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REVIEWS OF Titanic Museum Attraction IN Tennessee

Krista Visga

Incredible museum! The staff was friendly and offered to answer any questions the visitors may have had. The museum contained many displays that gave visitors the opportunity to experience the history of the grandest ship in the world. Though I enjoyed this attraction, I found the rooms to be crowded at times. It made it difficult to be able to read and/or see the displays. I recommend anyone to check this museum out of you're in the area.


Wish it was more interactive to make you feel like you are an actual passenger. We enjoyed our time going through the museum but thought it would be more of an experience for the cost.

Biz Kinney

Super cool exhibit, a lot of neat artifacts and stories to see and read about. Literally freezing cold so bundle up. Sort of wish they limited the amount of entries per tour because it was so crowded it was hard to make time to read everything without feeling rushed or trampled. Overall a fun and educational experience.

Rt Faisal

Titanic museum was beautiful. We were able to see, feel, and touch things we only heard about or saw in movies or documentaries. I would like to go again and spend more time reading. If you’re in the area, you must pay a visit.

Jake Hill

Excellent! Amazing amount of information and very friendly staff (Enjoyed our interaction with Mr. Cloar on the piano). Nice audio tour with audio specifically for the kids as well - our 5 year old enjoyed it! We were there for less than 1.5 hours, wish we could have had more time! Would like to return.

Meta Minder

My brother and I enjoyed touring the Titanic Museum. I liked how we could go through it at our own pace and engage with exhibits we chose via the recordings. The trivia questions were fun in the exhibit rooms ... as well, especially since I answered most of them correctly.

Tank Collier

Really fun tour! You get a boarding pass on entering of a passenger or crew member. At the end of the tour, you get to find out if you survived or not. My wife lived, and I didn't. But we did recreate the ending scene on the Grand Staircase (Jack and Rose)!

Shannon Meads

I had the best time here learning more about the Titanic. Highly recommended

Mary Anderson

Very fun. Lots of history and info. Love that they had 2 version one for children and 1 for adults. Definitely worth visiting.

Sara Woolsey

Educational, entertaining, and emotional. If you're thinking about going, GO! You won't regret it

David Reed

You either are into the whole Titanic thing or your not. If your into it, it's got very detailed stories about the passengers and crew and how the ship was built and run. If your not into it, it's just boring room to room reading. There is one room that lets you feel how cold the water was, that was "cool". It is definitely not worth the very high price for admission. You will pay $150.00 for five adults! Not a budget friendly experience.

amber pedersen

I personally loved this place. Although it was a living learning experience for me and my family as I was misled to believe that I had to pre-purchase my tickets and also have a time slot scheduled to be there which is in fact not true you can buy your tickets at the window or anywhere else in town for that matter you do not need to buy in advance online or pick a time slot I personally wish I would have known that beforehand because ultimately ended up costing me more money by purchasing beforehand thinking I was doing the right thing boy was I wrong! I strongly recommend that you skip the gift shop completely as it is expensive, their is a gift shop down the road that is identical to that one but much cheaper, just my opinion.

Heather Satterfield

I was more than impressed after reading some of the reviews on here. We arrived just after opening on a Monday. And i was packed from the get go. The staff was very pleasant and helpful in getting everyone going in the right direction throughout the museum. Let me say...this is a museum more suited for children ages 10 and up at least. The information and tragedy of this moment in history goes far over the heads of most children. That being said it was the other patrons of the museum that could potentially ruin this experience. I would suggest the museum send groups of about 12 through with gaps between groups. It was overcrowded and hard to maneuver if you have a group of 5 adults like we did. Not to mention the bored, screaming children, and rude adults talking during demonstrations. Quite a few should have been warned of museum etiquette and invited to leave in my opinion. This museum is packed full of information and emotion IF you allow it to be.

Nunya Mindyours

This Museum takes to as close as you can get in imagining the experience of being onboard. Great for all ages. They have handsets with different reader codes for adults and children throughout each sections of exhibits. I highly recommend this experience if your visiting Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Kayla Boyd

What an amazing and educational experience. The tour was amazing and so eye opening! The tour was great and so was the staff !

Briana Gulch

I am obsessed with Titanic! This museum had way more than I thought would be there, I feel I need to go again to see everything because I know I missed some stuff. To see actual artifacts that was on this amazing and tragic voyage was so awesome. The self guided tour was fun because you could go at your own pace and see what you wanted at your speed. There were spots where tour guides would talk to you about different facts about the voyage. One of my favorite parts was the iceberg room and being able to feel what it was like that night and even feel the 28 degree water for yourself. My only complaint is that it can get crowded in areas and I really wish that there were areas where pictures could be taken. You cannot take pictures which I understand but if they made an area where you could take pictures that would be nice. Like the area where you are walking up the sinking titanic to feel what it was like would be a cool spot to take a picture or where you pretend to shovel coal would be another cool photo option. The gift shop was awesome and I could of stayed forever and bought everything. Overall I had a great time and like I said will need to go again!

