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Had fun here in 2016. 2017 was a different story... friend and me found someone struggling with alcohol and helped the person out to get help. Turned back to ask the bouncer to let us in showing our IDs and tickets (keep in mind, the bouncer saw s help the stranger) and were refused reentry. We were told to by tickets to get in. Tickets on the night:$300 compared to the $30 we originally paid.

Curtis Frierson

The Friday Night parties are the ones you go home and tell all of your friends about! Good Vibes, Great ambiance and crowd. Never a dull moment here!

Orlando Caceda

Great place Great Staff Great Music No need to stress the rest Come thru and party with the Heart Crew You'll feel the love all Night and Day!!!!

Trung Nguyen

This place is a bit dirty and grungy. I didn't feel the Miami vibes here during the Jack Daniel's party during Art Basel 2016.

Faheem Zia

Best techno under ground music in the country....

Gabriel LopezSeco

The most amazing night of music for Chus+Ceballos! New dope layout and friendly security staff made this one unforgettable sound! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tomeya C

If i could give it negative stars i would! Dont waste your money! VIP is just lawn chairs in the front row! Plus you have to pay an additional $20 for a two drink minimum for watered down well drinks! Old dilapidated building that reeks of urine! Ugly dancers that look like they are on drugs! Rude staff! The worst ever!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!

corporacion westorini Westorini

The best house parties in the city

K. Washington

Great music!!! Have lots of fun every Friday #tommyswag

Carlos A. Rios

Good dj talent and after hours party

Omario Allen

First off they charged me twice to go in the SAME club. Then they tried to kick me out for sitting in a couch that is open to the public. I just left because that was totally disrespectful. I highly suspect racism. I Will never go back there!!!

Tobias Gschwentner

Music is so bad


I was there yesterday for my 25th birthday. They had two events going on. They play really good music (especially throw backs). There was a lot of people and it was fun. Only up until they moved us upstairs, I wasn't feeling the vibe because everyone was just standing around and DJ wasn't hyping with the crowd. Otherwise I would highly recommend going here. My birthday turned out awesome!

Pedro Pablo Alcantara

Nice club, great music. Open from 11:00pm to 11:00am mostly EDM. Electronic music, different genre every night. Check for tickets online so you can speed up your wait in line time.

sa in

Was terrible, security told us that hip hop was open but when we got up the atairs it was closed. We didnt even stay in for less then 2 minuts and when we webt back downstairs and requeated our money back , the security lied and pretended that he didn't recognized us even though we were the only ones in line. When all 3 of us confronted him, he stepped up to me like if he was going to hit me over 20$ ( yes the same security that was lying about not recognizing us) . This wjole situation didn't escalate to a full on fight because i decided that all this bs was not worth 20$. The owner of the nighyclub that was there for the whole situation didn't react or take her time to listen to our complains and didnt even do anything about the aggressiveness of this security. It was all.a terrible experience and i really do not recommend anyone to go there. If i could give less stars i would. I really cant believe all this happened over 20$ and because the guy wouldn't admit that he told us that the hip hop was still open.

Oscar Sermeno

Good place to start calling home :) a bit confusing to get in if it's your first time, casual dress, and I guess I have to get used to people smoking inside the clubs again. Now what's up with the uneven floor at the edges of the dance floor?

M. Eugenia Nejam

Nice place.the lines are kinda a pain in @$$ no organization.


Only bother going after hours and with free entry. Bartender girl was needlessly rude, but it's a chill atmosphere and has good soud/music

Micky Bradyy

Terrible experience

Gregory Mitchel

My co-worker brought me to see a show. A rainbow haired gentleman called Teecashy 69 was performing. The show was ok. Although there was lots of profanity in his lyrics some of the instrumental was pleasant. The crowd that seems to follow this artist is pretty aggressive I was shoved pushed and insulted numerous times. When I dropped my glasses some young punk kicked it and called me a homophobic slur. Did not feel safe.

