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REVIEWS OF Chilkoot Charlie's IN Alaska

Wilbur Dundas


Kandus Lee

Good old dive bar

Aaron Howard

This place is awesome. Go see Wanda in the birhouse!

Liesl Wallin

Justin Veit

I come out of this place smelling of wonderful smell of other people's BO and dirty panties. Best dive in the state, I love it!

Sarah P

Koot's is a great bar with a mix of entertainment happening every night, live music, DJs, etc.

Robert Mcgill

This was "the first bar I was taken to in Alaska". And, I've been searching for the better one ever since. A bit dusty? Yes. Busy at peak times? Yes. But you'll get a beer AND an experience for sure!!

Shannon Andersen

ILuvBeer :-/

May be one of the coolest bars I've ever been. Hung out in a bar with thousands of bras hanging from the ceiling. Stayed there and got drunk. Played pool and ate pizza. Has everything.

Robert Dinero

One of the most unique bars/venues I've ever been to. Was lucky enough to be able to get a tour of the facility and learn about the history in all of the different rooms. This is a must stop for anyone visiting the Anchorage area.

Trina Mullen

Always a good time...

justin houser

Great place to go after a long day. Received a tour in Koots about the history and friendly staff. Will return every time I come to Anchorage!!

Aric Toboleski

Fun bar, lots of options and room

Christopher .Jordan

Great place usually. Gone here for parties and birthdays and music shows great venue for all of the above.

Kyle Homer

Favorite bar in town. Staff is fun, can't go wrong with the birdhouse.

Tonya Christiansen

Amazing staff and fun environment

Craig Turpin

This massive 5 room bar is hands down the biggest and baddest of the bars in Anchorage. It has something for everybody including a live band room, gaming room, bar and table area and some adjoining rooms just to make it all flow. There is a mixed crowd of frontiersman, tourists and locals any day and hr. Don't bother with mixed drinks because this is a beer and shot kind of place. The old west theme is a little over bearing but what do you expect, it's Alaska! It's a bit out of the way (not right downtown) but any taxi can get you there in a flash. People watching and fighting over the 10 available women are the two mainstays of going to Koots as the locals call it.

Ken Erickson

A historic drinking institution. Recently sold to a group of former employees. We'll see if it survives Alaska's upcoming economic depression.

Juan baltazar

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Evan Wiger

Great place for heavy times

julie r

Koots is a meat market/ dive bar, if you're into that sort of place. It reminds me of that saying about 'selling the sizzle, not the steak'. There's a lot of hype and not much substance to this mega-bar. As others have stated, the bouncers seem to think they are cops, and act in very aggressive and pompous ways. Recently bought out by Moose Tooth folks, so prices for everything have been raised, of course, with nothing to show for it. Best left for the 'early 20's and horny' crowd.

Anton Andrianov

Overpriced, dirty, old, rundown. The bouncers act like they walk on water and s _ _ t gold bars. And the guy below has a good point. Why do only guys have to pay to get in? I would go to midtown or diamond anytime for a chill bar. Or downtown for fun and action. Kootz just wants you to think they are where the cool kids go.

Courtney Paz

Talk about an experience! If you are in Anchorage, this bar is a must! Made up of 6 different bars all in one location, each bar has something unique to offer, no matter what you are into. I also highly recommend inquiring about private events, there are hidden spaces you may not know about!!

קובי חורי

(Translated by Google) Very nice place divided into several different styles things (Original) מקום נחמד מאוד מחולק למספר דברים הסגנונות שונים

The Penguisitor

Great place for music food and drinks

Willow Tebo

Variety of bars within a bar with different atmospheres to choose from! From live music, events, arcade games, pool, karaoke, tasty food, novel Alaskan history, comedy, and concerts to the comfort of a local dive where you can always meet a new friend. Be sure to check out the BirdHouse with it's magically entertaining bartenders and ask to hear the story of its origin!

Bassam Muhammad

Koot's woooooow it's the perfect place to have a party with your friends, the party was on fire :D

Marcelo Leone

Katie Kingsley

Best place to celebrate your 21st birthday!

