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REVIEWS OF National Civil Rights Museum IN Tennessee

Larry Martinez

Great museum.Great museum for any history buff or anyone interested in African American history.This was an amazing experience!Great exhibit as always!

Cheryl Adams

We witnessed a live walk through our history. I am humbled and grateful for this amazing experience today. Thank you for the sacrifice of many! I highly recommend that you visit this wonderful piece of history when you visit Memphis, Tennessee.

Charlisse Lillard

I am visiting here in Memphis, TN and wanted to bring my 6 year old daughter, mother, and 2 teenage nephews to see the hotel where the late great Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. We arrived at the hotel at exactly 6:33 pm and the ladies at the cash register would not sale us a ticket because they said they closed the registers at 6:30. A bit upset because I felt we could have been accommodated for 3 min and my daughter was sad because she wanted to see it. History is big in my family, as my mother is a teacher, my husband And myself as well. Needless to say we are always talking to our kids about knowing our history. While we were visibly upset, we were approached by Michelle Johnson and Lina Sawyer. They were able to accommodate us and allowed us to follow through with our tour. They were so friendly and so helpful. Before becoming an educator, I was in customer service and it is really hard to find people that are passionate about helping people. These 2 ladies are the reason our trip to Memphis has ended wonderfully! Kudos to you Michelle Johnson and Lina Sawyer!!!

Mauricio Olivares

This is one of the hardest museums I've visited. It was hy far my favorite place in the city but mind this is a museum which will cover very dark moments in the history of the US. I overestimated how much information one can absorb and by the end of the museum I was completely drained. Go there with a fresh mind because you will need all your energy to get through it. Believe me, this museum will make you think really hard and you will be a different person after it.

Derek Lewis

A moving experience and reminder to treat ALL people with respect and love!... This is the HUMAN RACE! And we ALL make America Great!

Patrick Walker

Awesome and very detailed about history.A must see for everyone going to Memphis.This was an amazing experience!

April Olloway

Our guide Thomas was awesome very very informative on people you don't hear that much about in history.

Lukasz Graniczek

Great museum. If you are a student or a senior you receive a discount and pay $15. Over 26 exhibits which includes a short 15 minute movie. This place does a great job at explaining how slavery affected US economy and the history from the early days to late 2000s. It’s an eye opening experience and if you are in Memphis, you have to come here. One of the exhibits features a look into the room MLK stayed in before he got shot!

dionicio perez

The place is clean and well organized. The rooms are spacious, making it easy to move ahead or to go back to another room/exhibit. There are restrooms, but they are not marked very well. The restrooms are large, clean, and have plenty of stalls. The employees are friendly, and were helpful throughout our time there. Everything looks new and well taken care of. There is a lot of information on MLK, his goals and accomplishments, along with a lot of information on the life lived during slavery to present day.

Robert Coulombe

Very fact based history center that i think everyone should go see and learn from. I believe it is very important to know the facts of how slavery effected many lives during that period instead of getting hearsay from others who maybe trying to swing the facts one way or the other from there views.

aymeric samyn

Really loved it, also happy there was too much attention for this. With this I mean that you don't need to pay to see this place! Great information that comes from the city. And if you want more info you can visit the museum.

Warren Michelson, MLA

Well done! A good detailed history of African Americans, captured in Africa as part of the slave trade, to the unrest in the 60s, 70s, and the story of the assassination of Martin Luther King. Lots of history - mostly reading. Spent 2 1/2 hours and had to go; could have spent longer.

Roby Edwards

Incredible facility. Visit and pay respect to Our Great Leader and Our incredible story of survival in a hostile land.

PR Bush

They do a fantastic job of integrating the assassination into the history of African Americans and the Civil Rights struggle. The exhibits are interactive and very well done. Staff is very friendly.

Gynette Baker

LOVE LOVE LOVE it❣️This is my second time in Memphis. But, my first time going to the museum. I'm here on a girls getaway with my ladies' group, the Chi-Divas. We had a great time together, but I want to come back. I believe it really takes about a day, to take it all in.

Le Jones

The parking is free and everyone was friendly. Each time I go my experience is different.

Melrita Evans Fortson

The chronological history of blacks from slavery to present is a must see. Many displays took me back to my youth growing up in the South. It brought tears to my eyes to see my niece, Mary Hunt, standing on the balcony with Abernathy & Jackson because through out history she has been identified as an "unknown female". I highly recommend the Museum to people of all ethnicities.

Christopher Montano

An eye opening experience. I think everyone should visit to gain an understanding of the struggles from the past. An understanding of what the civil rights heroes went through to get us where we are today. There is still more work to be done for the "Dream" to be realized.