Sha'de Wiggins

Best Club for 18+

Cheef Roca

Where the world meets and soul awakens

Mila Yánez

Its a place for after hours... You can have a lot of fun with friends and enjoy the great house music!

Jeremy Ceballo

As a Miami local, I am disappointed with my experience at Heart. This place has two events, a gay and a straight one. For one, separating the two events is tantamount to discrimination. Second, we paid way too much for the gay event at 5 am (when it was completely empty) and were not allowed to switch to the other side without paying full price of $30 (having already been charged $25 for the first entrance). I hope that this venue will replace this cover charge with a one-time charge that allows for free movement between its multiple levels. All in all, the place is overpriced and we felt hustled. We would have been better off on south beach.

Daniel Gomez

Best after hours period.

Sarah Feliu

Great music and the staff are very friendly and hospitable. Not stuck up or obnoxious like other miami clubs. You can find whatever music you like here in one of their 3 floors. We hit up Laz for VIP, he's great!

Maximiliano Rossi

Excellent place

dana k

LAME as hell. If you’re under 16 this is the place for you, everyone is underage, the bouncer don’t even check ID, the line to the club was cut off in the middle And super unorganized. Me and my friend were there for about 30-40 min and left. Environment is not fun too, the ride in the car was better than the club.

who cares

this is by far the most boring club in south Florida, they'll close soon, I'm sure

Anthony Nguyen

hate this place, the staff are terrible and they make up prices at the door

Infamous Entertainment

Great lighting system

Jean Luis Urena

Expensive mediocore drinks (bartenders tip themselves about 25%!!!!), rude bartender (asked for more soda on a drink he told me no tf?) and full of kids (at least the hip hop side). Don't recommend and won't go again.

Eric Pardo

Only reason they got a star was because the bartenders were pretty good. But the Dj's were trash they wanted to charge an additional $100 to go to the edm floor after $50 entrance which only gives you general admission. If you are going to charge different prices for different sections then say so up front. Also the second floor reaked of marijuana killed my vibe during the hip hop area i had to pretty much stay in the first floor to avoid a headache. Honestly not worth the time or money. Bartenders at heart go find a better nightclub

Ashley Vargas

$4 for a cup of ice!!!!! Besides their ridiculous prices as a club its a lot of fun the music is great and the different rooms appeal to a larger crowd.

Aldo Peceros

Amazing night club!!!

Sandra Grace

I came here one night as I was on vacation with my husband. I will say that coming from Houston and clubbing in Houston is very similar to clubbing at Heart... It was a cool place with hip hop and rap downstairs and more techno up stairs. Again, since I am not from Miami, I did make two mistakes. The first one was to walk up to the DJ booth and ask politely if I could request a Houston song, he looked at me dumb and said "na" and walked away and left me ta.king to my self. Very arrogant guy, I must say. There was no need to be so rude to me when a simple,. "sorry I can't," would've been enough. My second mistake was thinking I was at a regular club, but I found out it was a gay club was I left. Overall good atmosphere but be prepared to inhale all types of smoke in there... It is overwhelmingly full of smokers everywhere.

Angela Ward

Best time last night


good club and good music. drinks are VERY expensive and skimp. good sound system. bartenders were nice and quick.

Luciano Miranda

Always awesome music!

Nicole Medina

I’m giving it one star because the choice to give it a ZERO doesn’t exist! The environment was terrible, the music was wack, and the bouncers were rude and kept asking for more money. DONT GO ITS NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY AT ALL! super expensive for NO reason. We got a VIP table and they put us with another group, ‘supposedly’ at the door they said we were getting two bottles but when we got there they only gave us one and kept telling both groups that the one bottle was both groups. Not only were we scammed but they continued to ask for more money or they were going to take the ONE bottle away! Worst club ever

Amber Coleman

I've never been here and the number does not work. Is this a 18+ club and how much to get In. Does it have a dress code

sariah turner

Im always an optomist when it comes to reviews, theres always that group of people that have to critisize everything. ☠☠☡☢ Take my advice dont do it just dont!! This club smells like ass, weed and musty arm pits. The drinks are waaay over priced and they literally ration out toilet paper.