Jarek Halat

Always good live music on the weekends and sometimes weekdays

Cerena Gonzalez

My boyfriend and I are visiting from Seattle and had done some research and found this is great place to go and he wasn't wrong! You go into a place and walk through a scanner.... of something, who knows and they scan your ID and take your picture and pair it with your ID. We went around 930 on a Thursday night and listened to the band that way playing before karaoke started (they were pretty good) and I love the set-up of the stage... lots of people dancing... some younger, some older. Pitcher of MGD was $13 and they also had some pizza.. not sure when they started serving that, but I saw it when it was bar time. I really like this place because it has an awesome set-up. There are tons of separate rooms for different things... one room has a DJ, another a band, another pool table, another karaoke, and I am sure there is more. With that said, there are multiple bars to order drinks so I never had to wait in line for a drink. Karaoke finally started in what they call the "Ice Room" (the bar actually has some frost/snow) and it was unique. The DJ and MC were so awesome, friendly, and funny... definitely one of the best karaoke bars I've been to. Wish we would of came here earlier on our vaca... we would have definitely come multiple times! I recommend.

Benard Marube

Fun place to go on the weekends

Christopher Gibson

Not my cup of tea. I recommend against it, but they do have live music from time to time and many different bars.

josh stewart

It's an absolutely amazing bar and live music venue. The kitchen is top notch. Stop by and find your new favorite bartender

Forget-me-not *AK

Megan Rowe

The best bar in Alaska, hands down. I go here at least once a weeks and always have an amazing time. Be sure to try the grill.

Matrona Fortner

They are trying to get people raped out there

Dru Macedo

So many choices

Zee Yyy


Jessy Lynn Martens

If you want to get mugged by the security this is your place

Liam DiZio

It's horrible but go here if you hate your life

Blake F. Quackenbush

This place is intolerable! Save yourself the time and money.

Jamie Miller

Have been going to Koots since I turned 21!

Miroslav Dimitrijevic

They have great parties! The best place in town with very good music! Good service!

Chambree Tosi

Only giving this place 2 stars for the food, music, and layout. The first waitress took out order and demand we close our tab and then rushed us to pay so she could leave. Since this was our first time my friend asked where he ordered pizza and the bartender said it wasnt his job to order him a pizza. It was extreamly rude!!! Then i tripped and cut my food open on a lifted piece of metal lining the staira. I went to inform a bartender she told me to tell security. Security informed me thwy would be right over to fix it i waited over an hour for no one to show up. The staff was rude especially to the men i will not be back.

Lee Thomas

Visited on Wednesday , $12.00 12 oz rib-eye, steak night. Amateur stand up comedy same night . Good stuff overall. Food was good but steak was not a ribeye. It was either a sirloin or a New York strip. No marble characteristics like you see in a ribeye . Meat was also tough , unlike a typical ribeye. They also forgot the mushrooms I ordered and the ones they didn’t forget were cold . Regardless , overall a good experience .

Kyle Thomas

If you're visiting Alaska, you should go just because it's an Anchorage Institution. Walk around the whole place, have a beer, grab some great pizza, and maybe get a t-shirt. Take in the environment while you can, but it's going to be extremely crowded during events and late night weekends. Good scene for local singles, or those just wanting to listen to some loud music and drink.


This place is rude and disgusting. The bartender at the 1st bar on the left when you walk in asked my sister to open her jacket up because he thought she was someone else. We both looked at each other and pretty much walked away. Gross!

Nena Fuller

My family used to work there

Shane O'Hare

An Anchorage institution

Cassie Watson

B. Journey

Unique and fun, lots of different things that are going on at once.

James Wilson

As cheap as anchorage gets. Great music through regularly.

Paul Wilson

Trevor Soderholm

Obviously you have to go to Koot's.

Shannon Mooney

I had a blast last weekend. Live music, dj's spinning in two different spots, and great pizza.


As I know nothing is free but to charge $5.50 for 1 bottle of MGD is a bit ridiculous.

Desha Holmes

One of the best places in Anchorage for live, local music. Staff and bartenders provide quick and friendly service even on busy nights. Great place for locals and visitors alike...Koots is basically an Alaskan landmark.

Joseph Davis

Good crowd and music.

Jp688 688

Free pool I like that


Doesn't smell very good in the bar.

