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29 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132, United States

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Kimberly Gardens

I had so much fun here I suggest that you go here if you're looking to have the time of your life you come here. Just make sure you come here with money not $ but $$$ the least to have a lot of fun. I suggest you buy tickets of the DJ or artist that night it will make everything much easier. You'll be right in if not you'll be waiting for a while. Also you should come early because if you don't you'll also be waiting for a while.

Lily Barrientos

Add this club to your things to go to in Miami! They have 2 levels and a rooftop on the 3rd floor. The rooftop bar has food and drinks but closes at 2am. The other 2 levels stay open 24/7 it’s definitely one a kind experience you won’t regret it. Dress to impress!

Karina Seminario

There is always an issue with this place. I bought 1 drink- a gin tonic- and my card was authorized for a bottle not sure why the bartender charged me this, she wasn’t busy I was the only one at the bar this charge was for $200 and They took around a week to give me my money back A few months later I went there with some friends and one of the strippers from the main stage was rude she pushed me to make me drop the cash I had in my hands to the main stage. Won’t come back

Renata Andrejszky

This was certainly an experience that is not worth having again. Considering the large selection of clubs that Miami offers, I would recommend skipping this place. A group of friends and I had prepaid tickets to see a headlining act. Stood in line for a long time, which isn't shocking for a large club but what was a bit off was that we had one friend who joined us last minute and had to purchase a ticket at the door....she got in before we did. Brushed that off and went in only to be packed in like sardines. I have never in my life been in a club that was SO obviously over capacity (which I assume is since they love a good money grab for headline nights). Living in South Florida my entire life, I have been to bigger clubs and smaller but have never felt this uncomfortable. I swear that if I would have put my arms up, I wouldn't have been able to get them back down to my sides. The dancers, though beautiful, were not performing anything that you wouldn't see at a small town strip club on a Tuesday night. There was one woman who did a beautiful silks act but that was the only highlight for the dancers and you couldn't see much of her act with the amount of people in there. It was nearly impossible to decipher in between VIP sections and general admission in the upstairs area as it didn't seem like the staff cared too much to vet who was VIP and who wasn't. There were too many people crammed in to even enjoy the VIP section so even if you decide to go after reading this review, I would recommend not spending extra money for a VIP experience here. The VIP area carpets were very wet, smelt of vomit and were mysteriously sticky. We waited until about 3:30am for the Headliner to come on and just simply gave up since the experience was already so terrible. At one point the club even gave what seemed to be visual clues on the large screen to indicate the headliner was gearing up to come on but it was incredibly vague and unexplained (just to reiterate...we did not see the headliner) and I'm still left confused about the purpose of the random visual que. Overall, I know this club doesn't really care about this review because lets all admit it, its Miami and people are still going to come here because the pictures look cool online but even if I can change one persons mind about this place, Ill take it because there is nothing positive that I have to say about this club.

Angela Whitehead

This is a strip club not a club. The main floor to dance is just a large circle stage for strippers to perform on and everyone else just awkwardly stands around. Not a place to go actually partying and clubbing at.

Rene villar

I do not recommend it to anyone and if I could vote 0 I would do it. It's the last place in Miami that would go again. The service is very bad. They change the price to how they earn and the employees are very abusive. I recommend you never go to this site. for some reason your rating is 3.7


For starters the entire staff is rude, snarky and unhelpful. My friends and I came here on a Thursday and had a great night, except for the rude rent-a-cops at the front door and the bartender who, when I asked for 3 shots of patron, gave me 3 shots of don Julio and refused to take it back because it had already been poured. However, the cover charge was only $20, there was lots of space to move around inside, there was a good energy, and the girls were beautiful. We came back the next night to celebrate my friend’s birthday, and the bouncers were even worse than the night before, and the cover charge had been upped to $50. We waited in line, in the cold for OVER AN HOUR and when we got up to the front the bouncer refused to let me in, claiming my ID was invalid. It’s not. As I mentioned, and as I explained to him, I was literally there the night before and my ID did not present an issue. I tried to speak to the bouncer and reason with him and he brushed me aside and took a picture of me without my consent. For what purpose this picture was taken, I have no idea. He took it very quickly before I could say or do anything and kicked me out of the line. I then tried to speak to a manager, who brushed me aside and told me to go back and wait in the hour long line AGAIN. The atmosphere of this club was pretty great, but the staff and service is absolutely terrible. Don’t expect anyone to be helpful or useful to your needs as a paying customer of this establishment.