Daniel jaeke

Cool displays of actual Titanic items. Also the character actors employed here help set the stage for a great tour

Sam Elliott II

Very unique Museum. Very interactive with ship crew dressed in era clothing. Also everyone was increadibly knowledgeable on all things Titanic!!

Rose Murr

You take an audio tour back in time. Can see the ship drawings,survivors, and deceased. Plenty of artifacts to see and read. Get to actually feel the water temperature that night! At the end you see if you survived & your life after. Very neat!


This was a great museum and well worth going to. Very educational and well researched. I am a teacher, and if I lived here, I would take my classes here. Also it was very respectful to those who died. Highly recommended!

Cheryl Cruey

It's mostly self guided but easy to follow. There are some very valuable artifacts.

Falon klein

If you love history then I really recommend this place. Wasn't over priced. Just remember it is a museum so pictures are not allowed inside. Other then that it was nice to see all of the artifacts

Dolly Collins

Well ordered museum! Wonderful displays! Very silent, reverend atmosphere throughout the whole tour. Amazing to find out the true events! A miracle to see some of the genuine items on the ship that were recovered over the years. A beautiful memorial to those who lost their lives, and to heros and heroines who gave their life by allowing others in the few lifeboats rather than taking the seats themselves. Finding out about the remainder of the lives of the passengers who survived, and seeing how long they lived after the tragedy was extremely interesting. The youngest passenger was only a few weeks old and died only a few years ago. There's so many surprises to see at this museum- I woundn' t dare review all of them and spoil your visit!! You must see this museum at least once in your lifetime. It's a self- guided tour and I spent over 2 hours in there!!! Loads to see!

Steven Marise

Great experience. We enjoyed seeing all of the displays. It was extremely crowded and hot in places. Also, no photos. For a party of 4 it was over $100 to tour, a bit overpriced, but it’s Pigeon Forge. It was neat to see the LEGO titanic and the actual life vests exhibit. You travel through with a card indicating and actual passenger that you will be for the voyage. At the end of the tour you learn the fate of the person on your card. Excellent parking and friendly staff.


Very educational and well done not alot of real artifacts but a large amount of reproductions. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, Honestly the way it is presented is as a museum, and because of the lack of artifacts that is why I am only giving 4 stars.

nicole brown

Everyone gets a ticket with a small bio of an actual passenger of the titanic. My mom, son and I each had alot in common with the person on our ticket. It was fun trying to find additional info throughout the tour. The items on display were great. They let my mom play the piano.It was a wonderful museum and tour.

Kathryn Kramer

We had a great time here. It was very educational but also a lot of fun. It took us about 2 hours to do the tour, but did not feel like that long at all. Definitely recommend.

Suzi D

Beautiful and soooo much history! Very detailed and well thought out. Worth it! I only wish you were allowed to photograph more areas.

Jackie Bryant

Every one should see this it is so wonderful. Just to see every thing in there. It is amazing.

Jessica Moore

Don't waste your money or time! For nearly 30 dollars per adult to be stuffed into small rooms with tons of people. Expect to stand in lines and wait for hours just to see some artifacts that were not actually recovered from titanic. Google titantic and there's your tour! You're welcome.

April Claxton

Everyone gets a ticket with a small bio of an actual passenger of the titanic. My mom, son and I each had alot in common with the person on our ticket. It was fun trying to find additional info throughout the tour. The items on display were great. They let my mom play the piano.It was a wonderful museum and tour.

Jeff Bray

This is a GREAT exhibit, absolutely worth the money. A must see. Also the audio tour was awesome, highly recommend it!

Kayla Rolen

Awesome place for kids and adults till learn and see the history of these titanic. You are given a ticket ad though u r a passenger and at the end you find out if you survived or not. Awesome experience

Krystle Spinelli

We had a good time here. There are a lot of artifacts and things to see. I personally was not a fan of the audio device. The one in Orlando has a guide that walks through the building with you to talk about everything and I prefer that. However, my husband prefers the device as he's hearing impaired so he enjoyed it much more. But all in all it was a wonderf visit!

Tara Lyn Stevenson

I loved this place! It had so much information about the construction of the ship, the different classes, artifacts and other things. The audio guides were a great touch to give interesting bits and hear the voices of people that survived. I also enjoyed my boarding pass, which became a scavenger hunt almost with my family as all 12 of us tried to find out information scattered throughout the museum on who was on our passes. It made it a bit more personal.

Shay B

Wonderful museum. Very historic. Lots of information. Great souvenirs to purchase.