Visited on a Monday afternoon. The parking lot was busy but plenty of spaces available. No waiting in line to get in but we observed a tent with fans just outside the facility to accommodate patrons waiting in line on hot, crowded days. There are multiple elements to this exhibit that are not under one roof, including an exhibit across the street from the hotel/museum. Overall it was a nice tribute to MLK, Jr. and his work and a good job preserving the elements of that tragic day in 1968.

Amy Black

This was an amazing experience!Very well crafted historical museum with a LOT to look at and explore.Amazing museum.

Josh Jones-Keen

Good price, great exhibition and incredibly touching. I learnt so much and think this is a must for everyone

Glenda Oliver

This was a wonderful place to visit it had a lot of history. It shows where we come from as Afro-American people. And how dr. Martin Luther King help pave the way for equality today. Wonderful place to visit in full of History.

michael tsumura

Very touching experience. A sad time in our history which is ongoing till this day. The motel where Dr MLK was assassinated, history timeline of the civil rights movement. Awesome and emotional.

Crystal Roehm

Heart wrenching. Very well presented, and informative. It gives a very broad look at the civil rights movement, from slavery through the aftermath of Dr. King's assassination. Just be aware that it wasn't a pretty fight, and the information presented reflects that. You'll hear slaves crying. Pictures of Emmett Till after he was brutalized and murdered. Pictures of bombed houses and churches. It's also crowded, and people are all going at their own pace. Don't be shocked to see people stepping in front of you, or ignorant people leaning on displays playing with their phone. The gift shop was also a mix of relevant merchandise and random stuff that really didn't have anything to do with the museum.

Webb Charles

Wow this place is great.A powerful experience for anyone who considers themselves American. Really interesting and historical. You start with a short film then walk around the exhibit.

Dawn Baker

Definitely ahead of his time. Moving, informative and powerful memories are preserved here. So privileged to be able to see it.

Jamia Bryant

I really really REALLY enjoyed the museum. There are some VERY interesting facts and tidbits of information about the African American history.

Michael Smith

Good information. The past is important, remember this will NEVER happen in our society again. THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED!!

Ella Segovia

Great interactive museum telling a really important story! Inspiring....

Karon Wms

This was one of the best visits ever! Our family reunion wouldn't have been complete without it, and we owe a great deal of gratitude to Ms. Lina Sawyer on sorting out our reservation issue. Her professionalism and patience and directing several issues simultaneously was impressive! The exhibitions were compelling, empowering, moving, emotional, educational, and oh so relevant to ANY- and EVERYONE who desires equality, peace, AND justice for all.

Lamonica Sullivan

This is a must for everyone. The museum is beyond awesome . So many artifacts and detailed accurate history and culture. You definitely will not be disappointed with the experience. You could really go twice because there is so much to learn and take in.

Kathy Perry

This is amazing! We visited in 2011 when the museum was in process, but today it's totally different. Very moving experience, beg w history of how slavery got started and tracing the entire history of fight for civil rights. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable, but I learned many, many new things. Of course, actually seeing the balcony where MLK fell, and the room where he stayed at the Lorraine Motel was very moving. Seeing the room where his assassin stayed, the spot where the rifle was fired, and the rifle itself also helped to make the tragedy more real. The entire experience was touching and I highly recommend this stop as part of your travel plans.

George Williams

Very inspiring. To be in the same room as it was when Dr. King was killed just left me in awe. Every child should get to visit this place. Truth needs be told. Will go again, if The Lord willing.

Deidre Craft

Incredible! Everyone should visit this museum. It's so well done. I have been talking about it so much since my visit.

Stephen Newman

Amazing what they are able to fit in a relatively small museum.A part of the US history.This is a truly profound experience.

Elizabeth Canada

So surreal. First time knowing that the hotel was made into a museum. Enjoyed the concept, the layout and the information provided. I will return with my grandson. He must know the true American black history.

Barbara Danley

It's totally eerie to walk up from the lot and see the original sign and see the infamous balcony. There are speakers looping stories from Memphis citizens about the garbage strike and all the visitors are very quiet. The exhibits are very informative and well organized. The last one I found distasteful, though. You are guided into a small hallway that you can shortly see leads to Dr. Kings hotel room. They do have a hallway to the side you can take to exit before arriving at the room. I just found that too morbid. I don't want or need to see where one of history'greatest men spent the last hours of his too short life.

Craig Smith

Wow, what a powerful experience here. If you are in Memphis, do yourself the favor and pay the 17 dollars. Make sure you give yourself enough time though. Two hours at least for the first exhibit, then 30 minutes at least for the room where the shooter was. That is also a very interesting exhibit.

