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Jules Lec

Loved this club! Best experience in my opinion..great music and good vibes. Kept wanting to dance all night long. Yes its pricey but I think worth it to go and check out once atleast.

Carlos Wolfe

If you’re drunk and rich in Miami this is just the place for you. Miami's hottest club is and has been LIV. It has a familiar yet troubling feel, like when Larry King would play himself in a movie. If you love Russian Instagram models, seizure-inducing bass, and $5000 tables look no further.

Lily Barrientos

So this is another add to your list if you are planning a Miami trip. The dress code is a bit strict so dress to impress. It’s a one of a kind experience and closes past 5am. they play all types of music trust me you won’t stop dancing the whole night.

C.J. Wang

Nice arrangements for the special show at night. Price is fair. But the dance area is too slow and their guard are too tall and strong who has occupied lots of space. Th guard are nice. They are just doing their jib when they need to clear the way for dancers or VIP clients.

Aurora Vintilescu

This place is an institution - check the line up, it really depends who’s playing that night. That will determine how crowded and good it can get. We were there on a Thursday night so it was pretty empty, but the music was good and at least we didn’t need to queue up for drinks at the bar.

Michael Kredics

The atmosphere there is killer. Beautiful ladies, awesome music, nice corners to hide and quiet spots to talk to people as well as a big dancefloor. Prices of course high and I guess I bought the most expensive box of cigarettes of my life there. But that was worth it lol.

Missy Cowboy

Fun place! Love the upscale feel! Definitely recommend getting a table!

Alisha Diggs

If you are brown or dark skin female without a section you might as well not waste your time coming here. They seem to only let white or light skin women in. Two failed attempts going here on a Sunday

Parker Sorenson

Just skip the place unless you want to spend hours in "line" while bouncers randomly select women to enter. So if you ain't a blond girl and with 20 other blond girls don't even waste your time with going unless you bought thousand dollar table service.

Alessio Buraggina

I absolutely LOVED IT! Bouncers were very friendly and the staff was constantly cleaning the floor while walking around, so that people don't step on wet stuff all the time. Recommended!

Jill Beck

Talk about the who's who of Miami. If you don't know anyone, forget about it. Otherwise, expect to spend a ton of money just top get in. Once you get in, look to spend another $20 to $25 for a drink (if you even get a bartenders attention). Much rather stay at home with friends and play my Spotify station. Who wants a dance party at my place? $25 cover or bring 3:1 guy ratio (sorry, we want guys here).

Stephen G

This place is ridicous.. get there at 11 and only were only letting VIP people in, or people with bottle service. If you’re trying to get with general admission, I wouldn’t even waste you’re time considering this place because you’re not gonna get it cause they randomly will pick groups of girls to go in. When we ask “when is general admission coming in?” The guy literally looked at us and walked away..

Christine Lim

If you want to visit this club, be warned that there are thieves that target guests, and security/management are either in on it or could care less. Don't believe me, Google it... My friend and I had our brand new phones INSIDE our purses and they were stolen on the crowded dance floor once the lights went down and fog came out. This has never happened to me before...when I tried bringing it up to the club manager, not only did he have no sympathy, but rudely actually told me "Well what did you expect?", suggested it was my fault, and refused to listen to any response. Ruined our entire experience of the club, to say the least. If you still decide to visit...please take caution and have your valuables in an extremely secure spot because there are experienced thieves that will lift them from inside your purse!

Xiaogang Zhu

I don’t like this place. I and my friends arrive here at 10 o’clock and wait until 12pm and they never let us in. I think there is a discrimination! Never care about others people’s feel. I feel very sorry in this place and I don’t think it is deserved to be an America club. Very bad experience.