Yvonne Nieves

I've ALWAYS love the history and stories about the Titanic, the Good and the Bad. There was a story about every Family, every individual and every Crew Member on that Ship. When my Husband and I went to board the Titanic in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee we were both given a Boarding Pass Ticket with a Passenger's Name and Bio that had actually boarded the Titanic for that dreadful voyage. At a certain point of the Tour on the Titanic we found out if the Passenger that we were given has perished or passed away, and both of the Passengers that my Husband and I were given did survive. I'm sharing their photos and their Bio's with this post. It was a very emotional tour, mentally and physically. I've tried many times to put myself into their situation just by imagining and it's so very hard no matter how hard I try. It was a sad and a beautiful Tour, and I was honored to have been in the position of the Passenger that we were given.

Glenda Eubanks

I was upset at the fact you are not allowed to take any pictures while walking through the museum......not sure how taking pictures using only the light in the museum would hurt the artifacts but ok.....kind of makes me wonder what the real reason is? My favorite part was walking out doors onto what appears to be the deck and you feel the cold crisp air in the room and can even stick your hand in waters the same temperature that the water was the night the ship went down

Dan Mitchell

Was not allowed to take any photos so there's none to share here. The staff team was very courteous and knowledgeable to answering all the many questions by the patrons. The have over 100 actual items from the Titanic protected behind glass for viewing pleasure. A touchable iceberg with water you can also feel how cold it was that night when the people entered the water. Overall very pleased worth the experience and learned many facts that I didn't know. There are quizzes along the way to help as well. I definitely plan to visit again sometime as there was so much to learn and would take hours to read all the information available. The audio tour does help.

Lauren King

I had a great time with my family seeing some of the pieces from the Titanic. I have always wanted to come and visit and glad I was able to. We also got to use a service member discount and it helped saved on our vacation costs. Thank you TMA!

cory Jones

Would recommend this place while in town. They give a military discount and veterans discount. Lots of things I didn't know about the titanic that happened. Was very interesting and amazed at the things on display here. Can't take any pictures while inside.

Joel Oswald

Great museum with actual artifacts recovered from the Titanic. They have 6 of the know 12 live vests on display. Many interesting facts and stories about the passengers. The kids liked touching the iceberg exhibit and the 28 degree water. We tried to see who could keep their hand in the water for the longest time. No pictures of any kind are permitted inside to preserve the artifacts.

Gregory Morris

Fascinating museum that gives you an opportunity to experience that fateful night. The gift shop has great products and gives friendly personal service. I stop by the gift shop every time I'm in town!

Robert McClellan

Highly Recommend! Great Museum with so much info and history! The staff dressed as crew members helps bring the experience to a whole new level. Great gift shop and we are happy that they still have the pressed penny’s outside of museum.

Travis Lovins

Wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleased with the entire attraction. So many great photo ops outside. The interaction with the displays and the audio self guided tour made it more than merely a was an encounter with history. Seeing the personal artifacts salvaged from this tragedy really put things into perspective. A definite must stop for any trip to Pigeon Forge!

Wayne Scott

This museum was incredible interesting and informative. Learned a great deal about the tragedy that I had not known before. The most impactful part of the museum for me was placing my hand in the freezing water. I was only able to keep my hand submerged for about 15 seconds before pain started to become unbearable. It gave me a real sense of how agonizing it must have been for those left in the waters of the North Atlantic before dying. I highly recommend visiting if your in Pigeon Forge.

Jason Maysonet

Very educational. Millions of dollars in actual artifacts. Give yourself time to walk through, lots of reading, but it's fun. The only area to take a picture is the last 5% of the tour where I snapped this photo of a Titanic replica made from legos by a 10 year old boy with Autism. You've got to see it to believe it.


The museum has history and more. My son and his friends filmed a music video there "Sheets Music" and posted it online. It was in honor of the musicians of the Titanic, which the museum itself honors. The video shows only a fraction of all that is there. There are many lessons to learn at this museum about history and life itself. I would consider it a "must see" if you are in the Pigeon Forge, TN area.

John Briggs

This was a unique treat during our vacation. Kind of expensive for what it is when looking at it from the parking lot, but worth every penny once you go in. The building itself mimics one half of the Titanic, and the exhibits are expertly done in good taste. Real artifacts are displayed, with particular interest in the table ware and settings. We think that we are divided now these days as a people, but think about back then. The different kinds of place settings as based on ship class are one testament to such outlandish and obviously commonplace disparity. Survival chances were another. Hard to describe unless you are there looking at them with your own eyes. The staff are amazing in character and they help set the scene well from the time you enter until you leave. The captain on the staircase was a gentleman and charmed my ladies, which made them smile. The iceberg and water room is cool.( Horrible and expected pun intended with no offense. ) Only and the only reason I gave a 4 star rating is I did not enjoy having to use the tour handset thingamabob. My kids loved them , but I did not- that's what happens when you get older and technology gets confusing.