Chris Mcniff

one of the most emotionally engaging museum experiences I have had .....comparable to the Holocaust Museum in DC. Highly interactive and information dense could easily spend 6 hours here. To have it in the actual hotel of MLK's final moments.....makes the whole experience seem surreal and abundantly sad. I mean pray for humanity sad....and not just the tragedy of such a promising life cut short, but also the entire history of brutal, systematic institutional racism. Make the time for it, you will be glad you did.

jacqueline prince

Wow this place was great. I makes you feel so kind of way when you leave . I think every young black man needs to see this. Thank You

Lateefa Reid-Ayers

We hosted our family reunion here on a Saturday during the busy 4th of July holiday. So thankful that we missed the crowds by going first thing in the morning! My family loved the museum, the opening interactive presenter and the video. So much respect and reverence for those who came before us and those of our family members who lived through the Jim Crow South. It was so touching to see the tears and hear the stories of my beloved family who have come so far, but realize we still have far to go. The museum is astounding but I'd love to see more history from the museum across the street. I love this place and Memphis. Note to those planning a group tour: it is fairly difficult communicating with the group reservation dept, but email and faxes are received and responded to. So, this would be my suggestion for communicating. We even visited the museum the day before to be certain our event would go off without a hitch. Go early to beat the crowd and help ensure a more enjoyable experience. Thanks for a wonderfully memorable experience. Beautifully executed.

Jill Jaeckel

What a great educational experience. Moving and wonderful

Shadarra James

This place is Epic. It is amazing. You’ll want to give an entire day (maybe two days) to take it all in and be able to see everything. My twins were only 10 at the time, so they didn’t truly appreciate the history. I’d say take older kids or go without the kids. I learned a great deal of information that was not taught in history class.

sparkle monkey

I couldn't believe it was a tourist trap and they wanted money to walk around inside. It was hot outside. I just had to get away from there.

Joann Davis

It's definitely an immersion experience. It's overwhelming but an important history for our nation. It's hard to say that I'm enjoying the museum but I'm certainly feeling it down into my soul. I recommend it to anybody who wants to know more of the untarnished truth of our social and economic history. And while I use the word history, there are still too many aspects about that history that continue, unfortunately, to be part of our current events.

Tina G

It a NICE place to learn and SEE the LIFE and learn the HISTORY of Dr. Martin Luther king Jr

Brenda Saxon

Moving experience. Be sure to save 3-4 hours for an immersive self guided tour. It’s at your own pace & what you have an interest.

Rick Fortner

Outstanding in Every Way! Not to be missed! Very moving, touching, and deeply appreciated...

Joseph Conza

Amazing what they are able to fit in a relatively small museum. Our tour guide was excellent and really added to the experience. The place affected me even more than I expected. Should be a required field trip for EVERY high school.

Barbara Silvas

So much to see and learn. Very impressed by the way that they took the original buildings and kept the majority of the original and basically built the museum around both room 306& 307 as well as the boarding house rooms. Very humbling experience.

Sheliah Altendorf

I feel a deep heaviness in my soul for what occurred here in 1968

Elzora Robinson

Remarkable history. I appreciate how they preserved the memories. Loved the visit!

Carlos Wicks

Wonderful place really good information a true piece of America's history that explains why and how we ended up in this country. And shows the hardships that we had to overcome to be where we are today. I really appreciate museums like this when I can take my children through a history did they have no idea existed. Thank you so much

Quana Jamison

Beautiful place. Very informative on the history of blacks civil rights. Lovely Lanscaping nice clean cool environment.

shelby nicholson

Really interesting and historical place. You start off in with a short film then walk around the exhibit. The way it’s set up is cool because you kind of move through things in chronological order. Would definitely recommend everyone goes and visits. You learn so much.

William Coleman

Definitely worth taking both of the tours... Very informative!!!

Alexei Nikonovich-Kahn

Highly underrated and extremely comprehensive. A true national treasure.


Excellent history lesson on civil rights. Good exhibits and videos. A very sobering experience, yet a reminder of how far society has come, especially since the days of segregation, but equally important, how far we yet have to go. We spent 4.5 hours there and did not quite review everything. Parking lot was free and very convenient to museum. They did a great job of integrating the Loraine Motel and the boarding house into the exhibits and story.

Karen Ng

Highly informative and well designed museum. Providing historical context of civil rights movement all the way back to slave trade, with many details of both events and historical figures that conducted to the struggles and victories. Best history museum I've been!

Laerte Rocha

Really good. You can learn a lot about the reason and appreciate more your civil rights.