Charlotte Gaston

Love the friendly bartenders and staff at Koots. They cater to a vast array of clients and almost always have a live band. You can't go wrong with Koots. Not to mention the superb people watching - My personal favorite.

bill smith

Walking in I should have known that is a bad omen to go to a bar where you are patted down, ran thru a airport metal detector and you license photographed, I later found out that it was because the security people want to make sure you are disarmed so you can't defend yourself. I have worked private security in clubs all over the U.S.. The security people here were very aggressive and from my perspective caused more problems than they solved. Come to find out they actually have killed a patron there in the past. I watched these goons approach a man who was drunk and ask him to leave which the man immediately started to go. Then the little security guy who was bald and about 5' tall started pushing and taunting the guy to fight. The whole time the drunk guy was non reactive and was trying desperately to get out of there. Soon more security joined in like a pack of school kids. As for me I took my party and we left and will never return. These clowns give my profession a really bad name.

Kevin D

Brandon Tester

Couldn't even get in said my card was fake because there machine couldn't read it said to my friend it was fake, just because they rely a card reader to do there work for them. Ill waste my money somewhere else

Pudu Creative

Smells like a toilet in "north bar". Here for a concert right this second. Over-hyped, the turn out is lame. Expensive drinks. People are relatively tame, although that could be attributed to the mosh waiver they make you sign. Probably won't come back.

Richard Logan

Hell hole. BOUNCERS CAUSE VIOLANCE VIOLANCE AND do not try to deescalte. Desputs but escalate.

Justin Hirschi

Jessica Meuse

My favorite venue for live entertainment so far in Alaska! It's a fun venue to perform at as well as hang out and catch some stand up or a band. The employees are kind and I've never had an issue! Also, the Russian Room is WAY COOL!

Bruce Johnson

Bands play here

Daniel Govig

The original hub :-)

Thelma Woodall


Chris Meyer

Classic and huge.

Ivan the Terrible

Awesome place with different bars inside. There is something there for everyone

Michael Cleaver

Super fun. Koots needs to be on your Anchorage bucket list. It's kind of a dive bar theme park with lots of fun things happening like karaoke and live shows. Keep your expectations low and Chilkoot Charlie's might exceed them.

April Evans

This has been the most welcoming and friendly bar my server almost every time is this beautiful happy attentive waitress Maddie she’s always smiling and god I could go on listing positive things but if your there and don’t know much ask fora tour you will be pleasantly surprised and they have amazing food and cooks know a steak thanks to all stafffor being awesome


Michael Forte

Not the best not the worst. They usually have goodish live music. On a regular basis. There drinks are over priced because they have no cover. The bartenders are sassy and fun. Plus the bird room has bras hanging on the ceiling.

James Densel

Great music, Alleyway Grill kicks ass !!

Zach Yates

Fairly fun but pretty dirty and gross. Also a shooting occurred in the parking lot the night I went. For $20 admission they should act a little more professional.

Sherry L

Huge multi bar place. Very interesting. Bartender too busy to be friendly.

Alex Powell

My favorite bar in town! Great music and great service. They have pinball machines and pool. The air-conditioning is amazing for the extra hot days.

Dom G

Lots of different bars and rooms with different music. Good place for your full nights entertainment.

Andy Vining

Was visiting some friends in Alaska went to Koots and we had some native friends with us. A very short time after we got there one of my Alaskan native friends went to turn around at the table we were at and accidentally knocked over one of our drinks with her elbow. The security staff came over to our table and told her she needed to leave she had too much to drink. She only had 1 drink so far! As the night progressed they we making lame excuses like that to keep having friends of ours leave. I started to notice the fact they were specifically targetting and only kicking out my native friends and not myself and a few others who are not native. Later that night another one of my friends got out of work that night and met up with us with her native friend who came with her. We got a drink sat down at a table to catch up. Out of the blue the staff walked up and said to my friends native friend she looked like she had too much to drink and needed to leave. She had about a half a drink at that point. I finally stood up and said this is ridiculous you have been kicking out all our native friends all night for no reason. The bouncer than told me if i did not like it i could leave too. Needless to say it did not end well after that. It is absolutely dispicable how this place treats the natives. Granted i lived in Alaska for 5 years and i am well aware of the issues the state has with intoxicated natives. However you can not treat them all like that nor can you profile them that way! When i lived in Alaska in the early 2000s i went to Koots all the time and never saw this issue. I heard rumors they were under new ownership since then and maybe that is the issue. I dunno but i know i will not be back there.

Chris Greenwood

(Translated by Google) ehhh (Original) Ehhh

Jedwin Rixter

Dave Mack

Fun place. Many choices for bars, a wide variety of people due to Apts close by.