Nicole Fetters-Murphy

Best Titanic museum I have ever been too and I've been to a handful before this one. The best part was seeing the true flotation devices as well as actually feeling the iceberg AND the water temperature. Really put it in to perspective. Also the angled ramps of what it was like on deck when the ship started sinking. This is a don't miss!

Brandon Miller

If you’re interested in the history of the Titanic and the overall design of the ship and quality. I would recommend visiting this attraction. If you’ve visited the Alcatraz Museum, the setup is like that attraction. Plenty of infographics, history, and artifacts. As a hobby for the past 20 years, I’ve studied the Titanic and other well-known ships and this museum set well with me. I enjoyed it as we spent over two hours in it. I was a little disappointed in two minor things, the hull and the how we weren’t allowed to take pictures. A little bit about the hull. I’ve always thought they had brought a piece of the hull up to be displayed in the museum. The one inside is just a replica displaying the rivets and how it was put together. That was my mistake. Secondly, picture taking – a little disappointing, but I understand it. This is an attraction where you will probably visit it just once unless they add new stuff to it. I’m hoping to make it to the museum in Belfast sometime in the near future.

Lane Jacobs

The entire crew was amazing. They knew very specific details about their characters. They also never broke character at any time. They answered all our questions and made sure we had a great time. Just a great experiance overall!!!

Samuel Reece

If you have any interest in the Titanic, or just like museums, this one is a must. So much attention to detail, lots of fun pieces of information, alot of actual things from the Titanic. Great for kids too!

Micki Gfellers

If you love all things Titanic, you will have a wonderful time here. It's really cool to see things that were actually on the ship and to learn about those who perished. It takes you back in time.

Joan Van

went there on the 4th of July it was busy but had antiquity time to look around. the grand stair case was beautiful. i was amazed at the accuracy of the detail put into recreating it. unfortunately couldn't take pictures of the artifacts. but being able to see the history was amazing. when you get to the iceberg and can feel how cold it was. then being able to put your hand in the water and feeling the shock of it on your skin. you can't help but think of those people who had to endure that feeling all over there body. i would highly recommend going to the titanic museum.

Annamarie Del Bane

Amazing. Best collection of actual artifacts I have ever seen. The true historic story that went along with it was well done. I was surprised how much historic accuracy the movie had in it.

Steve Messenger

Pretty cool. Best part was the gentleman that talked in the captions area. He told about being able to go down to the titanic in person. Very cool. Loved the part he told about the pastor trying to lead people to Christ up to the moment he took his last breath. Just an amazing account from that night.


Very cool, they give you a ticket with a name of a person who was actually in the Titanic, a remote that plays the tour in your ear. You can feel 28 degree cold water, with an iceberg. Real artifacts, largest Lego Titanic there. They do 2,000+ people a day some days! highly recomend you go. They green screen the pic they take of you and Post it on the main stairs, the front of the shop etc..

Luke Andrews

This was a very interesting stop. They had some really interesting facts and history; including a lot of personal information on some people who were on the Titanic and what it was like being on it. They give you remotes to listen to some of the stories behind it, however some of the buttons on mine did not work, so I missed a fair amount of that part of the story. They still had time of information though and a lot of cool historical items from the Titanic itself.

Charlie Yang

The museum is cool and all, but in my opinion, it seems very informal in a sense and it's not super fun. I will say that the information granted is very interesting, but the way the information is brought upon us with a toy phone-like device is very... wacky. But putting that asides, it's quite a shame that we're not allowed to take photos in the museum - But it is what it is at the end of the day.

Janet Cameron

It was absolutely wonderful. Definitely worth taking the tour. Very knowledgeable tour guides. A lot to see. Very enjoyable.

Jane Winters

A lot of standing and a super lot of reading. The items are reproductions and not off the Titanic. Opryland Hotel in Nashville had a Titanic showing years ago with items that were really from the ship with an authentic piece of the hull also. It was awesome, not so for this museum. It was so peaceful at the Opryland exhibit and everyone was talking at this exhibit. I was greatly disappointed.

Kara Shogan

As soon as I saw the giant ship, I knew I had to go! And I'm so happy I did. They have SO MANY amazing AUTHENTIC things inside. The staircase was my favorite for sure. So much to see. They ever tell you some history while you are looking. Very nice gift shop also.

Scott Sizemore

This place is amazing if you like history or maritime Stuff. They have a lot of Titanic artifacts on display which is very interesting. Another interesting part of the tour is the iceberg and 28deg water that puts you in perspective of what the people that did not have life boats experienced. I held my hand in the water for about 20 seconds and could barely Use it for the next few seconds after that, I could not imagine spending hours in there. I would love to go back again.

