the food is big recommend to share a menu because big portions. Very expensive! Music is awesome! A party place!

Super me

Food was a disaster. Drink was undrinkable. Show was good. Felt a little unorganized for big scale restaurant. Had to find a host to be seated.

Christy Smedley

No service after waiting for 40 minutes when it was not particularly busy. Moved to bar and was also ignored. Went down the street and had way more fun! Looking at all these reviews about food poisoning, I'd say it worked out for our party. No valet parking despite signage. What a shame because the show was great and the venue is beautiful.

Pretty Girl Toni

It was very festive but it was not kid friendly didn't stay long took food to go..

Towanda Anderson

It is a awesome restaurant!! Birthday friends and I had an amazing time!! The entertainment was great!!

Jemma Hanson

Great fun, loved the show. The food was good and the service was great. Wonderful night out for my Birthday! I will be back with more friends.

Anurag Bhagwat

Place is alright but thethe bartenders simply disregard you unless you get the super massive size of drink. Our bartender on level 2 acknowledged our order but just didn't make it. He simply moved on to other patrons at the bar while we were waiting. We had to ask another bartender for our drink, at which point the second bartender made our drink and the first guy just came by to give us our cheque.

adrian payne

Came while in Orlando for a bday..she loved it it's a must. need one in destin, and service and show

Antonio Lopez

Amazing atmosphere! Best Latin spot in town!! Great place to go with friends or to bring the spouse!

Isis Obeng .

Okayyy!! Super fun ladies night! Black people friendly. Performances were so fun! Some of the singing wasn’t great but the acting, costumes and confidence made everyone forget! They had flamenco dancing, iconic celebrities and good themed …

Jose Duran

came here to Celebrate two birthdays, location is very busy since it was I Drive, there was absolutely no self Parking, the Valet is not free it comes at $30, so I paid $12 for the parking garage literally next door, we had a great viewing table as well as a nice card that said happy birthday, the drink in the picture is the $39 one that is shareable, we both did menu packages and honestly I liked my wife's food better than what I got which was the Picaña. she got the shepherd pies from the cheaper menu. the show was nice and different. it was great to see such talent on stage and to have fun. we went to the 9pm show, after the show is done they take away the tables and convert the main floor to a dancing location so you may be asked to move. fun location for special occasions.

Claudia Nogueira

I visit Mangos many times in the pass since they open and this was my last time, Food and drink was horrible. I always recommend this fun places, but I was so disappointed that I can't recommend any more. Such a nice place with potential and they are missing service and quality now .

Maria Rosario

Good shows, friendly, amazing drinks and good food. Love it and highly recommend.

Ritchie Lewis

Really didn't know what to expect when we made a reservation. Entertainment was very good. Food was average. Drinks were good. Different levels of food packages that included the entertainment. VERY reasonable!

Linda Stolinas

Food was mediocre. The restaurant was very dirty. The show was decent. I would only recommend this place if there were no other options available.

Andra Francis-Nicholas

Great dinner show. More than enough food for the price! You get a good 2hrs of show for your money. Not a bad deal at all.

Jared Harris

Excellent place if you want a great show and dancing! Beautiful women there as well

Sara Morales

Very good service the waitress dailyn was very kind with my husband and I, the food very good, and the mojitos delicious. She explained everything to us, they sang my husband happy BIRTHDAY and we had an amazing time there.

Benjamin Rizzitello

Great spot for the show pricey everywhere else, was taken back by the cost of vallet parking 30.00 plus tip crazy before you even get in the door. 10.00 plus for drinks 17.00 for a burger cheapest thing on menu if you don't do the package.

yugine lama

Very happening restaurant and bar. Every shows were so beautiful. Delicious drinks but just ok good. But will be back for love show came back to Orlando.

Roscoe P

This is the fifth time seeing the show in Orlando and it never ceases to amaze. The food, service and entertainment are top notch. This time I brought a friend from the old neighborhood and he can't stop talking about the experience.

Owen Shinabarger

We liked it, but were a little taken back as we were told it would be a “family friendly” show and atmosphere. The waitresses and hostesses are dressed pretty skimpy, almost strip bar style. It seems to be better fitting for say adult birthday parties, bridal and bachelor parties, or work group celebrations.

Mae Gabbin

Very disappointed!! The food was not good. Three of us all had a different dish and neither one of us was satisfied. The performance was not very good either. Not worth the money. I do not recommend this club.

Carmen Roberts

Love this place great night life, entertainment, lounges and more.

Richard Hollis

I went there on July 17th. We were a party of 5 with two children 8 and 12 , I was given 2 free ticks from a time share company, after which my bill with only 2 alcoholic beverages came to $140 and some change. The show entertainment was very good and fun to watch, the food was terrible. With my eight year old who is not a picky eater only eating her desert (ice cream). The service was very slow. They could make this place so much better. But for now i would not waist your money.

Brittany Wallace

Took a vacation to Orlando and found this place on google. I had the BEST time. This place is so dope. Good drinks, bomb food, GREAT service, and awesome performances. I wish they had a place like this in my hometown. This place is a must go if your in Orlando !!

Raul Santiago

I use to love the Vodoo room until the changed out the DJ. The new DJ doesn't seem to be be experienced, the music selection is not that good, and plays the entire songs.. I like to have a DJ that mixes the music just right and keeps the selection eclectic

Pete Ross

It’s touristy, but what a show!! Beautiful girls singing and dancing with a tight band. The waitresses are cute and friendly and the drinks are delicious.

Jeremy Boyd

Best time I've had at night in the Orlando area and specifically the resort area around the parks. What an incredible facility this is. Great live entertainment, show, delicious drinks and food.

Alana Johnson

I went to Mango Tropical Orlando to celebrate my Anniversary! What a wonderful place ! The Staff was great from the door to the waiters to the Food and the show was awesome ! Thank y’all for giving me a Anniversary to remember it was terrific the music dancing every thing! Was Lovely!!!!

demetric edmond

Had the most amazing experience, me and my wife went for our Anniversary and had so much fun. The food and the drinks was great and arrived fast, the staff was very nice and accommodating and attentive to every guest and the performers did …

Duane Calhoun

Enjoyed the show particularly the Michael Jackson. Pleasant atmosphere. Good time had by all.

Su Urmos

Fun atmosphere and great show, service was good too. However, the food was way too salty, especially the ropa viejo. The flan smelled like seafood, disgusting. And the drink prices are excessive, $45 for 3 Tito's drinks? The bill for our …

Meche Sntigo

Environment excellent, show excellent, staff friendly but not very attentive. Food was not good at all. Drinks were ok.

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