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REVIEWS OF Peanut Farm IN Alaska

Amanda Reineke

Sitting by the creek, on a sunny day, yet in the shade while splitting an appetizer is perfect! They have food runners, and you aren't bugged to death by your server... However, you can flag down anyone and get anything you need... Water, silverware, more food, drinks, beer... Whatever it is you like... Prices are moderate, so bring your cash (plus they take other forms of payment). They are also part sports bar, part Alaskan casual restaurant.

Jena Faulkner

If I could, I'd give it 0 stars. It gets 1 because I can't go any lower AND the waitress was kind. But the food was TERRIBLE! I ordered hot tea and water, corn fritters to start, a veggie sandwich with a grilled chicken breast and sweet potato fries as my entree. The hot tea was Lipton tea packets to brew myself. The corn fritters and sweet potato fries were cold. The veggie sandwich with chicken so bland I couldn't stand to eat it. I had to eat the ingredients separately like a salad just to get it down. Doing so caused more issues to arise. One tomato piece tasted like mold, the spinach was wilted, and there was still part of a sticker on the sliced red pepper! Seriously, the best part of the meal was the tea. And I dislike Lipton.

Jeremy Martin

Good food and great service. Right on the water. Great atmosphere and general place to kick back and unwind or take the family. Cant go wrong

Loretta Johnson

This place was AMAZING! This was my first time there and the service was AMAZING (thank you Hailey) and the food was fabulous! I loved being able to sit and watch The Walking Dead with a bunch of dead heads like myself! If you have never been there GO! It is well worth it!

John Henke

We had dinner here and the staff was great! They turned the Blues game on the big screen for us so we could root for them. The beers were cold and the food was nicely prepared. The patio looked like an ideal place to enjoy the evening with friends.

Vanor Blake

Sitting outside was nice. Had a wrap the chicken was cold in side. And a lot of lettuce.. A Heated chicken would have had a better taste . Maybe there idea of a warp..

Minji Kwon

The food is decent but not excellent. For big groups, the wait time for food to arrive can be long with order mix ups. Small group will be quicker. Decent food and drinks for night with friends or to watch sports games.

Thelma Guice

Sport Bar is okay went there with friends. Will i go back again not lightly. Had chicken strips little hard for me honest and fries wasn't that hot (heat wise).Over all was good. Plus hockey games was going on and real loud.

Jacob Aragon

Great view on the deck. Great view. Great staff

Kenneth Sparks

This place is great. Its a nice sports bar with great food, open pool tables, and tvs in the bathroom!

Matthew Bigman

Great TVs, good sports coverage, lovely stream side patios, and solid beer selection don't make up for just okay food and slow service. Great for those really morning overseas sports games though

shelly wassilie

Flies flying around, also other little flying bugs. Service was nice. Food is a hit or miss. Miss when my food came. Gave it more than couple chances.

Frost Star

Good food, and if you sit in the back it has a nice view of a creek to enjoy while eating.

Samuel Haywood

Good food fast service. Nice atmosphere.

Dante Fuentes

Nice place food I'll give one star need improvement.

Catherine Hohman

Good service, good food, parking lot full (had to drive around and wait a few minutes). Overall a good experience!

Norman Sturm

A very good 1/2 pound burger and great deck seating next to a creek. Reasonable prices.

Emily Moreno

On saturday 7/6/2019 My husband went to peanut farm to watch a ufc fight. The waitress gave my husband a flat beer, and then when he ordered a new beer (as a replacement), she took his glass (not thinking anyone could see her) and proceeded to pour beer from some random beer pitcher that was under the counter into his glass! Then she put a tiny bit of fresh beer from tap in the glass. So they save beer in pitchers and charge you full price for gross flat beer thats sitting under the counter?!! Very poor service, we wont be comming back.