Ash D

One of the strangest experiences I've had at a nightclub. While the lobby is absolutely gorgeous, it's laid out in some sort of shopping mall area slash spa? This place is lavishly built and quite lovely, but that comes paired with outright unfriendly service. There is no line, there is a roped-off area that you stand idly outside of like cattle while you wait for a generally disinterested 'doorman' to eventually look up over his overly fluffed ascot from his phone and speak to you. I stood there for maybe 25 minutes, patiently, and without being a bother until I was selected. They prefer groups, of course, which is better than business I understand, but there is no feel of hospitality here, no communication at all. I was almost willing to pay the 80 cover charge, as I came to FL for my birthday and I had heard from locals it was a great place to see... but it just didn't seem worth it, but with what I saw on the outside, it had lost it's luster and just wasn't worth it anymore. I'm glad I didn't go in, drinks I hear are about 25$ a pop.

david kaliszczak

Im from chicago......and ...this reminded of crobar was a great time

Mehari G

I have been in so many clubs in the country but I haven't seen disrespectful stuff like this. Specially the white Doorman with long beard so rude. He asks people to pay extra to get in which is 100$ not even worth it. If you are a manager and see this rating you should solve this problem because it doesn't go with club at all. So disappointed!!

Dharmesh Parmar

I had a good time, SPL (sound pressure level) was awesome, the beats hit hard here without distortion. Dancefloor was big enough to get on and move around (Friday in November, other times may vary). DJ and Music was good, a variety of genres played. Staff kept the floors clean and were friendly. I stayed till the end when the escorts were trying to score their pay day with the drunk rich guys, an amusing site in it's self. Oh and the Drinks are super expensive hence no 5 star rating.

Joshua Franks

Came here on a bachelor party and had a good time! DJ was on point and it was a fun crowd

Jacqueline Mireles

Club was cool, music was on point, great vibe, good experience, high entrance fees try getting a deal to get in, alot of people do not get in. Security guards are so rude!! My friend was next to me dancing and they told her to move multiple times for no reason, so she did and they told her to move from where she was again. But when these other women got in the same spots they didn’t tell them anything. They didn’t even let you walk to the other side without yelling at you. However one of them was nice when we asked for help towards a creepy guy!

Katie B

I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried about this club after reading the lower rating reviews (just to see what issues people had), but it turned out I worried for no reason at all! I pay attention to detail. The professionalism and hospitality of the staff was overwhelmingly pleasant. The bartenders I encountered knew exactly what they were doing (yes pricey but that's just Miami). The floor crew did a phenomenal job making sure spilled drinks were cleaned up, and confetti was swept up. The gentlemen working tables (although I did not buy one [I was watching the floor from the balcony]) made sure people were able to easily access their purchased tables. There are ladies in the bathroom even. They hand you napkins, and there are many perfumes to choose from, flip flops (incase idk a heel breaks), mouth wash, antacids. Anything to meet a need foreseen or not. The decor.. the lights covering every inch of the ceiling are just the icing on the cake. Needless to say I will most definitely be returning to LIV next time I visit Miami!

Sen Kali IV

Pricey but worth every penny

James Lucas

This place was good, we had a blast! It was expensive but overall it was good time. We had a group of girls and guys and getting in wasn't hard at all. Music was really good also the bottle service was excellent. There was a bunch of good looking girls as well. We will be back for sure!!

Jason Stach

Few friends and I were having trouble deciding on a club to go to when we came across this club. Upon reading these reviews we decided to give it a try, and it was definitely worth it. It stayed litty all night which is what I like. If you're looking for a good a** time, club LIV is your place.

Caitlin Marquez

I was expecting a good night with good vibes, & good music, & all I got was a terrible experience. I went to LIV for the first time with my best friend & we stood waiting for two hours. All there is in that place is favoritism & rudeness. Especially from Alex the bouncer, tried to as I questions & he ignored multiple people. If no one knows you they will not let you in or have you waiting. They were even letting people in that came in hours after us. We ended up leaving & most likely never coming back. Needs a better way of running their “club”.

Colton Van Rite

Great club, great music. Perfect location!