Domagoj Kerestes

Bouncers and waiters are from Serbia

Heather Rycek

If I could give this place zero stars I would!! We are here in Miami for 2 weeks and while looking for a nightclub to go to we unfortunately end up at this place which is advertised as a "dance club" but its not its a way over priced strip club! We paid $40 to get in the door snd then $22 for 1 bottle of water and 1 bud light!! Idk what they are tying to prove with those prices! Really upsetting considering we were looking for a place to go out and dance! We ended up at Wynwood which was awesome... i wouldnt reccomend this place unless you dont mind blowing a bunch of money unnecessarily. They need to let ppl know they are a strip club and not a dance club!!


I want to know why they only hire white skinny girls. Either you’re tall and skinny or short and skinny. WHY IS THERE NO CHANGE?! I visited with some male friends & everytime it’s the same looking girls. This is why I always tell people to ditch this place. Where is the thick girls? Where is the big bootys? Smh

Andy Oh

Line too long. Hype too big. Rather go to Tootsies.

Mary G.

I had heard good things about this place so we took 3 out of town guests to entertain them. When we arrived we were told that there was a special performance that evening yet we didn’t mind paying $100 per person to get in. However, I would’ve expected the staff to be a bit more polite & hospitable to guests. We are business owners and treat every guest with 5 star service no matter what.The security was beyond rude and created such a “hostile” uncomfortable environment especially considering our guests spent an insane amount at the bar. We were disappointed & left before seeing who we paid to see ( Diplo) It was past 3 am and he still hadn’t come out. You couldn’t pay me to see 2chainz again, who unfortunately we had to watch. I don’t think I’d go back & I’m the one who made the suggestion to take our guests here.

Dolores Cortez

It was an unforgettable night at this club but there are some things i don't like that why i'm give it four.

Smith Cooper

The best gentleman’s club anywhere period !!! I love ❤️ this place the most ❗️❗️❗️ Definitely a must try if you’ve never been here before. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Temiya Madison

Always a good time and the VIP servers are amazing.

Nick Paciaroni

A group of friends came to 11 for my buddy's birthday. We had an awesome time! We bought entrance tickets online before we got there since they were much cheaper than buying when you get there. In my opinion this place is more of a night club than strip club. I wasn't hounded by girls looking for dances as a lot of people have commented about. Fun place and great spot for an authentic Miami nightlife experience. Definitely will be back.

Kae Frank

So I’m in town visiting and this was one of the first after hour spots recommended for me to visit during my stay. I went for my first time and enjoyed myself so much that wanted to party there every night til I left town. I paid $30 to get in and received a club stamp which guaranteed return access, I left for about 20 minutes to get breakfast and although they have a great selection, I wanted something that wasn’t on the menu. Upon my return the bouncers, with no explanation, told me that I could not get back in and informed me to leave the premises. I asked to speak with upper management and they told me that they owed no explanation. So my question is, if I want to spend my money to party here every night, is this not the place for it?


Great club to chill in after hours. Ask for Gabriel after 6am

Briana Richardson

Better food than expected. Good space and great music. Hookah available too.

Karl Mcardle

Legend of Legends - Big thank you to Corey Lambert. Executive VIP host.. been a massive help getting things set up, really is a top guy. nice one. thanks again

Mega Mind

Price to get in wasnt bad but the lady who let me in was mad I didnt tip her! I have never been to a club where I was expected to tip the doorman. And now I wonder did she put some fraudulent charges on my card because I have at least 2 charges I dont recognize. Lap dances where SUPER expensive and so were the drinks. The women here are trained to take your money. I learned my lesson and wont be back.