Crystal Northen

Nice chill place to hang out and grab a bite. Staff has been prompt and courteous both trips. We have had popcorn shrimp and the Campbell Creek Trio. Pleased with both.

jackie schiewe

Had the fish and chips which were excellent and our server was awesome.. wish I lived closer would be a regular spot for me to go..

david speaks

Good breakfast a fair price. Eggs cooked perfect.

Socal Jonny

OK Place next to the river, very big lots of Room, great for Watching Games, a little pricey.

James Ray

Food and service were good. Not expensive for what it was but perhaps it's better after 10am.


Alaska pricey. Wings and wing sauce was on point, and the size of the wings was average. I do not recommend the corn fritters - they are more biscuit like than cornbread. Bartender needs an attitude adjustment, but other than that, the customer service of food-runners was good. Nice ambiance too.

Martin Moody

My best friend works there. And I go there frequently. Good food and good times.

Lena Koen

Was great service and good food will be going back.

Stephanie Wheaton

Large place, good for groups. Service was rude or at least disinterested. Nachos were large but not well prepared, cheese barely hot.

kylie coston

Great service for it being 11pm on a sunday(who really wants to work the weekends that late at night and be there till 2:30?) The server was quick, friendly and some what up beat. Very fast, gave us our space instead of bothering us constantly. The food was great:)

Preston Edson

Pass on this one. Very picturesque but the food and service are both mediocre.

John Preuit

Great food, good selection of beverages. Great place to gather with friends and watch sports!

Curtis Duncan

Tequila Lime wings are the best wings Alaska has to offer.

LaToya Coachman

My husband took me to this place to celebrate my Degree I just earned! Upon walking in (for our first time) we were not greeted, I walked up and attempted to ask an older waitress where can?...she cut me off and pointed to the back and said go straight to the back! We chose to sit on the inside and the same waitress saw we were sitting down and asked us, “what could she get us and was it for to-go?” We have never felt so unwelcome in a facility! We won’t be back!

Daniel Younker

Food and drinks were very good! Occasionally the bartender disappeared and it would take a little longer to get a drink.

Theodore Atchak

Had the halibut and salmon, wasn't the best nor the worst, the salmon and halibut be a lot better baked..

Scott Horton

Good food and service, can be very loud

Charles Parker

good food and beer. great outdoor creekside scene. good service!!

Tavius Coachman

My wife and I stopped by the peanut for lunch and went by the bar area first, wasn’t greeted by anyone so we decided to approach a lady just standing at a register, without hesitation she told us the deck is out back keep straight down the hallway while my wife was attempting to ask about the menu, I told my wife we should leave instead we went and sat down at a table in the bar area hoping to get a different waitress, the same lady approached us while we’re clearly sitting at a booth and ask what can I get cha are you ordering to go. I immediately told my wife let’s go. Very poor customer service as if we wasn’t allowed there.

Joseph Pocher

Good food and drinks. Friendly staff

Christina Barajas

Weeknight dinner here with a friend. I ordered the spinach salad and I added their blackened chicken to it. Very delicious! We had a waitress in training and she did a great job! I will be returning.

Michael Lewis

It was my first time at the Peanut Farm. Went there for lunch. Deb was on duty for our area. Great smile, great service, great food!! I'll be back!!


Best sports bar in Anchorage hands down. They have every channel, are quick to change it to the game you want to teach. To top it off their food is absolutely amazing, with super friendly staff. Highly recommend!

Bennie Good

Food and cold brews were good. Not super fancy. Lots of TV's on different channels. Nice service. Campbell Creek runs through... Would like to see in the summer.

Phil Izon

Great place to visit. Very Alaskan environment, a really cool history, and it is a staple of Anchorage. The creek running through it is very nice and calming. Local beer selections, food until late, tons of TVs, game day fight nights, pool, and more. Highly recommend going and enjoying a very unique experience if you are from out of state. Most Alaskans already know of and or frequent Peanut Farm at least a couple times a year.

Chris Harris

I only ate at the bar, service was solid, it was late, she was busy and attentive. Food was good.