Tyler Ransom

Okay here's the truth about this place, I really dont know what all the complaints are about. If you buy your ticket online and get to the doors early, will have no problem getting in. I didnt really see them turn anyone away. Me and my friend just went and walked right in; and this was during spring break week so it was packed. Yes the bouncers are huge, drinks are expensive, and the dance floor gets cramped, but what else do you expect at one of the best clubs in the country? Would highly reccomend this place to my friends. Best club I've ever been to.

Barbara Delci

I was a little hesitant about going to this club after seeing so many reviews from people saying how the staff is so rude and the bouncers were jerks . We actually had a great time, everyone was very nice and attentive . Drinks were great and DJ was really good . One of my friends got a little too happy and ended up passing out and the bouncers were very helpful and treated us so well . They assisted us in every way we needed even contacted an Uber to come pick us up . I will definitely be back !

Daniel Call

I came here for a work function. It was a lot of fun, and quite an audio-visual experience.

Helen Zhao

Nightclub in a gorgeous hotel. Go with a promoter, as this place is expensive / on the bougier side. Drinks are strong and it’s a great time, especially if there’s a popular DJ playing. A little crowded inside because it’s not huge, but certainly nice. No crazy lines to the girls bathroom.

Kelly Lassiter

Extremely rude security and overall pretentious, unpleasant environment. Came here with 23 other women for a night out. First, highly inflated table prices. More importantly, I did not appreciate the hard time some of my friends received at the door. We ended up leaving and going someplace else, someplace where we could relax... enjoy... and have fun without all the extraness. Never again at LIV!

Massimo Ricci

Good times. A little crowded but still we have a lot of fun the entire night.

François Bertholet

The most amazing niht club in Miami. Welcome is perfect and people were so nice with us. Champagne is not too much expensive

Toney Maldonado

Best bartender is sable

Hatem Alhawi

Expensive and full of gold diggers period.

Samantha Bonelli

My husband and I went to David Guetta to kick off our honeymoon. After reading some things online I was kind of nervous as to how the night would go but I’m going to put it all on the table now so people can have an honest review. It was incredible. Getting in was easy (there are 2 lines for events-one for ticket holders and one for cover admission so make sure if you have tickets to stand in the right place. We got in line at 11 and they opened up about 11:45. We got in very easily (hubby wore a suit and I wore a low cut top and pencil skirt) but we did surprisingly see dudes in jeans tennis sneakers and t-shirts get I can’t speak to the strict-ness of the dress code. The bartenders and staff were all very sweet and attentive...never waited more than a minute to get served a cocktail. Water is in fact $10 a bottle so just hydrate before you go if that’s going to be an issue. One thing I will say is that we ordered the same drinks all night (Rum and coke and vodka red bull) and were charged a different amount every single time. My cheapest vodka red bull was $15 and most expensive was $22. David Guetta came on at 1:45 so be prepared to listen to the house DJ for a while (who was awesome). It was a great experience and I felt safe the entire time (I’ve read some comments about theft, etc) but I can’t find a negative thing to say to be honest. Hands down best night ever. Thanks LIV!

Messiah Kingz

This place was so litty. Loud Luxury was there and I had so much fun that it changed my life. Everybody was dancing having a good time. The bouncers and promoters were so professional and did their job effectively. I especially appreciate Alex, he is that guy. I’m so glad I came to Miami this weekend and partied with this wonderful group of individuals if you are in Miami you have to hit up LIV it’s the hottest club in Miami

Ashley Moore

Don't go with anyone who isn't looking matching your look because they will deny anyone at the door. Pricey drinks but when your tipping your bartender good karma is reciprocated

Ferenc Kunszt

My fiance and I considered this an overrated experience. Bought tickets online, which got us in around 12:30 without having to lineup. As somebody who has been to many nightclubs internationally the price isn't justified and although the club is very upscale and fancy (in terms of decor), you will likely have more fun elsewhere for less $. Would ask for a refund if I could.