Gregory Yuh

Good place to check out if you are in the area. LOT better than expected and the interior is really filled with artifacts from titanic and its sister ships from the White Star Line. Interesting facts and replica of the master stairway is stunning. Much better than I anticipated and worth the entrance fee

Jeff Andler

Our family has visited the Pigeon Forge - Gatlinburg area for our annual reunion for several years, driving by the Titanic Museum repeatedly and giving it little thought. After a friend recently mentioned her experience there, my wife and I ended a business trip today with a visit of our own. It was beyond interesting, beyond first class, beyond well-done, beyond fascinating. Very impressed by features added that draw the visitor into the events of April 14, 1912. Absolutely not a tourist trap, I recommend this adventure to anyone. We left there, made our four hour drive home, unloaded our things and sat down to watch our Titanic DVD - with a new perspective.

Scarlet Overfelt

Very impressed by the detail that went into recreating this marvellous wonder. I loved learning everything about it. 5 stars are certainly not enough

Brittany Benson

Very cool. Very emotional. So much history. Great for families but not for young children. It is a fairly long tour but worth it. The piano room with Bill was my favorite part. He was excellent and very knowledgeable.

Erica Casey

Always an amazing experience, have been there 6 times and always see something I didn't the time before, absolutely beautiful. The staff is always so helpful and friendly. A must stop if you are on vacation. Enjoy.

Kayte Gunter

Lots of information and interesting things to learn. You go through at your own speed and it is definitely worth the price!

Susan Fairchild

Tastefully done. I didn't feel like this was a desecration of a tragic grave. But it did convey the events, and what the passengers experienced. Also high lighted the heroic actions of many, as well as the less heroic. No photos may be taken inside the museum, but you can purchase a small book of the display.

Adriana Cardenas

I enjoyed my trip to this museum. I felt like I learned a lot. I wish the price of entry wasn't so expensive. We paid $60 for two adults for a general admission and you're not allowed to take any photos unless you're in the Lego room.

Kim Stevens

Fantastic! Loved this unique museum. I have always been fascinated by the "Titanic," and this was a genuine pleasure to visit. There were artifacts from the wreck and knowledgeable docents.

Billy Ritch

Outstanding exhibits! The "crew" is very helpful and knowledgable. Highly recommend spending a cple hrs in the museum! Well worth it!

K Ross

Highly recommend! Actual Titanic artifacts! Fun and educational for children and adults alike! Spent 2 hours there and it felt like 20 minutes!

Jason Bobbitt

Well first off I am a titanic history buff so I loved it as you go in you get a boarding pass from someone that was on the titanic and in the end you find out if your person survives or not tons and tons of history. Staff is dressed period correct and very helpful I told my wife if I would have been by myself I could have stayed all day. I also enjoyed the self guided tour. In closing I very much recommend even if you don’t know a lot about titanic you will when you leave

Gary Wm. Weyers

Very interesting with many artifacts throughout the museum. Not what you would expect in Pigeon Forge. Educational but very interesting!

Abraham Anderson

Removing 1 star because you can't take photos (and they try to sell you their own for $40). Otherwise, it's okay to visit once if your group is all adults. Wonder works is better as far as overall enjoyment, kids don't want to see old suitcases behind glass.

Erica Eisenacher

A must see attraction! Self guided audio tour, so you could take your time to read and enjoy the exhibit. They also offered a kid friendly audio for kids to better understand. Very heartwarming and sad reading/listening to the stories, seeing the artifacts. Very reasonably priced gift shop at the end too.

Rami Michael

Although the museum is half size of the original ship, but you really feel like you are in the real titanic ship. Especially the stairs which were I replica of the actual ones that truly exist on the ship, while touring this museum makes you discover stories about actual passengers on the only trip the titanic ship had before it disastrous accident that led to its sinking at the bottom of the ocean. On your ticket you will be given a name of one passenger that actually was on the ship and while you’re discovering stories and facts about the ship you’ll find out if the passenger that you have his or here name had made it or not. It was actually a very nice experience and I had been there with my family and the kids really enjoyed it.

David Bean

It's a FLOATING CITY but seriously really great place. Takes about two hours to get through. Some nice interactive exhibits.

Nikki Cox

Nice attraction with educational information(don't tell the kids;) However they don't allow photos and to me there should be a few spots like the tilted decks or iceburg where they should allow photos. The flash of cameras would not hurt these. They have audio tours even for younger kids told in a way interesting to them. My younger ones did enjoy that. My teenagers loved the museum as well. We came the first year it opened and found there had been some changes which is nice. Staff was nice.

Amy Henricks

Great artifacts and hands-on displays! The staff were also very friendly and informative. The man in the music room playing the piano and violin was especially great! I would definitely recommend this museum for anyone all ages.

Sandy Fleming

While in Tennessee. Michael was awesome to pick this place. It was such a education of what they all went through. I would recommend this to everyone. What a exsperance.

Jared McQuivey

The Titanic tour was amazing! We love the movie and this brought it home. A fantastic experience and audio tour for the whole family.