Brandon Rodriguez

Way overpriced drinks! 1. They don't serve cups of water. You must purchase their pricy $10 bottle of water if youre choking from the cloud of smoke in there. 2. The cheapest alcoholic beverage is a $9 beer. (Better sneak in your own) 3. The employees are rude and the place smells like piss. I recommend: going anywhere else.

Jean Talleyrant

Very enjoying place

Alyssa Raven

The ugly Mexican guy that works the front door is discriminatory. He is on a power trip as if he is making 35 dollars an hour . He needs to get over his self because he smelled like a pack of Vienna sausages . It took 30 minutes to even get ahold of the manager who didn't even speak English and didn't even express concern to my complaint. Would never come back . Horrible service !!! It Miami !!! Bums are across the street pick trash honey , it's not the taj mahal! The nerve

nikita jacob

Totally crazy as expected

Pierpaolo Occhino

Best Place to party in Miami. Always great music! Their steady roster of big DJ’s keeps you coming back for more. Always a great time and great staff. Afterhours in their terrace is an experience you have to come check out for yourself.

Adira Adler

WOW!! We actually had a little too much fun here! This is one of the best vibes in Miami! We will be back!

Troy Robinson

We had a lotta fun in Miami we enjoyed our time in heart nightclub but they are a little pricey

mathew gonzalez

The crowd was extremely filthy on top of that the drinks were way to expensive. There was a 9-1 guy to girl ratio. Overall the djs were horrible. Would not recommend to anyone.

nicolo giancola

Good fun and long parties

Sabrina Chirino

Very rude staff. Don't RECOMMEND. My friends and I drove all the way from west palm to Miami to go to the club and at first it was a VERY long line. Very nasty atmosphere. Full of homeless and crackheads asking for money and crack every step we took. Once we reach the long line and get to the entrance the bouncers are rude and nasty. And the girl at front tries to increase the prices making girls pay $30 and guys $50 to make a profit for herself. DISGUSTING place. Save yourself the trouble and your money. There are way better clubs in Miami.

Rob Car

Great music, people, staff, and all. Love leaving the place with my hearing impaired!! Great sound

Diana Padilla Arango

If you love the techno music you need to go to this place!! But keep in mind that is expensive like other places in Miami.

Margurite Lemon

This is a great club, the staff are respectful and don't treat you like animals like other clubs do.

Mich j

Extremely poor security Ladies if you want to feel safe this is the last place to go. Security out right witness a domestic disturbance and did nothing about it

Michael Moore

These people are crooks. Once we got it in the guy charged us doible to get in because we had shorts, but then let one gentleman enter.

Lance Salsman

Best house music club in Florida.

Nazgul Bozabayeva

Amazing place! Great music, famous dj’s, beautiful staff! Love techno room:)

dan v

A refreshing alternative to the usual Miami afterhours scene. Love their DJ lineup.

adriana botero

If you love GOOD MUSIC, GOOD VIBES, AMAZING PEOPLE ? This is the place to go, absolutely Miami's best.

jeffrey joseph

Drinks are way too expensive but the venue is perfect for any kind of show you want to see!

toya kitchen

Was very nice


Best Place to party in Miami. Always great music! Their steady roster of big DJ’s keeps you coming back for more. Always a great time and great staff. Afterhours in their terrace is an experience you have to come check out for yourself.

Eric Allred

Liked it, solid venue for EDM/House. Impossible not to compare with Space, this club is newer. Not as spacious as Space's main floor "The Patio". [New Edit] Not getting as good experience now as before at Heart, especially compared to Space. Each night can vary, but overall, Space in back on top.

Gino aka QBA

Dance till the morning light and then some!

Katherine Salcedo

Friendly bartenders and the best music in Miami/beach.

Jennifer luna

Came into this club on a Saturday night and got charged 60$ at the door for my 2 friends and I, only to find out that the club was filled with 15-17 year olds that probably used a fake ID to get in. Very disappointing.