C Cross

LIV is LIT! Been to many clubs in Miami, LIV is very upscale. Music is trendy rap and hip hop. Drinks were expensive. Cover charge is expensive. Don’t even bother coming if you are on a budget. The entry is very unorganized, but it’s all worth it. Best club I’ve ever been to. The most fun I’ve ever had at a club!

Deydaly Valdez

I had a great experience at this club, it’s beautiful. The music is really good and up to date. If you’re not looking to spend go somewhere else because it is pricey.

Dennis Brown

LIV is great but it's just too much at times. I wanna dance have fun and not spend $2,000 Everytime I come. If I spend that amount, at least comp me a room next time so I won't drink and drive.

Natalia Rahman

Junior was good and funny

Sam karim

Very rude bouncers.. drinking on the job and going out their way to start problems. Very unprofessional, I’ll not recommend to my worst enemy

Quan Johnson

I helped build and restore this hotel in 2007/8. Big project I didn’t know it’ll turn into the infamous “LIV”

Elfs Venom

We got there at 10 pm and we stood in line and is currently still standing but no one has let us in and its 2 in the morning. It looks nice from the line though but pretty aggravating to get in. They asking for 100$-600$ to get in. Beware a lot of cute/beautiful girls. But if you in a group of guys better wait for awhile unless you know the bouncer

Christopher Fletcher

Had an awesome time on my wife's birthday (May 25th) and got to party with PDiddy and Jermaine Dupree. We were also the first one's in the club. This is by far the best nightclub in the U.S.♨️

Rocio Ferrera

Did you really go to Miami if you didn't go to LIV??? Love this place! Always a great time!

Elena Samigulina

Overrated and very expensive. Nothing special... I wanted to show the Miami night life to my friend. They refuse to give a tap water. You have to pay $10 for the small bottle of water. The workers have a bad attitude. Very disappointed. I live in the area and will never go back there and will never bring my friends from out of town there either.

Gino Dim

One of the best clubs in Miami. Usually has someone famous on the decks. Loads of fun.

Hiten Patel

We went for couple of hours. Entertainment is good by lots of incidents with stolen phone, credit card and ID. Phone get stolen from purse. Security and on site police did not help.

Kristi Mullins

Event was supposed to start at 11 but staff didn’t start letting people in until 12. Once we got in, we waited 45 minutes and the person we paid to see still wasn’t there. By this time, 12:45, it was almost two hours after what we thought was the start time. So, we left. Gave two stars because the venue was at least clean and aesthetically pleasing. Staff could have done better about timing. Feel like we wasted money going here.

Roy C

Amazing nightclub. Huge. This how you party baby. Shoulder to shoulder Nonstop music. Party time

Stephen Hawkins

LIV is a beautiful #nightclub. The people are on point and the music is banging. The drinks are not cheap with $18 well cocktails. They have VIP areas available and bottle service. The ceiling is hypnotic with small articulated video screens. I would recommend pregaming to save money and then dance your face off.

Martha Cabrera


Syed Raza

People this club is NOTHING but a straight up greed fest. In other words, a full out competition on who can spend the most money in VIP and they are the ones who get treated with the most respect. Sadly to say, get ready to spend over a grand to have a good time.

Zaia Yaqo

Security are very rude Don’t ever come here they don’t care about who you are and they don’t appreciate people they treat you like your no buddy first time here and never again

Adwinnie Bernacchi

Overrated, crowded and expensive. It was me and a girlfriend only, and we couldn't stay more than 45mins in there. It was supposed to open at 11pm, but because it not busy enough at the lounge, they only opened at 12am. On the lounge don't expect to buy any drink for less than $20. The nightclub has only VIP areas and tiny dance floor. I left at before 1am because at this time the dance floor was already crowded and I couldn't dance. It was playing a very boring and repetitive electronic music. Until I left I didn't listen to any known song. Before leaving I did the mistake of ordering water. They don't serve tap water. Instead, they charge $10 for a 300ml fancy bottle. Never coming back or suggesting it to anyone.