Russell Segura

I’ve been to this museum twice. We took the kids this last time. I think it helps to see things in person in front of your face rather than in books. Turn a corner and a KKK costume hung high certainly strikes some fear at first and I think little things like that bring important historical events to life. It helps you realize it’s not just stories in a book at school. My kids are between ages 9 to 17. There was maybe a few pictures and things that might be hard for some young kids but mine all did fine. There was an enthusiastic speaker/volunteer working at the museum who did very well at educating everyone on what they were looking at. I would recommend. It is a somewhat large museum so it took us about 2 hours. If you read a lot of the information on the exhibits it may take you longer.

John Sanders

Very takes awhile to see all the exhibits...allow at least two or three hours but you could stay much longer.

Dorothy Harris

So confronting in a way knowing the this hsppenrd inmy life time. A privilege to visit and learn about people's struggle for equal rights. You need at least 2hrs there. So magnificently organised inside the framework of the motel where Martin Luther King Jr spent his last night. He was shot from across the Street when he emerged from his room in 1968. Moving to see the original cars parked outside

Jeffery Kidd

A powerful experience for anyone who considers themselves an American. Very affordable, if you are from a city like Chicago, where museums cost dang near 100$ to get in! The experience makes the cost almost negligible.

Robert Long

By the time I got to the Promised Land speech and the motel room, I was pretty much overwhelmed. Don't care about James Earl Ray. Didn't spend any time in the aftermath section. Didn't want you think about conspiracy theories, or the prosecution's case. We should not spend time remembering the assassin's names. I understand the desire to verify that we've got the right guy, but the aftermath exhibition sullied the experience leading up to it... Which is why I skipped it as quickly as possible.

Terrence Johnson

Times have really changed. Met some wonderful ladies there. Interracial meeting ground. Martin Luther would be proud of what we have accomplished today. A place we can come together as human beings from all over the world.

Kurtiz B

If you're into history and like museums then you have to go to place. It was a little touching at times but it's a must if you're into African American history.

Victoria Johnson

This museum is so well done. It is somber and poignant and powerful. It is well laid out as it walks you through majore milestones in the civil rights movement. My toddler loved the telephones you can pick up and hear people's stories.

Chez Lunati

Very sacred place that I’m glad to of gone to. Reflecting on the past 400 years of our history is easily and well done here.

Robert Prejza

Well-constructed and informative displays and emotion-stirring videos and recordings. Plan to spend 3 to 4 hours for the complete experience. Wear comfortable shoes and enjoy.

Leigh Houck

Very moving as part of it is the motel where Martin Luther King was shot. I am a history buff and learned a lot about slaves, and others, who became heroes right up to present day. Amazing coincidence that a movie about Harriet Tubman has just been released.


This was such a powerful experience. Standing, where one of the most important figures in American history stood. Listening to excerpts from speeches. Commentaries from people who were profoundly affected by Dr. King's message. If you are in Memphis, please come see the Lorraine Motel, and do your part to end racism in this country.

Amy Faulkenbery

Everyone should visit this museum! Very educational and fine very well! I will be bringing my daughter back!

Jennifer Soccio

Your heart hurts greatly walking through this museum, and a prayer to work hard for the continued fight for equality

John Hampton

Very immersive way to experience important parts of our history, although curiously missing Indigenous rights movements. Across the street is not quite as strong as the main building so take your time in the first bit

Peter Fossum

When you go to Memphis the Civil Rights Museum is a must see. They trace racial tension in North America from the colonial era up to the assassination of Dr. King. Very moving, very emotional, well worth the trip. Expect to spend several hours!

Christopher Memminger

Great exhibit as always! Shout out to Lena at the front desk for helping solve a ticketing issue! Thanks for getting us taken care of so we could experience this powerful museum!

Bill D -

Expansive museum focused on the story of African American civil rights oppression. What is conspicuously absent is the story of Native American civil rights oppression. A National Civil Rights Museum should include this. The museum is very well curated with detailed history and to my delight, a focus that places individual people and their faces in the historical timeline of the civil rights struggle. The museum leads you through the restored hotel rooms in the Lorraine Hotel and to a large window on the balcony where Dr. King was assassinated. The actual place where American history was sadly made and it is chilling. There is an optional part of the tour located across the street into the boarding house where the fatal shot was fired, including views of the balcony and the restored bathroom where the assassin shot Dr. King. The focus of the well curated exhibits on the second floor is on the investigation and conviction of James Earl Ray rather than the story of who this person was. Well worth a visit but plan to spend two hours or more touring the museum. Consider that you could easily return the next day and still learn more. We initially went on a Saturday and there were easily 150 people in line. We returned on Sunday and were able to go right in. Even with no wait the museum was still full. Had we waited in line on Saturday there is no way we could have appreciated what the museum has to offer because it would have been too crowded.