Jaqueline Serret

Really i really enjoy my free time at hart while dj marco carola was spinning oh yeah great time

Mark J.

Pretty much what I expected. Good atmosphere. Pricey.

Kenzies Progress

My night there was ok...i wished they had seating so everyone could sit. Seating cost extra which i think is bogus because after a while my feet started to hurt. I wasnt even allowed to sit on the floor which i didnt mind at all. But apparently they did. And they cost too much. Nothing affordable there..not even water

Miami Fixie Life

Best dance club in Miami. Hip-hop room was Amazing!!!

Brittani Roundtree

My time here was blah bouncer was very rude $20 to get in tried to be friendly and crack a joke and the guy just looked at me. Got inside place smells like musty arm pits and paid $16.50 for a small cup of watered down cranberry vodka. Very young crowd and overal not a good experience.

Juan Matt

rude staff, bouncers are crooks and they make up prices to steal your money. never come here.

Scotty Joseph

BEWARE: The people in this club all they care is about your money. At first the staff told us it was $20 to get inside. Great, after waiting like an hour and finally we got to the front, the same staff told us it was $40 to get in. When we argued about the $20 dollars the staff was very disrespectful towards me and my girlfriend, and looks like they wanted to fight us. End of story, my girl really wanted to go in because of her friends so we got the money of their ATM, even tho they charged us $10 dollars extra for withdrawing money in their "location". In total we spend $100 in only the entrance, and we still haven't got in yet. Once we got in, the drinks were awful and expensive. At least in my drink they only served a shot of rum in the cup and the rest of it was soda, all of that for $12. When we found out that our friends were in the third floor, once again the staff was really disrespectful, at first they pushed us out and after that they told us that we couldn't go in. At least have the courage to say it first instead of being physical with the people! I really didn't want to fight that night so we ended up getting out of there. Please, if you want to spend the money in a place that's totally worth it, go somewhere else instead of this crap! It's really sad how this place is being wasted by very rude people who only wants to take advantage of your money, when this club could have been one of the best in Miami; but their reputation with their customers says it all!

Jonathan Muniz

Great club to go to.

Bryan Mendoza

Most great place for after hours, great atmosphere and friendly staff

Abir Zohar

Cool place if you wanna feel like you’re in bar mitzva and dance with 13-15 yo. That’s a case my friend. Boring af don’t recommend go to space next door


Nice place nice music ! #iwannabeadj recomended for you

Karla Acosta

Is just amazin

james mandell

The Bouser in club heart, They be robing people and extortion, very Dangerous place to go, and the city of miami police work together to,.

Luis Paz

House music all night long on the terrace!

Larry Vo

bad staff, overpriced drinks, ghetto atmosphere

Franco Sicilia

It's a place to go out of your self,,to close your eyes and there is very good..and people are friendly

renee amsterdam

The bouncer has a bad attitude and uses excessive force. He needs to know the difference between friendly play kids dancing while on their friends back laughing having fun nothing that looks likes anyone is fighting or upset. Won't listen to reason just puts kid in choke hold and drags him out. And what is also wrong with jumping up and down while dancing. If you look at videos of Ultra Music Festival this is done all the time. He has to clearly access a situation before doing something so harsh. Horrible.

Danny Aldecoa

Worst experience I've ever had at a club. Waited an hour and a half in line to get it, when I bought a ticket online, and they were charging even more at the door. Highly recommend to never go here.

Lex Moriz

Lame asf 40$ to get in all single girls basicly in v.i.p n it's 500$ to get in v.i.p 10 $ for 1 beer 50$ for 3 shots Nd the whole dance floor is in v.i.p !!! So you paying to chill in the walk way

Aura Correa

Best underground club, great music! It the place for after hrs

Elite Females

If you come here, the staff WILL steal your money they are all crooks. and NEVER buy a ticket to get in online because they will STILL charge you extra at the door and on top of that the atm there charges you a 10 dollar fee. this is all a scheme to take your money. the bouncers here are ALL dickheads who were never taught manners.