Ally Adelman

The bouncers were so rude. Me and my friends, who are all 22 and 23 years old, were not let in because they thought our IDs weren’t real. When asked to show credit cards with matching names to our IDs, we did so, and still were not let in. We had already paid 40 dollars a person and were not allowed a refund.

Lashon Green

Nice fun jazzy atmosphere

Robin Taylor

I purchased the vip bottle service. They hold on to your ID and Credit Card till the end of service. They lost my ID and credit card, ruined my vacation. I asked for a refund and it wasn’t granted. I brought my boyfriend for his birthday. They even had a nerve to add the gratuity. Why am I paying a server when the lost my ID? $1,750.00 not well spent.

Jazzee B


Sushil Kumar

This club was real cool Boom Boom.

Imogen Howe

My friend and I are visiting from Australia. Last night we went to Liv, they refused to serve her, because of her ID. Which is a goverment certified card. They insisted she needed a drivers license, but due to her Diabetes she can’t get that. All the staff was incredibly rude when we tried to explain the situation.


This club is wasting of time I see most of people drinking water to me looks like is conference room I guess price are way to high lots of people can’t not afford it to drink is joke if you want to have fun chose softens place I went 2 nights in row same think

Holly Long

LIV Miami is a great time. Been getting tables from them over the past 3 years. Reserving a table and it’s table service has been wonderful. My club promoter Mike has always been helpful in accommodating my table needs for myself and my guests. I don’t always go out but when I do I choose LIV for a good time!


The most expensive nightclub I've ever been, the drinks are more expensive than you thought and to get in is the most expensive and the line is too long. My suggestion is to look for another bar which is cheap and have fun with yr friends. The nightclub looks amazing no doubt about that but you must believe me to find another place.

Hilary Homaii

The worst place you can imagine! The ticket was overpriced. Bouncers were disoriented themselves and condescending to the guests. They had no people skill. I came here with my friend but we were utterly disappointed! Don't waste your money!

Egla Agolli

I was not impressed with this club at all. Honestly, skip this place and go to a cool bar that is not as superficial as LIV and you will probably have a better time. The prices here depend on your looks and the bouncers are very rude

Ryan Scofield

The club has a good location and nice visual , but they have the worst crew ever , I went there to see a Brazilian concert , they over sold the tickets , the place was super crowded, impossible to move, dance also impossible to buy drinks. The security crew was the worst in the USA , I was pushed so many times without any reason . If you go by VIP or boot you good otherwise you gonna be treated as trash ! The club announced a Brazilian concert and actually it was just a participation ( the singer just sing for 15 minutes ) believe me ! After that I’ll probability never go back there . Just be afraid of the security crew , make sure to record them, they are aggressive and out of control . Really disappointed.

Viviana Mendosa

Felt like a music video They definitely know how to treat the ladies, probably the closest to a WC vibe I've had

Darnell Morris

Being that this was my first time here. I can’t say it is not a fun time. Thought you need to be careful of the staff as they will be extremely disrespectful to you. Told my friend to her face that she needed to move and started yelling at her. Prices are a bit overpriced as you can find different places for better prices. The overall experience was not as I expected. Probably will not be coming back here. Overrated to the tea!

Umer Shafiq

Wow what a night and what an experience One if the most happening place in Miami The ceiling moving screens are awesome combined with dj tricks Had a fantastic time and would highly recommend to be there during Miami trip A must place to visit

Reema Malek

This place wat ratched def over hyped

lorenc nicaj

Bad experience with bodyguards. They are rude.


Apart from the ridiculous price for a night out, this is one of my favourite clubs in Miami. The night I went which was a Friday night had some good music and good vibes. Lots of confetti and glow sticks around. Was a great atmosphere and I did enjoy it. The only downfall was the price and our hotel was close by so it was a good distance.

Ana M.

Best nightclub in Miami when they bring electronic music DJ’s. It’s very spacious and beautiful lighting effects.

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