Diane Kubik

Our visit was a very moving experience. Dr. King is a hero to so many Americans and I still feel a deep loss of his presence.

malasia the great

Years ago when I was a child my mother moved us from Rochester the Memphis. I remember there used to be a homeless women that was protesting to tell people to save it because the city was about to tear it down. It was cold and she was always there winter or summer. When people came by to look at it she stepped out and starting speaking about it. I wonder what ever happened to her . Oddly my mother actually ended up marrying the great nephew of Martin Luther King. My step dad . And he was a amazing man .

Charles Gross

I love history. And even though this was a tragic part of History it is nonetheless history. And we should learn from history to have a more peaceful future. The exhibits there were very sad but informative about a time that was way before my time. And I hope to visit again next year

Denise Black

For 19 year's I lived across the bridge of Memphis, TN in West Memphis, AR & I had never been to the Civil Rights Museum until today. It was a very informative, touching & a new perspective experience that I will forever remember. The knowledge & education is on a whole other level from what I was taught in school.

Bill Johnstone

I remember this in the news many years ago but to see it is exceptional. It is exactly as I remembered in the news.

Brad L

Very educational and enlightening. Very well organized and easy to navigate. Estimated time to tour is listed as 1.5 to 2.0 but to really see and read everything, easily 4 hrs plus.

Megan Menesale

The best place we visited in Memphis. Moving. Informational. Must do

Rhys Roberts

This is a bit like Daley Plaza in Dallas. A place frozen in time, which is instantly familiar even though you have never visited before. The motel looks just like it did on that tragic day even down to the cars parked outside. Across the street you can see the location of the assassin, which was very close to the motel. No charge if you just want to park and see the motel but obviously a charge for the museum. A hugely important location in US history.

Desi Dukes

I more so enjoyed the Lady out front protesting the building (possibly because Ive been here a total of 3 times already). She had great information and in sight on whats really going on. However the Museum is very informative and I still would Suggest people to go to learn more about black history and about Dr. Martin Luther King

Jon Golding

A brilliant layout really makes this museum one of the best I have ever visited. The depth of information presented is simply incredible. As one progress through the exhibits the narrative flows along a timeline of major events in the civil rights struggle. I really cannot express how powerful and moving a visit here is. Be prepared to take your time - there is plenty to read, hear, and watch.

Kyle B

This museum is excellent. It details very important movements in United States history. We must never forget that people were brought to the US in bondage and many today still struggle. The design is very well done. The museum is in the hotel where MLK Jr was shot and leads you through the exhibits until you reach the hotel room of Dr. King recreated as it was at that tragic moment.

Chris Jeter

This was an amazing experience! There is so much information that you could easily spend a whole day here taking it all in, but it is also layed out in such a way that you can get the picture without reading and listening to everything. The final leg of the museum is very powerful, but I won't ruin it for you - go see for yourself!

Paul Pezzano

Extensive museum inside what used to be the motel where Martin Luther King was shot. Many exhibits on civil rights and lots of interactivty. Highlight remains seeing his room 406 and the balcony he stood at. A reef flower reef marking the spot. Plan some extra time to view the exhibits in the rooming house where the shooter fired that fateful shot. All in all touching and educational experience.


Thoughtfully planned and beautifully executed exhibits of the 300 yr plus timeline of Slavery culminate to the pristine restored motel rooms of Martin Luther King's assassination. It's scope is breathtaking, sobering, and provoking if not anguishing. Honestly it was more than I could take in in one visit, but I feel there should be more museums like this and the Holocaust museum across the country, because this history is hot and difficult to hold but it is truth and identity shaping and considerable - must be considered as defining the future, giving shape to the meaning of freedom. I highly recommend it and will see it again. The museum docents and assistance are very helpful and highly trained.


Enjoyed every moment of it. Very educational, I would recommend that everyone visits at least once in their lifetime and take your family too. Also do not go late in the day, go as early as possible so that you will not be rushed. You really need to take your time to enjoy the full experience.

Charlotte Muse Harris:The Fun and Adventure Act

Lorraine motel had security. The grounds were immaculate( very well kept) everything was clean and peaceful I was really really really impressed.

Amy Potthast

So moving. Wonderful resource for all who live in or visit Memphis. Kind staff, brilliant and thoughtful design. Inspires awe and reverence. Thank you to everyone involved. The story of creative and persistent resistance to injustice across time and geography. Breathtaking.

Nancy zorn micke

Amazing museum of the ongoing history of civil rights movement in the United States. Many interactive exhibits. Very moving and educational.