Rick Lemoine

Always a nice spot to get an after hours drink and see some late night action. Not a fully nude strip club but it's cool if you want to extend your night. For more interesting reviews and places to visit check out @ricklemoinevip


Best club I’ve been too! Bottle service experience was amazing. The staff working there took care of us! I will def be coming back here again!!!

Mario Carcamo

I have been a frequent flyer to this place but I think my days of coming here and recommending it are coming to an end. My previous visit I came in slightly inebriated and wanted a dance from one of the girls. I know the whole drill when trying to pay with a credit card. Sign forms, get your finger print taken, etc. and I can recall exactly how much I spent. I was sober enough to make that conscious decision but after that it was a huge blur and the staff/dancer took me for a literal ride. I was very clearly intoxicated and taken advantage of. Various contracts and transactions were not approved of with a conscious mind. I was at the point of passing out in one of the rooms and they tricked me into signing whatever they threw at me. Granted, I understand the nature of the business but when drinks start getting ordered without my consent (especially without being aware), my fingerprint gets taken without me realizing it (the bouncer forced my hand on some new contracts for dances I didn't approve of) and I wake up to a bill 4 times larger than I can remember it, somethings got to give. I had a figure of exactly how much I spent and told various people of that figure. I was blown away when I saw my credit card statement. I realize that the girls are independent contractors but the bouncers/server guys were in on it too. I asked to get a copy of all my receipts from that night because I only remember signing two pieces of papers the whole night (not 8). It was also a little fishy that it took them almost 2-3 weeks to get these to me when they said it would only take 2 days. Was my signature forged? On one of the receipts it was obvious that they forced my hand onto the sheet as it took 2 tries to get my finger print (even though earlier that night and many times before I've always done it in 1 try). This is a place not looking to entertain but to rob its customers of their life savings. Not coming back, no longer recommending it, and making sure anyone I am acquainted to knows my story (hell might bad mouth it anytime I am anywhere near it). Sad as I brought this establishment a fair amount of business. PS: Wish zero stars was an option.


OMG 24/7 and you must to go there once at least

Marija Mitova

We had amazing night there, amazing place!


No shorts allowed, really on a 80 degree nite

Monir Islam

Horrible bar tender Went today first time. Extremely rude!!!

A Verified Reviewer

It felt more like a brothel than a dance club. $14 drinks and no where for you to dance with your friends. The reason I'm not giving 0 stars is because I lost my phone and was able to come back and it had not been stolen. The over-glorified security guards at the front were also rude & snarky.

John Tan

My son tells me . Awesome experience , dress code requires pants. Fortunately the local Miami community came through for me , and i was able to experience this awesome venue.

britney smith

Very nice place to chill. Rooftop was very nice and relaxing with the firepit. The view was nice. Lime pepper chicken was AMAZING. The hookah was great. Pricing was good. Very clean place. Waiter was awesome. Definitely coming back and bringing more people.

Kevin Lange

Guys be careful. A dancer scammed me out of $300 just last Wed July 17. I called management to tell them what happened and their excuse was the girls are all independent contractors so they are not responsible for their actions. They offered to comp my next bar bill but I live in a far away state and have no plans to go back to Miami any time soon. I even said I would settle for 1/2 of my money back but they just want to comp me. I was told by two different managers that I would hear from the GM but so far nothing and its been over week. A friend of mine told me later that a dancer tried to scam him too but for $1k! He didn't fall for it. Watch yourself guys....especially non locals. Don’t fall for their BS!

Kevin Langford

Buyer Beware! The ladies r beautiful but they r scam artists! I had $300 scammed from me and a dancer tried to get my buddy for $1k. I was willing to work with management and gave them every opp to make it right but they weren't having it. Just remember if it seems too good to be true, it most definitely is. And if you work hard for your $$ you may not want to visit here!


They have it all entertainment, food drinks, celebrities in the best city

Alma Diaz

Nice vibe but sometimes it gets too much for me.

kevin boyer merino

Worse club ever Don’t go , don’t waste your time

Luis Hernandez

Not a long wait, Smooth entering process, rude cashier, expecting a tip in her “tip jar” long wait for water down expensive drinks, the ambiance is amazing tho, the gogo dancers are great, it was so packed, BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS WOMEN

Corey Hart

I've never been here but they (e11even) at least answer the phone. Neither LIV nor Story will talk to you. Wow!