Jessica Needles

This is a must-see. I admit, I originally came interested more in the movie Titanic than the actual history. This museum brought the reality of history, and the actual people into perspective in a way that was still very entertaining- but also respectful. I got chills feeling how cold the water was, seeing the new lifejacket exhibit, and learning whether the card with a name of an actual passenger on the Titanic survived. I think you leave with more knowledge, but also realizing how little is certain. As an adult I thoroughly enjoyed learning, and the emotional aspect of all the exhibits, and the community of people involved in the titanic- as well as the presentation and work that went into preserving and remembering the history of it so many years later. However, my younger siblings, who prefer more to interact and have fun in these museums, enjoyed it just as much. I think they also still managed to learn a lot amidst the fun. If you have a chance I highly recommend this museum. If you're visiting Pigeon Forge and are overwhelmed with what to see and do, put this at the top of your list.

Cod Purk

The Titanic museum was a great much see stop. It is a great piece of history a lot of information to take in from the building to the tragic end and the employee dressed and spoke as if they were on the Titanic

Joshua Smith

Very cool experience. There is an audio tour, as well as actors. There was actually a piano that was 100 years old in one of the exhibits and someone in the crowd offered to play "nearer my God to thee" for the rest of the tourists, which was an amazing moment. You are given a profile card of one of the actual people from the ship and you find out at the end of the tour if your person lived or died. Be advised they do not allow photography until the very end.

Sarah Joyner

Great attraction for adults and children who enjoy learning. This is NOT a place to bring an unruly or impatient person. My family really enjoyed the history and tribute to the survivors and victims of the Titanic. I would rate it 5 stars, but not being able to take pictures inside the exhibit is a real bummer when you want to remember your trip without paying $60 for their picture package; you can order 1 picture online for $30 (but that’s still pricey for me).

Samuel Brand

Pricey, but the museum itself was fantastic. Very interactive experience with an audio tour and many authentic artifacts, and staff members were stationed without the museum in period dress and gave short overviews of different sections. The attention to detail was very impressive.

M. Carlos Jefferys

Knowing the history is great but going through the museum brought it to another level. Try to keep your hand in that water for 1 minute and imagine trying to survive in it. Learned quite a few things and the staff was great! Who would have thought, The Titanic in Tennessee.


Very interesting. Nifty exhibits of actual artifacts. I loved the audio tour system that let me go at my own pace. It's exciting. Sad. Moving. There's a part where you can feel 28° water- the temperature it was the night it sank. Such a moving museum to experience.

Dakota Weeks

It is amazing to go too! I loved everything and want to go back already. It is awesome to see but very sad! It has actual artifacts and those will make you cry when you realize what's on them or what they stand for. I love this place and they have an awesome gift shop

Candice Shubbuck

Absolutely loved it! We took our 9 month old son with us and he even enjoyed it. The details are amazing, they even gave us a baby card for our son. The grand staircase was beautiful, touching the freezing water, trying to walk the deck slopes, so many things to see and do. I love the self guided tour aspect. The staff was amazing.

Eric Quackenbush

This is truly done very well. Besides educational, the real artifacts are fascinating. To see handwritten pieces that have been saved is really quite amazing.

Terri Bey

This is one of my favorite places to visit. It has a great collection of Titanic artifacts and the staff is fantastic. I highly recommend going. They have 6 if the 12 existing Titanic lifejackets on display until December. I recommend people go see them.

Justin Scheffler

Staff was awesome. I'm a history buff so I loved learning about this stuff. Also my wife is a huge fan of anything Titanic. My 10yr old daughter really enjoyed it as well. The audio tour is fantastic. Money and time we'll spent.

Jojo Shrader

It's an interesting museum. Captain Smith who played piano and violin was awesome and very polite and informative even when a lady from another group was very rude to him today. I really enjoyed his presentation

William Benton

Great place to spend to see what it was like designing and busing the Grand ship of 1912. To see the people who came together to make a night to remember for generations. White Star Line artifacts and features to see and experience what life on board was like. Detailed tour. As you enter the card in your your hand gives you the identity of one of the passengers. As you leave you can see what your date was. Today my wife survived as I did not. Gives you something to think about for sure.

suzie suchman

Great experience! Wasn't prepared for it to be that thorough. Great exhibit/attraction. I highly recommend this! It's like you are there. Lots of info and objects from the ship. The audio was well done as well (& included in the price! Didn't expect that!) I will be going back!

shakthi priya

Wonderful place. Do check it out. But for the most part its scary and heart breaking. It should be in your must visit list.


It was pretty fun. They have a replica of the grand stair case you can go to and they even let you touch an ice berg. Pretty neat

Michelle Attkinson

Oh my goodness so much worth the money ! Every one dressed in attire for that time period ! Friendly staff . Me and son had so much fun ! This was my son's dream to see the Titanic . He has Autism and the Titanic is his favorite ship he knows all the history . My other son was sick today and could not go with his brother. I am hoping we can come back some day so my other son can go with his brother. We live in West Virginia and this is our first trip . We just want to thank everyone at the Titanic museum . Please visit this museum soon. Good for children too! Thank you for your time!