Sean Clinchy

This is a truly profound experience. The exhibits make the case that mass incarceration is a direct descendant of slavery, and makes it brilliantly. Eye opening even for those of us who thought they new plenty about slavery.

beef o'malley

powerful stuff...really enjoyed my visit to this historical ground. highly recommend.

Justin Mann

I was honestly a little disappointed that the garbage strike was not handled better by the museum. There were maybe two whole sentences about the strike itself and virtually nothing about the two workers who sought to get out of the rain inside the back of the truck itself. Furthermore there was nothing at all about the mayor’s response to the strike. It’s simply unfathomable that I learned more about the strike in the Birmingham civil rights museum than in the four times I’ve visited the museum in Memphis.


So much fun and information a must see for all. Easy to spend a whole day here.

BigDaddy Stein

Visiting with Jacqueline Smith across the street was the highlight of our visit. Very informative and powerful story from her and online readings after we left.

Marcin Kaminski

Wonderful museum dealing with very difficult and moving subject. In-depth and excellent presentation of information. My teenagers were very moved by the video and diorama displays. Allow at least 2.5 hours to get the best experience.

Chris Nycum

Very well crafted historical museum with a LOT to look at and explore. You will easily spend 2+ hours to do the tour. Staff very friendly.

Edward Whitby

Somber, educational, totally impressive. Phrases that cannot touch the effect this place has on a visitor. An absolute MUST for anyone visiting Memphis.

Barbara Morine

Oh my goodness...If you have NOT VISITED this Museum, put it on your bucked list!!! It is AWESOME and I CAN'T wait to go back and visit again because its so much to see that i know i missed something.. It definitely had my eyes filling with tears.. Today(9/19/19) is my husband & I (5th Anniversary). We are from Texarkana & we enjoyed every was worth the drive & every penny we spent!... Don't miss your moment seeing History 1st hand for yourself!!!

Austin Phillips

Site of Martin Luther King Jr. assassination and Lorraine Motel. Great museum for any history buff or anyone interested in African American history. Really eye opening and inspiring. Love all the exhibits and history. It is located at the original sites as well. Be sure to check the hours before going because several times I’ve tried going when visiting Memphis and it has been closed. Love the store at the end. A lot of great books and souvenirs to purchase.

Gregory Hamilton

This is another highlight of life. A must see museum. I remember all too well. Made me think and understand the conspiracy theory!

JY Warren

Everyone needs to visit here. Very educational, yet it’s a shame that it isn’t free for everyone. Place like this needs to be fully funded by the government so everyone can have the opportunity to visit and learn. So, only 3 stars for now.

Lorieal Green

I grew up in Memphis and haven't been to the museum since high school. The exhibits are still top notch. It was so great to see the looks on my kid's faces as they walked the museum for the first time.

john combs

Very informative just standing on outside. They have 5 weathproof video posts which depict the events leading up to Dr. MLKs assassination.

Alyssa Yatron

Amazing museum. It much more content than I realized, so plan to spend a few hours. We did wait an hour to get in, so I'd recommend going earlier.

Karen Schnabel

Very interesting museum, but heartbreaking. It's amazing what people used to do to each other and still are.


This was a very informative museum. As a white person I found it painful to see all the hatred and prejudice this country has shown over the years. Being at the exact location where Martin Luther King was assassinated was downright creepy. Recommended visit.

Jon Campbell

This is such a powerful place every time I visit. It is effectively curated. Make sure to give yourself a few hours to see and hear all there is.

Laurie Meyers

Give yourself at least 3 to 4 hours, wear good walking shoes and be ready take a nap when you leave. Bring a notepad and a camera

Doug Green

A museum everyone should try to experience and learn from... if we did, this country would be in a better place than it is now. So much history, and so well displayed. Took about 3.5 hrs to go through both museum sections.. and could easily go longer if you really stop, read, and listen to each area. I really loved learning more about the Brown vs Board of Ed legal process.

Jeff Alfeld

Wonderful museum that is full of interesting history, only drawback was the day we were there was busy. Being busy means that it is very difficult to take in all of the information due to the layout and organization of the museum. With a reorganization so people don't feel rushed it would be a 5 star museum.

Redd LovelyOne

The fight for Civil Rights wasn’t that long ago and this museum is a somber reminder. It starts and ends with MLK’s assassination, however our entire story is told here. We met a living Freedom Rider and we were so honored. Discover hero’s, listen to their stories, walk in their shoes... this place is amazing.

Mosland Whitaker

It make you feel a sense of sadness! It was chilling to walk through the motel! The horrible things our people went through in those days was inhumane!!