Enigma Sage

The place was nice, the dj played awesome music. The only thing I didnt like was the club filled with cigarettes smoke which gave me a bad head ach. Other wise I liked everything about the club

Jayla Ross

Came out of town for spring break. My friends and I really enjoyed ourselves. Definitely will be back!

Jarod Lemke

girl to guy ratio was at least 4 guys to every girl other than that it was decent but a bit ratch but maybe because hucci was playing that night

Matt Soares

Everytime I come here I have an okay time. You think you are going to spend $20 just to get in but I usually have to end up spending $40. One day I was charged $10 MORE just because I wore a tank top. On top of that,The security guards are all douchebags for no reason. I one time asked a security for a wristband(I am 21 years old) and he told me to shut up and move. And they DON'T accept cards(mind you, it's 2017) ahhhh they don't accept cards but that's okay because you can simply use the handy dandy ATM right in front of the entrance. BUT THERE'S a catch! The ATM works about 50% of the time, and on top of that you are charged a $7.00 fee for using the ATM. So when I had to pay $40 to get in, I had to pay an extra $10 because of my tank top, and an extra $7 for the ATM fee.. a total of $57 just to get in to listen to OKAY music and to be treated rudely by the the staff. This place is garbage and is meant to take all your money. Yeah that's what businesses do but they try to suck every penny out of you. You will leave that club broke. Coming to this club, yeah you get alot of ladies and everything but the music isn't even that good and enjoyable like it used to be.

Sebastian Martinez

Nice place, great djs, definitely this is your place for the after party . The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because the bartenders, it has happened some many times I get drinks and they ask me fore more tips, I'm a regular, I tip service fairly. Once I just got one beer and tipped the bartende a dollar, she smiled and asked me for 1 or 2 dollars more, I smiled and said "next beer", she looked at me with contempt at told me how cheap I was for giving her just one dollar, I had never in my life had experienced such a terrible costumer service, how she dare to insult a costumer that is actually tipping her? I hope management read my comment and teach those bartenders how to treat their patrons, my friend later on that night told me the waitress was Colombian, no idea about her name.

John Doe

I've been to several clubs, events, festivals, etc. and I've been to THIS specific club countless times. The only reason I come (and will keep coming) to this club or Space is because I support the scene and what you guys do. However, you guys seem to be way too comfortable and could improve A LOT. First off, please upgrade your sound system because it's almost as poor as The Electric Pickle's. Club Space has a great sound system; maybe learn a thing or two from them? The type of music you guys play deserves a better sound system and yours is truly lacking. Either that, or you need a new engineer. The only time I've ever experienced great sound in that club was when Dubfire was playing a while back, and I believe artists like him and Hawtin have their own engineers traveling with them to provide the best sound quality possible. But unfortunately, on any other regular night, it's pretty mediocre. Second, please stop branding the music being played here as "techno" (Space is also guilty of this). Why? Because it's not and never has been. 99.99% of the time, it's watered down house/tech-house and that's fine if that's what people want to listen to, but don't call it what it isn't. House, tech-house, and techno are three completely different things and it's embarrassing that you can't tell the difference. Lastly, please take into consideration what your clients have to say about this place. If you haven't realized, you're slowly pushing people away and I've experienced this. The more I go, the less and less people I see in this club. Don't count MMW because that's only once a year. Your clients are right when they say that your staff are often hustling and mistreating them. Maybe it's the staff doing this without their superiors' knowledge.. or maybe you guys are very aware and condone it. With all that being said, I hope you guys aren't immune to criticism and can fix the problems within this place because you have more potential than you know. Cheers.


Bought a ticket online ($25) and it said entry before 2am. Got there at 1:30, the line took 90 minutes and when I got to the front they wanted $20 more. Didn't have any cash so I ended up going home. Avoid this club at all costs, I love the music but it's not worth it.

Victoria Tchistiakova

Sick time !!! Great crowd and sound system !!

Mike Lee

Miami's underground! Best after hours in Miami!

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