Adam Cornish

Half museum, half adventure. It is a must see for anyone that has interest in the Titanic. Can be tough for very active children to stay entertained about midway through but the end of the tour makes it all worthwhile.


Fun museum with some really cool artifacts. Not the cheapest place but if you love Titanic history, you will love it.

Shannon Toney

Love how patient they were of letting us finish our tour, even after closing. There was no rush at all. Wonderful crew and wonderful museum!

Becca Lynn

Im not the typical person who enjoys meusems but I did actually enjoy this. It's a self guided tour so you can go at your own pace. You can follow the stories of passengers on the ship as you go threw and there are many artifacts recovered from the wreckage you get to view.

Melissa Byers

This was so nice. One of my favorite things we did. Seeing all those artifacts really was amazing. At one point I cried. You also get your own boarding pass as an actual passenger. You get to learn whether they survived or perished in the end. What an amazing experience and so worth it.

Chris Watson

Went to the museum today, profoundly disappointed in my experience. Everything public (flyers, online etc..) said it opens at 0900. Arrived just after 0900 to be told it would be at least an hour and a half as there were many tour busses scheduled. So glad we got out of the hotel early only to be told to wait. At 1040 we were allowed to line up and wait outside to wait for 10 more minutes or so along with tons of other people who had been waiting. After shuffling through the cattle gates we were finally admitted to the museum proper. Once inside the museum was one tiny room after another, the exhibits were ok but only a few in each room. After moving through a few room everything started to back up. Initially there was no problem with actually getting to see each display but when it backed up the tiny rooms filled up fast and made it difficult to actually see everything. The backup was caused by "private tour bus groups" you would see what you could with people piling up. The private bus group tour had basically a guard blocking further movement as it was a "private" your. Eventually I had enough and forced past the entitled hall monitor as he quipped about not being allowed on the private tour. After missing the "captains room" because we were not entitled enough to be on a private tour bus and moving past the group of obviously more special and decidedly of higher caliber people than most we continued the remaining rooms able to actually see the exhibits you pay a premium to see. It's a decent museum it's just a shame you can have such a difference experience that more important and magically better bus tour group. It's the same thing, the exact thing you saw and heard while waiting packing like sardines. It's asinine to be forced to have an awful personal experience because you didn't hop off a bus. My advice, if there is a tour bus in the parking lot just keep going, it will ruin your experience, if you are cool enough to get on a tour bus and go it's probably worth it.

Mike Meza

We really enjoyed the museum. They have authentic items from 1912 passengers from letters, blueprints to the life jackets. Towards the end it got kind of emotional seeing the three displays of the ship at different angles before sinking and all the names that died from each class, and the names who survived. Very beautiful

Linda Huss

Very cool! We took the guided tour, our guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining! Loved it!

Emily Kimball

I will never forget the amazing experience I had at the Titanic Museum. It is a beautiful place full of things to experience and learn. My favorite part was the room dedicated to the musicians that died when they decided to play instead of saving themselves. The tour guide for that part of the exhibit explained to us their story while playing the piano and violin. He gave examples of the tunes that were played aboard the Titanic. Then he move to the night of the sinking and started playing Nearer My God to Thee, the last song heard by passengers as the ship went down. I cried as he told about these brave men. I love their story and had never heard it told so beautifully before. I will never forget that day and what this man made me feel. I will always recommend this place and hope that other get to experience the same message.

Deborah Thompson

Brst replica ever. So informative and interesting. You won't be disappointed

AnnA S

Great information and displays. The tour took us 3hr to complete and we read through everything. Audio tour is also included into the ticket and has a 'find a pet' option for kids. Overall great museum, you even get to be one of the real Titanic passengers and find out in the end of tour if you survived the tragedy. Some passengers are in pictures throughout museum and have their fate revealed in their biographies so look for clues!

Kim S

I love anything related to Titanic and this museum didn't disappoint. While everyone knows what happened to Titanic, I really enjoyed how the museum brought the real people who were on board to life. You really are able to glimpse into the details of individuals who were a part of the crew as well. So many interesting facts displayed. Really cool pictures. The interactive displays were enjoyable even for a 9 year old...although at some point my son was ready to leave. So glad I went there as one of the attractions from my Smoky Mountain Flex Pass. Get it because it definitely saves you money!

Tabitha Brewster

From the moment we stepped in line to the moment we left it was a wonderful experience. I am not sure if you can put into words the feeling of walking through the ship. Speaking to crew members and reading about all the passengers was amazing. Well worth the time. My 6 year old loved it.