Jacki Dehn

Everyone needs to visit here. It is so impactful. Much different than just learning about the events in a classroom. The displays are done magnificently. Definately allow a full morning or afternoon here to take in everything. You need at least 2 -3 hours if not more. Excellent stop in Memphis and well worth the time and money!!

Laurie Raubacher

The internet suggests you will spend two to three hours here. We didn't have enough time to get through everything I wanted to see and had to rush. We spent 4 hours. Get there early. We got there half an hour after opening and walked straight in. As we were leaving, there was a LONG line at the entrance. There are metal detectors here as you enter.

Julie Blair

I've been twice and learned something each time. Lots of good artifacts and exhibits. Includes two gift shops

Anthony KR

I really don't know where to start with my feelings on this place. Informative doesn't even vaguely cover the gambit of emotions I felt and still feel after visiting. Enlightening might be a better word. A requirement is another good one. The U.S. needs a much stronger and more focused education system when it comes to history, especially when it relates to the history of African Americans in this country. You can easily spend a day here learning, reading, watching, experiencing life from the POV of people who have truly fought and continue to fight for the basic ideals that the American Constitution touts. And then spend days digesting and discussing what you gained from your time so well spent. I do not love my history, but I loved what this museum stands for, and can not suggest strongly enough how important it is for ALL people, regardless of nationality, to visit this place if at all possible.

David Kehoe

A powerful, clear eyed look at an ongoing struggle in the world, I wish my country had something similar.

Mica Westrich

This was an amazing museum. There was so much information I think it would take coming back two or three times just to read it all. We were there for 3 hours and I feel like I only got a glimpse. If you have a chance to go, don’t miss it.

Sierra B

definitely a favourite...this place teaches you so much more about MLK's life and legacy than you ever learn in school. highly recommend

Karen Brill

Very well done ... interesting, sobering yet powerful. Allow 2-3 hours to get thru both parts. Nice gift shop with lots of variety, too.

Marcus Dicks

Very enlightening. Exhibits detailed and told the story from our early ancestors in slavery to the assassination of Dr. King. There are several audio and visual exhibits that help the patron recollect or experience the feelings that were present during some of the most contentious civil rights events. The Lorraine Motel is a part of the exhibits where patrons can see the original room conditions that Dr. King had on the day he was shot. It is a self-guided tour. Will take approximately 2.5-3 hours to complete. Highly recommended.

Emma Blood

Powerful, moving, educational, and overall an incredible tribute to one of the biggest battles for equality ever fought. The emphasis on Martin Luther King Jr. is (rightfully) very strong, and the experience of visiting the place where he paid the ultimate price for the freedom of all men and women is both unforgettable and irreplaceable.

Jason Toogood

What an experience. The museum is set up beautifully. The exhibits are moving and educational. It's so much more than a museum just filled with things. Please go and support this amazing place

Sasa K.

I highly recommend visiting the museum. You will ve touched.


Very emotional. You are taken back with all the history. Highly recommend this.

Natalie Whitham

Humbling experience. Learned a lot. When they say 3 hours to explore they mean it. There is a lot to read and watch

Tawanna Talbert Darring

It was well planned out the layout is wonderful it was more than what my family and I had expected in a Civil Rights Museum not only did they discuss the Doctor Martin Luther King Junior shooting they also discussed the entire civil rights movement or aspects of it which were very enlightening in addition the exhibits wear Lively information was current on current events that were going on nationally and internationally in our society and culture today I do think that they should have focused more on the Afro-American indigenous to American Experience rather than going out with the thought and focus on other cultures in other countries because we still have a long way to go and our fight for exclusivity freedom and Justice here in the United States as a people

Jennifer Cohen

A profoundly moving experience. I recommend everyone visits if they have the opportunity to visit Memphis. Amazing artifacts and the museum presents many milestones of the Civil Rights movement. Concluding with Dr. King's hotel room and the spot where he was murdered is powerful. Go... you won't be disappointed.

Blair Rothamel

Well done museum with very moving exhibits. Would highly recommend to anyone visiting.

Noah Bier

Absolutely amazing museum! Definitely worth visiting for everyone. Tells the history of Africans arriving in America until MLK’s death. As a non-American it was great to get a better understanding of this story. The museum is full of information with facts, stories and anecdotal information so it will interest everyone. MUST VISIT FOR ANYONE IN MEMPHIS!

Lottie Anderson

National Civil Rights Museum is the site of the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed. Super clean and well maintained. You can pay to tour the inside site and across the street. Amazing to see a site that you grow up seeing in grainy video clips. You get a get view of how everything was that day. Where MLK was standing is marked off. Touristy spot. It was empty when I arrived. But all of a sudden a tour bus dropped of a bunch of people. Great historical site!

dean eiles

I loved this place, a lot to learn and take on board but very interesting. Amazed to be in the hotel where Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated, sad but worth a visit if you are in the area.