Gabriel De La Rosa

Best club in Miami hands down !!!! Best energetic staff and welcoming guest.

Niki Leon

Always a magical night here

yao shaung tseng

Me and my coworkers have great time over here. Their roof top restaurant has great drinks and tapas. We chill at the rooftop till midnight and we go downstairs and have quite a lot of fun. Highly recommend to go to the roof top to get some …

Mical Sands

Came to E11even twice on my vacation to Miami from Michigan during the 4th of July weekend and let me tell you we had a blast both nights. Of course it’s Miami so dress to impress and don’t come drunk, you will go right in. bouncers are bouncers they aren’t your friend but at least they respected me and my boi some of them are friendly, lines sometimes are long but go fast trust me and of course to skip the line there always a price for it. Inside is a whole other level of nightclub scene you get everything there from dancers to hookah (no reason to leave) pricy but worth it, music is good atmosphere is good I give it 10/10 will definitely come back again on my next trip to Miami

Armando Arellanos

11EVEN Is hands down the best club I’ve ever set foot in. I will 100% be back again. The girls, bouncers, and bartenders were one of a kind.

Diego Rojas

Eleven miami is soo hot. The vibes there is great and was an excellent choice for the night. The service was really good, a lot of people. The music was really good we have a really good time.

shane mcleish

Was there, the drinks were expensive AF example: like $11 for a Heineken. But i had lots of fun, lap-dances.

Jason Weiss

Took my wife for her birthday with a few friends .. Best time . Best club. Best staff. Best experience. .. Will be coming back soon.. Everyone must go to Elleven.

Gautam P

It's not a night club. It's an over hyped strip club. Cover was expensive.

Andrew Ellis

It’s a strip club , be prepared to spend lots of money.Every drink and shot will cost you $20.They barely poor anything in your cup.There is no space to walk or dance.The dress code policy is not enforced as stated on the website.Half the sprippers were just standing around.Dont wait your time or money.My wife attempted to use the restroom 3 times and she could not because it will packed wih strippers doing there makeup and changing. FYI there was no Trapeze dancers as stated on there website.This is very poor Advertising.

Jovan Brdaroski

for people who are from out of town, make no mistake. THIS IS A GLORIFIED STRIP CLUB. every woman in there was a professional, hassling every guy they see to buy a private show. yet they advertise themselves as a "nightclub". if you're into strippers, it's probably the perfect place for you. if not, stay away!!

Chad Brown

I was here last week. Once I left this place, all I kept thinking about was going back as soon as possible. Whether you like to dance, drink or both this is the place you should be. The inside blew me away. Honestly I don’t want spoil it …

ezequiel vascello

The greatest place on Earth.

Andrea Wandemberg

I didn’t like it. We were in a group of 3 couples and went there because internet and advertisements made it seen like it was a regular night club but it a strip club. We had no idea, I think people at the front should tell you before charging $50 per couple. It was kind of funny but we really wanted to go out and dance, not seeing hundreds of half naked women walking and dancing all over the club. We ended up leaving an hour later.

David Miller

Went during the day, when it's very chill. Amazing sound and lighting. Decent liquor selection. The women are beautiful.

Nikos Glass

Best club ever!!! Will always go when visiting Miami!!

marc similien

Prodomently for the need a substantial amount of money to even get noticed.this establishment is rarely or does not cater to african Americans. Needs more African american girls dancing...drink prices were not to bad. Upbeat pop music.needs more hip hop music. Smoking is allowed at this location. I believe the girls would make more money if they approached more people .needs more thicker women. Some or if not all the dancers were slim and Hispanic/ white. This is a very safe location.