Elizabeth Lescault

Staff at the main bar seem to be rude while the ice bar staff are amazing. The bouncer is awesome. The Sahara Storm Burlesque events are awesome at the ice bar.

Darryl Salisbury III


Zachary Speiser

good place to meet with someone on weekdays and before 11pm

Talah Passi

Gloria Kernan

Cool place

Darlene Christian

Its okay..usually people there always

The Waffle Company

Love Koots, Alaskan Experience


The clientele are sub par

Michael Morris

Not much for going to bars, went there pretty late a lot of peaceful drunks. Got my lighter pocketed though.

Mike S

Local institution, everyone should pop in at least once for a drink and a look around. The Bird House is a must see for anyone visiting Anchorage.

AkManiac 907

This place is always fun to chill at and have a good time with friends if you want to kick back and chill while jamming out to various different kinds of music. Highly recommend this place.

Street Therapy

Live the atmosphere

Grace Suarez

Band started hour and 15 minutes late and played hard rock. One bar One band. Ripoff.

Hank Bayles

Must see dive

Brittany Makepeace

Fun bar or bars to go to but could have better seating

The Viking Dylan G

Best dive bar in Anchorage hands down like 10 different sections with different bars a bunch of craft brews and any drink you can think of. This place isn't fancy but its a great experience.

Wally Bentley

Great experience.

Rahn Thomas

An amazing place, that goes on and on. Many different bars and bands playing all under one roof.

Blackapino The Apple Guy

Fridays & Sats Are Crazy!!!


Doug Shoultz

This is the shittiest bar I've ever been to. Customer service is terrible, drinks are over priced and have a different price at every bar and when drinks cost more as the night goes on. I've had this happen to me multiple times before and I stopped going there but I wanted to see a Dj act they had there last night so I gave them another try, at the ice bar I bought an AMF for $9. Wen back half an hour later and. Got the same thing and the other bartender tried to charge me $13 and I complained and they did charge me nine but said it was because it was a double that it was $13. Later in the night I tried to get another one from a different bar and it cost $13 and I said I would only pay 9 so the bartender threw the drink out, went to the ice bar again and paid $9 but for a drink that was half the size as my first one. Never going back

Tony D

One of a kind bar and a must see if you are ever in the area!

Logan Williams

Everyone who works here is kind and conversational, Koots has hometown atmosphere and plenty of events.

Joseph Neal Jr.


Every time I have been there it really hasn't been the most pleasant experience. My friend's drink actually got roofied and the place is rather trashy, especially the bathrooms. Overpriced and over-hyped events for the most part.

Eric .Lastname

Free stand up comedy on Sunday and Wednesday nights.

The Jephries

Small community of bars within a bar. Great food, killer beer selection, and oh yeah, LIVE MUSIC!

Zak Whitlok

sman 242

So don't leave your money at the ice bar or it will disappear. Caught her the first time gave her 2 bucks tip she got me after a bit of an distraction say good bye to $ 12 denied it but didn't charge me for the next drink

Patrick O'Neal

An unrivaled Anchorage cultural institution! I had fun here in 2012.

JoDee Junker

Meg Durcan

What's not to love? Live music, weird bra and underwear room, ice bar, and a spacious patio. If you are in Anchorage, this is a must.

Charlie Dearmore

Great atmosphere, but kinda empty. I may have gone at a bad time, but both times I went there were very few patrons.

Christina Dau

Chilkoots Charlie is one of the best bars Anchorage! I love this place<3

Robert Frisk

Not a bad place to grab a drink but often brought down by an overly loud and rowdy cross, definitely not where you'd go for a relaxed night out but suitable for the younger more party oreinted crowd. Overall a three start joint because of the limited demographic appeal in my opinion, would recommend but only to people looking for a lively night.

Brook Simmons

What happened? Friday night and Koots was dead. The jazz side was playing rap. The rap side had the worst live karoake band ever in it singing. I think people were just there supporting a minority because it was not good, and even they were not very thrilled. The live band area had a DJ playing oldies. No techno/house/trap area for real dancing. People are disgusted with the dirty underwear now. I think koots you need to revamp! The upstairs i guess is no longer open. Advertise please and make your DJs stay in certain genres for their rooms.

Jay Dubbs

HORRIBLE. I live in anchorage and I have been to Koot's a couple times. Most recently I was there on 6/3/19. The bartender completely ignored us. We had 1 beer in 30 mins and no check back. She told us she had friends in town and that was the reason she ignored us. She literally said that. Go anywhere else if you want to have a good time in Anchorage.