Rob Moriarty

The food is good. The menu fits many appetites. The prices fit the quality and size. Their small beer is a 16oz. There are two bars here that I have seen so far. Different crowds in each so it is more likely to suit the patrons. I like this place and will go here again.

Damien Hunting

Friendly service and a wide selection of beer.

Jorge Isaac Luelling Marron

Tonight I went to dinner and for a beer, the girl at the bar was wonderful mary the name of her, she deserved a pay raise, espero que se lo den :)

jPeter Jhakovski

First off, I don't expect much from the Peanut Farm now a days. The tables were sticky. After ordering a round of duck farts for our family visiting from Wisconsin the waitress didn't even know that duck farts were invented at the farm. On top of that the duck farts were not layered correctly, but tasted decent. The corn fritters and my tangy turkey sandwich were on point. However 4 members of the party ordered fish and chips and they all tasted freezer burnt with a limp coating of batter. The Halibut chips were well over done. The Buffalo chicken salad was absolutely disgusting. A cold chicken strip with a mushy bland breading on top of a garden salad with watered down dressing. The bug zapper ticking and popping directly over our heads was a nice touch. Also I thought it was highly entertaining when the waitress brought plates and silverware to our party of 8... She brought 9 plates and 6 sets of utensils. Priceless. We must be nuts.

Dallas Thompson

Great place for unique Alaskan flavored snacks & food

Daniel Sobek

I love this place. Great atmosphere great food. Good billiards as wel

Kenton Wellesey

Well they get their share of customers. Their name make the place sound weird but the staff is sociable everyone seems to be having fun and the food good

Brian Petta

Really fun time. Lots of big TVs and very friendly bartender and waitstaff. Loved it. Definitely coming back. :)

Aaron Shavnore

Food was amazing. Beer great. Waiters seemed to be faded and not in tone with the customers. Tried to check out for 20 mins, no response. Not recommended, Go some where else if you are accustomed to customer service.

Crystal Klein

We just waited 20 minutes and saw waitress after waitress walk by us asking every other table if they were doing good and delivering food. We had our IDs setting on the edge of the table hinting that we are ready to order drinks. Finally I told my husband to close our menus to let them know we are ready to order. Still no service. Very disappointed and annoyed.

Andrew Stilwell

Service was great, wings were okay. They charge extra for a little bit more sauce. Like many places in anchorage, wasn't worth the price.

Sue Smith

Always a fun place to visit. Reliable food and a table by the creek..What's not to like.

Marlina TuuagaBanks

No greeting as I walked in no service no one to help me. It was my first time there trying to get some breakfast because I was told about how it was a good place. But I nearly waited 30 to 45minutes no one yet came to ask if I was ready to order not if I wanted so8to drink. I got up to walk out, the waitress and bartender just stood there and watch me walk out lol.

David Henke

Salmon was good and service was great. Would recommend.

Ron Leddy

Friendly helpful staff, reasonably priced, great atmosphere and location.

Ryan Stafford

If you're looking for a sports bar because your spouse is tired of cleaning up after your friends then you can't go wrong with the Peanut Farm. 360 degrees of televisions with your favorite teams. The booths have their own televisions, so you're in luck if you want to sit closer to the action. If you're waiting for your team to play then you can play some pool or arcade games. Finally there are sections for those who want fresh air and those who want the original Peanut Farm feel. If you don't want to deal with the stairs there is a ramp at the front entrance. Parking is limited in the front, so consider using the parking lot across from Campbell Creek Trail in the rear. If this review was helpful please click the Like button. August 2019 (1) California Chicken Wrap: $14.25 (1) Cajun Chicken Sandwich: $14.75 (1) Cole Slaw (Side): $2.50 (1) Hefeweizen Beer (Pint): $6.00 (1) Stella Beer (Pint): $7.00 Tax: $0.00

Dan Hill

Cajun dry rub with 4 alarm on on the side and a chicken garlic pizza will change your life!!! Thanks for not changing anything over the past 14 years!!!!

jordon scapp

Large Alaskan sports bar with good food, 30 beers on tap, and a patio overlooking Campbell creek.