Megan Willis

I love EVERYTHING Titanic- have since I was a kid! I was like a kid in a candy store and looked forward to visiting this place so much. It’s very emotional at times, like seeing the life jackets they have on display right now that two survivors actually wore that night the ship sank. IF YOUR KIDS ARE UNDER 12, don’t bring them! There is a lot of reading and hallowed concepts to thus museum. There were some super whiny screaming kids in the place while we were trying to listen to our guides and could barely hear. They don’t appreciate it like adults do, especially someone like myself that has anticipated visiting for months. Just leave them with Granny!

chuck bussey

I don't mean to belittle the tragedy but this display was weak. The structure and interior was impressive but most of the 'artifacts' did not come from the ship itself. The artifacts that came from the ship were sparse. Would I do it again? No. Would I recommend it to others? No. At $30 I felt ripped off. At $15 it would have felt reasonable.

Debbie Little

It was like stepping back in time. Beautiful museum. Tastefully done with keeping in mind how many lives were lost. Very interesting facts. What usually takes 1 & 1/2 hrs took me a little over 3. Which I loved the fact you can go through at your own pace. I ready everything. So glad I read the 1st book wrote after the tragedy. "A night to remember". Very touching.

Suzanne Brown

We are so glad we visited this attraction. Learned so much about life aboard that doomed ship and the passengers. Great pictures and actual artifacts. Would highly recommend.

Jill Kilgore

Boarding this museum is more than just admission, it's a true experience to capture stories of passengers and crew. Each staff member is incredibly knowledgeable in the historic events and this is why they shine in telling these stories. Artifacts, interactive displays and creativity take guests back in time. Highly recommend a visit.

Meghan Turner

Our family ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS EXPERIENCE!! very educational, humbling and grateful to have experienced this. A MUST if you're in town. My 2 and 3 year olds even enjoyed it!

Stephanie Koss

I've always been interested in the Titanic. We went later in the evening so it wasn't as busy. Very informative. Lots of things to look at. Would go again.

Private Name

Absolutely amazing and we love the history. This is a Must see. But I would go before 3:00. Because of the piano, fiddle music atmosphere.

Kris Hodges

Great place to learn and explore! Good for all ages too.

David Neidert

This was an excellent and educational experience. It was sobering. As we walked through, audio provided informative material. One caught my attention. The ship Carpathia rescued Titanic passengers. That was 1912. My grandmother came to the US as an immigrant on the Carpathia in 1914. What a surprise and connection.

Casey E

If you allow yourself to be one of those 'silly' tourists then you'll really enjoy this museum. It's very educational and has some great exhibits. My only complaint is that you aren't able to walk on the deck of the "boat" that the museum is built into. I'm sure that it's a safety/liability issue but it still seems like a missed opportunity.

Jesse Lee

Definitely worth the price and very interesting. It was very entailing and informational. The trip was very humbling. I loved the Titanic and honestly would go back.

Billy Manning

This place is amazing. The tragic story of the Titanic is brought to life here. Relive the tales of those who traveled on the ship. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly here. This is a must see place.

james tavenner

If you have any interest in Titanic history you will love it. Otherwise you probably won't think it is worth the money. It is quite expensive, but we had a good time. A lot of historical artifacts and some cool interactive exhibits. The grand staircase is recreated inside, and you can feel how cold the water was in another exhibit.

Chris P

nice place, took a 5 and 7 year old. they have kid versions of the audio tour which was nice. a little high, tho we used a Groupon. most tourist attractions are - so no real complaint there. :)

Woody Woodpecker

Extremely well done! Makes history personal, immersive experience. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

Amy Schultz

I loved the Titanic and you got to see some artifacts that were uncovered from the original ship. You also got to learn a little bit about the people in the bout. Also you got to an exact replica of the grand stair case that was in the Titanic.

Aaron Butcher

I honestly thought this was a tourist trap. I mean a Titanic museum in Pigeon Forge TN. However, it is well curated museum. It was very interesting and I was impressed with the level of detail. You can even experience the icy cold water that the passengers had to endure the night of the tragedy. We really enjoyed the experience.

Vanessa Flowers

Very interesting, but sad when you think of all the people that died,. I liked the way they gave you a boarding pass with an actual person there on the Titanic and you followed things through and in the end you know whether you survived or not. The guide also told you other interesting facts about your person as you went along. That was neat and at times heart breaking.

Ashley Middleton Rodriguez

It's a bit pricey, but it takes about an hour to go through the tour. It's very entertaining and makes your stepping back into time! The kids really enjoyed themselves, especially getting to pick the person that their card had on it! The Gift shop is extremely nice however it too is just as expensive.

Melinda Maragni

My husband and I came to TN for our first anniversary and I can honestly say this was the best thing we did. It is so awesome!! The only bad part was it gets a little crowded and sometimes feels like the people behind you are hurrying you. Well worth the money!

Darcy Otto

I loved it! I like how they make you an actual passenger and in the end you find out if you lived or passed. The display pieces are remarkable.


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