Patricia Retaleato

The “club” was severely over capacity. The wait in line for prepaid tickets took longer than friends who bought tickets at the door & got in line at the same time. It was so packed on the first floor I wasn’t able to dance, let alone move at all unless being shoved around by other guests or staff. Going up to the second floor, there were VIP tables lining the entire balcony so I wasn’t able to see any of the show or performers, only the back of other people. The only place I could stand & see the stage/screen was near someone else’s table & I got yelled at for standing nearby. So I stood in a corner behind everyone else until 3:30am & the headliner didn’t come on until after we left. The DJ tracklist that I did hear was outdated & unimpressive. The floors were sticky & smelled like vomit. The performers/“strippers” barely did more than crawl around on the gigantic stage that took up so much of the floor space. I wanted to dance & enjoy myself but I was only able to tolerate 1.5 hours before I had to call an Uber and leave because the club was so unbearable. I brought several friends with me & we all were disappointed. My friends & I would have had more fun if we didn’t go to E11even at all. Definitely know to avoid this place in the future.

Pedroo Nevess

Got kiked out befor i get in by the eay i look!

rosa vazquez

Well let's see... This is a night club that is open 24/7 so if your planning to visit it buy your tickets on line, this will avoid you having to wait in the long line. Wear comfy shoes as there are not chairs only at the bar if your lucky …

Brandon Rodriguez

My business partners and I had a great time at Eleven. The staff were respectful and inviting. The dancers were all beautiful and I really enjoyed the variety of the show. At times I felt like I was watching an exotic ballet, and others I felt I was in an extremely hype club. I was impressed with how well organized the staff was and with the cleanliness of the club. Excellent work on behalf of management. The rooftop lounge was also a great atmosphere. My only drawback was the high cover charge which on principle alone I felt was unnecessary based on how much you are likely to spend inside. Overall a good time for both men and women. Looking forward to visiting again.

Les bar

was there on Nov 30. cover price changed while I was in line. way too expenive. Drinks are also to expenisve. the bouncer and staff are rude and they think they are all that. the ladies are as rude as the staff. and the worst thing was …

Paulino Maldonado

My wife and I are from out of town and visited club e11even 07/28/18. There was a few good things about the club but overall it was a bad experience since the get go. If your looking for a club I would recommend looking at other clubs in the area and if your looking for a strip club I highly recommended Tootsies in Miami Gardens. Below I described the ups and downs of the club based on what we experienced that day. 1.) The guy that checks the receipts and stamps your hand was arguing with a customer and was in that customers face almost seconds away from starting a physical fight. The other bouncers had to remove him from there. Which solved the problem and don’t get me wrong we understand drunk people are not pleasant to deal with, but for other customers to walk into a bouncer throwing a temper tantrum is not the best first impression. 2.) The dancers are not as gifted in certain areas and the ones that are, are either bottle service or bar tenders. They will take you to the VIP room for $1500. 3.) 2 dancers were supposed to come back so we could go to the VIP room but never did. 4.) The dancers share the tips so if you tip one that’s working her ass off she has to share it with another one that might be standing around. 5.) The cost of the drinks are expensive 6.) It is over crowded and hard to dance/move anywhere 7.) If you are dancing and happen to bump into a bouncer they will push you out of the way even if your a woman. 8.) I was waiting in line at customer service because I lost my credit card and a bouncer came shoved me out of the way to collect the cash from the drawer. Not only was this rude since I was already at the desk but as a business owner it is highly unprofessional and not safe. He should have walked to the back of the counter and taken the money it would have avoided the shoving and is the best practice to use when handling deposits. 9.) The chairs that surround the dancers for customers to sit are UNSAFE! Not only are they dealing with intoxicated customers but it’s unsafe for even a sober customer such as my wife. She wasn’t intoxicated and went to sit down when we noticed the chairs have wheels and slide very easily. She went to sit down and the chair moved back she ended up falling right on her behind and till this day is still experiencing chronic lower back pain. A bouncer went to help her up and told her not to worry “It happens all the time.” As soon as my wife sat back down another lady sitting across from us fell off of another chair. The bouncer looked at my wife and pointed it out and even said “See what I mean.” If it happens so often and they haven’t addressed it yet they might be waiting for a lawsuit to happen. Pros 1.) The cost for drink includes the tip. 2.) Some bouncers are nicer than others. 3.) The bouncers walk the dancers out at the end of their shift.