Kathleen Vasser

National Civil Rights Museum visit was very educational, knowledgeable as well as emotional. I was able to see so much our ancestors had to go through. We have come a long way, but yet so far to go.

Janice Carr

Awesome and very detailed about history. A lot to read and learn, but super worth it. It's free on Mondays from 3pm to closing if you have TN ID except on certain holidays. Free parking. Great on King Holiday as long as you go early. You can bring canned goods for discount or donate blood and family of 4 get in free. The food, music, events for children and the big tent of local businesses and groups of Memphis are awesome as well. You get learn about all the things that are taking place and learn about different organizations. Often times very cold, but coffee and got chocolate is provided too.

Blaque Dapp

It touched me ..and it should not be missed for any who cares about history of a people .it also instilled a greater sense of direction,action and perseverance.its must

Karla ~

Visiting this museum was a powerful experience. We attended the museum on both sides of the street and felt strong emotions. One cannot leave from here without feeling the flames kindled to help make the world a better place. The entry fee was reasonable and all of the staff there were kind and helpful. There is a break area with vending machines and a souvenir shop. We paused here for a moment, and a staff member was attentive and kind to make sure we were well. There is a metal detector to enter the main museum, but the process is a very quick one.

Kip Etter

Highly recommend this experience. There is an enormous amount of information & the overall experience is interactive & great. It is touching, eye opening & emotional. Definitely a must do experience. Make sure that you plan on several hours as there is a TON OF STUFF to see, read, do & experience. Well worth the price of admission.

Ross Slater

I thought that this museum was very well laid out. It brings you through the whole story from the slave trading to the modern day without being judgmental. The build up to MLK's assassination is very emotive though. Very thought provoking and very much worth a visit.

Ruby Felton

Humbling experience. So grateful to all those souls that went before me to pave the way toward racial equality. We've come a long way but still have a ways to go to achieve Dr King's dream of getting to the mountain top.

Monica Prear

So much to see and in Memphis. I had the best time. Entertainment on the streets, in the establishments WOW! If you want to Memphis you got to go to the Civil Rights Museum. There is so much history and artifacts to see and listen to.

Dr. L

A part of the US history. Katie is a great guide, passionate and great story teller! Love to come back!

Mo Abdelaziz

Definitely a must-see in Memphis. Be sure to go across the street and check out the boarding house.

Else Aspblad Serigstad

This place just HAVE to be on your visitlist if you are in the area. It was a very strong experience

Timoteo Law

Especialy when you see the trail of the bullet from the upstairs bathroom across the street in granite on the ground. I also remember that day, I was 8 years old. But like many of the statues they have removed around the country, all history needs to remain in place for future generations to learn and understand what happened. How else would one learn what is right and what is wrong

Kim Joubert

This museum is huge and one of the best museums that I have ever been to. I took my best friend and our two 12 year olds. The kids loved it just as much as the adults. I went and thought that it was going to possibly take about 2 hours to tour and we would be done but as huge as the museum is you could've easily spent 6 hours or so to see EVERYTHING. This museum was simply awesome. Such powerful, interactive displays and information from such a powerful period of time

Janice Snow Rodriguez

The National Civil Rights Sacred ground. Prayers for peace. I search for the words to express the fullness of emotion that this museum has evoked. Beginning with the middle passage and continuing through the Civil Rights Movement of Dr. King, to Malcolm X and Huey Newton, to Stonewall, Cesar Chavez, Ferguson and beyond, what we have done to our brothers and sisters, to ourselves... is almost incomprehensible; still, there is and has always been hope and love, even in struggle and pain. People of virtue and valor making a difference, sacrificing.

Barry Tremble

Nice to visit I think entrance fee is too much way to much 30 bucks for the tour. Nice history to know.

Samyadev Datta

A must see for everyone going to Memphis It was so powerful and emotional. I had goose bumps when we left. Great job of putting this together.

bonni rucker

A loving and informative review of the civil rights movement. You are free to move through the exhibits at your own pace. It was a moving experience.

Hugh Crackman

This place is fascinating and worth every penny or cent! Learned an awful lot form a really well laid out museum / self guided tour walking through the ages! Great displays, props, videos, audio really worth a visit! Everyone should visit this place at some stage in life, the earlier the better!

Maria Pope

Very worthwhile! Really gives one a deeper understanding of the situation leading up to the civil rights movement, and slavery all over the world.

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