Lala hathaway

This place is alright. Things didn't start getting "lit" until 12 am which was interesting but it left the venue feeling empty and boring before then. No one was ever really on the dance floors. The little girl serving drinks on Friday 6/28/19 near the hip hop stage had a very bad attitude. I asked for 3 cups of water after waiting 15 minutes for her to acknowledge my existence. She gave a huge sigh as if her life was so overwhelming and then rudely said, "Three?! Well I'm serving paying customers first so you're gonna have to wait." Even though we had been paying customers all night and desperately needed hydration. Luckily, I walked to another bar where a much more mature adult was able to provide me with water without the attitude and hassle. Not the greatest place in the world but its OK. I guess it's some of the best Anchorage has to offer..



Brooklyn Zumwalt-Buckhoy

Typically I have a decent time here with no problems. But last night before the bar was even busy, I opened a tab and before I walked away I confirmed with the bartender that they held onto my card. I came back not even 20 min later to close my tab and they seemed to forget about me. I come back an hour later to try again and they couldn't find my card. turns out!!!! They gave my card to someone else last night, luckily that person was nice and returned it the next day when they noticed it wasn't theirs, I get it's busy but that is not acceptable.

C Wood

Ren Rent

Great bar staff is friendly.. And there's varity in every corner just watch out who playing a gig there.customers get too drunk every once in while

Connor Priest

This is the place to be on a Saturday night! So many parts to this bar!

Sum Dood

I used to got to "Koots" when I was stationed at Ft. Rich back in '96. I remember the band Junkbox played there quite often. I had some of the best times at that bar. Thank you for the great memories!

Tyrone Palmer

One of Anchorages hot spots, lots of fun !!!!!

Ryan Stafford

Chelsie Schwab

Visited real quick before my flight home. Loved this place! Will go back next time I go to Alaska


The lay out of Coots is just a mess, but the artists and bands and comedians they book are worth putting up with it.

Vot Tak

Great experience!

Darwin Walter, Jr

Beau Dollah

Diverse and unique

Ben Bialek

Really I'd give it two stars but the Pinball and arcade games are the only in Anchorage so....otherwise, INSANELY overpriced drinks and not noteworthy staff left much to be desired.

Nicole Deren

This bar/venue might as well be a museum at the same time with the amount of history on the walls. Live music 7 nights a week is something I can always get behind. There is a diverse amount of entertainment and something for everyone at this classic Alaskan bar.

Ernie Henson

If you have a chance to stop in and have beer or listen to some live music, you won't be disappointed. Koot's has multiple themed bars inside. Be sure to check out the bird house bar. It is an exact replica of the bird house bar that burnt down a few years back.

Ben Farleigh

I mean it's 10 bars in one so why wouldn't this place be the best bar in anchorage?! I have fun every time I come here!

Ellie Nicole

Lots to do. Many events. Bathrooms are nasty

Jasmine H

There was a blonde sex doll free condoms for the VIP event

Lance Gorrell

Great bar in you're ever in Anchorage you need to check this place out

Meegan Welch

I absolutely love this bar! It’s been a staple in Anchorage for as long as most people can remember yet stays current with the times. Tons of different rooms with different themes and music, between live bands, stand up comedy, dance music with awesome DJ’s, drinks at the Bird House, outside hanging out on the deck. So much all in 1 place! The staff has always been amazing and drinks are inexpensive. Don’t forget to grab a piece of their delicious pizza for a snack before leaving!

Ethan Ruhland

Great people working here, loads of fun!

Stefanie Martinez

Many, many fond memories here!!! We used to play horseshoes out back after work, but that was a long time ago. Haven't been here for a while, but will return soon!

Matteo Noah

Bonne place pour se crosser pas cher!!

milo eakins

multiple rooms. live music. big names. underwear room with the coolest old ladies. definitely come here.

Jessica Alfred

Michael Fox

Great for live music! Some of the time.

Andre Alexander

Fun place

Nicole Johnson

This is the place to go, even if you're not drinking. Staff is friendly and people watching is never boring.

Bobby Dilley

Some great servers and bartenders. That is my only compliment.

James Dankworth

Great pinball. Good specials during the week.

Eric Howell

Quintin Brand

Great place to go hang out with some friends have a few drinks grab a little bite to eat and just enjoy a good time with live music

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