Daniel Lobaton

A strip club with a some nice shows. I’m not a fan of this kind of places, and came invited after visiting the restaurant on top. Felt safe inside, a lot of security.

Ash Belle

Goin to go for my official interview on Monday!! I've seen the online website and the club itself is big, and welcoming. They're hiring office is well organized and the secretary was very helpful and patient with me I can't wait

Melody Paine

Was busy and crowded. and fun

Justin Anderson

Great “cabaret” type club with great music and beautiful women dancing. A little more hyped up and not as great as I expected based on this, but overall a pretty cool club.

Daniel Gragnano

Me and my buddies always come down to Miami for this club! Awesome DJs, delicious drinks, and the inside looks awesome. If you're looking for a nice club with great music, I highly recommend E11!

Jerry Schwartz

Could not get in event though we had a reservation. Well dressed and all. The bouncer said they were at capacity. We were appropriately dressed

Jessica Walters

Very nice looking place. But bad service that took way took long. And the menu is limited and food doesn’t taste very good. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Raul Arroyo

One of the prettiest nightclubs in Miami!!

Barclay Graves

E11EVEN thank you! Always feels good to be back home. Memorial Day was

luis mejia

The best club in town ! The open 24/7

Karl Long

coming from Canada and this being my first time at this amazing club, I was extremely impressed. It's actually more than a club. It's something you must experience yourself. I left around 9 in the morning, thank you Jeff for an awesome experience. I will be back for sure!!

Herald Becker


kirollos aiad

We drove there for an hour with a valid temporary I’d because that’s what TN DMV do . The security did not let us in and didn’t care about us .

Kelby Ledbetter

Employees are rude. One girl shoved me. They also lied about the time the headliner was going to come on.

Frank Thompson

So I initially had an issue with the bouncers kicking me out of the club a couple of weeks after purchasing my way into the club. I wrote a review about how I loved the establishment and how great of a time I had visiting during my initial stay In Miami. I received a response promptly by the owner assuring that he would get to the bottom of the situation and accommodate me for the misunderstanding; and so he did. Miguel, the night manager assisted me and was wonderful. I came with five of my personal friends from work who are highly respected corporate executives who were all ready to spend money and have a phenomenal time. Miguel greeted us and made sure we had drinks as soon as we walked through the door. We paid for a section and began to party our hearts out. As we were enjoying our night, out of nowhere, two bouncers aggressively asked to speak with me outside, I asked them why, and they gave me no reason. I stepped outside and they immediately ask for my ID claiming they needed to “check my age to assure that I was not a minor.” I told them that they checked my ID at the door and it was done so by management, so what was really the issue? They never gave me one. I asked them to get Miguel since I was invited back to the club by the owner and dealt with him personally. They rudely told me to contact him myself, so I did. As I texted him that I was having a problem outside after being embarrassingly pulled away from my friends, he came to my aid. Miguel spoke with one of the rude and aggressive bouncers in private and came back to me asking me what was the problem. I explained to him that I HAD NO IDEA! I need to know what type of establishment is this to make their paying guests feel harassed and treated like a trespasser?!?

OneOG Z'T4L'

This place is Lit Asf, crazy energetic ambience and it got even better with a surprise performance by Jason Derulo. If you're in Miami this is a must visit Club.

Susie R

Some of the reviews I read are hilarious you people have no lives. You go to a club and expect so much LMFAO! Anyways I had an amazing time with my boyfriend, we had no issues at all! Drinks were yummy,dancers were nice , I had no problems getting around and dancing. Can't wait to go back! ;)

Marion Newman

OK I’ve been to this place a few times I’m a resident currently in Florida tonight we was treated horribly I was manhandled stepped on and pushed around we were us three couples with VIP service supposedly When I approached the manager inside he said he was going to take care of the problem when I spoke to the security outside the manager he threatened me and told me he was going to trust pass me in my group because I said let’s go this place is too packed it was horrible and it’s a waste of money stay away from this place stay away stay away stay away Then he told me that he’s going to put me in handcuffs this big fat white baldheaded guy and we are not the type of people that are rowdy we are very respectable and nice these people are terrible and it’s a horrible place to go to stay away

Johnny Bravo

If i were to describe Miami in one word it's E11EVEN. Money doesn't buy happiness but it buys a good time here.