Bob Chan

It has two separate parts both large and spacious and TVs everywhere for any event that you'd want to watch. Parking is not too bad either there's usually enough space and there's a gorgeous River going down on the side of the restaurant

Fred Nelius

Nice place and a good breakfast, but the Packers lost the game.

Rebecca M Johnson

It was an interesting experience, is all I will say for now

Alexandra Reynolds

The patio was open so a friend and I had drinks outside and the server was great but we wanted to eat inside so closed our ticket and sat ourselves ( that's normal procedure we weren't just being impatient ). They weren't very busy but certainly not slow either so we didn't start getting impatient till it had been 20 minutes and the server had not only passed by is serveral times but also had taken orders of the tables surrounding us. This is just one example of this towns poor customer service that I have been experiencing recently.

Elle Burke

I liked how the back bar was so confortable.. .I enjoyed my wings and beer there.. .jus a nice place to do whatever it is you want to do.. .gotta love the entertainment options.. ..whatever was on the tv for funny things people an animals do made my night.. I had a great time..

Chrysti Leigh

Food was good but the servers seemed confused. Normally they are more on top of it, but my hour for lunch turned into two due to their confusion.

Justin Baggett

Great atmosphere, every sports channel on multiple TV's, awesome food, huge tap list and generous drink sizes, what's not to love! They must be nuts!


We love this place. It used to be a filthy dive bar, now a cavernous tech heavy sports bar with the best wings I've eaten outside Buffalo NY.

Coco Willis

My boyfriend and I went to lunch here and our food took an hour to come out, the server said she would check on it but never told us how long still, we only ordered two sandwiches and people that came in way after us got their food before us. Waiting an hour for food is ridiculous when they weren’t even busy. They gave us a discount because we had to wait so long, I wouldn’t go back though. Only good thing was the mozzarella sticks.

Brandon Swartz

Was I absolutly blown away by food and atmosphere? Naw. BUT this place is really good. If the weather is nice you can sit outside by the creek. Beer on tap is always good, and the food goes just right with the beer. Also, one of the better places to catch up on sports or tv shows with friends.

Walter Adolphs

Ordered a cajun melt today for lunch. After the food arrived I immediately notice the fries where cold. I asked the server to get some hot fries. Meanwhile I started to eat my cajun melt. The hogie roll was cold and soft, the supposedly cajun prime had no taste at all and was dry. A few opinions and provalone cheese. I only ate what I did because I had no breakfast and was hungry. When the server brought the fries I told him I could not eat any more of this. He gave me a 7 $ discount which feels like a slap in the face on top of it. My buddies Yukon burger lacked the buffalo sauce and was tasteless. I'm a frequent customer since 94 and that was the worst food ever. Which I could minus stars. Updated: Talked to the manager Brian after this review and he said he would make it right the next time I come in. Appreciate that. Thanks

chelsi jones

Okay food. Always hot but geasy

Lili Gulsby

Great food. On the water. Prices very good


Wings were tasty but miniature. Beer was cold . The waitress screwed up our order on who was supposed to win the game. (No stars off for the loss just the miniature wings.)

Kyle McClanahan

SPICY PEANUT WINGS!!! I cannot say enough good things about this place. The sauce on the wings is the best sauce I’ve ever had. I also had the clam chowder (A+) and a chipotle chicken panini. Great sized portions, excellent food all around.

Lani Collins

The table next store was loud, used the F word every sentence, and the man immediately behind me kept hitting my chair. I had to leave my husband to pay the check cuz I could not stay any longer under those conditions. The food was good, thankfully, and the wait people very nice, but we had to find our own utensils, and were served the wrong meal. The wait person was very apologetic and made it up to us. It came highly recommended, but no one mentioned it was a sport bar.

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