Philly Beccio

I came here with my friend on a Thursday night and had a good time. Towards the end of the night after spending $400 the bar refused to serve us water, which is 100% illegal. They said they don’t serve water. Besides that we had a good time. It’s expensive so brace yourself.

Dadrian Woodfine

The place was too packed, and hard to get around. I'm so glad my party of 5 didn't opt for bottle service because there would be people spilling over in our section the way the place is packed. The roof top lounge was okay. Our server Yesmabel wasn't friendly, and seemed uninterested. The food was overpriced and the proportions were too small. The music also sucked. I felt like I was listening to a random playlist. For what you pay to get in, I expect more and better. The best part was the tie dancers and Rick Ross' performance. With so many options in Miami, this club needs to step it up. I was only here for a few days, and I regret wasting a night here.

Kirk Miller

Beware follow up- Management messaged they would look into issue. I suspect they replied to give viewers impression that they take these reviews seriously. Reality is they have done nothing. So please be aware of being potentially being scammed when you used their ATM (see below). Beware of Club E11even ATM scam!! Their ATM machines do not dispense funds however your bank records will show that you received funds (when in fact you have not). I got "screwed" out of $500. Be aware!!

yousef 13

Great time, If u in miami u def have to check it out

Alexander Watts,Jr.

Being from Chicago i had never in my life witness such an amazing place. Definitely a moment to remember. Shows and dancers was great and the drinks show up fast. Very fine women loved the hospitality. I'll be back!

Alexandra Boutin

came down for ultra, we went there the monday after ultra and it was a really cool experience, the club is very nice. I would say we waited quite a bit for bathrooms but overall fun time. definitely going to go back when back to miami

John Beghini

Unfortunately we're literally herw as we speak. 1 hour after our dinner reservation and no one even came back to explained to us why the wait. This place is really going downhill... Update, they ended up rectifying the issue. Very glad

Grishna Patel

I was just here during a bachelor party and had blast! The women were all stunning and the music was very good. It was a cool mix of a club and a cabaret with a show type of thing. Very unique and fun place. If you are in Miami check it out.

Andrew Pototschnik

I miss the old gold club that used to be here that was a proper strip club. This unfortunately is just a bad strip club and a bad dance club all rolled into one. It’s just people standing around staring at each other nobody really dancing and then break really stripping. But it seems to be what everybody has to do when they come to Miami these days so go check it out for yourself.

Paige Marogil

Service was condescending and sexist. Don’t know whether to blame it on poor management or what. They treat customers very poorly and I was appalled. I wouldn’t waste any money giving them tips.

Mike Hirooka

Rock and roll all night & part of every day!

Rio Washington

By far the best place for scratching that "what can I do that is not the norm itch" This place is undescribable in try to elaborate with words the kind of experience that you would have once you visit E11EVEN ultraclub..They also have a restaurant on the roof for that special individual you would like to enjoy a delicious dinner with. I really appreciate the staff and management for making me feel carefree and important. I will definitely be visiting this establishment more often.

Audrey Ferron

We had a great experience with one of your new recruit. She was the first one to talk to us and she was really sweet. She was also very good and very professional. It was our first time so we were pretty much clueless and she helped us. We don’t know her name but we know that she came from arizona. She’s a natural beauty and a cutie.

elodia castillo

They have unprofessional security staff and the place is just not somewhere where you will like to enjoy your night. Also, they are too pricey for their own good. I will not recommend to go at all.

Nick Vice

E11EVEN Miami is definitely my top 3 favorite clubs in miami. Very energetic crowd, service is fantastic & drinks are standard high end club price. Lights & Sound are amazing. Bouncers are not very strict you can pretty much walk around & go wherever without harassment & the bathrooms where easily accessible & without a long wait. Overall 10/10

tito zur

I never do reviews or anything like that but my first time here as long as I lived in Miami was so trash I ordered you not to go here there's plenty of other places for you to enjoy do not go to 11 it's the worst

Suhas Mallesh

They try to make it a hybrid club by merging the gentlemen's club and also a dance floor and they did a really bad job. The entry was way too expensive and I honestly don't even know why did I pay entry for as it wasn't even a great club. Man! I may be from a small town but clubs from any small town beats this place. Trust me and go to a proper gentlemen's club or to a proper dance floor depending on what you want but definitely not to this place which tries to combine both and fail at both. Overpriced and honestly don't even know why it's overhyped.

joel ramos

here is the razon why im leaving only 2 stars i was at e11even the other day and the bartender try to overcharge me for a glass of wine dhe said give me 20 dollars and then i knew hiw much the wine was and i told her what do you mean give …

Laylah Gharib

We had a blast at this place

Paul Doyle

Random place for 7pm dinner as if you’re early you sit in the main nightclub! But lovely food and good service

James Scott

Great club but the bartenders need to stop scaming people they charge me 20 dollar for a glass of wine twice and when i ask for the recit the wine was 14 or 15 dollar with the service and guest what they were doing it to everybody at the bar by the main door be carefull with this scamers ... ask for your recit ..

Vivi O.

Best place 24 hours open for have fun

Nikesha Gray

Definitely not worth the money. My shrimp tacos were great but should not have been $25 because they were so tiny. All of the portions were tiny!

Vadim Kotelnikov

Like this place ! But quality of hookah is horrible!

Brock Nolden

They said I couldn't get in even though si was completely sober and my friend and I had a slight altercation...

Carl Francis

Great spot very entertaining

Syed Raza

Hands down BEST Staff I have ever experienced at a nightclub. They are very attentive of their guests and value our time there. Yes the prices are definitely quite high but that is Miami for you. So make sure you bring yourself a high limit credit card before walking in. Other than that everyone is there to have a good time and it gets lit.

Brenda Romero

Extremely bad music. You would think someone would know how to dj but the music is terrible

Nicola Dianin

Expensive.. 40 box to enter and find lot of girls asking if you want a massage or dance together and you have to pay around 100 box for the service. Place just for people who want to be noticed.

Liz London

The hookah service was the worst I’ve ever experienced. I own my own hookah business in Atlanta and i was very disappointed in the service i received. I asked the lady to fix my hookah and instead she just took it off my table and went to the back. When i asked what was going on and asked to speak to a manager i was told there was no hookah manager there (supposedly they’re separate) and the girl would not come back out and assist us. I will never return to this club or recommend the many people i know to this establishment. It’s terrible.

Jordan Miller

Had a great time dancing and vibing, the staff is friendly and accommodating. One bartender in particular really did an amazing job serving me, her name is Tory, tall blonde, hope this review finds you cause I was so amazed at how well you handled a busy night and getting everyone served quickly! Will definitely be back

Conservative 101

Advertised Laidback Luke for Memorial Day weekend ... it’s 3:15 am still no signs of him... false advertisement , shady business

Raphialia Lazurios

Classy and clean fun! I had a great time. Love the lights, love the crowd, music and the pizza


The music sucksssss!! OMG! Headache music!!! I went on a Saturday night!


Best Club ever #iwannabeadj recomended to visit this place for you

Fabian Hutter

I was there already a little drunk and they totally ripped me of. I was there for just about two hours and spent more than 1500$. The lapdances were ok, but nothing special. They were definitely not worth the price. Also the upper flore was nothing special. And in the end (around 6.30am) the dancer i had wasn't very enthusiastic anymore. So if you go there sober, you might have a good, yet expensive time. If you go there drunk, chances are you spend way too much money for just not enough action.

Selcuk Toklucu

The dress code on their website as well as on third party application is not accepted on the front entrance. Their website says "Upscale and stylish nightlife fashion. No oversized clothing, including but not limited to t-shirts and pants." …

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